Pee Soaked Panties


Ever woke up in a sweat and you were rock hard and so horny you thought were going to burst in flames? Well this morning was like that for me, and when I woke up i noticed it was not only me but my girlfriend too! She was still sleeping but with one hand burred in her panties, she normally sleeps this way but I could faintly make out her fingers moving! Oh my god I thought, this is too hot…she is so petite and sweet and I we have not had sex in a while due to school and stress and I can not express how turned on I was to see her fingers go!

She was wearing my favorite small blue cotton panties, I could smell her moistness…I could die I was so horny! So you get the idea, I grab my cock without thinking and just start pumping away. My cock is oozing pre cum and burning up, I figured I would probably cum very fast while she was still sleeping when the unexpected happened.

She rolls over and start to kiss me, like she is in some kind of trance…she was dreaming! This was odd but I dont think about it much cause I am jerking off so hard and edging closer and closer to what I know will be a big one.

At this point I am masturbating into her crouch and she is grinding back against me I noticed she was very wet…very very wet. The wet spot on her croch was growing and I felt her warmth…was she pissing I asked myself? No, couldnt be…!

I knew she was a bed wetter until even up to recently but normally she would wake up and go the bathroom at this point. She is still talking randomly witch made me think she was a definitely sleeping, I roll her on top of me and thats when it happened.

The wet spot in her panties grew until the darkness of it enveloped her entire crouch and ass, OH MY GOD! She just let loose grinding harder and harder into my cock and let the flood gates open, she moaned out in ecstasy as a golden stream of pee flooded onto my cock, down my ass and all over. At this point she was awake and looked quite shocked to find herself in orgasm and peeing on me! I have not had an orgasm this hard in a long time, as that familiar shutter took over my body and then the explosion…rope after rope of cum shooting into her pee soaked panties as I could feel the warm pee dripping down to my ass!

It felt like it lasted forever and she was still peeing, it was too late to stop so she try to direct it so it would be soaked up by my shirt. She sits up over me and directs the golden flow of pee to my chest that was enough to send me over the edge a second time, I pull her panties aside and I spay hot cum onto her asshole and masturbate myself to completion. She shuttered with joy and had this look of shock and awe that reflected my own. My cock now resting at the entrance of her ass covered in cum and piss…we are both out of breath.

I realized I have a major pee fetish, so what is it about pee?