Tessa’s family affair


Tessa Hughes was a 18-year-old beauty. Her long blonde
hair was cut straight and rarely styled, yet she managed to project
a sensuous and earthy sexuality without trying. Her body
contributed to her appeal. High firm breasts were her strong
point, but her long, flawless legs and tight ass were also a
pleasing sight.
Tessa’s family lived in a small house by the river and Tessa
was a sophomore at Lincoln High.
Tessa shared a room with her younger brother because the house
only had two bedrooms. As the siblings had grown older, this
arrangement became more and more difficult for Tessa to deal with.
As her body started to mature, she would be very careful about not
letting Jimmy see her naked. Jimmy, too, was quite cautious. On
the other hand, the two would try to get glimpses of each other as
often as possible. Tessa was fascinated to know that her twelve
year-old brother was going through puberty. She waited for any
chance to monitor the progress of his maturing genital region,
covering over as it was with hair.
Early one Saturday morning, however, Tessa woke up and assumed
that her brother was still asleep. Her father was in the shower,
so she couldn’t dress in the bathroom. “Since Jimmy’s asleep, what
harm could there be in changing here?” she thought.
She quietly pulled her long nightgown over her head and stood
in front of the mirror, trying to decide what to wear. She admired
her breasts, smoothing her hands over them and rolling her nipples
between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.
At that moment, Jimmy awoke, but seeing his sister like this
made him decide to pretend he was still asleep.
Tessa bent to pull off her tiny silk panties. As she did, she
noticed her smooth, tight buttcheeks. Feeling a little naughty,
she glanced to make sure her brother was still asleep then bent
again and pulled her asscheeks apart. She smiled in the mirror at
her cute little crinkled asshole. She ran a finger between the
lips of her pussy and positioned the pouting petals of flesh in
perfect symmetry around the hole to her cunt. Then she licked her
middle finger and pressed at the opening to her shitter. The
finger slid easily in, and Tessa stifled a moan of pleasure. She
had heard about women who enjoyed anal sex and she couldn’t wait to
try it. Of course, she’d probably have to try straight sex first,
considering the fact that she was still a virgin.
Jimmy was watching all this with intense interest. He felt
his penis throbbing to stiff attention. He didn’t dare move in
case Tessa discovered that he was not asleep, yet he was lying on
his back and the tent that his erection was causing in the sheet
was quite comical. He hoped his sister wouldn’t notice.
Tessa was a little too involved in poking her finger into her
shithole to worry about Jimmy. She was fascinated by the sight of
her finger disappearing into the depths of her bowels.
Jimmy was fascinated too.
Eventually Tessa withdrew her smelly finger and got dressed,
ending the lewd display that the siblings had enjoyed so much. As
soon as Tessa left the room, Jimmy stroked his pulsing cock into an
explosive and messy orgasm, spurting what seemed like gallons of
semen into the sheets of his bed. He knew his mother would think
he had had a wet dream.
Jimmy remembered the first time his mother had found a puddle
of cum in his bed. Jimmy had been so embarrassed about having the
wet dream that he had run away and neglected to clean it up. Mrs.
Hughes later giggled and assured Jimmy that it was perfectly
normal. Jimmy had never had a wet dream sinceþbut his mother
checked his bed frequently and often found puddles in his bed.
That was because Jimmy jerked off now instead.

Mr. Hughes stepped out of the shower and into the bedroom that
he shared with his wife of seventeen years. Jack Hughes was a
minor executive at the public utilities commission. He had very
little ambition and would likely never rise above that position.
Still, his job kept his family clothed and fed, and he was happy
with his life. He had a sexy young wife and two great kids.
Susan Hughes was at her make-up counter and turned in her
chair when Jack came in from the shower.
“So, my clean handsome man, how would you like to come over
here for a Saturday morning blowjob?” Susan put a wicked whisper
in her voice, and parted her robe to expose the full naked form
Jack dropped his towel and walked towards Susan. How could he
resist an offer like that? He grabbed her hair roughly and pulled
her face towards his groin. They often played this game, Jack
being well-versed in playing the dominant role.
“You want to suck my cock, you filthy little slut?” Jack put
a sneer in his voice.
Susan caught on immediatelyþshe knew this game too. “Yes
please, sir, can I suck your cock?”
Jack yanked her hair a little harder. “You better make it
good, you cunt. Slurp out a big fresh load of cum for me.”
“Yes, sir. Are you going to spank me if I don’t do a good
“Only if you’re lucky, cunt. Now shut the fuck up and suck.”
He forced her mouth onto his growing hard-on.
Susan slurped hungrily at her husband’s cock. She loved the
warm feeling in her mouth. In college she had been nicknamed the
`BJ Queen’ by her group of friends because she always talked about
sucking cock. Susan remembered the one time in college, at one of
the many drunken parties, when she took two guys into the washroom
and sucked the both off, one after the other. The feeling of a
man’s cock expanding and pulsing in her mouth made her feel even
better than a good fuck. She especially loved the point of orgasm,
and the taste of cum. Yet she still hadn’t decided if she liked
slurping the spunk right out or watching it fly through the air
Susan lazily sucked at her husband’s big tool, spit drooling
out of the corners of her mouth. Occasionally, when he released
the grip on her hair, she would pull off and lick up and down the
shaft. She anxiously awaited the imminent orgasm.
Jack loved fucking his wife’s face. He was being quite rough
with her, but she was used to that, and she never complained. The
occasional gagging sound was the only indication that she wasn’t
thoroughly enjoying herself. Jack felt himself ready to cum. At
this point he usually eased off and let his wife do what ever she
wanted. He knew that she would sometimes just keep sucking and
swallow every drop of goo. Other times she would keep pumping with
her hand and watch it fly. She would aim it at her tits or
somewhere near her mouth, usually ending up with her face coated in
This time, however, Jack didn’t give her a choice, he brutally
stuffed his rumbling cock into her mouth and felt himself unload.
Susan choked and spluttered as her throat flooded with boiling
semen. Her eyes bulged and she fought for breath.
Finally Jack’s softening cock was pulled from her mouth and
she gasped for air. She slapped Jack hard on the side of the leg,
looking up at him from her sitting position. “You fucking bastard!
You almost killed me!”
Jack glared back at her and said simply, “You loved it.”
“Don’t ever do that again, you bastard.”
“Eat shit, you little slut. I’ll do whatever I want.” Jack
was being really horrible now, still playing his domination game.
Susan, forgetting how bad she had felt a few seconds ago, went
back into her role. “I’m sorry, honey. You can do whatever you
want because I’m just a no-good whore.”
“Fucking right you are. A shit-sucking bitch who gives the
best head in the world.”
“I bet that little bitch at the office doesn’t give better
head, eh honey?” Susan knew about her husband’s indiscretions.
“Not even close. But she lets me fuck her up the ass.” Jack
knew his wife was scared of anal sex, but every few months he would
try to convince her to try it. This was his latest tactic.
“Well keep giving it to her because you’re not going anywhere
near my asshole with that thing.” Susan stood and wrapped her robe
around her. “When was the last time you fucked her up the ass
anyway? I don’t want to be sucking her shit off your cock when I
give you head.”
“Why not?” Jack laughed. “I cum in her mouth after I’ve been
up her ass. She loves it.”
“Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t be any worse that the time I found
out I’d sucked off that bi-sexual guy. His dick had been up a few
butts in his time I’ll bet.” Susan laughed about her sexual past.
Jack dressed and went down to start making breakfast. He
really had a great wife. He knew some day she’d let him fuck her
up the ass.

Susan threw on a pair of panties and one of her husband’s
shirts. This was her favourite lounging attire. Her thirty-five
year-old body was still firm and ripe. She exercised to keep it
that way. The shirt covered the essentials and made her feel sexy
at the same time. Her tits were firm enough that she could afford
to go unencumbered by a bra occasionally.
She went into Jimmy and Tessa’s room to straighten things out
and was surprised to find Jimmy still in bed. He was usually an
early riser.
“What’s up, young man? Don’t you have things to do today?
Get up right now. You can help me clean up a bit.” Susan put her
hands on her hip in an authoritative manner.
Jimmy didn’t move. He had pulled off his pajama bottoms to
accomplish his act of masturbation and had never pulled them back
up. He didn’t know how to replace them. Worse, his cock had
recovered and was now stiffening slightly as he couldn’t shake the
sight of his sister’s antics out of his mind.
His mother accomplished what Jimmy couldn’t by yanking off the
sheet. She gasped slightly when she saw Jimmy’s glistening penis
lengthening before her eyes. Jimmy covered himself the best he
could, but it was too late. His mother had seen it already.
“I’m sorry, Mom.” Jimmy couldn’t think of anything else to
“What are you apologizing for, sweetheart? There’s nothing
wrong with a healthy boy having a little bit of juice come out of
his wiener every once in a while. It builds up and you have to get
it out. Don’t be ashamed.” Susan was well aware of Jimmy’s
ability to produce copious amounts of semen.
“I’m sorry.”
“There you go again. Now, what made you feel like rubbing
your wiener, Jimmy? Do you have some dirty magazines under your
bed?” Susan was curious how her son got so worked up.
“Tessa did it.”
“What?” Susan was a little shocked.
“She undressed in here because she thought I was asleep and
she played with herself in front of the mirror.”
“What did she do?” Susan sat on the edge of her son’s bed.
He still hadn’t pulled up his pajama bottoms, and retelling the
story was now making him hard again.
“She put her finger up her bum. And she rubbed herself
between the legs.” Jimmy’s voice shook with a mixture of
nervousness and excitement.
Susan smiled. “Okay, Jimmy. Now I want you to do me a
favour. Next time you wake up before Tessa, I want you to get her
back by doing the same thing to her. She should know better, but
I’m not really sure what she was up to. You’re both very good-
looking children, and I can imagine that you like looking at each
other and yourselves in the mirror.”
Now Jimmy smiled. He thought about playing with himself in
front of the mirror while his sister looked on. It was a
fascinating idea. He even let down his guard with his mother a
little and pulled his hands away from his groin so he could hug
her. “Thanks, Mom. I thought I was being a pervert or something.”
“Don’t be silly, honey. You’re just a healthy, horny little
boy. By the way,” she said, looking down, “you have a beautiful
piece of equipment there. You’re going to make some girl very
happy some day.”
Jimmy blushed and covered himself again. “You’re my mother.
You can’t say stuff like that.”
“Why not? Do you think that just because I’m your mother that
I can’t tell that you’ve got a great toy to play with there? I
sort of wish I wasn’t your mother because I’d like to play with it
myself.” Susan knew she was embarrassing her son, but she hadn’t
noticed him growing up so quickly and she was impressed.
“Why don’t you Mom?” Jimmy’s voice was strangely soft and
hesitant, yet he longed for a girl to touch him there. Now that
his mother had said those things, maybe she would do it.
“Don’t be silly. I’m your mother, not your girlfriend.” But
there was a gleam in Susan’s eye. She knew how wicked incest was
and that was why there was an attraction in it for her.
Jimmy sat quietly. He knew he had made a mistake asking his
mother to touch his cock, yet he still hoped she would change her
“I’ll tell you what,” Susan started, and Jimmy eyes lit up.
“I’ll watch you play with it, if you want. That way you’ll have
plenty of practice for when you get Tessa back.”
“Okay, Mom.” Jimmy was smiling. “Can you show me… can you
let me see your… I mean can I do it while you…” Jimmy was
obviously tongue-tied.
“What are you trying to say Jimmy? Do you want to see your
mother nude? Would that help you get some more juice out of that
thing?” Susan starting unbuttoning the shirt. “You know that only
Daddy gets to see me naked. Are you going to be my little secret
lover, Jimmy? Are you going to do all the things that Daddy does
to me?” Susan was truly enjoying the seduction of her son.
Jimmy was sweating. His hand moved slowly up and down his
prick. He was obviously very excited.
“Jimmy?” Susan said as she finished unbuttoning the shirt.
“Do you want me to show you my boobs? When you were a baby you
sucked milk out of my boobies. Do you want to suck on them again?
Did you know that when you were a baby and you sucked on them, my
peehole would buzz and get wet because I was so excited. Daddy
would sometimes have sex with me while you sucked. It was like
having two men at once.” Susan was stroking her breasts and
staring at her son’s pumping fist.
Jimmy was transfixed by the sight of his mother’s breasts.
“My little baby is getting to be a big man now,” Susan went
on. “I bet you could use that big hard wiener to have sex with me
if you wanted. Just like Daddy. Could you, Jimmy?”
“Yes, Mommy.” He hadn’t called her “Mommy” in years.
“My baby’s big wiener going in and out. Does that sound good,
Jimmy? Do you want to fuck your mother?” She deliberately
emphasized the word “fuck” and it was the first time Jimmy had
heard her use it.
“Yes, Mommy. Let me do it.”
“Do what Jimmy? Say the dirty word.”
“Fuck. I want to fuck you.” With that, Jimmy felt the
bubbling of his orgasm begin. “I’m going to squirt now, Mommy.”
Without thinking, Susan dove face-first into her son’s crotch.
It was a natural reaction to want that sweet load of cum in her
mouth. Jimmy, although shocked, could not stop the orgasm. He
erupted into his mother’s waiting mouth, grunting and puffing as he

Jack was in the office on Monday. He was going over a budget
report when a girl walked into his office that he’d never seen
“May I help you?” Jack said automatically.
In the following seconds, however, Jack sized up the girl. He
liked what he saw. She was in her late teens, tall and slim with
a very athletic looking body. She was wearing a gauzy white blouse
that showed a lacy camisole underneath. Her skirt was black and
short and she wore dark stockings and high heels. But Jack fixed
his gaze on the girl’s breasts. They were perfect. About the size
of large grapefruits, they sat high and firm on her chest. Through
the camisole and the thin blouse, Jack saw the hint of large dark
nipples. The rest of her skin was quite dark and flawless þ she
could have been Greek or Portuguese. To sum it up, Jack thought,
she was gorgeous.
“Yes. I’m Commissioner Purto’s new assistant. He sent me
down to see if you have that report done yet.” The girl was
looking around at Jack’s office paraphernalia.
“What did you say your name was?” The girl had a cool
aloofness that Jack didn’t like.
“I’m Julia Dupez. Do you have the report?”
“No, I’m afraid it isn’t finished yet. Roger knows I’ll have
it for him by the end of the day.” Jack felt a little
uncomfortable knowing that this girl could be Commissioner Roger
Purto’s new right arm or just an aloof little bitch who thought she
could put pressure on Roger’s underlings.
“I think the commissioner will be disappointed…” she said
Jack grit his teeth. She was really pushing it now, but he
knew he had to keep his cool. “I will give him a preliminary copy
in one hour. I’ll take it up to him myself.”
“That’s okay Mr. Hughes þ I can come down and get it when it’s
ready.” This was the first spark of humanity that Jack had
“That’s sweet of you. I’ll mention to Roger that he seems to
have hired a very capable assistant this time,” Jack smiled. He
knew he was kissing up to her, but it couldn’t hurt.
Julia smiled wide for the first time and said, “Thank you Mr.
Hughes. That would be really nice. I’ll have to think of a way to
thank you.”
Jack smirked. He knew a few smart comebacks to that kind of
line, but he chose one of the more subtle ones: “If I wasn’t a
married man I’d give you a few suggestions.”
Julia blushed at that. “Mr. Hughes! I’m surprised at that.
For an older guy, you sure seem to have a lot of energy.”
Older guy, Jack thought, doesn’t that take the cake. He was
only 35, but since Julia was only about 19, it wasn’t that
surprising a statement. “I think I could show you a thing or two.”
With mock horror, Julia put her hand up to her cheek. “Why
Mr. Hughes! What would your wife say?” She giggled, and Jack
watched closely as her beautiful tits jiggled under her blouse.
“She’d probably be thankful for the time off.”
Julia stepped closer to Jack. For the first time he noticed
that her nipples had erected little tents in the material of her
blouse. He also smelled her perfume. “You know, Mr. Hughes, if
you keep talking like this I’m going to have to tell Mr. Purto.”
“Nipples don’t lie, you little bitch. You’re turned on by the
idea of bending over this desk and letting me throw some cock into
you.” Jack felt confident that she would either be too shocked to
respond or actually go for it. Either way, she wouldn’t tell
anyone outside the office what he had said.
Julia’s eyes narrowed and she defiantly put her hands on her
hips. “You disgusting old pervert. I won’t let you touch me if
you were the last man on earth.” She was turning even redder. Was
that anger or embarrassment and excitement?
“I’m sorry, Miss Dupez. I guess I misread the signals.
You’re a beautiful young girl, and I got carried away.” Jack
smoothed over his outburst as best he could.
“Beautiful, hmm? You give up too easy, Mr. Hughes.” She took
another step towards him. “Doesn’t your wife sometimes play hard
to get? It’s what women do so they don’t look like tramps.” Julia
smiled and touched the collar of Jack’s shirt.
Jack was a little baffled. Was this gorgeous young thing
actually coming on to him now? “But you really are tramps, right?”
“The worst kind of tramps. I can’t help myself when a guy
talks to me like you just did. I like it when a man takes charge.”
Jack swallowed hard. He felt himself starting to sweat. “So
if I told you to hike up your skirt and bend over the desk, you’d
do it?”
“Maybe… like I said before, what would your wife say?”
“Forget my fucking wife. If I told you to spread it out for
me on the desk, would you do it?” Jack placed a hand tentatively
on her hipþhe still wasn’t sure if she would run out of his office
“What would you do if I did?”
“Everything I could get away with.”
Julia smiled and leaned toward him. The smell of her perfume
was exciting, and when she spoke, her breath was like a angel’s
kiss. “Would you fuck me hard?”
Jack gulped. “So hard it would hurt, you little fucking slut.
I think I’d shove my cock up your ass, too”
“Ow! Would you want to hurt me Mr. Hughes? Would you punish
my little asshole because I was a bad little girl?” Julia’s
spoiled baby imitation made Jack’s cock throb against the fly of
his trousers.
“Miss Dupez, I think it’s time you stopped talking and started
putting your pussy on the table.” Jack boldly grabbed her right
breast and ran his thumb over the nipple. She shivered and grabbed
his neck.
“Okay, Mr. Hughes. I don’t give a fuck what Mr. Purto thinks.
My slit is so juicy, I’ll leave a stain if I go back to my desk.”
Jack unzipped his fly and fished out his cock. Julia looked
down at the fleshy post and smiled. Jack put a little downward
pressure on her shoulder, indicating that he wanted her on her
knees. “Put it in your mouth. Suck on my cock.”
Julia slowly dropped to her knees, sliding down his front and
wrapping her slender fingers around his prick. Within a moment he
could feel his breath on his shaft. It pulsed involuntary with the
sensation. She knelt with his piss slit gaping just inches from
her nose, slowly caressing his balls with her fingers.
Jack felt a little weak, but steeled himself in anticipation
of the impending blowjob. “Go ahead, Miss Dupez. Don’t be shy.”
“What if your wife finds out. And the girl who works in the
office next door must know what’s going on.”
“Shut up. Nothing bad will come of it. Suck the fucking
thing. It needs to be licked clean before I slide it up your ass.”
Julia smiled and poked him in the thigh. “You are a pig.
What am I going to be licking off anyway? Did you have sex with
your wife this morning?”
“Yeah, but she sucked me off too, so the worst you’ll get in
your mouth is some dried spit. Hurry up.”
Julia shook her head, and Jack thought she would refuse, but
it was just a sign of resignation as she gobbled his cock whole.
Jack groaned, moving his hips back and forth. His cock slid
in and out of her mouth. Julia fiddled with his balls and bobbed
her head up and down. Although it was thrilling to have a
beautiful young face framing his tool, he could tell she was
inexperienced. That is, she was less experienced that his wife,
Susan. “You haven’t sucked that much cock, have you?”
“What’s the matter? Am I doing it wrong?” Julia looked
positively scared that she had displeased him.
“Forget it… you’ll learn soon enough. I don’t have time to
teach you now. Get up and bend over the desk.” As she rose,
looking rather downcast, a thought struck him. “Have you ever had
a cock up your ass Julia?”
“Well, not exactly. But I’ve had four fingers up there
before.” She seemed embarrassed to be revealing such personal
information; she was quite an enigma.
“Whose fingers were they?”
“My own þ no one else has ever shown that much interest in my
asshole. I guess they’re afraid of… getting messy.”
“There’s nothing wrong with a little shit, Julia. By the way,
when was the last time you took a dump?”
She hesitated. Was she having second thoughts about this
depraved behaviour? Or was she just trying to remember her last
crap? It seemed the latter was true, because she cocked her head
to one side and placed a finger in the crook of her mouth (the
classic dumb blonde gesture). “I think it was yesterday. Why?”
Jack pulled her close and French-kissed her before responding.
“I might not be able to fit my cock up there if the space is
already occupied.” He tugged at his prick. He felt strange
carrying on such a lengthy conversation in his office with his cock
exposed in front of a great looking woman like Julia.
“Maybe we should wait… I mean I really want you to do it to
me, but I guess I should… you know… empty myself first.” Julia
reached down and patted the head of his slowly withering erection.
“Anytime. Maybe you’d like to come by my place next Friday.
My wife and I are throwing a party. I’m sure we could steal away
for a few moments… long enough for me to teach you the joys of
anal sex.”
Julia pressed her hand into the crotch of her skirt. “Are you
crazy? It sounds like such a hot idea, but your wife would find
out for sure!”
Jack laughed and started tucking his cock back in his pants.
“Don’t worry about it… Maybe she’ll want to join us.”
Julia looked perplexed, but her nipples were harder than ever,
and she backed slowly out of Jack’s office with a silly looking
grin on her face.

Because he felt frustrated after his encounter with Julia, he
immediately called up an old lover from university. Caroline
Conway answered on the first ring; sometimes Jack thought she
honestly waited by the phone for his calls.
“Hi Princess! Guess who?”
“Jack, you little bastard. Why haven’t you called for so
long? Is that bitch Susan keeping you tied down? That would be
such a shame for all us lonely ladies.” Caroline’s husky voice
soon had Jack’s cock hard again.
“I really need to let off some steam. Could you drive by my
office after work and help me blow a load or two?”
“You know I’d love to Jack, but my son’s got to be picked up
at school at 4:30.”
“Bring him along, Caroline. I bet he’d love to see his old
mom in action.” Jack smirked at the thought of corrupting the boy,
who, according to his quick calculations, would be 13 by now.
“That’s an interesting idea, honey, but I think I’ll try a
little harder to keep Ricky pure. I could meet you somewhere.
I’ll spring for a hotel room.”
“Wow… if you’re paying, you must be a horny as I am.”
“I just need that little extra abuse that you always seem
ready to provide. I’ve been very naughty this week and I think I
need to be punished.”
Jack remembered his last session with Caroline. He had
slapped her across the ass so hard she was bruised for a week. But
she had called him three times in the same week for an encore
performance. He guessed she was a bit of a masochist, and didn’t
know how he felt about that. All he knew was that, although a
rather large woman (a polite man would call it voluptuous), she
gave fantastic head and loved it up the ass.

Susan didn’t get much housework done on Monday. What kept
tumbling through her mind was the depravity of incest. She had
seduced her twelve-year-old son. She had sucked him off like a
whore. She had suggested that he could be her “secret lover.”
What was wrong with her? Was she sick? Or was it normal to have
such lusty feelings for your offspring? Maybe everyone had the
same feelings but did a better job of controlling them.
Two days had passed, but she still could swear she tasted
Jimmy’s cum. Maybe that was what fuelled her guilt and shame. For
his part, Jimmy had seemed delighted at the “treat” his mother had
given him, and merrily ran off to play baseball with his friends.
Then he slept over at a friend’s house and went to school this
morning as if nothing had happened. He was probably telling
everyone right now what a slut his mother was, asking them if
they’d like to come over and try her out.
Despite all of these guilty feelings, Susan found herself
lying on the couch with her panties around her ankles, stuffing her
fingers into her cunt. She masturbated with a frenzy that
surprised her. Her hips began bucking and she failed to stifle the
moans that welled up from deep within her. With one hand diddling
her clit and the other providing four-finger penetration, Susan
thought she’d go out of her mind with pleasure. Her pussy was
steaming, frothing over with lust juices. She felt the wetness
trickling down into the crack of her ass, leaving a scalding hot
trail. Finally, as she bucked even more frantically, she sensed
the orgasm she craved, rumbling on like a runaway locomotive. It
hit her hard, harder than she expected, and she squealed in
Later (she didn’t know how much later) she found herself
sobbing on the couch, her fingers still clutched into her
overheated slit. It had been a very intense orgasm, unusual for
one that was self-induced. Susan shook her head, pulled her hand
away from her cunt, and licked off her fingers.
She pulled her panties back on and went into the kitchen to
start Tessa and Jimmy’s dinner. Maybe Jack would be home, but she
doubted it.
Susan got some potatoes out of the pantry and put them in the
sink. She suddenly felt very weak and her head started swimming.
She leaned over the sink, her blonde hair mingling with the dirty
potatoes. This encounter with her son had affected her more than
she had first thought. A wave of nausea shook her, and she thought
she might lose control of her bowels.
She splashed cold water on her face. That helped, but she
certainly didn’t feel like making dinner. She went into the guest
bathroom and stripped. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she
faked a smiled at herself. Yes, you little fucking slut, you’ve
really done it this time, she thought. You’ve gone and fouled up
everything. You’re a lousy wife and a lousy mother. Your husband
fucks other women because you won’t satisfy his anal desires, and
now your son thinks you’re a slut. Susan wiped away the lone tear
that escaped from her left eye.
She heard the door open and slam shut. Jimmy was home. Oh
God, she said to herself, now it was time to pay the piper. She
steeled herself for the first moment alone with her son since he
came in her mouth on Saturday morning.
“Mom? I’m home,” he called from the front hall.
“Hi, sweetie!” She was surprised how strong her voice was.
She tugged back on her panties and her shirt.
“God, am I ever hungry. Didn’t you make dinner yet?” Jimmy
threw down his schoolbag and dropped onto the couch as Susan
stepped into the room.
“Was it a good day at school, honey?”
“Yeah, I guess. I talked to Laura Bern for the first time
today. She wasn’t such hot stuff after all… I mean now that I
know what hot stuff is.” He gleamed at her and winked. It was the
first clue that he even remembered what had happened on Saturday
“Would you like some macaroni for dinner, Jimmy?” She felt
queasy again and tried to change the subject.
“Mom, what’s the matter? I bet I’m the first guy in the whole
school who’s had a blowjob.” Jimmy smiled proudly and tugged
nonchalantly at the crotch of his jeans.
“I… you don’t… Stop it, Jimmy. Stop it this instant.”
Susan shook her finger sternly at him. But an undercurrent of
excitement washed through her, overwhelming the earlier feeling of
“Why, Mom? Didn’t you like putting my thing in your mouth?”
“It’s not that I didn’t like it. I just… it isn’t something
nice people do.” Susan brushed her hair back out of her face.
“You’re a nice person, Mom. Really nice. I want you to do it
again.” Jimmy began to unzip his fly. Susan panicked.
“Jimmy! Stop it right now.” Her hand flew out before she
even knew what she was doing. It struck Jimmy squarely on the
cheek with a resounding smack.
Jimmy froze. Then he started to sob. He hid his head behind
folded arms.
Susan recovered. She had hit her lovely son for something
that was surely her own fault. She calmed down immediately and sat
beside Jimmy on the couch.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I shouldn’t have hit you. I’m
sorry.” Susan pulled him towards her and cupped his head in her
hands. She kissed her son’s tear-stained cheek. “Will you forgive
Jimmy didn’t answer; he just snuggled closer to her.
She pulled his head against her chest. She felt the track of
tears on her skin, his hot breath in her cleavage. She felt the
stirrings of lust that had started this whole mess. She tried to
quell them. She rocked with her son, keeping him close.
Susan felt Jimmy’s hands near his face. At first she thought
he was just wiping at his tears, but she soon found that his
fingers were moving around to much for that. She looked down and
realized he was picking his nose. Hundreds of times in the past
she had given him hell for the disgusting habit, but now she just
looked down and watched. Even when Jimmy wiped the trails of snot
on her blouse, she didn’t stop him; she just continued to soothe
her sobbing child.
The fingers kept moving around at her chest and Susan saw that
Jimmy was now unbuttoning her blouse. What was he up to? She did
not want to scold him, but it would be dangerous to let Jimmy turn
her on even a little.
She didn’t stop him. He eventually undid all the buttons and
started pulling open the blouse. Her breasts were slowly unveiled,
the rosy nipples finally poking into view. Susan gasped. Jimmy’s
breath moved. He shifted to put his mouth close to the tips of one
fleshy mound. She gasped again, feeling literally powerless to
stop this second act of incest.
Then she thought: was it really incest? Wasn’t this the same
lad who had so voraciously sucked at these same tits just over a
decade ago? Was it incest then? So why would it be now? Susan
knew this was a forced rationalization, but it soothed her
conscience as the lustful feelings took over. She thought of
taking her boy’s cock in her mouth again. This time the thought
provoked no nausea, only excitement.
Jimmy sucked hard at his mother’s nipple. He began to chew
gently, then harder. She winced slightly with pain, but said
Susan discreetly moved one hand down to her crotch and pressed
a finger into her panty-covered love button. That started an
electric reaction that flowed through her entire body. It was like
the switch that turned her from guilty mother to wanton whore.
“Jimmy, honey? I’m sorry I hit you. Do mama’s titties taste
“Yes, mommy. They’re good.”
“Do you still want to take out your cute little boner for me?”
Susan asked.
“Can I?” Jimmy looked up at her. She saw his face. His eyes
were red from crying, and a string of snot and saliva clung to his
upper lip, attached to her own nipple. He looked like a pathetic
little boy, but somehow his helplessness turned her on even more.
“Let’s clean you up a little first.” Susan leaned forward and
kissed him hard on the mouth, snaking her tongue out and licking at
his closed lips. She continued to lick, tasting the mucous under
his nose. She licked him clean, a buzz strafing through her cunt
as did so. It was such a primal act, licking her offspring clean,
that it made her even more excited.
Jimmy sat patiently as his mother attended to him with her
tongue. Then he watched as she unzipped his fly for herself and
fished out his lengthening penis.
Susan fiddled with the head of her son’s cock. She watched it
grow in her hands. “Do you want me to put it in my mouth again,
honey?” Susan smiled at Jimmy, anxiously awaiting his answer.
“Yes please, Mom,” Jimmy smiled back. “Suck it like you did
All of her erotic adventures to this point were nothing
compared to an incestuous liaison with her own son. Jack would
kill her if he found out. She couldn’t even imagine what Tessa
would do. But none of that mattered now, because it was time once
again to orally satisfy herself. The excitement of getting hot
cock in her mouth was now amplified by the wickedness of incest.

Jack met Caroline at the Shady Palm Motel on Route 47. It was
a dump, notorious for seedy rendezvous between desperate people.
Although not as desperate as some, the current rendezvous certainly
qualified as seedy. They arrived together but didn’t even bother
signing in as husband and wife like they do in the movies.
Caroline just used her credit card and the clerk didn’t even ask
who Jack was. For all he cared this couple was a hooker and her
john. Although, she was pretty hot-looking for a whore. She was
blonde and tanned, dressed in a woman’s business suit, resplendent
with a broach and pearls. The chick was kind of old-looking, but
had a real sex appeal that the clerk couldn’t pin down. Her tits
were sure big enough, and the hips matched. In fact, when the
couple went out to their room, the clerk had to rearrange his dick
in his pants because it had started to get stiff.
Caroline closed the door, locked it with the “Do Not Disturb”
sign on the outside, and shut the drapes.
“Okay, Jack, what do you want me to do?” Caroline leaned
against the door with her hands folded behind her back. In that
position her large breasts were accentuated even more.
“Take off your top and your blouse. Let me see those big
fucking tits of yours.” Jack sat on the bed with his legs up and
his back against the headboard.
Caroline slipped off her suit jacket and started unbuttoning
her blouse. As her titflesh was slowly revealed, Jack’s cock
started hardening. She tossed the jacket and blouse onto a nearby
chair. Although the broach was gone, her pearls still hung around
her neck, enhancing her already impressive cleavage.
“The bra can stay,” said Jack. “Give me a good reason why I
should fuck you.”
Caroline smiled. “Because you know how sweet my pussy is. It
will be the ride of your life.”
“Bullshit. I get plenty of cunt wherever I want. Tell me why
you’re special.” Jack sneered at her, rubbing his prick through
his pants.
“I want you bad. I’ll let you do anything you want. I’ll do
anything you want.”
“I want you to go back out to the clerk and suck him off.”
Caroline turned up her nose. “That greasy little punk? He
probably hasn’t showered in a week.”
“You said you’d do anything. I’d just stand in the corner and
watch him pump his dick in and out of your mouth.” Jack smirked
again, “Then I’d tell him to cum on your face.”
“Are you serious, Jack?” Caroline backed against the door
“Okay. Let’s go,” she whispered. “This will be the first
time I’ve done it with a total stranger.” Caroline looked a little
nervous, but she pulled her blouse back on and buttoned it up.
Jack hopped off the bed. “You’re a real sport, Caroline.
This has been one of my fantasies for years. I always wanted to
know that I had a slut in the palm of my hand. I know you want to
do it too, right?”
“It’s pretty exciting, yeah.” Caroline exhaled strongly. “I
can’t believe how wet I’m getting. I’m kinda nervous.”
“After you, my little scumbag.” Jack held open the door.
“You’re so sweet, you bastard.” Caroline stuck out her tongue
as she passed.
The clerk was surprised to see the couple back so soon.
“Good day, my fine fellow,” Jack began. “I’m Jack the
Wondermaker, and this is my trusty companion Miss Caroline. Who
might you be?”
Okay, the guy’s a complete fucking loony, thought the clerk.
“Uh, I’m Randy… the desk sergeant.” It was the best he could
come up with when faced with the obvious insanity plagued this Jack
Wonderbread or whatever it was.
Caroline spoke next. “Randy,” she cooed, “would you like me
to do you a favour? Would you like me to take you in the back room
and suck you off?”
“I can’t afford that kind of action, lady.” Randy got the
idea now. This guy was her pimp, not her customer.
“Free of charge, as long as my friend Jack can look on,”
replied Caroline.
A gleam came to Randy’s eye. He pushed back a strand of
greasy hair and smiled. His teeth were in good condition, which
made Caroline feel a little better. “You’re on, lady. I could use
a good BJ.”
Randy led the two sinners back into the room behind the
counter. It was a strange combination between a washroom and a
lounge. A sink and toilet were on one wall and an armchair faced
a TV on the other wall. The place was surprisingly clean, but it
was obviously not one of the areas maintained by the regular maid
Randy stood in front of the armchair and slipped down his
pants. He didn’t seem to be too shy about stripping in front of a
couple of strangers, even considering their mode of introduction.
His rather large prick pointed out and down, semi-hard. The
shaft disappeared into a thick clump of black pubic hair. His
balls were virtually hidden by the same mass of hair. Caroline
licked her lips, her pussy was soaking now, she felt a trickle of
juice escape her panties and run partway down the inside of her
Randy sat in the armchair, pulling at his shaft, watching
Caroline. She was making no attempt to get undressed, so Randy
assumed this was a no-frills blowjob.
Jack watched the scene closely. Only when Caroline knelt in
front of Randy and kissed his knob, did he feel comfortable taking
out his own throbbing member.
Caroline could smell the stale sweat and piss around Randy’s
crotch. It was a heady scent, and it made her more excited because
she knew how filthy she was to suck on this dirty prick. She
enveloped the head of his cock with her lips. She was drooling
already. Caroline looked over and saw Jack stroking his cock
beside the toilet.
The pulse in Randy’s cock tuned Caroline in to his soul. She
could tell when she did something that turned him on. She started
experimenting: fast and hard, slow and gentle, moving her tongue,
using her teeth. He reacted best to a slightly rough treatment, so
Caroline nibbled every so often at the steely flesh. She stopped
for a second to lick her fingers and then slid them into the crack
of his ass. She knew that couldn’t be more filthy, but she wanted
to go all the way with this. She didn’t care. His asscrack was
sweaty, but he seemed to enjoy the attention, so she continued.
She eventually ran her fingers over the puckered ring of his
asshole and slipped her middle finger into it. He groaned.
The bitch was fingering his asshole, thought Randy. No one
had ever done that before. God it felt good.
“Yeah, baby. Finger my shithole. Yeah, keep sucking and
wiggle that finger to make me cum.” Randy was holding Caroline’s
ears, pumping into her face.
The lady who had arrived in a business suit, most of which she
was still wearing, was nothing but a cocksucking tramp. Randy had
that thought briefly before being totally consumed with his
imminent orgasm.
Caroline’s head bobbed up and down in a blur. She was sucking
as if her life depended on it, knowing that the dirty little man
was going to shoot off soon.
Jack sensed it too, although he himself was nowhere near an
orgasm. He yelled at Randy, “Cum on her face. Shoot your fuckload
all over that pretty little slut’s face.”
Randy grinned over at Jack for a second, knowing that he had
seen the same porno movies, and then turned back to Caroline.
“Yeah, you little tramp. I’m going to show you close up what my
spunk looks like. Open your mouth and close your eyes, I’m gonna
give you a big sur…. prise….” Randy grunted, yanking
Caroline’s head back and aiming his jolting cock at her chin.
Despite the treatment, Caroline felt very horny. She wiggled
her finger in Randy’s asshole, trying to push out as large a load
as possible.
Randy’s first stream of jizz rocketed onto Caroline’s forehead
and nestled in her perfectly coiffed hair. The next jumped along
her left cheek, over her eye socket and onto her eyebrow. Most of
Randy’s load found its way into her mouth, however, and she
gratefully swallowed every drop.
Randy flopped back on the chair as Caroline pulled her hand
away from his butt. She looked at her finger and saw her filthy
partner’s shit clinging under her fingernail. She smiled. What a
pig she was.
Jack seemed a little disappointed in the show. Randy had done
a great job of sliming Caroline’s face, but Jack hadn’t managed to
get off with it. “Bravo, Miss Caroline. Let us depart to our
suite, where I’m sure the fun will continue.”
Caroline stood up and began wiping her face, scooping the
stray spunk into her mouth. “Thank you Randy, you were a real
stud,” she said as she waved goodbye to him. God I hope I never
see him again, Caroline thought.
When they returned to their room, Jack walked to the bed.
Caroline headed straight for the bathroom.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Jack asked.
“I’m cleaning up after that. I have shit on my finger and cum
in my hair.” Caroline did not ignore Jack but she did continue
toward the bathroom.
“Stop right there.” Jack waited until she turned towards him.
“You’re a filthy whore, right?”
“Yes, baby. I’m a filthy whore.”
“Then you don’t clean up. You get filthier.” Jack stood
there assessing Caroline’s reaction.
“What should I do?”
“I want you to stick your fingers up my ass. It looked like
a lot of fun.”
Caroline stepped towards Jack. Her cum glistening face was
almost comical. “Should I use this finger?” She held up the shit-
stained middle finger that had been inside the clerk.
“After you lick it off.” Jack started unbuckling his belt.
“Go on, eat the shit off your finger. It won’t kill you.”
Caroline slipped the finger into her mouth and sucked out the
shit from under her fingernail. She hardly tasted anything, but it
was a musky feeling in her mouth. She didn’t mind it at all.
“Now come here,” Jack commanded. He dropped his pants to the
floor, revealing his large erect dick. Then he faced away from her
and bent over. “See my asshole? Plug it.”
Caroline knelt on the floor behind him and looked closely at
his asshole. He was pushing it in and out, making it wink at her.
She kissed his thigh, then moved to lick his balls. Finally she
kissed the bud of his anus. Her tongue moved out and she licked
it. Then she pushed her head forward and slid her tongue right up
his ass. It tasted great: a musky, heady flavour.
Bored with the rimjob, Jack wanted to get even nastier with
Caroline. He turned around again.
“Hey!” she said, pouting, “I was just getting to the good
parts. Turn back around so I can lick your asshole some more.”
“Did you bring that video camera?”
“I always have it in the car for taping homes.” Caroline was
a real estate agent. “What do you have in mind?” She smiled at
him and smoothed out her skirt as she stood up. Caroline once
again resembled a very proper professional lady.
But Jack knew this was his chance to push her to the limit.
For some reason she was willing to do even more today than usual.
“Why are you being so co-operative today?” Jack was pulling
his pants back up.
“Come on, Jack. No psychology bullshit. What do you want me
to do?”
“Go get your video camera.” Jack smirked and fell back on the
bed, hands linked behind his head. “I want to make you a star.”
“A real live porno star?”
“You beat half of those bimbos hands down. Go get it.”
Caroline shook her head, smiling, and left the room saying, “I
never know what to expect with you, Jack þ that’s what I love about
In a few moments she returned with the compact 8mm video
camera. “Here you go, Jack. Now what?”

Tessa Hughes was the last one in the shower at the gym. Her
friends Lisa Perot and Paula Tilson were waiting for her at the
large entrance to the showers.
“Hurry up Tessa. Ted and Mark are going to meet us at
McDonald’s,” shouted Paula.
“I’m going to be a while,” Tessa replied, soaping up her full
tits. “Why do you guys want to rush off to meet those dweebs
“I think Mark’s cute!” replied Lisa, looking rather surprised
that Tessa didn’t share her opinion.
Tessa shook her head. Sometimes she couldn’t understand her
friends. Lisa was a beautiful little brunette, with a snazzy body
that was perfectly proportioned. Paula was a sleek blonde who had
a new wave model’s look. She also happened to have the best ass at
Lincoln and wore the kind of jeans that proved it.
“How come you take so long, Tessa?” Paula asked.
“I love taking my time. There’s nothing better than a long
hot shower.” Tessa hiked her ass up under the spray of water. She
slid a soapy hand into the crack of her butt and massaged her
asshole clean.
“I think you just like playing with yourself,” laughed Lisa,
leaning against the wall with her arms folded across her chest.
“She’s such a horny bitch, I can’t understand why she doesn’t
want to go see Ted and Mark,” Paula said to Lisa.
“Fuck off, you guys. You’re probably afraid to touch
yourselves in case you catch a disease.” Tessa lewdly thrust her
hips forward and slid her fingers up and down the slit of her cunt.
“Hey, that looks pretty tasty,” Lisa quipped sarcastically.
She aimed a finger into her throat to feign gagging.
Paula giggled and hit Lisa playfully on the arm.
“You’re such a bitch, Lisa. I bet you’ve always wanted to try
it with a girl, but you’re just chicken.” Tessa taunted her with
some more views of her gash.
“Oh right. Like I’m sure. I’d take cock over cunt any day,”
said Lisa.
Paula smiled. “I’ve thought about you guys before, you know.
Like in daydreams or whatever. It was like an orgy.”
Before Lisa could respond, Tessa turned off the shower and
said, “See. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve thought about it
before too.”
“You guys are sick.” Lisa shook her head.
Paula and Tessa shrugged their shoulders and Tessa walked into
the main room to get a towel. She sat on the bench and noticed
Paula looking at her. For Paula’s benefit, she spread her legs and
showed her the pinkness of her pussy. Then she winked.
“Gimme a break you lesbos,” Lisa said. “I’m going to take a
shit while I’m waiting for you.”
“Can we watch?” Tessa said, now purposely trying to gross Lisa
“I bet you’d love that wouldn’t you? God that’s gross.”
Paula giggled as Lisa went into one of the stalls. Then she
sat beside Tessa and whispered to her. “Are you serious that you
thought about us all naked?”
“Yeah. But I’m such a pervert I’ve thought about making it
with my mom and dad and the neighbour’s dog too. I guess that
means I would never actually do it.”
“What about that shit thing? Would you really want to watch
someone taking a shit?”
Even Tessa was a little shocked by this new side of Paula’s
personality. She thought about perverted stuff all the time, but
it seemed like Paula was seriously thinking about trying some of
it. “What do you mean?”
“I mean if I took off my pants right now would you watch me
shit on the floor.” Paula’s voice was cracking. She shook with
Tessa shrugged. “Go ahead, Paula. I won’t run away. But I
don’t know if it’ll turn me on either.” Tessa ran a finger across
her clit to try to get psyched for what might turn into a very
bizarre scene.
Paula stood up and ripped down her pants. Without hesitation
she squatted facing Tessa and grunted. It wasn’t long before Tessa
saw a large brown turd inching its way to the floor. Then several
spurts of urine soaked the already damp towel that was hanging off
the bench. Tessa found herself gazing in fascination at the scene.
So much so that she didn’t notice Lisa emerge from the stall.
From Lisa’s vantage point she could see Paula’s anus clinging
to a long piece of shit. She almost turned and ran but then found
herself locked in place by a mysterious urge.
Tessa was similarly frozen. She sniffed at the foul smell
that Paula was producing and it made her tingle strangely.
Paula reached out and held Tessa’s hand. Paula was crying.
Tessa guessed that she had let out more than a big turd þ she had
obviously bottled up this compulsion for quite a while.
Lisa walked over to her friends, carefully avoiding the puddle
that Paula had made. “Are you okay, Paula?”
“She’s fine, Lisa.” Tessa hugged Paula and lifted her up onto
the bench. “Here, Paula, let me wipe you.” Tessa was near tears
herself, because this was so different and bizarre, but she was
also still tingling from it.
Lisa handed Tessa a towel and Tessa leaned around to get at
Paula’s ass. She mopped up and then down, wiping away the few
traces of shit that clung to the girl’s buttcrack.
“Thank… you,” Paula whimpered. “I’m sorry.”
Tessa hugged her close. “There’s nothing to be sorry about.
I started it. I know it’s something you wanted to do for a long
time. I actually enjoyed watching you.”
Lisa chimed in, “Yeah, Paula. I’m sorry that I said you were
a pervert. I watched too. It wasn’t all that bad. I’ve never
seen someone else do it before.”
Paula was heartened by her friend’s encouragement. “You mean
you don’t think I’m sick?”
Tessa smiled. “Well, you probably are a little sick, but that
means we are too!”
Lisa laughed at that. “Who’d have thought this is what we’d
do after school today?”
Paula smiled again and looked at the log of shit she had
deposited on the tile floor. “Now I’d better clean it up, huh?”
“Yeah, you pig. Maybe we should rub your nose in it first to
toilet train you.” Tessa poked her friend in fun.
Paula halted for a second before realizing that her friend was
joking. Then she looked at Lisa and said, “Can you clean it up,
Lisa? Maybe you’ll get over your fear of it.”
Tessa nodded. “That’s a great idea. How about it Lisa?”
Lisa shook her head. She could only go so far. “No way. Let
the janitors clean it up.”
“We can’t do that,” Tessa said. “You should scoop it up just
to prove that you’re not going to call us perverts from now on.
It’s like a club initiation.” Then Tessa gazed seriously at Lisa.
“You even have to pick it up with your bare hands.”
“No way!” Lisa stepped back a few paces.
“Are you still my friend like Tessa is?” Paula asked.
Lisa waited.
“Yes, of course I am, Paula. You guys are my best friends.”
“Then pick up the shit and let’s go home,” Tessa said.
Lisa shrugged. “Okay, fine. I’ll pick up Paula’s fucking
shit.” She grabbed a towel from the rack.
“Bare hands!” chorused Tessa and Paula.
Lisa glared at them, then angrily threw down the towel and
scooped up the log in both hands. “There!” She thrust the
steaming loaf of f‘ces toward them.
Tessa leaned toward Lisa’s open palms and inhaled deeply, as
if savouring a gourmet meal. “Ahhhhh. Paula, you outdid yourself.
Truly a delight.”
The girls laughed. Even Lisa joined in.
They had a mock burial at sea as the three of them stood
around one of the toilets and Lisa dropped it in. Paula had the
honour of flushing her beloved shit.
The girls laughed some more as Lisa washed her hands
fastidiously. Then they all went home.

“Let’s go shopping,” Jack said to Caroline as he hoisted the
little video camera up into position. “You need a wardrobe if
you’re going to be a star. My sister-in-law has a lingerie shop
over on Fifth Street. She’ll be happy to see me bring some new
business her way.”
“Won’t your wife hear about your little love affair with me
through her sister?” Caroline was still licking her fingers
absently, preening herself before the big video shoot.
“Susan’s sister is an incredible slut. Pam’s been spreading
her legs for me ever since my wedding night. I fucked her in the
washroom at the reception. She’s never told Susan, but it makes it
a sweet deal for me, because she always worries I will. I would
have told Susan too, but then I might not be able to pump Pam any
more. And she is a hot little bitch… almost as much of a minx as
you sweet Caroline.”
The hot-blooded woman gave Jack’s balls a playful squeeze and
went into the washroom to straighten up a little before leaving.
She called back over her shoulder, “You’re a lucky man, Jack. I
know most men would kill to have one woman who put out like I do.
You seem to have more than you can handle.”

Jack pulled into the parking lot at the back of Naughty ‘n
Nice Lingerie and looked over at Caroline. She smiled over at him
and it made her face ten years younger. “Okay, Jack,” Caroline
said, smoothing her skirt, “Let’s go make a movie.”
Jack sat for a moment as Caroline got out of the car. He
watched her hot round ass shift under the skirt and his dick
responded with a slight tug.
He hopped out to join her, careful to keep the video camera
from the sunlight.
When he rapped sharply at the back door, he figured he’d have
a few seconds to wait before someone answered, so he pulled
Caroline over for a deep kiss. She responded by throwing her arms
around him and squeezing tight. The door opened immediately and
they disentangled themselves as best they could. Pam Lipton was
holding the door open, smirking at Jack. She was wearing a tight
black T-shirt and faded blue jeans. Her hair was up but strands
had fallen down about her face. She looked very sexy, and the
light periodically revealed a sheen of sweat on her smooth skin.
She was a brunette, slightly more petite than Susan.
“Jack, you naughty boy. What are you doing playing `kiss and
don’t tell’ with the neighbourhood ladies?” Pam smiled and ushered
them inside. “I’m just doing inventory. What a pain in the ass.”
Caroline sidled around some boxes and looked around the small
stockroom. “You seem to do a good business here.”
Jack stayed quiet, so Pam picked up the conversation. “Yeah,
it’s amazing how many women try all sorts of things to get their
men interested again. I’m Pam by the way,” Pam extended her hand
to Caroline.
Caroline almost tripped over a box returning the outstretched
hand. “I’m sorry… I’m Caroline… Uh Jack and I are old friends
from college.”
Pam grinned wickedly at Jack and thumbed towards Caroline.
“Is this Cornhole Caroline? The one who loves it up the ass?” Pam
giggled and reached over to Caroline to ensure her that she wasn’t
being malicious.
Jack shook his head, smiling. “Pam, Pam, Pam. I should get
Caroline to scratch your beady little eyes out for that… but
since it’s so true, I guess that would be unfair.”
Caroline looked suspiciously at Pam and then decided that the
young woman was not only harmless, but a horny little wench. She
noted Pam’s nipples had suddenly become erect under the tight black
cotton of her T-shirt. Caroline turned around and wiggled her ass
in Jack and Pam’s direction. “This is the ass men ask for by
name.” She broke into a giggle. “But I’ve never heard of Cornhole
Caroline before.”
Pam laughed only briefly and then suddenly said, in a serious
tone, “Show it to me. Show me your ass. I think I have an outfit
that would be perfect.” Then Pam turned to Jack and said, “Get
this on film, stud man.”
Caroline looked back at Pam without turning around and then
started to unzip her skirt, going through a similar routine to the
one she had just completed for Jack in the motel room. This time,
though, she just removed her skirt and panties, leaving her jacket,
blouse, garter, and stockings on.
Pam gazed in fascination and Jack didn’t know which woman was
better to get on the video: Caroline as she exposed her ass, or Pam
as she drooled over it.
Caroline dropped her skirt and panties to the floor and
stepped out of them. She placed a palm on each asscheek and pulled
them slowly apart. Then she moved her right index finger toward
her anus and pointed at the puckered brown ring. “That’s the spot,
Pam. I get chills just thinking about Jack sliding his big bad
dick up here.”
“I’ve gotten chills from Jack’s dick too,” Pam said. She
turned and smiled at Jack, who focussed the camera right on her.
She spoke to it: “Do you remember the time you and Susan came over
for dinner and she went to the washroom for just five minutes?
You’d had a hard-on all night, so it was easy for you to cum
quickly. You came over and whipped out your dick and stuck it in
my mouth. I’ve never been so excited. Then you squirted your cum
into my soup. I finished every drop right there in front of Susan.
God was that exciting.” Pam was running her hands over her tits,
making the nipples even harder.
Caroline moved over to Pam. She had never been directly
attracted to a woman before. Once she had done it with a girl at
the behest of her late husband, but it hadn’t really excited her.
Now she was honestly horny for Pam. Perhaps it was the video
camera, and the vague feeling that she was only performing for
Pam did not resist as Caroline pressed up against her. She
had never been with a woman before at all. But Jack had a strange
hold over her and she too felt like an actress.
Caroline kissed Pam’s slender neck and pawed rather roughly at
her breasts. Pam moaned back, but did not protest. The older
woman straddled Pam’s denim-covered thigh and rubbed her bare pussy
against it. She looked down and saw how immediately she had left
a streak of dampness on the material.
Jack swirled slowly around them, trying to capture as many
interesting shots as possible. But his cock was getting so hard it
was becoming a distraction.
He called out to his actresses: “Who wants my dick first?”
Both women turned and faced Jack but neither of them moved
toward him. Finally Caroline spoke for both of them: “Put the
fucking camera down and we’ll share your fabulous hot cock.”
“No way,” Jack said, one hand on the camera and the other one
unzipping his fly. “I’m not going to waste a chance like this.
You guys look great in this light.” What Jack meant was the
fluorescent lighting in the stockroom showed everything and he was
capturing it all on videotape.
Suddenly Caroline had a strange flash and she verbalized it to
Jack: “Hey, Mr. Cameraman,” she wiggled her ass at him again, but
kept her hands on Pam’s tits, “what do you think our kids would say
if they could see us now?”
Jack laughed, shaking the image of Caroline’s butt in the
viewfinder. “I think Tessa would think her old dad and her famous
Aunt Pam had flipped their lids. I don’t even know what Jimmy
would think.”
“Ricky would be so horny, he’d bust through his jeans to get
at Pam.”
“He wouldn’t be even a little tempted to give his mother a
poke first?” Jack taunted.
Caroline stuck her tongue out at Jack and gave him the finger.
“Would you two shut up and let me get some of Jack’s meat in
my pussy. I’m overheating here.” Pam was pulling off her T-shirt,
little by little giving Caroline a better handle on the two firm
mounds of titflesh on her bare chest.
“Jeez, I wish I could go braless,” Caroline muttered.
“Not with big fucking knockers like yours,” Jack called out.
Pam pushed off her jeans and panties and stood naked against
the stockroom wall. “Okay, get that big stiff fucker over here.”
She toyed with her labia to show Jack how wet she was. Caroline,
before relinquishing control of Pam to Jack, knelt down and inhaled
at the sweaty pubic region of the younger woman.
“You’ve really got a treat coming up, Jack,” Caroline said as
she got up take the camera.
Jack rubbed his eyesocket where he had been looking through
the viewfinder, then pulled off the rest of his clothes. He stood
perpendicular to Pam, his stiff prick standing diagonally across
her belly.
“Get a shot of her licking my cock from the side,” Jack
“But I want you to fuck me,” Pam began to protest. “Just like
a good brother-in-law should.”
Jack glared at Pam and pushed down on her shoulder. She
realized that he was the only director of this film and she sank
abjectly to her knees. Her perky features contrasted with the
pulsing stick of flesh in front of her face. She kneeled with her
legs wide apart and used one hand to play with her pussy while the
other guided Jack’s penis to her mouth.
The camera alternately zoomed to Jack’s cock in her mouth and
her fingers in her pussy.
Caroline used her free hand to fiddle with her own clit, and
she eventually worked up enough juice to slide her fingers all the
way from her love button to her shithole. Her digits lingered for
a moment at her anus, then slid through the slick labia back to her
The image on the video got shakier and shakier as Caroline got
herself more and more excited, but she still managed to capture the
essence of Pam’s cocksucking and autoerotic activities.
After a few moments, Jack said, “Okay, Pam, stand up and bend
over. I guess I’ll stuff you with dick now.”
“Mmmm, goody,” Pam giggled. “Caroline, make sure you get my
gash on camera so you can show Jack’s fuckpole sliding in.” She
winked at the camera and bent over, anticipating the long-awaited
feeling of Jack’s big cock invading her insides.
Caroline zoomed in on Pam’s glistening cunt. The lips of her
pussy were opened up like a flower after a rainstorm.
As soon as Jack’s cock touched the dampness of Pam’s box, he
was drawn inexplicably in as deep as he could go. “Your sister’s
cunt is just like this. It’s so fucking wet, I feel like I’m
drowning my dick.”
Pam grinned back at Jack. “Susan and I both love your cock,
I guess.” She pushed her hips back to emphasize the point.
Jack groaned.
“Don’t you dare cum without giving me a good fuck too, Jack!”
Caroline called from behind the viewfinder.
“Relax, slut. I’ll get to you soon enough.”
Pam grabbed her own tits and squeezed them roughly while Jack
pumped in and out.
“So, Pam, are you going to let me dip into your asshole this
time?” Jack suddenly asked.
Pam threw a warning glance back at him. “No way, baby.
Caroline’s your anal bitch today. But I promise I’ll let you
assfuck me someday. Has Susan let you yet? She always tells me
she’s going to.”
“Nope. She hasn’t let me yet. But its good to have inside
information about what she really thinks.”
“She told me you almost choked her to death on Saturday. I
guess she’s losing the deep throat abilities that she had in
Jack pumped on in silence for a while, then called Caroline
over. “Your turn, Princess. Is your asshole ready for a workout?”
Caroline almost dropped the camera in her haste to get over to
Jack and Pam’s coupled bodies. “I’m ready. Pam, come and get the
camera… if you can stand to be away from that beautiful prick for
even a moment.”
Pam looked back over her shoulder at Jack, pleading with her
eyes to be fucked just a little while longer, but Jack roughly
shoved her away. “Get over there and do something useful.”
Although his command lost a little impact when Pam saw his slimy
wet cock sticking straight out in front of him, she knew he meant
it and she complied.
A little angry that Caroline would be the one to enjoy Jack’s
stream of spunk, Pam grabbed the video camera from her and started
filming with little care for what the lens was picking up.

In the little house by the river, Susan Hughes was still
sucking her twelve year-old son’s cock. Jimmy was happily sitting
there, moving his hips slightly up and down with each bob of his
mother’s head. He couldn’t wait until that incredible moment when
he lost control of his body and shot a big stream of cum out of the
end of his dick. He had enjoyed that when his own hand had
produced the pleasure, but now his mother was creating a much more
intense feeling with her mouth.
Susan loved the feeling of cock in her mouth. The heat of a
hard penis sliding over her lips and pressing against her tongue
was amazing. Although it was not the by any means the biggest, her
son’s prick was certainly the sweetest she had ever tasted. She
had to use one hand to clench her crotch for fear of exploding; she
was that turned on.
Jimmy suddenly groaned and said, “Wow, Mom, that felt really
Susan had dragged her teeth lightly over the sides of Jimmy’s
prick. She did it again.
“That’s fantastic, Mom. Do you think all girls know how to do
this?” Jimmy pushed forward with his hips to emphasize what he
meant by “this.”
Susan popped her lips off the end of his cock, then wagged her
tongue around the tip, where his pisshole gaped. Then she
answered, “Some girls don’t like to do it as much as I do. But it
seems like a pretty easy thing to do, so I guess any girl could
learn. Who were you thinking of asking to do this for you?” Susan
wondered what had motivated Jimmy’s question.
“Well… there are some girls at school who seem kinda slutty.
I-I mean not that you’re slutty, but the girls at school… well…
you know.”
Susan started smiling. It was cute how Jimmy was trying not
to offend her. “Well, sweetheart, I think that any girl who would
let a boy put his dirty little wiener in her mouth is a slut. I’m
a slut. Your father treats me like a slut all the time.”
Jimmy blinked a couple of times. He was getting new
information on his mother and he needed a while to absorb it. She
was admitting she was a slut. So all his friends had been right:
any girl who’d suck your cock must be a slut. Even his own mother.
Jimmy looked into his lap where his mother’s mass of tousled blonde
hair was moving up and down. He looked beyond that at the cherry
tips of her breasts which peeked through the strands of hair. His
mother was a slut. Jimmy smiled now that he understood what
happened in the past week was not a very common event. He was
having sex with his own mother.
Susan could tell by the change in Jimmy’s breathing that he
was lost in thought. She even noticed a slight reduction in the
stiffness of his little prick. Despite that, she kept sucking.
“Mom,” Jimmy finally asked, “Do you think Tessa would do
Susan popped up quickly and blurted out “No!” before she even
really thought about it. “Tessa’s a good girl. She sure wouldn’t
do this with her own brother anywayþso get those thoughts out of
your mind.”
Jimmy could not get those thoughts out of his mind. He had
fantasized about his sister for years. Now that his mother had
made so many of his dreams come true, he wondered if the same would
be possible with Tessa.

On her way home from school on Monday night, after the bizarre
incident with Lisa and Paula in the changeroom, Tessa felt very
strange. She had been awakened in an odd way to a whole different
side of herself. As she walked she felt the breeze caressing her
body through her jeans and her blouse. Every pore of her skin
tingled. She also recalled the incident that Saturday morning in
her bedroom. Her fascination with her blossoming body had made her
neglect caution and masturbate in front of her sleeping brother.
Had she actually wanted him to see her? Maybe so, but she was
certain he hadn’t seen anything.
She walked past a park and noticed a group of four young boys
playing with a big German Shepherd dog. She stopped to watch. The
boys were no older than twelve, but they fearlessly teased the dog
by throwing a frisbee to each other without letting the dog get it.
Apparently the dog was quite good-natured, as it never snapped or
snarled when they threw the disc energetically past its head.
Tessa approached the group and stood at the fence watching
their play. It wasn’t long before one of the boys noticed her and
alerted the others.
The boldest of the four, a stocky, mean-looking kid with black
hair, finally came up to the fence.
“Hi,” he said simply. “You staring at us?”
Tessa shook her head, her long straight blonde locks swinging
just above the tips of her breasts. That’s where the boys eyes
came to rest, at the perfect shapes her tits created under the
simple white blouse. “Why are you teasing the dog?”
The boy just snorted and looked back over his shoulder.
Now that his four friends had joined him, with the dog panting
up behind them, he felt much more brazen. He flipped her a
compliment and a question: “You look pretty good. How old are
Tessa smiled þ what was she doing? “I’m way too old for you.”
Her assured tone belied her inner nervousness.
The boy laughed. “Oh, yeah? You’ve probably never even been
fucked before.”
Tessa gulped and turned to leave, feeling safe that the fence
separated her from this insolent kid.
“Where are you going, hot stuff?” the kid shouted. “Don’t be
such a suck. Do you wanna play frisbee?”
Tessa stopped and turned toward the group again. They were
all standing together in a confident cluster. “Are you going to be
a good little boy?” she asked. “Do you promise not to be a creep?”
“Sure,” he said, too quickly, “I promise.”
Tessa shook her head again and walked towards the end of the
fence so she could join them. As she did she said directly to the
wiseguy in the gang: “For your information, I get fucked whenever
I want þ which is more than I can say for you.”
“Oooo,” said the bold one, “she’s a goer.”
Tessa laughed briefly as the kid had used a term that her
father sometimes used. It was quite amusing to hear it issue from
this kid’s mouth.
One of the other kids finally piped up with a question to
Tessa: “Are you only going to play frisbee with us if we don’t
tease Roamer?”
Tessa smiled at the slight blonde boy and then bent down to
pet the German Shepherd, Roamer. “Do you like it when the bad
little boys throw the frisbee at your head, Roamer?”
Roamer made a contented sound deep in his throat, but Tessa
took that to mean “no.”
“Okay, Roamer, I’ll tell them.” Tessa turned to the group of
boys. “Roamer doesn’t want to play anymore.”
The bold kid rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Okay then.
Let’s fucking play anyway.”
Tessa frowned at him. “Watch your language.”
“Fuck?” the boy questioned. “You don’t like the word
“Not when there’s no need to use it.” Tessa had her hands on
her hips and she felt a little like the old Victorian schoolmarm
teaching her charges about manners. A brief picture flashed before
her of taking the bold boy over her knee, tugging his pants down,
and spanking his bare ass with a cane. The image caused a flutter
of excitement to course through her innards.
“Okay, let’s just throw the frisbee around.” The boy ran back
ten yards and tossed the frisbee towards Tessa.
Still slightly in a state over her flash of fantasy, Tessa
almost missed the flying disc. She caught it at the last moment
and immediately tossed it on to the blonde kid.
Tessa actually started to enjoy the frisbee for the sake of
frisbee and forgot the slight sexual attraction that had first
drawn her to look at the young boys. She would jump to catch a few
high throws and barely noticed that as she did, her blouse billowed
up and her flat, tanned stomach was exposed.
That inkling of female flesh was all it took for Ned, the bold
one, to get excited. Ned could feel the familiar tug at his loins
as his embarrassing habit of getting spontaneous erections surfaced
again. He could see the suggestion of generous, firm titties under
the blouse, and the sleek lower regions under the girl’s jeans.
His boner got worse every minute that passed.
“Uhh,” stumbled Ned, who was never usually at a loss for
words, “I have to take a leak.”
Tessa immediately snapped out of her frolicking mood and the
smoldering thought of the bold boy hanging his penis out in the
open came to mind. She shuddered slightly.
“Jeez, Ned,” said the blonde boy, “you don’t have to announce
it to the whole world.”
Ned just smirked and wandered off to the nearby copse of
trees, which actually opened into a small arbour. He watched his
three friends continue to play frisbee with the girl. Roamer
followed him into the bushes. Ned noticed the beauty of the girl
once again and he also took note of the fact that she seemed quite
interested in looking over at the arbour. Could it be that she
wanted to catch sight of him taking a leak? Or maybe she was
smarter than she seemed and she knew he had come here to make his
hard-on go away, even if it meant beating off.
Ned risked pulling out his cock even before it softened. The
stiff protrusion seemed to interest Roamer as the dog sniffed it
cautiously. “Get lost, you stupid mutt,” Ned said as he heaved the
big dog away. Roamer got the message and stayed away, but Tessa
also heard Ned’s command and she started giggling. Ned watched her
laugh and point, alerting the other boys to what had happened.
His friends joined in the laughter and started walking towards
the arbour. Tessa timidly followed, drawn to the forbidden images
that were concealed behind the wall of trees and shrubs.
Ned saw them coming and had a flash of naughty inspiration:
let them see my dick. I know it’s bigger than any of theirs, and
that girl will really get her jollies. “I mean its not like I
didn’t tell them what I was doing behind the trees,” Ned thought.
Despite the potential excitement of the situation, Ned’s
experience with Roamer had significantly deflating his erection.
But that worked out for the best, because, when his friends
arrived, it looked like he was just about to piss.
“Get lost, you guys. Can’t a guy take a leak by himself?”
Ned said. He faced away from the three boys, and ended up facing
directly towards Tessa, who had circled around the arbour.
Tessa put a hand up to her mouth. The boy’s cock was superb.
Although not huge like the ones she had seen in Paula’s dirty
magazine, it was fleshy and bobbed slightly as the boy moved.

Jack, Caroline, and Pam finished their little tryst with
Caroline enjoying a semen enema courtesy of Jack. Pam, frustrated
with missing out on her brother-in-law’s orgasm, got dressed
quickly and went out to the front of her shop.
“Wow, Jack,” Caroline said as she fell back on a pile of
packing materials, “that was great.”
Jack picked up the video camera again, and Caroline lifted her
knees and looked down between her legs. He filmed her as she
scooped up some of Jack’s cum as it oozed out of her asshole.
Holding it under her nose she said to the camera, “I love the way
your spunk smells, especially when it comes fresh out of my stinky
“Thanks, baby. I wish I could keep pumping it out for you,
but that hot little shithole of yours just drains me dry.” He
crudely slid an index finger into her jizz-coated rectum to
emphasize his point. The hand appeared from out of the frame of
the video like a spectre.
“Ooo, Jack. That’s so nasty. Wiggle your finger around.”
Caroline leaned back even further and squeezed her tits together as
Jack fingered her butthole.
“So, Caroline, what do you think of my sister-in-law?” Jack
spoke non-chalantly for the audio track as he stirred up the gooey
contents of her bowels.
“She’s a real sport. I think she’s the cutest thing. Do you
think she’d babysit for Ricky sometime?” Caroline panted out the
last question as Jack increased the wiggling action of his finger.
“She babysits for us all the time. Although Jimmy’s getting
old enough he doesn’t really need a sitter.”
“Well I can see the fringe benefits in it for you. If she’s
always as accomodating for your sex as she was today… well… you
must never have to jerk off.”
Jack laughed. “That’s about right.” Then Jack pulled his
finger out of her asshole and held up the dripping digit to
Caroline’s disappointed face.
“Keep going, Jack.”
“No. Here, lick off my finger.”
Caroline slurped the ass slime into her mouth and licked
Jack’s finger completely clean. “Mmmmm. That’s great. I can’t
wait until that little bitch at the office gets you all hot and
bothered again.”
Jack’s mind flashed to Julia Dupez, and the party his wife had
planned for Friday night. Wouldn’t all Jack’s close friends be
impressed by his ability to constantly find new babes to bring
“Have you had enough yet, Caroline baby?” Jack asked, still
taping the scene.
“I never get enough.”
He gingerly locked his variety of thoughts away, just as Pam
called from the front of her empty shop: “Are you two finished back
“Yeah, Pam, we’re done,” Jack called back.
“Great, ’cause I’m going to lock up and get going.”
The three lovers left together and Pam still looked a little
jealous until Caroline squeezed her ass and said, “I promise you
get Jack’s spunk next time.”

Tessa ended her Monday with a big disappointment. Ned, the
bold boy whose cock she had seen, ended up being quite a baby after
all. When Tessa finally got up the nerve to approach him, he
backed away and stuffed his meat back into his pants. His friends
laughed and the boys ended up running off together.
“Have fun playing with each other you little twerps,” Tessa
called out after them.
After the encounter she needed immediate relief. She looked
around to make sure no one except the dog was within sight, opened
her jeans, and briefly slid her fingers into her humming, wet
pussy. Roamer watched her with interest, and she even took note of
his dangling sheath of sexual apparatus. Then she shook her head
and tried not to consider further the idea of attempting to have
sex with the dog.
The fire had been lit, however, and as she walked home she was
looking at the crotches of every male she saw, trying to imagine
what their cocks looked like. She didn’t just notice hot-looking
young men, either; old men, toddlers, and animals all ended up in
her thoughts.

Susan Hughes was brushing her teeth. She was trying to get
the taste of her son’s cum out of her mouth.
Jimmy had squirted was seemed like a quart of jism into her
mouth. It just kept flowing out of the end of his hard little
cock. It had been so thrilling.
But now she was having second thoughts, and she was glad to
have a moment in the washroom alone.
Was she some kind of sicko pedophile? She was starting to
think that Jimmy’s cock tasted and felt better than Jack’s. While
she was sucking on it, she started to wonder what the smaller shaft
would feel like sliding into her steamy cunt. She considered the
fact that, since it was smaller than Jack’s, it wouldn’t be as
frightening to have Jimmy fuck her up the ass.
Susan looked at herself in the mirror. “In the ass?” she
whispered to herself. “My own son. God what’s wrong with me?”
She pulled down her panties, flipped up the toilet lid and sat
down. When she started pissing, she looked down between her legs
and watched the urine froth into the bowl below. Without wiping
her pussy, she started running her finger up and down the lips,
stopping briefly to fiddle with her clit.
She started thinking: I’m always horny. I’ve started having
sex with my own son, and I can’t even take a piss without playing
with myself. Then she smiled and shrugged. “Oh, well,” she
whispered, “it sure feels good. And I love the taste of that
little guy’s dick.” She just loved it.”
When Susan came out of the bathroom, she called for Jimmy.
There was no answer, so she assumed he had gone out to a friend’s
She jumped slightly when she heard him call to her from her
bedroomþthe bedroom she shared with Jack.
“Mom? Mom, can you come here?”
Susan wandered over to the bedroom door and swallowed hard as
she pushed open the door… she didn’t know what to expect. Little
Jimmy was sprawled naked on her marital bed, his hard little cock
sticking straight up in the air. He grinned at her as she stood
shocked in the doorway.
“Come on, Mom. I want you to do it some more.” Jimmy smiled
and stroked the smooth shaft of flesh.
Susan slowly moved toward her son. A squeak escaped from her
throat, but she finally put some words together. “Jimmy,
sweetheart… you can’t just expect me to do that all the time.
Your weiner will get sore and so will my mouth.” She already
noticed slight red marks running up and down his dick.
“I want to squirt some more goo in your mouth. You like it
don’t you?”
“Of course I do, honey. But that’s not the point. We can’t
do it all the time because… because it’s not right.” Susan
thought back to the first time she had sinned by slurping her son’s
orgasming penis into her mouth. She could have prevented this back
Jimmy looked dejected. “Can you at least play with it for me.
Touch it and make it squirt in your hand?”
“No. But I’ll watch you do it if you want.” Susan crossed
her arms and braced herself safely against the dresser, across the
room from the bed.
Jimmy shook his head in disappointment, but proceeded to jack
off with a rhythmic stroke of his hand.

That night Tessa dreamed she was a model.
She was standing in line at an audition. It was her first
real attempt to get “noticed” and make some big money in the
modelling world. Her parents had given her tons of support, and
her father had lined up this photo shoot through a friend of his.
There were lots of other pretty girls here. Tessa felt
inadequate. There was one tall black girl in front of her who
seemed like someone created her to spec instead of allowing her to
grow up. The girl, whose name was apparently Charmaine, had long
sinewy legs that flowed up under a tiny black miniskirt. Her puffy
white blouse would have been virginal but for its gauziness. Tessa
twice thought she’d seen Charmaine’s big dark nipples through the
blouse, but then realized it had been just an illusion because the
girl was wearing a bra þ a lacy black bra.
But it turned out that Charmaine was a really nice girl, and
they had gotten into a long conversation about the business and how
it was so hard to break into it.
It was Tessa who first brought up the subject of sex. She
naively said, “I don’t think it’s worth laying your body on the
line and fucking your way into a job.”
Charmaine smiled, and countered with an anecdote about Morgan
Fairchild. “She was an ugly bitch when she got out of high school.
But she wanted to be a star, and she knew that the guys who made
stars liked to think with their dicks. So she put out a little at
the beginning. Now look where she is… or at least where she got
Tessa agreed, but maintained that she could never do such a
nasty thing.
“Honey,” Charmaine said, “I’ve seen plenty of girls who said
that and did just the opposite. You’ll see what you’ll do when
push comes to shove.” Charmaine hugged Tessa and the blonde girl
felt big ebony tits mash against her own pert set.
“Would you do it?” Tessa whispered into Charmaine’s ear.
“I’ve done it, baby… and I’d do it again.” Charmaine led
her over to the wall, where some of the other girls had sat down
waiting for the line to start moving. She whispered back: “There
was this one guy who had the contract for a big music video. I
wanted to be in that thing… it was Michael Jackson’s new one.
Anyway, this guy told me to get naked and lie on the kitchen table
while he stuffed this big fucking cucumber up my twat. It hurt
like a bastard, but I grinned and groaned and he ended up jerking
off all over my cashmir sweater. Then the creep gave the part to
someone else.” Charmaine pulled away from Tessa’s ear and smoothed
out her miniskirt.
Tessa watched the dark brown fingers travel over the black
material. She was dumbfounded… and her pussy was buzzing with
inexplicable fervour. Did that horrible story actually make her
horny? Maybe it was the thought of the guy’s cum splattering all
over Charmaine’s sweater-clad melons. “So you… let the guy fuck
you with a cucumber?”
It was Tessa’s incredulous tone that made Charmaine laugh, but
she quickly recovered and whispered seriously to her new friend:
“If you want into this sleazy business, you’ve got to be a bit of
a sleaze.”
Tessa suddenly had the urge to kiss Charmaine. She was
looking down at the dark, full lips in front of her and she licked
her own lips. She whispered at Charmaine, “Thanks for all the
advice.” She paused, and then quickly pecked at Charmaine’s lips.
They felt incredibly soft and luscious.
Charmaine hugged her close and whispered into her ear: “I’ve
got another set of lips that might need some kissing later if I
meet up with any more cucumbers.”
They both laughed but neither failed to recognize the overtly
lesbian invitation that Charmaine had made.

Inside the huge soundstage, Charmaine and Tessa were herded
off with two other girls. The girls both looked like model
superstars and Tessa was surprised that they even had to try out
for anything. Fatima, the shorter of the two girls, was a busty
East Indian girl with beautiful straight black hair that was combed
back over her bare shoulders. Fatima was wearing a strapless
corset and Tessa wondered how her huge tits stayed put.
The other girl was Wendy, a cute strawberry blonde who could
have been a classmate of Tessa’s if it wasn’t for her obvious
maturity and worldliness. Comparing herself to Fatima and Wendy,
Tessa was glad to see she didn’t end up being the shortest in the
group, and she thought that her own tits were a bit bigger than
A fat man with absolutely no hair on his head (Tessa thought
of Cueball) came in and told the girls to sit down in the folding
chairs against the wall.
“Okay, ladies,” the fat guy announced, “I’m Carl, and I’ll be
your mamma and your papa for the next few hours. We’ve got a tight
schedule, so if you think you need to take a break… well, let’s
just put it this way: Mr. Rawlins won’t be happy about any delays
so if you fell like you have to take a piss… hold it.”
Wendy’s hand popped up.
“What?” Carl seemed annoyed.
“What if we’re in the middle of a scene and we have to go
really bad?” Wendy had apparently been through a similar situation
Carl grinned evilly and said, “Maybe we’ll work it into the
scene somehow.”
Tessa looked to see Charmaine’s reaction to that and the black
beauty was as cool as (Tessa almost cracked herself up) a cucumber.
“Okay,” Carl went on. “We’re doing two scenes from this film.
The first is the bathroom scene. You’ve just woken up. You come
into the bathroom in your PJs and there’s a naked man lying in your
tub. At first you think he’s dead, but then you see his dick get
hard so you suddenly realize that he’s very alive.”
Tessa wondered who her father’s friend was that would be
involved in such a movie, but her pussy was abuzz and glowing now,
and she dared not turn back.
Carl scratched at his crotch as he continued reading from the
scene summaries. “You get really turned on by the guy’s hard-on,
so you strip and start diddling yourself by the edge of the tub.”
Fatima threw up her hand this time. Carl acknowledged her with
a grunt. “Would that be a good time to work in the pissing thing?
I mean, the guy’s already lying in the tub… should we piss on
Carl laughed. “That’s not what Mr. Rawlins had in mind, sweet
thing, but I think you and I should have a little talk after the
screen tests are over.” Carl hooted and tugged at his bag again.
“Anyway… back to business… we’ll do a bunch of close-ups of
your body from all sorts of angles… Any of you ladies have
some… uh… hangups about what parts you do and don’t want to
Tessa watched: the other three were smiling and shaking there
heads. She found herself shaking her own head, but then thought
about how she hated it when they showed a woman’s armpits in ads.
Then she thought: I’ll be showing a lot more than my pits to this
“That’s really good, ladies… we had a bitch in here last
summer who would not let us shoot her asshole. If she hadn’t have
been such a knockout babe, we would have sent her packing.” Carl
cleared his throat and moved a little closer to Fatima. “We’ll be
shooting the second scene after lunch. It’s a little more intense,
so I hope you all went to confession last night, because you’re
going to have a shitload of stuff to admit to after this scene.
Mr. Rawlins wants to try something way out. You girls ever done
any barnyard movies?”
Charmaine groaned. Wendy shook her head. Fatima just smiled.
Tessa looked shocked. Finally Charmaine saved the group by saying,
“Okay, fat man, tell us what the animals want to do to us.”
Carl glowered at her for the fat man comment, but went on to
explain the scene anyway. “You’ll be in the apartment. The scene
starts with your man pumping away at you… we can do this opening
part anyway you want. But the point is, the guy shoots off before
you ladies get your goodies… before you all cum too, okay? Then
the guy leaves and you’re left diddling yourself again.”
Charmaine cut in: “But along comes Fido and, lo and behold, he
takes care of us poor little frustrated bitches… fuck man, that
is the oldest can of shit in the book.”
Carl glared at Charmaine again. “Look, cunt… we just shoot
the stuff, Mr. Rawlins decides what will work and what won’t work.
We’re paying you twelve thousand dollars to do the final flick, so
it might be worth getting a little doggie jizz up your gash.”
Charmaine held up her hands, palms out, “Hey, Carl… I’m not
complaining about the money or the dog’s fuckjuice messing up my
clean black pussy… I was just saying that the plot’s been used
before. Why don’t you have the dog wake up the lady in bed with
his big long doggy-tongue? Then we get so carried away we return
the favour.”
Tessa shivered in anticipation at the impending bestiality.
Carl was standing right beside Fatima now, and he said, “Well,
that sounds like a fine idea missy, but Mr. Rawlins is the boss
around here and he’s set the script.” He dropped his gaze to
Fatima, and Tessa was sure he could see right down that stupendous
cleavage to the girl’s belly-button. “What do you think about
having a doggy poking his dirty dinky into your cunt, lady?”
Fatima craned her neck up to see over Carl’s gut and look into
his face. “I don’t mind a romp with the dog, but wouldn’t you much
rather climb into a bathtub with me and let me pee all over you?”
Tessa bit at her lip, she felt a wet spot forming on her
chair. What was happening to her? She found herself staring just
below the roundness of Carl’s girth and thought she saw a lump
forming in his loose cotton pants.
Her suspicions were confirmed when Carl said to Fatima, “Girl,
you are one kinky bitch. If I whipped out my cock right know I bet
you’d suck me off, wouldn’t you?”
Fatima just smiled.
Wendy turned in her chair, which was beside Fatima’s and said,
“Okay, Carl, she wants you to fuck her face, let’s see what you can
Tessa and Charmaine looked at each other and rolled their
eyes. How could Fatima be such a slut?
Carl pulled down his fly and looked around. He was apparently
afraid of throwing off the production schedule with this unplanned
little diversion. When he finally did haul out his cock, Tessa was
quite impressed. She nudged Charmaine and said, “The fat guy’s
hung not too bad, huh?”
“For a white guy, yeah,” Charmaine quipped.
Fatima virtually jumped on Carl’s penis. She had it in her
mouth before his hands moved away and she began pumping the base of
his shaft with her fist like a pro.
Wendy giggled, “Go easy, Fatima. You’ll vacuum the guy inside
Fatima broke off to respond to her peer, “I want him to cum in
my mouth before we have to get to work. Then I’ll give you a big
kiss so you can taste him too, okay?”
Wendy snickered at Fatima’s bizarre offer. “That’s okay
Watersports Queen, I’ll find a cock of my own to suck, thanks.”
Tessa hadn’t even noticed, but while she was watching and
listening to Wendy and Fatima, she had leaned over and rested her
hand on Charmaine’s thigh. When she suddenly noticed the heat she
pulled it away suddenly. Charmaine said quietly, “Don’t move your
hand on my account; I was kind of hoping you’d put it under my
skirt and check out the territory.”
Tessa smiled. “I’d love to get a grip on your hot black cunt,
but I think we’re going to be working in a second.”
“You’re a sweet girl, Tessa. Can I see you again after this
tryout, even if one of us gets the part?”
“You know what I want to do to you?”
Tessa gulped as her mind raced with the possibilities.
“I want my boyfriend to fuck you and then I’ll eat his cum out
of your sweet little pussy.”
Tessa almost swooned, but to get the picture right, she asked,
“Is he black?”
“Yep. Big and strong… he’s hung like a fucking whale.”
Charmaine clasped her crotch hummed, “Mmmmm, he’s something.”
Meanwhile Carl started huffing and puffing a little harder and
Fatima’s bobbing head slowed. Tessa knew that Fatima was trying
hard to swallow all of the fat guy’s spunk.
Wendy was cheering Fatima on quietly and Carl was swearing
under his breath at the ecstasy. “Suck it up, cunt,” was all that
Tessa found intelligible.
Carl quickly stuffed his slippery tube back into his pants and
regained his businesslike air. “You’re a hot little slut, Fatima.
And you’ll do just fine in the screen tests.”
Tessa and Charmaine looked down the row of chairs at Fatima,
who was wiping her mouth and checking to make sure her big tits
were still inside her corset.
“Yes, ladies,” Carl went on, scratching at his balls the whole
time, “we’ve got a winning scene with the dog… If you do it
rightþlook like you’re turned on by the muttþthen it’ll work. If
you start looking scared that he’s going to bite or scratch you,
then it won’t work… and you won’t get the part.”
Wendy piped up: “How are you going to be able to get the dog
to sit still while Fatima pisses on him?”
All of the girls laughed, including Fatima, but Carl stood
furiously by until the laughter subsided.
“One too many smartass comments is going to get you into some
deep shit, little lady, and Mr. Rawlins had the clout to stop you
from ever working in films again… porn or straight.”
The girls settled down even more.

As the dream continued, Tessa was surprised how nervous she
was about getting undressed with the cameraman, lighting crew, and
sound technicians all watching. She thought she had psyched
herself up for nude modelling. There were almost ten men in the
room and she felt very self-conscious.
“Let’s go, baby, let’s see those hot little titties,” one
anonymous voice called out.
Tessa suddenly froze. She couldn’t even unbutton her blouse.
She stood under the hot lights and felt her bottom lip start to
Charmaine ran in from the side and bustled her off-camera.
“What’s the matter, baby?”
Before Tessa could answer, a booming voice echoed through the
soundstage from a P.A. system high above. “Get that cunt out of my
Tessa burst into tears.
Charmaine accompanied Tessa outside, almost certainly ruining
her own chances at the part. Tessa realized the sacrifice
Charmaine was making and she started crying even harder. “I’ll do
it Charmaine… I’ll let a guy fuck me and then a dog…
anything… but you shouldn’t have wrecked it for yourself…”
Charmaine smiled and hugged the whimpering girl. Tessa, even
through her grief, marvelled at the cushiony mounds of the black
girl’s tits. “Hush now, child,” Charmaine comforted her, “Those
guys were slime. They had no compassion at all. If you didn’t
feel like slutting out, they should’ve understood.”
“But, my father brought me here and he should have told me
what they were going to do.”
Charmaine looked shocked for a moment, but then said, “Well,
honey… I’m sure your daddy didn’t know anything about this shit
when he left you here.”
Tessa finally mustered a grin through her tears and allowed
herself to be guided to the nearest phone booth so they could call
a cab. “I’ll take you home to my place to get you cleaned up
before we take you home,” said Charmaine.
Tessa awoke from the dream with a light sheen of sweat
covering her bodyþand a buzzing urgency in her cunt.

Julia Dupez was grooming herself in front of the mirror over
her dressing table. She was naked except for a tiny pair of white
silk panties. The white material contrasted strikingly with her
deeply tanned Hispanic skin. Her high, firm breasts swung gently
as she combed her hair.
As she bent to comb the underside of her locks, her stomach
creased neatly, without a hint of flab. Someone approaching would
have been enthraled by the perfection of her back: the sinewy
expanse of smoothness.
When she stood up again, if he could tear his eyes away from
her tits, the admirer would have noticed her tall, athletic frame.
But at the moment, Julia was alone in her bedroom. She was
getting ready for a party at Jack Hughes’ place. She had been
waiting anxiously for a full work week. Finally it was Friday and
the party was tonight.
As soon as Julia had left Commissioner Purto’s office, she had
driven straight home, not stopping at the Wentworth Tavern as she
usually did on a Friday. She had been thinking about what Jack had
promised for her. He was going to teach her the art of anal sex.
She could hardly wait.
In preparation for her lesson tonight, Julia decided to give
herself an enema. At first she wasn’t going to, but then she
thought about Jack’s big cock and concluded it would be better to
have as much room up her ass as possible.
So she slid off her tiny panties and went into the modest
little bathroom in her apartment. She filled a 7-Eleven Big Gulp
container with warm water and screwed the top back on. Squatting
in the bathtub, she carefully parted her asscheeks and slipped the
flexible straw into her anus. She paused, savouring the peculiar
feeling of cold plastic in her butt. Then she squeezed the bottle
and felt a soothing rush of warm water flow deep into her rectum.
It was crazy how good it felt. She actually started rubbing
her clit with her free hand. Her original plan to empty herself
out into the toilet failed when she almost succumbed to an orgasm
right there in the tub. Instead of running for the can, she let
her payload flow out into the bathtub. The high-pitched sprinkling
sound of water hitting porcelain intermittently stopped as lumps of
shit smacked into the bottom of the tub. Julia continued to rub
her clit and watched the disgusting effluvium jet out of her
When she finished emptying her bowels, she stood in the tub
and looked at the mess she’d made. Not caring too much, she ran
the shower and rinsed herself off, patiently pushing the lumps of
f‘ces towards the drain with her feet. She giggled as they simply
piled there and clogged the drain. Now she got down on her hands
and knees and forced each piece of shit into the drain with her
“If Jack could see me now,” she thought, “he’d never lay a
hand on me for the rest of his life.” She had completely undone
the careful combing she had given her hair, and she stank like an
Eventually the tub was clean and Julia soaped herself up to
eliminate any hint of shit-smell.
An hour later, when she left the house, she was the perfect
picture of a classy and sexy young lady.