The Masseuse Party

I had seen the ad on the online website, a 26 year old student offering full body massage. Her pictures did not show her face but one in particular caught my attention. The picture like all the others showed a beautifully proportioned young lady with a flat stomach, narrow waist and nice sized breasts in a somewhat alluring pose. In this photo she wore jeans with the top button undone and zipper part way down. She was topless with her hands covering her breasts. This is what caught my attention, not the fact that she was topless, but her hands, oh my, her hands. They were the hands of someone who could give a good massage, nice strong and shapely hands. It also listed her name as Amy. The other photos showed her in various stages of dress including bikini and t-shirt and panties. I figured I wouldn’t mind getting a massage from a cute young lady in a bikini. The ad listed a number for texting to make an appointment. I couldn’t help myself I sent the text.

A little bit about me, I am a 56, but try to keep reasonably fit with daily exercise and a good diet. I enjoy getting and giving massages. I study massage and give my wife full body massages on a regular basis. She, unfortunately, is unable to reciprocate due to physical limitations caused by arthritis and gout. She does not begrudge me the pleasure of seeing a masseuse from time to time because she loves the massages I give her, and figures I should have that same pleasure at least once in a while. She’s a wonderful woman, my wife, and I love her dearly.
Amy responded to my text, saying as I was a new customer, I would have to do a “meet & greet” before she would accept me as a client. I agreed, commenting that her safety was worth any inconvenience I might experience. We set up a time for the meeting at a local coffee shop. The meet and greet would occur just prior to my massage appointment. If I was acceptable as a client, I would follow her to her incall location. I arrived at the coffee shop a few minutes early and ordered a latte. As I waited for my coffee, I noticed a cute young lady a couple people ahead of me just picking up her order. This couldn’t be Amy, could it? I took a chance and approached her. “Amy?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her head “Andy?” she queried back. “Yes, I am Andy, and I am very pleased to meet you.” I replied. She smiled again and looked down a bit somewhat shyly. I couldn’t believe it. She was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful green eyes in a cute face with just the right amount of freckles to make you remember those childhood days with the girl next door. I was immediately smitten and I think she knew it. We chatted for perhaps thirty minutes carrying on like old friends. Finally she suggested that we head back to her apartment for my appointment. I readily agreed and followed her as she drove to a set of lower rent apartments near the coffee shop.
When we arrived, I helped her carry her coffee and bagels into a bottom floor 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment was clean though sparsely furnished. Her cat came up and greeted me. “He doesn’t usually greet clients” she offered. She showed me the bathroom and asked if I needed to clean-up. I had taken a shower just before leaving home for the appointment so I just washed my hands and she directed me to her bedroom. “I do the massage on the bed. I hope that’s OK” she said. I nodded, though I usually like a table massage, but I was here so what the heck.

I placed my payment for the massage on her dresser and she pointed out hooks for my clothes as she began to disrobe. “I hope you don’t mind I do your massage in the nude” she said. I almost couldn’t believe my ears. This lovely young lady was taking off her clothes to massage me in the nude!?! “Oh, OK” was all I could stammer. I quickly disrobed and lay on the bed, watching as she pulled off the last vestiges of her clothing. Amy was absolutely stunning with perky tits topped nice pink nipples surrounded by half dollar sized areolae. Her pussy was shaved bare save a narrow strip of neatly trimmed black hair on her mound just above the slit. A landing strip I think it’s called. Oh, how I wanted to fuck someone like her, but I reminded myself I was here for a massage, and a massage was what I paid for.

Amy had me start on my stomach and she began the massage on my back. Her hands were skilled and her technique sure. She was giving me an excellent massage and I commented on her ability. She thanked me and admitted she was not certified but was self-taught. I admitted my surprise and then volunteered how I liked to do massage for my wife and the main reason for seeing new providers was the opportunity to experience new and different skills and techniques. We continued a relaxing conversation as she massaged and I learned many things about her, including the facts that she had once been raped and she had also been homeless for a year. She was currently enrolled in a course of study to become a medical technician and was doing massage to work her way through school. As her hands found each and every knot and tightness, I slowly melted into a mass of relaxed tissue. I was in heaven and near ecstasy. After what seemed like blissful hours, she had me roll to my back. Obviously it hadn’t been that long. I only paid for an hour massage, but I was feeling so good, I lost all sense of time. I was really enjoying this.

Now that I was on my back, I could watch as Amy continued the massage. “You can touch me if you like” she said “anywhere except my pussy”. I reached up with my left hand and caressed down her back. Her skin was smooth, white and silky soft. I commented on how nice her skin felt and she explained how she considered good skin care important. She complimented me on the smoothness and texture of my own skin commenting how she noticed I shaved my body. “My wife likes it smooth” I said. “I’ll bet she does” she replied with a little grin. I cupped her breast and pinched a nipple which immediately hardened and a soft moan escaped her lips. Her hand slid down my chest and across my stomach to my leg. Along the way she brushed my balls and cock lightly. A shiver of excitement went through my body.

Amy moved down and began to massage my legs. As she did so her hands continually brushed against my cock and balls. I was beginning to get really turned on, but also I was a little apprehensive as I knew about upselling and had experienced it in a couple Asian massage parlors. The idea was to get the client excited and hard, then offer a “happy ending” for an additional price which was usually more than cost of the massage. Amy moved her way back up the right side of my body to where I once again could stroke her back and belly. She began massaging my arm and hand placing my hand against her breast. I kneaded her breast as she massaged me. She got up and moved around to massage my left arm in a similar fashion. I once again kneaded her breast as she did my arm. She then dropped my arm in her lap and I remembered I was not to touch her pussy, so I caressed her thigh. Her hand trailed across my chest and down my belly, finally ending up on my nearly erect cock. “Would you like a free hand job? It’s part of the service” she offered. She looked directly into my eyes and her gaze was intense, almost hungry.

As I lay there with her hand on my cock, I was torn. I really had just come here for a massage, but I wanted so much more now, much more than a hand job. I was tempted to offer her more money to see if I could entice her into a fuck, but decided against it. Somehow, the hand job just didn’t feel right either, not just yet. “I really, didn’t expect that and I’m just fine with just the massage” I said, declining the hand job. She looked almost disappointed but moved her hand slowly off my now almost fully erect pecker and began rubbing my abdomen and chest lightly.
My “hour” massage had gone on nearly an hour and a half and I was thoroughly relaxed. Amy offered her shower for me to wash up but I declined explaining how I like the oil to soak into my skin as I thought it was healthy. She agreed, but explained some clients didn’t want to have oil on them when they returned to their wives or girlfriends. As we both dressed, I explained that my wife knew I was getting massages and supported it as it improved my skill. “Maybe sometime I can massage you and you can give me constructive criticism” I said hoping she might agree someday. “Maybe” she replied smiling. She gave me a warm goodbye hug whispering “You can come straight here next time” and ushered me out the door as I assured her she had won herself another repeat customer. I walked to my car feeling very good, but wondering if I should have taken the hand job.

Over the next few weeks, I thought often about Amy, remembering her beautiful looks and the silky softness of her skin. I especially remembered the soft moan that escaped her lips as I pinched her nipple and the disappointed look as I declined her hand job. Finally, I decided I needed to see her again. I had a few days off and on one of those after a run, I texted Amy to see if she would be available that day or the next. I was disappointed when she replied she was on her way out of state for a vacation. She added she would be back the following week and I replied I would try back then. Finally, the day came when she had said she would return. In anticipation I texted asking if she was back and if so how was her trip and would she be available after work today or tomorrow. She replied with a short, “I can do either” and I responded saying I would drop by today at 4. She replied “OK”.

I arrived at Amy’s apartment a little early and so waited, checking my email and browsing the web on my phone. I texted her that I would be arriving soon. She replied “K”. Just as I was getting out of my car, she emerged from her apartment and lit a cigarette in the parking lot. She planned to enjoy a smoke waiting for me and I had cut it short, strike one for me. I apologized for cutting her smoke short and offered for her to finish but she said “No problem” and led me into the apartment. After we entered I removed my shoes asking her how she enjoyed her vacation. “Not great” she replied unhappily. “I’m sorry to hear that” I replied and let it drop. I went into the bedroom as before, placed my massage fee on her dresser and began to disrobe. After disrobing I lay on the bed watching as she removed all her clothes and retrieved oil and towels. She set up a small space heater as it was a little chilly in her bedroom. She explained that she left one window slightly open in the apartment so her cat could get in and out and didn’t like paying to heat the outside, so just used the space heater.

Once again, Amy started in massaging my back and once again, I was beginning to feel I was in heaven. Then she started to tell me about her trip. It seemed she had been offered a ride with a regular client that would allow her to visit her boyfriend, who was going to college in another state. Things did not go well and the guy she rode down with left her without a way back. She had ended up having to pay for her ticket back and now was short on funds. In addition the guy who had stranded her had called her a slut and a thief and threatened her. I didn’t like the drama, but her hands were still taking away my stress. It really pained her to be called a thief because and she kept bringing that point up. After she had completed my back and I had rolled over now caressing her breast once more, she said “If you’re short you can just ask and people will usually help you out”. I caught the hint that maybe she was asking. I countered with another option. I asked if she had another client coming or if we could extend our session to two hours, I had the extra cash with me and would be happy to have her continue. She replied that she was having dinner with her family, but making the session 90 minutes would help her. I agreed and she asked if I wanted to flip over on my back after my free hand job so she could spend the other half hour on my back. I replied that I really didn’t need the hand job (not really true but whatever) and we could just lay together and talk. She said fine, once again looking a little disappointed and after finishing a nice massage, she lay down next to me pulling my arm across her body.

We lay that way a few minutes and then she got up saying she wanted to show me something. She pulled out some toys she had purchased to play with her cat one of them being a gun that fired soft discs. She loaded it and shot me a couple times once in the dick. I took the gun from her and we laughed for a while. Then she sat in front of me on the floor with her back to me and said her shoulder was a little sore and could I massage it a bit. I readily agreed. She directed me to the point on the back of her shoulder causing her pain and said “You can use some of my oil if you like”. I grabbed her oil and put a dime size drop in my hand then rubbed my hands together before I started rubbing her shoulder and upper back. As I worked the knots out of her right shoulder, I also worked a little on her left shoulder and neck. She sighed and commented on my technique. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and asked if she got on the bed could I do a little more. I was more than happy to agree. As she stood, she turned toward me and pulled my head in close between her breasts. I kissed one and then the other, nibbling on her perfect, hard nipples. She broke the embrace and lay on the bed face down. The view of her ass was spectacular. I started massaging up along her spine using my thumbs and fingers with moderate pressure. On the down stroke I would slide my hands lightly down her sides, sometimes brushing the sides of her tits. She moaned occasionally as I found a tight section of muscle and eased the tension.

I continued massaging, but knew time was limited and I really wanted to feel her firm butt so I moved across her butt and down to her legs. I started at her calves and worked my way up her thighs toward that beautiful firm ass. She moaned a couple more times as I worked and I noticed she parted her legs slightly more as I worked up her thighs. “Maybe next time I can book a two hour session and we can swap full massages” I said. “Just remind me when you call next time” she replied. I knew it was nearly time for her to get ready for dinner with her family so I gave her just a couple more full body length strokes on each side and finished with a light butt rub. As I got dressed, I pulled out the extra money for the additional half hour and threw in an extra 20. She took it and as I was leaving she once again gave me a warm goodbye hug and whispered in my ear “I’m looking forward to my massage” followed by a contented sigh.

Two weeks later, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I texted Amy to see when I could book a two hour session after work. She offered two different days and I chose Wednesday. I would once again arrive at 4 pm. I had been thinking about something for a while and wanted to test it out on this trip. I had a pair of pants with a special pocket into which I could place my cell phone in such a way that it could record video while still in the pocket. While my pants would be hanging on the hook, the lens would be pointed toward Amy’s bed. With any luck, I should be able to get some video of our massage session. On Wednesday, I wore my special pants and made sure my phone was fully charged. During work, I couldn’t keep my mind off Amy. I was really looking forward to getting another massage as well as a chance to give her a full massage. By the end of work, I had myself giddy with anticipation. Before I left the parking lot at work I texted Amy that I was on my way. I had freshened up in the rest room at the plant. As I arrived at the apartment, Amy was once again in the parking lot enjoying a smoke. This time she was just finishing so I had not interrupted her break. Before getting out of my car, I put my phone camera on record and placed it in the special pocket on the side of my pants. She saw me coming across the parking lot and walked over to meet me. She gave me a hug hello and a little peck on the cheek. She seemed different today, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. I pushed it out of my mind as I followed her toward the apartment, my eyes watching her fantastic little ass as she walked.

As we entered, I once again removed my shoes and was greeted by her cat. I gave him a few scratches and pets as he arched his back to meet my hand. “Oh you like petting my kitty, don’t you?” she remarked. I replied simply “Yes, yes I do”. The double meaning had not been lost on me, but I would wait and see. I remembered the rule about not touching her pussy and was not about to break any boundaries without invitation. I moved into the bedroom and placed the money for a 2 hour session on the dresser, then proceeded to strip as normal. As I hung my clothes I was careful to make sure my phone was pointed toward the bed. I noticed Amy was not yet naked as I crawled onto the bed and was slightly curious. She had removed her top and was standing there in her jeans with the button undone and the zipper halfway down. She had those beautiful strong hands covering her tits, just as in the photo that had attracted me to her. “Would you like to help me take them off?” she asked. I slid myself over the bed to a seated position just in front of her. “You seem extra friendly today” I said as I slipped my hands to either side of her jeans and slowly slid them down to her ankles. “I had a visit with Molly” she replied. I didn’t know Molly, but I was happy she dropped by. Amy’s freshly shaved pussy was inches from my face and I was tempted to reach out and lick it, but thought better. I didn’t want my session cut short by a thoughtless act. I sat up and she pushed her tits in against my face and slid them back and forth. I’m going to enjoy myself today, I thought.

We talked and decided she would massage me first and then I her. She asked if I might want the hand job before or after I massaged her. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” I replied. “But we’re gonna cross it” she said with a little smile. I lay on the bed face down again and Amy began the massage. It was once again, an amazing massage, but she straddled my legs while doing my back and I could feel her tits brushing my back from time to time. As she worked my legs, it seemed she lingered more at my upper thighs and her hand continually brushed lightly against my balls and puckered anus. I was really getting turned on. By the time she had me turn over, I was nearly hard. This time she started at my ankles and worked her way slowly up my legs. Again her hands spent a lot of time in contact with my cock and balls. When she started on my abdomen and chest she was once again straddling me, her pussy occasionally rubbing on my cock and her tits bouncing above me. I reached up and cupped her tits, pinching her already hard nipples causing her to moan. I looked down between my legs and could see her pussy juice glistening on my turgid cock. I wanted so bad to just grab her hips and shove my cock in then and there, but I didn’t. She reached down and took my cock in hand “I’ll bet you’d like that hand job now” she said with a smile. I nodded meekly and she proceeded to slowly stroke my cock. Then she did the unexpected and bent down taking my prick into her mouth and started to suck it. The velvety warmth of her mouth soon had me ready to cum. I warned her and she kept sucking. I blew my load in the back of her throat and she swallowed every drop. Then for the first time, she kissed me on the lips. I was completely lost in lust with this girl and I still had to give her a massage, and I wanted to do it right.

Amy lay on the bed face down and I began to lightly caress the back of her body from her neck to her feet. Her skin was as smooth as I remembered and she pushed her ass toward my hands as I passed over it. I lightly applied oil to her body once again caressing every inch of her back, butt and legs. I carefully avoided her pussy and anus for now. As she had done with me, I started at her feet and began to slowly, deliberately work my way up. When I reached her thighs, I massaged first on the outside concentrating on the iliotibial band and the worked my way in toward the adductors. She spread her legs more and moaned as I massaged her inner thighs. I again avoided touching her pussy, but came as close as I could, teasing her just a little. I rubbed deep into her glutes savoring the feel of that fine firm ass in my hands. She squirmed and sighed as I continued. I was straddling her as she had done me and now as I stroked every muscle in her back, my once again hard cock rubbed between her ass cheeks. I apologized for that and she just moaned and flexed her butt muscles. I figured I could take her now, but wanted to complete the massage so I moved off her and asked her to turn over. Once again I caressed her body as I applied oil to her front. The look in her eyes was pure hunger and lust. Her breathing was ragged and she moaned now at nearly every touch.

I started by massaging her shoulders and perky tits. Her nipples were hard and I just had to taste them. I took each in my mouth and she moaned again. As I massaged lower she pleaded with her eyes. I rubbed around her abdomen and down to the mound above her pussy. I watched her squirm as I rubbed circles on her mound but stayed from her pussy. I then skipped over and started at her feet, massaging each enticingly and then slowly working my way up her legs. I pulled her left leg up at the knee and rotated it open so I could stretch and massage the inner muscles of her thigh. Her cunt opened when I did this and I could see it glistening wet inside. I rubbed her thigh, almost brushing her pussy watching her arch to get me to touch her. I returned her left leg to its normal position and moved around to the right leg. I massaged it in the same way as the left. This time I barely grazed her pussy lip as I massaged high on her inner thigh. She moaned again and pushed her cunt toward my hand. “Would you like a free hand job, it’s part of the service you know” I asked in a gentle tone. She nodded. “Please make me come” she pleaded. I began gently rubbing the outside of her pussy lips between my fingers and she moaned at my touch. I dipped my head and tentatively licked at her cunt. She pushed her hips toward my face and grabbed my head pulling my mouth in tighter against her hot pussy. I began to lick and suck and soon her hips were bucking as she reached orgasm. “Fuck me, oh fuck me” Amy cried, and I was happy to oblige. I lifted her ass and slipped a pillow underneath then put her feet on my chest and pushed my cock into her hot wet cunt hole. This made my cock rub her G-spot with every stroke. As I pumped her she writhed beneath me. Soon she was cumming again and then once more. “Where do you want me to cum?” I asked as I felt my cum rising. “In my hot young pussy” she replied, and I emptied my balls deep in her cunt. She came again as I was pumping while my cock shrank back to normal size. My dick popped out of her pussy and we lay there for a few minutes, then I decided to try something I had read about but hadn’t yet tried on my wife.

I reached down between Amy’s silky smooth thighs and rubbed her pussy, still slick as our combined cum leaked out. She gave out with a contented moan. I slipped two fingers inside and began to tease her G-spot. At the same time I started rubbing her clit with my thumb. I started slowly, but soon increased the pace. Her contented moans mutated to ones of urgent lust and hunger. I continued my ministrations as she pushed her cunt toward my hand. Her arms were stiff down her side and she grabbed the sheet in her hands. Then it happened. She cried out “OH FUCKING GOD” as her pussy squirted all over my hand. I removed my hand and she squirted again. It was amazing to watch. Her body writhed and contorted as she shook through the orgasm. She kept twitching for some time, and for a moment I wasn’t sure she wasn’t having a seizure, but soon her body relaxed and she rolled toward me smiling. She pulled herself close to me and kissed me deep and with passion. I smiled inwardly, feeling somewhat proud to have affected her that way. Afterward we lay together for some time until it was time for me to leave. She hugged and kissed me whispering “Please come fuck me again”. I went home completely sated. I checked my cell phone and was pleased to find the entire incident recorded by my phones video camera. I would be able to jerk off to this for some time to come.

A couple weeks later Amy called me on my cell sounding very distraught. She asked if I could come over after work. I said I would. “Oh, thank you, Andy. I don’t know what to do” she said sounding a little relieved. After work I drove over to her apartment. When I knocked on the door, Amy answered, completely naked. “I need another massage like you did last time” she pleaded. I replied that I didn’t have any money to spend on a massage today. “I don’t want money, I just want you to massage me and fuck me like you did last time” she pleaded. “OK” I said. She ran in the bedroom and I followed. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me too her by my waistband. She eagerly pulled down my pants as I pulled off my shirt. When my cock was freed, Amy sucked it into her mouth and I was soon hard as stone. I pushed her back on the bed and began to rub her as I had in the massage, but with a little more urgency as she seemed to need it more. I rubbed her thighs and belly teasing around her pussy until she was begging me to eat her cunt. I bent over and kissed her wonderful tits bringing a moan to her lips. Then I licked my way down toward her hot cunt. By the time I was ready to lick her pussy, she was already humping her hips in anticipation. She came almost immediately as I sucked her clit. I continued to lick and suck that young tasty cunt until she came once more, this time pleading for me to fuck her. I moved up and positioned myself between her legs and shoved my cock in to the hilt in one stroke. I began fucking her, slowly at first then building up to a frenzied pace until I was ready to blow my load in her cunt. I didn’t even ask or warn her I just spewed rope after rope of hot man cream into her belly. She cried out and came once more. As we lay together in an after fuck glow, my hand tracing across her belly from cunt to tits and back, Amy finally revealed the reason she had called me. “I’m being evicted” she said softly “and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be homeless again”. “I’ve got an idea” I replied as I slipped two fingers into her still juicy cunt. I then began stroking her g-spot and massaging her clit together. Soon she was squirting all over my hand. And she lay twitching in post orgasmic ecstasy.

That evening I was explaining to my wife how my ‘cousin Jimmies daughter’ Amy was going to school at the local tech college and was in dire need of a place to stay. It would be temporary, only long enough for her to save up enough money to get an apartment. I come from a large family and have many cousins. My wife has only met four or five of them. Jimmie was real. Amy was not his daughter but my wife didn’t need to know that. Amy soon moved into our second bedroom. She called me Uncle Andy from that point forward. I rented a nice small office space downtown for a couple hundred a month and we furnished it for massage and Amy began working from there. Over the next 6 months Amy worked out of the office and I got all the free massages and sex I wanted. Any time we were in the house alone, we were fucking like rabbits. I would also stop by after work now and then and get a nice massage. Amy’s hands, after all, were the reason I called her in the first place. All good things must come to an end, and so it was with our living arrangement with Amy. Six months later she had a new apartment and was finishing up her schooling. I continued to rent the office space and she would use it from time to time. We would occasionally meet there and massage each other or fuck like crazy. I soon began to give coupons for free massage to random women on the street. Occasionally one would book an appointment and I would give her a nice rubdown. I seldom fucked any of them, but they all left the office feeling relaxed and satisfied. Some even learned they could squirt, but that’s another story.

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