Group Sex Stories

More than stepmom 2.

The next day after bathing, Barbara pulled on a pair of shorts she had not worn in a long time. They were a bright yellow color and hugged her shapely ass like a second skin. The legs were cut high […]


Tender Loving Care

“My goodness, Davey, what are you doing home on Friday evening watching TV instead of out on a date? This is the second weekend in a row you’ve stayed home.” Alice Renfrow, Davey’s mother, stood in front of her son […]

asstr sex stories

Mom my lover

Don’t get me wrong, l love both my parents and l know they love me, but l suppose, like most parents, they do say such stupid things at times. Like the time Mum was in the kitchen preparing a meal, […]


The Gentlest Mother

I knew I was a very lucky boy. I could just gently hug my mother’s head close as it rocked on my lap. I felt sad for my friends who had to jack off alone at night, instead of shooting […]


Hot and Horny Family 3.

“Uuuuuhhhh, yeahhhh, you love sucking my cock, don’t you? You love the way it tastes, don’t you, Aunt Debby? Harder now! Unggghh! Suck harder, if you want to make me cum in your mouth!” Debby sucked the boy’s rock-hard cock […]

Cougar - Milf - Age Gap - Granny

Cougar Mom

Maggie Covington was a wealthy widow in her late 40s. She was of Filipino-American decent, golden-brown skinned, and raven hair all packed into a slender, muscular frame of about 115 lbs and petite 5’1”. Her phenomenal but small figure was […]

Cougar - Milf - Age Gap - Granny

Auntie Betty 2.

Following my exciting encounter with Auntie Betty and knowing I was invited back the following Saturday, you can imagine my week was feverish to say the least. I seemed to spend the week stroking my cock; in serious danger of […]


Terri’s friend turns her on… to her son

I’ll admit this is my fault, though not all my fault. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken advantage of Howard in high school. I know that will sound strange. His brains and family connections marked Howard for success […]


My Kinky Mom 3.

The next few months flew by. Tracey called me out about twice a month and not always for sex. Once we went to a red carpet movie premier and another for a TV show being shot in town. The sex […]


My Kinky Mom 2.

I usually go to Val’s on a Tuesday so I was surprised when she rang on a Sunday and asked me if I could help her move some furniture and boxes as her husband was busy working. Mom offered to […]

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