The Double Intruder

Relax Honey, let me take you on a sensual trip of delight, let us share your fantasy. Your fantasy is to make out with Sweetness, to be screwed with a double headed dildo while I watch.
But first let me tell you how beautiful I think you are and what a fabulous body you have, it excites me just to look at you laying there, looking so tranquil, it excites me to see your breasts as they are in your lacy bra, it excites me to see your puffy shaven cunt behind the transparent fabric of your panties.
Honey, my girl Sweetness is going to do the things I’m unable to do, she’s going to delight you in the most wonderful way, I’ll be here just watching and enjoying, that’s my pleasure, to watch.
O.K. Sweets why don’t you cuddle up to Honey, that’s it, give her a couple of pecks around the ears, the neck, her cheek, slowly kiss your way to her full sensual lips, caress her luscious thighs, Honey your thighs look so soft and smooth, so nice to caress. You do like your thighs caress don’t you Honey? Sweeney do have smooth hands, just relax and enjoy her warm smooth hands sliding up and down your luscious thigh.
Now Sweeney give her a long passionate kiss, press your body into hers, let her feel your body pressing into hers, let her feel the heat of your body, slide your hands over her body, caress her body, give her breast a gentle squeeze, turn her on, I want to see her wiggle in delight, I want to hear her moan passionately, I want to see her pussy moist with her juice…………..
That’s my Sweet Baby, feel up her body, caress her warm smooth body, set it on fire for me……..
I’ll just sit back and watch you turn her on………….
You’re doing fine Sweetness, she off, she’s hot, strip her, I want to see her bare flesh, I want to see her those wonderful breasts free of the bra, I want to see her magnificent erect nipples standing on majestically on their pale mounts, I want to see her smooth shaven mount, her thick lips and neat slit………
Spread those lips Sweetness, open her pussy wide, let my eyes roam as deep in as they can….OOOOOOh what a sight, what a turn on, what a delicious looking pussy, so pink, so moist, so tender.
Sweetness kiss your way down to her tits, kiss them, lick them, caress them, suck them do what ever delightful things you want to do, while you mouth is tantalizing her nipples I want you to reach down to her cunt and fondle it.

It looks so beautiful and puffy, I’m sure you’ll get a thrill fondling it, I know I’ll enjoy watching you fondle it, I know that Honey will enjoy it as well……..
Wow, you do that so well. I’m hot, my rod is hard and stiff, it’s anxious to slide into her wet juicy cunt, anxious to feel the heat of her body, anxious to dig deep into her and spit out it’s hot thick juice, it’s aching with desire and hunger for a taste of her delicious looking pussy, but I’ll just sit and watch as you suck on her beautiful tits and fondle her snatch……..
You’re doing a beautiful job Sweetness, her cunt is so juicy that the juice is running down to her asshole which also looks very nice, I can tell it’s no virgin ass, it looks as hungry as her cunt.
I would love to fuck her ass, what a trip it would be to rub the tip of my rod against her well lubricated asshole until I can’t take the pleasure any more, then very slowly I would push in, watching as my rod creeps into her body, push in steadily until I can’t go any deeper, then with long steady strokes I would screw her until I feel every last drop of my juice trickle out of my rod.
Would you get off on that Honey? It wouldn’t hurt too much would it? It’s nice to think about though.
Sweeney how can you let all that delicious juice go to waste? Why don’t you get down and suck it up? Turn around so that she can suck on your dildo, I sure she would love that,
let me see you eat her out, what a beautiful twat to suck and chew on, Oh it’s so juicy……..
Yeah suck on each other, Oh Sweetness I just know how much you enjoy sucking a big juicy pussy, I love to watch you eat pussy, I like to watch you tongue slide up and down the slit, I like to watch the way it teases the clit, I like to watch the way you take the lips between you lips and gentle pull on them, I like to watch you chew on fleshy cunt lips, I like the way you slide your tongue into hot pink holes, you’re a great pussy eater Sweeney now show Honey your skills, let her feel the pleasures your tongue can stir up with in her.
Let me see how Honey is doing with the dildo. Ooooweee! have mercy lady, you really do know how to suck a rod don’t you?
I love your lips, the way they embrace that dildo, I could feel your hot lips around my rod, the head moving back and forth in your hot wet mouth, your saliva all over my rod head making it so very slippery, I can feel your tongue sliding over the smooth head, feel your lips close tightly on it.
OOH! Honey you are such a wonderful cock sucker, I’m truly tempted to replace that dildo with my rod, give you something real to suck on, maybe later, right now entertain me…….
Sweetness I hate to snatch your sack from you but it’s time to feed that hungry cunt with more than your tongue, turn around and get between her thighs, that’s it Honey put your legs up and spread them. You’re eager too aren’t you?
Turn on your vibrator Sweetness and eased your rod into that salvanating pussy, easy now. I want to watch it stretch over your dildo, want to see it go in real slow, I want to see the pleasure on her face as you ease the vibrating rod into her………
What a sight. What a shaft raising sight, Honey you must be loving it, those sweet vibes tantalizing your puss, that big hard dildo sliding slowly up your cuntal passage, its so big your pussy must be tight around it.
Honestly Honey, I wish that it was my hard stiff rod that was sliding into your snatch, but I love to watch and see what I wouldn’t see if it was my rod sliding into you. What a beautiful view, I love the way the mouth of your pussy form itself around the dildo.
Now, slowly Sweetness, push down until the second head touch her asshole, let me see that dildo sliding in and out of her, let me see her pussy juice clinging to it, screw her slow and steady, get her real hot, tease her with only five inches, tease her by pushing the second head against her asshole…………………………………..
Oh yes Sweetness you’re doing so well I love your moves.
Are you ready to take the second dildo in your ass Honey? I think you’re ready, you sound as if you’re ready, you look as if you want it, you want to feel it slide into your tight asshole.
O.K. Sweetness let her have it, give it to her, slide it in her ass. Ooooweee that looks so good, push steady slow and steady, give her all five inches in her asshole.
Can you dig it Honey? Two vibrating dildos sliding in your body Wow what a sight, it must feel real good, let me just watch as Sweetness screw both you holes, enjoy yourselves ladies while I watch………………………..
Wonderful Babies………..Wonderful……You just go on enjoying yourselves while I watch…….Oh beautiful ladies.
Screw her harder and faster Sweetness, make her cum, ram those dildos in faster and harder, yea jackhammer her. Oh yes, give it to her Baby, give it to her good, Ohh what a view, ram those latex into her, screw her Sweetness, screw her good, make her spill her juice so that I could lick it up.
Now Honey don’t hold back anymore, cum now, let your sweet juices flow, let it flow, let it flow. Now Sweetness pump your sweet juices into her, let her feel the rich thickness of your juices, pump your sweet honey into her, pump it all in all that delicious juice must full up her pussy. Can you feel it Honey all that rich honey being pump into you, can you feel that dildo juice filling you up, can you feel it mixing with your own body juice…….
It’s time Honey time for me to cum, it’s time for me to dine, ease out of her Sweeney, let me lay beside her, lets do the pyramid, here Honey straddle me so that I could eat you out, keep that pussy tight, don’t want to lose a single drop of that precious mixture in you, straddle me too Sweeney and ease yourself down on my stiff rod.
What a great sight to see you so close up Honey and what a fantastic fragrance, I’m ready for your offering, let it ooze out, let me lick it away, let me give you a good pussy wash with my tongue, it is so delicious. Sweetness your pussy is as hot and tight as usual, I love the way it’s sliding into your pussy, you know how I like it, slow and easy, why don’t we kiss and caress each other……..
Oh Honey I just love eating you out, what a magnificent flavor your body gives to honey.
I hear you Sweety let it flow and I’ll flow with you, yea, Sweetness hold on tight to my rod with the muscles of your pussy, oh yes you’re doing right, I can feel your hot wetness around me, feel my hot squirts splashing into you, feel my throbbing rod deep within you……….
Let’s lay sideways so that Honey could suck my juice out of you while you suck on my rod, i’ll continue to suck on Honey. Have you ever suck cum from a pussy Honey?
Let’s lay here in bliss and suck each other, let’s enjoy each others body.
Oh this is fantastic, this is sweet ecstasy.

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