Two Latinas, One Dick

One day I woke up on social media and got two invitations to weddings. One was Ashley’s. I thought about her and winced as I thought about our last sexual encounter. I still wasn’t totally over her.

The second one was Becky’s. They were having a double wedding. I was not expecting that one. Now, I’m cool with the both of them. However, it would seem awkward to show up at the wedding, though. I needed some advice from a female perspective.

“You what?!”

“Hey, hey, hey… She asked for it. I was one of the first ones to keep her secret.”

I decided to tell Fancy… who I also wanted to fuck. She’s not just a pretty face. She’s driven, smart, and has amazing Double-D’s. She happens to give great advice too.

“Damn it, Chad. You know how sacred that is? I know you and your fucked up fantasies. What else do you have?”

“I told you, she wanted it. Back in high school, she told me always wanted to get fucked in the ass.”

Fancy laughed and said:

“What made her…?”

“Well, I had English class with her. I was always looking at her…” I got interrupted.

“Stop. I get it. Ok. So, what about the other chick?”

“It’s Becky,” I said.

“Wait, OUR Becky? You fucked Becky?”

“She sucked me once… and I fucked her a few years later.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Fancy said, hitting me.

“Ow. Let me finish. We were in Vegas with her sorority sisters… had a good ass time, too.”

“Let me guess…” Fancy started.

“Yup, seducing me, as only she knew how. And we fucked in the hotel room. So sexy,” I said, while Fancy shook her head pitifully.

“So you are asking me what to do at a wedding in which a person you used to be sexually involved with?” Fancy said.

“Well, yeah. Basically,” I said, embarrassed.

“Which one?”

“Well, damn it, does it matter? They’re both getting married! Fuck.”

“I got an idea. But in future reference, try to keep it in your pants, okay?” Fancy said.

I have heard that before. And I am strongly considering it.

A week before the wedding…

I was unsure about my feelings for both Ashley and Becky. Was it lust? Regardless, I just liked to fuck them. En route to her house, I got a text saying:

“I got a surprise…”

The sheer anticipation turned me on. When I got to the door, already semi-erect, I took a deep breath and started to knock. I got a text from her saying:

“You here?”

I texted back:

“Yes. For God’s sake, I have a boner here.”

The door opened. I got het up. I looked at Becky’s devious smile. Becky was, of course, her Maid of Honor at the wedding. Ashley was the Maid of Honor at Becky’s, respectively.

“Oh damn.”

Becky waved, smiling.

“Hey, Becky,” I said.

“I see he’s happy.”

“Is he?” I said, looking down at my jeans, showing my erection, slightly.

It was now at the point of no return. As long as I was getting some, I did not care. I looked up, and Juvenile’s “Slow Motion” played. Both Becky and Ashley knew one of my weaknesses: girl-on-girl action. So, Becky, using her dancing background, gave a lap dance to Ashley.

Becky locked lips with Ashley for a short kiss. I wanted that kiss. Something about her was inviting to me. Something about her was interesting. Something was sexy about her. I got more erect. And Becky saw that. Becky moved towards me, and straddled me.

Wearing just her bra and panties, Becky detected that same animalistic lustful look in my eye. She kissed me on the lips. “You like that?”

I nodded. I wanted her, but God, was she a tease. She turned around to shake her ass seductively. I would eventually lower Becky’s underwear to see her cute, tight cheeks.

“Surprise,” Ashley whispered in my ear. “Mmm, you want some of this ass?” Ashley shook her thong-exposed cheeks and shook them in my face. I spanked her. She moaned while looking back slowly at me. I reached in her underwear, moisturized my finger and started fondling then fingering Ashley. At that time, Becky lowered my pants to suck my erection.

“Oh. Oh. Oh, fuck. Mmm. Uhhh.”

By this time, Ashley’s thong was already on the floor. Her glorious treasure is staring me in the face while I’m getting my dick sucked by her best friend, who let’s face it… is a certain type. Her skills are immaculate. It felt like heaven.

“Mmm, you like me sucking your big black dick again?”

I couldn’t answer. She was that good.

“I bet you missed this mouth…”


“Ashley… bring that ass here.”

I was about to do something that I have never done before. I spat on Ashley’s asshole, caressed her cheeks, and began to lick her with love and care.

“Are you licking her ass?” Becky said, with a saliva trail from my penis to her mouth. I carefully wiped it and said…

“Becky, equal opportunity.”

“Ugh! Ugh! Oh, fuck! Lick my tight asshole!”

I spanked it.

“You like that shit? Say, Yes, Papi.”

“Oohhhh, Papi!”

I spanked her again. I fingered her vigorously, making her climax. It was beautiful.

“So, Chad…”

“Yes, Rebecca?” I said, being humorous.

Becky pointed to my still-hard erection.

“Just kidding,” I said, putting Becky against the wall. “Is this what you like? Huh?”

Becky’s breathing quickened into small moans. I smacked her ass a few times, making her moan increasingly. I then seamlessly went down to my knees and moisturized her asshole, giving her a rim job.


“So, you-know-who never did this?”

She shook her head.

“I will. I bet he will after tonight.”

She giggled. I then licked her crack while squeezing her tight butt cheeks. She moaned. Her moans sounded louder and more in want as I spanked her more. Her cheeks eventually turned red. Her treasure was dripping wet.

“Uhhh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… gimme that cock! I want that big dick all over me!” Becky said, on a sexual high.

Becky then turned around and started jerking me off.

“Mmm. I want that dick. Hey, Ash! He’s coming!”

Ashley came quickly to us, and took off her bra showing her small breasts. They both were jerking me off, with Becky sucking. Eventually…


I shot my seed on both of their faces. Becky licked it off. Ashley shrugged it off.


Meanwhile, after the threesome reached their lustful hunger…

Becky was getting dressed while Ashley was asleep.

“Chad, I have one question though. do you still like Ashley?” Becky said.

It was the truth. I did. But it’s too late now. I looked in Becky’s light brown eyes.

“You really want to know something?” I said, surprised she asked.


“You ever had a feeling that is more than lust, more than a crush… I wanted Ashley. I wanted her a lot. Hell, you were sexy.”

She smirked.

“I’ve had that too.” Rebecca said, putting her head on my shoulder. “And yes, I know.”

One week later before the wedding…

I spotted my friend from high school. I sat with him.

“Chad Fucking Dupree. What up, homie?”

“What’s good? You know you’re at a church, right?” I said, laughing.

“Nothing, just working.”

I spotted Becky.

“Hold on,” I said to my friend. “Becky. Becky.”

She finally turned her head to me.

“This is for you and Ashley only. Do not let anyone else see it.”

She smiled. I smiled back.


I watched her walk away.

“What was that for?” My friend said.

“Don’t worry about it.”

We headed into the church.

As I watched the ceremony happen before me, and the bride slowly took the steps down the aisle, it hit me that… it’s over. However, I remembered what I wrote to them:

To A and B,

AKA Fearsome Threesome,

I’m sorry about the shot of semen

I left on your pretty faces

I hope I made it up to you by licking your beautiful asses

I’m going to miss you, Ash

And your big booty

And Becky

Oh, Becky

Your mouth is such a beauty

You make a man’s vision seem blurry

Both of you are so sexy

In unique ways

But I will never forget your ass putting me in a daze

And your mouth slobbering over me for days.

I signed it hesitantly.

Chad Dupree.


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…” The pastor started.

“Can you believe it? They’re getting married…” My friend said.

“Nope. But it’s coming eventually for all of us.”

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