A plastic mechanical hot stud

In that narrow corridor between sleep and awake, Lyn became aware of the demands of her body, for a quick moment she thought of reaching into the headboard of her bed and take out her largest dildo to satisfied her needs, the next moment she realized that she didn’t need the dildo for her needs were being taken care of and she was already full of the longest, thickest cock she had ever encounter, the big long cock was slowly sliding as deep as it could into her. Then it would slide out until only the very tip was still in her.
Softly she moaned and raised her hips to meet an inward thrust, but a soft voice told her not to move, to just lay still and enjoy. It weren’t easy but for a woman who wears a hot stud in her panties so that she could get her thrills while walking down a crowded street, standing or sitting in a crowded bus or metro or even on a roadside bench she had learned some control, but in weren’t a plastic mechanical hot stud that was moving in and out of her, it was a hot live throbbing column of flesh and that made all the deference.
She laying on her back, him on his side across the bed, her left leg between his and her right thigh over his waist, his left hand was fondling her breasts while his right was caressing her shaven mount.
From the ceiling mirror she had a great view of his long cock moving in and out of her puffy wet cunt, it gave her a thrill to see her cunt juice on his cock each time he pulls out, it excited her to see how it parts her lips, it was a thrill to know that she was taking so huge a cock in her cunt, in wondrous bliss and moans of delight she watched in enjoyment as he slides into her, slowly and steadily he slides deep into her hot oozing pussy. To the end of her tunnel, she felt him press pleasurably at the end then slowly he would withdraw.
Their moans and groans grew louder as she laid, feeling and watching his long thick cock slide along her cuntal passage, louder and louder were their moans as their passion builds. His fingers never ceased playing with her nipples and the mounds of her breast.
The fingers of his right hand reached down and began to do mind-blowing things to her clit, he tapped it rapidly with his finger, he caressed it up and down, in circular motion, he held it between two fingers and rolled it then he squeezed.
Loud was the scream she let out as she shook violently under the force of her climax, she felt him pull back until only the very tip was in her, as his hot fluid gust out he sank deeper and deeper within her, his body shaking just as violently as he pressed in on her.
Viciously he was rubbing at her clit with two or three fingers, as she squirmed until her climax burned itself out.
Together and motionless they laid as they drift through the realms of ecstatic wonders in the aftermath of a blast that was very satisfying, now and then they would shiver and tremble as they felt the remains of ecstasy rush through their body.
“Good morning.” He said softly. “Hope I didn’t wake you up too roughly?”
“You can wake me like that every day.” She answered.
“Breakfast is ready, lets go eat.” He said as he eased out of her and rolled out of bed.

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