Piggy Gets Pounded 2.


I am still gasping for air as daddy peers down at me. I can feel the piggy tail plug lodged firmly in my ass, daddy’s cum still warm inside me. My orgasm had been so explosive I’m finding it hard to stay on all fours. But I don’t dare sit and rest. I know from how daddy is looking at me that he is not finished.

“You made quite the mess, piggy” daddy smiles as he bends down to take my face in his hand. His thumb grazes my lips and he slowly outlines them. I can feel my breathing beginning to steady, coming back to normal. In these tender moments, I know that daddy does care for me. Even if at times he treats me like his fucktoy. “You know I like things nice and clean, don’t you piggy. There’s only one filthy thing allowed in this house and that’s you.” He stands back up and removes his hand from my face. Walking over to the table I can see that he is still hard even though he’s just cum. At times his stamina even surprises me. Or for that matter exhausts me. Most of our sessions together leave me completely worn out, barely able to find the strength to thank him for using a piggy like me.

He’s walking back with a smirk as he scrolls through his phone. “I’ve got some incredibly filthy photos of you piggy. You look exactly like the pathetic piggy you are. The guys are going to love them.” I swallow hard. He used to tease me he would send our private photos to the Whatsapp group him and his buddies were in. But he never did it. Not until the night I embarrassed him.

It had been Christmas week last year, daddy and his buddies had a tradition since college that the Saturday night before Christmas Day they would all go out together and drink fine whiskeys. They would spend big money getting some of the most expensive whiskey bottles they could and spend the night in a members club getting completely sloshed and smoking cigars. This was a boys only night and had always been that way. But last year I ended up crashing the party.

Daddy had forgotten to bring his chosen cigars to the party and rang to see would I bring them for him and the guys. When I arrived I knew everyone had already had a few drinks. They were relaxed and laughing. It was nice to see this carefree side of daddy. When they saw me they insisted I stay for a drink or two. Before I knew it I was knocking back whiskeys like they were water. I had never been a whiskey drinker but the good mood of the gathering was infectious. Quickly I became very drunk. I knew that I was wasted but I couldn’t manage to bring myself to leave so I just stayed, hoping the guys wouldn’t drink much more. The drink got the better of me and I must have passed out on the couch.

“Wake up slut!” I opened my eyes to see daddy and all his friends looking at me. They were laughing, some were even rubbing their crotches. Daddy looked annoyed. “Giving the guys a good show are you?” he shouted across the room. “Laying there with your legs spread wide open, pussy on show to everyone because you’re too much of a whore to wear panties.” I began to sit up and noticed that my skirt was almost at my hips. You could see my fat thighs and pussy, completely exposed. “This filthy bitch loves attention, just look at these photos!” And that’s when daddy first showed our private photos. The guys gathered around and sniggered as he swiped through the pics. I tried to get to my feet to go to daddy, but I was still wasted. As soon as I stood I fell down on the ground, my fat ass up in the air. “See fellas, all she wants is to be filled with cock, the fucking pig. Tie that scarf she’s wearing over her eyes and do whatever you want to her. She’s nothing but a fuckpig to me.”

I didn’t know which of daddy’s friends used me that night. Once the blindfold went on and I was naked, I was thrown on the couch and all I could feel was various hands and cocks probe me, touch me, smack me. At one point the guys even had me fuck an empty whiskey bottle. They hollered the further I pushed it into my soaked cunt. At the end of the night, daddy took off the blindfold and I got back into my clothes. He threw me a bar towel and told me to clean myself up and be a bit respectable. He didn’t say anything in the taxi home. It wasn’t til we got into the house and he grabbed my face and told me that my actions had made him a laughing stock. It took weeks of me begging for him to forgive me. But since then, anytime he used me he made sure that he took lots of photos and video to share with his buddies.

Daddy is once again standing over me, his cock directly in front of my face. “Eh piggy, I shouldn’t have to tell you to clean my cock after I’ve fucked your ass. You’ve done this enough times to know that I want you to clean every inch of my dick after it’s been in your ass.” He knows I hate it. It makes me feel so degraded. He grabs my hair and shoves his cock into my mouth, not stopping until my lips are wrapped around the base of his shaft. “Come on my fat sow, you know how much you love to taste your shit when it’s on my cock.” I begin to choke on his dick. I was always terrible at deep-throating, something daddy loves to tease me about. I try to come up for air, but daddy’s grip remains firm and he keeps my mouth fully enveloping his penis. I start to squirm, panicking as I begin to heave. “Does piggy need some air?” All that can be heard are my muffled cries. Suddenly daddy yanks my head back and releases my mouth from his cock. Thick globs of spit cover daddy’s dick as I cough up more.

“Such a slobbering piggy I have. You’re making more of a mess than you’re cleaning. You should have that mouth of yours trained by now to be able to take all of daddy’s cock.” I start licking his penis again, twisting my tongue over the tip and sucking it, making sure to create a ‘pop’ sound every-time my mouth leaves the tip. “Good girl! That’s better”. I can feel it hardening once again as I continue to clean every bit of him. The quiet moans of satisfaction I can hear escaping from daddy tells me that I am doing a good job. Maybe all I need to do is give him a blowjob and he will be satisfied. But that’s wishful thinking. Daddy has other plans.

“You know what would make me very happy now, slut?” I look up at him, his dick still in my mouth. “You haven’t cleaned my ass in ages, tsk tsk. I think it’s time you get to work.” Daddy steps back and turns around, using the chair beside him to lean on. I can see that he is already playing with his dick. “Come on piggy, hurry up. Spread my ass cheeks so you can clean deeply.” Now I definitely want to cry. He knows that this is not something I enjoy. He doesn’t ask to be rimmed very often, but when he does he expects me to be fully enthusiastic.

I take a deep breath, close my eyes and spread open his cheeks. I move forward until my tongue reaches his asshole. I can feel daddy quiver as my tongue swirls around. “Deeper piggy” he groans. I can’t stand the taste and smell but I know better than to stop. I start to probe my tongue deeper into his ass. “Lick it like you mean it! I want you to be fucking french-kissing my asshole piggy” daddy commands. I reluctantly begin to move my tongue in and out of his asshole. I can feel his body pressing down on my face. It’s hot and sweaty and I can feel my face covered in my salvia. But I keep going, burying my tongue as deep as I can and licking his rim. I can feel that he is jerking off quickly now, it won’t take long for him to cum again.

“Take this and film yourself” daddy breathlessly orders. He hands me his phone and I set it to video mode. “Show everyone how much you love to clean daddy’s ass.” I start recording and bury my face into his ass. I know he wants me to moan and act as if I crave to lick his ass. So I do. I look at the phone and make sure that you can see my tongue on his ass. ‘Mmmmm daddy, this is so good. I love to be your dirty slut and clean your filthy ass. Mmmmm’ At the sound of my voice I can feel daddy tense up. He is so very close to cumming. I repeatedly flick my tongue over his asshole moaning so he can feel the vibrations. I keep making eye contact with the phone, I know that’s what he likes. After another minute or so of me tongue fucking him, suddenly he straightens and turns around.

Splat! I can feel the cum shoot all over my face, covering my eyes and nose. I hope that the camera is directed at my face. The thick cum is all over my eyes making it impossible to see. Daddy is making sure that every drop of warm cum ends up on my face. As I kneel there waiting to get the last drop, I can still taste daddy’s ass in my mouth. This is exactly what I signed up for when I told him that I wanted to be his piggy. And even though at this minute I feel like a complete slut, deep down I’m loving it. This is where I am meant to be.