Stealing Love 1.

Ethel Hallow closed her eyes, her hands underneath the
blankets, two finger buried deep in the soft, wet folds of
her womanhood. The girl moaned softly as she imagined an
image of Maude Moonshine, one of the girls at Cackles Academy
she claimed to hate, but had secretly lusted after since the
moment she’d laid eyes on the girl.

Ethel almost hated herself for her attitude towards the
oh so sweet girl, imagining Maude’s lovely face, with her
cute round, flat glasses and her dirty blond hair
done up in simply adorable pigtails. But there was no way
she could admit her true feelings, not so long as Maude
was friends with Mildred Hubble, Ethel’s arch nemesis. No,
if Ethel were to have that sweet face nestled between her
legs, lapping hungrily at her pussy, she’d have to tear the
two apart. She had devised a plan; it would just take a
few more night’s work, but it was perfect. Nearly flawless.
Just a few more experiments were necessary before she was
ready to-

The door creaked open at that exact moment, and a
slouching figure peered into the room. “Sorry, I’m late,”
came the whispered voice of Drusilla as she slipped
into the room, “but HB almost caught me in the hallway.”

“Shhh,” Ethel hissed with a touch of annoyance as she
lifted the thread bare blanket the school forced her to
endure, “Just shut your mouth long enough to get over her
and lick me out, Drusilla Paddock!”

The redhead blushed, bowing her head a little as she
looked up at Ethel through her bangs, her heart
fluttering as she saw the length of the girl’s lovely
legs exposed, with her delicious pussy glistening wet and

“Are, are you sure you’ve gotten the silence spell right
this time?” she inquired hesitantly, glancing towards the
door skeptically, but walking towards her lover

Ethel sighed heavily, rolling her eyes as she shook her
head in mild annoyance. “Do you doubt my power,
Drusilla?” she said seriously, but rhetorically, bending
her legs and spreading them farther apart as her voice
took on a more commanding tone, “Now look, I called you
here for a reason, and I expect you to do as I ask.
Understood, Ms. Paddock?”

Drusilla nodded slowly, her pulse racing in a
combination of anticipation, the thrill of doing
something terribly naughty with the possibility of
being caught, and the tone in Ethel’s voice that always
gave the girl a certain, secret thrill. With a small
smile, Drusilla pushed down on the foot of the bed with
both hands, slowly crawling forward across the narrow
straw mattress. As she went, the girl placed teasingly
loving kisses along the soft, smooth skin of Ethel’s
pale legs, each time making quiet, appreciative moaning

For her part, Ethel smiled, watching her young lover with
interest and a mild sense of fondness. ‘You may be a bit
thick, Drusilla,’ the girl thought smugly, her fingers
running through her friend’s shoulder length red locks,
caressing her scalp as Drusilla’s cheek brushed lightly
against her leg like an affectionate cat, ‘but you’re
quite good at more physical tasks.’

Between her lover’s legs, Drusilla purred happily, her
hands grasping Ethel’s ankles before slowly sliding
upwards, enjoying the silky softness of the girl’s skin
beneath her palms as her lips finally found the warm
expanse of Ethel’s inner thighs.

Drusilla smiled to herself, her small tongue running a
line along Ethel’s skin, part way up one leg before
kissing her way back down the other. ‘I love you, Ethel
Hallow,’ she thought to herself, not daring to speak
the words aloud, fearful of what her lover would think
if she expressed the thought. Instead, Drusilla showed
her affection by giving Ethel’s inner thigh a gentle
nip, running her teeth slowly across the girl’s skin as
Ethel laid back sighing contentedly.

As Ethel’s fingers entwined in her hair, Drusilla let
out a happy little moan, for the moment satisfied to
simply be her beloved’s loyal retainer, her minion at
worst, but her lover at best. She opened her eyes as she
came near Ethel’s hairless pussy, smiling to herself as
she remembered the first time the girl had made her shave
it, the memory giving Drusilla a pleasant tingle. Yes, though
she was something of a servant to the somewhat snooty
girl, at times it was simply a pleasure and an honor to
serve Ethel Hallow.

Ethel bit her bottom lip as Drusilla’s nose accidentally
brushed against her labia, sending a tingle up her spine,
the deep sense of longing she felt only made worse by her
memories of the many other times she’d had Drusilla go
down on her. “Mmm, that’s it,” Ethel sighed happily,
closing her eyes and arching her back slightly as
Drusilla’s hands pushed the atrocious gray nightgown the
girl’s at Cackles were forced to wear as bedclothes up
higher, “show me how good you really are Drusilla, show
me how much I’ve taught you.”

Drusilla moaned softly, giggling as she slipping her
tongue out and placed it at the bottom of Ethel’s moist
opening. ‘Oh, I’ll show you,’ the girl promised inwardly,
slowly dragging her tongue upwards, pushing the tip
forward almost imperceptivity as she brought it up
between Ethel’s soft labia, scooping the girl’s juices as
she went.

Ethel inhaled sharply, her fingers in Drusilla’s hair
gripping tighter as she arched her back further, the
girl’s voice making a barely audible squeak of a moan. As
Drusilla’s tongue moved ever higher, scooping her sticky
wetness towards her burning clit, Ethel squeezed her eyes
tightly closed, pulling her lover’s head closer as the
girl moaned into her pussy.

“D- Don’t tease me so, Drusilla!” Ethel hissed, trying
to insinuate a touch of authority into her tone but not
quite succeeding as the girl’s tongue came free before
moving down and repeating the process, this time pressing
deeper into the inviting warmth.

“Mmm, but you taste so good,” Drusilla teased softly,
running her tongue slowly up each of Ethel’s outer lips,
wetting them with her own juices before kissing the girl’s
pussy affectionately.

Ethel’s body shuddered as she caught her breath, looking
up at Drusilla, narrowing her eyes as she panted.
“There, is much to do tonight, Drusilla,” she said as
sternly as she could, “And I need… I need a clear head
to perform the magic properly. Now- Now be a good girl,
and quit with the teasing!”

Drusilla pouted up at her beloved, smiling as the girl
fell back down into her pillow. With a quiet giggle,
Drusilla slid her tongue as far into Ethel’s sweet
tasting pussy as she could, slowly brushing her lips
across the girl’s labia before encompassing them fully.
Then, with a soft, appreciative moan, Drusilla slid her
hands up under Ethel’s drab nightgown, her palms slipping
lovingly over the girl’s flat stomach as she began to
suckle gently.

Just as her fingertips touched the subtle rise of Ethel’s
breasts, Drusilla suckled harder, her tongue pushing as
deeply as it could into her lover’s pussy, squirming it
about just the way Ethel liked it. Drusilla smiled inwardly
as Ethel’s back arched again, her strong hands sliding over
the rise of the girl’s bosom before holding Ethel’s
breasts lovingly.

‘I could suckle upon them all night if only she’d let
me,’ Drusilla mused longingly, moving her head in time
with her swallows, causing Ethel’s body to shake as her
fingers squeezed the girl’s hard nipples between them,
‘Mmm, mother was right though. Hallow girl’s taste
sweeter than any other!’

Ethel’s fingers slipped out of Drusilla’s hair suddenly,
eliciting a whimper from her lover, but it was only a
moment before her hands covered Drusilla’s through the
thin fabric of the nightgown, pushing the girl’s fingers
together tighter, urging her friend to grope her bosom
more firmly.

Drusilla responded with a happy moan, lifting her mouth
from Ethel’s pussy as she continued to suckle at it,
causing a loud, almost vulgar sound to echo off the cold
stonewalls of the small room. “You’re so beautiful when
you cum, Ethel,” the girl commented aloud, smiling down
at her beloved for a moment as Ethel gasped quietly,
the young witch’s body moving in response to her
building orgasm.

Not wanting to deny her friend, mentor, lover, and
beloved her pleasure, Drusilla moved a little further up
along the bed. With only a moment’s contemplative
hesitation as she stared down at the pale softness of
Ethel’s womanhood, Drusilla descended once more.

As the tip of Drusilla’s soft tongue touched the warm skin
just above Ethel’s clit, the girl let out a long, helpless
moan, a sound that sent wonderful shivers through
Drusilla’s body despite the fact that Ethel would never
admit to such vulnerability. Closing her eyes and moaning
contently, Drusilla began to slowly move her fingers in
random patters against her lover’s small, perfect
breasts. At the same time, the tip of her tongue moved
lower, tracing a wet line across Ethel’s soft, alabaster
skin, teasingly circumventing the girl’s clit before
slowly circling it in a degrading spiral pattern.

“D-Drusciiiiilla!” Ethel exclaimed, arching her back
further as her hips squirmed helplessly beneath the
girl’s tongue, “S-Stop teasing! Lick it, you-! You
impudent little strumpet! Lick it!”

Drusilla giggled at both the change in her lover’s
voice, and at her half-hearted attempt at insult, Ethel’s
words merely giving the girl a small thrill, wishing that
the apprentice witch was more verbal during lovemaking.
For a moment, as the tip of her tongue touched the base of
Ethel’s clit, moving slowly around it and causing her
lover to move her hands to grip the bed sheets,
Drusilla’s mind wandered.

As she slowly began to lap at Ethel’s clit, sending the
girl into the swirling madness of screaming orgasm,
Drusilla imagined herself with someone else. Someone who
would say the things she longed to hear during
lovemaking, to do the things Ethel simply wouldn’t. For a
few moments the young witch imagined another version of
Ethel, one who would call her names as Drusilla licked
her out. Not out of anger or malice, but out of adoration
and lust. She imagined an Ethel who would take her over
her knee and spank Drusilla’s bottom for the sheer
pleasure of the act. She imagined an Ethel who would
gladly lick her own fingers clean after fingering her, as
opposed to the real Ethel’s revulsion to the act. But
above all, Drusilla Paddock imagined and Ethel Hallow
who actually loved her.

As her tongue ran expertly across Ethel’s clit, Drusilla
touched the girl’s labia with her fingers. She smiled as
her lover’s body shiver at her touch, Ethel’s hips
pushing her pussy closer to Drusilla’s hand as she slid
her index and middle fingers into the girl.

Ethel grabbed her pillow and covered her own face with
it, howling out her ecstasy as her first orgasm barely
finished before the second started. Drusilla grinned,
looking up at Ethel’s hidden face as her fingers
pushed easily into the girl and began sliding back and
forth thought the willing wetness. As Ethel screamed into
her pillow, Drusilla covered her lover’s clit with her
mouth, suckling hard, her tongue playing across it all
the more intensely.

‘I’ll make you love me, Ethel Hallow,’ the girl promised
herself, moaning loudly as her elbow began to hurt from
thrusting her fingers in and out at such a rapid pace,
‘I’ll make you so deliriously happy you’ll have to love

Drusilla closed her eyes again, slipping out her fingers
just long enough to switch hands, giggling to herself as
her wet digits caressed Ethel’s nipple, spreading the
girl’s juices across it, saturating her skin. As the
fingers of her left hand began the swift penetration that
had caused her right arm to need a break, Drusilla thought
about her fantasy again. Trying to envision such a girl,
pretending she was going down on her instead of the same
old Ethel.

The image that suddenly came to mind startled Drusilla
immensely, causing her to jump a little. Ethel hardly
seemed to notice, however, carrying right along with her
own selfish pleasure as Drusilla’s mind conjured up an
image of another girl. A girl she’d always found secretly
attractive, but with Ethel continually dictating the
course of Drusilla’s life, there was no room for such
thoughts in the young witch’s mind.

The vision that so captivated Drusilla was of another of
Mildred’s friends, Enid Nightshade. The girl was forever
causing trouble, and was a bit like Ethel in her strong
willed, always did her best to get what she wanted sort
of way. But Drusilla also knew that Enid was far more
adventurous. With no staunch family traditions, and a
somewhat more down to earth attitude, Drusilla pondered
the possibilities. Enid and Ethel were about as
attractive as one another she supposed, but Enid lacked
Ethel’s upper-class charm, and it was doubtful that the
girl would go as far in life.

Drusilla sighed inwardly, accepting her lot in life for
the moment, only to have her reverie broken by Ethel’s
hand against her forehead, pushing the girl away

“That’s enough for now, Drusilla,” came Ethel’s usual
authoritative tone, “There’s work to be done.”

Drusilla sighed heavily, nodding as she realized that
once again, her darling Ethel wasn’t going to return the
pleasure she’d given her. It seemed rare that she did,
Drusilla thought bitterly, frowning thoughtfully as
Ethel swung her naked legs off the bed and moved towards
her dresser.

“So, what’s this all about then?” the redhead inquired,
shifting to lay across the bed, supporting herself on her
elbows as she licked her fingers clean.

Ethel smirked as she opened her top drawer and sorted
through her neatly folded undergarments before pulling
out a sealed glass bottle. “Oh, you’ll see,” she
chuckled, glancing over her shoulder and smiling
knowingly before setting down the bottle and reaching in

What the girl pulled out made Drusilla inhale sharply,
her eyes going wide and her heart racing as she saw the
hairbrush Ethel held. But Drusilla’s excitement quickly
faded as Ethel tossed it over to her and snatched up the
bottle once again.

“Stop being such a spectator and yank a few of the hairs
out of that for me, will you, Drusilla?” Ethel said off
handedly, pulling out the cork from the bottle before
reaching into her drawer again and taking out a small
handful of dark green powder.

Drusilla’s heart sank a little as she sat up and took
hold of the comb, watching as Ethel added a few other
ingredients to the potion. “So, what exactly is this plan
of yours?” she persisted, plucking out a few of the
longer dirty blond hairs Drusilla knew for certain weren’t

“I told you to wait and see,” the girl told her sternly,
walking over and yanking the hair out of Drusilla’s hand
without so much as a thank you, “Now then, it’s very
important that I don’t screw this up. So you must keep
absolutely quiet. Do you understand me, Drusilla?”

The girl nodded, ignoring her benefactor’s condescending
tone for the moment, sitting up to get a better view as
Ethel slipped one of the hairs carefully into the bottle
and began waving her hand slowly over it.

“In Nomine ego ipse potentia, incanto eiusmodi medicamentum,”
whispered Ethel, keeping her voice low as a pattern of
shifting blue light emanated from her palm and spiraled down
into the bottle, “mutare allis actaeon conformo allis!”

Ethel smiled as a small puff of orange smoke rose from
the mouth of the bottle, and held it up to the light of
the lantern on her wall. “Perfect,” she told herself, not
really expecting any kind of response from Drusilla,
“Now all I need is someone to test it out on before I try
it myself.”

Drusilla’s eyes went wide for a moment as Ethel walked
towards her, a smug grin crossing the girl’s face. “Now
don’t worry,” she said sweetly, bending down before
Drusilla and pushing the potion into her hands, “I just
need you to be a guinea-pig for an hour or so, Drusilla.
And besides, it won’t hurt a bit. I promise.”

The girl swallowed hard as Ethel stepped back, the still
smoking potion feeling warm in her hands. “What’s it do?”
Drusilla began, only to have Ethel glare at her sternly.

“Oh just drink it Drusilla,” the witch said impatiently, “I
don’t have all night.”

The other girl nodded obediently, closing her eyes
tightly as she brought the enchanted brew to her lips.
Drusilla made a face as the peculiar orange fumes
tickled her nose, tilting the bottle up and allowing the
warm, tasteless liquid splash into her mouth.

“Swallow,” instructed Ethel, her arms folded across her
chest impatiently, her posture accepting no arguments as
Drusilla obediently swallowed hard, gulping down the potion
before shuddering at the peculiar texture of the liquid.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?” Ethel soothed,
taking one last thing out of the dresser before walking
over and sitting down next to her lackey.

Drusilla nodded slowly, setting down the potion bottle
on the nightstand and closing her eyes as Ethel’s fingers
ran gently through her hair. “No, I suppose not,” she
replied, her voice going up an octave for a moment,
giving her a moment’s pause.

Ethel chuckled quietly at the confused look on
Drusilla’s face as the potion took effect, sending a
peculiar tingling throughout the girl’s body. “What-
What’s happening?” Drusilla asked aloud, unwilling to
open her eyes as her bones seemed to painlessly shift in
subtle ways and her voice altered in a way she couldn’t
quite place.

“Just open your eyes, dear,” said Ethel with a knowing
smile as she pulled a mirror off the nightstand, “and
I’ll show you.”

Drusilla obeyed and gave a confused sound as she blinked
her eyes, trying to focus them in the suddenly blurry
seeming room. “I- I can barely see!” she protested,
getting a quiet chuckle from Ethel.

“Good!” the girl said with a smug grin as she pulled the
second object off the nightstand, “Then the potion does
work. Better than I thought even.”

Drusilla sat obediently still; shaking nervously as she
found she didn’t recognize her own voice and giving a
worried/confused look as Ethel placed a pair of flat,
round-lenses spectacles upon her suddenly smaller nose.
Instantly, the room came into sharper focus, the
blurriness at the edges of Drusilla’s vision vanishing
almost immediately.

“I- I don’t understand,” the girl stammered, her voice
still sounding strange, yet hauntingly familiar to her
own ears as Ethel picked up the mirror and held it in
front of her face.

“Look and understand,” chuckled Ethel smugly as Drusilla
gasped at the reflection in the mirror.

The face of the girl that stared back at her wasn’t
Drusilla’s. It was however, very familiar. It was the
face of, of all people, Maude Moonshine.

“Wha- Why-?” stammered Drusilla, staring into eyes that
were not her own, her thoughts scattered as she examined
Maude’s pretty face in the mirror.

Ethel sighed wearily, speaking in a somewhat
condescending, yet not unkind tone. “Because, Drusilla
dear,” the girl explained, touching the side of
Drusilla’s face affectionately, the gleam in Ethel’s
eyes full of suddenly deep seeded lust, “You know as well
as I do that we can’t continue letting that brat Mildred
Hubble running amuck at the school, now can we?”

Drusilla blinked, taken aback slightly. “Um, well, yeah,”
she agreed nodding slightly and causing her glasses to
slip down her nose.

Ethel smiled, pushing the glasses back up Drusilla/Maude’s
nose as she continued. “We’ve tried nearly everything,
you know,” the girl went on, slipping an arm around
Drusilla’s shoulders as her free hand caressed the face
of Maude Moonshine, “Mildred’s been in trouble for longer
than she’s been a thorn in my side, yet nothing she does
seems to get that insipid brat tossed out on her ear.
There’s just one thing that we haven’t tried yet, though.”

Drusilla tilted her head into Ethel’s hand, signing
softly at her lover’s soft touch, wondering if the girl
might not reward her for her loyalty. “Just tell me what
I have to do,” Drusilla breathed, turning to look into
Ethel’s eyes with longing, glancing at her lips and
wondering if the girl would allow her to kiss them.

Ethel exhaled softly; gently caressing the Drusilla’s
newly formed soft, round features, the sweet innocence in
Maude’s eyes causing Ethel’s heart to skip a beat.
“Simple, my dear,” she said softly, bringing her face
closer, her lips brushing against Drusilla’s as she
spoke, “We need to get Mildred to leave on her own. The
only way I can think of to do that is to break that dear
little heart of hers. By making her think, that little
Moonface hates her. And with this little potion recipe I
found in the library, I know just the way to do it.”

“So, so you want me to pretend to be Maude then?”
Drusilla inquired, her heart racing as Ethel’s hand
against her back pulled her body closer, a smirk crossing
Ethel’s pretty face.

“Goodness no!” the girl chuckled softly, their noses
rubbing past one another as she shook her head, “I’ll be
the one impersonating Maude. After all, if you want to get
something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

Drusilla blinked, not quite understanding, accepting the
soft, almost tentative kiss of her lover. The girl caught
her breath as their lips parted, breathing through her
mouth as her skin tingled with desire. “Then, then why
use the potion on me?” she inquired, her voice so much
like Maude’s that Ethel kissed her again.

“I needed to make sure it worked, now didn’t I?” Ethel
inquired with a bit of a condescending smirk, causing
Drusilla to contort Maude’s face into a look of hurt that
quickly became a smile as she ran her finger’s through
the Ethel’s hair, “And besides, you get the two most
important jobs of all, dear.”

“Anything for you, Ethel,” Drusilla promised, lifting
her hands and running her fingers through Ethel’s hair to
expose the girl’s neck before leaning forward and tilting
her head to one side.

Ethel chuckled softly, closing her eyes as lips that felt
remarkably like Maude Moonshine’s touched her throat. “You
see,” she explained, leaning back onto the bed, dragging
Drusilla down with her, “I’m going to need you, to
impersonate -me- during our little plan.”

Drusilla blinked, getting a confused look Ethel didn’t
quite recognize, but found cute on Maude nonetheless. “To-
You- You want me to be you?” Drusilla stammered, lifting
herself up to stare curiously into Ethel’s eyes.

The girl nodded slowly, grinning mischievously. “Yes,”
Ethel concurred, running her hands fondly down the cheeks
of the girl who looked exactly like Maude, “but first, I
have to make certain that the transformation will hold up
to… certain ‘stresses’.”

Drusilla smiled, so much like Maude that Ethel held her
face fondly for a moment before dragging the girl closer
and kissing her full upon the lips. Drusilla whimpered
softly at the unaccustomed passion as Ethel’s tongue
pressed into her mouth. Without hesitation, Drusilla’s
somewhat smaller than she was used to hands slid down
Ethel’s back, reaching under her lover’s drab nightgown
to grasp the girl’s bottom.

Ethel gasped in response, pulling her head back as
Drusilla’s lips sought futilely to hold her tongue in
place. She then looked down at Drusilla with a look in
her eyes that made the girl’s heart melt. Ethel wanted
her. And wanted her badly.

“T- Take me, Ethel,” Drusilla said submissively softly
in Maude’s sweet voice, “Do anything you want with me.”

Ethel closed her eyes for a long moment, unaccustomed to the
deep tingling sensation she felt that caused her body to
shudder and her breath to quicken. “One thing at a time,
my dear,” she managed, bringing her legs up to make her
bottom more inviting to her lover’s touch, straddling the
girl as she leaned back, “The potion has a two hour duration,
unless you take the antidote. I don’t want to go too quickly,
just incase there are problems with it later on.”

Drusilla looked mournfully into Ethel’s beautiful face,
the girl’s eyes seeming cold and calculating for a moment
as the young witch gave Drusilla a self-assured grin.

“P-please, Ethel,” she begged, shaking her head slightly,
her eyes full of longing and need as Drusilla reached up
with Maude’s hands, pushing her way up under Ethel’s
nightgown and making the girl shiver, “I, I need you. I
want you so badly it hurts. You’ve gotten me so excited I
just know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Ethel closed her eyes, inhaling sharply at the words as
Maude’s hands came up under her gown to grasp her small
breasts, pinching her already hard nipples. It seemed
unbelievable to Ethel that she could hear those words
from Maude Moonshine’s lips. To see the girl she had
lusted after from the first day they’d met, squirming
with desire beneath her, desperate for her touch, and
begging to be used.

The witch opened her eyes and smiled down at Maude’s
adorable face and smiled, her hands pushing the girl’s
nightgown slowly upwards, teasing herself as well as
Drusilla. Ethel inhaled slowly as her lover arched her
back, the hem of the nightgown reaching just blow the
Drusilla/Maude’s breasts.

‘Finally, Maude Moonshine,’ Ethel thought to herself,
pausing a moment and just letting the hands that clasped
her breasts send a pleasant warm tingling through her
body, ‘finally I’ll get to see you disrobed. And soon,
oh so soon I’ll be doing this to the real you when you
come looking to be consoled by someone.’

Drusilla let out a little gasp as Ethel pushed the
bunched up gown over the rise of Maude’s bosom, her eyes
widening as she saw that they were indeed larger than her
own, despite how sweet and innocent the girl looked. But
the flare of foolish envy was quickly dispelled as
Ethel placed her hands upon them, encompassing the
pleasant handfuls with her fingers and gently fondling
them as her lover moaned, leaning her head far back to
expose the curve of her throat.

“Do you want me, Maude Moonshine?” Ethel said teasingly,
her smile something of a smirk as she leaned forward,
lightly kissing the girl’s neck, her fingers squeezing
slightly tighter.

“B-But, Ethel,” her lover protested, whimpering as Ethel’s
teeth nibbled Drusilla/Maude’s earlobe, “I-I’m

Ethel scowled, leaning back up as she glared down at the
girl. “Oh, do shut up, Drusilla,” scolded Ethel, not
wanting the girl’s protests to ruin her mood, “If you
can’t pretend to be Moonface, how do you expect to
pretend to be me? I can’t have you ruining this, so if
you can’t stay in character, I’ll just have to find
myself another assistant.”

Maude’s eyes went wide with distress behind her flat,
round-lensed glasses. “N-no, Ethel, I- I promise,” begged
Drusilla in the sweetest, most helpless tone she could
muster, causing Ethel’s body to tense with a sudden flood
of desire, “I won’t screw this up for you. I’ll be good,
and you can call me anything you want to. Even Maude, if
you want.”

Ethel grinned mischievously down at her lover and nodded
slowly. “Alright then, ‘Maude’,” she said in a
condescending tone, lifting herself up before shuffling
forward on her knees, “Let’s just see how ‘good’ you
really are.”

Drusilla sighed contentedly, her smile full of happy
longing as Ethel’s thighs brushed past her round cheeks
to hold her head almost in place before grabbing a pillow
for the girl’s head. “You’re so beautiful, Ethel,”
Drusilla breathed, her hands still clutching her lover’s
breasts, her fingers rubbing the girl’s nipples between

“Oh, and like I don’t know that!” laughed Ethel, rolling
her eyes and shaking her head, only to be distracted by
the soft tongue that started lapping at her labia,
causing the girl to suddenly catch her breath.

Drusilla closed her eyes, her fingers squeezing Ethel’s
nipples righter as her lover tucked a pillow underneath
her head to keep Drusilla’s tongue from slipping away.
She smiled inwardly as she tasted Ethel’s desire, amazed
at just how wet the girl was when usually Ethel’s pussy
simply moist.

The difference in Ethel’s reactions, reminded Drusilla
of her fantasy. Slipping her hands lower under the
pretence of sore arms, the witch slid her palms down over
her friend’s flat stomach to her thighs. The girl smiled
at the silky smoothness of Ethel’s bent legs, imagining
them to be the exquisitely firm, athletic legs of Enid

Her body quivered at the thought, and Drusilla couldn’t
help but burry her tongue inside her lover’s pussy,
Ethel’s inner walls instantly contracting around it to
hold it in place. ‘She- She’s cumming!’ thought Drusilla
excitedly, her hands reaching around to grasp Ethel’s
small bottom, kneading it with her fingers as she
imagined Enid’s sweet juices splashing down upon her
probing tongue, ‘Eth- Enid Nightshade’s cumming in my

Drusilla let out a long whimpering moan as Ethel held
her head in place, pulling the girl closer as she sucked
hard upon the opening of the Ethel’s pussy, Drusilla’s
tongue lapping desperately at the sweet juices that
flowed into her mouth.

‘Ohhh! It’s so wonderful!’ Drusilla moaned inwardly,
feeling her lover’s fingers bunching up her now dirty-
blond hair, pulling it a bit as her face was pushed
closer, the girl’s suckling causing loud slurping noises
that Ethel’s moans only barely drowned out, ‘Enid must be
like this, but not as quiet. I’ll bet she’d be calling me
all sorts of nasty things right now if it was her…’

Drusilla felt a deep pang of guilt as Ethel leaned
forward, her body shaking as the girl wrapped her arms
around Drusilla’s head, holding it in place as the witch
came. But Ethel Hallow’s soft, whimpering moans were far
from the ruckus that Drusilla imagined the more free
spirited Enid Nightshade making. The thought, though,
made Drusilla suck harder, the cute button nose of Maude
Moonshine she now wore rubbing back and forth against
Ethel’s hard little clit the entire time.

‘I’m sorry, my dearest Ethel,’ the transformed witch
thought, despite her thoughts being her own, ‘if only
you could let go more when we’re alone… if only
you’d tell me you love me…”

Ethel grinned broadly, laughing a little as quiet moans
of ecstasy escaped her lips through her panting breath.
‘Glorious!’ she thought to herself as she straddled the
face of Maude Moonshine, ‘Wonderful! If the real thing
is half as good, I shan’t have much use for dear old
Drusilla any longer, now shall I?’

The girl opened her eyes as she reached her peak, staring
down at her lover who looked in every way like Maude,
imagining the poor girl in tears when Mildred left the
school for good. ‘She’ll be so distraught,’ mused Ethel,
stroking Maude’s shoulder-length hair affectionately as
her eyes fluttered, and her inner walls convulsing around
the tongue in her pussy, but otherwise the scheming witch
maintained her composure. After all there was no sense
loosing one’s self control in front of the help.

‘She’ll be almost inconsolable! She’ll be as easy to
catch as a little mouse with a bit of cheese!’ Ethel
laughed inwardly, the warm tongue and soft lips that
caressed her womanhood keeping her at a stable level of
excitement until Maude’s adorable little nose began moving
back and forth against her clit.

“M-Maaaaude!” Ethel suddenly cried out, surprising
Drusilla, whose eyes opened wide with shock at hearing
the girl call out so loudly.

As Ethel threw her head back, her rich auburn hair flying
backwards behind her, the witch pulled her fingers from
Maude’s and was only slightly surprised as Ethel found her
lover interlinking fingers with her own. Ethel then
gritted her teeth, not expecting her desire for Maude to
be as strong as it was, trying desperately suppress
another outburst as she squeezed her lover’s fingers
tighter to the point of being painful in an attempt to
keep herself under control.

Drusilla’s heart fluttered a bit to see and hear Ethel
in the throws of such passion, somehow not realizing that
it was mainly her beloved’s desire for Maude that made
Ethel loose control, and not just her talents at lovemaking.
It hardly mattered, though, as Drusilla squeezed back with
her fingers, her own body aching with desire, hoping
desperately that her dear, sweet Ethel would pleasure her
in return.

Ethel grunted as she rocked her hips, moving her aching
pussy against her lover’s lips, smearing her juices
across the girl’s face. Leaning her head back, Ethel let
out a long, shuddering moan as her body started to give
out, her muscles suddenly aching from the exertion, yet
still wanting more.

Almost reluctantly, Ethel pulled herself away from
Drusilla, leaving her lover panting for breath as her
small hands wiped away the clear fluid from her face.
“Well now, that was definitely worth nipping all those
ingredients from potions lab for,” chuckled Ethel,
brushing back her hair to make sure she didn’t appear too
disheveled as the red flush to her cheeks slowly faded,
“Very good, Drusilla. I’d call the first test a complete

Drusilla beamed up at Ethel, causing the girl in inhale
slowly to contain her own reaction at seeing Maude staring
happily up at her. “There’s just one more test we have to
perform,” she went on, reaching down to wipe a bit of her
juices from the lenses of Maude’s spare pair of glasses,
not even feeling a tinge of guilt after having stolen
them a week earlier.

“Oh, name it!” Drusilla practically begged enthusiastically,
her tone still breathless and wanting more despite the dull
ache in her jaw and the stabbing pain in her tongue that
made it feel as though it was about to be torn free of her
mouth, “Anything, Ethel! Anything!”

Ethel laughed at the reaction, brushing her fingers over
Drusilla/Maude’s cheek fondly. “I want you to get on your
knees,” she explained in a more serious tone, slipping
off the bed and staggering a bit before heading back to
her dresser, “And close your eyes with your hands on the

Drusilla’s heart raced as she moved to obey Ethel’s
command, quickly licking her fingers when she was certain
her beloved wasn’t looking, the transformed witch got
on to her knees and was about to move into position when
Ethel stopped her.

“Oh, and take that ridiculous nightgown,” Ethel added,
rolling her eyes and shaking her head as Drusilla/Maude
glanced over her shoulder at the young witch, “You should
be naked for this.”

“Y-yes, Ethel,” Drusilla responded, her eyes going wide
as Ethel turned away and began pulling a few things
from the top drawer. With shaking hands, Drusilla
slipped her nightgown up over her head, and looked down
at the strange naked body she now wore, shaking her head
at the differing proportions, but finding it attractive

‘Not bad, I suppose,’ pondered Drusilla, takin a moment
to push up her bosom a bit before spreading her legs
apart and frowning thoughtfully at Maude’s womanhood, ‘Hm.
I wonder if Ethel’ll want me to shave that? Probably not,
this is only temporary, after all.’

“Okay!” said Ethel briskly, turning around just as
Drusilla shut her eyes tightly and bent herself over,
her hands resting on the metal bar at the top of the
headboard, “We don’t have much time left, so I’m afraid
I’ll have to rush this a bit, and I won’t be able to lick
you out quite as much as I’d like, either.”

Drusilla frowned as her lover’s naked feet padded back
across the stone floor towards her. ‘It’s not like you
ever do,’ she thought mournfully, jumping a little as
something soft brushed its way up the length of her spine
before Ethel gripped her wrist.

“Now just hold still, Drusilla, this will only take a
moment,” Ethel instructed, wrapping a length of cloth
around her wrists before tying it off tightly, “Okay,
there we go. You can open your eyes now.”

Drusilla did as she was instructed, her heart beating
faster as the young witch saw that her wrists had been
bound to the rail by the green sash from Ethel’s school
uniform. “E-Ethel…” she choked out around her excitement,
only to be shushed by the girl as she walked back to the

“Now this has to look good, Drusilla,” instructed Ethel,
fiddling with something as she stood naked with her back
to the bound girl, “so I want you to really make it look
like your enjoying it, alright?”

Drusilla nodded as Ethel glanced over her shoulder at her
and began to walk back towards the bed. It was then that
Drusilla saw two things that caused her heart to pound
even harder, and her body to react with a sudden pleasant
shudder. The first, was the old instant-camera set up on
the top of the dresser, aimed at the bed, set up on some
kind of a timer that would make it snap a photo once
every so often. The other, though, was the attachment
that Ethel now wore, obviously magically transfixed to
her clit.

Ethel smirked at the look on Maude/Drusilla’s face, her
fingers idly flipping the long, shaft of an eight inch
black dildo she was now wearing like some kind of
enchanted strap-on. “Something wrong, Ms. Moonshine?” she
teased, swaying her hips as Ethel walked over to the foot
of the bed before smiling down at Maude’s wonderfully
round bottom.

“N-no, nothing,” Drusilla assured her, glancing over her
shoulder to watch excitedly as Ethel brought her face
close to the bound girl’s already glistening pussy lips.

“Good,” Ethel said softly, pushing at her lover’s legs
gently, causing them to obediently part before bringing
her lips so close to what appeared to be Maude’s labia
that Drusilla’s body shook in anticipation.

As Ethel’s tongue touched Maude/Drusilla’s pussy, the
camera flashed, startling her lover and causing her to
let out a little shriek of surprise. “Drusilla!” Ethel
scolded, glaring angrily at the girl as she spoke, “Try and
relax, if we’re going to show these pictures to Mildred,
they have to look convincing! Now just pretend to moan in
ecstasy or something.”

Drusilla gasped at the thought, blushing deeply read at
the thought of someone seeing her naked, let alone bent
over with Ethel licking out her pussy from behind. “B-
But, Ethel!” she protested, only to get an aggravated
sigh from her lover.

“Are you really that thick, Drusilla Paddock?” commented
Ethel rhetorically in annoyance as the camera flashed off
again, ejecting a second picture, “This isn’t your body,
it’s Maude’s. Mildred wouldn’t care if we showed her picture
of me and you, now would she?”

The bound witch blushed, bowing her head a bit. “No,
Ethel, I suppose not,” she admitted, a small smile
crossing her lips as she pondered the possibilities of
getting copies of those pictures for her own ‘personal

“Good,” replied Ethel with a stern nod as she sat upon
her knees and roughly inserted two fingers into her
lover’s pussy from behind, “Now then, put on a good show
for the camera, ‘Maude’.”

Drusilla giggled inspite of herself, gasping as her
lover’s finger pushed into her, causing the girl to wince
as she realized that Maude was much tighter than she was.
“Ow! Ethel!” she protested, “I- I’m not as experienced
like this.”

Ethel frowned a little and nodded. “Well, then I guess
you’ll just have to endure it, Drusilla,” she concluded,
adjusting her hand so that she could finger the bound
girl with two fingers and rub her clit with her thumb at
the same time, “I really don’t have all night to lick you
out just so you’ll get wet enough.”

Drusilla closed her eyes, groaning softly and trying to
keep from wincing as Ethel’s fingers pushed harder,
breaking through the unfamiliar resistance with several
long strokes of her. The girl flinched, trying to smile
as the camera flashed again, moaning softly despite
noticing that Ethel had neglected to trim her fingernails
yet again.

‘If- If this is what it takes to make you love me, Ethel
Hallow,’ Drusilla thought to herself, grunting as her
lover laughed, her fingers driving in to the hilt as her
thumb rotated Drusilla/Maude’s clit, ‘Then I’ll do it. I-
I’ll do whatever it takes! Ow-! I wish she’d slow down!’

But as the camera flashed again, Ethel was ready with her
patented “Better than you” smile, looking directly into
the lens so that Mildred would see the scheming witch’s
pretty face smiling smugly back at her. ‘You’ll get
yours, you’ll see, Mildred Hubble,’ Ethel promised
silently, leaning forward to place her cheek against the
delightful roundness of Maude’s firm bottom, smiling as
she fingered the girl, ‘You won’t be able to look your
precious little Maude in the eye after this. You’ll leave
the school so quickly it’ll make the teacher’s heads
spin, and Maude Moonshine will be all mine.’

The camera flashed again and Ethel straightened up,
placing a hand upon her lover’s bottom as she took hold
of the enchanted strap-on. “Okay, that’s enough of that
for now, I should think,” Ethel said half-rhetorically,
pressing the head of the dildo against Maude/Drusilla’s

“Ethel,” Drusilla said quietly, turning her head to look
back at the girl just as the camera flashed, getting yet
another priceless photo, “C-can’t we use some sort of
magic to make this easier on me? I could take that as me,
but as Moonface, I’m much tighter, and it’s going to

Ethel rolled her eyes. “You’re tough, you can take it,”
she muttered before a cruel smile crossed her pretty face
and Ethel chuckled with sarcastic condescension as she
added, “Besides. ‘Magic is not to be used for selfish or
trivial purposes,’ Drusilla.”

“But- But Ethel-!” the witch began, quickly realizing there
was little point in arguing and simply biting her lip as
the end of the dildo pressed harder against her outer
lips, sending a tinge of pain along with the tingle of
pleasure she felt.

“Just relax,” Ethel muttered, her hand carefully guiding
the dark shaft into the girl, glancing up as the camera
flashed, certain that the angle was perfect, “besides, if
you can’t take a little pain, Drusilla, you might as
well quit being a witch right now.”

Drusilla closed her eyes and nodded, wincing, her body
shuddering as Ethel pressed a little harder, at last
burying the dildo into the girl’s pussy, the camera
catching her pained/ecstatic expression at the moment of
full penetration. As the magical strap-on pulled back,
Drusilla dropped her head, exhaling loudly the breath
she’d been holding, pondering what Ethel might do if she
were to complain any more.

‘Knowing her, she’d probably stop,’ the girl sighed
inwardly, hiding her glum expression by arching her back
and letting out a long shuddering moan as the device slid
back inside of her, going all the way in a single stroke,
‘I- I just wish that once she’d punish me a little. It
certainly wouldn’t kill her to spank my bottom once in a

Ethel smiled cruelly, glancing at the camera and licking
her lips as her fingers gripped what appeared to be
Maude’s bottom cheeks, the camera flashing on cue.
“Mildred’s going to hate us for this,” the girl mused
with mock dismay, finding the right rhythm as Ethel slid
her hips back and forth, shivering a little herself to
see the object of her desire in such a position, “Not
that she doesn’t already. But you’re doing such a good
job, Drusilla, that I think the few shots with you not
quite enjoying yourself should make the betrayal just
that much sweeter. After all, the sooner we get rid of
Hubble, the sooner I can get my hands- Oh, never mind.”

Drusilla frowned thoughtfully for a brief moment, her
fingers clenching as she pulled at the sash that bound
her wrists to the top of the metal headboard. The girl
knew better than to question Ethel. Ethel’s idea of
punishment was by no means enjoyable, and though the girl
was often cold to her, Drusilla wasn’t entirely certain
she could go on without her lover’s kisses and the sweet
taste of Ethel’s desire.

Instead the bound witch nodded obediently, pleased with
the way her new body had gotten used to the size of the
dildo. ‘She’s so tight,’ Drusilla mused, closing her
eyes and breathing shallowly through her mouth, ‘I- I
wonder if Ethel’ll let me play with her when she turns
into Maude. That might be fun!’

Ethel’s eyes widened as Maude’s body shuddered, her sweet
voice going up an octave as the girl let out a long,
helpless exclamation of passion. ‘That- That’s it!’ Ethel
thought to herself, grinning with satisfaction as she
began to pump harder, gripping her lover’s shoulders as
Drusilla in Maude’s body came hard, the girl’s body
shuddering violently, ‘I- I’m watching Maude Moonshine
cum! This-! This is spectacular!’

Ethel leaned forward, still thrusting quickly as she laid
herself across Maude’s back, reaching underneath the girl
to clasp the pleasant handfuls of her breasts. Drusilla
leaned her head back in response, moaning louder as
Ethel’s teeth clasped the girl’s ear, nibbling it almost
too roughly.

The girl hardly noticed, however, screaming happily as she
came, pushing her bottom out to meet Ethel’s thrusts with
a series of only partially successful attempts. As her
lover’s hands grasped her breasts, pinching her nipples
almost painfully, Drusilla’s head dropped down, her eyes
held tightly closed as the intensity of the sensation
almost became too much for her.

“Ma-! Drusilla!” Ethel hissed into her ear, pounding
harder into the girl’s badly stretched pussy as Drusilla
went suddenly limp, “Don’t you dare pass out on me!”

Ethel cursed under her breath, standing back up on her
knees with her hands upon her hips. “I can’t believe you
sometimes,” the young witch muttered unhappily, not
keeping any of the bitterness from her voice as she waved
her hand over the portion of the dildo that connected
itself to her body, “It isn’t like we haven’t done this
before or something.”

The girl shook her head in dismay as she took hold of the
dildo pulled it slowly outwards, Drusilla’s body
slumping downwards as Ethel did so. She then smiled as
Drusilla/Maude’s pussy made a vulgar wet, sucking sound
in response to the dildo slipping out.

“It’ll be fun to play with a girl this inexperienced
again,” Ethel mused, leaning down and biting her lip as
she watched, fascinated by the way Maude’s glistening
outer lips gripped the toy hungrily, “I suppose it’ll be
fun to have a threesome or two for a while as well, but I
just don’t know how much longer I’ll be needing you,
Drusilla dear. So sorry.”

Ethel smirked at her slumbering friend, sitting up
straighter again before examining the wet dildo in the
candlelight. Glancing around just in case, the girl
pressed the object to her tongue before running the
length of the wet shaft across it. Ethel’s eyes fluttered
at the flavor and the witch let out a quiet moan as she
closed them, smiling happily to herself for a moment.

“Not bad for someone so common,” Ethel sighed
contentedly, looking down at Drusilla again for a
moment, “But soon I’ll have the real thing. Now then,
whatever did I do with the antidote? I really should get
around to testing that, now shouldn’t I…?”

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