True Experience Exhibitionism


My wife and I are now divorced but we remain good friends and still fuck each other when we meet up. My ex Sandy is aware of me posting our past experiences.

This chapter in our exploits took place with an OAP named Ken. This happened as a treat for a lovely old guy who used to tend to our garden on a monthly basis. We had known him for around three years. After his work which normally took place on a Saturday or Sunday he would pop in and have a cup of tea and a chin wag. He would get a bus to our house as he used our tools to tend to our garden. He lived on his own as his wife had passed away a year or so since we got to know him. He did a few houses in the area and said that it gave him his beer money and also got him out the house as he would get bored sitting around.

Anyway time went on and we rather became good friends talking about all different kinds of topics. Sandy and I when we fucked each other used to use our exploits as part of our foreplay discussing our past experiences and thought about giving Ken a show. We were both up for it but did not know how to approach the subject as we did not want to lose his friendship or indeed looking after our garden lol. Well it was decided that I would on one of his nights out go over to his part of town and meet him in his local just for a beer and chat

I arranged to meet Ken at his local. After a few beers and a couple of chasers we were having a good few laughs. He introduced me to a couple of his old cronies and the night was going well. Well it came the time when I had enough dutch courage to approach the subject with Ken. I said to Ken how we have all become good friends and what a wonderful job he does for us in the garden and how we look forward to the cups of teas and chats afterwards. I then asked him have you heard about exhibisionism. He said no and like what do you mean. I explained to him that me and Sandy are into exhibisionism and that it involves having sex while people watch. He just stared at me. I then said its a pastime that me and Sandy enjoyed and that would you like to watch me and Sandy make love. I then said something before he could reply like we do not want to lose your friendship and that end of story will never mention it again if you are disgusted and that will you still do the garden sorry blah blah blah. He came right out and in a low voice you would let me watch the two of you yes please and things like what about Sandy. Anyway I explained as a good friend it is a treat for you which will happen only once and not to tell anyone or it will destroy our friendship and that it is viewing only but he can enjoy himself. Well we finished off the night not discussing the topic again until I left the pub and told him his next visit that he would have his treat. He shook my hand with both his hands and thanked me.

Well when I came home that night and told Sandy that Ken was ever so kean to watch us fuck I remember Sandy having a sigh of relief as we both liked Ken and did not want to lose his friendship. Anyway the day arrived and Ken went about his usual chores. After a while we asked him in for his usual cuppa. I came out and mentioned that our treat would be put on later on for him – he was a bit sheepish and shy and I remember putting him at ease as I laid the ground rules to him and that he was just to sit and relax and enjoy. That broke the ice and he went about in his usual chores thanking and thanking and thanking bless. Later on Sandy got ready and wore tights, suspenders little knickers and a bra and was covered with a bath robe and likewise I with shorts and bath robe. We then shouted Ken to clear up and come in. He took his boots off as normal and told him to go the toilet and freshen up. We laid out a couple of beers and a glass of whisky and Sandy with her usual glass of wine. When he came back down into the living room we just spoke generally and drank our drinks. Well the chit chat went on for 15 mins or so to which I annouced right Ken time for your treat. Sandy got up and removed her robe and walked over to Ken and started gyrating her body in front of him telling him this show is for him and he could do what he wanted with his cock. He just carried on sipping his drink with his eyes transfixed. Sandy then came over to me and removed my robe and we started to french kiss. We had our hands all over each other. I removed the coffee table to one side and we both lay on the floor in front of Ken. Sandy then took of her bra and I started sucking on her breasts. After a while I got Sandy to stand next to Ken and remove my shorts and proceeded to suck on my cock. Every so often Sandy would take my cock from her mouth and she would make suggestive remarks to Ken to keep him at ease – by this time he was rubbing his cock beneath his trousers but did not get his cock out. After this I removed Sandy’s knickers and knealt her onto the sofa next to Tom and proceeded to finger her cunt and arse hole. I told Ken to come forward and have a closer look. He was having a good time as he was grinning and sipping on his whisky. I then said to Ken how would you like to see Sandy being fucked and beleive it or not the old codger asked if he could watch me with my cock in Sandy’s bum – randy bastard I thought – but yes why not his show. I then got the bean bag for Sandy’s knees so as to elevate her butt and Ken stood up to give her more room to spread her arms to support Sandy. I then straddled behind her and started to ease my cock into Sandy’s arse bit by bit. Ken said something like this is great and unzipped his flies and got his cock out. I noticed it and encouraged him to start wanking and saying filthy words to Sandy while I fucked her arse and Ken wanked off. I started to pummel Sandy’s arse quite hard as she managed to play with her clit with one hand while her other arm supported her body. Ken was tugging on his cock and not long he let out a sigh and some milky liquid just oozed out his cock. He then put his cock back into his trousers and pulled up his zip and took a drink of his whisky. I took my cock out of Sandy’s arse and we both got up and asked Ken if he enjoyed that. He was so delighted as he sat down and finished his whisky. We topped another drink up for him while we both had another drink also and put our robes back on. After a little banter and Ken thanking us again and again and we saying no problem our treat etc etc. I then said something like well we are not finished yet as I have still to “come” and came over with my limp cock for Sandy to suck on. Again Ken slouched in the sofa and stroked his trousers as Sandy gave me a blow job. Once hard I sat on the chair and pulled Sandy on to my cock so that Ken could watch Sandy bounce up and down on my cock right across from Ken with her breasts fully exposed to him. Soon Sandy “came” watching Ken rub hard on his cock through his trousers – I then said I was about to come and Sandy got up and pulled me up and took my cock in her mouth and let Ken watch as Sandy swallowed my load. Ken then stopped rubbing his cock and sighed a bit – not sure if he came again. Anyway we both put our robes on and asked Ken if he had a good time. He said it was the best in years. We got a taxi for him to go back home. We again explained this was a once off and our secret. He said he was a man of his word which we knew or we would not have had the confidence to carry this out.