Tracy’s Fatherly Affair

I had wanted to fuck my gorgeous mother since the moment I learned what
fucking was. Then, one summer day just before my junior year in high school,
I finally did.

At a very young age, I had become aware of Mom’s ravishing looks – aware, at
least, that she didn’t resemble most other women. She was taller, her hips
were wider, her legs were longer and her breasts were much larger. Plus, her
skin was smoother and softer and her arms didn’t have that flab that I saw
on her friends’ arms. Her face was so much prettier, too. During my
pre-school years, I loved to remind her of this last difference as I tagged
along with her on errands. “Oh, thank you, sweetie-bear,” she’d say,
grinning and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Before long, I noticed that other people – men, mainly – noticed Mom, too.
Wherever she and I went without Dad, wolf whistles and shouts like “Hey,
honey pie!” followed us like the barks of stray dogs. I became so accustomed
to them, the same way an urban dweller grows deaf to the sound of sirens,
that they became a natural part of my environment. Even today I never notice
when some jerk whistles at a woman I’m with. On some unconscious level, I
probably assume they’re whistling at Mom.

I naively assumed all women provoked the same reactions from men until the
day I mustered the nerve to ask Mom about it. She was walking me home from
kindergarten through our neighborhood of big houses and lush, sloping lawns,
and the route took us past a home being built two blocks down from ours. As
we walked by, a guy with a thick moustache yelled from the roof, “Hey, baby,
bring those things up here!” Mom didn’t seem to hear him.

As we crossed to the next block, I said, “Mom, what things was that man
talking about?”

“I’m not sure,” she said casually. “Since he was too lazy to throw in an
adjective, like ‘big’ or ‘long,’ he could have meant either my breasts or my

“Why do workmen always say stuff to you?”

“They do it for fun. And I guess they think I’m really hot.”

“Like a stove?”

“Mmm, not quite. You’ll find out later.”

“You’re pretty, Mom.”

“Thank you, sweetie-bear.”

“And those are really big,” I said.

She followed my gaze to her tits, which were bouncing around and stretching
a green tank top out far in front of her body. They were as big as
cantaloupes. “Oh, not you, too already, Bobby,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“No, I mean they’re big and pretty,” I said.

“Thank you, honey. Coming from you, I like to hear that. They are nice and
big, aren’t they?” She cupped her hands under them, hoisted and then let
them boomerang up and down a few times, grinning and wiggling her eyebrows
at me. I giggled, but I was simply too young to realize what a mind-boggling
sight it was. It would have made that guy on the roof squirt his brain into
his pants. “Do you like them? I look a lot younger than I am, don’t I?”

“Probably. How old are you?”

“Never mind.”

“Does Dad like them?” I asked, pointing at her tits.

“He never pays much attention to them,” she said.

I wondered what was wrong with him. “I would if I was Dad.” Mom was quiet
for a minute. My parents got along okay, but Dad traveled a lot for a his
job. He was the vice-president of an oil company. And even when he was home,
I didn’t see much of him except at breakfast and dinner. But he a sense of
humor. Before my bedtime, whenever Mom would read “The Little Engine That
Could” to me, Dad would stick his head in the room and say, “Jill, that is
an oil-burning locomotive, right?” She would snicker and say, “Oh, Charles.”

On the sidewalk, Mom and I were nearing our house. “Bobby, starting
tomorrow, let’s walk to school a different way.”


“And remind me not to wear this top anymore.”


So men lusted after Mom. And one afternoon when I was nine, I began to lust
after her, too. I way lying on my bed and noticed her out the window as she
sunbathed by the pool. She got up to turn her lounge chair and I gaped at
her tall, voluptuous, hourglass figure: smooth, toned legs that seemed to
rise forever until finally flaring into full hips, which in turn scooped
dramatically into a slim waist and flat stomach with a sexy inny navel.
Above all this, her breasts cantilevered out like an enormous balcony, each
of them as big as the six-inch desk globe she had given me on my birthday.
Yet they were supple and perky, swelling like balloons out of a French-cut
bikini top with nearly a half-foot of cleavage between them. Her face was
lovely, too, with sculpted cheekbones, a long, sleek nose and a high
forehead, all of which gave her a distinct air of royalty. Her light-brown
hair was down to her shoulders, straight and thick and glinting like silk in
the summer sun.

When she started for the house and I saw her hips swaying and her massive
tits jiggling and causing her bikini top to heave up and down, I felt
something new and scary and looked down to see stuff dripping out of my
cock. I had just had my first orgasm.

After that, jacking off and thinking about my mother became a daily event.
She usually wore form-fitting clothes, like turtlenecks and bodysuits that
stretched taut over her tits and faded jeans that hugged the curves of her
full, shapely ass. Just watching her load the dishwasher or fold towels made
me horny. She had a sensuous, gentle way about all her movements that made
my ears tingle.

I was even turned on by her hands, which were erotic in a sleek, agile,
big-knuckled way. I’d sit at the kitchen table, pretending to do my
homework, and when she wrapped one hand around an iced tea glass to wipe it
dry, I imagined her wrapping it around my hard cock instead. Then I’d run
upstairs, yank down my pants and frantically do the job myself. Sometimes
I’d even risk leaving my door open, secretly daring her to stumble upon me
and childishly hoping she’d be flattered – or better yet, turned on – by my
lust for her.

Once during an especially horny weekend when I was in junior high school,
Mom was sunbathing with her younger sisters Linda and Chrissy, who are twins
and gorgeous but not quite as curvaceous as Mom. I was in my bedroom
watching them and eagerly jacking off. They were trading body compliments
when they starting admiring each others’ tits, and suddenly a longstanding
prayer of mine was answered.

After glancing toward the house to make sure they were alone, Mom reached up
to the front clasp of her red bikini top and unhooked it. Her enormous
breasts sprang out of the cups and bounced against each other, settling into
perfect, jutting teardrops with just a natural touch of sag as she removed
her top completely, her aureoles small and dark red and her nipples angled
upward like a teenage girl’s.

Chrissy and Linda looked at Mom’s bare tits and cooed with envy. My reaction
was even stronger. No sooner had I set eyes on them – utterly mammoth yet
more perfectly shaped than I ever dreamed – than my balls contracted and my
cock started spewing cum. Long, white ropes of it squirted and squirted,
burning as it coursed up through my rigid dick and madly splattering all
over the bed and the window. A little Papa Smurf figurine on my nightstand
took a blast right on its cute little face.

So there was Mom, innocently gabbing with her sisters about butt exercises
and the Pritkin diet while I mentally pounded my cock in and out of her
pussy, moaning obscenely and pumping a six-pack of cum out of my balls and
all over the room. I flopped onto my back panting, my shorts around my
ankles, and watched Mom struggle to fit her melons back into her bikini top.
It took me ten minutes to clean up all the cum.

Other boys my age jacked off fantasizing about Samantha Fox or Heather
Thomas (or Victoria Principal, if they didn’t have cable). I jacked off
thinking about my mother. I began to wonder if I was weird.

But I stopped worrying after the evening of the seventh-grade pageant, when
Mom came backstage to do everyone’s makeup, her hips swishing, her big tits
challenging the straps of a low-cut blue slipdress and her pheromones
glowing like a vapor trail in her wake. The boys were so mesmerized by the
San Andreas fault line of cleavage between her jostling, shifting tectonic
masses that not even the toughest of them complained about the extremely
faggy stuff she was putting on their faces. When she leaned over them with a
mascara brush, her warm, perfumed air enveloping them and her knockers
nearly bursting out of her dress, their trousers tented and their neck hair
stood on end.

Then I knew there wasn’t a goddamned thing wrong with me for wanting to fuck
my mother. Every other human male who had set eyes on her wanted to fuck
her, too. Never in my life had I felt so much pride.

I first got laid during my freshman year in high school. The girl’s name was
Lisa and we did it in the back seat of her father’s Mercury Marquis. She was
a sophomore and had done it with another guy already. “Oh, Bobby, oh,
Bobby,” she yelled as I screwed her and the car lurched up and down. But I
didn’t call out her name. I was pretending she was Mom.


I was Mom’s only child and she doted on me. She was protective, panicking
whenever I didn’t get home on time or forgot to call. She was suspicious of
my buddies. “Are his parents okay?” she’d ask me, groping for reassurance
about someone throwing a party. “Yeah, yeah, they’re fine,” I’d answer.

My active social life pleased her but she was jealous of my girlfriends,
even the ones I just palled around with. “Is she cute?” she’d ask me in a
tickling tone of voice whenever I mentioned a new name. Then came the staged
pouting. “Cuter than me?” she’d whimper.

“No, Mom, she’s not as cute as you.” From my dutiful tone of voice, silly
Mom thought I was just patronizing her. Hardly.

“Good!” she’d say, her brown eyes sparkling with triumph. “You’re not
allowed to go out with anyone better looking than me.” She’d give me a peck
on the cheek that nearly made my dick burst through my fly every time. Then
she’d trot off to run errands or take a shower, her jugs swaying under a
cotton button-down or one of her old college sweatshirts and her ass giving
a pair of khaki shorts a very delicious shape.

The truth is that my girlfriends – even the ones I just palled around with –
were jealous of Mom. No facetious pouting on their parts, only genuine,
jaw-clenching, blood-greening envy. After meeting her, they never wanted to
come to the house, and when they did, Mom’s statuesque looks made them stamp
their feet and grumble some escape plan like, “Let’s go to the mall. Right

We lived in a small, close-knit suburb, and Mom’s face and body were
probably a common household subject. One evening, a girl I’d dated
occasionally called me, but not to chat. “My mom wants to know where she can
get boobs like your mom’s,” she said.

My one and only goal for my sophomore year was to play cornerback on the
varsity football team, so I spent the summer working out twice a day and
binging like Oprah Winfrey after a week of bad ratings. When I wasn’t at
Smitty’s Gym doing squats, I was in the kitchen or the den with a plate of
steak and rice.

Mom loved serving as my personal chef and studied a whole bookshelf of
bodybuilding cookbooks. She’d come into my bedroom every morning at five
with a protein shake and wake me with a feathery stroke on my arm. I’d drink
the shake while she sat on the bed and yawned happily. Once when she took a
long stretch, her arms overhead and her braless cantaloupes practically
exploding out of her satin nightgown, I had to shift under the covers to
hide the bulge of my throbbing cock.

The shakes and steaks, along with all the hours of weightlifting, paid off.
By the end of the summer, my five-foot-ten-inch frame had filled out to a
well-defined 165 pounds. I played second-string on the varsity team that
year and continued my regimen. By the following June, I was six feet flat
and a husky, sinewy 180. And Mom was really taking notice.

She had been complimentary since the start of my training program, but as my
shoulders broadened and she noticed she was looking up into my eyes for the
first time (she’s five-ten), her affectionate took on new character, a
longing that seemed faintly carnal. “Lookin’ good, very good, honey,” she’d
say whenever she saw me sunbathing by the pool. After bringing me my shake
one morning and kissing me on the cheek, her lips moved to my ear and
whispered, “Wake up, you big tiger.”

It got more blatant. When I was helping her clean out a store room one hot
day in early July, I was carrying a heavy box and holding the door for her
when she paused behind me and groped my straining biceps. “Mmm, nice,” she
cooed, her breath on my neck, wiggling her tits against my back. My knees
almost curled. I was getting the distinct impression that my mother wanted

It was understandable. Dad hadn’t been a very strong presence in the family
lately and had never showed much interest in her. I had no idea when they
had last fucked, and I didn’t want to know. I wanted her all to myself. Dad
was decent and smart but socially inept, and I refused to believe he could
satisfy any woman – least of all, Mom. Plus, he was five-six with a bad
combover and a gut full of Ding-Dongs. Mom wasn’t attracted to him. That
made me smile.

Mom’s lusty comments kept coming at me, and I was pretty sure she had
noticed that along with my biceps, my cock was getting very, very big. I was
pretty sure I had spotted her stealing a couple of glances at my crotch
though my jeans, and one afternoon by the pool, I caught her gazing right at
my bulge as I vaulted off the diving board.

No one would blame her. One day as I lay on my bed stroking my huge dick
with both hands and fantasizing about fucking her doggy-style, her ass
quivering and her tits swinging back and forth, I noticed a can of Lemon
Pledge the maid had left in my room. I held it against my cock. They were
the exact same length and width. I folded my hands under my head with pride
and just looked at my dick, pointing straight up like a fleshy, engorged
obelisk, the aerosol can of penises, its head dark and purple and as big as
a racket ball. I had a ten-inch johnson with my mother’s name on it. It
seemed she and I were both built for one thing.


That one thing, the thing I’d been praying for since I was nine, happened
later that very month. It began about an hour after dinner on a Thursday
evening. Mom and I were at home and Dad’s flight was due in late. I was in
my bedroom sitting on my bed and trying to get my mind off Mom, who had kept
my cock at full mast all day with a knit top and a pair of tight Levis.
She’d been going to the gym with me a couple of times a week, and it was
beginning to show: her triceps were nicely defined and her round ass was
riding even higher than usual in her jeans. All I could think about was
lifting that tank top and sucking her tits, then pulling down those jeans
and sticking my big cock in her pussy. But those notions were beginning to
depress me. It was madness. She was my mother and sex would simply never

I was just about to call a buddy to go to the movies when Mom’s fingers
rapped lightly on my open door. “Hey, honey, look at these,” she said,
walking into the room. In her hands she held a black velvet demi-bra and a
matching pair of panties. She dangled them from her pinched thumb and index
finger, one item in each hand. The massive scale of the bra cups sent a
shudder of lust down my legs. “Like them?” she asked.

“Wow,” I whispered.

“I got them today. They’re for your father.”

“I think they’d look better on you,” I said.

Mom tittered. “You silly.”

I had always been so filial with my compliments to Mom, even when the rawest
things were on tip of my tongue. But this time I didn’t care. I decided to
pretend she was a girlfriend and say what came naturally.

“God, you must look so hot in those,” I said.

Mom’s eyes widened at me and she seemed draw a long, pensive breath. “Why,
thank you, honey. Do you think he’ll like them?”

“Uh-huh. Just imagining you in them is turning me on. But you look so hot in
anything, Mom.”

“Oh, Bobby,” she laughed, “stop before my head gets too big.”

“I’m not flattering you. Your body is beyond belief.”

“Wow. Oh, god. Thank you, sweetheart. You’re pretty gorgeous yourself.”

She was grinning in ecstasy and gazing off at nothing. She was so used to
the crass come-ons from men on the street and blithe indifference from her
husband, with nothing between the two. My brash, earnest praise had sunk in
deep. A warm silence fell.

“Well?” I said.


“You going to model those for me or what?”

She glanced at the lingerie in her hand. “Oh, I don’t know, Bobby, I’d feel
kind of awkward.”

“Gimme a break. I’ve been sitting here swelling your head for nothing?”

“God, to think I could actually turn on a sixteen-year-old.” She truly
didn’t realize what a goddess she was. Modest beauty is such a wondrous
thing. “Okay,” she said gaily, “Just so you can give me the final yea or
nay.” She went off to her bedroom and I lay back on my bed rubbing my
stiffening cock through my jeans. She wasn’t even into the bra and panties
yet, but in my mind she was already out of them.

A minute later, she called out from her room, “Okay, honey, come see.”

I got up and walked to her doorway licking my lips and activating the video
camera in my brain. I was quite possibly going to see the hottest thing in
underwear since Marilyn Monroe had posed with her skirt in the air over that
subway grate.

Reaching Mom’s doorway, I nonchalantly looked inside. The room was moody and
long-shadowed with the light from a single bedside lamp. And there, in the
middle of the floor, stood Mom, giggling. “See anything you like?” she said.

Oh, yes. Suddenly that bra no longer seemed so huge, stretched over the
lower half of her massive chest like the Grand Coulee Dam desperately
holding back a thousand acres of water. Mom’s big, firm tits swelled over it
together like two bronzy water balloons, her smooth skin pushing out just a
touch beyond the top edges of the velvet. When she straightened one bra
strap, causing her left breast to lift and undulate teasingly, I could
practically hear its contents sloshing like a milk jug.

My eyes wandered lower. Below her board-flat tummy, the panties hugged her
round hips in narrow bands that dove to her crotch in a v-shape. The
material lay perfectly over her tanned, supple curves, and I imagined how
her light-brown beaver triangle – which I hadn’t seen since we stopped
bathing together – must have looked under the velvet.

“Well?” Mom asked, smiling and raising her arms in presentation. “I hope
that dazed look on your face is a good sign.”

“Jesus Christ,” I said. Mom tittered again. “I’ve never seen anything like

“Hey, that could mean you’ve never seen something so awful,” she whined.

“Okay, how about this? You’re the hottest fucking woman on the face of the

“Bobby,” she gasped.

“Show me the back,” I said.

She turned around and I took a step toward her. The panties arced over the
globes of her full, heart-shaped ass, which was far too youthful and
resilient to allow the material to cut into her at the edges. I reached down
and rubbed my cock, which was throbbing at full mast and bulged like a
cucumber across the front of my jeans, the head up near my left hip. I left
it there. The time for hiding my erection from my mother was over. I glanced
up at her slim, sexy back and noted that her bra must be front-clasping.

“Well?” Mom prompted.

“Those panties show off your gorgeous ass.”

“Oh, Bobby, you are being bold, aren’t you?” With her back still to me, she
turned slightly to see herself in the full-length mirror on the closet door
and fingered one of the bra cups. “And the material is so nice. I love

“I do, too,” I said, stepping up behind her. Her White Linen fragrance rose
into my sinuses. I brought my hands up to her shoulders and caressed the
material on the straps. It felt soft and alive over her skin and made me
wonder how closely she kept the hair above her pussy trimmed.

Thinking about her pussy autopiloted my hands back down. I placed both of
them on her ass and fondled it professionally. She drew a quick breath.

“Mmm, feels like those glute exercises have been working,” I said. “Your ass
feels as good as it looks.”

“Bobby, honey, thank you, but I don’t know if you should…” her voice
trailed off dreamily.

My hands migrated back up to her slim waist and gripped it for a moment.
Mom’s head swayed. My hands moved higher, trembling with anticipation. After
years of staring at Mom’s huge tits and ejaculating who knows how many
barrels of cum all over myself in her absence, it was time to go for the
real thing.

I let my fingers drift up to the sides of her bra, admiring the velvet
again. Then, in one, smooth, synchronized movement, I slid them down over
the cups and gave her breasts – at least the portions that fit in my hands –
a firm squeeze. I felt them swell up out of her bra.

Mom drew a long, rasping breath. “Oh, Bobby, no,” she whispered, her head
falling back. I thrust my hips forward and rubbed my big, hard cock against
her ass. She arched her back in response.

I pulled my right hand from her breast, slid it up her neck to sweep her
hair out of the way and then planted a deep, succulent kiss on her nape.
With my other hand, I pulled her left bra strap from her shoulder.

Mom craned her arms back and locked her hands around my ass, pulling me into
her. I ran my lips up and down her neck a couple of times and then moved to
her right ear. “You are so beautiful,” I whispered before thrusting the tip
of my tongue into it.

She shuddered. “Oh, my god,” she said as her head turned toward mine. I
worked her ear, nibbling on the lobe and grooving my tongue into the little
winding canals above it.

With a sudden pirouette, Mom faced me, grabbed my head and stuck her tongue
down my throat. Now it was my turn to gasp, drawing in a lungful of her
heated mist, which tingled with electric madness like the moisture in
roiling storm clouds. It was sin, it was chaos, it was the stuff that had
made Greek poets fear the sun would turn backwards in its course. A mother
was passionately kissing her son. And they were about to fuck.

Mom heard my thoughts and flinched. She pulled her head back with a look of
dismay and planted stern palms on my shoulders.

“Oh, honey, we can’t do this. It’s crazy. We’ll regret it the rest of our
lives.” With one hand she replaced her fallen bra strap.

“But it would be so good,” I said.

“Oh, I know, baby, I know. You’re so young and strong, and I can already
tell you know what you’re doing.” She looked at my bulging crotch. “And I
can also tell you’re hung like a fucking horse, Bobby.”

“I wanna do you with it,” I said, leaning down to kiss her neck.

She didn’t stop me. “No, honey, you’re my son.” I kissed her on the lips
again and she instinctively darted her tongue into my mouth before pulling
away. But then her eyes beamed mine with pure lechery, and her lashes
blinked some beguiling Morse code message of outlaw sex. “Christ, it would
be fantastic, wouldn’t it? But no, we simply can’t.”

By then I was harder than I had ever been in my life. I looked down at her
huge, round tits, which were straining at the seams of her bra. If I gave up
now, I’d never get this close again.

Before she could raise a hand or speak a word, I reached up and unclasped
her bra. Her tits surged out of it with such force that the cups flew back
around her arms. I fit my hands under both tits and squeezed them greedily
for a second: they were firm and ponderous yet the skin retreated under my
fingers like the barely-ripe 32B’s on a teenage girl. Then I leaned down and
took her right nipple in my mouth.

My tongue orbited her aureole, and her nipple immediately stiffened and rose
like a pencil eraser. I flicked my tongue over the tip of it. Mom panted.
“Oh, my god,” she moaned. I felt her hands on my head and feared she would
push me away again.

Not this time. Her fingers sifted lovingly through my hair at the temples,
her motions slow and massaging. Her nails scratched the back of my neck. Her
grip tightened after a moment and she guided me to her other breast.

Meanwhile, I fondled her ass with both hands and one of hers descended to my
crotch. It groped the impression of my cock through my jeans, stopping and
squeezing like a shoe salesman palpating for toes in a new boot. Finally,
her fingers reached the head and massaged it. The sensation of her hand on
my cock, even through jeans and shorts, made it surge and strain and turn to
solid granite. I could already feel it dripping juice in a steady trickle.

“Oh, my god,” she said. “Oh, god, it’s huge.”

She pulled my face from her breast and we looked at each other. Her breath
was coming in loud rushes, her bra was flopping uselessly at her sides and
her big, bare tits, wet with my saliva, were heaving up and down with each

Her nose crinkled and her lips curved down into a sneer so lustful I felt my
sphincter contract. “Ooh, Bobby,” she said, “I want you to fuck me with your
big cock.”

Hearing those nasty words from my mother for the first time sent such an
unnerving ripple of lust up my spine that for a second I worried I would
lose my erection. My knees were Jell-O. But that second passed quickly.

I unzipped my jeans and yanked them and my shorts down in one frantic
movement. My big cock sprang out like an upended diving board, its ten thick
inches towering obscenely between Mom and me and pointing right at her naked
tits. I just stood there and let her see it for the first time.

Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. “Jesus Christ, Bobby! Oh, god
almighty, it’s gigantic! You’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my
life!” Her eyes journeyed down its length. “Mmm, your balls are nice and
big, too.”

I stroked it with one fist. “Is this what you want, baby?” I asked. “You
want me to pound your pussy with this big boy?”

I planted my hands on my hips and let my cock pulse and twitch. Mom finally
got up the nerve to wrap her hand around it, as if she were approaching a
wild animal. Her fingers didn’t meet. She brought up her other hand and
started jacking with both fists. “Oh, yeah, Bobby, I want you to slide your
big cock into my pussy and take me to paradise.”

“Get on the bed,” I said.

She quickly climbed up on the comforter, her engorged cantaloupes swaying
lewdly, and got in position on her back. As I whipped off my T-shirt, I let
my jeans and shorts fall to the floor so I could step out of them; she
lifted her ass and slid her velvet panties over her full thighs, then bent
her knees and tossed the underwear off her feet. She spread her legs wide
and massaged her clit. “Mmm, honey, come up here,” she said between deep
breaths as I joined her on the bed, my big dong sticking out in front of me
like the jib spar on a sailing ship.

I got between her legs and braced myself over her at arms length. The weight
of me over her on the springy mattress made her big tits wobble from side to
side. I craned down and kissed one of them, sucking on her hard nipple for a
second, then I moved up and thrust my tongue as far as it would go into her
mouth, also just for a second.

Then I looked down between us and got ready to fuck her. My hips were high
in the air and my stiff cock was hovering over her beaver, which was just
the neat brown triangle I remembered. I reached down and took my cock in one
hand and guided it toward her pussy.

Mom raised her head to look down there, too, and what she saw made her grab
my tensed upper arms to brace herself. “Ooh, yeah, baby, my pussy’s wet and
I’m ready for you,” she said. She raised her face up to mine and gave me a
quick kiss that told me she was ready more clearly than the words she had
just spoken. Then, just to be sure I had gotten the message, she commanded
loudly, “Fuck me, Bobby.”

I held my cock to her pussy and slid the huge head in. She was even tighter
than I had expected. Her hands gripped my arms harder.

“Point of no return, baby,” I said. “You’re about to get that trip to

She lifted her head again to look down. “Oh, yeah, sweetheart, slide it all
the way in. Fuck me with every inch of your big cock.”

I couldn’t believe the language that was coming out of her mouth, but
hearing it was almost making me blow my nuts. She flexed her hips a little
for angling and I finally slid my throbbing cock into her pussy. It gripped
me like a hot, wet vise but I pushed in fast anyway. It just kept going in.
Moaning, Mom rose up on her elbows to watch the action. “Ooh, baby, give me
all of it.” Then, after another couple of inches, “Ungh! God, this is going
to be so fucking good!”

“Honey, I’m going to give you the best fuck you’ve ever had,” I said

“Oh, Bobby, I know you will.”

“Jesus, Mom, your pussy is so tight!”

I figured the head of my cock would meet her cervix when I still had two or
three more inches to give her, as had happened with all the teenage girls I
had banged. But this time my big, long dick was in a real woman. As we both
watched and she began to cry out “Oh, Bobby honey…OH!” her pussy swallowed
my entire cock. My big balls slapped against her butt just as the head of my
long dick found the limit of her canal.

I looked up at her. She was seething through clenched teeth. “Ooh, baby,” I
said, “You’ve got all ten inches of me in your pussy.”

“Jesus Christ, it’s like a baseball bat. Start fucking me, Bobby. I can’t
wait any longer!”

She bounced her hips to get me going and I began sliding my big dick in and
out of her with steady, moderate strokes using about half of its length.

Mom grunted and bucked her hips to meet my thrusts. Her hands squeezed my
chest muscles.

“Is that good?” I asked.

“Ooh, darling, it feels great, but pump faster. I’m so fucking horny,” she

I did as the lady asked. My cock pistoned in and out of her, making a sound
like beaded water being swished off a car hood. I flexed my hips high on
each upstroke and pulled it out right to the tip.

After all, my beautiful mother had specifically asked me to fuck her pussy
with every inch of my big cock. I was gladly doing it.

Her huge tits had already been wobbling sensually, but when I speeded up
they went ballistic. They lifted off her chest and began swinging in
opposite directions, inscribing two circles that met at the center with a
loud slap of skin. Her nipples, still as hard as pencil erasers, were
erasing an imaginary figure-eight in the air. I wanted to suck them but the
sight of them careening as I hammered Mom’s pussy was too spectacular to
interfere with.

“Oh, Bobby, my tits are going crazy. Look at them!”

“I am. Just seeing them is almost making me come.”

Her melons weren’t the only things in the room suffering an earthquake. My
fast tempo and powerful strokes had set up a brassy squeak in the box
springs that marked our cadence. Much louder, however, was the sound made by
the big cherry headboard, which was slamming against the wall so hard that
flakes of white paint were falling off the ceiling molding above it.

“Ooh, Bobby, you’re fucking me so good,” Mom said, her words rippling as if
she were drumming on her voicebox. She smiled up at me, and I smiled back at
her. “Kiss me, sweetheart,” she said softly. I leaned down and our tongues
mashed against each other in a quick embrace.

“Mmm, good, sweetie-bear,” she said when I was back up on straight arms.
“You didn’t break stride. But I want some more of that.” She lifted herself
onto her elbows so that our faces met. Her tongue shot between my lips
again. It was a long kiss this time – slow and probing with methodical lust.

Then we both looked down. The lips of her pussy were stretched taut,
clinging to my wide, deeply-veined dick as I banged her.

“Ooh, baby,” she said, “Look at your ten inches pleasing my pussy. You’re
making me feel so fucking good, Bobby. I just can’t believe we’re doing

“I can’t either.”

“But don’t you dare stop. You’re fantastic.”

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years, Mom,” I said, slowing my strokes a
tad so I’d last a little longer. Even so, I was going to shoot my load way
too soon.

“And I’ve been wanting you to fuck me ever since you got so buff and
gorgeous and sprouted that big cock between your legs. I noticed it in your
swim trunks,” she said, looking down again at my monster pumping her canal.
My dick was slick and glossy with her juice by now, glistening in the lamp
light as I pulled it out for a long, hard down-stroke. “But I had no idea
how fucking huge you were,” she finished. “I’m glad we’re fucking with the
light on so I can see your big pole filling my pussy.”

Then her tone got really nasty again. “Ooh, yeah, Bobby, give it to me. Come
on, big boy, you’re not supposed to do this to your mother, so you’d better
make it worth all the guilt.”

I speeded up my strokes. My balls were slapping loudly against her ass and
her tits were taking off again.

“Ooh, yeah,” she snarled. “Pound me. Slam my pussy with your big, long, hard

I thumped her even harder.

“Oh, yes, Bobby! Fuck me! Oh, god, yes. Yes! Oh, Jesus Christ, honey. Oh,
Christ, Bobby, I’m coming!”

It was music to my ears, since my own orgasm was imminent. I had already
turned the corner and was feeling the charge building on the underside of my
dick. I normally had Herculean endurance, but this was too much for me.
Frankly, it was a miracle I hadn’t come when she first wrapped her hand
around my tool.

Screaming my name, Mom reached up with both hands and pulled me down to her
as her hips began to spasm. They drove up against me wildly, lifting us both
off the bed for three or four of my strokes at a time.

“Oh, Bobby sweetheart, don’t stop. Oh, fuck me, baby, keep pumping your
cock…oh, now, I’M COMING!”

She shrieked a wordless sound into my ear as her nails dug into my
shoulders. Her grip lightened; I eased my strokes and caught my breath. Then
my own orgasm was on its way. My balls tightened and the whole head of my
cock was tingling.

“Honey, it’s my turn now,” I grunted, arching my back upward and clamping my
eyes shut in concentration.

“Oh, baby, that feel so good, but you’d better pull your cock out of me.
Honey, are you listening? There’s a chance I could get pregnant.” Then that
nasty tone again. “Besides, I want to see all the juice that squirts out
those big balls of yours! I bet you come in quarts! Do it all over my tits,
baby! Pull your big cock out of my pussy and squirt hot cum all over me!”

My balls heard all that marvelous depravity before I did. “Okay, baby,” I
said, gulping and giving her pussy one last thrust. “OH FUCK, HERE IT

I flexed my ass up high to pull my cock all the way out of her and reached
down to stroke and aim it with my right hand. Under me, Mom got up on her
elbows. Then I gave her what she had asked for. And then some.

No sooner was my cock out of her than I grunted savagely and the first long
white stream of cum squirted, arcing up and landing on Mom’s face. It
splattering over her left eye and ear, running down her cheek to her mouth.
As she was moaning and licking it off her upper lip, I groaned again and
another three huge cords of semen spewed out of my big dick and onto her
countenance. One coated her forehead and her hairline. Another splashed on
her chin and a third sprayed right into her open mouth.

I couldn’t believe how much cum I was squirting, and neither could she.
“Jesus Christ, Bobby,” she said in awe, gazing down at my geysering cock.
“You really do come in quarts!”

Her face and neck were coated, but my balls weren’t done yet. Mom knew what
I was thinking and her timing was perfect. “Mmm, yeah, squirt the rest all
over my big tits,” she said. She cupped her hands under them. I aimed my
cock at her right tit and shot three long ropes across it, then I swung my
cannon to the left tit and stroked the last two big salvos onto it right
over the nipple. The final spurts of my load, which just kept coming and
coming, showered onto her tummy and her hands. Then my cock was just
dripping semen into her navel as I leaned over her.

I gasped and collapsed onto one elbow. She held one hand to her mouth and
licked my jism off it, smiling slyly at me and making a funny purring noise.
She looked down at herself. All the semen I had squirted on her tits was
running down onto her concave tummy in white rivulets. “Jesus, Bobby, I’ve
never seen so much cum in my whole life. I’m covered.” I got up and trotted
to the master bathroom and grabbed a bath towel off the rack. I returned to
the bed where Mom lay dazed, her long legs splayed apart and her big tits
rising from her chest like two huge cherry sundaes of semen. I climbed up
next to her and began cleaning her up.

“Oh, god, Bobby, that was mind-blowing. I don’t know how on earth you
learned to fuck a woman like that by the tender age of 16, but we’re
definitely going to talk about where you’ve been spending your evenings.
Lord, to think of the teenage pussy you’ve been stretching with that big

I finally got all my cum off her and put the towel aside. Post-climax
euphoria was sluicing through my veins like an endorphin. What had happened
was precisely the momentary bout of insanity I’d been fantasizing about
since I had that first orgasm years before. And now I had just fucked my
mother’s brains out and fountained a gallon of semen all over her gorgeous
face and her big, beautiful tits. It would take a little while for me to
believe it all.

I scooped her into my arms and we cuddled close together, her head on my
chest. My mind wandered lazily, but Mom was already trying to get back to
reality. “Oh, Bobby, honey, I still can’t believe this. I just fucked my own
son,” she groaned. “I’ve probably permanently screwed up your development.”

“Oh, please. I’m the king of the world right now. I’ve never felt so content
in my life.”

“They why isn’t that big cock of yours taking a rest?”

I looked down at my dong, which was lying large and heavy on my abs. It was
still almost as long as it was fully erect.

“Takes it a little while to wind down,” I said.

“Mmm, I’ll say,” Mom said. “Honey, when we get up and leave this bed, we
have to put this behind us. It was wonderful but it can’t happen again.”

I nonchalantly agreed to the pact because I knew she didn’t really mean it.
Or if she did now, she’d change her mind later. She’d be back for more.

Just how soon she would want more was the surprise. I rose up onto my knees
and said, “I’m going to take a shower.” I leaned over and gave her a slow,
tranquil kiss on the lips.

“Wait, sweetie-bear,” she said as I started to step onto the floor. I said
once we leave the bed, we have to put this behind us.”

“I know, I heard you.”

“No, you don’t understand. We haven’t left the bed yet.”

Now I got it. I leered at her.

“And,” she continued, staring at my half-mast pole, “I’m simply not going to
let you leave this bed before I suck your big cock.” Without another word,
she crawled over to me, wrapped her left hand around my dick and guided it
into her wide-open mouth.

Her soft, full lips caressed the top of my shaft while she flicked her
tongue over my hole. “Oh,” I moaned. “Oh, god, that feels good.” My cock was
already growing rigid again. As it expanded, she struggled to keep her lips
around it. Then she began to swallow more of it, bobbing her head down
farther on it with every pass. Her lips made a loud, erotic slurping sound
as I watched her inhale half of my big dong. She massaged my nuts with one
hand. “Mmm,” she moaned, her nurturing mouth full of my manhood.

She pulled it from her lips and began licking the bottom side near the head,
right where I was most sensitive. “Ooh, yeah, baby,” I said.

“You know how long I’ve wanted to take your big cock in my mouth?” she asked
between licks. “Remember that day last summer when I wore that yellow

“Oh, god, yeah. Your knockers kept spilling out of it.”

“That’s the one. You kept staring at my tits and I saw how huge and hard
your dick was getting. All I could think about after that day was sucking it
until it poured cum down my throat.”

She had her tongue down near my balls and was jacking my dick with one hand.
Then she sat up and put both fists around it, firmly stroking them all the
way up and down it.

The vigorous motion of her arms was making her huge tits dance up and down.
I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got up and motioned for her to stay right
where she was. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m gonna fuck your tits.”

“Ooh, baby, bring that big dick up here.”

She was on her butt, so on my knees I came up to face her. The height was
perfect. She held her big globes together and I slid my cock up between
them. Heaven.

“Ooh, yeah, sweetie-bear, rub your big cock all over my melons.”

“That feels so fucking good,” I said. I pulled my dick out of her cleavage
and rubbed the head on one of her nipples, then the other. They sprang to

Mom looked up at me with pleading eyes. “Oh, Bobby, I’m so horny again,
think you can take me to paradise one more time?”

“Baby, I thought you’d never ask.”

“I want you to slide every inch of that big cock back into my pussy where it
belongs,” she said just before giving me one last prep suck, gulping and
smacking her lips around the head. The she swung her luscious ass around
toward me and got on her hands and knees, her tits swaying in big circles.
“Hurry, Bobby, fuck me.”

I scrambled up behind her and brought my crotch to her comely ass.

“Put your cock in me as far as it will go, baby. Then fuck my pussy until I

Once again, the lady’s wish was my command. I fit the head of my dick into
her and spread my legs slightly for a lower angle. Mom was impatient with
lust. “Fuck me, Bobby! Slide that big boy into me and start pumping!”

I went into her to the hilt in a single stroke. She grunted with pleasure.
“Ungh! Oh, god, it’s going to be even better than the first time.”

I didn’t waste a second to give her what she wanted. I held her tightly by
the waist and started pounding all the way in and out of her, my long dick
making a squishing sound in her pussy and my pelvis slapping loudly against
her ass.

“Is that good, honey?” I asked with a horny scowl. “Is this how you want my
big boy to fill up your pussy?”

“Oooh, yeah!” she called out. “Just like that, baby. And believe me, it
takes a big cock to satisfy me doggy-style.” She starting thrusting her ass
back to meet my strokes, and the bed shimmied under our knees. Her pussy was
gripping my pole like warm, wet silk, and I knew I wouldn’t last very long
this time, either.

Just as well, I’d soon find out. The phone rang. Mom looked back over her
shoulder at me with a grin. “Answer that and I’ll kill you.”

I laughed and pounded her ass even harder. She cried out in pleasure just as
the machine on the nightstand picked up the call. Under her screams I
suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Hi, everybody. Say, I took an earlier flight and I’m at the airport. But,
uh, I guess you guys are out or busy or something – ”

“Bobby’s busy, dear,” Mom shouted over Dad’s voice and the thumping sound
the headboard was making against the wall. “He’s busy fucking my brains

Dad couldn’t hear her, of course, and kept talking. ” – a taxi and be there
in a half-hour. Bye.”

“Oh, honey, we don’t have long,” she said as I looked down at my big tool
sliding in and out of her. A white ring of foam had formed around her pussy.
My dick pulsed with lust.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to last much longer.”

“Me neither. Jesus Christ, Bobby, your cock is so fucking big and you bang
me so fucking good!”

“Oh, baby, I love all the nasty things you say while we fuck,” I said. “Do
you talk like this to Dad?”

“Uh-uh. He doesn’t like it.”

It was official. My father was a moron.

I leaned forward and reached under her to feel her pendulous tits as they
bounded back and forth. Her hard nipples danced in my palms.

“Here, baby, let me give you a better grip on them,” Mom said. She rose up
on her knees so that we were spooned together. Her pussy angled upward and
my cock easily stayed with it. I gave her quick, short strokes. Her chest
was upright now, and I reached around and cupped my hands over her heaving

“Ooh, squeeze my big tits, honey. Squeeze them hard. I’ve been waiting so
long for you to do that to them.” I kneaded their firm flesh roughly and
rubbed my palms all over them. My cock was pounding Mom’s pussy and my hands
were feeling her big, bare tits. It simply didn’t get much better.

Something to the right of us caught Mom’s interest. “Look, honey,” she said.
“There we are.”

The full-length mirror on the closet door was framing us perfectly in
profile. The whole scene was suddenly so objective and thrilling, as if over
in the bedroom next door, a well-built, well-hung 16-year-old was fucking
his beautiful, voluptuous mother from behind. Mom smiled at me in the
reflection, her herbal-scented brown hair swishing and her ass still lunging
back to meet my strokes. I studied her broad hips and tapered waist, her
tender shoulders and long, graceful neck. Every inch of her was perfect.
Every inch of her was so utterly woman. She turned her head toward mine and
I kissed her. Then we both looked in the mirror again. It was addictive.

“Oh, Bobby, that is so hot. I love watching you fuck me. I can see all your
muscles flexing and ooh, your huge pole going into my pussy. Yeah, slide
that big, long thing all the way in and out so I can see it. Mmm, give it to
me, honey. Give it to me good!”

She stretched her arms back over her head to run her fingers through my
hair, and I looked in the mirror again. Her massive tits were standing up on
her chest like torpedoes, flailing from side to side and bouncing against
each other in a pose of gravity-defying human architecture. They were real,
they were the size of cantaloupes, and they were sticking straight out. My
dick throbbed so hard it hurt. Her tits in the mirror were the most
incredible sight I’ve ever seen in my life.

Even Mom couldn’t hold back her pride. “Oh, honey, look at my tits!”

“I’m looking. God help me, I’m looking.”

“Put your hands on them again, honey.”

I did as the lady asked. It was like grabbing onto two bucking broncos. They
were firmer than ever. Their movement was checked by my hands, which I
slowly moved down from the upper slopes to her turgid nipples and then to
the southern hemispheres. I cupped as much of them as I could in my grip.
“They’re unbelievable,” I said.

Mom smiled at me in the mirror and nudged her ass backward so my cock could
slide even farther into her. “I loved it when you squirted cum all over them
and my face. No one had ever done that.”

After another moment, she went back down on all fours. “Ooh, Bobby, your big
dick is about to make me come.”

“I’m about to come, too.”

“Great, baby. Get me off good and hard and then shoot another big load all
over me.”

Hearing that brought me a step closer. I tightened my grip on her slim waist
and began ramming my cock into her harder than ever.

She let out a long scream, then barely catching her breath, yelled “I’m
about to come all over your big cock, baby. Ooh, yeah. Ungh! Ooh. Oh. OH.

I felt her pussy contract as I slammed her climax home. The timing was
perfect. “Oh, baby, now I’m about to come,” I said. “Oh, god, it’s gonna be
so good!”

“Yeah, honey, give me every inch and then pull it out,” she said.

“I want to come in your mouth.”

“Mmm, okay, honey. I hope you squirt another huge load like the first time.”

I angled down into her pussy to stimulate the bottom side of my cock. Then
came that shivering seizure as I timed my final strokes.

“Ooh, Bobby, your balls just tightened up.”

“I’m coming!” I yelled. I gave her one more deep thrust and pulled it all
the way out. She spun around and grabbed my cock to take it in her mouth.
The head bumped her chin first and my first thick cable of cum blasted onto
her neck and shoulder. Then her lips engulfed my dick and I felt surge after
surge gush into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed, but still a dribble of
semen leaked between her lips and ran back down my convulsing flagpole. My
orgasm finally subsided and Mom sucked me dry. She pulled my dick from her
mouth and looked up at me. The stream of cum that had landed on her neck was
dripping down over both tits. And a tiny white trickle ran from one corner
of her mouth.

“Oh, baby, how are we ever going to give this up?” she asked.

“I don’t know.”

She bent down and began examining the floor beside the bed.

“Cum stains?” I asked.

“No, you fucked me so hard, I lost a contact.”

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