The Virgin

Viv was drunk. She wasn’t wasted or anything, but she way certainly
a bit pissed. Witness the fact that she let me–no, asked me–to come
to her room after we got back. I could barely believe my luck. My dick
was rock hard. She led me in, and sat down. She made me so horny. So,
I sat as close to her as I could.
“So, what now?”
“Oh,” she said, “I dunno.”
“Well, um…”
She remained silent, and turned me on even more.
My penis jumped again. I made my decision then and there: I would
do everything in my power to get her to have sex with me. I’d take the
most agressive role I could muster myself to take. I readied myself
mentally. I hadn’t ever done this before.
“When was the last time you…were…with a guy?”
She was startled. “I…never have been.”
“Well, that makes two of us.”
She laughed nervously.
“When were you last with a girl?”
She just blushed. I decided not to push it.
I put my hand on her leg. She jumped.
“What’s the matter?”
I put my arm around her. With my hand, I brushed her breast, just
hard enough to make sure she understood it was not accident.
Again, she jumped.
“Its ok,” I said as I turned her head towards me with my free hand,
“I’m not going to hurt you.”
She didn’t reply.
I noticed her pupils were fully dialated, and she gave the general
impression of being very turned on. I also got the general impression
that she wouldn’t admit to her arousal under severe tourture.
I cupped her breast with one hand while I used the other to brush
her face and her lips. She started, and began to turn her head toward
her breast, but I restrained her.
“Shhhhh…” I wispered, “Shhhhh….”
I pulled her down across my lap, none to gently, and lifted her so
she sat on my lap facing me. Her head swivled round, seeking a place to
look. I grabbed it and made her look at me. She shivered ever so
I cupped her breast again, and wrapped one arm behind her, holding
her to me. I stopped cupping her breast, and moved to undo the buttons
on her shirt.
“Shhhhh, its ok, shhhhhhh”
She wimpered again.
“Its ok, I just want to look, I’m just gonna look, shhhh…”
Trying nervously to appear casual, she moved a hand in front of the
next button, while looking around. I pushed it away and undid the
button. Her head sank.
“I’m just looking, shhhhh, c’mon, I’ll just look, you got nice ones,
don’t hide them, c’mon”
Her hand was constantly in the way, never forcefull, merely
suggesting, but I got her shirt undone. I reached behind her and undid
her bra clasp. She gasped yet again, and held her bra in place with her
arms, which crossed in front of her chest. I grabbed one of the straps
and pulled gently, but it didn’t come off. So I yanked, and it did. I
grabbed both her arms with both of mine, and licked her chest. She
tried to pull her arms together, failed, and wispered, just loud enough
for me to hear, but forcefull nonetheless, “no!” I began to bat one of
her nipples around with my tounge. She writhed back and forth, in
silence. Her head swung from side to side. She tried to get her
nipples out of range, so I let go of her arms, wrapping them behind her,
holding her to me. She pushed with both hands against my shoulders, but
I was bigger and won out. I took as much of her breast as I could in my
mouth and sucked.
I had a sudden and terrible urge to feel her breasts against my bare
skin. I let go to remove my t-shirt, and she slipped away to the corner
of the room, staring at me warily. I threw my shirt aside, and watched
her. She stared at me with the wounded eyes of a hunted doe. I knew I
was staring like a hunter. I could swear that she once made a movement
as if to run to me, but repressed it. That was enough to convince me
that she still wanted it.
I moved toward her. She turned away, faced the wall, desperately.
She moved slightly, darted to one side, to escape, but stopped, unsure
of where to go, or perhaps not wanting to.
I moved up behind her, and before she could react, undid her jean
button. Her hands moved to do it up again, but I grabbed her shoulders,
spun her around, and pressed her naked breasts to my naked chest. She
being much lighter that I, I lifted her, rubbing her against me. She
wimpered, eyes closed. I set her down and moved to undo her fly. Her
hands were in the way. I grabbed her shoulders again, swung her, and
lowered her swiftly to the floor. Her arms moved to cushion the fall,
but I set her down gently. Then, I darted for her fly and tried to get
it down. Her hands grabbed mine and resisted, but I got it down, and
rolled her over. She was now helpless to do her fly up. Her hands were
holding her head off the ground. I siezed the opportunity and grabbed
her jeans, pulling them to her knees.
I noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties. Yet another hint of a
repressed sexual side to her.
I pressed my face to her ass. It was burning hot. I rubbed my body
against hers. I spun around, sat on her backwards, knees on the ground
so as not to crush her, and removed her pants completely. Then, I
rolled off.
She darted up, moved a few steps to the corner, and squatted on her
haunches, facing the wall. She was so sexy.
I casually stood and undid my belt, undid my pants, carefull not to
hurt the raging erection inside. I wasn’t wearing underwear, either. I
lowered my jeans, and stepped out, sat on the bed to remove my socks. I
strolled over to where Viv was crouching, squated behind her, and made a
crude thrust with my dick at her ass. It bounced off her leg and tried
to rise, but was stuck between her legs, pushing up against her, head
pressed against her warm cunt. I pushed it against her, toward her. It
slid along her leg. The pleasure made me shiver. I wrapped my arms
around her waist and moved her around so her legs and ass rubbed my
solid penis.
I felt something–a fluid–drop onto my hand. I turned her around
and saw that she had tears dripping from her eyes. Her expression was a
strange mixture of terror and desire. Her lips quivered, her eyes were
pressed shut. However, she hadn’t more than wimpered, yet. She
could’ve easily shouted for a neigbour, or at least asked me to stop.
I grabbed her ass with one hand, one of her arms in the other, and
lifted her carefully to her feet. She hunched over for protection, to
hide her vagina. I stood over her like preditor, staring down at prey.
She glanced up, with her arms wedged between her and I, opened her eyes
wide, tears streaming out, mouth slightly open, chin quivering. I bent
over, opening my own mouth, and my lips met hers. There was a brief
moment of surrender before she pulled away. I grabbed her head and
guided her lips to mine again. As soon as I let go, she pulled away
again, and sank to her knees.
I decided to use this opportunity. I grabbed her head in both my
hands, and guided her mouth to my cock. The moment her lips touched the
tip, her eyes flew open, and a shocked look appeared on her face. Her
lips were pulled tight.
“C’mon, just open it, c’mon, you don’t have to do anything, just
open, please, just a bit, just open a bit, please, PLEASE, just let me
for a second I just want to…please, c’mon, I just…” I tried to be
as soothing as possible. “Shhhhh, its ok, just open, just for a sec,
you can close it, just open for one second, it’ll be ok, it won’t hurt,
please, c’mon, open…”
She closed her eyes slowly, and opened her lips–or just loosened
them, moving her teeth out of the way–and I jammed my cock in as far as
it would go. When it was safely in, and when I had her head firmly in
my hands, held on my dick, I began to move it slowly away. When it was
halfway back up the shaft, I pulled it down. Tears were streaming down
her cheeks now, but she offered no resistance, and so I continued. My
arms began to hurt, so I slowly backed toward the bed, holding her head
impaled on my dick, still moving it up and down. She was forced to
crawl after me.
I reached the bed, then first sat, then lay back, leaving her
kneeling on the floor in front of me, still with a mouthful of me. Ever
so slowly, I let her head go. She didn’t dart away this time, but sat
there, wimpering slightly, mouth around my penis.
I wispered, “You know what to do.” Reluctantly, she started to move
her head up, stopped, sobbed, and started again. I lay back and
sighed. The pleasure built, and I arched my back slightly. It built,
and built, and built and built and built and BUILt…
My back slammed down onto the bed, and my hips thrust up at her
face, pushing it up. Seemingly from every part of my body, fluid
streamed through me, moving to my cock, squirting up into her mouth.
She started to pull away, but I had her head in my hands in a flash and
held her in place. Come started to leak down out of her mouth, down my
dick. I wispered, “Tighter….”, and released her head as she tightened
her seal. I saw her swallow, swallow again. She carefully pulled her
lips up and off my now slimy penis. I wispered her an order to clean it
off, and stared as the ceiling, utterly relaxed, utterly exhausted, as
she licked the come from me. When I felt that she was done, I grabbed
her hair and gently pulled her face to mine as she crawled overtop of
me. I pressed her slippery lips to mine and pushed my tounge where my
cock had been moments before. I opened my eyes, and stared into hers.
They were filled with defeat, eager defeat. I felt that she would do
anything I asked her to. I smiled at her reasuringly.
“Get down on the floor, on your hands and knees.”
She obeyed.
“Don’t talk anymore, ok? Wimper all you want, but don’t talk.”
She was silent, facing away from me on her hands and knees.
I grinned. “You’re going to obey me aren’t you? No matter what I
Her head sank slightly.
“Well, you aren’t going to get out of this with your virginity.”
I heard a quiet choking sound.
I moved forward, intending to ass-fuck her, but I saw her vagina
below that. Curiosity overcame me.
“Roll over.”
She did.
“I’m going to have a look at your pussy.”
Again, no response.
I moved to stand over her, looking down at her, towering over her.
She averted her eyes.
I knelt and looked closly at her vagina. It was beautiful.
I reached down and played with the opening with the tips of my
fingers. Her back arched ever so slightly. Without warning I jammed my
middle finger in. Something inside gave. She gasped. My finger came
out a little bloody. I bent down farther and licked her. She gasped
again. I bit the lips of her vagina gently. Her hips jerked slightly,
but there was no other reaction.
I moved ontop of her, and began rubbing my penis against her.
Still, she showed no reaction. I knelt up and put one hand around
behing her neck, pulling her up. Her face was mere inches away from my
dick. I began beating off, aiming at her. It didn’t take long for me
to come, shooting hot white goo at her, onto her face. Come dripped off
her nose and chin, around her mouth, above her eye. She cringed
slightly. I backed up slightly, still holding her face up, and began
licking the substance off her face. When I was only halfway done, I
bent to whisper in her ear, “If you tell me to go away, right now, I
will. If you don’t…I will continue.”
She squeezed her eyes shut, and sat silent.
I continued cleaning her face off. I stopped to push my tounge into
her mouth. She opened to admit it. I moved forward again, putting my
cock near to her mouth. Without needing to be told, she began licking
the remaining come off. She sucked it for a second to clean it out. I
backed up again. I pulled her face to mine. We were nose to nose. She
slowly looked into my eyes.
“You are beautiful, and I love what you are doing for me,” I said.
“I appreciate this more than you could possibly know.
A quirk of a smile flashed across her face, but was quickly
repressed. I began to lick her face all over. I spit on it, and moved
the spit around with my free hand to cover her entire face. I wiped it
off with her discarded bra. I moved forward yet again, and she openned
her mouth, ready to suck.
She closed it again, and I pressed my penis against her face. My
balls hung under her chin, and my head against her forehead. I rubbed
it all over. I pressed my cock’s head into her eyes, and moved my cock
back and forth against her cheeck.
Finally, I got off of her. I bent down, grabbed her under her
armpits and lifted her up.
I lay her down on the bed, fingering her cunt. She lay back,
appearing to be asleep. I lay on the other side of the bed. I crawled
on top, pressing my cheek to hers. I guided my penis to her waiting
vagina, and aimed. I slid it in, ever so slowly, watching Viv’s
reaction. She tossed her head back and forth, gritting her teeth. I
could feel her tight, virgin opening streaching to accommodate my cock.
Finally, I lay impaled. I was within her. She opened her eyes,
stared into mine, and for once seemed completely at ease with sexual
activity. Her hand brushed my cheek.
I began to pull out. Viv arched her back and threw back her head,
squeezing her eyes shut, this time out of pleasure, with very little
fear involved. When my dick was about to slip out, I violently plunged
it in. Her lips opened slightly, and the beginnings of a groan
escaped. I started to slip it out again, then banged it home. The
sound grew. Again. It grew louder yet. All of a sudden I let go,
banging her and banging her. The sound grew and grew. I rolled over,
taking her with me, so she was on top, cheek pressed to my nose, moving
back and forth both by herself and with the help of my grasping arms.
She was moaning at a respectable pitch now. She sat up on top of me,
bouncing up and down, spitting out and then swallowing my cock into
her. I began to straighten out in the final stages of orgasm, and her
moan began to waver, when she rolled sideways so I was on top again. I
struggled to move my stiff body to finish it.
Suddenly, her moan stopped, and I gave one final, slow push into
her. The pressure burst. My semen drove itself into her. For a good
three seconds we lay, both in the eye of an orgasm, me shooting come
into her, more than I knew I contained, emptying myself into her,
flooding, a steady stream. Then, we collapsed, both panting, both
exhausted. We lay there for a while, semen leaking out of her soaked
pussy, dripping onto her clean sheets, smearing all over both of us, a
bit of my saliva dripping onto her already come- and spit-covered face,
one of my hands wedged up her ass, the other gripping her hair, her arms
crushing my face to hers. Then, she started to laugh. She laughed and
laughed and laughed. I joined in, and we laughed histerically. Tears
rolled down our cheeks.
We stopped, and regained a bit of composure. Then, she looked me in
the eye and said, “Fuck me.”

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