Hungry Guy and Lady Fuschia

Eight hours later bought them to a smooth landing at Newark Airport in New Jersey in America. “C’mon, Fuschia!” Guy urged. “Hurry up!” “Yes, sir,” Fuschia gasped as she lugged the heavy bags through the airport terminal to the monorail […]

Group Sex Stories

Trip to Glastonbury 1.

It was 9 a.m. in Seattle at my office when my newly hired married secretary Gina got to work that Monday morning. We had been suffering for a good administrative person for the past two months now, someone who had […]

Slut Wife

Glory or bust

Peggy was a mid forties married woman, standing four foot four tall, weighing two hundred and forty pounds with 44D bust line. Her chubby pleasant face with piercing green eyes was framed by her often coloured red hair. Her husband […]


Pee Soaked Panties

Ever woke up in a sweat and you were rock hard and so horny you thought were going to burst in flames? Well this morning was like that for me, and when I woke up i noticed it was not […]


Pee time in the military

I had left the US for two week coverage for someone taking leave in the medical corp. I had never been to this country and was pretty nervous about it. Because there was no real thought about women in the […]