The Bad Guys Fucked Me


I was 18 my boobs had formed nicely and I had been told I had a great ass, yes I was tall, the tallest in my year at school and like the other girls, I used to roll my skirt up as soon as I left the house, I liked the attention I received as I walked to the bus stop, and from the stop to the school gate, the local boys teased me and as we waited for the bus to arrive my bottom would be slapped and pinched by some of them, me trying to stop them but not to bothered if I couldn’t, some days, for obvious reasons I could not be bothered with them so would wait for the bus to be there and run for it, mostly I enjoyed the games!

This particular afternoon, the bus dropped us off as usual at the road end, about a 10 minuet walk to the village, there were a couple of younger girls and boys and 4 older boys (Trouble) always into mischief and up to no good, they were fooling around and chatting and asking the younger boys if they had ever seen a girls tits, or pussy, then teased them more when they said no! Then they shouted to me! Cindy! Show the boys your pussy? No I told them and stated to walk a little faster, come on, let them have a look! Then laughed, No chance I said! With that one of the older boys jumped in front of me and blocked my way, come on he said, we have all seen it anyway! They had and more!
By now the younger boys and girls had walked on ahead, except for two of the younger boys one of them was the brother of the boy who was blocking my way, Steven was his name and he was going to grow up and be just as bad as his brother.
They told me that it would be better if I co operated with them or they were going to pull my knickers down for me any way! Thinking that they would rip my school uniform I agreed and asked where we would go there was two ways home, one by a narrow road, that was where we were then! And another way, longer but through the woods, we used to go that way some times to pick flowers, so through the woods it will be.
As we walked they chatted and I could sense the excitement in there voices, I was getting a little nervous, the older boys could be rough and it had been at least 7 months since they had last fooled around with me, my blouse was torn then and there was mud all over my clothes and hard to explain to Mum! I thought that if I go along with them then they would not pull and rip my clothes.
Ok Derek said, this is a good place, he was the oldest of them all, my heart was pounding now, partly with excitement but also with fear, you never know what they will do when they are all together!
Right Cindy, stand there, as he moved me towards a tree, they all came closer and stood looking on! Now Ste, you are going to see a girls tits, Derrick said! Undo your blouse Cindy go on we want to see your tits first! I started to undo the buttons, as I opened it the boy’s eyes were on storks! I had a light pink bra on as I held open my blouse, Take your bra off Derrick said! I didn’t want to take my blouse off completely so I undid the clasp and let it fall from my tits, that’s what they wanted to see! I stood looking at them all, there eyes bulging out, my little pink nipples hard in the cool air!

What you think lads, Derrick asked! Nice tits they said now lift your skirt and pull your knickers down! My pussy was damp now and my heart still racing with fear and excitement, I put my hands up my skirt and pulled down my knickers, they fell to the ground, then slowly lifted my skirt, the boys moved in for a good look! Now Derrick asked who has a hard dick? The older boys said they had but Steven and the other younger boy said nothing, come on Derrick asked them, has your dick’s got hard? No Steven told him! Well get a closer look then, and he pushed Stevens head towards my pussy, open your legs wide Derrick ordered, so I obliged, I could feel Stevens hot breath on my pussy now, and I was wet, Derrick could see! Push your finger in her wet whole Ste! I felt his finger probe my lips, eeh its slimy he shouted, the boys laughed, then with that they all moved in on me, they were pushing there fingers into my pussy and squeezing my tits hard, stop it I said, it hurts! Keep quiet Derrick told me, don’t shout out!
Get her on her back, one of the boys said, and I was thrown to the ground, my legs were spread wide and pussy opened up! OK Derrick said; let me touch her twat with my cock! The boys held my legs wide, one was pinching my nipples and Derrick had his cock out and began touching my wet cunt with the end of it, I had been fucked before by my cousin, half brother and Uncle, but I knew they had not to cum in me, the boys were all crazy now trying to feel me and watch Derrick rubbing his cock on me! I told them that I could make them cum if they wanted; I was hoping they would let me suck them off so they would not cum in my pussy! Ok go on then! I grabbed Derricks cock and began to stroke it as I had done before, he liked that a lot, they all wanted me to stroke there’s now as well! Get them out I told them, then I took hold of one and licked the end, he nearly came then, then I sucked the end, he was thrusting at my mouth! Derrick now wanted some of this, so came up next to my face, I had two dicks to suck now so I took them in one at a time, my pussy was being finger fucked hard and the boys were all wanking or being sucked, the first boy shot his cum all over my tits, then the next hit my pussy, Ste was just looking on and I could see his hard little cock standing up, Derrick was ramming my mouth and so was his friend, Then Derrick told me that he wanted to fuck me! No you cant I told him, I could get pregnant! I want to he said again, no but if you want you can slide up and down on my ass, you will like it and its like fucking I told him!

They rolled me over onto my stomach, I felt my skirt being pulled up, then derrick was on top of me sliding his dick between my bum cheeks, he was riding me and grunting like a piggy, the boys were urging him on! Go on ride the bitch they shouted! I felt hot cum on my ass as he unloaded all over me, he stood up and laughed! My turn now his friend said, but my bottom was covered in cum, so he took my knickers and cleaned it off, then he mounted me, as he slid up and down my ass he called me names, a slag and bitch, and then he put his hand down and guided his cock into my wet pussy, it slid in quit easily! Ohhh no I shouted, it was too late he rammed my cunt hard, that’s what you wanted you dirty little bitch! The boys told him to keep fucking me, telling him that I was a filthy slut and loved it, he pulled my hair as he fucked hard into my pussy and I squealed, they didn’t care they were squeezing my tits and helping to pull my hair! Then with a huge thrust he spurted his cum into me!
He stood up pleased with himself! Bastard I told him, that hurt, fuck off slag! I felt completely used, they had not finished though.
Did you cum Ste? Derrick asked his brother, no, Cindy suck his cock and make him cum! I was scared now so crouched down and took Stevens little cock in my mouth, Steven looked at my tits as I sucked him, then the hands were on me again, on your hands and knees as you suck Cindy, come on! As I got on all fours I felt Derricks hands on my ass, then he was behind me, his cock sliding up between my bum cheeks, tickling my bum hole, then he found my pussy, that was it, he rammed into me, I could do nothing, suck him you slut! He told me as he rode me like a bull rides a cow in spring, then he was slapping my ass, all the boys laughed and urged him on, has she made you cum yet Ste, they asked, with that, Ste’s little cock exploded into my mouth and they all cheered, after a minuet or two more Derrick spurted his cum half into me and half all over my bottom!
I was covered in cum, my knickers had been used to wipe cum off me before the next boy had a go, and uniform was in a hell of a state, they all walked off and left me after there fun! But that’s what most naughty boys do isn’t it?

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