The wife begins a relationship with a black man while the husband finds a married red head 3.

Mark woke up and looked around. Faith must have woken
up and was gone. He looked at his watch and saw it was
after five and slowly got up off the chair and walked
into the house. Mark walked though the house and heard
a noise coming from their bedroom.

Mark assumed Faith was taking a shower so he walked
toward the bedroom and was about to enter the room when
he saw Faith kneeling on the bed with her hair flying
around. She was being screwed silly by Hank, doggie

Hank had a grip on Faith’s little ass and was pounding
her so hard that the bed shook with each thrust. Faith
lowered her head into the mattress as she moaned each
time Hank plunged inside her pussy.

Mark stayed just outside the door watching his wife
being screwed. Hank’s body glistened with a black shin.
It was wet and he looked like a stallion as he kept
pulling Faith’s tiny little white ass back to meet his
thrusts. Mark was about to leave when he heard Hank
grunting and waited as he watched the huge black man
pull out of his wife and shot his hot load alone her
wet back.

Well. At least he remembered to pull out before he shot
that load! Hank slid his cock between Faith’s cheeks,
wiping the remainder of his cum on her skin. Mark
watched Hank as he slipped off the bed and walked along
the side and kissed Faith on the butt before plopping
down along the side of her.

Mark made up his mind not to cancel his date with Rita
that Monday. Mark heard Faith and Hank in the shower
soon after and decided to go out to dinner alone before
they finished. Mark went out to eat at a fast food
restaurant and drove around the beach until it got
dark. He had remembered that he’d put Rita’s number in
his phone directory and decided to give her a call. She
was home and alone.

Mark was surprised when Rita invited him out to her
house. It took him thirty minutes to find the place and
got out of the car and rang the doorbell.

Rita opened the door. “Hi! You must be, Mark?”

“Yes. How are you?”

“Fine. Come on in and sit down and I’ll make us

Rita was just as attractive as she was in her photos’.
She was dressed casually in shorts and a blouse but
Mark thought she was hot! Mark sat down with her in the
kitchen as she poured him a cup.

“So. Tell me, Mark. Your wife has her boyfriend,
staying at your house this weekend?”

Mark sipped the coffee as he shook his head. “Yeah.
Rita. The guy’s been there twice in one week and he
lives in New York!”

Rita laughed as she took a swig of her coffee. “Dam.
That must be good pussy you got there, Mark!”

Mark wasn’t use to a woman speaking as bluntly as Rita
was but it was true to what she said, “Yeah. I think
you’re right, Rita.”

“Well. My old man has this young secretary he’s been
screwing for three months now. He told me to find a
boyfriend last week so here we are!”

Mark laughed. “That’s pretty much summing it up in a
nut shell.”

Mark noticed her blouse was unbuttoned and got a
glimpse of her boobs. They looked massively huge.

“So. Mark. I’m not disappointing you. I’m I?”

“Oh. No. Rita. I find you very attractive. I’m sorry I
didn’t pick up any flowers on the way here. Everything
was closed at this time of night.”

Rita laughed. Mark. “You seem like a romantic guy!
Handsome too!”

“How long do you expect your husband to be gone

“Oh. He’s gone for the weekend with that little tramp
from his office. We have a cabin up North and he flew
out there for a little fun and relaxation!”

“Well. I’m glad to see you have a sense of humor about
it. I guess I should laugh a little more about my

“Mark. Didn’t you tell me it was a mutual decision for
the two of you to date?”

“Yeah. You’re right. I guess I shouldn’t feel so down
about having that guy in our house.”

Rita sat and starred at Mark for a few seconds then
replied. “Do you know what I think, Mark?”

“No. What’s that, Rita?”

“I think you feel that way because she has him and you
feel left out!”

“Yeah. Maybe your right about that!”

Rita smiled as she drank her coffee. “Well Mark, let’s
make a toast to our new found friendship here!”

Mark clanked his cup against Rita’s and smiled as he
took another drink.

“So. Tell me, Mark. What did the two of you expect to
get out of all this?”

Mark crossed his legs and thought of a good answer.
“Well. It started with my wife’s fantasy after she read
a book where a black man and a white woman had a
relationship. We started talking about the book and I
remembered a time where we were at the beach and my
wife was drooling over this black guy.”

“So. It’s a thing about black men?”

“Yeah. Sort of.”

“Mark? How do you think she likes it so far?”

“Well. Rita… They seem like they can’t stay out of
the bed longer then a couple hours.”

“Is this guy big?”

Mark laughed. “Huge!”

“I figured he would be. I think you better keep an eye
on that relationship, Mark. You don’t want to let it
get out of hand. Let her get her fill of it. No punt
intended. If she’s never been with another man in all
those years like you told me on the phone then it’s all
new to her. Let her have her fun!”

Mark nervously laughed. “I guess I have to get use to
this open marriage thing we agreed on.”

Rita smiled. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”

Rita loosened her blouse slightly more to reveal those
large tits she carried on her chest and leaned forward
and took Mark’s hand. “My husband made me a promise we
signed in blood. He’d let me see other men if I allowed
him to screw around with his little secretary on his
business trips.”

Mark starred into her eyes as she held his hands. “Why
don’t you follow me?”

Rita stood and escorted Mark toward the back of the
house. He followed her into a dark bedroom where she
turned around and put her arms around his shoulders and
kissing him. Rita began unbuttoning his shirt and
within minutes they were naked and backing up toward
the bed as they locked in another kiss.

Rita pulled Mark onto the bed until he laid flat while
she straddled his legs. She leaned forward and let her
massive breasts touch his chest as she kissed around
his neck. She scooted down and began sucking his cock
which was already hard.

Rita licked around Mark’s balls and slowly worked her
way along his belly and scooted back and slowly lifted
her ass and aligned her pussy with his cock and lowered
herself down on top of him.

Rita’s boobs bounced around like melons in a hurricane.
It didn’t take long before Mark shot his hot load
inside her pussy. Rita got up to wash up and they were
soon screwing again which lasted into the night.

Mark woke up groggily and stunned as he remembered
where he was. He looked over at the other side of the
bed and found Rita missing. He looked at the clock and
saw that it was after ten in the morning.

“Oh my God! Faith is going to kill me!”

Mark got up and washed and dressed and found Rita
waiting with coffee and breakfast. She was wearing a
pink robe with her large breasts exposed. Mark was
tempted but sat down and ate.

“Eat hardy, Tiger!”

Mark quickly ate and thanked Rita for allowing him
spend the night. They made arrangements to get together
the following weekend and he was on his way again. Mark
rushed home as he kept an eye on the time. He pulled
into the driveway around one in the afternoon and
rushed into the house.

Faith was waiting near the door. “Honey!” She rushed to
hug Mark. “Where have you been? I’ve been worried, sick
about you all night? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Baby. I’m sorry. I lost track of the time and the next
thing I remembered was waking up this morning!”

“Honey? Where have you been? Did you get hurt?”

“Uh, no Faith. I was with another woman I met through
the ads.”

Hank was chuckling in the background.

“Mark! Why didn’t you call me and let me know where you
were? I’ve been up all night worried and wondering if
you got into an accident or something!”

Mark hugged Faith and held her tight. “Mark! Don’t you
ever do that again? Do you hear me?”

“Yes. Baby. I’m very sorry.”

Hank was still laughing. “You see. I told you Mark
hooked up with a woman! Now you don’t have to worry
about Mark staying at home alone next week.”

Mark looked at Hank and asked. “What did you mean by
saying, staying at home next week?”

Faith held Mark’s shoulders as she quickly replied.
“Honey. Hank has to fly back down to Florida next week
on business and will be staying in Miami. He asked me
to go with him last night but I wasn’t sure about
leaving you here alone.”

Hank was chuckling as he butted into their
conversation. “Now Faith doesn’t have anything to worry
about next week if she decides to come to Miami with

Faith looked at Mark as Mark asked. “Faith? When will
you go and when will you be back?”

Faith squeezed his arms as she replied. “Honey. Hank
has to meet with several clients and has to stay for
five nights. We leave on Saturday.” Faith smiled as she
added. “Hank offered to give me his credit card so I
can shop at South Beach while I’m there.”

Hank butted in again. “Hank. You wouldn’t mind giving
Faith a chance to do a little shopping on me would you?
Besides. Won’t you have your new girlfriend to visit
while Faith is with me?”

Faith was starring at her husband and asked a question
before Mark had a chance to reply to Hank. “Honey. Who
is this woman you met? What’s her name and what does
she look like?”

Mark swallowed at looked at Faith. “Well. Her name is
Rita and she is rather tall and has long red hair and
well endowed and she is married.”

“Mark? How old is Rita and where was her husband when
all this was going on?”

“She is thirty-three and her husband was out of town.
But! He knows all about what’s going on. He was on a
trip with somebody else.”

“Oh.” Faith gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek as she
starred at Hank.

Mark saw Hank still starring at him and said, “What
time will you be picking up my wife on Sunday?”

“Well be leaving around noon that day.”


The week flew by fairly quick. Hank had called Faith
several times throughout the week, mostly in the
evening and stayed on the phone for hours at a time.
Mark called Rita on that Thursday to confirm their
date. Rita would expect Mark on that Saturday afternoon
and she wanted him to spend the night.

Mark was concerned about Faith since she wasn’t leaving
until Sunday and didn’t want to leave her home alone.
Besides. Mark wanted to be home when she left with Hank
to Miami. Mark waited until Saturday morning to break
the news to Faith.

“Honey, I’ll be fine for one night. You go with Rita
and that will give me time to get everything I need
packed and be ready for Hank.”

Mark packed a small back with extra underwear and socks
and a shirt. Faith kissed him at the door. Mark held
her tight as she rested her head on his shoulder. They
said goodbye then Mark walked to the car. He saw Faith
starring out the window waiving at him as he backed out
of the driveway.

Mark took Rita out to dinner and had a long night of
sex and spent the day sitting around her pool. Mark
could only think about Faith leaving with Hank that day
as he took in the Florida sunshine.

Rita convinced Mark to stay another night since her
husband would be gone. They spent the evening at a
restaurant on the water eating seafood. They took a
tour in a boat around the harbor that evening to watch
the sun set. Mark thought about last week when Faith
was out here with Hank on that boat and tried to
imagine what they saw when he watched the sun setting
over the water.

Rita walked back to the car with her head resting on
Mark’s shoulder. Mark tried to be romantic but his mind
was on Faith at the moment. They returned to Rita’s
home and used their spa where Rita gave Mark a blow job
then showered together.

Mark spent most of the first half that night with his
cock sunk inside Rita’s pussy. Mark had to leave early
the next day for an appointment. He told Rita he’d call
later that evening.

Mark returned home later that day to an empty house. He
checked the answering machine but Faith hadn’t called.
He talked to Rita on the phone before falling asleep
that night. They made arrangements for another date the
following weekend.

It was Friday and Mark hadn’t heard a word from Faith
while she was gone. Mark was getting worried and looked
at the clock when the front door opened. Faith was
carrying a bunch of bags.

“Honey! I’ll help you with those!”

Mark rushed over to take a couple bags out of her hands
and saw how messed her hair was as he gave her a kiss.

“Oh Mark. I’m so tired!”

“Would you like me to make you a cup of coffee?”

“Oh yeah. Honey, that would be so nice of you. Thank

Mark carried all the luggage to their room and put it
on the floor as she retrieved another load from the
front door. Faith went into the bathroom while Mark
made coffee. Mark had the cups waiting on the table
when she walked out a few minutes later. Faith was
wearing a night gown.

Faith sat down at the table after kissing her husband
again. She appeared very tired and out of it as she
rubbed her face and took a swig of her coffee.

“Did you have a nice time in Miami?”

“Yeah baby. I had a wonderful time. We ate so much food
I’ll have to go on a diet starting tomorrow. I think I
shopped most of the day on Monday. I’ll show you the
things I bought later. I’m so tired right now.”

Faith picked up the cup as Mark noticed her wedding
rings missing. “Faith? Did you lose your rings?”

Faith looked at her finger and replied. “Oh. I forgot
to put them back on. They’re in my purse if you want to
get them for me.”

Mark found them in a tiny compartment inside her purse
and brought them to her and watched as she slipped them
on her finger.

“Were they making your finger sore or something?”

“Uh no, honey. I went out to dinner with Hank with a
few of his clients and I didn’t want to explain the
wedding rings to these people all the time. They just
assumed I was Hank’s girlfriend.”

Mark understood but felt uncomfortable with Faith not
wearing them. Faith wet into the bedroom to start
unpacking a few things as Mark walked up behind her as
she was at the dresser and gave her a hug and kissed
the top of her head.

Faith had a diamond necklace in her hand. “Honey? Did
Hank allow you to purchase that while you shopped? It
looks very expensive!”

“Oh. No. Hank bought this for me. Isn’t it nice?”

He was standing behind her as she held it up to her
neck and looked into the mirror. “Yeah. It’s really

Faith put the necklace in a jewelry box and Mark
playfully began to slip the gown over her head. She
tried to playfully wiggle away but he got it over her
head and she turned around and wrapped her arms around
his neck and kissed him.

Mark picked her up and carried Faith to the bed and
laid her down and crawled in next to her and kissed her
belly. Mark rubbed her legs as she ran her hand on his

“Honey. Did you miss me while I was gone?”

Mark smiled. “Faith. That was a stupid question. Yes. I
missed you very much!”

Mark began kissing his way up her belly and stopped at
her boobs when he noticed the tiny red bits around her

“It looks like Hank got kind of rough?”

Mark glanced down at Faith’s shaved pussy and noticed
how red and puffy it appeared. He quickly took his
cloths off and flipped her over onto of him until she
straddled his legs. Faith was smiling and leaned down
to kiss his chest as he squeezed her breasts in his

“Mark! I missed you a whole lot too!”

Mark laughed and pointed at the bit marks on her tits.
“When did you have time to miss me?”

They laughed together as Faith wiggled on top of Mark
as she tickled his stomach while he tried to put his
cock inside her pussy. He reached her slit and she
stiffened her body.

“Mark! Be very gentle. I’m really sore down there!”

Mark starred into her eyes as he inserted the head into
the slit and gave a slight push. Faith tightened again
and closed her eyes. Mark was sure she was in pain but
wanted to fuck her badly and held onto her thighs as he
pushed his legs up.

“Oh. Gosh. It hurts a little.”

Mark kept watching her face and couldn’t understand why
it hurt so much because she felt very different then
normal. She was very loose and stretched out. It had a
natural gap when he saw it. She didn’t feel anywhere
near as tight as she always had.

Mark knew she would stretch with Hank but never
realized it would be so much! “Honey? I think you’ve
stretched a little!”

Although she was sore but wanted to allow Mark to screw
her, Faith quickly lifted herself off Mark’s lap and
sat on the bed next to him.

“Mark. I’m sorry if your not getting anything out of

Mark could see it in her eyes. He hurt her feelings.

“Faith? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it that way! I just
meant it wasn’t as tight at the moment! Maybe you’re
just too tired right now. I understand!”

“Yes Mark. I’m sore right now. I think I’ll just lay
down for a while and take a short nap.”

Mark watched as Faith adjusted the pillow and crawled
under the blankets.

“Faith. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean anything.”

Faith turned her head and starred at Mark. “You
wouldn’t have mentioned it if you didn’t mean it.”

Mark rubbed the blanket around her shoulder as she laid
her head back down. “Honey. I’m sure it will tighten up
again in a few days.”

“Mark? I’d like to get a little sleep, if you don’t

Mark knew he dug himself a fairly deep hole and got off
the bed and walked out of the bedroom.

Mark was so frustrated and kept wondering why he even
mentioned anything to Faith. He remembered reading
Hank’s ad and his measurements being slightly more than
nine inches long extremely thick. Mark could still
vision Faith’s hands around the girth of that monster
and remembered how tiny her fingers appeared in

He remembered what Hank had said about spoiling her and
what he overheard them saying that night near the pool.
Mark never took any of it seriously but it surely had
an impact on them now.

Faith kept a distance from Mark the next few days. They
spoke but she was cold toward him romantically. Mark
only wondered and worried how she was going to react
when he mentioned having a date with Rita the following

Mark learned that Hank wouldn’t be able to fly down for
another week. Mark wondered if Faith would be able to
go two weeks without having that big black cock stuck
in her pussy. Mark was beginning to feel angry because
Faith wasn’t being a little more understanding.

Mark broke his silence about Rita that Friday
afternoon. Faith slammed the cabinet door shut in the
kitchen as she finished putting away the dishes. Her
back was turned away from Mark as he stood waiting for
a reply from her.

“Well? Are you going to be angry with me if I go?”

Faith turned around and wiped her hands. “Mark! I’ll be
fine here alone. I have a book I can read. It’s giving
me a little time all by myself, anyway!”

“Faith? Why are you still mad at me?”

“Mark! I’m fine. You go and spend a couple days with
Rita and I’ll be fine!”

Mark arrived at Rita’s house that Saturday afternoon.
They had dinner planned but ended up in the bedroom for
a quickie before their reservation.

Mark had a conversation about Faith with Rita during
dinner. “Mark. Your remark toward Faith was much more
critical then you think. Faith saw it as her husband
telling her she is getting old and not as adequate for
you as she once was.”

“Rita. I can’t stress the fact on how bad I felt after
I saw that I hurt her feelings.”

“Mark. This might be an unfortunate situation for you
if this guy your wife has been seeing learns about your
remark. He may stress the fact how he finds her more
pleasing for him.”

“What do you suggest I do?”

“Mark. As soon as we finish dinner. I want you to drive
us back to my house and drop me off and go and buy
Faith flowers or something you think she would like to

Mark took Rita home and he did exactly what she
suggested. Bought flowers. The house was dark when Mark
got home. Faith’s car was parked in the garage so he
knew she was home. The light was on in their guest room
so he walked with the flowers behind his band and
peeked around the corner. Faith was dusting the dresser
in her pajamas.

“Honey? What are you doing home? I wasn’t expecting you
until morning!”

Mark moved the flowers around so she could see them.
“Mark? What’s the occasion? Wasn’t Rita home tonight to
accept those?”

“No. I bought them for you. Rita was home and we had
dinner together and left and stopped by the flower shop
and got these for you.”

Faith kept dusting and Mark had an idea she didn’t
believe him. “Aren’t you going to take these?”

“Yes Mark. Thank you. They’re nice. Can you put them in
water in the kitchen for me?”

Mark put the flowers on the bed and walked up behind
her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed
her neck as he tried to tickle her belly. Mark got
Faith to laugh but she kept trying to dust. Mark gently
spun her around and held her tight keeping her arms
from moving.

“Honey. Why don’t you come out to the kitchen with me
and I’ll fix us a couple drinks?”

Faith was starring into his eyes as she took a deep
breath and exhaled slowly. “I’ll be right there.”

Mark put the flowers in water and fixed the drinks.
Faith came out and sat on the bar stool. “Mark. I got a
call from Shelly tonight. She got engaged to that guy
she was dating from Long Island.”

“Oh yeah. The guy she sent the pictures of a couple
months ago. Did they set a date yet?”

“No. They haven’t decided on June or July yet. She said
she’d give me a call as soon as they figured it out.”

Mark, was happy and surprised about the news of their
daughter but more so that Faith seemed to be speaking
to him again.

“See. We might be grand parents sooner then you think!”

Mark saw the sudden change in Faith when he mentioned
grandparents. He walked around to the other side of the
bar and put his arm around Faith. “Honey. I think it’s
wonderful news that she’s finally getting married.”

Rita was right about Faith. Mark felt she was having a
mid life crisis or something. She didn’t want to feel
old. She was only forty-three and still very beautiful.


Later that evening, Mark laid in bed while Faith
finished her shower. She surprised him when she walked
out naked with one of the roses in her hair. She was
laughing as she climbed into bed and leaned down to
kiss Mark.

Faith pulled the blankets down to the foot of the bed
and scooted herself above Mark’s legs and grabbed his
cock under his pajama’s. She leaned over and kissed him
as he slipped them down and kicked them to the floor.

Faith pushed her hair back and leaned down and began
licking the head of his cock. Faith held it straight up
and lowered her head down until Mark thought she would
choke on it. Mark had never seen her suck cock like
this before but he wasn’t going to complain.

She did this several times until he was very wet and
climbed back above his legs and held his cock to her
pussy slit and gently lowered herself down until she
sat on his lap. Faith actually felt tighter as Mark
flexed his hips and pushed up inside her.

Faith was starring intensely as she moved up and down
on top of him. It was much different this time because
she was using her pussy muscles to squeeze his cock.

“Oh baby you feel so good tonight. What are you doing
to me?”

Faith giggled. “Do you feel it?”

“Yes baby. I do!”

Mark knew what he said really bothered her. She was
going out of her way to do this for him. He got a grip
on her ass and moved her up and down his cock. Mark
wanted to do something she licked and began to push on
her ass to move forward and sit on his face. She moved
up and Mark started licking her pussy. He was a pro at
this and knew just how to make her cum.

She did and twice before sliding back down to sit on
his cock again. Mark moved her over onto her back and
started to fuck her hard until he came. She kept
kissing him once he came and Mark finally rolled over
until he caught his breath. Faith cuddled next to him
and he was glad things were back to normal again.


The next morning at coffee, Mark was sitting at the bar
watching his wife at the sink wearing only her thong
and a bra.

“Honey. If you don’t get something on over that, I’m
going to take you back into the bedroom!”

Faith turned around smiling and brought her coffee over
and sat on the stool next to him.

“Mark? Hank called me last night and said he’ll be
moving down here in three weeks.”

Mark just starred at the wall when he heard that
remark. “You mean he’s moving here and staying here
full time?”

“Well. He’s keeping his place in New York and will be
here most of the time. He asked me to go out and pick
out furniture for his new condo.”

Mark replied. “Well. I guess you’ll be seeing him more
often, won’t you?”

Faith answered Mark with a little defense. “Your new
girlfriend, Rita lives nearby.” She was sipping her
coffee and added. ” I think it would be a good idea to
bring her over so I can meet her. Don’t you think?”

Mark had a feeling she was changing the subject about
Hank moving to Florida. “Why would you want to meet

Faith laughed. “I want to meet the woman my husband is
screwing. Remember what we planned? I don’t think it’s
right since you’ve met Hank and I don’t know her! I ‘
kind of curious to see this younger woman my husband
has the hots for!”

“Faith! I’m not out cheating behind your back or
anything. I thought you agreed to this open marriage
thing. I’ve been fully open about her!”

“Honey. I know! I’ve been completely open with you to!
I saw your face when I said that Hank was getting a
condo here. Do you want me to tell Hank I’m not going
to see him any longer? Is that what you would like me
to do?”

“No. Honey. I didn’t say that. Uh. Fine! I’ll give Rita
a call later and see if I can arrange it. Her husband
doesn’t come home until Monday. You want me to make it

“Yes. We have time today. Why not call her now before
she has plans?”

Mark picked up the cell phone and got a hold of Rita.
Faith sat on the stool next to him with her legs
crossed and her foot swinging back and forth with her
arms crossed. Mark talked for several minutes until he
finally convinced Rita to meet his wife.

“There! Are you satisfied now?”

Faith got off the stool and hugged Mark. “Whatever
happened to the idea of meeting a black woman?”

“I told you I couldn’t find anyone that appealed to me
in our area!”

Faith rubbed his neck. “I just think you wanted to find
a younger woman!”

“Honey! That’s not true at all! I think you’re
extremely attractive! I have no reason to be looking
for a younger woman!”

Mark playfully held her around the waist as she leaned
on his shoulder. “What’s all this jealousy about all of
a sudden?”

Faith ran her fingers along his chest and leaned into
Mark’s ear. “Is she tighter then me?”

“Faith? Why are you bringing that up again? It has
nothing to do with that!”

Faith was still leaning on Mark with her elbow. “I just
want to know if she was tighter.”

Mark decided to be honest as he pulled Faith even
closer while she smiled and leaned on him and waited
for a reply.

“Let’s stop kidding here! Hank has a huge cock! He’d
stretch any woman with the size of that thing! It’s
obvious, your not going to be as tight after he’s been
inside you!”

Faith just leaned on his shoulders as she starred at
him. Mark saw she was still starring and added. “I
liked the way you used your pussy muscles last night.
Where did you learn that trick?”

“What your saying is that when I have sex with Hank I
stretch and it’s not as pleasing for you?”

“Honey! It’s only a fact I’m pointing out here. It has
nothing to do with being your fault. Don’t you agree
that eventually Hank’s size will stretch you

Mark still had his arm around her waist as she slipped
her elbow off his shoulder. “What time are we picking
Rita up?”


Faith pulled the hem of her skirt down as Mark knocked
on the door. Rita answered and nervously greeted the
couple as they entered the house.

Faith kept starring At Rita’s massive boobs as Mark
introduced her. “Let me get my purse so we can go!”

Faith leaned toward Mark and whispered in his ear. “I
thought I had large boobs!”

Mark smiled and replied. “You do!”

Mark mostly listened to the women talk during dinner.
Rita talked about her husband and Faith started to get
into the subject of their open marriage.

“Well. At least my husband found himself someone more
largely endowed then mine!”

“Faith. You’re very attractive. Mark talks about you
all the time.”

The women seemed to hit it off as Mark just listened.
They began talking about things that females talk
about. After dinner they walked along a group of shops
and sat on a bench. Mark walked along the store windows
while the two women chatted away. They were talking
about things that embarrassed most men.

Mark kept a distance but kept turning around to see
them talking. He casually walked near them until Faith
yelled out. “Honey? Are you ready to go?”

They drove to Rita’s place where she invited them in
for a drink. Rita talked mostly about her husband as
Faith listened.

Mark smiled. “Are you ladies ever going to stop

They women both laughed. Faith put her hand on Rita’s
shoulder. “I’m glad my husband found someone I can
relate with!” They both laughed.

Faith scooted away from Rita and padded the cushion
between them. Mark moved and sat in between them.

Rita laid her hand on his thigh. “Faith? Do I have your
permission to see little Mark when your entertaining
your boyfriend?”

Both women laughed as Rita rubbed his thigh. “I’m
sorry, Mark. I just wanted to assure your wife that
I’ll take good care of you!”

Rita looked over at Faith. “So. Hank is moving down
here within a month? I suppose you’ll be seeing him
more often in the future? Do you just have a sexual
relationship going with him?”

Faith sipped her drink before replying. “I would find
it hard not to have any feelings, for a person your
screwing regularly. I know Hank’s feeling toward me are
very strong and if Mark wasn’t in the picture, well you
know what I mean?”

Rita replied as she agreed and shook her head. “I
understand perfectly. First you meet a person, have a
little sex then your meeting again and he’s telling you
about his life then your getting involved then your
sharing your life with them him and so on!”

Mark just sat between them listening.

“Oh, I know. Hank already asked me to pick out
furniture for his place. He trusted my taste and told
me to pick out what I felt I would like myself!”

“See. Right there! You’re involved with this guy’s
life! As if you don’t have enough to do on your own.”

“I don’t mind. I’d rather do it then have him pick out
something too masculine.”

Rita laughed. “Yeah. You want to feel comfortable if
your going to be spending a lot of time there!”

They both laughed.

Rita padded Mark’s leg. “Don’t worry, Mark. Men don’t
know much about picking out furniture. It’s nothing

The ladies spent the remainder of the evening chatting
and on the drive home, Mark remembered the comment
Faith said about how people develop feelings for their
lovers. He made mental comparisons to Rita and himself.
Well. He was glad the two women hit it off so well
together. Rita even mentioned triple dating with her
husband and his girlfriend. Rita’s husband’s girlfriend
was the only partner that wasn’t married.

“Mark. I think what Rita had a good suggestion about
everyone getting together for a party. We could hold it
at our house and make it a pool party once Hank settles
down here.”

Faith kept busy the next few days visiting furniture
stores for Hank’s new condo. He’d be moving down in
less then a week and Faith kept in touch with him
sometimes twice a day by phone. She even sent pictures
of furniture that she selected on her cell phone to get
his opinion. She had everything in his condo setup for
him the day before he was traveling down.

Mark had visited Rita the week after the tow women met
and spent the weekend with her. When he returned home,
Mark was anxious to see Faith and tried to get her into
the bedroom but all she said was, “Didn’t you get
enough sex with Rita this weekend?”

Mark made a second attempt in the middle of the week
but Faith claimed she was too tired after setting up
Hank’s furniture that afternoon.

Hank was expected at any moment that Friday afternoon.
Faith seemed anxious and excited that morning as she
prepared getting ready. Mark was driving her over to
meet Hank at his new condo. They arrived early so Faith
could put a few last touches on it.

Faith was busy in the kitchen putting away a few things
she bought for him while he took a little tour of the
place himself. He was very pleased with the furnishings
Faith had picked out. It reminded him of their house.

Mark checked out the bedroom and saw the huge king-
sized bed and walked inside a large double walk-in
closet and saw that Hank must have had his cloths
shipped down and Faith had everything in order. He
peeked on the other side and was stunned when he saw
women’s cloths hanging there.

They were all new dresses and heels lined up along the
bottom shelf. They were all Faith’s sizes. Most were
revealing things plus shorts and tops stacked in
another shelf. Mark walked back into the bedroom and
got curious and opened a few drawers until he found
intimate things like panties and thongs, bras and more.

Mark just closed the drawer when Faith walked in. “How
did I do, Mark? Do you think Hank will like it?”

“Uh, yeah. Everything is nice. Um. I saw the dresses
and stuff in the closet?”

“Oh yeah. Hank told me to buy a few things to keep here
so I don’t have to keep packing clothes.”

“Oh. I guess that’s a good idea!” Mark waited as she
checked the bathroom and stopped her when she walked
out. “I’ll be right out, Faith. Let me use the bathroom
before Hank arrives.”

Mark peed and washed his hands and started to check out
the drawers and saw lipstick and stuff that Faith would
use and noticed these little packets. They were scented
portable douches’ to be used after sex. Mark read the
instructions which stated they could be used to help
prevent pregnancy.

Mark counted a dozen new packages and Mark never saw
Faith use them before and stood thinking about what
Hank had said the very first time they were planning to
get together. He told Mark to make sure Faith got on
the pill because he loved to cum inside a woman’s

Faith was sitting in the front room when he walked out
and casually sat down next to her on the sofa. “Honey.
I know this is a goofy time to ask but you never went
to see a doctor about getting a prescription for birth
control pills or anything did you?”

Faith laughed. “Mark! Of all the times to ask me that
question! No! Hank always takes it out before he

They heard the door open. It was Hank holding, flowers
when he walked inside. Mark waited as Faith got up and
ran to him. They kissed as she took the flowers from
him and smiled as Hank waived at Mark as she started to
take him around excitably showing him the condo.

Mark waited while she put the flowers down in the
kitchen and walked Hank around by the hand and went
room to room.

A few minutes passed so Mark got up to see where they
were and found them embraced in the bedroom kissing.
Faith’s hands were wrapped around his neck and Hank had
one hand around her waist while the other squeezed her
ass. Mark could practically see their tongues mingling
and the wet smacking sounds of their kiss.

Mark decided to wait in the living room but seconds
later Faith came walking out with a smirk and lovingly
put her hands on his collar. “Mark? Hank wanted to take
a shower from the long trip. He said he’d take us to
dinner tonight.”

“I’d wondered if you were getting that big black dick
in there!”

“Mark! That wasn’t a nice thing to say!”

“It’s true! You’ve been without that black dick for
three weeks now!”

Mark playfully grabbed her around the waist and pulled
Faith so close that her tits pushed into his chest.
“You’d rather stay here tonight so you can get it,
don’t you?”

Mark kissed her as she gave him a silly expression.
“Mark! Stop joking around!”

“Just tell me you want it!” His face was so close their
noses were touching.

“What if I do?”

Mark reached between her legs as she pulled her hips
back. “You’re pussy nice and hot and wet for him?”

Mark was still trying to touch her pussy as she backed
away. “Mark! Stop it!”

He grabbed her around the waist again and held her
tightly and finally got his hand under the waist line
of her shorts and felt her pussy mound. “Its wet isn’t

Faith kissed him back while she starred into his eyes.
“Yes. I’m wet.”

Mark kissed her again. “Se. It feels hot too!”

He inserted a finger between her pussy slit and felt
the wetness. Faith put her arms on his shoulders as she
gave him a deep passionate kiss. “Mark. That’s enough
now before Hank catches you doing that!”

“What’s the matter, can’t I touch my wife now?”

“Mark!” He kissed her again then playfully slapped her

Faith pinched his cheek and gave him a little kiss on
his chin. She pointed her finger at his face.

“Behave yourself!”

Hank came out shortly after and held Faith around the
waist as he spoke to Mark. “I think Faith did a wonder
job on this condo! She put so many personal touches in
the place.”

Faith leaned her face up to Hank so he could kiss her.
“Darling. I need to use the bathroom before we go.”

Hank’s arm slipped away from her waist as she padded
his back and walked to the bathroom.

“Well. Mark. You won’t have to worry about me spending
too many nights at your place any longer.”

“Uh, no. I guess your right.”

Hank was smiling as he walked closer to Mark. “You’ll
be able to bring that hot little redhead over to your
place more often now.”

“I suppose you’re right about that too. Faith never
told me about any plans she had on staying here but I
suppose she will.”

Hank nudged Mark’s shoulder. “Hey. You just say the
word, man. You want to bring the lady over to your
place for a night, a week, a month!”

Hank laughed as he padded Mark on the shoulder. “Mark.
You just say the word and I’ll gladly get Faith out of
the picture for you.”

“Yeah. Sounds fine, Hank.”

Hank leaned his hand on Mark’s shoulder. “Listen. Man.
It’s been three weeks now if you know what I mean? A
man doesn’t live on bread alone!” Hank laughed at his
own remark.

“Uh, yeah. I know exactly how your feeling.”

Hank laughed. “You got it!”

Mark waited for Hank to add something to his last
remark and didn’t have to wait long. “Listen. Mark.
We’re cool, right? Brother!”

“Ah, yeah Hank. Listen. I think I’ll be taking off.”

Hank laughed as Faith walked back into the room.
“Faith. Mark is leaving.”

“Honey? Your not going to dinner with us tonight?”

“I think I’ll let you and Hank enjoy dinner alone
tonight. Give me a call later and let me know where
your staying tonight.”

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