Tricked into being a cumslut

It all started with my best friends wife, he and I were roommates in college when he met her and after they met she used to joke that he and I were around each other so much that we were probably gay lovers. Well, I always had a thing for her and she knew it by the way I would look at her and also since my dumbass best friend told her I did(I had mentioned it one night after way to many drinks).

So, one night she is over at the house we rented and she is telling Andrew(my roommate) and I that she really wanted to see us together and we did the macho thing and said that there is no way we were going there, but I started to secretly think that for her I would anything even suck a dick if she just promised that I would get in her pussy. Well, Andrew had an exam first thing the next morning and so he said he was going to bed and asked if she was going to join him or if she was leaving, she said she had better leave because she had some homework to do before class tomorrow, and that she would leave after she finished her beer. So I said I would keep her company until she finished if he wanted to get some sleep, he looked at me funny and then said for us to have fun and went upstairs into his bedroom. At this time Rebecca(his girlfriend) said that she knew that I would do another guy for her wouldn’t I? I kept saying no way and she said if I would suck a cock and let her watch I could do anything I want with her and I still said no way I couldn’t do it, but I was also getting an erection from thinking about what I would do with her. She did not say anything else and she got up to leave and we said goodbye and she kissed me like she had never kissed me before and then she grabbed my semihard cock and she laughs and said she knew that I was getting excited talking about sucking cock for her. I denied and she just laughed again and left. I did not think about it again until about 3 weeks later when Andrew was out of town for the weekend, he went back home to see family and Rebecca did not join him, she came over on Friday afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go get some drinks that night. I said sure “Where are we going to go?”, she just smiled and said she had heard of a new bar in town and she wanted to try it out. We went to go have a few drinks and dinner and then she drove us to the new club she wanted to try out and it turned out to be a gay bar, I told her there is no way that I am going in there and she just pouted and gave me this look and I gave in to her, like I said I would do just about anything for her. We went in and it was a pretty nice place and we danced together and some more drinks(they had 50 cent drinks until ten) and I was getting pretty lit..

.Well it also turned out that they had an amateur male stripping contest, and she really wanted to see me enter, I told her no way, and on top of it I wasn’t wearing any underware and I sure was not going to dance nude in front of all these guys. So, she signs me up for it any way without me knowing that she did, after watching a couple of the guys strip and dance dirty for the crowd she was getting hot and she kept rubbing up against me and I was so turned on I could not think straight, that is when she told me that if I would dance in the contest and if I won she would fuck my brains out, I told her again that I did not have any underware and she said she would take care of that. She went and talked to the bartender and he pointed her to the manager and she was gone for about 15 minutes and then she came back and just kissed me and stuck her tongue down my throat. She then handed me her panties(this was before thongs) and said that the manager told her it was ok for me to wear them in the contest and it would probably help me win. I told her there is no way in hell I am wearing her lacy powder blue panties, and I am certainly not going to dance around in front of a bunch of gay guys in them. She reminded me that the manager thought I would probably win if I wore them and what I reward would be if I won…she was rubbing my cock as she told me this and I thought I was in heaven, so I took the panties from her and said I would be right back, she smiled and told me to sniff them before I put them on because she was so wet thinking about me dancing for these guys and she wanted me to have the proper motivation. I went into the stall in the mens room and started to put on he panties, there was an hole in the stall(I did not know about gloryholes back then) and some guy was watching me strip and he offered to suck me right there, but I turned him down and went about putting on the panties which were way to small and my cock was sticking out of the top, I thought there is no way that I am going through with this when I heard them call my name to go dance. I got up the courage, put on my jeans and walked out there. Rebecca greeted me and gave me a kiss and a grab for luck and then the music started…Well I was certainly the hit of the contest, because the whole time I am up on the stage I am thinking about fucking the super hot chick and I am hard as a rock and my cock(which is about 7.5 inches) is sticking up out of the top of the fucking panties. As I am collecting my tips the guys keep rubbing it and I even had one guy lick it as I was dancing for him and I loved it because I could she Rebecca watching. Rebecca told me it was the hottest thing she had ever seen. I won, I was so happy and horny, I told that I could not wait to collect my reward, she just smiled that little smile and said she could wait either. I told her I would go get my prize money and meet her at the door, when I got to the door of the club she was waiting there with two guys, one being the one who had licked my cock while I danced for him. She told me we were going to their place before we went home, once again I tried to tell her no and once again she just laughed at me…I began to realize that I did not have much control, and she was going to do what she wanted and if I wanted in her pants I was just going to have to follow along. We get in her car and we start to follow them to their place and she reaches over and start to rub my cock again and she says she wants to she my cock again in the panties, so I unzip my pants and she is really working my cock and then she tells me to take my pants all the way off and once again I do it. So, here I am in here car with my pants off and wearing her panties and she pushes the panties down so that she can fully stroke it, when I start to leak precum she rubs it with her fingers and then spreads it on my lips for me to taste. I am just dying now and will do anything for her and she knows it. We get to their place and she tells me not to even bother putting on my jeans and to take off my shirt, I do as she asks and we then walk into their house, me wearing nothing but her panties, they let us in and she whispers in my ear that she wants to watch me suck both of their cocks, so I go over and get on my knees and start to unzip their pants so that I can get to their hard cocks. One of them has a pretty big cock about 8-9 inches and the other is around 5 inches, while I suck on one I am jerking off the other while she is watching and giving me encouragement. Then she starts laughing and tells me that I am her little cocksucker and that from now on I will do what ever she says or she will tell every one about this night. It turns out that the manager of the club is a friend of hers and he video taped the whole contest. So, if I do not do what ever she wants for now on I am going to have to live with everyone knowing that I stripped at a gay club in her panties. She then tell me to really get the bigger guy good and hard because he is going to fuck me while I am sucking off the smaller one and that when it is all over I had better swallow everything he gives me(now this is before the AIDS scare got real bad so none of us were worried to much about it). So here I am on the floor of their front room sucking on the big guys dick and the little guy is rimming my asshole to get it lubed up for his friend,and all the while Rebecca is calling me all sorts of name, slut, whore, cocksucker and I am loving it. I have never been so turned on in my life, I want to do this for her, I want to show her that I will do anything for her, so I have him really hard and he say turn around bitch and let me at the virgin ass of yours, I turn around and I see Rebecca sitting in a chair with her pants down and playing with her beautiful red pussy and I am so proud of myself for making her this turned on and I can’t wait to fuck her, I have done all this and will do more just so she knows that I will do anything she wants just to fuck her. I then feel and incredible pain as Tony(the big guy) sticks the head of his cock in my ass, as I open my mouth in pain Frank(the little guy) sticks his hard cock in my mouth and shoves it all the way in, I can feel his pubic hair on my nose and his balls on my chin. Tony is slowly working his cock into my ass and I am starting to relax and let it in. Rebecca just keeps telling me how much this is turning her on and how much she love me being her little cock whore, that is when I hear the first click, I try to turn my head to see what the sound is but Frank grabs my head and shoves his cock back in my mouth, Tony is all the way in my ass and Frank in in my mouth and Rebecca is screaming in orgasm as she masturbates. She just keeps all telling me that she is going to start to offer me to all of her gay friends and that she is going to watch as they all fuck me. I keep hearing this clicking sound but I don’t care I am completely lost in the moment, I have a hard cock in my mouth and one all the way up my ass and I am loving it because I am Rebecca slut and she is happy with me. After about 4-5 minutes of sucking on Frank I notice that he is tensing up and I get ready and then he cums, and cums, and cums…I would have never thought he could cum that much, I tried to swallow it all but I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth so I some dribble out of my mouth and on to my chin. I am then able to look around and I see the manager from the club their with a camera taking pictures of the whole thing including one of me with cum on my chin. I now know that I am Rebecca’s bitch and that whatever she want is hers. About this time Tony his just beginning to tense up and I can feel him explode in my ass, I am smiling because I am now going to get to fuck this incredible woman and I am so fucking hard that I can not wait. I tell her that I am ready and she starts laughing so hard that she falls out of the chair and tells me that she will never fuck me and that now she wants to watch me cum onto my on face as they take some more pictures. I call her a fucking bitch and that their no way that I am going to do it and she smiles, points to the manager with the camera and say that I better unless I want every one to know that I am just a cocksucking whore. At that point she asks Frank and Tony to help flip me over so that I can masturbate with my cock over my mouth and to push and see if they can’t get the head into my mouth. Well, the head never got in, but she did end up with some pictures of me cumming on my face and in my mouth.

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