Choir Fun


JB wasn’t sure what to think of his new school. Since
he was an Army brat, he was used to moving around
often. But, to be honest, he hadn’t ever seen a school
like this one. For one, the girls dressed differently
that anywhere else he had been. Most of the high
schools he had been at weren’t too strict on the dress
code, but they still had rules about what was
“appropriate”. But here, the girls were allowed to wear
damn near anything they wanted, so long as they were
covered up. And even then, most of the girls pushed
those boundaries. Their shorts were so short they made
Daisy Duke look modest and the blouses were barely
holding in their breasts.

And that was another thing. At most schools JB had
been, there was a variety of development among the
girls. Some had a good set of knockers in front of
them, while others looked like they hadn’t even hit
puberty. Here, it was like a breast-man’s heaven. JB
was pretty sure the smallest breasts he’d seen in the
month he’d been at school had to be 32C. He was amazed
that he didn’t walk around school with a perpetual

So, on the day things changed drastically at school for
JB, things were pretty normal. At least, as normal a
day as can be expected at a school where all the girls
dressed like sluts and were built like well-endowed
Barbie dolls. First period for JB was choir.

Apparently, when he moved in at semester, his mom had
let slip that he was a decent singer. The music program
at the school was desperate for guys, so the choir
director had apparently pulled a few strings to make
sure JB was in, no matter what. At first, he was pretty
pissed at his mom for this. In all reality, the most
singing that JB had done was underneath the shower-
head. But, his opinion changed drastically when he
arrived in class the first day.

As the first bell rang, telling students that class
would start in five minuets, JB made his way to an open
seat on the risers. As soon as he sat down, he was glad
he wasn’t standing, the sight in front of him made him
instantly hard. The most amazing looking girl he had
ever seen in his life had just dropped her folder full
of music and had to bend down to pick it up. As she
did, JB couldn’t help but take a look down her shirt
(not that it was all that hard to look anyway}.

There, beneath the thinly stretched piece of cloth she
was calling a blouse, were the most perfect set of 36C
breasts he had ever seen. For moment she looked up to
see anyone was looking, and grinned a bit when she saw
JB’s jaw sagging. She also knew that he hadn’t seen her
look, since he was too caught up in the sight of her
huge tits. “I’m gonna milk this for all it’s worth,”
she thought to herself.

As she turned around to pick up more of her music, she
made sure to bend over a little more, so as to show a
little more of her ass than usual. This damn made JB
blow his load right then and there. If her tits were a
work of art, then the only thing to call her ass was a
masterpiece. If JB had been thinking with his head
instead of his cock, he would have noticed she wasn’t
wearing any panties.

The angle she was bent at would have shown panties on
most any girl. And likewise, most any guy would have
thought a peak at the panties of a girl like her a
treat by itself. However, JB was to busy gawking at
this mysterious girls ass. “Damn, I don’t know what her
name is, but I would give my left nut for five minuets
alone with her,” he thought.

As she gathered up the last of her music and made her
way to her regular seat, JB snapped back into reality.
The second bell had rung and the director was
introducing the new student to the class.

“This is JB and he is going to be helping us out this
semester with the Bass section,” the director said. “I
think we should all go around the room and introduce
ourselves to JB to make him feel a little more at home
here with us.”

JB paid little to no attention to the names as the roll
call went through the Altos, Basses, and Tenors. The
only name he cared about was of well-developed Soprano
in the back row. Besides, if he didn’t know the other
names, he could always pass of that he was terrible
with names. Finally, the girl called out her name.

“Hi there JB, my name is Dianne,” she said. And then,
she gave what he thought was a slightest bit of a wink.
“Probably just my mind playing tricks on me,” JB
thought to himself.

“Well, now that everyone knows each other, let’s get
started working on some music,” the director said.

Suddenly, JB realized that with all the tongue-wagging
he had done, his mouth had become bone dry. “Would it
be possible to get a quick drink of water?” JB asked.
“I wouldn’t want you to think I can’t sing, coughing
all the time and whatnot.” “Not only that, but maybe I
can walk off this boner,” he thought to himself. “Yeah,
go right ahead,” the director said. JB quickly slipped
his hands in his pockets so as to hide his boner.

JB took his time as he made his way out to the water
fountain. “Alright, think of the most un-attractive
thing you can, that should do the trick.”
Unfortunately, all he could think of was Dianne
dropping her music and giving him one hell of a view.
As he bent down to drink from the fountain, he was
surprised to feel a reach around from behind him and
grab a hold of his rampant boner.

“Hi there JB,” a voice whispered into his ear. “I meant
to startle you, but it looks like you were excited well
before I came out here.” JB spun around to see Dianne
looking back at him.

“Quick, think of something witty to say,” thought JB.
“Ummm… Uhhhhh… Duhhhhhh,” was all he could manage
to get out.

“That’s ok,” Dianne said. “I tend to have that sort of
effect on guys,” she said. Again, she reached down and
grabbed a hold of his cock. “Damn, that thing is gonna
split me in two, I can already tell,” Dianne said.

JB was dumbfounded. “Did she just say IS GOING TO?” he
asked himself. “Oh, shit, I am gonna like it here.”

“Follow me,” she said as she led him around by his
cock. Quickly, she pulled him into an empty classroom.
“Don’t worry, nobody ever comes in this one, I’ve kinda
staked it out myself,” she told him.

JB could tell right away that she wasn’t kidding. There
was a mattress laid out on the floor, and it had
obvious cum stains on it. “I get so bored in Choir,”
she explained. “But, it’s an easy A and I can come in
her and get myself off whenever I want.” JB noticed an
array of female toys next to the mattress. “You see, I
don’t really like many of the guys here. Just too small
for me,” Dianne said. “But I could tell right off the
bat that you were… well, you were more

JB had to admit, he was “substantial”, as she put it..
He wasn’t the longest, coming in somewhere between 6 or
7 inches. But, while he didn’t exceed in length, he
made up for in girth. His cock was like the wrist of a
child, and he was proud of it. He would chuckle each
time a new girt at a new school told him how he
outstripped any of the other guys at school.

Dianne didn’t waste much time. Before JB knew it, she
had his pants and drawers around his ankles. His stiff
prick was at full attention. Dianne slowly lowered
herself to her knees, looking up to JB the entire time.
Then, she started to work her magic. She started with
the tip of her tongue, gently pressing it against his
massive cock-head. Then, as if she were attempting to
wet down every inch of his prick, Dianne started to
lick up and down his shaft. She was slow. She was
meticulous. And JB was loving every moment of it.

Then, once she was finished wetting him down. Dianne
took him into her mouth and started sucking. JB was
sure that if there were a school for whoring, Dianne
would have been first in her class. It seemed like mere
moments before he was poking the back of her throat.
And then, in a flash, he felt that familiar sensation
overcome him. His balls tightened up.

He felt a spasm rocket through him. And suddenly, he
let off jet after jet of spunk. He quickly pulled out
of her mouth and began spraying all over her face. He
was amazed just how much he came. He watched in awe as
Dianne knelt in front of him, lapping at every spurt
for another taste of him.

When he finally finished cumming, JB felt that such a
superior blow job deserved an equally excellent
pleasuring for his new best friend here at school. “Lie
down on the mattress and get those damn shorts off,” he
told her.

“Oooo, demanding. I think that’s kinda kinky,” she
said. “As you wish master.”

Suddenly, JB saw before him a most beautiful sight.
Dianne had a pussy as bald as an eagle and sopping wet.
JB cam up beside her And took three fingers to play
with her. He was surprised as he push up his first
finger inside her how tight she was, given how much she
must have masturbated. As he pushed further inside of
her, JB took his second finger and push up along side
the first.

Finally, he got his fingers as far up inside her as he
could go. “Ok, now I’m going to blow your mind,” JB
told Dianne.

“You’re pretty fuckin’ close right now,” she moaned

JB started out by spreading out the three fingers as
wide as they could go. Then, he hooked them ever so
slightly and began to slide them in and out. He liked
to call this little move “The Fountain”, since it
almost always made a girl flow like a fountain in no
time at all.

Dianne was sure before that she could not experience
any more ecstasy with out him driving that cock of his
into her. But once JB started this, she was happily
proven wrong. She gyrated her hips and was sure she was
going to explode. “Are you close, baby?” he asked. “Oh
fuck, here it comes,” she cried. Instantly, JB pulled
his fingers out and shoved his mouth down to her slit.
He began to lick her bald pussy and lapped up her pussy
juice. She tasted sweet, and was surprised when she
reached down and shoved his face deeper into her cunt.

When Dianne’s orgasm finally subsided, JB looked up
into her eyes. “You have a little something on your
chin,” she said and reached down to wipe it off. He
nearly came again as he watched her suck on her own
finger like a kid with a popsicle in the middle of
summer. He was in fucking heaven and was loving every
minuet of it. “That’s it,” said Dianne. “If you don’t
fuck me with that huge prick of yours this second, I’m
taking charge here.”

JB, not wanting to make any trouble, obeyed gladly and
climbed up on top of his new lover and began to stab
his prick up inside her. “You mean you are cool with me
riding you bareback?” he asked, astonished.

“Do you actually think that thing would fit inside a
condom if we had one her anyway?” Dianne asked back.

“Good point,” he thought, and began shoving up further
into her tight cunt.

“Just make sure you pull out of me before you cum,” she
said. “I can’t afford to get pregnant right now and
this is the worst time for me.”

Suddenly, that word seemed to flip a switch inside JB:
pregnant. He had always had fantasies about fucking a
baby up inside a girl. And the pregnant female physique
seemed to drive him to beat off anytime he saw it. It
was like a woman was wearing a sign to tell the world,

He imagined Dianne, a few months from now having to
unzip her jeans halfway because her belly, swelling
with his baby, was simply pouring over them. Plus, if
he did fuck a baby up inside her, there wouldn’t be any
reason not to have a little more bareback sex. What was
the worst thing that could happen there? She gets MORE
PREGNANT? Immediately, JB knew there would be no
pulling out. He was going to fuck her long and hard,
and put a baby up inside her.

JB started fucking like he had never done before. He
shoved up inside her, until he was hilt-deep in pussy.
To keep Dianne from figuring out what he was up to, he
began to suck on her nipples and flicking his tongue
past each one from time to time. All the while, Dianne
just moaned in ecstasy. “It’s like there’s a pillar
between my legs!” she screamed out. “You’re so fucking
huge, JB!”

But he wasn’t finished yet. As much as he wanted to cum
right then and there, he knew he had to make it count.
He reached down and pulled up both of her legs, placing
her ankles up around his shoulders. Now, he knew he had
a clear shot. He felt his cock pounding against her

Dianne screamed out and bit her hand from the extreme
pleasure. “Here’s the money shot,” JB thought to
himself. And with that, he let go a load like he had
never done before. It felt like gallons. It was as if
his body knew what this cum was for, and so it threw in
that extra bit.

Suddenly, Dianne’s eyes shot open and she realized what
was happening. But, in that instant, she let her
animalistic instincts take over and let herself be
bred. And she had no doubt in her mind that that was
what was going to happen. She couldn’t have picked a
worse time to be fucked by this stud if she had tried.
And as she felt him shoot jet after jet of his white
hot jizz into her, she knew she was fucked. Literally.

As JB let her legs down, pulled out of her vice-grip
vagina, and rolled over next to her, he looked to see
what Dianne’s reaction would be. “I ought to kick your
ass right now for that,” she told him. And then, out of
nowhere, she leaned in and kissed him passionately.
“But I won’t,” she said, almost in a defeated tone. “I
guess it’s my own fault for being such a little slut.”
She grinned and nuzzled up next to him as the bell rang
for the next period.


It was amazing to JB some of the events since his first
time with Dianne. First off, he couldn’t understand how
he hadn’t learned a single note in choir and still made
an A that semester. Not that he was going to argue.
Besides, he spent that time doing what he had come to
love best: fucking the living daylights out of Dianne.
And did she ever get pregnant.

Turns out he didn’t shove one baby up inside her, but
two. At least that’s what the ultra-sound said. She
grew much faster than he could have hoped for. But it
didn’t end there for JB.

It turns out Dianne wasn’t the only whore choir.
Another girl, Tina, had been undressing him in her mind
for weeks. When she finally approached him about it,
after a few drinks at an after prom party they were
both at, JB was more than happy to show her what all
the fuss Dianne was making was about. That was two
months ago and, wouldn’t you know it, Tina turns out to
be two months along herself. What an odd coincidence.

Now, fucking twins up into Dianne wasn’t too much of a
worry for JB, but with Tina pregnant too, he was
admittedly a little worried. At least three baby’s
before end of the year. And then, as if an answer to
prayer, a solution presented itself. Turns out JB’s dad
was going to be moved again. Within 3 days, everything
was packed up and JB was on his was with his family to
another town in another state.

JB didn’t mind the prospect of a new school though. Who
knows, maybe they’ll have a choir?