A fantasy about breasts and the never ending cum


I met her at a store. I was just shopping around,
minding my own business, when this beautiful blonde
bumped into me. She was tall, nearly my height and built
like you wouldn’t believe. Huge breasts, thin waist,
exaggerated curves; she was a walking wet dream.

She literally bumped into me, knocking the bag out of my
hand and onto the floor.

“I’m sorry,” she breathed, breathlessly.

“It’s ok,” I replied. “They’re only clothes, nothing

Who knows how, but we ended up talking. One thing led to
another, and we both discontinued our shopping
expeditions and adjourned to another part of the mall to
get something to eat. All along, I was marveling at her
as I made polite conversation. Not just how she looked,
but how she moved and how sensuous she seemed to be. My
thoughts were erotic from the first glance. They
couldn’t be any other way; this girl was walking sex, to
such a degree that it was almost unbelievable. She was

She went home with me that first night. I couldn’t
believe it; she just seemed completely natural about it,
without seeming a slut at all. It was just like she
assumed she’d go home with me. I worried about my place
seeming a mess, but I needn’t have bothered. She never
even saw it. I opened the door and was about to stand
back and let her in first, in a display of gallantry,
when she pushed me in from behind.

I tried to twist and turn on the light, but she just
pushed me into my bedroom at full speed. Before I knew
it, I was lying on the bed as she undressed me. My
clothes were gone in seconds, and she stood up next to
the bed and began to divest herself of her own apparel.

In the light that was filtering in through the window, I
could see her very clearly. She pulled her shirt up over
her head, revealing her breasts in a black bra. They
were gigantic, nearly the size of cantaloupes. Her jeans
went next, revealing lacy panties to match the bra. She
removed the bra slowly, and her breasts barely seemed to
sag when deprived of their support. The panties went
last, and as she straightened up after bending over to
remove them, I saw that her pussy was shaved completely

I didn’t mind her hairless cunt; the rest of her was
curvy enough that I was sure she had to be of legal age.
Slowly, sinuously she got into bed, and started to kiss
my lips. My hands leapt up to stroke along her body,
cupping her breasts, then trailing my fingertips down
along her side and grabbing her ass.

She left my lips and trailed her mouth down along my
neck, leaving a cool trail where she kissed me. She
tweaked my right nipple with her tongue in passing as
she made her way down my torso and found herself at my
crotch. Needless to say, my dick was by now standing
firmly at attention. She took my shaft gently in her
hand, straightening it, and licked the tip teasingly
with her tongue. She just barely brushed the very tip of
my cock, teasing me.

Involuntarily, I thrust my hips forward, but she pulled
back with equally fast reflexes, meeting my glance with
a smirk. I couldn’t take any more of this, so I decided
to take the initiative instead. Sitting up, I grabbed
her by the upper arms and pushed her over onto her back.
She didn’t seem to mind, smiling and spreading her legs.
I grabbed my dick, rolling the tip of it around the
outside of her slit to lubricate it. I could feel
immediately that it was unnecessary; she was already
soaking wet.

Without further ado, I pushed into her. My dick was
engulfed in her warm, wet pussy. I thrust into her,
grabbing her by the hips for better leverage. I could
feel the juices oozing out of her smooth pussy and
lubricating my whole crotch. Even from the first thrust,
she wasn’t too tight. She wasn’t too loose either; a
perfect fit.

I could feel the inside of her pussy pulling against the
skin of my cock, but I felt no resistance to thrusting
as deeply and as powerfully as possible into her. She
certainly didn’t put up any argument; she kept asking
for more. Nice guy that I am, I tried to give it to her.
With my hands firmly grasping her ass cheeks, I pulled
her onto my crotch.

I impaled her on my shaft. She must have felt the
pressure like a vise on every thrust, but she certainly
didn’t mind. She was thrashing around underneath me,
making little moaning and keening sounds. I know she
came more than once, but I don’t know how many times.
She cried out, shaking her head back and forth and
scratching her nails down my back more than once, but I
wasn’t paying specific attention to how often it
happened. When I came, it was incredible.

I could feel it coming for a long time beforehand, and I
was just trying to put it off, but at the moment I
finally could not, I just pulled as hard as I could on
her ass, thrusting my dick up into her until I felt it
hit bottom, and sprayed my cum up into her.

My eyes were shut so tightly that I was seeing stars,
and I could hear myself grunting as if it were someone
else. As for the feeling, I can only say that it was
amazing. When I started to relax, she pushed me off of
her and kneeled on the side of the bed. As usual, I was
ready to go to sleep, but she wouldn’t allow it.

She kneeled there and started to massage her breasts. I
hadn’t realized how large they were; they looked big
before, but now I saw that they were gigantic. She had
to be a double D cup, at least. My gaze trailed down to
her other hand, and I saw to my amazement that she was
playing with herself. With her left hand at her tits,
her right hand was rubbing her clit and occasionally
moving down to thrust one finger in and out of her

My dick sprang back to a full erection. This, I must
assume, was her objective, because as soon as she saw
that I was hard again, she moved over to the center of
the bed and got down on her hands and knees. Quite
willing to have a go at it doggy-style, I moved over
behind her and started to insert my dick into her still
soaking pussy, but she stopped me. “Not there,” she
said. “I want you in my ass.”

My dick, if it were possible, got even harder. Eager to
oblige, I moved my well-lubed dick up from one hole to
the other, and pushed it inside. She was tighter there,
and it took me a few thrusts to get completely into her.
Once inside, the feeling on my dick was wonderful. Her
ass was tighter than her pussy, but not problematically
so. It was a nice change.

She gripped my cock, which was slippery enough to slide
in her with no problem. I was enjoying the hell out of
it. After thrusting into her asshole for nearly fifteen
minutes, I could feel myself approaching orgasm. I tried
to hold out as long as possible, reaching down from
where my hands were gripping her tits to play with her

As I started to rub her clit, with my dick still ramming
full force into her back door, she moaned louder in my
ear. She started to buck under me uncontrollably as she
came. Her frenzied thrashing set off my own orgasm. My
dick felt like a red-hot piece of metal, and then the
glorious heat concentrated on the tip and suddenly
released. I spent my load deep up into her asshole, and
collapsed on top of her.

After laying there for a minute or two, I got up and
staggered towards the bathroom. I knew I would fall
asleep soon, and I wanted to wash my dick first. After I
had completed this task, I got back into the bed,
expecting to fall asleep now.

I was surprised to find that I was unable. She straddled
my body as soon as I lay down. Rubbing her soaking pussy
into my crotch, she supported herself by her arms over
my chest, her gigantic breasts hanging down to rub
against me. I looked at them again as they swayed above
me, marveling at their size. They looked even bigger.

She trailed her mouth down along my body, her breasts
sliding along before it, until she reached my crotch. My
dick was now hard again, amazingly. I hadn’t been horny
enough to go three times in a row since I was a
teenager. Gently, she took my cock in her hand and held
it straight out from my crotch, and proceeded to engulf
it in her mouth. She sucked my dick like she was hungry
for the cum. It was amazing, the amount of pressure she
was creating.

I felt like I would have cum just from the suction, even
if she hadn’t been feeding it in and out of her mouth,
swirling her tongue around it, and stroking the shaft
with her hand. She moved over slightly, and I could see
around her mammoth tits to where her other hand was,
busily manipulating her cunt. At the sight of that, I
shot into her mouth. Only the first spurt went there,
though, because she immediately removed my dick from her
mouth as I started to cum, and aimed it at her breasts.

I watched as my cum shot from my dick and drenched her
breasts. They were positively coated with sperm by the
time I finished cumming. Amazingly, she went right back
to work on my dick. She seemed even hungrier for cum
than she had been before. I wasn’t sure if I could
oblige her now, having already cum three loads, but she
kept sucking my semi-erect shaft.

I looked down past her mouth at her breasts. They were
glistening in the dim light, covered with cum as they
were. They were rubbing against my thighs. I wondered
how I could have thought earlier that they were DD-
cupped breasts. I had seen a few breasts that size, and
these were definitely larger. I had no idea what size
they actually were, because I had never seen breasts
larger than DD. I had nothing to compare them to.

As I thought about it, I realized that I had to be
wrong. Her breasts HAD been DD-cup before, but now they
were definitely larger. There was only one answer, crazy
though it may sound. Her breasts had grown. Needless to
say, this train of thought had done wonders for my
erection. As I was reaching the conclusion that this
girl sucking my cock had breasts that were quite a lot
bigger than they had been an hour before, I felt myself
start to cum again.

This time she realized what was happening before I began
to cum, just from the bucking of my hips, and she
removed my cock from her mouth and jacked it off,
shooting every drop of this load onto her tits. She
sighed as my cum hit her.

As soon as I was done cumming, her mouth gravitated back
to my crotch. She continued to suck me off, and as I
looked down to her chest, I could watch her breasts.
Sure enough, they were bigger than they had been before.
It dawned on me that my cum was what was making her tits
grow, and that she was hungry for more.

Needless to say, I was all for such a public spirited
project, but I was feeling rather depleted at the
moment. I had cum four loads, and was well on the way to
a fifth, and to tell the truth I was feeling rather
exhausted. I had no choice in the matter, however. I
certainly wasn’t about to say to this beautiful girl
between my legs, “could you stop sucking my dick,
please?” This went on, I don’t know for how long.
Gradually, I drifted off into a fog.

My dick started to feel raw and painful, but the orgasms
were still cumming regularly. I can’t imagine that she
was getting much cum out of me after the first five or
six loads, but I imagine every bit helps. Certainly I
can’t remember her slowing down at all.

From time to time, when I rallied strength enough to
open my eyes, I would check on her breasts. Before I
knew it, they were the size of basketballs, then of
beach balls. It was amazing.

The next thing I knew, I was awake in a hospital bed. A
nurse told me that I had been found in my house after I
didn’t show up for work the next day, lying in bed and
badly dehydrated. The police had had to break in, and I
had been taken away in an ambulance.

I couldn’t stop staring at the nurse’s breasts.