Olivia’s toy suprise


So im a single white female. I work as a secretary for the boss of a pretty popular fruit packing business. I work 9-5, Monday to Friday, and spend about £50 a week on coffee. It’s hard to believe im a 23 year old former prom queen.

Okay, so my life is pretty routine. I get up, shower, drink coffee and smoke a cheap stale cigarette. I will unenthusiastically work untill 5pm. Then i drive home in my crappy car, eat take-out and watch Jerry Springer. If im lucky, i might just be in the mood to masturbate.And if im extra lucky, i’ll keep masturbating untill i orgasm.

I haven’t had an orgasm in 3 years. Pretty damn depressing…

I looked up at the clock. 4:15pm. 45 mintues and i would be free, thank God.
The phone lines were having a dull day, by that i mean they were all put on hold while i wrote in my diary about how amazingly unamazing my life is. I realised i was slouching across the desk, so i straightened my back, and checked that my boobs were protruding just enough, that when my boss see’s them, he might give me a raise.

“Olivia!” Somebody yelled at me.It was Cynthia, probably coming to ask me if i would accompany her to lunch.Yay.
“Olivia, Mr Weltzer wants you to take some reports down to the packaging area pronto!”
“Isn’t that supposed to be YOUR job Cynthia?” I asked with a bored stare.
“Well yeah, but i’ve got that doctors appointment haven’t i! Im off for the next two hours.”

Oh yes. I almost forgot about that. Cynthia has been trying to get pregnant by her boyfriend for a few months now. I remember sleeping on their couch just over a month ago when my radiator leaked everywhere. I was sat up for two hours listening to those two, banging the creaky headboard against the wall, her whiny little moans as he occasionally spouted a “Yeah fuck me bitch!”. He show’s some real parental skills there.

“Olivia come on! It’ll only take 10 minutes. Just run down, give the paperwork to the manager, and pretend to look interested just enough so the workers think they can get a bloody raise!”

Maybe if i pretended to be interested i might get a raise!

“Okay fine i’ll do it. But you owe me one.”

She thrust the papers at me, crossed her fingers with a grin, and flew out the door. Doormat Olivia reporting for duty.

I made my way lazily through the corridors, and got to the packaging area. It was rather dull. Tired grey faces effortlessly moved oranges and apples down the coveyer belt. Looking at their withered faces actually made me feel better.

“Hello Miss….”
“Olivia.Olivia Holmes.” I cheered back with a forged smile.
“Hello Miss Holmes. Are these the progress reports?”
“Yeah that’s all of it.” I smiled and nodded, then started towards the exit.
“Oh Miss Holmes! Could you give this to Miss Ford? I’ve got the go and have a word with the electrician. She’s the woman at the end of belt number 3. Cheers love!”

I sighed, and made my way to the woman. She was shaking her backside to her mp3, which she wasn’t allowed to wear, and rolling the oranges up and down the belt. She was obviously the rebel. I tried to get her attention with various “Excuse me”‘s. In the end i gave up and tapped her hard on the shoulder. She jumped a little before swivveling around in her intimidating boots.

“Woah jeez, you scared me there chick! Whats the prob?”

She had raven black hair with plaits in random places, she looked like abit of a gothic type. With dark plum lipstick, porcelain skin, and smoky eyes. In her uniform, she looked pretty scary.

“Hi,um, Mr Welzter says…” I scanned through the piece of paper, as the odd woman gave me a raised eyebrow.
“Mr Welzter wants to see you in his office at 5:15 today.”
“Oh bollocks, i bet thats about me climbing on the belt yesterday!” She laughed.
“You climbed on the belt?” I asked, my voice a mixture of shock and confusion.
“Yeah. I have too many wowey sauces this morning. Got me all excited y’know.”

I just stared at her in disbelief. Her job sucked even more than mine, so why was SHE having a ball. I mean, she must have spent all her paychecks on her tattoo’s. She had a swallow on her neck, and a fairy trailing down her arm. She must have noticed my looking at them.

“Don’t worry pet, the worse ones i’ve saved for the more intimate area’s”. She said with a wink, before turning back to the belt, and singing along with her music.

I gave her a look, then stalked off back to my desk. What a weird woman.

I went to and fro to work for the next couple of days. I didn’t see the woman again, in honesty i didn’t want to. She was bloody scary. I just remained semented to my seat each day, untill Cynthia turned up.

She hadn’t been in work for the past few days, and went she galloped through the front doors, i knew what she was going to say.

“Oh my God Olivia you’ll never guess what?!”
“Your pregnant arn’t you?” I asked blankly, already knowing the answer.
“Yes!! Oh God it’s amazing! We’ve tried so hard for so long, and now it pays off!” She giggled like the small excitable kid in a candy store.
“Well good for you Cynth. If i had more energy i would dance around with you.” I jeered sarcastically, but with a little cute smile.
“Well me and Gavin are going for drinks at The Loophole tonight. We’re inviting all our mates, y’wanna come?”

The Loophole. I had never been before, but i had heard it was the place where college people go to get laid. What a wonderful place to celebrate
the conception of your first child.

“Gee, The Loophole is abit, well, busy don’t you think?”
“Well yes, but come on Livvy it’s a hotspot. Not to mention where me and Gavin first met. Come on, you need to get out more anyway!”
I bit my tongue untill my teeth almost met, but her innocent, if pathetic face walked all over me.

“Okay fine. Just remember to stick with the OJ.”

She clapped her hands and jumped about. Whereas i just gave a mindless wave, and went back to answering phones. She mouthed at me “8 O’Clock, Blue area” before giving me the thumbs up and finally buggering off.

I didn’t make an effort to dress up that night. I just chucked on some jeans, a turtle neck jumper and some boots. My hair remained in a wavvy dry state, and my skin stayed looking pale and tired.

I finally arrived, The bright blue fluorescent sign of “The Loophole” just above my head. I rolled my eyes, and made my way in, searching for the blue area. The Blue area was just a sectioned of seating area, usually where the teens went to make out. There were lights of every colour all over the place, and at the centre, a large crowd of people dancing to rave music.

What a nightmare.

I edged my way awkwardly through the groups of people making out, and finally found Cynthia. I sat myself quietly beside her. She began to talk but i wasn’t listening. I just nodded and smiled every 20 seconds. After she gave me the in depth story off how she raised her knee’s to her ears when Gavin was ontop of her, because it “increases pregnancy chances”, i decided that i needed the toilet. I forced myself through the crowd, i blindly pushed the writhing bodies out of my way, and apparently stepping on someones toes.

“Hey watch it – oh hey its you!” Turns out the toes i had stepped on belonged to the scary Miss Ford. Except today she didn’t look quite so scary. She was wearing a tight black halterneck top, with her nipples protruding through. Wrapped around her bottom half were tight leather trousers, flaring off at the bottom, hanging over thick black heels. The disco lights bounced on and off her pale skin, illuminating her tattoo’s. I would say she was quite attractive, but the crowd of men around her already stated that fact.

“Hey” I said sheepishly.” Im sorry about your toes.”
“Oh don’t mention it babes, they’ll probably get sucked better later.” As she said this, she ran her hand across some young guys chest. He practically purred, but she kept her eye contact with me.

“Your looking a little worn out hun, maybe it’s time for a Billy D hmm?”
I had no ideawhat she was on about, and before i had time to ask, she was leading me to the bar.
“Hey Pete, Be a darling and get us two vodka’s and orange. Extra on the vodka.” I couldn’t remember the last time i had vodka, i was a little nervous, but i kinda liked the attention. I was standing with the beautiful siren, surrounded my men in awe, and there was little old me in my wolly jumper standing next to her. I felt pretty proud….and like a loser.

She drank her drink with one large gulp, and licked her teeth in satisfaction, while i sat and sipped mine through a straw.

“So what brings you here babes?” She finally asked.
“Oh im here with some mates.” I shouted, trying to hear over the pumping music.
“Some mates they are, they ain’t even bought you a drink you poor babe!”
“Oh yeah, one of them has just had a baby, so she’s kinda off the booze radar haha.”
She looked almost disgusted.

“What?! In her early twenties and preggers? Waste if you ask me. Were are all still young! I say thirties is baby making time. Twenties is when sex is prime!” Again, she ended it with a wink, and i actually laughed. Been a while since i sincerely laughed.

I was just opening my mouth to speak, when three attractive men shouted and whistled for her.

“Hey Charlie! Over ‘ere babe!”

She looked over, and jumped up off her seat.

“Oh shit, i gotta go babe. S’gunna be a long night tonight…i hope!” She smiled with a bit of tongue, i just nodded sheepishly.

“I’ll catch you later cutie!” She said before slapping my backside playfully, and dispersing into the crowd. I watched her for a while. The way she rubbed herself up against the guys, the way the guys responded. I was abit jealous. There she was, same age as me, same build, yet the guys clambered after her. Then i caught view of myself in the mirror. Oh, now i see.

It wasn’t that i wasn’t attractive, i had recieved compliments before, but lets just say the granny clothes didn’t do much for the imagination.

I finished my drink, and sulked back to Cynthia’s table. I spent the rest of the night watching Charlie. What an odd name for a girl.

I woke up the following morning feeling crap. Not in the hangover sense, in the my-life-blows sense. I showered, dressed, and went to work.
I sat at the dull stained table, i answered the dusty telephones, and i stabbed at the paperwork with a blunt pencil.

“Boo!” Came a voice, shocking my back out of my dream world. It was Charlie. I actually felt genuine happiness to see her.

“Charlie?What are you doing up here?”
“Oh just thought i’d pop round. I was hoping we could finish our conversation last night but you vanished!”
“Oh yeah, im sorry, my friends -”
“You apologise too much” she interrupted, “Besides, i’ve got an idea.”
“An idea?” I parroted back to her.
“Yep. You. Me. In a club drinking till our livers hurt. Tonight.”
“Tonight? I’m not sure -”
“Oh come on Livvy-babes, it’ll be fun! Two wild gals hit the town, wha’dda y’say?”
My bashful smile said it all.
“Okay then Charlie.”
“Great! Why don’t you..” She lingered as she circled her finger around my water glass, “Meet me at my place. We can have a few starter drinks.”

I nodded, she then took the blunt pencil out of my hand, sharpened it, then wrote down her address, before lightly sucking the end of the pencil. She boldly stuffed the piece of paper down my down, causing me to giggle, then with a trademark wink, she took off. I pulled out the paper, and read it, subconsiously sucking the end on the pencil that she previously put in her mouth.

For some reason, i decided to make more of an effort with my appearance for this night. I straightend my hair, slipped on a black halterneck, similar to Charlie’s. I decided not to wear a bra, just to give me that feeling of naughtiness. I then pulled on some tight skinny jeans, with some knee-high boots, and put on some make-up. I chose a deep shade of red lipstick, and smoky grey eyes. Once i have finshed, i admired myself in the mirror. For the first time in years, i felt sexy.

I caught a taxi to Charlie’s place, which turned out to be an apartment. I climbed up the stairs,buzzing with excitment, until i reached her door. At first i was nervous, biting my lip. Then i mustered up, and knocked. She answered the door straight away. She wasn’t fully dressed yet. She was wearing a tight vest, long socks, and some nearly see-through underwear, which taught me that she waxed.

I walked into her place, it was decorated with drapes and scarves, all colours of red and purples. Her bed was highly plush, with curtains around it, and posh bed sheets that felt like satin.

“So, you like?” She asked, referring to her place.
“It’s pretty sexy haha.” And it was. It was the perfect setting for a good.Long.Shag.

“Well, i think people really underestimate the bedroom.” She added, biting one of her scarves.
I wandered around for a while, as she watched me. I saw a large ring on her table, and instinctively picked it up. She laughed a little.

“What the hell?! I asked, looking at the plastic ring.
“It’s a cock ring honey. I’m a sucker for toys.” She giggled.

I smirked, and put it back on the table, before taking of my coat to reveal my new look.

“Wow!!” Charlie yelped, “When did you jump on the sex-kitten wagon?”
I Blushed. “I guess i just needed a change.”

She stared at me with a proud smile. I felt like she was my teacher, it felt good to please her.

“OKay then let’s get this party started.”

She reached into her drawer, and pulled out a bottle of gin, and a green bag.
She topped up two small glasses, and began putting the contents of the bag into a tray, and then rolling it into cigarette papers.

“Weed?” I asked.
“Oh yeah hun, don’t worry, it’s not bad stuff. Just gives a little edge.”
“Are you sure? I havn’t, i mean…”
“You haven’t had pot before have you darlin’?”
“No.” I said, with a tinge of shame in my voice.

She looked at me sympathetically, then lit up the spliff, before taking a long drag of it.

“See! Just helps you relax babes. Here, wrap your mouth around this baby.”

She handed me the spliff. It had a strange smell, i wasn’t sure, but her look of approval was enough to make me do it. I took a long drag like she did,inhaled, then closed my eyes.

“Pretty good huh!?” She asked, laughing at me as i blinked and coughed a little.
“Alrighty, lets get shotting!”

Before i knew it, we were both doing shots, and smoking our way through the bag of weed. She was lying on her back on the floor, her beautiful stomach reflecting the light into my eyes. We talked,laughed, drank, and smoked for over an hour. We discussed work, men, women, sex. She asked me what i liked in bed, and i willingly told her. Ok so i was abit vulgar about it, but it felt good to havesomeone to be this intimate with.

After a while, she got up on her knees, and pulled my drunken body up with her. We both sat on our knee’s facing each other, laughing as we stumbled about, then she stopped dead still, still holding onto me, and her eyes moved down.

“God you’ve got amazing tit’s hun.” She ran her hand across my boobs. I should of been shocked. I should of slapped her and ran for the door. But i didn’t. I just stayed there liked a zombie, part of me enjoying it.

She looked directly into my eyes, then gently grabbed my hands in her’s, and ran my hands over her erect nipples.

“But are they as good as mine? Maybe we should have a comparison contest?!” She whispered like a naughty school girl.

“Okay!” I agreed, not really sure what she meant.
“Okay then pet. Lets see, who has the best…belly button?”

She ran her finger along mine, then made my hand dance along her’s.
We sat and compared parts of our bodies, random areas, such as elbows, collarbones, we were sat stroking each other in competition.

“Okay,” She whispered.”Time for the big guns.”

She stood up and told off all of her clothes, then pulled me up with her.
I stood, a little drunk and doped, and i couldn’t help but stare. It was incredible. Her body was a piece of art. Her dark pink nipples perfectly rounded, here tattoo’s slithered over her body, i stared in awe at this beautiful creature.

“Right babes, now it’s your turn.”

I snapped to attention.

“M-my turn?” She got in close and smiled at me.
“Take off your clothes hun.”

I stood completely still. Neither a yes or a no. Instead of leaving it be, She yanked down my top hard, so my breast dangled out. I still didn’t move, as she caressed my naked tit’s.

“Nice” She whispered, giving my nipples and cheeky pinch.
“Now for the main event.” And she pulled down my tight jeans and underwear. I remained still, watching here as her face was opposite my pussy. A part of me was aching for her to lick it, instead, she straightend back up.

She held her fingertips on my thigh, before asking my trembling frame,

“Now, are you a sweet, or savoury girl? I’d say-”

I gasped. Without warning she thrust two of her fingers inside me. She rubbed back and forth for afew seconds, with a look of concentration on her face. She then took out one finger, and circled it around my clit as i bit my bottom lip. She took out both fingers, and sucked them as i still kept to my zombie stance.

“Mmm. I knew you would be a salty babe. I’m abit salty myseld. Wanna taste?” I didn’t answer, i just let her guide my hand between her legs, into her pussy, she moaned slightly as i pushed my fingers in, the she pulled them out, and ran my wet fingers across my lips. She leaned in close, then sucked my wet bottom lip.

I felt my body almost give way. I never thought being with another woman could turn me on so much. Before i could let out a moan, she tossed me onto my back on the bed.

“W-what are you doing?!” I cried, gasping for air.
“You just taste so good hun, i want more.”

In saying that, she began gently circling my clit with her tongue. Then she plunged all the way in. She grasped at my thighs as she pushed her face deep into my vagina. I started to push my pelvis into her face, arching my back as she buried her tongue deep inside me untill i was screaming.

Just as i was inches away from orgasm, she stopped. She rose up from between my legs, my cum from her lips, smiling. She slowly walked to her dresser, pulled something from the drawer, and walked back towards me.
She got one of her scarves, and wrapped it around my eyes, blocking my sight.

“I have a little suprise for you.” She whispered in my ear, before flicking her tongue down the rest of my body. I was praying for her to put her head back down there, but she didn’t. She stood over my quivvering body, and i heard the sound of belt buckles being fastened. I waited in anticipation, then she asked me,

“So. Do you think men are better in bed, or women?”

I was still shaking, i couldn’t get out an answer.

“Well then pet, maybe we should try a little of both worlds.”

She lapped at my throbbing pussy once more, then told me to go on all fours.
I obeyed, i waited, trying to guess what she was going to do, when i felt the gentle push of something on the lips of my vagina. Again, a little push, then with force, she thrust something inside me. I gasped and moaned, at first i tryed to figure out what she was doing. Was it a dildo? Was it some random man that she wanted to watch? Soon i forgot about all of this, as she thrust whatever it was in and out of me with great force. My ass cheeks bounced as she pulled my hips in and out, then with a scream, i came to orgasm.

It was indescribable. For three years i was practically celibate, i had almost forgotten how good it feels. I collapsed on the bed, whimpering with pleasure. Charlie came up to me and whipped off my blindfold. I opened my eyes to see what it was. She was wearing a strap-on. She ran the tip of the wet plastic penis between my breasts, smiling as she did it.

“Well i can see why you had trouble deciding who is better!” She joked. Laughing as i lay there in a naked heap of sweat and hyperventilations.

She took off the strap-on, and sucked it clean, then tossed it carlessly on the floor. She just stood and looked at me for a moment, then let out a sigh.

“Y’know i don’t think it’s fair that you get all the fun missy!”

She opened my legs, then positioned herself so her pussy was pushing against mine. She placed my thigh over her shoulder, and hung onto it for support. She then gently pushed her pussy to mine, lightly rubbing her clit around mine.

“Charlie, wait! I cant-you-you can’t make me, stop, i’m gunna cum again!”

She stopped. At first she looked frustrated. Then her mouth curved into a smile.

“Now,now Lucious Livvy, don’t be selfish.”

She quickly grinded her pussy against mine. The light sound of or pussy’s squelching together, mixed with the sound of mine moans, and her hasty outbreaths. Her breathing began to speed up and we grinded our pelvis’s together hard, she began to let out quiet grunts and moans. Within minutes, we were both moaning in sync, she ground against me faster and harder, she stuck her nails into my thigh as we both closed in on an orgasm, without thinking, i grabbed at her thigh and breast, squeezing them tighter, untill finally, our bodies shuddered together, i screamed, and she let out a lengthy moan.

We remained in our postions for a minute, then she reached down between our pussies.

“Damn!” We sure passed the finish line there babes!” She cheered, then licked her fingers proudly. I just lay in shock. The best i’ve ever had.

The next day. I sat at my office. Everthing seemed less dull than it was before. I answered the phones with a pleasant tone to my voice. I was wearing a seductive blouse and mini-skirt. For the first time in my life, i felt good. I wasn’t sure whether i would see Charlie again. She didn’t turn up for work, so i assumed i was a one nighter. A part of me was extremely disappointed.

“Yes?” I looked up, hoping it would be her. It was Cynthia.
“Wow Liv you look great today! Who’s the special guy?”

I sat and smiled to myself.

“Oh you wouldn’t know him.” I replied, with one of Charlie’s trademark winks.
“Oh alrighty then. Well anyhow i came up to give this to you. I think it’s a birthday card. You didn’t tell me it’s your birthday!”
“My birthday?” I asked puzzled. “It’s not my birthday today.”

Cynthia shrugged, and waltzed off to her own accord.

I opened the card, to find a deep red silk scarf inside, with a note saying;
“Tonight, I wear the blindfold.”
It was the scarf that Charlie had used on me.
A smile crept on across my face, then i leaned back into my chair, and chewed on the pencil she once sucked on.