Wanna meet my Seester

I don’t know why, but I left for work hours early that
afternoon. I was a second-shift security guard at a
development of condos in sunny Florida. The project was
fairly new and only a hand-full of people lived there.
So my job consisted mainly of sitting in a five by five
guard shack, letting an occasional tenant in and
watching seagulls and pelicans fill their stomachs from
the brackish backwater.

I made my usual weekly stop at the quick-mart for a
magazine to read at work, and a soft drink. Since I
had read all the newsmagazines and was so secluded at
work, I picked up the latest issue of your magazine. I
was walking out the door when a boy, no older than ten
or eleven, met me. He noticed my reading material and
walked right in my path. I had to stop to keep from
running him down.

He looked up at me, smiled and said “My sister would
like you, you want to meet her?”

Really, that’s what he said. I remembered all the
times I had heard in movies or read in jokes “Hey
meester, you wanna meet my seester?” I glanced around
the parking lot to see which van Allen Funt was going
to step out of. But, no van and no “Candid Camera.”
Okay, so I decided to play the game. I said “How

“Twenty dollars” was his reply.

He didn’t wait for me to say anything; he just stuck
his hand out and asked me for a quarter. He walked
over to the phone, dialed a number, spoke a few words
of Spanish, and hung up the phone. He walked back to
where I was standing and just smiled.

Coming from around the corner of the building a few
moments later was an angel, wearing cut off jean
shorts, and a small white halter-top. She seemed to be
somewhere between 17 and 25. Olive skin with eyes that
melted right through you. Hair that was jet black,
long and swirled around the clearly visible dark
nipples of her baseball sized breasts, which were held
up beautifully only by nature. Her legs looked like
they had just came from a pantyhose commercial. Just
about the time I convinced myself that this girl could
not possibly be the one I was waiting for, she walked
right up to me and held out her hand. I kissed her
hand and smelled her skin. It was like honeysuckle,
sweet but not overpowering.

“My name is Valencia” she purred.

“You’re beautiful” were the only words I could get out.
I couldn’t possibly believe my luck, or believe that
this was really happening. I had lived in Florida for
six months and my work schedule left little time to
meet women. This girl looked perfect, and for a mere
twenty bucks she was mine.

She kept smiling at me with a sincere look on her face,
which puzzled me. I hadn’t bought sex before and
didn’t know what to do next, so I just asked her “What

“What ever you want” was her reply.

To the phone booth in a flash, I called in sick for
work. I didn’t know what would happen next, but I knew
it was going to take a long time. I wanted to spend
every minute I could with this beautiful lady. I
smiled and looked into her dark eyes and said,

The biggest sweetest smile swept her face as she took
my hand and we started towards my car. I didn’t think
“Blow job” would have gotten the same reaction from

I took her to a seafood restaurant where we sat side by
side in a booth in a dark corner. Her eyes would light
up when I talked, like she was truly interested in
every word. Being inexperienced with hookers I just
assumed she was very good at her job. But her
expressions and interest were working. I was so taken
by this girl; I was sporting the biggest wood I had
ever had. Her hand eased up my thigh and started
massaging my throbbing organ. I was feeding her with
one hand and roaming over her perfect body with the
other one. She undid my pants and released my cock,
which by now was in pain from being locked in my jeans.

She dropped to the floor and in an instant I felt the
wet moistness of her mouth and tongue working on me.
Thanks to the restaurant for large table-clothes, or we
would have been thrown out. Every few seconds her head
would bump into the bottom of our table, and I would
hear her soft moans become slightly louder. It was too
much, I tried to push her off before I came but she
held on tight. Soon, rockets were going off in my head
and I was going off in her mouth. She didn’t even
flinch; she just slowed slightly so I wouldn’t fly
through the roof. As I softened, she cleaned me with
her talented little tongue, kissed the head softly,
placed it back in my pants, and zipped me up. She
crawled up from the floor and gave me a devilish little
smile. She had one drop on her chin, and when I kissed
her it transferred to my chin. Smiling widely, her
tongue darted out and whisked the last remnant from my

I was ready to leave right then but I remembered the
smile she gave me when I asked her to go to dinner. I
figured she was happy that I didn’t jump right to the
sex. I thought that the dinner might be the reason I
was receiving this royal treatment. So I fought back
my urges and finished the meal, while stroking her legs
and softly kissing her cheek, her hand and her hair.

While she was finishing her dessert I excused myself to
use the men’s room. I ran to the phone and called a
friend of mine who manages a limousine service.

As luck would have it, his business was dead and he was
closing up for the night. With a little persuasion and
a couple “you owe me” on my part, a long black limo was
waiting when we stepped out onto the street. I walked
her up to the car like we were going to look at it,
when my friend ran to the back of the car, tipped his
hat at her and opened the door. I thought she was
going to faint. She became unsteady and fell into my
arms. I helped her into the back of the limo and
scrambled in behind her.

We were cruising along the island highway with the moon
roof open and the stars above us. We stood with our
heads sticking out of the top of the car. She looked
so sexy with her long trail of hair following behind.

I wrapped my arms around her and gently kneaded her
firm tits. She moaned and leaned into me. I ducked
into the car leaving a trail of kisses on her body as I
went. There was no resistance when I tugged her cut-
offs down. She lifted one foot and then the other so I
could get her pants out of the way. She was standing
on the seat now with her folded arms on top of the car.

She had to spread her legs slightly so she wouldn’t
stick too far out of the moon roof. This gave me the
opportunity to survey the body of this beautiful woman.
A small triangle of long curly hair rested just above
her moist spot. It was gorgeous, puffy from her
arousal and sweet smelling, I knew it was my turn to
return the favor from the attention I received at the
restaurant. I kissed and caressed her knees and thighs
as my hands massaged higher, leading the way for my
hungry lips and tongue. When my lips touched her sweet
lips I thought to myself that this was the most
exciting woman that I had ever met. She tasted almost
sweet. I started slowly encircling her clit with my
tongue and increased my tempo to match her gentle
thrusts toward my face. She started gyrating up and
down, which allowed me access from her puckered little
asshole to her patch of pubic hair without moving my
face. My tongue danced across her ass, dipped into her
slit and lathered her swollen clit.

When she started her loud moaning, informing me of her
coming orgasm, I felt light-headed as if I was the one
about to cum. I started sucking hard on her clit,
which looked like it was going to explode. Her body
went into convulsions, she screamed something in
Spanish and fell onto the seat and was out of it for a
couple minutes. I took this time to undress. As she
came around, the first thing she saw my cock waving
like a flagpole, smiling at me with those big eyes, she
promptly sat on it.

With two golden, grapefruit size tits rubbing against
my face, my tongue danced across her nipples like Fred
Astaire and Ginger Rogers on the ballroom floor. Her
smell was intoxicating. I found myself taking deep
breaths, partly because of my excitement but more
because I couldn’t get enough of her heated aroma. She
was very wet and the squishy sounds her pussy made
brought me to orgasm in less than a minute. It was the
most exciting climax I had ever had and still ranks in
the top twenty today.

I had never met a woman that thrilled me from the
instant I saw her, and knew I could not let her get
away. We began dating, real dates, no charge. I
couldn’t help but believe that this woman wanted me as
badly as I wanted her. I found out that she was in the
country from Mexico and was due to return in two
months. We were married a month later. She needed a
way to stay in the states and I needed her more than
anything else in this world. That was twenty years
ago. Once a year on our anniversary we go to the same
restaurant, rent a limo and re-live our first night.

We met under the worst of circumstances and turned that
meeting into a twenty-year romance that grows stronger
with each passing year.

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