Marion’s summer lust

Marion Schoffel lay on the chaise lounger, letting the sun beam down on her. Her body was oiled up with sunscreen, and the tiny white bikini she was wearing left most of her delectable charms uncovered.

To all outward appearances, Marion was a happy and healthy 40-year-old, married to her high school sweetheart for the last 19 years, their daughter Brianna was getting straight A’s in her last year of high school. To an outside glance, the picture of peace and serenity.

Behind the facade of personal tranquility, Marion was in a battle. Her husband had become a lazy lover, once a week or less, (usually less), he’d jam his dick in, and pump her for a 2-minute joy ride, squirt his meager load, then pull out with a satisfied grunt, turn over and go to sleep, leaving her barely even warmed up.

A week ago, she’d been grabbed by 3 guys when she was walking to her car after work. She had been required to stay overtime, night had fallen and it was dark as she made her way through the parking lot. They had appeared out of the dark shadows, and she felt large hands clamping around her arms, while another guy came around the front, facing her.

“Baby, don’t scream, don’t resist, and you’ll come out of this just fine. Understand?”

Marion, terrified, nodded her head. Her husband was on a 7-day business trip, it was Friday night, and Brianna was having a weekend sleepover at her friend’s house. She would not be missed, so she was at their mercy.

The man facing her smiled, and he said, “I have a feeling you’re gonna like what we have in store for you.”

They quickly marched her to a black van, and she was led inside, and seated next to two of the men, while the third one got behind the wheel. She had no illusions, she knew she was going to be raped, and there wasn’t one damn thing she could do about it.

Even as she lay by the pool, apparently relaxing, she was remembering it, just like a film clip that played over and over.

They had pulled up in front of a nondescript house in the suburbs, once inside the garage, she was marched into the house and into a bedroom. There was a king-sized bed, and she stared at it. This is where I’m going to be raped, her mind said, there is where I will be violated. She watched, her eyes widening, as her captors stripped, she saw three big cocks, all fully extended, ready to violate her.

A look from the leader was all it took, having no choice she stripped down, her lacy bra and panties were soon tossed to the floor, and she stood before them totally naked. She saw three sets of eyes drinking in her form, the grapefruit-sized breasts, silver dollar sized nipples, curvy hips, and the neatly trimmed blonde bush between her thighs, long sleek legs, and when they made her turn around, a sexy heart-shaped ass, the cheeks perky and smooth.

“Ummm, oh yeah baby, great body, on your knees baby, get us all fluffed up.”

Judging by the hard stiff cocks before her, it crossed her mind that they didn’t need much fluffing at all, but when she was presented with her first cock to suck, she knew she had no choice. I have to get through this, my daughter needs me to be there for her, ran through her mind. She obediently opened up and let the leader slide his cock in. He was packing a full 9 inches, she called on the cock sucking skills she had learned as a college freshman, and with a slight twist of her head, she heard his satisfied grunt as she took in his full length, his cockhead nestling in her throat as his balls touched her chin.

“Oh yeah, great hot mouth baby.”

She went to autopilot, just pumping her mouth up and down, wetly bathing the hard cock in her mouth as she rode his pole. He pulled out before he blew his load, and the second man took his place, and he was quickly grunting as his cock got a first-class cock suck.

“Okay baby, on the bed, and we’re going to fill every hole you have.”

That cut through the autopilot haze. She’d never even had a DP, now she was going to get a triple penetration! A former boyfriend had fucked her ass, it wasn’t something she hadn’t really wanted to do again, but now she had no choice.

She had watched the leader lay down, his cock pointing skyward, and she knew what she had to do. She squatted over him, nudged her pussy against him, and drove down, grunting as she felt the dryness of her pussy, his cock abrasively splitting her open. Once down, he felt his hands come around her back, pulling her against him, her ass upthrust, cupping her cheeks then spreading them apart. She felt one of the men, the second one she’d sucked, taking the position, feeling a slather of lube being applied, a finger spreading it all over the tight rim then gently probing her asshole. Thank god her asshole wasn’t going to be taken dry.

Marion had completely surrendered, and she felt his cock pressing against the tightly puckered rosette of her asshole. The lube and the wetness of her suck job to his cock helped, but Marion still flinched and gasped as her asshole was pushed into, letting out pained grunts as her ass was spread apart by the solid girth stretching her. She felt him bottom out, letting out a loud growl.

“Oh fuck, virgin tight, love fucking a tight ass.”

Her body was lifted to a 45-degree angle, Marion turned her head and saw the third man moving in, his penis presented to her mouth. She opened up and submissively took him in, sucking and slurping as he buried his 8 inches in the warm wet mouth.

Now that all of her fuck holes were filled, they started to ride her. She could feel them pick up on a rhythm, moving in time so that she was completely stuffed on the in-stroke, then almost emptied on the out-stroke. She could feel the two cocks fucking her lower holes rubbing against each other, the feeling was unreal, she’d never had the sensation of being so stuffed. The three men were venting their fuck lust on her submissively kneeling body, and her body turned traitor. She felt the rising lust in her own body, her pussy let loose with a gush of juices, she heard the leader grunt as his cock was bathed in the hot juices, and she began to suck the third man’s cock with a rising need. Her body had been denied the pleasure of getting the fucking she needed by her lazy husband too many times, and if it had to be done this way, so be it. She began moaning around the cock in her mouth, pumping her hips back at the cocks taking her lower holes.

The leader grunted, “Oh yeah baby, I knew you’d like it. Ummm, such a hot pussy, make my cum baby!”

Being used, and enjoying it, had made her feel wanton and wicked, it overwhelmed the idea that she was nothing more than a live fuck doll, being taken without her express consent. Marion continued to move her body with them, feeling the rising tide of her own orgasm.

The man fucking her mouth grunted, “Fuck, gonna cum, fuck FUCK!” and she felt his cock explode, the hot wet rush filling her mouth, swallowing and moaning as another rush refilled her mouth with his hot seed. That took her over, she gulped down her second mouthful and pulled her mouth free, letting out a loud shriek of pleasure as her orgasm overtook her, she felt her lower holes clamp down on the cocks ramming her pussy and ass.

The leader growled, “Oh yeah, fuck FUCK” and her ass fucker let out a loud growl, they both jammed their cocks into the max, and they both exploded. Marion felt the gush of hot, wet sperm being pumped into ass hole and her pussy, oh fuck, she was cumming again, cumming like crazy, she let out another scream of pleasure, oh fuck, it was too good, the feeling of all three holes being plundered, then every hole getting a thick coating of hot cum pumped into her. She felt the tightness of her holes milking at the two stiff cocks, sucking their loads out eagerly.

After the first round she was carried into the bathroom, and they proceeded to shave her pussy, ass, and her taint. When they were done, she reached down, marveling at the bare, smooth skin. No nicks, no cuts, and the feel of her sexuality, so exposed to them, made her body thrum with lust. They were really primed, she could see that her bare, totally shaven pubic region really kept them up. The next several hours were a blur, she was on her knees, sucking them back up, so all of them could fuck every hole she had. Marion was wallowing in the most glorious sexual heat she’d ever been able to imagine. Their very naked lust for her body had inflamed her like nothing she’d ever known, and the way they vented their lust on her now eager holes was amazing. She was no longer a victim, she willingly took it all, their hot wet mouths licking at her asshole and her pussy, their hard, eager cocks quickly following, and she rode every pole in triple combinations, she was hooked on getting every hole filled and their cocks were happy to oblige, emptying rushes of hot, satisfying spunk. Every one of their hard cocks got to sample every hole she had, she shuddered, writhed, and shrieked through orgasm after orgasm, her body on fire with her lust.

After several hours, and having had every hole licked, sucked, and fucked thoroughly, they had loaded her back into the van, and driven her back to the parking lot, pulling up to her car.

The leader said, “Thanks baby, we all had a great time. We know you did too.”

She had driven home, and once inside the house, had taken a hot shower, and virtually collapsed into bed, sleeping 12 hours straight through. She had not even thought about reporting it, the way she had gotten into it, changing over from rape to hot fucking, it wasn’t like any rape she envisioned.

It was like a metamorphosis, she dreamed about it, and relived it when she was awake. It was like torture, having her lust brought to the surface, getting it well satisfied, then suddenly it was over. To her friends and relatives, she seemed so calm, so in control, but all she could think about was being taken and used as a cock crazy slut.

Her body was powered up, nipples tingling, hard and stiff as pencil erasers. She could feel the dampness of her aroused pussy against her bikini bottoms, it felt like her body was almost throbbing with heated lust. Marion undid the front clasp of her bikini top, letting it fall away from her mounds, She looked down, her nipples were stiff, red, and achy. She brought her hands up, grasping at her nipples, letting out low moans as she felt the rush of sensations shooting straight to her creamy fuck-hole. Her legs spread apart, she arched her back and her right hand slid down her body, under the bikini bottoms, her fingers gliding over her hairless pubic mound. She thought of it as a gift from the rapists, she discovered that it made her feel so damn hot, and she kept herself hair-free, waxed bare and smooth. Marion let out a purr of pleasure as her fingers found her wet heat. Her bikini bottoms fastened at the sides, they were quickly opened, and she shoved her bikini bottoms away. Naked to the world started her lust climbing faster, she slipped a finger inside the hot, liquid depths of her cunt, gently caressing her clit. God, that felt so fucking good, and she quickly added two more fingers, stuffing them in, letting out a groan of pleasure as she felt her fingers forcing apart her pussy lips, stretching her open. She’d always had a nice, tight pussy, her rapists had made several crude comments about what a tight cunt she was, and how it was like fucking a virgin cunt when they fucked her pussy. She let the memories fill her mind, how she was fucked in triple combinations, every one of them getting to sample each hot hole. Her other hand came down, fingertips teasing at the tight pucker of her asshole. She poised her index finger and drove it in, mmm, oh yes, both holes filled, just like the cocks that took her ass and her cunt had. Each plunge of their demanding cocks had just inflamed her lust even more until she was little more a mass of writhing lust, Marion’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure had filled the bedroom over and over, hard cocks blasting hot, creamy payloads into her hungry holes.

Her pussy was gushing, fuck it felt like a waterfall, and she started to make gasping sounds of pleasure, she started to finger fuck her holes faster, rapidly pumping a finger in and out of her asshole, tweaking her hard, straining clit, and she went roaring over, her body shaking, squeals of orgasmic ecstasy as she tumbled into a blissful orgasm, letting her body shake in pleasure until every last spasm had swept through her.

She flopped back on the lounger, oh god, that had felt so good. She was going to be playing with herself a hell of a lot more, she already had in mind a trip to the Adult Toy store. A dildo, a vibrator, she’d heard tales of wild, crazy pleasures that certain vibrators could deliver, and she was eager to see if they really did what they claimed to do.

As she lay back, reveling in the afterglow, she did not know that the daughter of her next-door neighbor had been watching.

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