The Girls-Only Club


The despondent Girls-Only Club members sat together in Kathy’s room.
“Where in the world could Pamela be?” Kathy said for the tenth time. The
girls were ready to go to the church. Every last detail of their makeup and
dresses had been taken care of.

“I feel just awful!” Penny said fighting the urge to cry.

“She must be in a terrible accident or something,” Amy said.

“One of us should have gone to her house on our way here to make sure she
was OK,” Janet said.

“But who would have guessed there would be a problem,” Kathy said as her
mother walked into the room. Mrs. O’Connor was perfectly dressed now.
Though in her forties, she radiated the feminine appeal of a woman half her
age, but with the commanding presence that only comes with age.

“Gosh, Mrs. O’Connor,” Amy said, “you’re just beautiful!”

“Thanks Amy, but all you girls just take my breathe away, you’re all so
utterly pretty!” Stating the obvious she said, “no sign of Pamela?”

“Fraid not, mom!”

“I’m sorry to say it girls, but what are we going to do about the sixth
bridesmaid?” As Mrs. O’Connor said this she pointed to Blake’s dress which
now lay forlornly on the sofa waiting for him.

“I just know Pamela is going to make it!” Penny cried and now she couldn’t
contain her tears. “Oh, rats my makeup!” she said and ran to the bathroom
to regain control of her feelings.

“This may be cruel, but I think we really do need a sixth bridesmaid and I
was thinking that we could ask one of the twins Christina or Angela to do
it. They’re waiting downstairs and they’re about the same size as Pam.
What do you girls think?”

“You’re right mom,” Kathy said, “we owe it to Beth to have a sixth
bridesmaid. Why don’t you ask Christina if she’ll do it? If she will, just
send her up and we’ll help her get dressed.”

In a minute Christina entered Kathy’s bedroom. “So your little friend
Pamela is afraid to come to the wedding.”

“That’s not true!” Karen said angrily. “We don’t know what happened to
her, maybe she got into an accident or something, so you oughtn’t jump to
any conclusions!”

“Well I never understood why Beth didn’t pick me and Angela to be
bridesmaids. We have a lot nicer figures and besides we’re family and she’s

“What’s done is done, Christina. Now we really have to hurry and get you
into Pamela’s dress,” Kathy said as she held up the dress to her.

Christina took the dress and held it against herself. “It might fit fairly
well, though of course it will be snug up top! Thank goodness Pamela was
kind of tall.”

With that she reached behind her back and unzipped her gown, which was a
flattering peach colored sheath. She carefully stepped out of it and took
Blake’s dress as Kathy handed it to her. “We also have special lingerie to
wear,” Kathy said, “but I suppose it won’t fit you.”

“I should think not,” Christina said contemptuously looking at Blake’s new
B cup bra lying on the sofa.

“What about the slip?” Karen asked.

“Its probably not worth trying on. I’m sure I’ll burst the seams. My own
bra and slip will be just fine. They won’t be visible.” With that she
slipped Blake’s dress over her head and pulled it down around her. She had
to struggle a bit to arrange her breasts in the top. Then she ordered
Kathy, “zip me up,” and turned her back to her.

Because of the size of Christina’s breasts, Kathy had to struggle with the
zipper but luckily there was just enough room so that it could get to the
top without ripping any of the seams. Christina turned to admire herself in
the mirror. “I must admit it does look ravishing on me.”

“Yes Christina you’re just gorgeous,” Karen said shaking her head.

“How long have you known?” Blake’s dad growled at Ann as he drove the car
furiously towards their house.

“A couple of weeks.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You’re right dad, I should have, but I didn’t want to be a snitch.”

Blake could see his dad’s eyes in the rear view mirror throwing hateful
glances at him. He had never seen him this angry before and was terrified
at the scene which would follow at home. Perhaps a blistering spanking,
confinement to his room for a week and most of all, missing the wedding and
no opportunity to talk to the girls or apologize to Mrs. O’Connor for
messing up the wedding ceremony. He turned his head and looked out the
window as a new wave of helplessness swept over him and he began sobbing
again. He had to pee so badly now, he was certain he couldn’t make it home
before having an accident. He urgently needed a bathroom. Fear of peeing
in the car drove him finally to ask his dad, “dad, I need a bathroom!”

“YOU NEED A BATHROOM?” His father yelled back, “I’LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU

His mother quickly intervened, “I don’t see what that’s got to do with
anything. There’s a bathroom coming up at the Wendy’s.” Her voice was
distraught and Blake could see that she was holding back tears of her own.

“He can hold it for ten minutes till we get home,” his dad said with

“But dad, I have to pee really bad. I didn’t get a chance at the theatre.”

“How can you make him suffer!” Janice broke in obviously upset.

“This doesn’t concern you Janice! I’m going to make a man out of him and
the first thing he’s going to learn is to hold his water.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Janice snorted.

“You girls won’t understand,” his dad said dismissively. “I should think
you’d be scandalized to find your brother acting like a sissy!”

“He’s not a sissy,” Janice said, “he’s allowed to be as feminine as he
wants. Why is it such a crime?”

“My brother in a bra! What are the guys gonna think when this gets out?”
Barry said, shaking his head.

“All you can think of is yourself,” Janice said bitingly.

“Shut up Janice,” Ann said. “Barry’s right. We have to go to school and
take all the teasing. The only good thing is that at least Blake is finally
going to learn how to be a real boy.”

“I don’t want to be a boy!” Blake cried. “Dad I have to pee terribly!”

“Shut up!” his dad said.

The car came to a red light and halted. Looking at the intersection Blake
realized that he was only a few blocks from Kathy’s house. In a fit of
madness he flung open the car door, got out, and began running across the
road toward Kathy’s. Each step caused an excruciating pain in his bladder
but he continued running as fast as he could. He heard his dad shouting
something at him and then he heard Ann yell “don’t worry I’ll get him.”

He had made it across the street and was running up the block and then
diagonally across a lawn to take a short cut. He could hear Ann gaining on
him yelling “stop! you fucker,” and then she was on him pulling him to the
ground. He landed hard on the grass and struggled to get up and keep
running. Ann held him by his shirt, which he wiggled out of and continued
running, now in his exposed bra. Furious, Ann quickly caught up with him
again and tackled him. She put his arm in a lock and dragged him to his
feet. The fall had been too much for his bladder and he began peeing in his
pants. A large wet stain formed on the front of his jeans as the hot liquid
ran down his legs and soaked his panties. Ann dragged him along down the
block as he cried and peed at the same time.

His dad had turned the car onto the side street and pulled up next to them.
A man mowing his lawn several houses away stopped to look at the scene and
then continued. Ann held Blake up against the car as she fumbled for the
door handle. It wasn’t until she opened it and was forcing him in that she
noticed that he was wet. “Yuck, Blake! Dad, he peed in his pants.”

“Shit, we can’t let him sit on the seat like that. Take his pants off.”

Blake’s mom and Janice screamed at Ann to leave him alone, but she ignored
them and began undressing Blake, yanking his pants roughly down his legs
trying not to touch the pee. When they were around his angles she pushed
him to the ground and forced his pants off leaving Blake in just his bra and
sopping wet panties.

“Dump the pants on the floor mat and get him in,” his dad ordered and Blake
found himself once again lying on the back seat. Ann locked the door and
quickly ran around to the other side to get in. Before she could, however,
Blake’s mom barked at her to sit up front in her seat.

“Don’t worry mom I won’t hit the little sissy,” Ann said sarcastically.

“DO AS I SAY!” her mom yelled. She was now beet red and near hysterics
from having watched Ann’s treatment of Blake. Janice was crying
unconsolably, while Blake’s dad sat stonefaced.

Ann reluctantly walked around to the front passenger door as her mom got
out. Ann slid into the seat across from her dad, while Blake’s mom sat down
beside Blake and shut the door. Blake leaned over across her lap as she put
her arms over him protectively. He sobbed quietly into her bosom. “There,
there, my little girl,” she said.

“What kind of shit is that?” his Dad said excitedly.

“You’ve already done enough damage, and I won’t stand for anymore. Your
son is now your daughter, and you’ll just have to live with it.”

“Have you gone crazy?” his dad said with his voice rising in tone.

“Do you want to lose your child forever?”

“BULL SHIT!” he yelled.



A fight ensued like had never happened before in Blake’s family. His mom
and dad screamed back at forth at each other, while Janice and Ann exchanged
increasingly heated words. Barry sat in his seat shaking his head and
covering his ears. Blake’s mom was so angry that she let go of Blake and
leaned forward on the seat to better yell at her husband. Surveying the
scene, Blake saw that Ann and his dad didn’t have a good view of him,
particularly if he slunk down on the seat. As slowly as he could he opened
his car door and slipped outside keeping low, and then crept away back in
the direction toward Kathy’s house. Though only in his bra and panties, he
didn’t care. He would get to the wedding at all costs.

He had to travel in the direction the van was pointing, which put him in
full view of Ann and his dad. He moved slowly, crouched over so as to not
elicit their attention. He had just reached a point a full house away when
once again he heard the car door fling open and heard Ann shouting at him.
He took off running as fast as he could, which was now much faster than
before since he no longer had a pain in his bladder.

He had just three blocks to Kathy’s house and though he could hear Ann’s
pursuit, she was only gaining very slowly on him. When he was just a block
away, however, he stepped on a sharp pebble with his bare foot causing him
to stop and grab it to ease the pain. As he stood there hopping in agony,
he saw Ann approaching, but before she came he took off again. As he
entered Kathy’s street, he saw a commotion of people and cars way up the
block in front of her house. It was the wedding party getting ready to
drive to the church. He began screaming, “Kathy! Amy! Penny! Karen!
Janet!” and saw the girls turn toward him. They were dressed in the
beautiful bridesmaid dresses and he began to cry with joy and excitement as
he came toward them.

The girls yelled back to him, “It’s Pamela! It’s Pamela!!” and they began
walking toward him as fast as they could in their high heels and dresses.

Just as Blake got to them, Ann caught up to him and grabbed him like before.
“You fucking little piece of shit. You’re not going to your fucking
wedding, understand?” and she put a vicious arm lock on him and started
dragging him back toward the car yet one more time.

“NO, ANN, YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” Blake yelled and struggled helplessly in her
powerful grasp. “Help me Amy and Karen!” Blake cried in pain and agony.

The girls were desperate to stop Ann, but her huge bulging biceps and
fierce angry look scared them.

“Stop! Ann, you’re hurting her!” Amy cried as the girls tried to reach in
to get a hold of Blake. Ann then flung her free fist toward them, causing
them to scatter in fear.

“If you don’t all get away Ill break Blake’s arm!” Ann said and she
increased the pressure causing Blake to let out a hideous cry of pain.

The girls stepped back and Ann continued dragging Blake up the block.

With his eyes stinging from tears, Blake closed them and shuffled off under
Ann’s guidance. They hadn’t gone more than halfway down the block however,
when Blake opened his eyes to see a huge dark form come crashing into Ann
and knocking her ten feet across the pavement while freeing him from her

In an instant Ann was up and swinging her fists like a madman at her
attacker. Not believing his eyes, Blake saw that it was Juergan, who
towered a foot over Ann and ran to meet her charge. Though wearing a
tuxedo, he adeptly side stepped her blows and pushed her to the ground

“Get away!” he commanded Ann. “If you touch Pamela again I’ll break YOUR
arm!” He took a step toward her and Ann sensed that he was not like the
other boys she had been bullying lately. Still, she hesitated, until
Juergan began taking off his coat jacket. When she saw the large muscles of
his chest she said, “fuck you all. You can have the little fairy,” and she
ran off back to the car.

Blake had collapsed to the ground in utter relief that Ann was gone.
Juergan walked over and helped him up. Seeing that he was unsteady on his
feet, Juergan swept Blake up into his arms and carried him slowly back
toward the wedding party.

Juergan looked down at him with a wan smile, and Blake, looking up said,
“Juergan, I’m terribly sorry. And I’m also sorry I’m wet. You really
shouldn’t carry me, you’ll get your beautiful tuxedo dirty.”

“Don’t worry about it. Who are you Pamela?”

“I didn’t want to keep anything from you!”

“I thought that I had really found a girl I could love,” Juergan said with
his voice starting to choke.

“But Juergan!” Blake said alarmed, and threw his arms tightly around his
neck and began crying. Through his tears he said, “I really am Pamela. I
will one day be Pamela permanently. Can you wait for me?”

By this time they had come up to the girls who had been excitedly walking
towards them. Juergan let Blake down and said, “I need some time to
think,” and he walked off quickly toward his car.

Blake wanted to run after him but before he could he was surrounded by the
club members.

“My god, we were so worried about you!”

“Thank god you’re all right!”

The girls gently laid their hands on his shoulders to comfort him and Blake
broke out into a smile.
“It was so horrible, I thought Ann was going to drag me back to the car.
My dad found out about Pamela and he doesn’t want me to go to the wedding.
My mom and dad are having a terrible row in the car right now, and I snuck
away, only Ann caught up to me! But then Juergan saved my life and I will
always love him for it! Am I too late for the wedding?” Blake asked
timidly, afraid to hear the answer.

Looking toward the house they saw Mrs. O’Connor coming toward them.
“Mom!” Kathy yelled, “it’s Pamela! She’s OK! Her dad wouldn’t let her
come to the wedding but she got away. Is it too late for her to get
dressed??” Mrs. O’Connor nodded her head excitedly and ran toward them
holding her skirt.

“Oh my God my poor darling!” she said as she surveyed the bedraggled Blake:
wet panties, dirt and grass stains on his arms and legs where Ann had
knocked him down, and his face swollen from crying. “I can’t squeeze you
since I’m all dressed up for the wedding.”

“Mrs. O’Connor, I’ve never been more happy to see anyone in my whole

“What happened with your dad? Oh, you’ll have to tell me later, at the

“You mean I can still be a bridesmaid?”

“Why of course you foolish girl! Do you think we would ever deprive you of
your big chance to wear your bridesmaid dress???”

“I can’t believe it. I was so sure that it was too late! I was going to
kill myself for missing the wedding!”

“Don’t you ever talk like that!” Mrs. O’Connor’s expression suddenly
changed into a frown and she said, “well I think we have one minor problem,
don’t we girls!”

The Girls-Only club members nodded their heads and pointed in the direction
of the house where in the distance Blake saw a girl wearing a dress very
similar to the bridesmaid dresses. He had the feeling he had seen her
somewhere before and then noticed her twin standing next to her. It was
Angela and Christina he thought sourly and then his mind started puzzling
that something was wrong with what he was seeing. Suddenly it dawned on him
that Christina’s dress was exactly one of the bridesmaid dresses and he
couldn’t understand how she could be wearing one, since there were only to
be six bridesmaids.

“Mrs. O’Connor, I thought there was only going to be six bridesmaids?”

“There are only six! When you didn’t show up we had no choice but to ask
Christina if she would be willing to take your place. Now we have the
problem of asking her to give up her dress to you!”

Blake felt numb. After all he had been through and now to have to deal with
Christina! He knew there would be no way she would ever give up the chance
to be a bridesmaid since she had already been so jealous of his being asked
by the girls.

“Come on girls, maybe she’ll be reasonable!” Mrs. O’Connor said and the
group walked over to Christina to see what she would say.

Blake felt violated to see Christina wearing his dress. Particularly, her
large breasts dramatically pushed out the top where his own should be.

“Christina,” Mrs. O’Connor began, “we seem to have a small problem here.
As you see Pamela did finally make it, and..”

“God, she is a mess! Why ever are you in your bra and panties Pamela? And
you’re so dirty, yuck!” Christina surveyed Blake with utter disdain. After
a couple of sweeps up and down, Blake saw her concentrate her attention on
his panties.

“As I was saying,” Mrs. O’Connor continued, “we don’t have much time,
Beth is about ready to come out, and well, the girls and I think that we
have just enough time to get Pamela fixed up so she can be the bridesmaid
like we planned.”

Christina wasn’t completely listening as she seemed to be very distracted
by Blake’s panties. Finally she said, “oh my God! You we want me to give
up this dress to Pamela?”

“I’m afraid so, Christina. You know the dress was altered to fit her.”

“There is something really weird here. I’m not sure I know what I’m
looking at,” Christina said pointing toward Blake’s very tiny but still
slightly visible penis behind the pee drenched panties.

“Oh, Pamela had a slight accident, she couldn’t find a bathroom! You saw
she was fighting with her sister Ann!” Kathy improvised as best she could.

“No, no, Kathy, I’m talking about that lump in her panties. Why in the
world does Pamela have a lump there?”

“What lump?” Penny said meekly.

“Yeah, I don’t see one,” Karen and Amy added together.

“Holy shit and a half!” Christina yelled laughingly, “your little Pamela
here is a boy!! Angela come take a look!” Then leaning directly into
Blake’s face she said, “you little sissy, dressing up like a girl. And
they want you to be a bridesmaid! You don’t even have any tits, and you wet
your panties like a baby!”

“Leave me alone!” Blake said desperately, his voice beginning to quaver.

“Flat as a board!” Angela said, “you’re no kind of girl at all!”

“I felt suspicious of him at the wedding shower,” Christina said.

“Me too,” Angela added.

“Leave Pamela alone,” Mrs. O’Connor interrupted sternly. “You’ve had
your fun with her, now leave her alone.”

“What do you mean `her.’ `She’ is just a pathetic boy pretending to be a
girl. Take the bra and panties off him! Its disgusting!”

“Christina, I must insist that you give your dress back to Pamela, and you
had better hurry or we’ll all be late!” Mrs. O’Connor said.

“How can you have a boy for a bridesmaid? Its just too ridiculous!”

“Pamela is not a boy!” Kathy said.

“Yeah!” Amy said, “she’s just as much a girl as any of us!”

Angela and Christina couldn’t help from laughing. “A girl! What

“Let me have my dress Christina!” Blake said angrily.

“Let me have my dress Christina!” Christina teased Blake in her baby voice,
like she had done at the party.

“C’mon Christina, I want my dress!” Blake said.

“C’mon Christina, I want my dress!” they mimicked him. “Let’s see you
take it off me!” Christina added.

Blake made a motion to unzip it and Christina slapped his hand very hard.
“Get away little faggot!”

Blake stepped back, covered his eyes with his hands and started to cry,
while Christina and Angela snickered loudly at him.

“Really Christina, come inside and change back,” Mrs. O’Connor said, “you
and Angela will obviously never understand that Pamela is really, at least
at an emotional level, purely a girl, so just let her be. Just try being
kind for once, you know, from one human being to another, just be kind!”

While Mrs. O’Connor’s elegant statement didn’t exactly convince Christina
to be nice, it did have the desired affect of getting her to stop teasing

“Oh, all right! I’ll take the stupid dress off, but nothing will stop me
from telling all the wedding guests about Pamela!”

“Right!” Angela added.

“Go ahead and tell whomever you want. We don’t really care and you’ll find
that most people are a lot nicer than you two!” Janet said emotionally,
finally getting a chance to express her feelings.

“Come along now Christina,” Mrs. O’Connor said and led her and Blake back
to the house. Just as they got there, however, Beth in all her beautiful
radiance stepped out of the front door surrounded by some friends.

“Mom, I’m all ready! Let’s go!” Beth said excitedly.

“Beth there’s a small problem. Pamela just showed up! She was delayed by
circumstances out of her control. We’ll tell you about it later! It’ll
take us just a minute or two to get her all fixed up as a bridesmaid!”

“Oh,… OK mom, I guess we can keep everybody waiting a second. But God
whatever happened to poor Pamela!?” Beth said as she saw Blake for the first

“Pamela! Bull shit!” Christina interjected and she yanked down Blake’s
panties right in front of Beth.

Beth let out a scream which could be heard in the next county and collapsed
back into the house supported by her girl friends. Mrs. O’Connor, Blake,
Christina and the Girls-Only club members ran in behind her and followed her
to the living room where she collapsed onto a sofa.


“Beth, Beth honey!” Mrs. O’Connor said, “get a hold of yourself! You
don’t know what you’re saying. Pamela might have a boys body but she really
is a girl!”

“MOM!!!!” Beth shrieked, “NOW I’m going to cry and ruin my makeup!”

“Beth! stop being so melodramatic,” Kathy said, “Pamela is our friend and
you know as well as anyone how feminine she is. So what if she has a penis?
It doesn’t mean anything in her case, and in a month or two she’s going to
have some real breasts implanted, maybe even as big as yours!”

“What do you mean his penis doesn’t mean anything!”

“It doesn’t mean anything, Beth!” Mrs. O’Connor emphasized. “The only
thing even remotely masculine about Pamela is her penis, and that she
doesn’t even use like a real boy does.”

“Pamela couldn’t even beat any of us in arm wrestling! She’s barely got
any muscles in her arms; they’re like those of a little girl,” Amy said.

“And emotionally, she’s totally feminine. When we were helping her buy
some bras, the saleswoman got her to cry because she got all flustered
trying to explain why she wanted to wear girdles.”

“I don’t care how much of a girl you think he is, I don’t want this boy in
my wedding!”

“Well, in that case we’re going to go on a bridesmaid strike!” Kathy said.

“You can’t do this to me! It’ll ruin the whole wedding not to have

“No Pamela, no bridesmaids!” the club members said in unison.

Knowing she had lost, Beth said, “OK, OK anything. I can’t deal with this,
but if he so much as does anything to embarrass me at the wedding I’ll never
speak to you and Mom again!”

“Don’t you worry at all! Pamela is going to be the prettiest of all the
bridesmaids and you’re going to love her for that forever!

The girls rushed Blake upstairs to Kathy’s bathroom as fast as they could.
While Penny helped him take off his bra, Blake let drop his panties and Amy
started up the shower. Blake jumped into the steaming water, washed himself
with a delicate lilac scented soap that Kathy found. Within a minute he was
shampooing his hair and in another the water was turned off. He stepped out
of the shower into the waiting arms of Janet who held a large pink towel.
She patted down his body while he used a smaller towel to dry his hair.

Stepping out into the adjoining powder room, Kathy was waiting with his new
B cup breastforms, which she accurately placed on him. To Blake they seemed
enormous and he let out a little exclamation of pleasure.

“No time to admire them now!” Kathy teased, “here’s your new bra!” Kathy
held it out and Blake put his arms through the straps while Amy hooked it on
his back. Meanwhile, Penny was holding out the prettiest pink panties Blake
had ever seen, which he stepped into. “Oh my, they match the dress!” Blake
exclaimed. Janet came next with the matching slip which she put over his
head and then Blake put his arms through. She then had him step into the
expansive crinolines bedecked with pretty pink bows and lace.

Amy then directed him to sit down, while she aligned the pair of pink
pantyhose over his toes, and then began pulling them up his leg. In a
minute he was standing looking at his marvelous womanly figure in the full
length mirror. Coming from behind was Kathy with his dress and he almost
cried with happiness as she directed it over his head. Finally, he was
actually going to be wearing it! The girls now smoothed it down around him
and led him to the vanity where Penny and Amy quickly worked on his makeup
and nail polish, while Janet arranged his wig. When they were done he stood
up and stepped into his high heels which Kathy had brought over to him.

In just ten minutes since he had been brought upstairs, he had been
transformed into the prettiest of the bridesmaids. He and the other club
members gathered together giving themselves a group hug. Looking up into
the mirror, Blake saw that he was indistinguishable from the other club
members. They were each magnificently pretty in their own way, and he saw
in the mirror his beautifully powdered and lipsticked face smiling a smile
of complete fulfillment and happiness.

Outside in the street once again, the six girls gathered around Beth and
Mrs. O’Connor to see who was going to be taken in which car to the church.
Blake was disappointed he didn’t see Juergan anywhere; he would have liked
to have gone with him, but he also understood that the shock of seeing that
he was a boy must have been very upsetting, and he would need time to regain
his bearings. He was confidant that Juergan wouldn’t skip the wedding; that
wasn’t the sort of thing he would do.

It was decided that Blake, Amy, Penny and Janet would be taken by one of the
escorts, Willy, over to the church, since he had a large sedan. Three of
them could sit in the back, and one up front. As they walked over to the
parked car, Amy went to sit in the front passenger seat, and Janet opened
the right rear door. Penny opened the street side back door and slid into
the seat leaving Blake the position next to the left rear window. While
Blake was waiting for Penny to carefully lift her skirt and sit down, out of
the corner of his eye he saw his dad’s car coming up the street. Before he
could react, it pulled up opposite him, and he saw his dad lean over across
Ann towards him. The window was open and it looked for a second like his
dad was going to say something but the words never came out. Acutely aware
of his dad seeing him in the pretty bridesmaid dress, Blake was transfixed
by his father’s eyes which had locked onto his own. The two of them gazed
at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Out of his peripheral
vision Blake saw that Ann was also staring at him speechlessly.

He could see his father’s eyes study his made up face, the pink lipstick,
the eye shadow and mascara, the long cascading hair framing his face, the
extravagant pink lacy gown, and his large projecting bosom. Blake started
to speak and then halted. Something was going on in his father’s face that
made words futile.

A minute dragged by during which time Penny and Janet arranged themselves in
the back seat and Willy closed the curb side doors and then waited
patiently. Blake saw what looked to be tears forming in his dad’s eyes and
a look of pain sweep across his face, which brought tears flooding into his
own eyes. His dad began slowly shaking his head and then pulling it back,
and Blake said, “I love you daddy!” just as his dad eased his foot off the
brake and the car started moving down the street. The last glimpse Blake
had of the van was of his mother and Janet dabbing handkerchiefs to their
glistening eyes in the back seat.

“We had better go,” Willy said gently and Blake hoisted his skirt like he
had seen Penny do and put his bottom down on the back seat and then swing
his legs in. Imitating the other girls, he sat forward on the seat so as to
crush his dress as little as possible. Penny put her arm over his shoulders
and Blake said as bravely as he could, “it’s OK Penny, I think he’ll learn
to love me as Pamela, at least I hope he will.” Willy closed the door and
after getting in himself, he started up the engine, and they took off
following the other cars toward the church and Beth’s perfect wedding.