Cougar Mom


Maggie Covington was a wealthy widow in her late 40s. She was of Filipino-American decent, golden-brown skinned, and raven hair all packed into a slender, muscular frame of about 115 lbs and petite 5’1”. Her phenomenal but small figure was the result of intense, regular workouts which had become her daily coping mechanism following the death of her husband. Maggie enjoyed working out, it made her feel powerful and she became a bit of a health fanatic. Her husband had been a crypto investor in the early days of the fledgling enterprise and amassed a sizeable fortune before his untimely death in motorcycle crash out in California.

After the death of her late husband, and her son Bryon moved to Vienna, Virginia to be closer to family and to ensure Bryson was in the best schools. She became depressed and threw all of her energy into fitness and education. She earned two Master’s degrees one Mechanical Engineering and another in Business Finance. Maggie never dated, but instead focused on raising her son Bryson and staying busy. Maggie didn’t swear off sex, but found between working out, managing her newly acquired assets, and raising her son she had little time for the distractions and complications romance would have brought into her life. Maggie frequently had men hit on her and make sexual advances, but she was always careful to keep them at a distance for her son’s sake and to stave off any gold diggers in search of a quick payday. She had needs like any woman, but she chose to pleasure herself through masturbation, toys, literature, and eventually porn.

Maggie maintained her chastity all the way until her son left for college. Finding herself truly alone for the first time in years, Maggie eventually decided it was time to explore the dating scene. Despite Maggie’s wealth, she was never the type to flaunt it. She maintained a bigger, but still modest home in a suburban area of Vienna on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. She didn’t wear expensive designer clothing, or drive a sleek luxury car, so she figured it would be easy to find a man who was her intellectual equal in the local area. At first, she had great success meeting men who were not intimidated by her intellect or success, but quickly found herself bored or unattracted them physically. She assumed this was likely because of the intense fantasies she created in her head for all those years while reading erotica and watching porn. She had found that she gradually desensitized herself and discovered it took more and more perverse themes to get her excited and to help her reach climax.

The first man Maggie decided to sleep with was an utter disaster. She had met Todd at a social mixer and while he was attractive, she found him to be utter devoid of either wit or sophistication. She ultimately decided he would work due to a combination of prolonged abstinence and the physical packaging was attractive enough. They took a short walk from the restaurant where they had met to the hotel room Maggie had reserved for the night. When Maggie saw Todd’s profile, she new regardless of his other qualities he looked like the find of guy she had been fantasizing about and she was going to bed him for her “first” lover. What at first was fairly passionate connection quickly fizzled. As soon as the hotel door closed behind them, Todd grabbed Maggie by the nape of the neck and imparted a fervent kiss while using his other hand to slide over her shapely and toned ass.

As his hand splayed across her cheek and kneaded the flesh beneath her jeans, his tongue darted in and out of her mouth as if he was fencing with hers. Maggie used her hands to peel his polo shirt off his body momentarily breaking their kiss to pull it over his head. At the same time, he began kicking off his shoes and unbuckling his belt. Maggie reciprocated by pulling her sweater off and unbuttoning her jeans. In a matter of moments, they were both naked as they kissed and groped their way towards the bed. It was at this point, that things began to go flat. Todd stopped Maggie short of the bed and with firm, unyielding pressure pushed her to her knees in the floor. Using one hand to guide her head and the other his stiffening prick, he tried to ram his cock into her mouth. Maggie had never been a fan of fellatio, even when she was married to her husband, and the years had done nothing to engender the idea. Not to mention, Todd was a mess down in his nether regions. His man bush, for there was no more apt term to describe it, looked like a matted bird’s nest with two small eggs and a miniature pinky.

Maggie wouldn’t describe wouldn’t describe Todd’s cock as small, she wouldn’t even call it a cock at all. It was a micro-penis. In her erotic reading she had heard the phrase, “I’m a grower, not a shower,” but Todd wasn’t even three inches fully erect and maybe, if he was lucky, had the diameter of a roll of pennies. Maggie hid her disappointment well and tried to close her mouth to avoid the purple headed penetrator poking about the face, but she eventually succumbed and let Todd lodge his teeny prick in her reluctant mouth. Todd was not oblivious to her reluctance to accept his ‘pole’ and wasn’t about to let her feign knowledge of an adequate blowjob. When he experienced her lack of enthusiasm, he began to fuck Maggie’s oval face with renewed gusto. His tiny balls slapping against her chin as tried to force all three inches deeper into her wet mouth.

Maggie resigned herself to the experience, made a small ‘O’ with her mouth, pulled her jaws apart to keep her teeth out of the way and proceeded to accept his tiny rod plunging into her mouth.

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about gagging she thought to herself. While Maggie had initially felt the dewy sensation begin to establish itself between her legs when they first entered the bedroom, it was quickly becoming arid and unwelcoming in her love portal. After what seemed like an eternity, but was likely only a handful of minutes Todd pulled his fledgling flagpole from Maggie’s mouth and said “You ready to take this dick?”

Maggie honestly wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be dirty talk or was a legitimate question, but before she had a chance to say anything Todd was pulling her up and pushing back onto the bed. As she collapsed onto her back, Todd ran his hands down her sides and slid one over to feel her washboard abs. Maggie was petite and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body. Todd admired her muscular physique because she was a beautiful woman and had a magnificent shape. As his hands continued to work their way down her lithe legs, Todd grabbed each of her ankles and began to spread and lift her legs exposing Maggie’s protruding mound. As he pulled her legs further apart her petite peach separated slightly revealing the dark folds of her labia and small pink nexus of her vaginal canal.

Finally, Maggie thought, the moment she had been fantasizing about for so long was finally coming to fruition. He’s going to eat my minge! Maggie laid her head back and closed her eyes, craving Todd’s tongue on her unaccustomed lady bits. She was enraptured with expectation; it had been years since another person touched her nether region and now, she was about to receive cunnilingus from a man who while definitely not well endowed had seemed to have an overly enthusiastic tongue.

A shock ran through Maggie’s body as Todd released her left ankle, licked his right hand and proceeded to flick Maggie’s delicate bean with his fingers, quickly alternating between his fore and middle fingers. As the initial pulse subsided, Maggie’s clitoris stiffened and her swelling returned at the feeling of being displayed and touched by another person. Not just another person but someone she had only just met and the first man to see her hidden treasure in nearly a decade. The eroticism of the moment was pure extasy. Being on display to this man who was built like a Greek god but hung like a gnat, made her feel wanton despite his thimble cock.

Todd used the rest of his hand to gently push apart her mons and splay her lovely lady lips which revealed the rather large protuberance that was Maggie’s clit. Maggie’s knowledge that Todd could see her tender folds and the small hole nestled inside, that he was the first man to see her engorged, sensitive love button, and the belief that he was about to dine at the apex of her womanly temple was enough to renew the wellspring of wetness in her watering hole.

Todd stroked the delicate nub between his fingers and occasionally caught the hooded bandit and applied gentle pressure as he squeezed his fingers together. Todd could see the effect his digital manipulations were having on Maggie’s whispering eye as dew began to coalesce near the orifice and cream began manifesting in her diminutive depths.

Todd wasn’t an idiot; he knew he wasn’t blessed with even an average sized penis. It’s largely the reason why he only dated petite women. They had small hands which made his cock look bigger and they generally had smaller cunts which made his cock FEEL better! Todd knew the time was right, this tiny slut claimed she hadn’t had sex in a long time, but he was bedding her on their first date. She was a lying slut and he didn’t need to waste any more time warming her up. She was ready. Todd could not only see, but smell the arousal in Maggie’s sex and new her body craved his scepter.

After literally less than 30 seconds of manual reciprocation on Maggie’s longing sex, Maggie felt Todd pull his hand away from her box and quickly replace it with his full body weight. Her eyes flew open as she realized he basically skipped over the foreplay and went straight for the bone bang sans the bag…the big beanie, the rain jacket, the mother fucking condom. Maggie had been so sex starved she didn’t even think to mention the fold of condoms in her clutch. She never once thought she didn’t have plenty of time to demand no glove, no love….but here she was getting fucking jackhammered by tiny Todd and his tidily wink with out a g.d. condom.

What happened to her chance to have her oyster split open by Todd’s tongue delving into her depths. She didn’t even get a proper finger flogging of her front bottom. This was bullshit, she didn’t wade through ten years of sexual frustration and abstinence for this. She had finger fucked herself on accident better than Todd had performed. She could have had two or three orgasms in less than a few minutes if the selfish prick would have just given her a moment to release the flood. Now here she was legs in the air, Todd holding her by the quads, getting her gash smashed by a micromachine. All of her toys were bigger than Todd and he was pistoning in and out of her so fast, surely, he wouldn’t last long.

“Wait, stop!” Maggie said when her mouth finally caught up to her brains processing power, “You need to put on a condom!”

“It’s ok babe, I’m clean. I just hope you are, you dirty slut!” Todd replied.

“No, fucking stop, you asshole! I’m not on any birth control and don’t want to get pregnant. You have to put on a condom!”

Todd laughed, “I thought you said you were 46, that’s too old to get pregnant. Your eggs are probably all dried up and your ovaries are only pushing out dust. But that’s fine, I’ll pull out and cum in your mouth if you really want me to!”

Maggie tried to pull her legs down to push Todd off of her but he was too big and only succeeded in starting to push herself away from him and across the bed. Todd quickly grabbed her by the hips and forced her back onto his three inches of fury pounding away at her twat.

“Stop it you motherfucker, get off of me!” Maggie yelled.

“That’s right MILF, I guess I am officially a motherfucker now” Todd retorted. “How do you like my cock raw dogging that little purple clunge of yours? You like it don’t you? I saw how wet you were as soon as I touched your little honeyed hole. You were so eager for it at the restaurant, you were practically begging for it.”

“Fuck you, you dainty dicked dimwit!” Maggie spat as she tried to use her arms to dislodge his tiny hammer from its incessant pounding at her quickly drying vulva. She tried punching him, and finally resorted to screaming “Help, Rape!”

Todd saw red, he tolerated a lot about his intelligence and the jokes made at his expense by others, but he could not tolerate some hoity toity Asian bitch calling his cock small. He new it wasn’t big, but it was big enough for this slut. Then she had the audacity to scream rape in a fucking hotel room while punching and clawing at him. She was in great physical shape and condition, and though while still small she was deceptively powerful for her size. Todd had had enough; he was so close to cumming, he just needed a few more good strokes and for fucking Maggie to stop fighting him. She was drying up and her squirming and attempted kicking was forcing his cock out of her tight fuck tunnel. She was going to cause him to lose it. He quickly released her hip with his right hand and delivered one solid and strong closed handed slap to the side of her face. He must have used enough force because her yell cut off and her eyes crossed and blurred. The slap was twofold, her pussy remoistened and it bought him just enough time to finish.

He originally thought about cumming in her regardless of what he promised her earlier, but now he was having second thoughts. If she kept up this rape charade, the last thing he wanted was for the police to find his spouge inside of her. He quickly ran through his options. He couldn’t blow his load in her mouth now for fear she would find her focus and bite his fucking cock off. It might not be a lot compared to most men, but he liked it and it was all he had. Finally, he resolved to cum on her perky little B cups, his white frosting in contrast with Maggie’s bronzed skin and dark nipples might actually look pretty fucking hot he decided.

Todd pushed his protrusion a couple more strokes into Maggie’s now slick hole before pulling out completely while seamlessly grabbing one of her ankles and yanking her off the edge of the bed and into the floor. Once she was haphazardly deposited on the floor, Todd grabbed her shoulder length black mane with his left hand and tilted her oval face up towards his so he could look into her dazed but recovering almond shaped eyes. With three fingers of his right hand, he embraced his erect prick and pointed the angry, swollen purpled headed yogurt slinger at Maggie’s chest.

“Oh fuck, you fucking hot little cunt, I’m gonna fucking give you a pearl necklace to match that fucking haughty attitude you got!” Todd squawked as he proceeded to ejaculate rope after sticky rope of hot cum all over Maggie’s beautiful tits. “Oh shit, that was nice! For such a slut you were still pretty tight and I will say your cougar ass is definitely fine as hell!”

Todd released Maggie’s hair and she slumped back against the bed eyes finally beginning to flutter and refocus. She had never been hit that hard in her whole life, Todd had literally slapped the piss out of her. She felt it trickle out and noticed the void in her bladder which wasn’t present before the hit. Todd was pulling his clothes back on and looking at her with a mix of awe and amusement. He had obviously enjoyed himself and managed to spew his seed all over her abs and breasts.

She thought about trying to get up, but thought better of it because she still felt a little dizzy. “You fucking cocksucker, you slapped the piss out of me! You fucking twinkie dicked motherfucker! I’m going to call the cops you rapist piece of shit.”

Todd crossed the floor quickly snatching Maggie up by the hair and lifting her onto her tiptoes, “Ohhhhweeee” she squalled.

“Listen here you stupid cunt, I didn’t fucking rape you! You wanted me to fuck you! Your little fuck hole almost exploded as soon as I touched it! If you call the cops, I’ll post your naked ass photos all over the internet” Todd threatened.

“What photos?” Maggie inquired.

“While you were dazed a minute ago, I snapped a couple photos on my cell phone and they automatically sync to the cloud. You go around spreading that bullshit about rape and I will blast these out to everyone including Americas Funniest Home Videos!”

Maggie visibly deflated, what would her son think? What would her friends, family, and neighbors think? She couldn’t risk it. She had wanted to have sex with him after all initially. She cast her eyes down and Todd knew he won, but he wasn’t done. This dumb bitch didn’t know he hadn’t taken any pictures but he damn sure wasn’t going to miss the opportunity now that she had threatened and insulted him.

Todd hacked up a lugi and spat it in Maggie’s face, “That is for the insults and ruining what could have been a great night for us both you fucking whore!” He finally released Maggie’s hair and she collapsed into a heap on the ground. Todd said, “Look at me bitch!” and as soon as she looked up, he proceeded to take pictures of her naked cum covered chest and spittled face just in case.

Todd turned and exited the hotel room and never once looked back. Maggie finally broke. She had waited all this time for a physical encounter with another human being and everything had gone wrong. She had been raped, hit, embarrassed, spit on, and abused, but the worst part for her, deep down, was the knowledge that she still craved release from the pent-up sexual frustration which if anything had only increased over the last half hour. Maggie cried at her situation, she cried at her sexual tension, and cried because of a crushed fantasy almost ten years in the making. Eventually Maggie pulled herself together, dressed, and left the hotel room for home.