New Beginnings(MF, BDSM)

She walked into the thinly lit doorway wearing a man’s white dress shirt and nothing else. Obediently she waited head down. “Walk slowly towards me and unbutton your shirt” She nodded slightly and raised her trembling hands. She moved forward […]

Group Sex Stories

The Girls-Only Club

The despondent Girls-Only Club members sat together in Kathy’s room. “Where in the world could Pamela be?” Kathy said for the tenth time. The girls were ready to go to the church. Every last detail of their makeup and dresses […]


Piggy Gets Pounded 2.

I am still gasping for air as daddy peers down at me. I can feel the piggy tail plug lodged firmly in my ass, daddy’s cum still warm inside me. My orgasm had been so explosive I’m finding it hard […]


Piggy Gets Pounded

I stand naked in the middle of the floor, blindfolded with my hands handcuffed behind my back. I know that daddy is watching me. Even though I can’t see him I can feel his eyes on my naked body. He […]