Open marriage chronicles – Florida heat

We were vacationing on Florida’s west coast when I suggested to
Ellen that she should date others. After 8 years of marriage, we’d had no
serious arguments, but now she was irritated.

We were discussing this a half hour before sunset while we were
in our swim wear, washing our Porsche on the narrow strip of grass
separating the rented house and the beach. She calmed down, then
laughed, convinced that his wasn’t a ploy to allow me to fool around.
She’d been so opposed to the suggestion that I was surprised when she
finally caved in, agreeing, “O-kay, Bill. I’ll consider it. But it’s a
dumb idea.”

I breathed liked I’d just run a mile and said, “All I ask is that
you tell me about the dates.” She smirked doubtfully, but her eyes were
telling me that her anger had been supplanted by an excited imagination.
Before we’d married, Ellen had been a beach wear and cosmetics model. A
daughter of a Presbyterian minister, she didn’t smoke and had never drunk
alcohol. Now, thanks to dieting and Bally, her measurements were the
same as when I’d met her. She’s 5’8″, has waist-length black hair,
the rare color of brilliant, gray eyes, and a figure that turns men’s
heads. Here in her white string bikini, she looked even more appealing.

The car now shined like new. I was lifting the portable vacuum
when we glanced toward a young blond man, his fist gripping a sketch
pad as he walked up from the beach. He was wearing a light blue
button-down shirt with epaulets and khaki safari slacks. He introduced
himself as Greg, an art student at a local college. He asked
directions to a nearby diner. With his tall, lithe body and tanned
face, he looked more like a surfer than an artist.

Bending to pick up the chamois and her white hip-length terry
robe, Ellen smiled. She was appraising Greg’s handsome features. Her
nervous blush looked like an advanced case of sunburn. She tossed me a
quizzical nod. I picked up her cue and grinned toward Greg, “We
haven’t eaten either.” Turning to Ellen, I blurted, “How about
inviting this starving student over for dinner?”

Ellen beamed, agreeing enthusiastically, “Terrific idea,”
and turning to Greg, offered, “How about lobster?”

He declined politely, but upon Ellen’s urging, finally nodded
affirmatively, “Lobster sounds great. Thanks.” I walked behind Greg. His
gaze followed Ellen’s tall, beach-robed figure up the pebbled
flagstones to the back door. In the dimly lit kitchen, Ellen slipped
on her white high-heeled pumps, accentuating her long legs. ï 7 3 
Although shy, Greg turned frequently to look at her as she
prepared dinner. He was living with two roommates in a rented duplex
two blocks from the college. He knew little about sports, and I knew
even less about art; so the conversation was strained until Ellen
joined us. After dinner, she took a shower, then returned in a low-
cut dark blue robe to sit on the floor between me in a chair and Greg
on the couch. She was wearing nothing beneath the satiny material
that clung to her body, contouring her nipples.

I set chips and dip on the rattan coffee table and opened a
bottle of white wine for Greg and me and a diet soda for Ellen. There
was no mistaking the sexual electricity irradiating between them.
Their eyes locked as they exchanged stories of their lives “before
Florida.” His gaze fell now and then to her bared leg and to the
smooth midnight-blue material that exposed the pale sides of her

Occasionally a word would catch in their throats. Both swallowed
in excitation when their hands brushed as she offered him potato
chips, her hand lingering to touch his. Because Greg was lean and
hardened, I doubted that he usually ate snacks. But now, he didn’t
refuse any, allowing him another opportunity to caress her hand.

She asked him to teach her some basic sketching rules, suggesting
that they do so in what Floridians called the “Florida room.” In Long
Island, we called it a den. She preceded him into the room, tuned the
stereo to a soft FM station, then came out to search for a bottle of
champagne and two glasses. She whispered her plan to me. She returned
to Greg, closing the door.

As she suggested, I slipped out of the house, drove the car a
block away, locked it, and sprinted back to an area between the
darkened hedge and the Florida room’s broad shuttered window. All
other lights in the house were now turned off. The summer heat had
allowed us to keep the glass shutters open, so I could almost everything
they said.

I was wondering how she’d handle champagne as I watched her
sipping her half-empty glass. She was curled alongside him on the
couch. Their conversation diminished to whispers and soft laughter.
She glanced beyond the window but was unable to see me in the
darkness. Turning to Greg, she pursed her lips and inquired, “Do you
like to dance?” When he murmured he didn’t know how to slow-dance,
she offered to teach him. He accepted. His speech was slurred from
the champagne’s intoxication.

She turned the dimmer switch. A soft glow bathed the room as
she held out her hand, beckoning him. They swayed together, her cheek
brushing his.

He stroked her hair. He held her a moment after the second song
ended, then turned away to drink the last of his champagne.

Ellen’s face was flushed now. Her soft lips trembled with fear ï 7 3 
Šand passion as she danced slowly with Greg. She swallowed nervously,
glancing to his engorged manhood surging beneath his slacks. Another
melody drifted from the stereo. She closed her eyes as he reached for
her. The tips of her fingers traced a sensuous path down his neck. Her
tremorous mouth formed an “oh” as her lips touched his. Ellen’s hips
were gyrating in eager passion.

Greg opened her robe, sliding it from her shoulders. Her nipples
were erect. Her body trembled in excitation as the robe fluttered to
the floor. She blushed as he pulled her to him, his lips crushing hers.

Ellen’s hands tremored as she removed his shirt. Her legs
shaking, she sank to her knees to unbuckle his belt. She pulled his
slacks down his long legs, her full lips brushing his chest and stomach.

The largest member she’d ever seen burst free. She gulped
fearfully, her eyes widened in disbelief.

Now, on her knees and cringing in terrified awe as Greg’s long
cock swayed before her, she looked like a sacrificial virgin worshiping
at a serpentine altar.

Shuddering, she licked her crimson lips. Her full pale breasts
were rippling with passion. I could feel the desire radiating between
them as her mouth strained to encircle his shaft that was curving up
from the tuft of blond pubic hair. Ellen was moaning. Her hips were
rolling back and forth like waves on the beach.

Greg gaped at his glistening manhood. The fullness of her lips
glided along its length. As he glanced to the pulsing blue numbers of
a shelf-top’s digital clock, he tremored, “What if your husband returns
early from work?”

She muttered, her soft voice quaking, “He won’t. He works near
Tampa Bay and won’t be home until eight in the morning.”

He lifted her from the floor, then lowered her to the couch,
tasting her melon-like breasts. He sucked each firm, reddened nipple
until they stood out like spikes. Her face was burning, her breath
hissing like a radiator.

Ellen pressed her breast’s soft ripeness against his face, her
cries of pleasure piercing the room’s air. She squeezed his cock, its
purple, bulbous head surging inches beyond the breadth of her small
fist. Mewing in ardor, she had forgotten that I was watching.

I envied Greg’s length. My shaft was now as hard as his as I
unzipped and pulled it from my slacks, pumping slowly.

He pushed her trembling legs apart. Her pale coral mound
pulsated. I realized then that she’d shaved her public hair while in
the shower.

His lips grazed her swollen clitoris, causing her body to
shimmy. She rotated her smoothness against his mouth as he moved up ï 7 3 
Šher body. And finally, his tongue was twirling against hers.

My chest heaved in excitement as he mounted her.

Her body shivered, her eyes following the downward path of
his shaft. Her eager cunt quivered upward to touch the intrusive member.
She moaned. Tears of pleasure pooled in her eyes as his broad cock-head
pushed through her creaming cuntal folds. Her fervid tunnel now engulfed
his shaft as she hissed, “Oh GOD! I’m on FIRE!” Her tremoring thighs
thighs caressed his back, reeling him in.

And then, she was wailing with lust. He pistoned deep within
her. Ellen thrashed her head from side to side. Her hips swirled as
she reveled in his heated fucking. Swinging her legs around his
shoulders, she pressed her back against the cushions, squealing, her
eyes glistening with tears. Her face registered surprise with each
steaming entry of his massive cock. Her voice quavering, she
whimpered, “Oh, GOD! GREG! I’ve never FELT like this!”

Thrusting into her quaking pussy, Greg was immersed in the
culmination of their lust. His jaw slackened. His chest heaved as he
looked down on her rolling eyes. He moaned unintelligible noises I
could remember making as a young marine fucking women who were never
as gorgeous as Ellen! I couldn’t have imagined being with a woman that
beautiful! A MARRIED woman!

Her body shimmied. Unable to tear her eyes away from the
monstrous cock ramming into her shaved pussy, she cried, “Oh Greg,
I LOVE your cock! God HELP me! I LOVE FUCKING YOU!”

I was drugged with a time-stilling sensation as she rolled,
pulling Greg beneath her.

Straddling him, she slowly impaled herself on his cock, her
fiery well of passion sucking in his long steaming poker.

Gaping at her cuntal folds enveloping his firm manhood as she
bucked against him, Greg murmured, “I love it too, Ellen. I love
fucking YOU!”

I now leaned against the window so closely, I could smell the
perspiration steaming from their inflamed bodies. I was stroking my
elongated member in rhythm with my heart, which was thumping like a

Greg disengaged. Pushing Ellen to her knees on the carpet, he
mounted her from the rear. She reached behind, allowing her trembling
fingers to stroke his length. Feeling his enormous hardness, she
cried out in yearning!

She braced her arms against the carpet, spreading her knees
to accommodate the large tool entering her cunt. She gasped. Her
mouth and eyes widened as he pushed deeper. She was shuddering,
aflame with desire. Her voice quaking, she pleaded, “Oh, JESUS, Greg!
GIVE it to me! I NEED your cock!” With tears streaming down her face, ï 7 3 
Šshe pleaded for every inch of the monster that was thrusting deep
into her lubricated pussy. Although he was entering her for the second
time, she squealed, “Oh GOD! You’re splitting me APART!” Her eyes were
wild, her body flaming in a crimson blush. But when he’d sunk his
shaft its full length, she wailed, “Oh, YES! Greg! YES-S-S!”

Now, as they united in blazing passion, she was sobbing. They
were thrashing about like hellish demons. The yolks of her eyes
rolled. She fucked back against him wildly in long strokes, shuddering
as his large balls slapped the mounds of her buttocks. I’d never seen
Ellen so overcome with lust!

The sheer joy of watching them was incredible! Until that night,
I’d never heard my wife swear, but now, white hot with passion, she
was brazenly pleading, “Oh GOD DAMN! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, GREG! OH JESUS!”
Ellen was rolling her head in wide circles. Her eyes told me she felt
the onrushing orgasm that would soon overtake them. The smell of their
sex permeated the warm night air.

And then Greg, his face contorted, was shrieking, “I’m coming!
Oh, GOD!” He lifted his head high and groaned, increasing his tempo.

Her soft lips oval-ed with each entry. Ellen was positively
radiant as she turned to look at him. His hips hammered the roundness
of her buttocks. She matched each thrust as she told him, “Oh, GOD!
It’s so GREAT, Greg! Come WITH me! I LOVE it! I love YOU! Oh yes, I
LOVE YOU!” Her blissful moans registered the expectant orgasm. Even
Greg and I could feel the explosion building within her.

And then it came! The sexual thunder was surging through them
like an avalanche. She shut her eyes tightly as they sobbed in unison,
their bodies and minds intertwined in cosmic eruptions.

I was coming for an eternity. I hadn’t realized how loudly
I’d groaned until moments later when Greg walked over to lean against
the back of the couch and peer out the window. He was startled a
moment but then grinned, “I didn’t know you were still here. Was it
o-kay?” He was asking for my approval, not whether I’d enjoyed it.

I zipped my fly. “I’d asked Ellen to give herself to you. I
hope you don’t feel used.”

He breathed, “I’ve never had a greater gift.”

I believed him. I walked to the door. Ellen greeted me, her
gray eyes ablaze in lust. Her breath huffed in short bursts as she
removed my clothes. Grasping Greg’s and my shafts, she led us to the
shower. A dim light filtered through the door from the hallway.
Beneath the pounding water, our mouths and tongues pleasured Ellen
until the water heater gave up. Now, burning with desire, we toweled
off and stumbled to the bedroom. Ellen took turns with us until,
finally exhausted, she crawled to Greg, placed her elbows on his chest
and looked into his eyes as if in worship. “I love you,” she told him
as she stroked my cock behind her. “I love Bill, but I also love YOU.
Can you understand that?” I wasn’t jealous. Her revelation told me ï 7 3 
Šjust how much the experienced had meant to her.

I wish I could say that we were with Greg many more times, but
we left our vacation cottage the next day. A letter we’d mailed to
Greg was returned, stamped “Addressee has moved. Current address

However, the experience changed our lives. As things turned
out, she met two other young men who reminded her a great deal of
Greg – David who lives near us, and Brad who visited us with his
parents from Long Island. But those are Ellen’s stories, and she
wants to tell you herself.

Only later did I realized my desire to share Ellen had long
been within me. My voyeuristic tendencies, the pleasure I have from
other men enjoying her beauty, were manifestations of this. I think
I relive my original attraction to her through other men. Ellen now
admits she enjoys our lifestyle, somehow understanding that I’d
always taken pride in watching others admire her. It’s not just to
please me; she loves being fucked by other men – and when possible –
allowing me to watch.

Even now, a year later, each seduction is a unique experience.
With each liaison, another threshold is crossed – into what Ellen
describes as the land of mega-lust. As bizarre as our lives may seem
to others, the arrangement has had an interesting side effect. I
haven’t once considered cheating.

Frankly, affairs with other women could never be as exciting.

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