Slut Wife

Milking machines

The room was large, at least seventy by one hundred feet, with a series of televisions sets hanging from the ceiling that were broadcasting the days latest soap operas to the one hundred twenty women sitting quietly in overstuffed easy […]

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Do you like my tits baby?

Marcia Hanson was home from college for the summer, she was 20 years old. Her long chestnut-colored hair with green eyes and a voluptuous curvy body had gotten her a fair share of offers from classmates. The guys were never […]


Tracy’s Fatherly Affair

I had wanted to fuck my gorgeous mother since the moment I learned what fucking was. Then, one summer day just before my junior year in high school, I finally did. At a very young age, I had become aware […]


My Big-Titted Daughter

I woke up with the usual morning urge to piss like a race horse. The bathroom door was closed so I knew my 22 year old daughter must be in there. I knocked and I said, “Lisa I gotta piss […]