Daughter seduces her step-dad


My eighteen year old daughter Linda was a right bloody
tease when her mother wasn’t around, the little cow
would think nothing of wandering around half naked in
front of me on the pretence of doing something. If it
wasn’t that then she was making subtle suggestions or
lewd innuendoes, other times she’d sit in such a way as
to show off her legs right up to her panties or lean
forward so that I could see right down into her top.

I’m only human and it wasn’t long before my daughter’s
antics started to turn me on, it happened over a such a
long period of time that I felt no guilt or shame at my
arousal by my daughter’s body after a while.

My wife called me a randy bastard and I suppose she was
right as I always felt the urge for sex, and more and
more I was feeling the urge to screw the arse off Linda.
Of course when her mother was about, Linda was all
sweetness and innocence, unless she thought her mother
wouldn’t notice what she was up to and then the bitch
would give me a quick flash of her panties while acting
all innocent.

Things finally came to a head one Friday when I got home
from work, Linda greeted me in the kitchen wearing a
lacy bra and panties, and I could see both her nipples
and the outline of her pussy through the things.

“Mum’s gone up to Gran’s,” Linda announced merrily, “she
says to tell you that she’ll be there all weekend.”

I’d had a hard day at work and a frustrating journey
home, my patience was worn paper thin and the sight of
my daughter flaunting herself in front of me while gaily
telling me that we were alone was just the last straw.
Growling deep in my throat I stepped towards her,
reached out and tore the bra from her body, Linda went
wide eyed and then yelped as I ripped her panties off,
yet she did not run away or try to cover herself up in
any way.

Grabbing her wrist I dragged her through to the living
room, as we walked I used my free hand to tug at the
fastening of my clothing. In the living room I tossed
Linda on the couch and quickly stripped before she could
recover herself, reaching down I pulled her roughly to
her feet and put my arms around her body, the heat of
her soft skin making my own skin tingle.

“I’m going to teach you what happens to damned little
show offs!” I growled at her.

She struggled in my arms which only served to rub her
tits against me and to excite me even more, taking one
of her wrists I forced it behind her back then leant
forward and forcefully placed my lips on hers. I suppose
I was a little crazy, but I experienced no surprise when
Linda began to respond to my kisses a short space of
time later, with my free hand I began to explore her

As I squeezed my daughter’s tits she gave a tiny moan,
then I started to tease her nipples and her moans grew
louder, this only drove me on and I played with her
young nipples for ages while kissing her feverishly.
Linda began to squirm and gasp into my mouth before I
moved my hand from her tits, dropping my hand straight
to her pussy I speared two fingers straight into her wet
hole and my daughter nearly fainted in my grip as a
climax ran through her.

Parting our lips I looked down into her face, her eyes
were closed and her lips were parted, she was panting as
her ecstasy ran through her and I smiled at the thought
that I had made her climax. Yet the little tease was
enjoying what I was doing to her, though I had to I
admit I was enjoying doing it, her eyes flew open as I
pushed her down onto the floor and quickly covered her
with my body.

My cock was hard and throbbing with excitement and I
lost no time at all in sinking it into my daughter’s
pussy, she writhed as though to escape, but only
succeeded in taking my cock deeper into her. With a moan
of sheer enjoyment I thrust all the way into her then
pulled back and my daughter squealed then bucked as she
came again. There was nothing gentle about the way I
fucked my daughter, with hard, cruel thrusts I took her,
driving her from climax to climax without pause or
mercy, her cries filling the room until I muffled them
with my demanding lips.

All too soon I felt the rush of my climax and with a
last hard thrust I shot my hot seed deep into my
daughter’s body, as I filled her with my juices Linda
thrust up even harder on me and screamed into my mouth.
Groaning with the sheer bliss I was feeling I lay still
on top of my daughter’s writhing body for a moment then
I began to move again only stopping when my cock got so
limp that it wouldn’t stay inside her pussy.

Rising to my feet I stood looking down at my daughter as
she lay shaking and gasping for breath and only then did
the realisation of what I had done hit me. Yet even then
I still felt excited by the sight of her naked body, and
strangely, only a little guilty at what I had done, I
felt no shame at all and as I stood there puzzling over
this with my eyes roving over my daughter’s body my cock
grew hard again. Linda’s eyes opened, she looked up at
my hard cock and grinned.

“Christ dad,” she breathed heavily, “let a girl have a
rest before you fuck her senseless again.”

Her response surprised me more than a little, I had been
expecting tears and hysterics. The little minx was
grinning and eyeing up my cock with gleaming eyes that
stayed locked to my erection as she stood up slowly.

“Jesus I’m knackered.” She sighed as she leant against
me, “It was definitely worth the wait though.”

“The wait?” I said in surprise.

“God, you don’t think I flaunted myself like that at
anyone else do you?” Linda laughed, “I’ve been trying to
get you going for ages.”

“You mean you wanted me to fuck you?” I gaped.

“Exactly,” she grinned. “In fact I still do, when I’ve
recovered that is.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, but the knowledge that my
daughter was not only willing but also eager to have me
screw her sent a tremendous thrill through me and I
reached out to stroke her ample young tits. Grinning at
me as I took my time about playing with her ripe globes
my daughter protested that she was too knackered for
more sex, but she made no effort to move away from my
caresses even when I moved a hand down to her pussy to
explore it thoroughly.

Gasping and trembling as she leant against me Linda
closed her eyes and protested some more, but I knew that
she didn’t mean a word of it, that she was as eager as I
was for me to fuck her again, only this time round I was
going to take my time about it and savour the experience
to the full.

Suddenly Linda threw her arms around my neck and clung
to me as her body shuddered into a climax, I grinned as
I thrust my probing fingers as deep into her as I could
while tweaking one of her nipples.

“Oh you sod!” She cried as her climax intensified,
“Stop… playing… with… aarg… me… God… FUCK…

I had to catch her as her body shook into such a climax
that she couldn’t stand or cling to me any more; I
lowered her to the floor and covered her with my body.

“OH FUCK!!!” Linda screamed as I slid my cock into her
clutching pussy.

She writhed, bucked, and cried out beneath me as I
slowly fucked her gorgeous young body, yet through it
all my daughter managed somehow to match my movements,
her pussy sliding deliciously on my cock as it thrust
into her.

Through my pleasure I marvelled at the joy I was
receiving from my daughter’s body, if it was wrong for
me to be fucking her then why did I feel so good about
it and why did she? Twisting my upper body I managed to
capture one of her nipples in my mouth, Linda gave a
gurgling cry as I joyously sucked at that hard bud,
teasing it with my tongue and teeth while her pussy
tightened even more around my cock.

“OH GOD YES!” Linda’s voice rising to a scream filled
the room, “FUCK ME DAD, FUCK ME!”

I was only too happy to oblige her, but I was also
determined to relish this second time to the full so I
kept my movements slow and steady despite all her pleas,
screams and the demands of my own body. Linda’s body was
shaking all the time, her pussy tightening almost
crushingly as I took her at my own pace, it was an
exquisite torture of ecstasy that I wanted to last

Forever is a hell of a long time though and I am mere
flesh and blood, gradually I began to move faster, my
thrusts becoming harder making our groins make firm
contact and driving my daughter into an even greater

“PLEASE DADDY, PLEASE!” Linda sobbed loudly as she
begged me to speed up even more.

Yet I still managed to keep control of myself, though my
movements were becoming faster with every moment that
passed I did not rush into a frenzy as Linda was begging
me to do, the time for that was fast approaching though.
I could feel Linda’s body growing weaker beneath me, her
cries sinking to low sobs and whimpers as she became
overwhelmed by the sensation I was giving her, my heart
was thumping and the blood was pounding in my ears as I
felt myself rising towards my own climax.

Then it was rushing over me, a hot explosion of ecstasy
that had me thrusting into her as my seed erupted into
her body in a hot stream that sent my daughter into a
gurgling, gasping orgasm of such force that she blacked
out under me for a moment.

I was only just aware of my daughter’s condition as I
was having my own problems, a red haze was threatening
to engulf me as my pleasure grew to an unbelievable,
indescribable high, I could hear myself crying out my
bliss as though from a great distance, but after a few
moments the haze parted and I began to slide in my
daughter’s pussy yet again.

Linda gave a strangled, gasping cry then took a sharp,
shuddering intake of breath, her body bucking like a
force ten earthquake was running through her and I clung
to her while my cock slowly shrank inside her.
Eventually my cock slipped out of her pussy, I rolled
off her shaking body to lie gasping, and panting beside

I could feel myself trembling as aftershocks of delight
ran through me and could only imagine what Linda was
feeling. After about five minutes I felt recovered
enough to sit up and gaze down at my daughter’s still
shaking body, her tits bouncing and jostling as tremors
ran through her, the breath sobbing past her lips. Her
eyes opened and eventually focused on me, Linda gave a
weak, satisfied smile then closed her eyes again as
another post orgasmic tremor ran through her.

“Christ!” Linda breathed with a jerk of her body.

A few minutes later she sat up beside me, though she was
still trembling it was not with the same violence as she
had shook shortly before, giving a breathless laugh she
leant against me.

“God dad,” she sighed, “where the hell did you learn to
fuck like that?”

“You liked it then?” I grinned as I put an arm around
her shoulders to steady her.

“I loved it!” she laughed softly, “Lord I feel well and
truly stuffed. Anyway, at least you’re a man of your

“Pardon?” I responded in a puzzled tone.

“You taught me not to flaunt myself around you,” she
laughed, “it’s too fucking exhausting!”

Laughing I helped Linda to get onto the couch then went
off to find a towel, when I got back to the living room
my daughter was leaning back with her eyes closed and at
first I thought that she was asleep. Then her eyes
opened and she held out her hand for the towel I was
holding, she cleaned her pussy, which gave her a few
shudders, then tossed the towel over the back of the
couch, I watched the whole process with excitement
growing inside me again.

“Oh God dad,” Linda groaned, “I couldn’t, not again, not

In surprise I looked down at my suddenly erect cock, I’d
never felt this insatiable before, even in the wildest
days of my youth; I couldn’t believe that my prick had
found the strength to rise for a third time in such a
short space of time.

Linda, though looking happy and totally satisfied,
looked totally exhausted, the slump of her shoulders and
the tiredness in her eyes told me that she would not be
able to take me again until she had been able to rest
for a while, which left me swinging in the wind so to
speak. My darling daughter had the solution to that
though, one that in all my years I had never had the
fortune to experience.

“Come over here.” Linda smiled.

I went over and stood in front of her, she smiled up at
me then leant forward and took my cock into her mouth,
and I gasped loudly as her lips closed around my shaft
and her tongue pressed at the base of my cap.

“Jesus!” I gasped as her lips slid down on me, “That’s

It was more than fantastic, it was sheer ecstasy, I had
never imagined that having my prick sucked would have
felt so good and regretted not having the opportunity to
do it before. With slow movements of her head my
daughter used her mouth on me as though it were a pussy,
her lips sliding down and up on my shaft while her
tongue ran around the underside of my hard flesh sending
sensations of bliss running through me. It was my turn
to gasp and cry out my pleasure for all to hear, there
was no way that I could hold back the delight my
daughter was giving me.

“OH GOD LINDA THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” I cried as a shiver
of bliss ran through me.

Linda hummed around my cock and began to move her head
faster, I knew that despite having already climaxed
twice it would not be long before I shot my load for a
third time. My legs started to tremble as my daughter’s
mouth drove me towards a climax, I reached down to play
with Linda’s tits and her mouth suddenly left my cock.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she gasped then took me into
her mouth again.

Through the ecstasy I was feeling I smiled at her words,
it was obvious that my daughter thought that if I
touched her she’d be climaxing again and I decided that
I was going to stroke her firm tits despite all her
protests. Reaching down I took her tits in my hands and
started to play with them, Linda groaned around my cock
then pushed down hard on it, I could feel her tremble
then gently shake as I turned my attentions to her

My daughter’s mouth was moving more demandingly on my
erection as her body started to shake more and more, I
could feel my cap pressing to the back of her throat and
the sensations her tongue was giving me were driving me
speedily to a climax. She screamed around my hard flesh
then sucked until her cheeks sank.

“OH CHRIST!” I yelled as my seed blasted into her mouth.

My legs shook as she swallowed my juices and shook even
more when she sucked for more, I knew that I’d not be
able to take much more of it; my legs were turning to
jelly and my mind was exploding in bursts of ecstasy
that left me weak and panting. Just when I thought I
would have to push my daughter off me she released my
tingling cock and flopped back on the couch, her body
shook as she looked up at me.

“You’re a bastard, you know that dad.” She said with a
grin that belied her words.

Feeling weak and satiated, I flopped onto the couch
beside her, took her shaking body in my arms and held
her tight to me, we sat like that until the tremors
running through her faded and my breathing had returned
to near normal. Raising her head to look at me Linda
laughed and leant up, her lips brushed against mine for
a moment then she was sitting up straight.

“I can’t get enough of you,” she sighed. “I never
expected to feel this good.”

“I feel the same way,” I sighed, “but I never dreamt
that I’d end up fucking my own daughter. How long have
you been planning this?”

“Over a year.” She admitted with a wry grin, “I was
beginning to think that I’d never get through to you.”

“For goodness sake Linda,” I grinned shaking my head,
“what on earth possessed you to even try?”

“I don’t know.” Linda laughed, “Isn’t that silly? I just
had this sudden need to be fucked by you, it has grown,
and grown all the time I was tempting you. Do you hate
me dad?”

“Lord no.” I laughed, “By the time you got through to me
I was ready to accept the idea. We’ll have to be careful
that no-one finds out about what we did though.”

“And what we will do.” Linda whispered.

“You aren’t seriously proposing that we continue with
this madness?” I sighed, “Divine though it may be.”

“I’ve got a book upstairs in my room,” Linda grinned,
“it’s got a hundred and one positions in it and I want
you to fuck me in every single one of them. I’m sure we
can work something out so that we don’t get caught,
perhaps I could get a flat of my own and you could visit
me as my sugar daddy. Will you do it dad? Will you keep
on fucking me?”

The idea appealed to me I must admit, so much so that I
found myself weighing up the risks involved in keeping
our relationship a secret. The hint of danger seemed to
add to the excitement and I knew that I was going to
give my daughter what she wanted, my wholehearted
agreement. Smiling I leant over and kissed my daughter
firmly on the lips, my hand going to her tits.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Linda breathed as I parted
our lips a while later to lower my mouth to her nipples.