Bro and Sis oral experiment

Ron joined the group from Uni in the pub. He had just transferred and was “bonding”. Lots of chatter and laughter as the alcohol made common sense slowly evaporate. It was around 6pm when Ron noticed a women enter the pub. She was alone so he immediately summed her up. Tallish, trim figure, pert breasts and long gorgeous legs. He was immediately smitten. “My God, look at her” he muttered to no-one in particular. Barry was standing beside him. “Don’t go there mate” he said “she is poison”. The others nodded. But Ron wasn’t listening. The head in his pants took over from the head on his shoulders. How was he going to hit on her?

Ron wandered past where she was sitting. Perched on a stool, her thighs were on full display. He felt his cock harden. He had to meet her. “Hello” he said “come here often?” She looked at him, instantly dismissive of his lame attempt to chat her up. “Is that the best you can do?” she said, laughing. Ron’s face coloured slightly. “Yes, that was pretty lame” he admitted and she smiled. “Well try again honey” she said “maybe next time will be better”. He now saw her words as a challenge. “Well perhaps I can buy you a drink and you can suggest how to improve my approach” he said. “Well thank you” she said “buy me a drink and let’s chat”.

Ron returned to the bar and ordered a cocktail. Again his mates warned him without being specific. He wasn’t listening. The bulge in his pants didn’t have ears. He took the drink back and sat down. “What is your name?” Ron asked. She took a sip. “Wow, very strong” she said “are you trying to get me drunk? My name is Melissa, by the way”. She took another sip and gave a little moan. “I could get addicted to this Ron” she said and giggled. “So, Melissa, why are you here alone?” Ron asked. “Good question” she said “my parents are away for the weekend and I was bored”. “Well I admit, this town is pretty quiet. Not much happens”. Melissa nodded. “Would you like another drink” Ron asked. “Well sure” said Melissa “I must say it tastes very nice, thank you”.

Ron bought another drink and sat down again. His mates realised it was useless warning him. They decided that he had to learn the hard way. Melissa finished the second drink and said she should be getting home. “Let me chaperone you” Ron said “it is almost dark outside. Not safe for young ladies to walking alone”. “My, aren’t you nice” said Melissa “yes, I would feel safer with you walking along with me”. Ron looked back at the guys at a bar and waved. One of then ran his hand across his throat. Ron just laughed. “They are just jealous” he thought to himself “I reckon I am on a promise here”. Melissa and Ron left the bar and walked down the street. There was no-one around. “It is cold Ron” Melissa said “I should have worn a coat. Put your arm around me and warm me up”. Ron erection was beginning to hurt. But he thought it would not be long before he got relief.

They approached Melissa’s home. “Maybe I should see you inside” said Ron “are you home alone?” “No” Melissa said “my brother is here but he spends his time in his room playing silly computer games”. “Yes” replied Ron “I know people like that. Wasting their life away on a keyboard”. Melissa smiled “yes, there are better things to do with your fingers then type” she said. She opened the door and invited Ron inside. “Maybe we should have a coffee” she said “that second drink has me a bit tipsy. Who knows what might happen”. Ron’s mind was whirring. It sounded like she was suggesting that she was feeling horny. Then again, perhaps he was over-thinking what she had said.

Melissa made coffee and they went into the lounge. Sitting together on the couch Ron could not fail to notice that Melissa’s dress had ridden up and he was getting a birds-eye view of her upper thighs. “Are you looking at me legs?” she asked but made no attempt to cover up. “Well yes” said Ron “and might I say, they are magnificent”. “You really think so?” asked Melissa “I am not so sure” and with that she pulled her dress up higher until the hem was almost to her crotch. “Oh Melissa” he moaned and kissed her. “Why Ron” she gasped “whatever are you thinking” and she put her arms around his neck and kissed him, her tongue forcing its’ way into his mouth.

They separated. “Oh God” Melissa sighed “what must you think of me?” “It is ok” said Ron “I think you are beautiful, no, absolutely gorgeous”. “Oh Ron” Melissa said and she kissed him ever more passionately than before. “Ron, would you be shocked if I told you I am feeling horny?” Ron laughed “honey, I have been horny from the minute you walked into the bar”. “Well Ron, what do you want to do about it” Melissa whispered. “Well” began Ron “I want to take you somewhere private, tear your clothes off and make mad, wild, love to you”. “Oh that sounds delightful” whispered Melissa “will you do one thing for me darling. Would you lick my pussy and make me cum and cum first?”

Ron could not believe his luck. Two hours ago he was drinking in a bar. Now he was about to get laid. “Of course I will lick your pussy honey” Ron said “and I will suck your nipples and suck on your clit and make you orgasm repeatedly”. “Stop talking Ron and let’s go to me bedroom. I want it so bad” cooed Melissa. She stood up and headed off with Ron in hot pursuit. They went into the bedroom and closed the door. They hurriedly undressed and fell on the bed in an intimate embrace. “Do it now Ron” said Melissa, shaking with emotion “do everything to me. Don’t hold back. I want it all and I want it now”.

Falling onto the bed together Ron first kissed Melissa and then moved down to her breasts. Her nipples had become erect and he sucked them with gusto. “That’s enough” Melissa cried “eat my pussy. Make me cum”. Always ready to do a lady’s bidding he moved further down and first lapped at her soaked pussy and then zeroed in on her clit. “Yes” she squealed “right there. God it is so good” as she shook from head to foot. Suddenly the door flew open. “What the fuck is going on here” Ron heard. He knelt up and turned towards the voice. In the doorway stood a guy maybe 6 feet tall, dark hair and an even darker look on his face. “Melissa, you slut” the guy yelled “who is this creep?” Ron looked back at Melissa, her stunned face was in stark contrast to moments before.

“Willie, please, leave us alone” begged Melissa but her brother wasn’t budging. “I am supposed to keep you safe while mum and dad are away” he said “and I find you naked with some guy I am sure you only just met”. Ron tried to say something but was cut short “shut the fuck up” Willie yelled “wait ‘till dad hears about this”. “No Willie, please don’t say a word. Dad will whip me” cried Melissa “you know he will”. “Hmm, well he is the town copper so he might just lock this guy up and throw away the key”. Ron found his voice “please Willie. What must I do to stop you dobbing on me”. Willie smiled and opened the bathrobe he was wearing. Ron looked and could see he wasn’t wearing anything under the robe. His cock, which must have been 7” long was erect and pointed straight at him. “Well Ronny boy” said Willie smiling “suck me off and I will stay quiet”.

Ron heard what was said but it took a couple of seconds to register. “You must be joking” he wailed “no way”. Willie stepped closer to the bed. “Well you have a choice” he said “suck my cock or face my father”. Ron looked back at Melissa who looked horrified. “I am so sorry Ron” she said, shaking. Ron looked back at Willie and processed his options. Suck cock or face an irate policeman who would do whatever he wanted, including locking him up. Now at the edge of the bed Willie shouted “do it mate or face the fury of our father. It seemed Ron had little choice.

Moving towards Willie Ron grasped Willie’s cock and closed his lips over its’ head. Willie moaned softly. “More. Take more and suck” he groaned. Ron soon had most of Willie’s cock in his mouth as he sucked it. He had never even considered anything like this so he just did it how he would like. Obviously it worked as Willie grew more vocal “yes” he moaned “that is so good” and he began to face-fuck Ron. “Suck it Ronny boy. Suck my cock. I am so close” and then with a loud groan he spilt his cum deep in Ron’s throat. “Swallow” Willie shouted as his body shook “take it all”. Ron was gagging and cum spilled from his mouth and down his chin. “So fucking good” moaned Willie. “Promise you wouldn’t tell” begged Melissa. “I promise” said Willie “now get dressed and get out Ronny boy”. Ron dressed in record time and disappeared.

Willie sat on bed and he and Melissa laughed. “Did you see the look on his face when I told him to suck me off” said Willie “did you enjoy the show sis?” Melissa scowled “not really” she said “you came in here too quickly. I didn’t even cum once”. “I am sorry sis. I guess I was too excited”. Well” said Melissa “now you can go down on me and make me cum. If you do it good enough I will let you fuck me”. Willie did as his sister ordered and began to lick her clit. “Oh yes Willie darling” she moaned “I love watching you suck guys off because I know you will work on me. Now make me cum three times and then you can fuck me”.

Willie worked hard and soon had his sister moaning and groaning. He had done this many times. Pretending to catch Melissa with some randy jerk who would suck him off out of fear. Now he was enjoying pleasing Melissa. “Is you cock getting hard again baby” Melissa squealed as her third orgasm swept over her “if so then give it to me” and Willie mounted her and ravaged the way he knew she wanted. It took nearly 10 minutes off concentrated pounding before he came again. Rolling off her and onto his back he gave a deep sigh. “I love you sis” he whispered. She smiled “and I love your cock brother of mine”.

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