Glory or bust


Peggy was a mid forties married woman, standing four foot four tall, weighing two hundred and forty pounds with 44D bust line. Her chubby pleasant face with piercing green eyes was framed by her often coloured red hair. Her husband was a tall man but because of ill health he was no longer active sexually because of side effects from the medication he was on, so he had agreed that to fill her needs for that which he could no longer supply she was free to find lovers; free that is as long as she told him all the details and was extremely discrete about it as they lived in a small village.

Initially Peggy had found it impossible to accept; but gentle and regular persuasion from her husband and several nights of him persuading her to make up fantasy stories about her being with other men; had made the idea grow on her. Now it all fell into place, she had heard a woman at work talking about something called a glory hole and after checking it out on the internet she had been delighted to discover it was a hole in the wall of a cubicle where anonymous sex can take place between the person inside the cubicle and anyone outside it, usually with the male on the outside slipping his cock through the hole and being sucked off or even with a little difficulty even fucking the woman inside the cubicle.

The woman she had over heard had mentioned she had been driving into Sheffield, along the A630 when she had been taken short and pulled in at the public toilets near Dronefield; she had entered the cubicle with out paying much attention and as she sat there having a piss, a great big black cock had slipped through this hole in the wall and attracted her attention. The woman obviously had declared she had ignored it, finished up and left, but Peggy suspected she would have had to suck it off at least before leaving.

Now as Peggy and her husband lay in bed and he begged her to tell him a fantasy story involving her and another man; she launched into the story of her visit to a glory hole cubicle. She told him she had been took short and in need of a pee when she saw this toilet block, so pulling in beside it she hurried into the toilet cubicle and slammed the door. She described in great details the fact she had difficulty undoing her slacks so hurriedly removed them her panties soon followed suit and she sat on the loo.

She described sitting there glancing around the cubicle when her eyes were drawn to some writing on the wall. It simply said suck here and a large arrow pointed to a hole about the size of her fist in the wall. As she watched the hole she saw a finger poke through and beckon her towards the hole. She leaned forward until she could see through the hole and she saw a man.

Well to be exact the lower half of a man’s anatomy, she delighted in describing his large black cock, she said it was bout nine inches long and at least two thick. Now the cock she was describing was per verbatim what she had heard this woman describe; only she added that in her scene it was slack.

She described to her husband; as he slipped his hand between her soaking legs and buried a finger up her wide open flowing cunt; how the sight set her pulse racing and her cunt began to tingle, she described how she leaned further forward hoping to see the face of the man but as she did so he stepped closer to the hole and his cock looked even bigger. She now explained to her husband she could actually smell the sex in her cubicle and before she could adjust, the cock was through the hole and on her side of the cubicle wall. Not only that but it was inches from her slavering mouth, she felt hypnotised by its colour and its size, she wanted to suck it, god how she wanted to suck it but just could not bring herself to do so.

She did not move but sat staring at his cock which seemed to be lengthening as it hardened until its head was touching her cheek. Still she just could not bring herself to open her mouth and taste it. She then heard a quiet but firm voice telling her to open her mouth and suck the baby making stalk. She shocked her husband by telling him the voice sounded like his voice; and it was telling her that she knew she wanted to suck it and she should do it now before the cock was gone forever.

By now her husband was working three fingers in to her swollen cunt lips, all three fingers slick with cunt juice as were the tops of her legs. She looked at her husband and whispered, forgive me for when I opened my mouth and kissed his cock head, then I lost control and sucked it deep into my mouth. My cunt was on fire as I sucked the life out of this stranger’s cock. Now the husband’s three fingers were working overtime in her hot wet cunt as his thumb stroked her clit, he gasped for her to continue!

She described how she sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow until she heard that same voice, she swore washer husbands voice telling her to stop. Reluctantly she did stop and the cock was withdrawn from the hole, only to be replaced with the man’s hand, instantly she knew what he wanted and in a trance she stood up and moved to the hole, the guy’s thick black fingers were soon pushing in to her soaking wet cunt, one and then a few strokes later two, again a few strokes later a third and then as she got used to those she felt his small finger pressing against her sphincter muscle. This sent her over the top thinking of a total stranger having three fingers up her cunt and sliding his little pinkie, despite it being as black as ebony, up her arse.

She was on the verge of cumming when just as suddenly the fingers were gone; she admitted to her husband she groaned in despair, she figured the guy must have heard her because suddenly there was a tapping at her cubicle door. Then the same voice commanded her to let him in, now much more fearful she refused and expected him to turn and leave the toilets but no the same large black cock suddenly poked through the hole again and the voice told her to slip it up her cunt.

She described the difficulty she had trying to face the wall and get this cock up her cunt, until the voice told her to turn round. This was much easier and the cock soon pressed against her cunt lips, forcing them even wider as it entered her throbbing cunt. Then she actually went red as she described herself humping the wall and feeling fuller than she had ever felt. Now with her eyes firmly shut she saw in her mind’s eye the hard large ebony cock plunging into her well stretched and soaking cunt.

She felt every thrust, every single vein on the monster cock, even though it was from her imagination, with her limited words she did her very best to describe to her loving husband what she was seeing and feeling in her mind’s eye. She bit her lip as she imagined the feeling of the cock throbbing and swelling as it began to spew forth its red hot seeds deep inside her cunt. Now physically blushing a deep shade of red, she realised her imagination had cross the interracial barrier. In real life she would never have considered such a relationship with a coloured guy.

Strange thing was that although she could actually feel her husband’s fingers still stroking her cunt, she really thought she could feel the stickiness of the black guy’s spunk deep inside her cunt. Then she opened her eyes and suddenly spotted her husband’s rock hard cock, his first in three months. Quickly she pushed him on to his back, swung her leg over him and plunged his cock up her cunt, frantically riding his cock she hoped to make him spurt before he lost the erection. No sooner had she got his cock up her cunt then she felt it losing its hardness. In a hasty race to beat its failing hardness and win the prize of a load of her beloved husband’s cock she began riding him hard and fast and tried telling him in vivid words about how his cock felt hard and good in her cunt.

Unfortunately she lost that race and his now floppy cock slipped from her cunt, she had not climaxed and neither had he. She showered his head in kisses telling him never mind, it’s not important. Then climbing back on to her side of the bed they settled down to sleep. Jim her husband was soon asleep and as she lay there listening to his rhythmic breathing she suddenly burst in to low quiet sobs as her frustration overwhelmed her. She made sure that Jim did not hear her and she go up slowly and quietly and went to the bathroom.

Taking her large vibrator from her bathroom linen basket she sat on the toilet legs wide apart leaning back against the low level cistern and closed her eyes. Immediately she was back in the toilet cubicle, she was back at the point where the guy tapped on the door, this time in her mind she opened the door and he stepped in. In her minds eye he soon had her stripped naked and as she sucked the vibrator imagining it was his large black cock she imitated his hands as in her vision he began pinching her nipples. The rougher he was the higher her passions rose and suddenly in simulation of him ramming his saliva soaked cock up her cunt, she rammed forcefully the vibrator into her cunt, she pounded her cunt hard and fast as she quietly begged him to fuck the white sluts cunt.

Her orgasm wracked through her body with such intensity that she actually passed out and woke an hour later, the vibrator almost slipping out of still soaking cunt. On extremely shaky legs she rose, washed her vibrator, popping it back amongst the dirty washing in the laundry basket and sneaked back to bed. Now she was determined to visit the toilets the two women had discussed.