Candyland Cunnies

I guess I have a sense of adventure. Sexual adventure, that is, to distinguish it from all other types of adventure. At least that’s what a guy on the Internet told me. I was doing Internet Relay Chat, which some people call ‘Cherry Chat,’ because, I guess, there’s lots of girls who have slumber parties in the summer time and like nothing more than going on IRC and chatting up perverts while safe inside their daddie’s house.

Of course, I had no interest in talking to any perverts, but I did wonder if there were any hunky guys using the Internet. Maybe some jocks who needed some help with their math or something. I figured, being in eighth grade, I knew ‘college math,’ at least at the level that those hunky dudes who play football in college do. (Or rather, don’t, until they get help from a sweet helpful gal like me!)
I got on the IRC with this person named Terry. And I couldn’t tell whether it was a woman or a man! At first I was put off a little, insisting on knowing their gender, but they just kept peppering me with questions, and pretty soon they were sexual questions and I was doing my best to make up the answers. ‘Cause, you know, I didn’t really know the answers.
Terry found out that I had an interest in having a sexual adventure. That’s what Terry said. I didn’t know it myself. I just answered the questions that Terry posed. And it turned out that Terry lived nearby.
I signed off right away when I learned that! After all, I didn’t want anybody to know where I was staying or that I wanted to have a sexual adventure. But the next night, with my parents asleep and with me feeling bored and restless in bed, I got on the Net again. And there was Terry, waiting for me!

I was too curious not to continue our conversation. We chatted some more, and I began to feel that Terry might be a woman. My parents were staying for the summer at a resort in Canada. My mom was attending a gynecologist’s convention and my dad was practising his golf swing. And seeing another woman. I’d figured that out, in the last few days, as mom hurried off to her meetings and dad suddenly seemed less possessive of me. And then I’d see him on the golf course, with a girl by his side, perhaps 20, wearing a very short skirt and letting Dad help her with her swing.
So I was left to myself, mostly. With a big pool full of snotty girls, and guys who wanted to grope me. Or tennis courts, populated by the same people. But I’d had tongues stuck down my throat before, on previous summers, at other resorts, and I’d had guys pinch my ass. I was looking for something a little more sophisticated. I didn’t really need to do summer camp again. Maybe I’d OD’ed on too much ‘Snoopy Goes to Summer Camp.’ I liked it a lot when I was little. I even had a VHS tape of it once, until I watched it so much I wore it out. But now, every time I even thought of going where I was supposed to, to the resort’s big pool or its tennis courts, I just thought, “Yep. Snoopy Goes to Summer Camp.” And I felt like one of the silly little eight-year-olds that I saw running merrily around the pool and splashing everyone who tried to lie out.
So, I found Terry instead.

“I can’t believe it. You’re going to Oakland Ridge Resort?” Terry typed to me over IRC.
“Yes,” I typed back. “But it’s soooo boring. 🙁 You know how resorts are. How to get the Clap from some guy you don’t even like in 3 weeks or less.”
“Oh, I know what you mean,” Terry typed back. “But I live nearby. And I own a horse farm. You can visit me anytime.” And Terry gave me the address.
As I thought about Terry and her horse farm (I was becoming more and more convinced that Terry was, in fact, a woman), I couldn’t put it out of my mind. After all, Terry was the one who’d had so many sexual questions for me. And who’d told me I wanted to go on a sexual adventure. And she owned a horse farm?! Somehow that mixture just sent shivers down my spine like you wouldn’t believe.
So, one morning, knowing my parents wouldn’t miss me, I got up very early. It was still quite cold, with mist lying on the ground, but I got out my new bikini, one my mom insisted was too daring for me to wear, and I slipped it on. It had adjustable cups and I stood there in my bedroom trying to get them to work. I was 13, and I’d just grown tits. Why they suddenly popped out, I have no idea, since my mom said she’d had to wait for hers until she was 17. But mine arrived early I guess, and I stood there in the chilly morning, with my panties still lying in my open dresser drawer, trying to get those delicate cups to sit just right on my bosoms. They were salaciously narrow. The slightest mispositioning of them might let one of my nipples pop out. I guess the fact that my nipples were hard didn’t help. Every time I moved the soft bra cups back or forth, I’d be sliding them over my pointy nipples. I’d have to let out a little sigh, and I’d feel a naughty sense of lust fill my tummy.
But I finally got the bra on correctly and then I fetched my panties from the drawer and I put them on too. They were as stringy as my bra. Mom said they shouldn’t make such sexy swimwear in a junior size, for 16-year-old girls. I’d got the swimsuit when I was 16, from some uncle of mine who mom felt was much too indulgent. And I’d kept it, though she’d tried to throw it out. I’d kept it, waiting for my titties to grow, and then, quite suddenly, and much to my mom’s chagrin, I think, remembering how shocked she’d been when I’d developed little paps on my chest at age 8, my bosoms blossomed. And then my anticipation was over and I could actually try on my bikini, having something real to stuff into those tiny bra cups.
Sometimes at night I’d put on my naughty, “sinful” bikini, as my dad called it (my mom called it “abusive”) and I’d strut back and forth in my bedroom, alone, staring at myself in my mirror.
Now I was going to wear my bikini for real. I was determined to do it. I felt quite shy about it. That’s why I got up so early. I was going to wear it and march myself through the woods, finding all my courage (I hoped!) to do it, and I was going to go find out about Terry and her horse farm and what it was like to go on a sexual adventure.
I slipped downstairs and tied on my newest pair of tennis shoes. They were a bright mixture of yellow and pink, with pink laces. I liked them a lot. They showed me off when I walked down the street and I liked that. Perhaps they weren’t the best choice for sneaking out of my house, but I liked them so much I couldn’t bear not to wear them.
I left our rented resort house, closing the door quietly. I knew I couldn’t find the courage to go visit Terry alone, so I went to the pool first. I knew sometimes a lifeguard was there, in the early morning hourse, cleaning it. I hoped the pool needed some cleaning this morning, ‘cause I needed a lifeguard.
I walked along the deserted streets of the resort. Trees lined the street, tall white pines with their branches trimmed perfectly, belying the sense of nature we were all supposed to feel. Everything at this resort was that way. Natural, but too-well trimmed, organized, put in its place and kept there.
Arriving at the pool I found myself peering through its chain link fence. And there he was. I’d never seen him before, and he wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for, being a little too skinny, I thought (although my mom says I have ‘fantastical expectations’ when it comes to boys.)
He was dragging leaves to the edge of the pool using a long stick. He was just wearing his swimsuit and sneakers and I thought he looked kind of silly, wearing a lifeguard’s speedo swimsuit, so tight it showed his dick, and a pair of sneakers. But I knew he needed the sneakers to go tromping around at the back end of the pool where some forest was allowed to intrude. There was a big stand of trees at the back of the pool and once a week the lifeguards had to spend their morning cleaning out fallen sticks and debris back there. I guessed this was just such a morning and it was just as well, for I needed my lifeguard to go hiking with me to Terry’s place.
The lifeguard was tanned and lean (too lean, I thought, though he must have been no more than 15) and he looked up at me.
“Pool’s closed,” he said, and went back to his work. Well, I felt kind of stupid. I felt like a little girl pressing my nose to the fence, pressing my nose to it and too dumb to know that the pool didn’t open for another two hours.
But I stood there, feeling embarrassed. I just kept staring at him, while simultaneously hoping that no one drove by, for with the street behind me and me in a thong-backed bikini, I knew I’d make quite a cute picture of ass flesh for whoever drove by. It would be the gardeners probably, rude rough men who had no manners at all. I didn’t really want to make their morning for them by showing them my bare ass.
So I just kept staring, and pretty soon he noticed and, this time, he put down his pole. I clanked as it hit the pool’s decking and he came strutting over to me, looking all self-confident and important. He had on a pair of sunglasses, pushed up into his hair so he could see, since it was still dewy and misty outside, with the big trees all around us blocking out much of the sunlight. On his speedoes, sewn in to give him authority, was the red cross that showed he was an official lifeguard.
He swaggered over to me, cutting through the grass that lined the fence and, quite ridiculously, tripping over a branch that had fallen from one of the trees. He came up to me and stared at me through the fence. I saw him swallow once as his eyes lit upon my bosoms caught in their tiny adjustable cups.
“This pool does not open until 9 o’clock,” the lifeguard boy said to me. His cock seemed to have grown a little in his speedos. He put his hands on his hips.
“What makes you think I even want to go swimming?” I asked him. I looked like a little imp, I knew, sticking my pug nose out, my eyes glaring and my mouth sassy. I clung to the fence, knowing if I let go he’d have won and I’d be left to creep back home. I didn’t have the guts to visit Terry by myself.
“Well, you’re AT the fucking pool, aren’t you? What am I supposed to think, that you’re going to Mars?” the smart-assed boy asked me.
“I’m going on a sexual adventure,” I told him. “TO a horse farm.”
This blew his mind. I knew it would. He swallowed hard and his cock, though I tried not to look at it, got very hard in his swim trunks.
“So what do you need me for?” he asked haltingly, at last, after what seemed like hours. Was he admitting that he was inexperienced? Unknowing? I wanted to ask him but I knew it would just piss him off and I’d lose him.
“I need you to come along to protect me,” I said very quietly and seriously. And I did. I wasn’t going to go on a sexual adventure all by myself!
“You don’t even know me,” the boy answered.
“You’re a lifeguard, aren’t you?” I asked him.
“Well, yes…”
“So come along and guard my life. I don’t want to get killed or anything.”
“Um, okay,” he said. Just like that. It was so sweet. I know he thought he’d get me to drop my panties the minute he came out from behind the fence, but I was determined not to let him do that. I sat down on the curb by the road and waited for him. I heard him bang through the doors of the pool’s clubhouse, coming from the inside of the pool round about to where I sat, on the other side of the fence. And then he was there, standing over me, with his penis big and hard in his swimsuit and me thinking he didn’t look so skinny after all, now that he was so close to me and standing above me.
I stood up. I tugged at the string in my bottomcrack so it wouldn’t press into me so tightly. I took his hand.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“To a horse farm, silly,” I told him.
“Do I get to ride you there?” he asked sarcastically.
“No,” I replied. “You just get to protect me. And don’t try anything. I just need you for protection.”
I pulled him onto the grass and we walked along the fence that guarded the pool. Soon we were in the woods, and as we walked they became wilder and the formality of the tree-lined boulevards, with their clipped branches and perfect blossoms on the flowering trees, was gone.
The ground rose under our feet and I panted a little as I tugged my lifeguard-boyfriend along. He was surprisingly quiet. He let me lead him as if he were just a big dog. In truth I think he was so hard inside his swimsuit that every step he took threatened to give him a premature ejaculation. He was so worried about cumming that he had no time to think about contradicting me or teasing me or trying to yank off my swimsuit. I don’t think, for all his bravado, that he’d been with a girl in such a skimpy swimsuit before.
We mounted a rise and found ourselves in a clearing and suddenly we both knew we were outside the resort grounds. There, before us, lying low in the first of the valleys that stretched out before us, was a horse corral and a big stately farmhouse and a barn. I glanced about me. I’d put on my compass watch and I checked it to see where we were. I’d only been in Girl Scouts for a month, just this spring, before my mom and dad made me come with them to the resort, but I had learnt in Girl Scouts how to read a compass.
“Yep, that’s it,” I said with all the self-confidence I could muster. I had no idea, really, but Terry had said her barn had an Amish design painted on the side of it and this one did.
I tugged on my lifeguard’s hand and down we went, picking our way down the hill through loose gravel and rocks. I saw some daisies growing by a tree and I stopped and bent over and sniffed them. I clung possessively to my panties as I bent over ‘cause I really did want to sniff the diasies but I didn’t want my randy lifeguard to get any ideas. The daisies smelled sweet and there was a sprinkling of dew upon them. I reached down and picked one. My lifeguard stood beside me. I caught a glimpse of his crotch out of the corner of my eye and he was bulging like a banana in front.
I stood up. I put the daisy in my hair. I felt delicious. I had a not-so-skinny lifeguard with me and I’d invited him to go with me on a sexual adventure.
“You look cute,” he said to me. I hadn’t asked his name.
“What’s your name?” I inquired. He paused a moment, as if he couldn’t remember. He was staring at my tits. My nipples had sprung up anew (they’d subsided as we hiked) and he looked like he wanted to suck them.
“Dan,” he said.
“Dan, take down your swimtrunks,” I told him.
“Huh?” he asked.
We stood in the cool misty woods and the trees surrounded us and hushed our conversation.
“Pull down your swim trunks, silly,” I repeated. He hesitated and then, putting his hands into the waistband of his suit, he yanked it down to his knees.
“Oh!” I cried, quite surprised. I’d never seen a guy’s dick before and it sprang right out at me. It was big and long and impossibly hard. For a moment I just stared at it. Then, not knowing quite what to do with it, I reached behind myself and untied my bra. He stood watching. I saw him flinch as my fresh, newly grown bosoms tumbled out of my bra cups. My nipples were as pointy and hard as his big sausage was.
Carefully I looped my bra over the shaft of his penis, just below his crown. I tied it so that he was caught like a pony in a harness. Except that he was harnessed by his dick, not his head.
“Now we’re going to go to the horse farm,” I told him.
“You are totally insane,” Dan said to me. I was afraid he would fight me but, with a teeny string bra wrapped around his big penis, I realized his greatest fear was that he’d spoil his fun and spurt onto my thigh. I led him down the hill, wearing a daisy in my hair and my thong panties, and my bright day-glo tennies, but nothing else. I’d give him as a present to Terry, I decided, to show her I was serious about having a sexual adventure. ‘Bring Your Own Boy,’ I laughed to myself. Yes, I wasn’t old enough to bring my own beer, but I could bring my own boy on my sexual adventure.
I know what you’re thinking. Don’t tell me you went for a hike through the woods to go meet a stranger, tugging a boy along with his pants round his knees and using your bra for a leash! Well, I suppose you spent your day at the pool, plotting designs on the various lifeguards, and getting splashed by little kids with their pesky plastic buckets. It’s much easier to go on a little hike, believe me, rather than fighting all those children all day and trying to play babysitter for different moms and wishing you could get the lifeguard to look at you when all he sees is the 17-year-old chick who has hips that are bigger than yours. All you do is, 1. arrive early. You always get noticed more if you’re the only girl at the pool. 2. tell the lifeguard you’re going on a sexual adventure. 3. have someplace to go (like Terry’s horse farm). If you’re lucky the guy will come right along with you, and he’ll be too worried about embarrassing himself by shooting off his erection to give you much trouble.
So we walked down through the trees and I found myself standing outside Terry’s farmhouse. I wasn’t sure it was hers, but I guessed if it wasn’t my boyfriend and I could dash back into the woods. Dan would have to yank his swimsuit back up, of course, if he was going to run good, but I figured that was his problem. I walked him up a gravel path that ran between two rows of rosebushes. We walked quietly, hoping that our sneakers didn’t crunch too loudly on the gravel. Dan was getting more and more nervous about having his shorts around his knees as we approached the stranger’s house. But I think we’d spent so much time in school being warned about ‘Stranger Danger’ that it was kind of a kick for us both to walk up to some unknown person’s house with him bare-ass naked and me topless. Maybe it was the mist, lingering between the bushes, letting us feel concealed even though we weren’t. It made my skin a little wet and I was impossibly cool and chilly, but at the same time I felt hot inside of me, and I was too turned on by my plight to not at least ring the doorbell of the house in front of us.
“You are totally fucking insane!” Dan whispered to me as we stepped up onto the porch of the big house. Its boards creaked beneath our feet.
“Just don’t shoot when she opens the door,” I told him.
“How do you know its a woman who lives here?” Dan asked. His eyes were wide. He was more enthralled than ever, not only being led around on a penis leash made from my bra, but about to present his loins in all their glory to a woman!
I wasn’t sure it was a woman we were meeting. I was desperately curious. Fortunately, we both had our tennis shoes on, Dan and me. As I reached up to ring the doorbell I felt certain we’d both run the minute I pressed it. Like children, ringing doorbells and running and hiding.
Before I could touch the doorbell the door opened. I was so shocked! I yanked my hand back and stood there staring. A woman with dark hair and porcelain features, wearing a robe as if she’d just gotten out of bed or her bath, stood in the doorway. She smiled softly. I felt Dan step forward. She looked at me, as if to acknowledge me, woman to woman, and then she looked at Dan with his big penis sticking out and his shorts round his knees.
Dan wasn’t going to run, I suddenly realized. He’d found his Dream Woman and he was uncomfortable, maybe, about being seen by her with his pants down, but when you’re a boy and 15 I don’t think you’re too shy if you think you can whack off with a woman who looks like she’s just stepped out of Penthouse. And Terry did, for I knew it must be her. Who else would have entertained me on IRC with so many tempting questions? She had a feline look to her, all graceful and yet with a scent of menace. Her lips were beestung and looked as if they spent most mornings around penises like the one Dan was currently displaying. A large bust impressed itself into the front of her gown, jiggling as she let out a little giggle, looking at Dan. She smiled almost shyly and then, in tune with the brooding sense of sexuality she exuded, she reached out and gently pried my bikini bra from my hand. It gave her possession of Dan. She tugged hard on the bra-leash. Dan let out a yelp and felt himself pulled forward by his cock much more forcefully than I’d ever done. He waggled bare-ass into her house. His stiff erection made him hugely uncomfortable, I guessed. He looked sick with desire to cum and yet, at the same time, sick with fear that he would cum, shooting his load like a small boy pees sometimes, when he can’t save himself ‘til he gets to the bathroom.
“You must be Katy,” the awsome black-haired woman said to me.
I nodded. I was mute. I was standing on her porch in just my thong bikini panties and my day-glo tennies and I had no idea what to say.
“Come inside, please,” she urged. “I’m afraid you’ll catch cold standing out there in just your bikini bottoms.”
I slipped inside. I felt like a kitten being let into a stranger’s house. Mewing outside, then suddenly the door opens and you don’t know whether to dash away or… whether you’ll get a fresh bowl of warm milk if you venture indoors. I’d brought the fresh milk, I feared. Dan looked like he was in danger of spilling it all out on Terry’s living room carpet.
A fire crackled in the corner of the living room. I felt chilly suddenly, perhaps at having finally arrived and letting the heat in my tummy subside a little. It had been downright cold this morning, hadn’t it? Why had I put on such a silly bikini when it was so chilly outside? I padded over to the fireplace and turned to see what Terry was doing to Dan. I put my back to the fire. I felt its heat warm my bottom and I stood there rubbing my ass, trying to warm it up.
“What’s your name?” Terry asked Dan as discreetly as she could. She brushed back her long black hair with her hand. It was held in a loose chignon but locks of it kept falling down into her face. She held him firmly by my bra-leash and I sensed from her eyes that she was determined that he not spill himself on her carpet.
“Uh, I’m Dan and..”
“…this is my penis!” Terry finished for him, laughing. She tugged on his cock, watching it stretch as she yanked him. “Dan, you are so brave to come here. And to show me yourself so freely! But you mustn’t shoot yourself on my rug, okay? Do you think you can hold back your sperm a little while I fix us some breakfast?”
“Gosh, I don’t know,” Dan said frankly.
“You’re hungry, aren’t you?” Terry asked.
“Well, yeah…”
In more ways than one, I was sure. I walked over from the fire, feeling a little warmer now, a little more comfortable. If it was just me and Terry here on her horsefarm well, I was glad I had come! What a strange, wonderful woman this was. I guessed she must work as a whore or something, she seemed so naturally, yet unbeliveably sexy. But I didn’t dare ask. Instead I looked at Dan, contemplating his penis, and I asked him, “Does it hurt you when it sticks out so big like that?”
“No,” he said, looking at me. He watched how my bare breasts rose and fell with my breaths. “Well, it does, kinda, but not in the way you mean.”
“Have you ever fucked, either of you?” Terry asked us. We both looked at her. Then we looked at each other.
“We just met this morning,” I offered, by way of excuse.
“You must have lied a little bit on IRC then,” Terry smiled at me. I looked down at my tennies. They glowed up at me, cherry bright.
“Yeah,” I said quietly.
“It’s okay. You’re both here now,” Terry replied. “I’m sure your parents won’t miss you ‘til nightfall. Let’s get something to eat. I have a feeling you both skipped breakfast and I’m hungry, anyway, for some food. We can explore each other after we’ve gotten something to eat.”
Each other. The promise of those words made me shiver. I wasn’t sure I wanted to anything more than say hello and then say goodbye. But Terry led us into her kitchen, pulling Dan along matter-of-factly, not letting him get away, at least, and I decided to follow along. I’m sure I could have dashed back out her front door but she had my bra and I didn’t want to leave without it. I did have an appetite after all that hiking. But Dan, with his penis all swollen and possessed by the leash, looked like he wasn’t even thinking of breakfast. Just shooting, shooting, shooting out his cum like a boy dog does when it leaps on its master ‘cause it can’t find a mate.
We walked from the living room into Terry’s kitchen. It had an island in the middle, with brass pots hanging overhead, and a gas range and a big sink for washing vegetables and dishes. Terry pointed to the breakfast table by the window and Dan and I both wandered over to the table and pulled out chairs for ourselves. They were beige chairs that were made of solid oak and they matched the table. Each one, thoughtfully, bore a cushion on it to save our bare bottoms from having to sit on the hard wooden seats.
I sat down and looked anxiously at Dan. I was, to be honest, worried about my hymen. Did I really want to lose it? Dan seemed engrossed with his erection. If he was a virgin, like me, I don’t think he had any second thoughts about being here. He reached across the table and, despite looking silly with his shorts around his knees and my bra tied around his penis, he clasped my wrist. His eyes seemed to say, “Don’t go. Stay with me please and… let me fuck you?” I felt he was asking as much as telling. I knew he was entralled with Terry and would take whatever she gave him, but he wanted me too. I decided to stay to see what happened, at least. I glanced from him out the window and saw the big sheltering trees of the forest all around us. I remembered Hansel and Gretal, coming upon the witch in the gingerbread house. But Terry was no witch, I was sure. She was too pretty for that. I twisted my head round and looked at her to make sure she hadn’t changed into anything nasty.
Nope. There she was, pretty as ever, her robe modestly round her pinup body, clinging to it, yet letting it show every curve of her as she bent and lifted and stretched, getting her things to make breakfast for us.
Terry looked over her shoulder at us. “How about oatmeal banana pancakes?” she asked. She was as natural as if we’d all been clothed in our Sunday best. I was sure she must be a woodland Heidi, Heidi Fleiss I mean, but that only made me more determined to find out more about her. How could she be so beautiful and yet so natural and so free? Sex seemed as nothing to her, as if we might eat and then, afterward, all lose our virginity. In the soft light of the morning she seeemed as virginal as me, standing there in her soft felt bathrobe. “Do you want pancakes?” she asked us. “Or should I fix something else? Or are you both going to run away and leave me here to eat by myself?”
“No! Pancakes, that’s cool,” Dan blurted. He was so desperate to cum he couldn’t think of anything else.
“Pancakes, please,” I said. I was feeling more and more like I had to rub my pussy, it was so sensual sitting here, with my bare bottom on a soft cushion and my feet dangling down from my chair, turning to look out the window and seeing the squirrels.
Two squirrels mated on a tree branch and I saw it and Dan, turning his head, saw it too. We both stared. The male mounted the female from behind, dominating her furry body. He humped her hard and she tried to get away but he held her tightly and he got his sperm into her. Dan was still holding me by my wrist and I looked over at his wrist and saw the design someone had drawn on the back of his hand in ink, some naughty girl perhaps, a design of a heart with an arrow through it. And on his wrist Dan wore a leathern wristlet, made mabye by some girl in arts and crafts class. I slipped my finger through is wristlet and let myself be trapped by it. He looked from the squirrels into my eyes.
“You’re pretty cute for a lifeguard,” I said to him.
“You’re pretty cut for an insane girl who belongs in a mental asylum,” he replied. I looked down, a little hurt. He apologized. I reached under the table and caught hold of his dick.
“Don’t. I’ll cum,” he told me honestly. I rubbed him a little, very gently, kneading his big sausage with my exploring fingertips.
“You’re going to cum anyways,” I replied, a little sassily.
“I know but…” he coughed. “Not yet.”
“You want to do it to HER!” I accused, leaning forward, whispering.
“And you,” he said.
“I know you want to do it to me. You’ve wanted to fuck me ever since you saw me standing outside your pool!”
“No, I was trying to keep you from trespassing,” Dan said. “The pool opens at nine o’clock, not before.”
“Well, try to keep your big thingy from opening onto her floor!” I sassed.
I pulled my hand away. Then I felt between his legs again and found my bra. I lifted it and tugged on his dick. “You should pull up your pants for breakfast,” I said to him hotly. I was aroused. I couldn’t believe how hairy his legs were. Yet his dick was smooth and iron-hard. I tugged on my bra again.
“Would you both like some orange juice?” Terry asked. She walked over to us and I was shocked to see she didn’t have her robe on anymore. Her body was tall and delicate, with a waspishly narrow waist but generous hips and a full, womanly bottom. She had long legs and as she bent, showing her bottom to me as she filled a glass with orange juice for Dan, her bosoms fell down on Dan’s shoulder and he nearly spurted looking at them.
She straightened and then she turned to me and she turned right-side up a glass that was already by my place at the table, and she filled it for me. “I hope you don’t mind that I took off my robe,” she said to me. “I like to go nude indoors and I only put on a robe to answer the door.”
I seemed a little shocked and when she’d filled my glass she patted me on the head. “You are so sweet and naive,” she said to me. “Have you never had sex? You must learn to enjoy your body. Don’t worry, I’m a woman. I can help you if you like. But it’s up to you, dear. I’m a domme and I don’t believe in forcing people. Not unless they give me permission.”
“What’s a–?” I mouthed the first part of my sentence but I couldn’t find the courage to finish it.
“Wait! Let me get the pancakes before they burn!” Terry said to me, lifting a finger. She spun on her heels, and I noticed for the first time that despite her nudity she wore five inch spiked heels. Had she slept in them, I wondered? Had she put them on after her morning bath, just to feel special? I had no idea but I noticed they made her bottom swing with extra vigor as she walked over to the stove and got our pancakes for us. She put them on plates and sprinkled them with blueberries from the fridge. She served them to us. Then, popping a bottle of champagne, careful not to let it spray her, opening it over the sink, she filled glasses for us to celebrate with.
“Here’s to your hymen!” Terry said teasingly to me, sitting down beside me. Our table was small and round and both she and I could toy with Dan’s cock if we wished. I felt myself flooded with intimate feelings. We ate our pancakes. I asked Terry again what a ‘Domme’ was.
“A Domme is someone who dominates people sexually,” Terry told me. “Men visit me, or couples sometimes, and they pay me to awaken their bodies for them. When I was on IRC with you I was actually looking to see if there were any couples visiting Oakland Ridge who might want my services.” She looked at me. She reached out and brushed a crumb of oatmeal pancake from the corner of my mouth.
“You were so curious, I couldn’t resist toying with you, even though I knew you weren’t what I was looking for,” Terry said. She ate another bite of pancake and then looked at me more seriously. “I must say…” she paused. “I’m proud of you for visiting me. You must be a very bored and spoilt little girl to put on your best bikini and come marching over here to see me. And you’re clever too. I’ve seen girls wrap a guy around their finger, but I’ve never seen a 13-year-old get her bra wrappped around a hunky dude’s cock!”
“Do you think Dan is hunky?” I asked. I sipped some of my champagne. It sent bubbles right to my head and I suddenly felt much more free talking with Terry about sex and boys and stuff.

“He’s VERY hunky for his age,” Terry replied. She sipped her champagne too. Dan had downed his and reached and filled up his glass with more from the bottle Terry had set on the table. “How old are you, Dan?” Terry asked.
“I’m, uh, almost 16,” Dan answered. He filled his glass and downed it again.
“You’re not going to get drunk on me, are you, Dan?” Terry asked.
“No, but I’m not going to pass up good liquor, either,” Dan answered. “Do you have more of this stuff?”
Terry laughed. She threw her head back and her bosoms bounced on her chest as she laughed. Her voice was like small tinkling bells, all ringing at once. “Dan, my dear manly, hunky boy, I have Everything. I have hard liquor and soft porn and drugs and the latest rock and roll, if you care to dance with me. Dan, I’m paid to make men happy. And women, too. It’s how I make my living. I know how to use my body any way I please and I can play with sex toys too, if you like. Do you read Penthouse, Dan?”
Dan looked embarrassed. He blushed. “Sometimes,” he replied.
“Didn’t you see last January’s issue?” Terry asked.
“I guess I missed that one,” Dan replied.
“Well, it was a great issue, belive me, ‘cause I was the Pet for that month,” Terry said. She shook her head and her bosoms shook on her chest as she did it. “Poor Dan,” she said. “I guess you had to just look at your hand that month, hmmm? Or was it your dad’s old Playboys from 1968 that you looked at?”
“What–” Dan was both curious and ashamed. “What makes you think I, uh, you know…”
“Masturbate?” Terry laughed again. “You don’t have to be afraid to say the word. I know about men, Dan.” Her eyes took on a serious look. “You’ve been making sperm since you were 16 or 13 and don’t think for a moment that I believe you’ve been holding it inside your balls all these years!”
“Well, no…” Dan answered. He took a sudden interest in finishing his pancakes.
Terry discreetly failed to bring up my bodies’ desires. I was grateful for that. I didn’t really want Dan to know how I rubbed myself sometimes, late at night, holding my thighs pressed together and feeling ashamed and yet desperate. My cunny would burn for attention. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d hope that Superman or someone would fly into my window and save me but it would never happen and I’d be left staring through my window at the moon, him observing, so calmly, as I shamed myself in his golden light.
I think we were both awed by Dan’s cock, Terry and I, as we sat eating our pancakes. Now and then she would feel down under the table to make sure he hadn’t suffered an accident. “Keep your legs apart, WELL apart, Dan,” Terry told him in no uncertain terms.
“It’s my dick,” Dan protested.
“Not in my house, young man. Here it belongs to me,” Terry replied. She winked at me. “And my friends, if they wish to partake.”
I could think of nothing else but Dan’s organ as I tried to eat my pancakes. I drank more champagne to try to alleviate my desire for him, but it only made my head swim more. Terry was so sexy! Her every movement sent her breasts shivering and I knew mine, bare as hers, were wiggling too, delighting Dan’s eyes, but somehow her womanly presence impressed me to the point of wanting to rub myself. There was her, so light and gay, so nude, and Dan, so hard, so desperately hard. I had begun the morning with a fairly chaste walk through the woods but now I felt like a follower of Dionysis at a bacchanal. I realized my thighs were pressed tightly together and I knew why.
“It’s okay if you want to rub yourself,” Terry told me. “Go ahead. Put your hand to your little clit and rub it in nice slow circles to prepare yourself for Dan’s cock. You are going to take him, aren’t you?” Her eyes had lost their innocent charm and she looked like a ticketmaster standing before a train, urging me to get on.
“I– I,” I stuttered. Some munchings from my pancake dropped from my lips as I chewed.
“Rub yourself. I’ll rub myself too. I think you’ll have less trouble deciding if you do,” Terry told me. She reached over and took my hand. She pulled it from the table and pressed it down against my belly and then lower, and lower still. I opened my thighs as she intruded my own fingers into the front of my swimsuit. “I insist, dear. I want to see you rubbing yourself, just like me.” Terry took her own free hand and frankly put it between her thighs, spreading her legs to allow herself to play with her clit. She was nude and she tugged at her pubic hair, encouraging me to do the same.
I felt inside my bikini. My pubic curls were soft and hot. I watched Terry and dipped my hand lower, copying her. She took her hand from mine and let me play with myself freely as she did the same with her own cunt.
“Oh!” I cried. I dropped my fork. It clattered to my plate.
“That’s it. You’re so sensitive, dear! Look what just one touch does. Do it some more. Make yourself wet for poor Dan here so he can stick himself right in!”
I couldn’t belive it. I felt so sinful! I rubbed my clit hard, feeling its sponginess and its softness. It was definitely moist, and it grew juicier as I plyed it with my intrusive fingertips. Terry smiled at me and did the same to herself. We were both sinners and we were both going to Hell, I knew, but watching her breasts bounce on her chest, and feeling my own wriggle and jerk, I knew we would both go there happy.
“God, that feels good!” Dan said with a big sigh.
“Dan! Not YOU!” Terry reached under the table and pulled him away from his organ. “You’ll shoot sperm all over our legs if I let you play with yourself. And your seed will be wasted. You need to save it for Katy’s virgin cunny, dear boy. She’s never done it before and you’re the only penis in the house. I really don’t think she wants to get it from me, wearing a strap on dildo!”
I flushed. Did Terry really own such things? In my passion, I tried to imagine her strapping on such a horrid thing. ‘Well, babe,’ she’d say to me. ‘I guess ol’ Dan shot off too soon, so I’m going to have to pretend I’m a boy and do you myself!’ And she’d bend me over on her bed and ram her fake store-bought prick right into me, deeper than Dan could, and more firmly and lustily.
“Ooooooh!” I shouted. I threw my head back. I was mad with bliss. I couldn’t think of anything now but sex, sex sex! It filled my tummy and made my thoughts swim and I wanted to be forced to sit on something very hard. I yanked my cushion out from under me and sat on the solid wood of the chair seat.
“God, she wants it bad,” Terry exclaimed to herself and to Dan, looking at me. “I think we’ve had enough breakfast kids. And enough champagne too, Dan! Let’s go upstairs and releive you both of your virginity.”
Terry rose and I stood up too, pushing my chair back abruptly, straightening my legs, planting my feet solidly on the floor. Trying to regain my modesty, I took my hand from inside my panties. But I hooked my thumbs into my waistband drawstring and stood ready to drop them at Terry’s command.
Dan stood up as quickly as I had. I think he was going to yank his shorts off his legs but Terry reached out and grabbed up his penis-leash (my bra) and yanked him toward herself before he could get his swimsuit off his legs. I think she liked him with his suit round his knees, hobbling him. Boys can get out of control sometimes. His suit and my bra kept him under her tutelage.
We walked from the kitchen. I kept my hands at my waist, ready to rid myself of my panties at a moment’s notice. I felt my ass swaying behind me and I knew my hymen to be lost. Terry led us back through the living room, with its crackling, inviting fireplace, and up a long flight of stairs. She took us down a hall to a bathroom.
“Both of you, inside,” she urged. Dan preceeded me and I followed and she locked the door behind us, stepping in too.
“Now, I want to fill a tub for both of you and give you both a bath first,” she said. “A kind of wedding bath. You only lose your virginity once and I want to make it as special as I can.” She smiled at us. She was nude and her hair was loose and dark, matching her pussy. She wore her heels, primly, as if prepared to go dancing, but nothing else. She turned from us and Dan and I stood, shuddering with our need, and watched her bend over and turn on the bathtub faucet. Her bottom was full and round and soft. The crevice between her cheeks looked inviting even to me. I wanted to kiss her big pumpkin and find her hole and stick my finger inside it.
Dan was beside himself. It took all his willpower for him to keep from rubbing himself to ejaculation. I know he sounds like a total loser, wanting to cum so much, but imagine if you were a guy and 15 and in a bathroom naked with January’s Penthouse Pet. And she wanted you to fuck a little virgin girl who was standing right beside you, and you were a virgin yourself. And the virgin girl, not being the goodest of girls, had puckishly tied her bra around your big penis. Well, that’s what he was faced with, and I admired his ability to hold in his seed, surrounded by so much female flesh. As for myself, I stole my hand between my panties again and played with my cunt. I was a girl. I could afford a little pleasure. I was to receive. Dan had to work and sweat and fill me with himself. I only need be open to him.
Terry sprinkled some soap flakes into our bathwater to give us bubbles. Then she turned around and faced us. She smiled, a concerned smile, knowing we were both virgins and scared to death of what we were about to do. Me especially.
“Take off your tennis shoes, both of you,” she laughed. “You’re taking a bath together, silly dears! You can’t wear your shoes in the bath.”
Dan bent down and I did too. I saw how his face banged his big erect penis as he bent over and I marvelled at it. He undid his laces and I undid mine, like children competing in kindergarten, both of us fast, quick-fingered. In a moment he was barefoot and so was I.
“Come, into the tub,” Terry told us. She took Dan and me both by the hand and dragged us forward, both of us shy as cats. I found as I looked into the tub that it was shockingly different in its details from any tub I’d seen before. I had a big oval basin for two or three people, like any expensive tub, and towels piled on its sides and a scrubrush and sponge. But besides that, it had chains hanging above it, behind a little vanity drape that concealed the chains from anyone in the bathroom save the bather herself. As I was made to step into the tub by Terry I came underneath the chains and I looked up at them worriedly.
“Yes, don’t sit down,” Terry told both Dan and I. “This is a special, sexual bath. I’ll take care of doing the honors. You both just stand and let me tie you up.”
I was at a loss what to think. Dan seemed not of a mind to save me, or, for that matter, himself. Terry took my wrists first and lifted them above my head until I was standing on tiptoe.
“Terry! This water is freezing!” I complained. I had been so shocked by the chains that I’d hardly noticed it. Now, however, thankfully standing in it only up to my calves, I felt like an eskimo forced to take a bath in the Arctic.
“Yes, darling, and I’m sure you’ll find it all the better that I’m binding your hands above you to keep you out of such icy water,” she said. “I’ll bet you’ve never taken such a cold bath before, hmmm? Well, it’s what you get when you visit a Domme. If I made everything just like you’re used to at home you’d have no reason to see me!” She tossed her head, sweeping her black hair out of her eyes. She was like a sensuous snake beside me, a pussy-snake, lifting my hands and softly kissing my cheek as she made me stand very straight in the tub.

There was a triangle made of gold hanging above my head and Terry closed my fingers over its base. As I clasped it I sighed and my bosoms shook in front of me, entrancing Dan’s eyes. I felt like I was on the monkeybars in grade school. Now, though, I’d grown breasts and they stuck out obscenely as I hung from the base of the triangle. Terry wrapped soft leather cuffs around my wrists. She buckled them closed and then fixed them to the chains so that if I let go of the triangle I would still be hanging from the ceiling with my feet barely touching the floor of the tub.
I felt my tummy dip within me, making my belly concave. I was totally nude except for my little string swimsuit, and suddenly I was very glad that I hadn’t taken it off. Terry kissed my cheek.
“You look absolutely adorable dear,” she murmured. “I want to stimulate your skin as well as washing it, and that will necessitate that I use a crop on you. For that reason I’m going to have to gag you. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can still breathe and everything.”

“No!” I protested. But Terry told Dan to bend and get her a gag from among the towels by the side of the tub. He did, his big penis jangling as he moved, stiff as a board. He handed Terry the gag and watched with interest as she bound it between my teeth. It forced my tongue to the back of my mouth. I tried to close my lips over it but it was impossible. I could taste wet canvas in my mouth.
I rolled my eyes in my head. This was all too much! But Terry seemed impervious to my pleading, mewling complaints that I be let go. Instead, with Dan compliant as a hard man could be, she trussed up Dan with his hands lofted over his head the same way she tied up me. She even gagged him.
“And now for your suit,” Terry said to me, as calmly as if she might have been a check-in clerk taking my coat at a fancy restaurant. With delicate fingers she untied my bikini panties. She drew them out from between my legs. They had caught in my pussycrack and she had to give them an extra little tug to get them out of me.
Terry folded my panties neatly and laid them down on top of a folded towel on the ledge of the tub. Then, to my great surprise, she slid a ladder-like divider between us. It was only about a foot wide. But it inspired fear in me, for I didn’t know it was for. Looking tubward, I saw that the ladder now between myself and Terry matched one that had built into the bathroom wall.
“Yes, you’re going to climb both ladders with your feet,” Terry laughed. “Your left foot in the left ladder and your right foot in the right ladder. Imagine how your pussy lips will spread when you’ve climbed up both ladders at once! But at least your feet will be out of that cold water!” She laughed again and then put a ladder between herself and Dan for the same purpose.
We stood facing each other in the bath, Dan and I, showing our gentials to each other, bare legged, waiting for the command from Terry to begin climbing the ladders. She picked up a riding crop that lay on the tub ledge in back, across two towels, in front of a vase of freshly cut roses. Twisting my head back to see for the first time the back of the tub, I shivered. Did she plan to whip me with that? How could she? That was for horses, wasn’t it?
Terry ordered Dan and me to begin climbing the ladders. He had two, one on either side of him, and I had two for myself. I withdrew my bare toes from the bath water. They had bubbles on them. I placed them on the lowest rung of the ladder, first my left foot, then my right. With Terry watching me, I began to climb.
I felt like a monkey! The ladder to my right and the ladder to my left weren’t in front of me, or behind me, but on either side of me! As I lifted my feet up one rung to the next, grunting at the difficulty of it, I felt my cunny hang ever more protrudingly beneath me. Dan was no better off. His cock and balls displayed themselves ever more obscenely as he mounted his own twin ladders. We were animals, really, nothing more, showing our sex organs to each other.
“Higher dear, higher,” Terry said to me. She stood just outside the tub. She pressed on the cheeks of my bare heinie with the loop of her riding crop. The loop felt wicked and I wanted to shake it off, but she pressed it insistently into my flesh and I could do nothing but climb ever higher.

I felt I was as high as I could go. My feet gripped the rungs of the ladder as best they could. Fortunately each rung had a soft leather pad wrapped around it to keep the wood of the rungs from hurting my feet. Terry, seeing I could go no higher, satisfied with my pose now that my knees were as high as my chin and my feet as high as my ass, buckled my ankles to the ladder with leather leg restraints.
I hung like a trophy. My sex displayed itself obscenely. Dan was no better off. His knees were as high as his shoulders and his balls hung tightly beneath him, as if he were a bull who’d been splayed apart to be castrated.
Terry put a sponge in the cold bath water and wet it. Then she lifted the sponge and bathed my soft sex with it.
I moaned. I jerked in my wrist restraints. My boobies shook on my chest. That water felt like ice against my hot pussy!
“Shhh, darling. I must prepare you for Dan’s cock,” Terry said quietly in my ear. She was all incense and softness, yet the moment she’d passed the sponge over my cunt she struck it hard with her crop.
“Ooooooh!” I cried. My bottom wobbled on the air. She kissed my cheek and then, without even bathing my bottom first, she struck it smartly with her crop, twice, three times, making my cheeks burn.
“Yes, that hurt, didn’t it?” Terry said to me. “You are such a little slut, parading around your mom’s nice resort in nothing but your teeny bikini. Nod your head and admit you’re a slut and that you deserve to be fucked and be punished,” Terry told me.
I didn’t want to obey. “Oh, you are wilful!” Terry scolded, and she smacked my bottom again with her crop. I sobbed and felt tears sting my eyes. I knew I’d been bad, I knew I should be home with my mom. Yet she had called me, hadn’t she, tempting me over IRC? But I’d gone looking for it, for her.
“Take your time. I can smack your bottom all day,” Terry said to me. And she gave me another crack on my ass just to keep herself amused.
I nodded. Like a compliant dog I nodded, and I wiggled my ass too, for I had no tail. She kissed my cheek and murmured in my ear that I was becoming more of a good girl. She caught one of my nipples with the loop of her crop. As I looked fearfully down, watching her lift up my nipple, she studied my breasts.
“How these must embarrass your mother!” she said. “Perhaps I can whack them down a little in size, hmmm?”
Frantically I shook my head ‘no,’ but it was too late. Terry struck each of my boobs with her crop. Then, to soothe me, she bent and lifted the icy sponge to my breasts and bathed them, massaging away the hurt.
“Ohhh, I forgot your bottom, didn’t I?” she said wickedly. “A girl must always have her bottom washed!” As I wiggled my ass to try to avoid her cold sponge she laughed. She clapped the sponge to my heinie and rubbed it all around both my red cheeks. She squeezed the sponge and squirted cold water into my buttcrack.
My only consolation was seeing Dan suffer the same. Terry moved to him and began by bathing his balls. Dan shuddered as the sponge was passed under his nuts, practically freezing them off, I thought, our bathwater was so cold. Then Terry sponged his shaft next, making him fuck it a little, folding the sponge so it resembled a cunt.
Dan’s hairy ass was washed next, then his belly, finally his chest. Terry had no interest in washing our other parts. Just our desirable places, and our hanging, suspended sexes.
I watched Dan’s cock twitch as Terry struck his ass. She was much harder on him than she’d been on me. Terry’s balls looked like tightly-drawn churchbells as he jerked up and then down, his penis like a flagpole, his cockhead flinging his pre-cum all around our tub stall.
I was desperate to be set free. I couldn’t stand being so shamefully displayed. I’d only gone for a hike in the woods and yet now here I was, my breasts thrown out in front of me, stung on their nipples by a riding crop, my ass red from a cropping and my pussy freezing. I felt my ass bulging behind me and I knew what it must be like to be a cow strung up for slaughter. I was just flesh, hot and cold, dripping water and moist with juices. I could feel my ribs sighing beneath my breasts and I knew they were as alluringly strung up as my bottom and boobs. All of me, in fact, was just a neat, suspended package, my hair soft and blonde, my eyes wide, my cunt and ass spread open but my mouth firmly gagged.
Poor Dan was no better. His cock hungered for attention but, except for a few stray flicks of the crop, Terry gave it none. She did give his testicles something to think about. She banged them with swift upsweeps of her crop, making them arch even more fully and bulgingly into the underside of his body. He was so huge. Even as I pitied myself I stared at his cock and pitied him. How could I have gotten us into this mess? I should have bent over in the woods and let him fuck me right there, amidst the squirrels and the deer. Or I should have stayed home in my bed.
“Well, my dears, I think you’re just too randy to be let down right now,” Terry said to both Dan and me when she’d finished our sexual bath. It had been nothing but pain and ice, this stupid bath, and I wished dearly I’d never kept my bikini that my uncle had sent me, let alone put it on! Now it lay uselessly outside the tub, my panties crumpled on the floor, my bra removed from Dan’s dick and tossed down beside my undies.
Terry smiled at us. Her eyes gleamed with wickedness. She tossed her crop down and it happened to land on top of my panties. She turned on her heels and left the bathroom.
I sobbed. I wanted to bite my lip but my gag prevented it. I looked at Dan with tears in my eyes and wished I could apologize to him.
We remained there for some time. The soft cuffs held my wrists and feet tight, my hands clung to the triangle. I felt like a girl in a Tarzan movie, except Tarzan was captive too, right in front of me. I stared at his big penis and he stared at my cunt. We were both obscene in our looking, not caring, he just a penis now for me and I just a sweet offered cunt.
Dan jabbed himself at me. He was desperate. He swung forward again and I cringed, afraid he’d penetrate me. He swung again. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in the hall. We both turned our heads. There was a man in the house!
He was tall and muscular and at least 40, or so I supposed. He was naked except for a soft white towel that was wrapped around his waist. His chest was unbeliveably hairy. In front his towel sported a protrusion and I knew with a sinking heart what it must be.
“Ah, Terry said I’d find you here,” the man said to us. His face was clean-shaven and his hair was combed. He smelled of Brut. He smiled at us both, but it was as a shopkeeper might smile, counting his gold in his money room. “I’m Terry’s master. My name’s Frederick. Frederick the Great, she calls me,” he laughed. I gazed again at his loins and realized the thing inside his towel was quite significant.
“Now you seem to be well endowed too,” Fred said, eyeing Dan’s dick. Dan lurched backward just as I had done when he tried to swing forward and spear me. Frankly Fred put his hand on Dan’s penis and jerked it with several smooth strokes. “Is that what you’d like to do, Danny boy? Jerk off? Or would you prefer to put your rod in this nice cherry cunt hanging across from you?”
Dan cursed Fred behind his gag but otherwise he could do nothing. Ignoring me, Fred stroked Dan’s hard penis. Dan groaned and shivered. He was desperate not to cum. The last thing he wanted to do was shoot off in the hand of some member of NAMBLA! Fred seemed to enjoy Dan’s suffering. Truly, there was nothing like this for a proud boy. Having his heinie whipped by Terry’s crop had been painless compared to the soft, pliant stroking of this bisexual man who now urged him to shoot into his calloused palms.
“My, you’re so full, yet you fight like the devil not to feel some relief,” Fred taunted Dan. The big man cupped the boy’s balls. They were indeed a giant pair of testicles, swollen to bursting with Dan’s seed. I wondered how long it had been since he’d let himself go. “Well, if you can’t ejaculate for me, I at least want to see you pee,” Fred told Dan. He looked at me for the first time. “You too, cherry lady. Pee from your cunt right into your ice-cold bathwater. Go ahead. I won’t take either of you down ‘til you do.”
I was ashamed beyond belief! But Fred just stood there, casually, and a moment later, seeing neither of us had peed, he took off his towel. His erection stuck up like a big lizard. It quavered on the air, hungry and prowling, I thought, dripping pre-cum like a slimy lizard drools from its tongue.
Terry sauntered into the room. I gazed hopefully at her, only to recoil in horror. She was nude and lovely, as always, but in her hand, letting it dangle as if it were a sausage she’d bought, or some snake she’d killed in the Amazon, was a long dildo. It was slim, and I wondered what she had planned for it.

Fred opened a medicine cabinet and took out a jar of petroleum jelly. As calmly as if he were lubing his car, he dipped his hand into the jar and began to grease up his penis. It was big and hard and he ran his hands along it. He eyed Dan and I both with evil eyes.
“I’m going to have to fuck you both up the ass since you won’t pee for me,” Fred said to us. I felt my tummy fall somewhere down below the south pole. Dan seemed to practically jump from his bonds. Except they held him, just as tightly as they held me.
“Oh, let me do little Katy,” Terry urged her master. “I’ve brought a dildo for her. Can I put it on and fuck her? She’s really to small for you, darling,” Terry said. She cast an admiring glance at his penis. I wished I’d drunk more of my champagne at breakfast. I couldn’t bear the thought of either one of these people popping my ass! It was mine, wasn’t it? But too late. As I watched with horrified eyes, trembling in my bonds, Terry slipped on her dildo. She arranged the waistband around her hips and buckled it, then passed the crotch-piece underneath her and up between the cheeks of her ass. The dong stuck out in front of her, hard flexible rubber that I knew with uneasy bowels was going straight up my ass!
Fred stepped into the tub. He had no need to check buckles or straps in order to get himself ready to fuck. He grabbed Dan’s haunches with both his hands and flexed his knees. Dan gazed with bulging eyes at me as Fred’s cock probed within the crack of his ass.
“Yep! You’re tight alright, son, but I know if you like being dominated by females like Terry you’ll have to get used to cocks up your ass anyway. Don’t mind that I’m a man. I’m just opening you up for her. Ready?”
Dan groaned and lurched forward in his bonds as Fred’s big cock punched at his ass. “Damn! You’re really tight, son! Shove your ass back at me so’s I can get my dick up you properly,” Fred swore at my boyfriend.
Dan felt himself drawn back, his ass splayed by his posture. His eyes opened like saucers as his butthole felt Fred’s greased knob gain a foothold inside him.
I squeezed my eyes shut. I couldn’t bear to watch. Suddenly I felt a stream of pee strike my belly. I opened my eyes and saw Dan, peeing like mad, hoping to avoid getting buttfucked. I gazed at him and wished he wouldn’t pee on me and then, suddenly, inspired by him perhaps, I let my own pee sprinkle forth. We peed and peed until our bladders were totally empty. When we were finished I looked down between my breasts and saw my pussy hairs still dripping the pee that Dan had so rudely squirted on me.
“That wasn’t half bad,” Fred complimented Dan. He held the boy’s ass in his hands, gripping it and spreading it wide. Dan’s ass was penetrated by part of Fred’s cockhead and Fred let the gasping boy just rest there, his asshole gradually being forced open to more and more of Fred’s cock. There seemed to be a kind of truce between them. Fred was too big to get up inside Dan, but he wouldn’t force the issue, since Dan had done as Fred wished and peed into the tub. On the other hand, having penetrated Dan’s ass, Fred was not ready to withdraw either. I had to be fucked first.
Daintily, as if preparing to do something a bit disagreeable, Terry stepped into the tub behind me. She wore her fake penis and she’d greased it completely with vaseline. It shone menacingly and I felt myself gripped by fright as it disappered behind me. It was long and black, as if it belonged to a negro.
Delicately Terry reached up and parted the cheeks of my hanging ass. Trussed up, suspended, I felt like I was offering my hole to her as I felt her fingers pull me apart. Politely, as if not wishing to offend me, she insinuated a finger into my ass and vaselined my anus. I cringed. I flinched.

“Oooh, you’ve never been fucked here before either, have you?” Terry asked me. “Don’t worry. When you go home tonight your hymen will be gone and your bottomhole will be open. I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, but it always hurts the first time. There’s just no way to do it nicely. I’ve done a few other girls so I kind of have a feel for it. But I’ve never done a virgin! Just recalcitrant wives and girlfriends. Well, some of them might have been virgins, I guess, but much older than you, dear, and long past the age when they should have opened themselves in back to the male.” Her words were sprinkled with contented sighs and soft giggles. She was, I think, just a little drunk. Perhaps she and Fred had been sipping more champagne downstairs. I noticed, before she got right behind me, a slight bruise on her cheek. It had not been there earlier. Had Fred hit her?
I felt myself drawn back. Terry was done preparing my hole and she lifted my ass with both hands and yanked my soft hinds apart. “Here goes, honey!” she purred to me. I felt her breath in my ear. Suddenly a rude jolt banged up against my heinie. Quickly it pressed between my splayed cheeks and I felt it rub against my anus. I was slick there, thanks to Terry, and she was just as slick on her dong.
“Ackcckck!” I cried into my gag. I felt a bulging intrusion stab its way into my hole. Dan, watching me, shouted suddenly as Fred urged the whole of his knob into Dan’s ass. Slowly, with practised skill that only a Domme and her Master could have, the two of them penetrated our buttholes more deeply.
I felt my cunt bulge in front of me, utterly forlorn. My hole was getting what it wished so dearly for. I scrunched my eyes shut and wept and tried to endure. Terry gave me soft kisses and rammed her fake dong inot my ass. Dan, his own butthole losing its cherry, coughed and gagged and spewed out muffled obscenities.
We were riven. I felt Terry sink deeper and deeper within me. The process was a slow one but she and her master were in no hurry at all. They seemed to savor the sight of our nude young bodies being introduced to love. They gave us inch after slow inch of themselves. Terry giggled, pressing her breasts to me. “I wish I had a real dick!” she cried aloud as she fucked me. Deeper and deeper she burrowed. Finally, attaining a depth she considered my maximum, she began to draw herself back and then ram herself in again.
I bawled like a lost kitten. It hurt! I felt like a huge hotdog had been rammed up my ass and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. Worse, its possessor insisted, once it was up me, in pulling back and violating me repeatedly with it. Each new indriven stroke sent me howling into spasms of fear and pain. I could have been a prisoner in the inquisition, forced to blabber out all my sins.
Dan was no better off. With his cock left untouched by Fred, hard as a bone, he received Fred’s cock in his ass. He would have no trouble going to prison, this poor former lifeguard boyfriend of mine, should he run afoul of the law. Fred jerked inside him with awful determination. Not harming the boy, I think, he nonetheless wanted him to get the full feel of him. Poor Dan was made to take all of Fred in his ass. When he had, Fred drew back and then plunged in again. Back and forth Fred and his lover Terry moved inside Dan and I. We both peed again, it was so awful, being held so completely, penetrated so fully.
When it was over we both were let down. I collapsed into Terry’s arms. I cared nothing for myself anymore. I was like a sack of flesh, thoroughly violated. I clapped my hands over my pussy and began to furiously rub it.
“No, no, not yet, dear,” Terry told me. She kissed me and pulled my hands away from my cunt. I was too exhausted to fight her. Fred, who had cum in Dan’s ass, carried the boy from the bathroom. Terry led me stumbling after him.
We were taken to their master bedroom. Dan, whose ass had received Fred’s sperm, was thrown face-down on the bed. I saw Fred’s sperm dribbling from Dan’s asshole and the boy reached back and grabbed his cheeks and howled like a banshee at his violation. Then, just as forthrightly, he began to rub himself furiously up and down on the sheets of the bed, hoping to shoot off his cock.
“See here, young man! The time is not ripe for that!” Fred shouted. He rolled the boy over and dragged his hands up over his head and bound them to the headboard. Dan, still desperate to cum, drew up his thighs and captured his penis between them and tried to rub himself that way. Fred, again intervening, yanked the boy’s legs apart and bound his feet to the bed’s baseboard in a wide vee. I found myself staring at Dan’s balls, still swollen with his unspent sperm. His cock stuck up like a post and, despite how much I hurt, I longed to sit on it. Terry restrained me.
“There, there, you both did very well,” Terry told both Dan and I a few moments later, after I’d been bound to the bed the same as my boyfriend. The couple smiled at us. We were still gagged but otherwise our positions were entirely new. Leaning over me, Terry loosened my gag. I felt her breasts brush against mine and I yearned for her to take me in my cunt with her fake cock. It was gone, left behind in the bathroom, but I arched my hips up anyway, offering my cunny to her. “You’ll get to fuck in a little while, dear, both you and Dan, the two of you, but first you must rest a bit,” Terry told me. And she consoled Dan too, caressing his heaving chest with the tips of her breasts as she loosened his gag also.
Terry gazed at Dan with pitying eyes. She decided to give him a little treat. Smearing liquid perfume on just the tips of her breasts, she ran them up and down his body. She carefully avoided his cock and balls but otherwise she stroked him all over, using just her tits. Dan, I think, was in heaven, despite his wounded butthole. Fred, seeing his load was gone and his strength was no longer needed, left. I heard him go downstairs and then I listened but heard nothing more.

Late that evening we were permitted to rise. Terry, who had gone downstairs to be with her master, came back up, towing him by his newly erect penis. They got on the bed with us. Dan was still impossibly hard. My own pussy yearned for attention. They undid our bonds. They loosened and pulled off our gags.
“Sit up, dears. We’re going to all fuck together,” Terry said to Dan and me. She looked at us, hoping we’d not disagree. I knew not what to think. I’d been so thoroughly violated, yet now here I was, freed by them, my bottom not hurting so much anymore. I reached behind me and rubbed my heinie.
“How do you feel?” Terry asked me.
“Okay I guess,” I said. My bottom still hurt a little but nothing like how I thought it would. The pain of her entry was gone and the fullness she’d given me had been replaced with a quiet contentment. I’d received. I’d done my duty and taken my first cock in my ass. But my pussy still remained. I must be rid of my hymen. I must have Dan! I turned to him. He was kneeling on the bed, feeling his own ass. He was scowling and angry.
“Get over it,” Fred told him, lying behind the boy. He and Terry were both nude and there was a sense of impending passion. Fred sported a new erection. “We fuck in this house. You’ll just have to get used to it. Boys fuck girls and boys fuck boys. Don’t expect to come here without getting everything.”
Dan turned around. “I’m not a fag!” Dan hollared.
“Neither am I,” Fred replied. Fred ran a hand along the shaft of his own penis, testing it, bending it a little and watching it spring back.
“I’m afraid Fred’s bi,” Terry apologized. “He can be quite a man, but sometimes he likes boys and not just girls.”
“Don’t fuck my ass again!” Dan told Fred. “I want to fuck this girl here, and I don’t want to find YOU sticking your rod up me while I’m feeding her mine.”
“Okay, okay,” Fred said. “But you’re missing out on a fine damn erection. I’ll let you fuck Terry for me if you let me fuck you again.”
“Jesus!” Dan swore. “Keep your dick out of my ass or I’ll kill you!” He crawled forward and grabbed me. “Sorry, babe,” he said, tumbling me right back down onto my back after I’d been forced to lie there all day. He did take a moment to arrange a pillow under my head for me, but then he yanked my thighs apart and pushed himself within my cunny.
I shouted. I cried. Terry, keen to help, knelt beside me and consoled me and kissed my cheeks. Dan thrust himself into me greedily. I’d never felt anything so hard in my life as he forced his manhood into me. I felt a tearing sensation and then there was blood between my legs and then, as I bucked upward despite the pain, I felt Dan ram himself home and mount me and breathe into my face and rack himself over and inside my body, fucking and fucking me like some mad angel from heaven.
We coupled, desperately, in the sweaty early evening, the moon just rising outside Fred and Terry’s window. Dan moved within me and when he groaned out his climax I felt all his seed that he’d fought so hard so save spurt deep within me. I clung to him and I accpeted him gratefully. When it was over, we kissed and we rolled apart. Fred and Terry helped us out of bed after we’d slept a little and they took us to their bathroom again and they gave us both a quick wash. Then they offered us our clothes and Dan and I dressed again, he in his speedos (looking much more modest in them now!) and me in my teensy bikini. Terry gave me a t-shirt to wear over my swimsuit and Fred gave Dan a shirt also.
Hand in hand, blushing a little a feeling quite sore, Dan and I hiked back over the hilltop and down through the woods and back to the resort. He walked me home and kissed me before I went inside.
“Dad?” I asked. And then I paused. I heard moaning upstairs. I glanced at the corner where Dad’s golf clubs usually lay. There were two bags! His, and another bag, that looked like it belonged to his lady-friend. I turned to the fridge and saw a note posted there, from mom, telling me she was going to an evening meeting.
I ran back into the street. Dan was walking away through the streetlights, moving from one pool of light to another as his shadowy figure, shoulders hunched, feet kicking stones out of his path, receded before me.
“Dan!” I yelled. He turned. I dashed after him. I ran up to him all flushed and puffy faced.
“I’m sleeping with you tonight!” I said to him.
“Fine with me,” he smiled. “You must really like me.”
“Well,” I said, taking his hand. “My dad met this lady and…” I squeezed his hand. “Does your butthole hurt?”
“Of course,” he said. “Damn fucking faggot!”
“Well, mine does too. Don’t screw me up the butt, okay?”
“We should call the police on those fucking idiots,” Dan said.
“Unless you want to go back…?” I asked.
“Well…” he paused. “Terry would look awfully cute in a prison cell, behind bars and all, but it would be a waste.”
“You have prisoner fantasies?” I asked him.
“Only if they look like Terry and they’re nude,” he replied. He drew me closer in his arms.
“Make me your prisoner tonight!” I sighed. I let him kiss me.
“You’re one fucking insane chick,” he said. And he marched me home to his bedroom.

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