Stealing Love 2.


The two huddled close together in the dark hallway,
listening intently for the sounds of footsteps or the
creaking of a lantern. But all that reached the pair’s
ears were the distant sounds of the wind through the
trees and the far off hoot of an owl. Moving quickly
thought the shadows; they tread barefoot across the stone
floor of the castle’s Second Years corridor, past the
handful of sealed wooden doors.

When at last the two reached the door they sought they
paused for a moment, panting breathlessly in their mutual
excitement. Together they waited for a long moment,
listening and waiting for one of their teachers to come
around the corner at any moment. Against all odds,
however, the two remained alone outside the door marked
with a small removable, rectangular sign that read,
“Mildred Hubble.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” giggled Drusilla,
glancing around nervously as her smile refused to fade
and Ethel stood as tall as she could, concentrating on
the door.

“Shhh,” the auburn haired witch cautioned with a touch of
annoyance, holding her hands within a hair’s breath of
the door, “You don’t want to attract HB’s attention, do
you? Besides, I need to do these spells right. Just keep
watch, okay?”

Ethel barely spared her lover a glance as she began to
chant the first incantation. “Circumdo obvallo confuto,”
she whispered, a shimmering wall of light that covered
most of the wall and door appearing for a moment before
vanishing. Ethel then smiled as she took a step back and
pointed two fingers at the door. “Relino addo postis!”
the witch commanded in a hushed tone, causing the lock to
unlatch before the door swung inwards by itself.

Ethel then sent Drusilla a self-satisfied smile as she
held out a small vile of clear liquid to her friend. The
girl obediently took it, smiling as they both uncorked
the stoppers and downed the contents at the same time.

Drusilla couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction as she
felt the change again and watched it happen to Ethel. The
other girl’s body seemed to fade slightly, its
proportions visibly altering even as Drusilla’s own
tingled with the now familiar sensation.

A moment later, and Ethel had appeared to have switched
places, and where Drusilla would have been now stood a
rather smug looking Maude. “Let’s go,” ordered Ethel
quietly in Maude’s always-sweet voice as she pushed the
door silently open, slipping on a pair of round, flat-
rimmed glasses before leading the way into the darkness
of Mildred’s room.

Once inside, the two girls went about their plan just as
practiced, leaving little to chance. As Drusilla
carefully pushed closed the door, Ethel closed the window
shutters and turned to her partner. As one they moved
swiftly and quietly to the slumbering girl in the bed,
quietly lifting and pulling down the blanked that covered
her body.

Ethel sneered, distorting Maude’s pretty face as she
stared contemptuously down at Mildred. ‘This’ll be your
last night at Cackle’s,’ the witch thought bitterly, ‘I
can guarantee you that, Mildred Hubble.’

Drusilla, on the other hand paused a moment, her fingers
idly playing with the green second year sash she’d
brought to tie one of Mildred’s wrists with as she
contemplated their victim.

The girl’s long dark hair was fanned out behind her as
Mildred lay upon her back, her soft, kissable lips
slightly parted as the young slumbering witch slept
heavily. Mildred didn’t even wake as both Drusilla and
Ethel took the girl’s hands and lifted her arms above her
head, holding her thin wrists to the cold metal of the

‘She’s no Ethel or Enid,’ Drusilla mused with a smirk,
glancing over at her lover as the girl bound Mildred’s
wrist unnecessarily tightly, a grim smile crossing the
face she wore, ‘but I suppose Millie’s not that hard to
look at. Well, when she’s asleep anyway.’

Drusilla giggled softly, binding the girl’s other wrist
as Ethel went to light a few candles, casting the room in
a golden twilight. “Time to wake her up, I guess,” Ethel
ordered, folding her arms across her chest as she stepped
up to the foot of the bed, her eyes still full of

Drusilla nodded obediently, abandoning her musings and
moving to her lover’s side, gasping softly in surprise as
Ethel slid an arm around her waist, placing a hand upon
Drusilla’s hip.

“Millie,” said Ethel in a stern tone, her voice lacking a
portion of its usual authority as Maude’s sweet voice
filled the room, causing the sleeping girl to frown a
little in her sleep, “Mildred, wake up! This is

Mildred mumbled something turning her head and making a
peculiar face as she tried to move her hand. “M, Maude?”
she murmured sleepily, forcing her eyes open just enough
to see, squinting at the light of the candles, “Is that

Ethel sighed impatiently, channeling her displeasure and
using it to her own advantage. “Yes, Mildred, it’s me,”
Ethel said as sternly as she could, pulling Drusilla
closer, causing the girl to blush slightly as she smiled
smugly, “Now wake up already. I have something very
important to tell you.”

Mildred opened her eyes fully and blinked in confusion at
the sight of Ethel and Maude with their arms around each
other. “M, Maude, what’s going on?” the girl stammered,
trying to sit up and frowning as she yanked at her arms,
a sense of growing alarm coming over the young witch as
Mildred pulled at the green cloth that bound her to the
bed, “What- What’s this all about?!”

Ethel grinned at her nemesis’ plight before tuning to
Drusilla and running a hand affectionately across her
double’s cheek, for a moment feeling a sense of smug
satisfaction that the girl’s soft skin was as silky
feeling to another’s touch as she’d hoped it would be.

“Well, you see, Millie,” she replied, glancing back at
the stricken looking Mildred, her tone becoming serious,
“It’s like this. All this time that I’ve spent with you,
it’s been a mistake.”

“A- A mistake-?!” stammered Mildred, leaning upwards,
straining against the binds, “Maude, I-!”

Ethel shook her head slowly. “I’m sorry, Millie,” she
said as sweetly as possible, forming a sad look across
Maude’s soft features, “but I just can’t afford to get
into any more trouble. If I get thrown out of school
because of you, I’ll have to go to one of those mundane
schools, and I just can’t do that being from a witch

Mildred shook her head in disbelief, tears welling up in
her eyes as the girl she saw as Ethel grinned and quietly
kissed Maude atop the head. “You!” Mildred accusingly to
Drusilla, “You, you’ve done something terrible to Maude,
haven’t you? She- She’s my best friend! Maude’d never
turn against me!”

Ethel sighed wearily, shaking her head in dismay at the
bound girl. “Poor, poor, Millie,” the girl said sadly,
holding up her hand and staring fondly at one of the
pictures she had taken for a moment, “No, I’m afraid that
Ethel hasn’t done anything to me at all. Nothing except
give me the things that you can’t, Millie.”

“This- This has to be some kind of sick joke!” Mildred
protested, hot tears flowing from her eyes as she
strained against the restraints, “Maude, please! Tell me
this is just a sick joke! I-! I love you Maude, you can’t
do this to me! At least not- Not with her…”

Ethel’s feeling of smug satisfaction deepened as she
turned to Drusilla and quickly wetted her lips in
anticipation. “Oh, Millie,” she said as though speaking
to a slow child, “I guess you’ll just have to be given a
more graphic demonstration.”

It felt strange to Ethel for a moment, kissing her own
lips as she kissed Drusilla firmly and fully, imagining
the look on Mildred’s face as she watched her best friend
passionately kissing her worst enemy. Ethel smiled
inwardly as she let out an exaggerated moan pleasure, her
tongue slipping into Drusilla’s mouth, tasting her own
tongue and getting a strange thrill from the act.

‘Maybe I’ll turn Drusilla into me again once I have
Maude,’ the girl mused, arching her back and leaning her
head back as Drusilla kissed her neck hungrily, ‘It may
be a bit narcissistic, but this is fun!’

“No!” Mildred shouted in denial, her body shaking as she
watched Ethel’s hands move down Maude’s back to give the
girl’s round bottom a firm squeeze, “No, I won’t believe
it! Maude! You- You told me you loved me! How can you do

Ethel tilted her head in her nemesis’ direction and
smirked, biting her lip for a moment as Drusilla nibbled
her earlobe. “Oh, poor little Millie,” she muttered,
shivering a little in pleasure as Drusilla’s tongue
traced a line down her neck, “I guess you just need some
hard evidence.”

Drusilla did her best not to appear disappointed as Ethel
pushed her away and muttered a short conjuration spell, a
small stack of pictures appearing in the witch’s hand
where once there had been but one. ‘This should be good,’
Drusilla chuckled inwardly, smirking as Ethel sighed,
shaking her head as she flipped through them.

“Oh, now here’s a good one,” Ethel commented with a cruel
streak to her tone as she held up one of the pictures to
the light, “You’ll like this one Millie.”

Mildred shook her head slowly, whimpering as the girl she
perceived as Maude turned the photo around. The sobbing
witch’s eyes widened as she saw it, her breath catching
in her throat as Mildred stared disbelievingly at the
picture of sweet, little Maude Moonshine, bent over and
tied to the bed with Ethel Hallow using a magical strap-
on dildo on her.

“M-Maude no!” Mildred cried, on the verge of panic as her
tears fell in a torrent, “You- You promised me! You…
You said you loved me, and that you’d never do anything
like that with anyone else!”

“Anything like what, Millie?” Ethel inquired casually,
tossing the picture over her shoulder and flipping around
another one, “Anything like this? Look, Mildred, I can’t
play these games any more. I need a lover who’s going
places. Someone who’s not going to drag me down, and
Ethel Hallow’s just that girl.”

Drusilla blushed a little at the look Ethel gave her, not
realizing that the look of intense lust she saw upon
Maude’s bespectacled face was more for herself than for
Drusilla. “She’s right, Mildred,” the faux Ethel said
with a smug grin, folding her arms and glancing down at
her nose at the bound witch, “You may have been a
pleasant distraction for a time, but now, Maude Moonshine
belongs to me. You got that?”

Mildred closed her eyes, sobbing heavily and not noticing
as the door handle turned slowly all the way to the
right. “But, but I love you…” the girl sobbed, not even
her tormentors noticing as a small figure slipped into
the room and carefully closed the door.

“Too bad, so sad!” said Ethel with a smirk just as
Drusilla turned and gasped.

“Hey, no one told me there was a party tonight!” laughed
the voice of Enid Nightshade, causing all present to look
in her direction with a variety of expressions, “Gee,
Millie, the least you could’ve done is invite me!”

Drusilla glanced at Ethel in sudden panic, only to see
the girl immediately attempt to take care of the
situation. It then came as a shock to everyone in the
room as Ethel/Maude grabbed Enid, and pressed her lips
firmly against the surprised girl’s, moaning softly into
her mouth.

Enid responded with equal passion, throwing her arms
around Maude and hugging the girl’s soft, warm body
lovingly as Enid tilted her head to one side and slid her
tongue into Maude’s mouth. The girl then let out a
surprised little giggle, Ethel’s plan working better than
she thought as Mildred let out a shocked gasp, and
Drusilla stood paralyzed, shaking all over as her heart
sank in her chest.

Enid opened an eyes a moment later and smiled around
Maude’s lips as she saw Mildred, her nipples hardening as
they rubbed against Maude’s fuller breasts and she took
in the sight of Mildred Hubble tied helplessly to the
bed. Without hesitation, Enid’s hands moved down Maude’s
back her fingers pressing harder as they reached the
girl’s bottom before slowly bunching up the hem of
Maude’s drab gray nightgown.

Drusilla resisted the urge to say something, instead
staring stupidly at the two lovers, her mouth agape as
Mildred looked on as well, only far more scandalized by
the total-seeming betrayal. ‘N-No…’ Drusilla thought
inwardly, watching as Ethel stole away her little fantasy
right before her eyes, devouring Enid Nightshade’s kisses
hungrily as Ethel’s nightgown was lifted to reveal the
fact that the girl had neglected to wear anything

Mildred gasped as she saw Maude’s round, pale-skinned
bottom come into view, Enid’s darker fingers sliding
across it before squeezing the firm flesh fondly, causing
Maude to throw her head back and let out a long,
desperate moan.

“No! Not you too, Enid!” Mildred cried as Drusilla
finally stopped her body from shaking and walked boldly
over to the two girls with a stern look upon her face.

“I think that’ll be quite enough, Enid Nightshade,” said
Drusilla, trying to copy Ethel’s stern tone, but letting
her voice slip slightly as the real Ethel turned to look
at her and glowered.

But as Ethel was about to tell the girl where to go, Enid
looked at Drusilla and grinned mischievously, grabbing
the girl’s hand and dragging her closer. “And just what
are you going to do about it?” the mischievous witch
inquired challengingly, causing Drusilla’s pulse to race
at both Enid’s tone, and due to the kiss Enid suddenly
planted upon her lips.

Drusilla all but melted as Enid kissed her, her knees
buckling as Enid’s hand pulled at hers, placing the
girl’s hand between Ethel/Maude’s legs where already the
beginnings Ethel’s desire was evident.

“She’s wet, isn’t she?” teased Enid, breaking their kiss
and leaving Drusilla breathless as she gave Ethel another
quick kiss, playfully licking the girl’s lips before
smiling mischievously at both of them.

“Y- yes…” Drusilla responded breathlessly as Ethel
stared at Enid in surprise, for once uncertain of how to
react, “so very wet.”

Enid smirked as she suddenly stepped away from the two,
confidently brushing her beautiful dark chestnut locks
over her shoulders and sighing wearily. “So tell me,” the
girl said with a hint of amusement, glancing over at the
weeping Mildred for brief second before meeting the real
Ethel’s eyes, “Where’d you find the essence of albino
newt for the potion of polymorph, Ethel? It’s rather hard
to import it all the way from Germany, you know.”

Ethel stared at Enid for a moment, her body shaking a
little as she tried to stammer out a reply, the girl’s
sudden anger at being so easily found out giving way to
curiosity. “H- How-?!” was all that the witch could
manage, causing Enid to smirk.

“Come, come now, Ms. Hallow,” Enid replied in good humor,
folding her arms across her chest as she stood a little
taller, casting Drusilla a glance that made the girl
blush and quickly retrieve her fingers, “Firstly, the
real Maude Moonshine is waiting in my room, and secondly,
what do you think I got thrown out of my old school for?”

“Enid!” exclaimed Mildred suddenly, hope filling her
heart as her friend cast her a reassuring wink and Ethel
glowered at Enid darkly.

“Fine, so you’ve seen through my little disguise,” the
girl muttered bitterly, waving her hand and conjuring two
vials of the antidote potion, needing no incantation due
to her anger, “But as long as I have access to the
ingredients, there’s no way that Mildred Hubble will ever
be able to trust you, Moonface, or any of her friends so
long as she remains at Cackles!”

Ethel sneered as she handed Drusilla the second vial and
knocked back her own dose, the two girl’s quickly
reverting to their normal guises as Enid smiled, nodding

“Oh, I dunno know about that,” Enid said with a
mischievous grin, glancing at Mildred and quickly
muttering, “Deligo, conligo cohibeo!”

As the words slipped past Enid’s lips, the green second
year sashes that bound Mildred’s wrists came free,
suddenly flying across the room as the witch looked from
the girl on the bed to Ethel. Before the other young
witch could react, though, the two strips of cloth
attacked. One winding quickly around her ankles, as the
other grabbed Ethel’s wrists and held them behind her
back, soon forcing the girl to fall to the floor with a
panicked shriek and curse.

“No! You can’t do this to me!” Ethel exclaimed angrily,
glaring up at Enid as Drusilla looked on in surprise, her
expression showing the inner conflict she felt, “D-
Drusilla! Stop her! Turn Enid into a toad or something!”

Enid glanced up at Drusilla with an amused smile, her
gleaming dark eyes showing far more mischief than the
girl’s innocent expression hid. “So, what’s it going to
be?” she inquired as Mildred rubbed her wrists, “Are you
going to be a good little girl, or do I have to tie you
up like Millie and Ethel here?”

Drusilla blushed deeply at the words, her pale complexion
becoming almost as crimson as her shoulder-length hair.
“I- I…” the girl stammered, bowing her head in
uncharacteristic shyness as Ethel gritted her teeth and
seethed in the girl’s direction.

“You?” Enid coaxed, leaning forward and looking up into
Drusilla’s eyes, her innocent expression hardly fading
despite her tone.

“I’d like if you did,” Drusilla confessed, closing her
eyes and covering her face as Enid laughed and turned as
the door slid open once again.

For a fraction of a moment, there was a looming sense of
dread as everyone expected to see one of their teachers
walk into the room, but instead there was a great sense
of relief as instead in walked in Maude Moonshine, her
expression cautiously curious.

“What the-?” the girl began as Mildred leapt off the bed
and threw her arms around the girl.

“Maude!” she exclaimed happily, hugging the girl tightly
as Enid quickly closed the door, making a bit of a face
as she shuddered at the thought of any sound escaping.

“Um, hi, Millie,” Maude began, only to have Mildred’s
lips press against her own, the girl moaning helplessly
as she squeezed tighter.

“Oh, Maude, I love you so much!” Mildred, whimpered
softly, rocking them both as they stood by the door, “I-
I’m so sorry I doubted you!”

Enid smirked as she turned back to the two. “You owe me,
Millie,” she promised, taking a few steps closer and
running a gentle hand over the girl’s face to brush
Mildred’s hair from her eyes.

“I know,” the witch replied happily, her smile becoming a
look of confusion as Enid’s fingers slipped around the
back of her head and pulled her closer.

“Enid!” Maude exclaimed indignantly as Enid’s lips
pressed against Mildred’s, the girl sighing softly as she
found just how soft and kissable they really were.

“Don’t worry,” chuckled Drusilla shyly from across the
room, glancing up at the real Maude Moonshine and
blushing as she remembered her time mimicking the girl,
“There’s a lot of this sort of thing going around lately.

“You!” Maude said angrily, twisting easily from Mildred’s
embrace, allowing Enid’s arms wrap about her best friend,
tilting her head to make things easier, “this is your
doing, isn’t it?!”

Drusilla smirked and gave a short nod to the bound and
indignant looking girl on the floor. “Actually, it was
Ethel’s,” the witch explained a little more confidently,
suddenly coming to a decision, “If you want to blame
someone, blame her.”

Ethel glowered darkly up at her former friend, gritting
her teeth as she silently cursed Drusilla’s name, vowing
to never forgive her. But as Drusilla glanced back up at
Maude, the witch’s eyes widened with sudden fear, a
thought crossing Ethel’s mind as she caught the look in
Drusilla’s eyes that made Ethel’s heart sink in her

“D-Drusilla, don’t!” she gasped as the girl smiled at
Maude, suddenly taking her by the shoulders and boldly
pressing their lips together firmly. “Nooo!” cried Ethel
in anguish, horrified to see Drusilla taking something
from her that Ethel so desperately wanted, “You- You
can’t do this! I- I hate you Drusilla! I’ve always hated
you, you useless twit! You- You can’t even fetch me off
properly! I have fake it all the time because of you!”

“Oh, enough already,” laughed Enid, breaking her kiss
with Mildred and leaving the girl confused and breathless
as Enid pulled open her friend’s top drawer and yanked
out a pair of frilly undergarments before stuffing them
into Ethel’s open mouth, “You’re ruining the mood!”

“H-Hey!” exclaimed Mildred, suddenly finding Maude
partially limp in Drusilla’s arms, whimpering softly
against the frustrated girl’s passionate kiss, “Maude!
You-! Don’t do that!”

Enid laughed as she snatched up Drusilla’s collar and
pulled her back, breaking the kiss and leaving Maude to
stagger as she tried to catch her breath. “Oh, don’t
worry, Millie,” the girl assured, slipping around to get
between the two, smiling up at the slightly taller
Drusilla as she spoke, “It’s hard to resist a goodie-
goodie like Maude. You’re just lucky Drusilla got to her

“Enid!” Mildred exclaimed in distress, running over to
Maude and turning the girl around before holding her
close, “You had no right to- to…”

“To kiss you?” Enid inquired, glancing over her shoulder
at her friend and smiling innocently, “Oh, come on,
Millie. You have those wonderfully kissable lips that I
can barely bring myself to resist. Isn’t that right,

Maude blinked several times and gave her head a shake to
steady herself and unscramble her thoughts before looking
up at Mildred and smiling. “It’s actually very difficult,
Millie,” she said in her softest, sweetest tone, blushing
as she smiled softly up at her best friend, “It’s the
first thing that flashed into my mind when I first met

Mildred blushed as caught her own surprised expression in
the reflection off Maude’s glasses, bowing her head and
nodding. “Okay then. I forgive you Enid. And you Maude,”
she replied quietly, glancing up at the girl shyly,
“Still friends?”

“Always, Millie,” Maude assured her, the girl’s arms
wrapping around Mildred’s waist as she leaned up to kiss
her softly, “But, I love you as well, and I, um…”

“She’s trying to say she wants to sleep with you, Mil,”
Enid said rather blatantly, laughing at the looks she got
before turning back to Drusilla, “So, what do you think
we should do about little miss high and mighty here? To
punish her, I mean.”

The redhead’s eyes went wide at the girl’s words, holding
Enid closer as her body quivered. “Oh, I can think of a
few things,” Drusilla ventured, bowing her head a little
before pressing her lips close to Enid’s, whispering out
her shy words, “so long as she’s not the only one to get
a little punishment.”

Enid grinned broadly in surprise, pushing the girl back a
bit and holding her at arms length. “Drusilla Paddock!”
Enid exclaimed with a laugh, causing the girl to shrink
down a bit in her embarrassment, “Why, I never would have
guessed! You’d like that, though, wouldn’t you…?”

Drusilla glanced at the angrily shaking Ethel on the
floor, shaking her head and practically gnawing at the
gag in her mouth. “Yes,” the redhead confessed softly,
turning back to Enid and pulling the girl closer, her
lips moving to kiss the witch’s neck, “I’d like that very
much… I, I want you to do all the things to me that
Ethel wouldn’t, and then, we’ll punish her together.

Enid sighed happily, tilting her head to one side as
Drusilla’s lips kissed along her neck a few times before
the girl’s teeth gently nipped her skin, sending chills
down Enid’s spine. “Oh, I’d say that sounds like a
splendid idea,” she replied at last, catching Ethel’s eye
and grinning broadly at the look of betrayal upon the
snooty witch’s face, “What do you think, Millie?”

“Huh? What?” came Mildred’s reply as she sat near the
foot of the bed with Maude, holding the girl’s small
hand, lovingly kissing her knuckles one at a time.

“Oh, nothing,” assured Enid with a chuckle, “just keep
doing what you’re doing!”

Drusilla raised an eyebrow as Enid turned back to her and
grinned mischievously. “I’ll need your help,” said Enid,
slipping away and taking with her the warmth Drusilla had
longed for all her life.

The girl could only nod in reply, following Enid in a bit
of a daze as the witch pulled out Mildred’s chair and set
it up across the room from the bed. She then glanced down
at Ethel and scowled thoughtfully. “Hm. I’m going to need
some help with this one,” commented Enid, making Drusilla
chuckle softly at the thought.

“Not a problem,” she assured, each of them moving to
either side of Ethel and grabbing the struggling girl
under her arms before heaving the bound witch up off the

Ethel made a few unhappy noises as the two deposited her
in the chair and began adjusting the strips of green
cloth that bound the girl so that Ethel was tied to the
chair. All the while the girl scowled, glaring darkly at
Mildred and Maude as they sat together, holding hands on
the edge of the bed.

“That should do about it,” said Enid with a bit of a
grunt, tying the sash extra tightly as it held Ethel’s
wrists to the back of the wooden chair, “Now all we need
to do is to punish her for all the problems she’s caused

“And just how do you propose we do that?” inquired Maude
skeptically, casting Drusilla a suspicious glance.

“Easy!” Enid replied cheerily, smiling back at both Maude
and Mildred, “All we need to do, is to have you two make
love while Ethel watches.”

“While she’s watching?!” both girls exclaimed, their
expressions scandalized as Ethel cast them a suddenly
smug look.

“Sure!” chuckled Enid with a sly grin, her arm going
around Drusilla who sighed happily and all but melted
against her, “Unless you want us to help you get

Ethel’s eyes seemed to bulge a bit as she shook her head
furiously, her muffled voice sounding angry behind
Mildred’s undergarment even as Mildred blushed, bowing
her head and stammering at the thought as Enid glided

“Now, now, Millie,” said Enid in a motherly tone, taking
a seat on the edge of the bed and patting a spot next to
her for Drusilla, “It’s not so bad with someone watching.
Infact, I’d rather recommend it.”

Mildred’s eyes went wide as she stared at her friend in
embarrassed wonder as Maude bowed her head and tried not
to smile. “E-Enid!” Mildred gasped, looking everywhere
else in the room besides the girl, “You- You can’t be

“Actually,” interrupted Maude, her voice quavering a
little as she looked up and glancing over at Mildred,
“That doesn’t sound like such a bad an idea.”

Her friend turned back, gasping and stammering as the
girl’s cheeks flared red. “You- You can’t be serious-!”
Mildred began, only to have Maude’s small hand grip her
behind the head and pull her into a kiss.

Enid grinned down at the two kissing lovers, Mildred
letting out a surprised moan as Maude held her face and
leaned into her. “Yeah, that’s better,” chuckled Enid,
glancing over at the now seething Ethel, “Wouldn’t you

Ethel’s eye narrowed as she glared up at Enid, struggling
against her bonds as Maude broke Mildred’s kiss and
looked up into her lover’s eyes with the same shy
innocence that always melted more than a few hearts.

“I love you, Millie,” the girl said softly, running her
hands fondly down Mildred’s cheeks, her lips kissing
Mildred softly, “No matter what happens, I’ll always love

Mildred closed her eyes a moment, nodding slowly as
Maude’s words left her momentarily breathless. “I love
you too, Maude,” she said softly, tilting her head to one
side as her lover placed slow, soft kisses along her
cheek all the way to her ear, “so very much.”

“Then make love to me, Millie,” Maude said softly, her
teeth nibbling Mildred’s ear, one hand supporting her
lover’s back as her other slid up the front of the girl’s
chest, “right here. Right now.”

“But- But, Maude!” Mildred stammered, glancing worriedly
over at the angry expression on Ethel’s face as she was
pushed down on the bed, Maude’s fingers brushing lightly
across her small breast through the thin fabric of
Mildred’s drab gray nightgown.

“Shhh, it’s okay Millie,” said Maude sweetly, the tip of
her small pink tongue running along the curve of
Mildred’s earlobe, “Just relax. Let it happen.”

“But, but…” the girl stammered looking up at Enid’s
bemused smile as Maude’s nibbling her ear made Mildred’s
body quiver.

As they watched, Drusilla leaned closer to Enid, her body
shaking as she realized her proximity to the girl she was
so very much in lust with. With half an eye on the two
lovers on the bed, Drusilla inhaled sharply as she
noticed Maude’s finger squeeze tighter around Mildred’s
breast, pinching the girl’s nipple through her garment
and making her gasp out loud.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Enid murmured, pressing her
lips to Drusilla’s ear, her tongue teasing the girl’s
skin as she spoke, “Those two’ve been hot for one another
for more than a year now, but they’ve barely even kissed.
This’ll be the first time for them.”

Drusilla’s pale green eyes widened with suddenly renewed
interest as she watched the two, almost not noticing as
Enid’s lips touched her neck, dragging them gently parted
upwards to her ear.

“Do you remember your first time, Drusilla?” whispered
Enid, her teeth gently nibbling the girl’s earlobe before
slowly dragging back.

Drusilla nodded slowly, watching as Maude’s hands moved
downwards, sliding underneath Mildred’s nightgown before
sliding up her skin, lifting the garment ever higher.
“Yeah,” she said slowly, wetting her lips as Maude’s
hands lifted the hem of Mildred’s nightgown high enough
to reveal the girl’s simple white cotton panties, already
made wet between her legs by Maude’s attention, “It was
with Ethel, but…”

“But?” Enid inquired quietly whispering into her lover’s
ear as her hands moved across Drusilla’s body, Enid’s
right hand moving up under the girl’s night gown as the
left squeezed Drusilla’s bottom to test its firmness.

Drusilla glanced at her former lover hesitantly,
receiving a dark look in return as she spoke. “It wasn’t
very good,” the redhead confessed quietly, closing her
eyes as Enid’s right hand slid over her breast, teasing
the girl’s nipple with her index finger, “Ethel doesn’t
let me cum very often.”

Enid glanced over at Ethel, grinning back at the girl’s
dark scowl as she squeezed Drusilla’s breast, causing the
her lover to gasp suddenly. “But making your partner cum
is half the fun,” said Enid with a knowing smile,
suddenly dropping to her knees before Drusilla as her
dark eyes watched Ethel’s reactions.

Drusilla stared down in amazement for a moment as Enid’s
hands slipped away and bit her lip as they began sliding
up her legs, a teasing grin crossing Enid’s lips as she
glanced up at Drusilla.

“Then- Then teach me,” Drusilla stammered, hesitantly
running her fingers into Enid’s wonderfully soft dark
chestnut hair, “I, I want to see if that’s true for

Enid smirked as her hands pushed the girl’s nightgown up
past her knees and glanced at Ethel. “She’s a hungry one,
isn’t she?” Enid commented rhetorically, laughing as the
bound girl struggled all the harder, “How ever to you
satisfy her? Oh, yes, that’s right. You don’t!”

Ethel bit down hard upon the undergarments that had been
stuffed into her mouth and turned away defiantly, an
indignant look upon her face as she settled for watching
the two on the bed. ‘Amateurish, that’s what it is,’
thought Ethel as the sight of Mildred Hubble’s hands
moving to cup the rise of Maude Moonshine’s bottom, her
fingers squeezing tightly in response to Maude’s tender
kisses along the girl’s neck, ‘It’s only a matter of time
before Maude gets sick of Mildred and her sweet virgin
act. Maude needs someone who knows what she’s doing.
Someone who- No! Goodness no!’

Maude slid to the left, moving off of Mildred but still
leaning against her lover as her small hand lifted the
hem of Mildred’s nightgown and began gently rubbing her
fingers against the warmth of the girl’s pussy. As she
saw this, Ethel screamed as loudly as she could through
the impromptu gag, not caring that no sound could leave
the room or that the two lovers ignored her.

Mildred shivered at her lover’s touch, Maude’s fingers
moving slowly up and down over her quivering nether lips,
her womanhood tingling in anticipation as the damp spot
between her legs expanded slightly in size.

“Do you like it, Millie?” Maude inquired, her sweet voice
soft in Mildred’s ear as the girl nodded helplessly, her
fingers now gripping the bedcovers as she breathed
raggedly through her mouth.

Seemingly satisfied, Maude’s fingers moved upward,
teasingly bypassing Mildred’s clit before slipping under
the waistband of the girl’s panties. “How about this?”
asked Maude, a small mischievous smile intruding upon the
girl’s aura of innocence.

Mildred closed her eyes tightly, nodding a little as her
hand took Maude’s, shaking as she held the girl in place
for a moment. “It- It’s just so intense,” Mildred
murmured, releasing her friend’s hand and letting the
girl’s fingers slide slowly over the soft skin of her
labia, “just, just take it slow.”

“Anything for you, Millie,” whispered Maude, brushing the
girl’s bangs out of her eyes before placing a soft kiss
upon Mildred’s lips and causing the watching Ethel to
murmur mockingly behind her gag.

“She’s never been that way,” whispered Drusilla as
quietly as possible not wanting to disturb the two
lovers, the fingers of both hands running through the
length of Enid’s beautiful hair as the girl took hold of
Drusilla’s panties and slowly began to slide them down.

“I think you’ll find I’m something of a happy medium,
then,” assured Enid slyly, glancing sideways at Ethel,
relishing the look upon the young witch’s face as she
kissed Drusilla just above her clit, causing the redhead
to gasp suddenly and take a firm grip of Enid’s hair.

‘Serves you right,’ thought Enid, her dark eyes watching
the glowering Ethel as her tongue ran downwards, circling
teasingly around Drusilla’s clit, making it all the girl
could do not to topple forward, ‘After all you’ve done to
us, and all you’ve gotten away with. But don’t worry,
Ethel, it only gets worse from here!’

Drusilla leaned forward, causing her cinnamon red hair
fall over her eyes, obscuring her face as she whimpered
with need, the girl’s body shaking as Enid’s fingers
pressed lightly against her skin, exposing the Drusilla’s
clit while her tongue slowly spiraled towards it. As
Enid’s hot breath blew against the nub with every
exhalation, Drusilla found her knees buckling, causing
her to grit her teeth and close her eyes tightly.

‘Please! Please!’ the girl thought over and over again,
her fingers tightening their grip and causing Enid to
moan happily as Drusilla pulled at her dark brown hair,
‘lick it! Please!’

Enid glanced up as Drusilla’s body tensed, knowing from
experience that the girl’s clit must almost be ready to
explode. But instead of satisfying her lover, Enid’s
tongue slid lower, her hands coaxing Drusilla’s legs
apart her fingers slowly running across the soft skin

As Drusilla’s womanhood came into view, Enid smiled,
thinking how Ethel’s tongue must have dragged itself
half-heartedly across the girl’s invitingly puffy lips,
pondering how Drusilla would react to the touch of a far
less selfish lover. Enid wasted little time in finding
out, however, withdrawing her tongue before placing it at
the bottom of Drusilla’s glistening wet slit before
drawing the flat of her tongue all the way back up along
the girl’s labia.

Drusilla let out an almost pained gasp that caused
everyone in the room to look in her direction, rather
abruptly interrupting Maude and Mildred’s lovemaking.
Drusilla blushed as she glanced around, seeing so many
eyes watching her with keen interest that she couldn’t
help but smile nervously. It was then that she noticed
Enid’s tongue moving faster, teasingly lapping at
Drusilla’s labia with an increased sense of urgency and

‘Oh wow…’ thought Drusilla, amazed by Enid’s reactions,
the girl’s fingers squeezing her thighs tighter as the
tip of Enid’s tongue slipped inside of her, going a
little deeper with every lick, ‘She- She’s really into
this! Amazing!’

Enid’s hands moved up to grip Drusilla’s bottom as the
girl plunged her tongue as deeply as she could, suckling
her lover’s pussy almost desperately, perfectly aware of
the fact that they were both being watched. It hardly
bothered Enid, though. She enjoyed the idea of both
tormenting Ethel with Drusilla’s ecstasy, and teaching
Maude and Mildred a trick or two. The only problem the
girl had was that her own body reacted so positively to
the attention.

‘She’d better appreciate this,’ Enid muttered inwardly,
her thoughts loosing cohesion as she felt Drusilla’s
inner walls suddenly clench around her tongue, the
redheaded witch letting out a long whine as she attempted
to keep from making noise.

Drusilla’s appreciation for Enid’s work became even more
apparent as she gripped the girl’s shoulders almost
painfully, letting out a little cry that was almost
beyond the range of human hearing. It was all that
Drusilla could do to remain standing as Enid’s tongue
squirmed about inside of her, the girl’s fingers
spreading open her bottom cheeks lewdly as Enid’s
fingertips crept towards the opening.

Enid was prepared for Drusilla’s reaction as the tip of
her finger lightly touched the entrance to the girl’s
bottom, yelping in surprise and half laughing into the
girl’s pussy as they both collapsed onto the floor with
Drusilla screaming out in sudden desperate passion.

Despite the awkwardness of it, Enid once more lapped
hungrily at her lover’s labia, Drusilla’s juices flowing
quite freely as she rubbed her fingertip over the tightly
puckered orifice, the sensation sending waves of
unexpectedly uncontainable pleasure through Drusilla’s

The girl arched her back, her hands firmly planted upon
the floor, shaking and shuddering as Enid’s finger pushed
harder, making swift tight circles against her anus. The
unfamiliar sensation was far more intense than Drusilla
had anticipated, but no less welcome, the young witch
threw her head back and all but howled out her desire,
half laughing at the fulfillment of one of her fantasies.
With the greatest of effort, she drew her knees up,
straddling Enid’s face upon the uncomfortably hard floor,
her fingers entwining the girl’s hair and pulling Enid’s
face against her womanhood, Drusilla’s body still
skipping along at its peak as she came into the girl’s

‘She’s so insatiable!’ Enid giggled to herself, the
vibration caused by her small laugh causing Drusilla to
squeal out as she leaned far back, pressing her bottom
into Enid’s fingers, ‘Ethel must be one lousy lover.
Shame she’s so hot!’

Drusilla clamed down just a little, her body still
shaking as she forced open her eyes and stared directly
into the faces of Mildred and Maude. Though her
embarrassment made Drusilla want to run and hide, the
scandalized look upon Mildred’s face as Enid’s index
finger penetrated her to the first knuckle was worth it.

Drusilla screamed less than a heartbeat later, surprise,
shock, and ecstasy crossing the young witch’s face as
Enid wisely held her finger still, allowing Drusilla to
get used to the sensation. When at last Drusilla had
calmed down, Enid began to make slow circles with her
finger, pushing carefully against the tight ring as her
lover’s body shook.

“You okay up there?” Enid inquired with a grin, her
pretty face glistening with Drusilla’s juices, her finger
beginning to slowly slide back and forth, pushing only up
to the second knuckle as not to hurt Drusilla.

“It, it’s very good,” Drusilla murmured, closing her eyes
and slowly moving her hips in time with Enid’s finger
movements, “but, the floor’s a bit too hard for this,
don’t you think?”

“Agreed!” Enid commented, making a face as she adjusted
her shoulders and let go of Drusilla before sliding out
from under her, leaving the girl with a certain sense of
unfulfillment, her body craving more. It was a feeling
that Drusilla was used to with Ethel, but what Enid did
next was unexpected and quite welcome.

As Enid got to her feet and brushed out her hair with the
fingers of both hands, the girl nodded towards the bed.
“Take your nightgown off and stand beside the bed,
Drusilla,” she said in a tone that broached no argument,
causing Drusilla’s heart to pound faster as the witch
nodded and shakily got to her feet.

“What’d you have in mind?” Drusilla asked, shivering a
little in the cooler air, tossing her drab gray nightgown
aside, suddenly standing naked, once again with all eyes
staring back at her with interest, but this time covering
her small breasts subconsciously.

“You’ll see,” chuckled Enid, her hands pushing Drusilla’s
lower back, guiding the girl to where Maude and Mildred
looked on with nervous amazement.

“What are you doing, Enid?” inquired Mildred in a
concerned tone, recognizing the look of mischief in her
friend’s eyes, “This isn’t something really bad this
time, is it?”

“Worry, worry, worry,” Enid chuckled, her hands upon
Drusilla’s naked shoulders as she pushed the girl down
onto her knees facing the two, “Oh, Millie, you really
need to learn to relax, and I have just the way. Maude,
be a dear and help Millie relax a bit, I don’t want her
spoiling our fun.”

“Our fun?” commented Maude rhetorically, her expression
doubtful as Drusilla knelt before the both of them, the
girl’s expression expectant and a little impatient, “As I
recall, this was all your idea.”

“Your idea?” said Mildred suspiciously, “You planned all
of this?”

Enid sighed and rolled her eyes as she shook her head in
dismay. “Goodness no,” she explained, kneeling behind
Drusilla and slipping her hands under the girl’s bottom,
coaxing her up a little, “I’m not THAT Machiavellian! Now
then, Drusilla, lean over the bed and show Millie that
lovely bosom of yours. And Maude, I believe her pussy’s
getting cold. We can’t have that, now can we?”

“Enid!” the two girls exclaimed, both amazed at just how
far the girl was willing to go. Drusilla, however,
obliged, smiling smugly down at Mildred as she stood with
her feet on the floor and her hands on the mattress
before moving over Mildred’s face and slowly lowering

“You- You can’t be serious!” protested Mildred, shaking
her head as the firm, perky rise of Drusilla’s breasts
came ever closer, the girl’s nipple brushing against the
young witch’s nose.

“And why not?” inquired Enid, glancing over at Ethel as
Drusilla crouched beside the bed, looking up at Maude’s
scandalized expression with an amused grin, “Goodness,
Ethel, at least your friends seem to have a little

Ethel screamed into her gag, causing Enid to grin with
satisfaction, only to do a double take as she realized
that it wasn’t her comment that had invoked the reaction.
Enid’s dark eyes widened with delighted surprise as she
discovered Maude kissing Drusilla, the two girl’s moaning
quietly as their parted lips pressed firmly together as
they tilted their heads in opposite directions.

“Wow,” commented Enid with a wicked grin, glancing down
at Mildred whose view was obstructed but could still tell
what was going on, “looks like you have some competition,
Millie. I think you’d better start suckling if you want
to distract Drusilla long enough for Maude to go back to
you. Unless, of course, you think I should just let Ethel
tie you down again?”

Mildred’s eyes went wide as she tilted her head to glance
at Enid in surprise. “Don’t you dare!” the girl exclaimed
half-fearfully and half-angrily, nibbling her bottom lip
as she glanced back at Drusilla’s waiting bosom

Enid chuckled softly, kneeling behind Drusilla, her dark
chestnut eyes smiling down at the girl’s firm round
bottom. “Amazing,” she mused, sliding her hands over it,
giving Drusilla a firm squeeze before glancing back at
Mildred, “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that Millie. I think
I’m going to be quite preoccupied for the next little

Drusilla’s cheeks flushed suddenly, breaking her kiss
with Maude, leaving the girl breathless as she glanced
back at Enid in surprise, her heart beating quickly in
anticipation. The girl exhaled slowly as she caught
Enid’s grin, swallowing slowly as the young witch’s
fingers slid down between her bottom cheeks, causing
Drusilla’s body to shiver with delight as Enid’s fingers
brushed over her labia.

Maude, meanwhile, blinked away her confusion; blushing as
she realized what she’d done and staring in surprise as
Mildred’s parted lips brushed across the soft, smooth
skin of Drusilla’s breast. “I can’t believe we’re doing
this,” she muttered, smiling a little a she slid overtop
of Mildred and watched as her best friend’s lips wrapped
around one of Drusilla’s nipples and began to suckle.

“Oh, I don’t know,” mused Enid, smiling mischievously as
the tips of her index and middle fingers brushed gently
against the soft, moist skin of Drusilla’s labia from
behind, the girl leaning her head back, shivering and
moaning in response, “with the tension around here
lately, I think it was only inevitable. See, even she

Ethel glared darkly, practically growling and snarling
through her gag at the witch’s comment. Her anger was
only made worse as Drusilla let out an almost desperate
yelp as Enid’s middle finger slid between the girl’s
labia at the same time as her index finger slid slightly
higher, pushing threateningly against Drusilla’s

Ethel found herself unable to look away despite her
revulsion, cringing as Drusilla gasped, the girl’s voice
trailing off into a long, desperate whine as Enid’s index
finger pushed further. Drusilla’s body shivered, holding
as still as she could, gritting her teeth and closing her
eyes tight, desperately hoping both that Enid wouldn’t
stop and that it wasn’t just a dream.

‘Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!’ the girl pleaded
inwardly, suddenly feeling both Mildred and Maude’s lips
upon her breasts, each of them taking a nipple into their
mouths and suckling as best they could. Forcing an eye
open in time to see that Maude had slid her thighs around
Mildred’s leg, the girl rubbing herself against her
friend as she suckled Drusilla’s breast.

“Lovely,” commented Enid, smiling as her eyes moved from
her pushing fingers to Maude’s lovely face, tilted to one
side as her tongue lapped tentatively at Drusilla’s
nipple, “I should have pushed for this sooner.”

Maude glanced over at Enid, panting as she pulled away
from Drusilla. “Sometimes I just can’t believe you, Enid
Nightshade,” the girl muttered, blushing and bowing her
head as Maude caught her friend’s smirk before sliding
her way down Mildred’s lithe body.

Mildred made a surprised sound as she felt Maude’s hands
push up her nightgown and the girl’s soft lips kiss her
thighs gently. Mildred tried to turn her head, only to
have Drusilla push down against her, all but filling the
gasping young witch’s mouth with her small, firm breast.
Mildred coughed a bit in surprise, slipping out with one
hand and reaching up to touch Drusilla’s face, holding
her and running her fingers through the girl’s silky red

“That’s it, ladies,” Enid chuckled, burying both her
fingers to the hilt, causing Drusilla to bow her head,
panting and gasping in response, “Let’s show Drusilla
what she’s been missing.”

Drusilla made a bit of a chuckle, moaning happily and
turning her head to give Mildred’s fingers an
appreciative kiss, gasping suddenly with delighted
surprise as she heard, more than felt, Enid’s hand smack
her hard across the bottom. Glancing over her shoulder,
Drusilla’s pale green eyes went wide, catching Enid’s
mischievous grin as the girl slapped her again, causing
Drusilla’s body to jump suddenly.

“Did you like that, Dru?” Enid inquired sweetly, her tone
far more innocent than her gently thrusting fingers would
imply, giving the girl yet another firm, hard smack
across the bottom.

“Y-Yes,” Drusilla managed, closing her eyes and smiling,
her body shivering again as Enid spanked her once more,
“Just- Do it harder!”

Enid chuckled at the comment, gritting her teeth as she
forced her fingers back and forth more quickly, the
tightness of Drusilla’s bottom making it more difficult
on her. “As you wish,” she replied with a toothy grin,
hitting Drusilla all the harder.

Drusilla moaned happily in response, smiling as she
turned back to watch Maude, the girl’s tongue lapping
happily at her best friend’s pussy as Mildred’s hands
slipped away. “Wonderful, just wonderful,” Drusilla
mused, wincing happily as Enid hit her again, her inner
walls shuddering and grasping at Enid’s fingers as
Drusilla saw Maude’s tongue slide as deeply into
Mildred’s pussy as it could go.

“Wow,” commented Enid, standing on her toes to get a
better view as Mildred let out a helpless little moan,
her mouth still full of Drusilla’s breast as her fingers
clung to Maude’s hair, “She’s really into it.”

“Yeah,” chuckled Drusilla, suddenly lifting up and
causing Mildred’s wonderful lips to make a loud
suctioning sound as she pulled breast away, leaving the
girl panting and staring up at Drusilla with longing in
her eyes, “But I think we should take this to another
level, don’t you?”

Enid glanced at Drusilla and smiled at the mischievous
look in the witch’s eyes. “So I’ve converted you then?”
she teased, sliding her fingers out of Drusilla, smiling
at the look in Drusilla’s pale green eyes as the fingers
came free.

“Absolutely. I want you so much. I want to serve you, to
please you, to be completely yours, Enid Nightshade,” the
redhead agreed, her hands slipping over Enid’s shoulders
as she stepped closer and placed a soft kiss upon the
girl’s lips, her pale green eyes glancing hesitantly at
the fuming Ethel as she did so, “I want you to make me
forget snooty old Ethel. She’s such a prude you know. But
you, you’re so… so…”

“Kinky?” offered Enid brightly, as though offering an
answer to a completely mundane question.

Drusilla smiled, bowing her head a bit as she nodded.
“I’ve heard things about you, you know,” confessed
Drusilla, keeping her tone low as she glanced back at the
sudden moan Mildred let out, “I’ve heard you’ll do almost

“If it’s fun,” Enid agreed sly, putting her hands upon
Drusilla’s hips before turning the girl around again,
“But in the mean time, why don’t you show Ethel what she
won’t be getting anymore of.”

“Oh?” the redhead inquired curiously, glancing over her
shoulder as Enid held her from behind, the young witch’s
lips pressing against Drusilla’s ear as she spoke

“Have Millie lick you out,” she explained, “I have
something to discuss with Ms. Hallow.”

Drusilla nodded obediently, her pulse racing as she got
onto the bed, moving to straddle Mildred’s face upon her
knees facing Maude. “D- Drusilla!” the girl protested,
staring up at the redhead in surprise.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Millie,” Drusilla scolded
teasingly, “Just pretend I’m Maude. Besides, you can
practice on me before you have the real thing, that way
you won’t have to worry about disappointing her.”

Maude looked up at the comment, blushing deeply as she
stared up at the two. “It… It’s okay, Millie,” she
assured hesitantly, the girl’s frightfully sweet and
innocent tone sending a pleasant tingling through
Drusilla, “I don’t mind. I already practiced on Enid, so
it’s all right with me. I know that I’m the one you love,
no one else…”

Mildred sighed happily, her heart all but melting as she
brushed Maude’s bangs out of her eyes and smiled back at
her fondly. “I love you to, Maude,” she assured,
shuddering with sudden delight as Maude’s tongue touched
her clit, causing Mildred to drop her head back down
between Drusilla’s knees.

“That’s better,” the witch chuckled, moving forward and
standing upon her knees to straddle the dark-haired
girl’s face, “Now do like Enid said, and lick me out. And
don’t you dare stop until you’ve fetched me off!”

Enid meanwhile walked up to Ethel, an amused smirk
crossing her face as she gave the bound witch a thorough
once over. “You aren’t fond of being the one who’s tied
up, are you Ethel?” she chuckled, receiving a dark look
form the bound girl, “You just can’t stand loosing
control. Silly girl.”

Enid then crouched down before her rival and smiled,
placing her hands upon Ethel’s naked knees as she looked
into the angry witch’s eyes. “I’ll bet it’s a whole lot
worse for you, having to watch Millie lick out Drusilla
instead of you, isn’t it?” Enid added with a chuckle as
Ethel looked down at her with a frown, no longer
bothering to try and speak through the gag, “I’ll bet
it’s even worse that you can’t do anything about how it
makes you feel.”

Enid smiled, suddenly standing up and raising her hands
dramatically in Ethel’s direction as the bound girl’s
eyes suddenly went wide with fright, shaking her head
quickly and struggling against her binds as Enid chanted
a spell, all the while screaming out through the gag.

“Ablegatio ablego subodiosus ornatus!” proclaimed Enid
with a wicked grin, letting out a short giggle as Ethel’s
drab gray nightgown vanished from sight, leaving her
naked for all to see. “It’s really too bad that we don’t
learn the spell to bring things back until next year, now
isn’t it?” added Enid with some satisfaction as she then
removed her own gown by more conventional means before
walking behind the chair.

“Now just watch, Ethel,” Enid said quietly into the
girl’s ear, her hands moving around to cup Ethel’s small,
firm breasts as the girl struggled against her touch,
“And you just might learn something!”

As they watched the trio on bed, Maude’s lips covered
Mildred’s clit as two of her small fingers pushed their
way inside her best friend’s pussy, moving back and forth
with increasing vigor as Mildred moaned helplessly into
Drusilla’s pussy. Maude couldn’t help but smile as felt
Mildred’s inner walls tighten, the girl’s body shuddering
as she let came in response to Maude’s tongue flicking at
her clit as it was suckled by the girl’s mouth.

Pulling back up to catch her breath, Maude moved her
thumb to let it rub against the hard little nub as she
watched her lover’s tongue move at random along
Drusilla’s moist outer lips, her inexperienced motions
teasing the poor girl ruthlessly.

“Oh, Millie,” Maude chuckled, waiting as Mildred squealed
out a loud moan, her back arching as the girl’s nipples
stood straight upwards invitingly before her body
collapsed back down upon the bed, “I think you need a
little help.”

Drusilla moaned softly, feeling a little frustrated as
Mildred’s tongue licked at her pussy all too tentatively,
never staying in one place long enough for her liking.
“Come on, Millie,” she muttered, leaning forward just as
Maude started moving closer, kissing her way up over
Mildred’s flat stomach.

“Don’t worry,” said Maude quietly, a sweetly teasing tone
in her voice, glancing up at Drusilla with a shy smile,
“I’m sure she’s just holding back.”

Mildred caught her breath, trying to see between
Drusilla’s legs, only to have the girl press herself down
harder against her lips. “M-Maude!” the young witch
exclaimed, her voice muffled by the suddenly mouthful of
Drusilla’s wetness.

“Hey, no one told you to stop, Mil,” Drusilla chuckled,
grinning broadly at Maude as the two girls moved closer
to one another, her pale green eyes glancing at Ethel as
an idea came to light.

Without warning, Drusilla pressed her lips against
Maude’s, the girl letting out a little helpless moan of
surprise as Drusilla’s hand held the side of her sweet,
round face, the redhead’s tongue pushing past Maude’s
lips hungrily.

“Something wrong, Ethel?” Enid inquired, nuzzling the
bound girl’s neck as they watched, Drusilla and Maude’s
kiss causing Ethel to nearly spit out her gag as she
flung herself forward, forcing Enid to grab the chair to
keep it from toppling over.

“Hey, now. Calm down, girl,” she laughed, forcing the
chair back down with both hands, “Don’t make me glue your
chair in place.”

Ethel fixed Enid with a dark glare, her body stiffening
as the girl’s arms came around her from behind, Enid’s
hands grasping Ethel’s exposed breasts, her fingers
squeezing the bound witch’s nipples almost painfully, the
warmth of her hands spreading through Ethel’s bosom as
the trio made love on the bed before them.

“I don’t think she likes it,” said Drusilla in a teasing
whisper as she pulled away from Maude’s lips, leaving the
girl panting for breath as the redhead glanced at her
former lover in time to see Ethel close her eyes tightly
shut and make a noise of protest.

“I- I don’t care,” panted Maude, pressing her lips to
Drusilla’s once again, sparking a jealous whimper from

Drusilla then found herself moaning loudly into Maude’s
mouth as Mildred’s tongue lapped swiftly at her pussy,
pushing between her labia a more little each time, and
quickly bringing on Drusilla’s sweet juices. Mildred made
a happy sound as the girl’s body reacted, her hands
sliding up and down the firmness of Drusilla’s thighs as
she pressed her lips closer, suckling against Drusilla’s
pussy if only to make her beloved Maude jealous.

It seemed to work as Maude broke her kiss with Drusilla
and sat up suddenly, her small hands cupping Mildred’s
breasts as the redhead sat up straight and let her head
fall back as she began panting, moaning helplessly as she
felt a delightful tingling that Drusilla had never felt
with Ethel.

Maude watched in amazement as Mildred pulled Drusilla’s
body closer, her tongue wriggling about inside Drusilla’s
hungry womanhood as she desperately tried to acquire more
of the girl’s sweet juices. Shaking her head a little in
disbelief, the sound of Drusilla’s whimpering moans
sending a pleasant tingle through her body, Maude lied
down across Mildred and smiled as she got a closer view
of the action.

“Care to share a little, Millie?” Maude inquired,
blushing and giggling quietly as she moved closer, her
breasts pressing against Mildred’s as the tip of the
girl’s tongue tentatively touched Drusilla’s clit, poking
it experimentally and causing the redhead’s pussy to
explode with orgasm.

Ethel’s eyes snapped open at the sound, the constant
massaging of her breasts by Enid’s hands filling her with
an unwilling euphoria as she looked on in horror. She
herself had never bothered to bring Drusilla off; there’d
never been any point. But now, as Ethel watched, her
seething hatred of both Enid and Drusilla causing her
face to flush red, Maude Moonshine was helping Ethel’s
most hated enemy to bring her lackey to orgasm. To Ethel,
there was little that could be done to make the situation
more unfair. That was until she felt Enid’s hand slide
down her stomach.

“Oooh, I always knew Dru was a screamer!” Enid chuckled
teasingly, looking over Ethel’s shoulder as her fingers
pushed between the bound girl’s thighs, smiling as she
found wetness between them before pushing a finger up
inside Ethel.

The muffled scream Ethel let out at the sensation of
Enid’s violating finger caught everyone’s attention
almost instantly. Maude turned towards the sound
immediately, with Drusilla’s body shaking violently as
her head casually rolled to one side to observe, a
satisfied cruel smile crossing her lips at the girl’s

“C-Can you move for a sec?” came Mildred’s quiet, polite
request, her words coming out in small gasps as she
caught her breath, as yet unused to the strain she felt
in her tongue, “I- I think there’s a problem, and we
really should stop.”

“Oh, don’t be a wet blanket, Millie,” Enid laughed as
Drusilla extricated herself from Mildred’s face, holding
her stomach as she panted, catching her breath as the
unfamiliar sensation coursed through her veins, “It’s
just boring old Ethel. She’s so wet, but she refuses even
a little pleasure. One would think the poor girl enjoys
being tied up and left to be frustrated!”

Ethel all but growled at the comment, jerking to the left
as hard as she could in hopes of prying Enid’s finger
loose, only to have the girl begin to force a second in
beside it.

“G-Goodness, she tight!” commented Enid with a laugh, her
lips pressed against Ethel’s ear as the girl’s inner
walls resisted her attempts for a short time, only to
have the bound witch scream again as the Enid pushed in
the second finger, “You’d think she was a virgin or

“She is,” Drusilla replied with a smirk, standing on
wobbly legs as she got to her feet and came closer, the
girl’s inner thighs still glistening with moisture in the
candlelight. “I’m only allowed to lick her out really,
though,” the redhead added with a pout, “She has a
magical strap-on, but I’m not even permitted to use it on

Enid gasped, pulling out her fingers and standing up
suddenly, a look of mock horror crossing the girl’s face
as she moved around to stare in disapproving shock down
at her bound victim. “Ethel Hallow, you intolerable
tease! Here you have this stunning beauty at your beck
and call, and you don’t even reward her by allowing her
to pleasure you with a dildo? Goodness, next you’ll be
telling me she doesn’t even get you off!”

“She doesn’t,” spat Drusilla accusingly, meeting Ethel’s
glare with one of her own, “Ethel Hallow is the single
biggest prude in the whole school. Quite frankly, I’m
surprised you can get a finger into her at all!”

Enid grinned as Drusilla ranted, at last turning to the
girl and stepping boldly closer with a her patented
mischievous smile crossing her lips. “So you’re ready to
switch sides for good, then?” she inquired rhetorically,
chuckling with satisfaction at Drusilla’s expression.

“Absolutely!” the girl agreed nodding vigorously as
Enid’s naked body met Drusilla’s.

“Will you serve me, then?” Enid inquired half
rhetorically, their arms going about one another, with
Drusilla’s hands moving hungrily across Enid’s naked
skin, “Like you did her? Only without her silly
snootiness, and prudishness to get in the way of our

“Yes! Oh yes!” Drusilla exclaimed, hugging Enid closer
and planting a series of hasty kisses about the girl’s
face, catching her off guard, “Anything! Anything you
want! I want to be yours Enid Nightshade, I want to serve

There was a surprised exclamation from the bed as Enid
held Drusilla close, rocking her gently as she smiled
back at Mildred and Maude, the two girls cuddling each
other on the bed, exchanging soft, shy kisses despite all
that had transpired.

“Unbelievable,” commented Mildred, still upon her back
with Maude lying atop of her, shaking her head at what
she was seeing, “Enid, are you sure we can trust her?
Drusilla hasn’t exactly been kind to any of us.”

Enid looked thoughtful for a moment, pulling back to look
discerningly into the pale green of Drusilla’s eyes.
“Yes,” the girl agreed with a nod, something in her tone
causing the redhead’s body to quiver, “I do believe that
a test is in order. Come, Drusilla, I’m going to need
your help with Miss Prude here.”

Drusilla grinned, nodding slowly in response. “Just tell
me what to do,” she assured softly, reluctantly letting
Enid slip away from her before following.

“Just hold her down for me, okay?” said Enid, not really
expecting any arguments as she walked behind Ethel and
knelt before her bound arms, whispering the words of a
phasing spell as Drusilla sat in the girl’s lap, “Dissuo
exolesco temporalis!”

Ethel made an angry exclamation as she stopped feeling
the back of the chair and was at last able to move more
freely. With all her might, the bound witch flung herself
upwards, only to have Drusilla sit down heavily in her
lap, the girl’s arms wrapping around her tightly.

“Oh, I don’t think you’re going anywhere just yet,
Ethel,” Drusilla said with more than a hint of
condescension, speaking to the girl as though she were a
disobedient child, “Besides, we wouldn’t want you
throwing yourself forward and landing face first on the
floor. It’d mar up that pretty face of yours too much,
don’t you think?”

“A complete waste, really,” commented Enid, coming around
the front to cast the spell again, releasing Ethel’s
legs, “She’s so pretty on the outside, but so ugly on the
inside. I pity her parents.”

Ethel screamed again, cursing and swearing through her
gag as Enid quickly moved to help hold her so that
Drusilla could stand up again. The girl’s legs thrashed
about as they then pulled her to her feet and dragged
Ethel to the foot of the four-poster bed by the arms.

“Are you sure about this?” Mildred inquired, struggling
to sit up and pull her feet away from the thrashing
Ethel, “You… You won’t hurt her, will you?”

Enid laughed at the comment as she forced Ethel’s head
down against he straw-filled mattress and motioned for
Drusilla to untie the girl’s wrists. “Oh, not to worry,
Mil,” assured Enid, grabbing one of Ethel’s arms and
quickly re-tying her wrist to the bed-post, “She won’t
mind that much. And after this, we probably won’t have to
worry about her so much. Off hand, I’d wager Ethel’ll put
in for a transfer by the end of the week!”

Drusilla smirked as she leaned in close to her now former
lover’s ear, making certain to tie the witch’s left wrist
extra tightly to the bedpost. “Don’t worry, dear,” the
redhead said softly, her tone edged with cruel sarcasm,
“I’m sure Pentangles will more than happy to take you on
after this.”

“Yes, but it’d be a shame if they ever found out about
it, though,” Enid added with a chuckle, “With a scandal
like that, I doubt that a Hallow for a hundred
generations would be able to get into a witching school
in all of England!”

Ethel’s eyes widened with sudden panic as the two girls
laughed, and even Maude and Mildred managed to crack
small smiles, both looking suddenly thoughtful at the
prospect of being rid of Ethel.

‘No!’ the bound witch told herself firmly, gritting her
teeth as she felt Enid’s hand upon her bottom, squeezing
it roughly and firmly while making some snide comment,
‘I’ll stay here, Enid Nightshade. You’ll see, I’ll get
you back for this one day. I can promise you tha-!’

But Ethel’s reverie was cut short by a sudden sharp sting
as Enid’s hand slapped her across the bottom cheek, the
girl laughing at her victim’s reaction. With a vicious
scowl, Ethel looked over her shoulder, still struggling
to push Mildred’s under-things from her mouth with her
tongue, and glowered at the all too innocent look upon
Enid’s face.

“Is there something wrong, Ethel?” Enid inquired, tilting
her head curiously to one side and using her sweetest,
most innocent tone before raising her hand again and
bringing it down harder across Ethel’s bottom.

The sound echoed through the room, the pain forcing Ethel
to turn away, closing her eyes tightly and gritting her
teeth as best she could through the impromptu gag as not
to give her tormentor the satisfaction of crying out. But
as a second hand whapped the witch’s left cheek, Ethel
forced her eyes open to see who it had been. To her
horror, it was Drusilla, grinning madly as she hit the
girl again, harder this time, laughing as she began
raining blows down upon the beautiful pale roundness of
Ethel Hallow’s bottom.

“Come on, Millie,” Enid encouraged suddenly, glancing up
at her as Drusilla took out her frustration, “I think you
deserve to do this more than anyone, don’t you think?”

Mildred was speechless for a moment, shaking her head and
stammering silently at the scene at the foot of her bed.
“Oh, don’t worry, Mil,” Maude assured her, giving the
girl a comforting hug, “I think it’s only right that old
Ethel get what’s coming to her. Especially after all the
trouble she’s caused.”

“Maude!” Mildred exclaimed, turning to her friend and
lover with a surprised gasp.

“It’s true, Millie,” the bespectacled girl assured,
holding Mildred’s face in her hands and leaning close to
kiss her sweet pouty lips, “Ethel’s caused you more
grief, and more sorrow than anyone else. And all you ever
did was accidentally knock her off her broomstick. I
think it’s only fair… Besides,” Maude added shyly,
bowing her head a little, “I’d like to see you do it…”

Enid grinned as Mildred swallowed hard, trying not to
smile as she blushed and nodded, taking a deep breath
before slipping off the bed to join the fun. Enid then
made a dramatic show of presenting Ethel’s bottom to
Mildred as the girl’s legs wobbled the entire way to the
foot of the bed, uncertainty keeping her from jumping
right into the task.

“You know you want to, Mil,” teased Enid, taking Mildred
by the shoulders and pushing her down onto her knees
before taking the girl’s wrist, “besides, it’s so easy.
Here, I’ll show you.”

Mildred gasped as Enid’s hand forced her palm awkwardly
down onto Ethel’s bared bottom, the softness of the skin
causing the girl to blush all the more. “I, I don’t know,
Enid…” Mildred stammered nervously, her fingers curling
as Ethel glowered back at her, “I- I don’t want to
actually hurt her-”

“Millie,” interrupted Maude in a shy, yet sultry tone,
causing all present to glance up at the little girl on
the bed with a varying reactions ranging from surprise,
to amusement to lust, “Please. Do it, Millie. For me.”

Mildred stood gaping in surprise as Ethel actually
screamed in anguish into her gag and both Drusilla and
Enid exchanged knowing looking looks. For upon the bed,
Maude Moonshine now sat naked facing them all, her lovely
legs spread apart, leaning back on her left hand as the
girl’s right hand tentatively touched herself.

‘No…’ Ethel pleaded, her muffled scream in to the gag
amounting to little as Maude’s delicate fingers gently
massaged her own outer lips, the girl’s pleasantly round
little body shivering as she inhaled sharply.

But the torture was made all the worse as Ethel felt
Mildred’s hand fall across her bottom of the girl’s own
volition, for Enid was walking around, coming up behind
Maude as she crawled onto the bed.

“You like this, don’t you Maude?” inquired Enid
rhetorically, her smile all knowing as the bespectacled
little witch nodded helplessly, her labia glistening with
moisture as she watched Ethel’s firm, beautiful body
twitch and shudder with each spanking she received, “It’s
turning you on, isn’t it?”

“A, a little,” Maude confessed softly, her voice sounding
so sweet and helpless as Enid’s lips touched her ear that
it made the helplessly watching Ethel want to cry.

“Then show us, Maude,” encouraged Enid, her firm,
athletic legs slipping in beside Maude’s from behind, her
hands coming up to cup Maude’s breasts as she pressed
closer to the girl’s back, “show us how much you like
seeing mean old Ethel get what’s coming to her…”

Maude could only nod in response, panting helplessly as
she felt Enid’s hands gently fondle her bosom, the girl’s
fingers entrapping her nipples and pinching them firmly.
But despite the contemptuous look of hatred Ethel was
giving Enid, Maude could only moan helplessly as she felt
her friend’s teeth drag teasingly over her neck, followed
by a soft, gentle kiss as she glanced back at Mildred.

Much to Maude’s approval, as her shaking middle finger
pressed into the tight, warm, wetness of her own pussy,
the look upon Mildred’s face was one of vindication. The
girl’s sweet, kissable lips pulling back into a
contemptuous sneer each time her hand came down, harder
and harder against Ethel’s bottom, the sharp sound of
skin on skin a strange counter point to Maude’s moaning,
and Drusilla’s almost giddy chuckling.

“That’s it, little girl,” said Enid teasingly, gently
nibbling Maude’s earlobe as the witch’s body began to
shake uncontrollably, her palm rubbing against her clit
as Maude’s middle finger slid in and out of herself, her
other fingers rubbing her labia all in concert with one
another, “bring yourself off. Show Ethel exactly what she
won’t be getting, and show Millie what she can look
forward to more of!”

“M-Mildred-!” Maude moaned, catching her lover’s
attention as she bent her knees and tried to spread her
legs wider, desperately imagining that it was Mildred’s
fingers upon her pussy, and wishing it were the girl’s
tongue instead.

“Come one, that’s it,” whispered Enid, holding Maude all
the tighter as her own body cried out for release,
squeezing Maude’s breasts a little more forcefully,
causing the poor girl to cry out as Enid’s body shook as
well, “Show Millie just how much you love her!”

Maude suddenly screamed out a long, desperate moan,
filled with helpless desire as she pushed back against
Enid, causing both girls to collapse onto the
uncomfortable straw filled mattress, her fingers
desperately rubbing herself as the girl came. To Maude,
the next few moments then became a blur as she felt
Enid’s hands move down to her pussy, moving her awkward
hand out of the way before shoving two fingers deep
inside of her, the index finger of the Enid’s other hand
expertly twirling Maude’s clit as she continued to cum.

“She’s really quite amazing, isn’t she?” laughed Drusilla
as Enid half-struggled to hold Maude in place, the girl’s
body thrashing almost uncontrollably as Maude moaned and
all but cried in Enid’s arms.

Mildred just sighed breathlessly, her arm feeling a touch
weary from the exertion as she rubbed her elbow to
restore feeling. The girl then gasped in sudden surprise,
seeing just how red Ethel’s smooth white bottom had
become after her and Drusilla’s abuse.

“I- Did we- Do all that?” Mildred inquired weakly, biting
her lip as she glanced at Drusilla, the girl’s amused
smile deepening as she glanced casually down at Ethel’s
abused bottom.

“Oh, yes, that was all us,” she replied almost proudly as
Maude finally calmed down enough to let Enid get out from
under her, “And I’ll do worse given half the chance.”

“B- But she’s your friend!” Mildred protested, giving the
redheaded witch a shocked look.

Drusilla merely shrugged in response, giving Enid an
approving smile as the girl gave Maude a gentle kiss upon
the forehead before staggering up off of the bed. “‘Was’
my friend, you mean,” Drusilla corrected, giving Ethel’s
bottom another good hard swat just for good measure,
amazed by the now panting girl’s endurance.

“I, I think you should help her out a bit, Mil,” panted
Enid breathlessly, steadying herself on the bed post as
she caught her breath, “She, she’s quite a little

Mildred gave a concerned frown as she struggled back to
her feet and hurried past, onto the bed to comfort Maude
as Enid smiled, shaking her head in amusement.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle, though,” added Enid, self-
assured as always before turning back to their worn-
looking victim, “Now then. What to do with her? Oh well,
might as well just send her back to her room.”

Drusilla bowed her head slightly, glancing over at Enid
with a suddenly embarrassed smile. “Actually,” she
interjected cautiously, the nervous tone in the girl’s
voice lessening as she caught the look in Enid’s dark
eyes, “There was something I’d like to do to Ethel. It’d
only be fair.”

Enid’s smile widened as she nodded her approval and moved
her hands as if to present the kneeling Ethel to the
vengeful Drusilla. The redhead nodded her thanks as she
got to her feet, struggling to recall the words to the
conjuration spell.

“Inferorum animas secus crepundia!” the witch commanded,
concentrating hard as white, crackling light erupted in
her open hand, forming into a long, oddly shaped object
that made Enid’s eyes widen with surprised delight.

“Dru, you naughty thing!” Enid laughed as Drusilla
proudly presented the same enchanted strap-on dildo that
Ethel had used on her previously.

“So, you don’t approve then?” the redhead inquired with a
playful little pout, causing Enid to laugh again.

“Oh, no!” she assured, shaking her head with a wide grin
crossing her face, “you have my full approval dear. Don’t
let me stop you!”

Drusilla nodded her thanks, smiling thoughtfully down at
the still shaking Ethel, the girl’s head lying upon the
mattress as she panted and wheezed, her face flushed red
with anger and with unwilling desire at the sight of
Maude’s unashamed display of masturbation.

“One good turn deserves another. Wouldn’t you agree,
Ethel?” Drusilla inquired, giving a little gasp as she
placed the back end of the black dildo against her clit,
the shock of it suddenly fusing with her flesh giving the
witch a pleasant tingle that shot up her spine.

Ethel lifted her head, wincing as she felt familiar
fingers upon her moist womanhood. Glancing back, the
girl’s eyes widened to see that it was Drusilla, and
Ethel’s skin went cold as she caught sight of the
seemingly huge black dildo standing out proudly against
the witch’s much paler skin.

‘Dru, nooo!’ Ethel exclaimed into her gag, shaking her
head violently as Drusilla glanced at her now wetted
fingers, examining the clear, sticky substance that
linked them with an approving smile, ‘You- You know you
can’t do this! You mustn’t!’

Drusilla merely chuckled at Ethel’s protests, her left
hand massaging the girl’s sore bottom as her right
adjusted the dildo, lining up its blunted head with her

“I think you may be going just a little far on this one,”
commented Mildred sheepishly from where she held Maude on
the bed, the two looking up at the terrified sounds
escaping Ethel’s gagged lips.

“Nonsense,” assured Enid, draping herself up against
Drusilla from behind as she watched, one of her hands
placed firmly upon the redheads bottom, coaxing her
forward with a gentle push, “Ethel’s wet enough to take
it. Besides, if we don’t do this, how else is the poor
girl going to get herself off?”

Mildred sighed heavily, shaking her head as she lay back
down with Maude half lying across her, holding each
other. “Don’t worry,” the smaller girl whispered, hugging
Mildred closer, “I’m sure they do this all the time.
Ethel’s just upset because of the circumstances.”

The reasons for Ethel’s protests hardly mattered to
Drusilla, however. As she pressed the head of the dildo
against Ethel’s pussy, pushing past her outer lips to the
first sign of resistance and holding her place for a
moment, a cruel smirk crossed the redhead’s face. The
many months of being used, teased and in the end simply
berated finally coming to some kind of conclusion. The
weapon that Drusilla needed to extract her revenge on
Ethel was quite literally in her hand, and with Enid
Nightshade by her side, the girl knew that the time was

The saliva-saturated pair of panties in her mouth poorly
muffled Ethel’s crying shriek of protest as the dildo
began to push its way into her. The hot tears of shame
and hatred that rolled down her high cheekbones were only
a small sign of the physical and emotional trauma that
ripped through her as the girl that Ethel had thought of
as being loyal to the end prepared to violate her.

‘Nooo!’ she cried through the gag, feeling her inner
walls being forcively pushed apart, the dildo’s path made
easier by the wetness caused by Maude’s show of
masturbation, ‘Please! Please, Dru! Don’t do this!’

But Drusilla was undaunted, with a wide grin and a bit of
a laugh; she gave Ethel’s bottom a hard swat with both
hands before gritting her teeth and pushing forward. As
Ethel made a pained squeal of discomfort, the red haired
witch’s body shivered with desire, her skin tingling as
Drusilla pushed the enchanted sex toy in another painful
inch. Even as the bound girl threw her head back, feeling
the hard plastic head of the dildo pressing up against
her maidenhead Drusilla merely took advantage of the
situation by grabbing Ethel by the short ponytail the
girl customarily tied her hair in.

“Oooh, you know how much she hate’s that!” Enid chuckled,
slipping her arms around the girl as the redhead chuckled
happily, leaning into the affectionate caresses, “Ethel
and her ponytail. You’d think it was sacred or

Ethel let out an angry scream as Drusilla gave the length
of hair a sudden yank, desperate to tell that it was
indeed important and never to be manhandled so. Ethel’s
tormentors had other plans, however.

As Enid’s fingers playfully tweaked Drusilla’s hard
nipples between them, massaging her firm breasts while
gently nibbling the redhead’s neck and moaning playfully,
Drusilla slowly eased back. Ethel’s nether lips tugged
wetly at the thick, black device as it slid back to
within an inch of pulling free, causing Drusilla’s bottom
to press firmly against Enid’s womanhood before pushing
slowly forward once again.

“I’ll bet you’d prefer that I did this all at once,
wouldn’t you, dear?” the redheaded witch teased, tilting
her head to one side and smiling happily as Enid kissed a
path up the curve of her neck to the girl’s ear, “But I
won’t. I’ll go slowly, because I want you to remember
this, Ethel. But I also want you to enjoy it. I want your
greatest anguish, your most painful part of this memory
to be that you enjoyed this, Ethel Hallow!”

Ethel screamed into her gag again, grunting painfully as
the dildo pushed forward again, tearing its way another
inch into her before sliding back, slowly lubricating
itself. When the plastic phallus pushed back again, it
forced its way in another painful inch, but it was the
mental anguish Ethel felt that was worse than the

The self-centred witch’s torment was only made worse as
Enid suddenly grinned and glanced up at the couple on the
bed. “You know, I think you should both put on another
show for her,” the chestnut haired girl suggested in
matter-of-factly, yet still authoritative tone, “Give
Ethel something else to loosen her up.”

Maude merely nodded absently, her eyes staring widely
down at the display as Mildred slowly shook her head in
amazement. Without a word, Maude slipped her arms around
Mildred, her lips going to the taller girl’s neck,
caressing Mildred’s skin with them as she watched.
Mildred’s body gave an involuntary shiver, inhaling
sharply as Maude’s hand suddenly latched onto her breast,
squeezing it tentatively while her fingers idly slid back
and forth across Mildred’s nipple.

All the while Mildred’s dark eyes watched Ethel as
Drusilla came closer and closer to filling the girl with
the dildo. The feeling of Maude’s small, soft, mildly
shaking hands caressing her skin deliciously as the
bespectacled witch’s teeth nibbled her earlobe sending a
continuous pleasant tingling through her body. If not for
the weariness she felt at being up so late, Mildred felt
as though she could go all night.

“I, I love you Maude…” the girl moaned, closing her
eyes blissfully, giving in to the wonderful sensation,
hardly noticing her arch nemesis’ protests.

“You mean the world to me, Millie,” came Maude’s weak
response, pushing Mildred down on the bed as she covered
her beloved in kisses, “I love you so much it hurts.”

Ethel scowled at the comment, the display of loving
affection making her want to wretch until she felt
Drusilla push hard against her once more. To the girl’s
horror, however, Ethel suddenly felt something break
inside of her. Ethel’s eyes went wide with shock as she
heard Drusilla’s laughter over the sound of Enid’s cruel
edged cheer.

‘Nooo!” Ethel screamed into her gag as Enid gave Drusilla
a firm hug and a kiss upon the cheek.

“Looks like you’re getting another notch in your bedpost,
Dru!” Enid laughed, “I just hope we don’t need Ethel for
any virgin sacrifices any time soon!”

Drusilla laughed at Ethel’s sudden panicked reaction, the
girl thrashing and screaming into her gag as she knelt
helplessly at the foot of her worst enemy’s bed impaled
upon the long, black strap-on dildo that had just stolen
her virginity.

“Actually, I think her family does some sort of thing
with their first born daughter,” the redhead explained
with a smirk, giving Ethel another sudden, hard shove,
causing the girl to scream even louder, “I guess they’ll
have to use her sister Sybil now.”

“I don’t think she fancies that thought very much,”
chuckled Enid, her hand slipping down behind Drusilla to
teasingly rub her bottom, “Either way, though, I say we
finish the job.”

“Oh?” inquired Drusilla, biting her bottom lip at the
curious sensations the magical sex toy sent to her mind,
the unfamiliar tightness of Ethel’s pussy against what
felt like her clit something the redhead was certain she
could get used to.

Enid nodded in response, smiling over at the two lovers
on the bed as Maude covered Mildred’s face with kisses,
her hands gently fondling the girl’s breasts as her thigh
rubbed against Mildred’s pussy lips.

“I want you to bugger her,” Enid mused, giving Drusilla
an absent kiss upon the shoulder, the hand upon the
redhead’s bottom slipping a finger between her cheeks to
rub against the tight opening of Drusilla’s anus as she

“You- You what?!” Drusilla stammered, catching her breath
and standing a little taller as the sensation caused her
skin to tingle and the witch silently wished for even

“You heard me, Ms. Paddock,” Enid replied, smiling
knowingly as her tone became more authoritative and
Ethel’s body quivered with fear as she shook her head
violently in denial, “I want you to sodomize her, Dru.
Put the dildo as far up inside Ethel Hallow’s tight,
stuck up butt hole as you can and give her a sound
buggering. It’ll probably do her some good.”

“Hm! Not that she’d notice with the ten-foot pole she’s
already got shoved in there!” laughed Drusilla, causing a
grin of approval to spread across Enid’s pretty face.

Ethel whimpered pitifully, closing her eyes and hating
herself for crying as the long, thick dildo slid
painfully out of her, leaving the young witch feeling
somehow hollow and empty inside once the dildo came free
with a vulgar popping sound. Then, as the girl’s inner
walls contracted back in upon themselves, the dull ache
Ethel felt gave way in the midst of a sudden panic.

Without warning, Ethel felt the pointed, yet blunted end
of the now slick, wet dildo poking and pressing against
the entrance to her bottom. With a quiet chuckle, barely
audible over the sound of Mildred’s moaning gasps,
Drusilla rubbed the end of the dildo against the tight
sphincter teasingly.

“You know,” the redhead said thoughtfully, turning her
head to give Enid a small, playful kiss upon the lips, “I
always wanted her to do this to me. But she never would.
Always said that it was a disgusting, lower class thing
to do.”

Enid smirked, giving Ethel’s bottom cheek as hard a smack
as she could muster, causing the girl to exclaim
unhappily. “Well then, we’ll just have to change that,
now won’t we?” she chuckled rhetorically, giving Drusilla
a sly grin as her finger pressed into the girl’s bottom.

Drusilla exhaled loudly, her eyes fluttering shut as she
felt the finger slide up inside of her. With a long,
quiet moan, the girl stood upon her toes, inadvertently
pushing the head of the dildo against Ethel’s hole and
pressing it in a precious quarter of an inch.

Ethel screamed into her gag as she felt the object
penetrate her, her hands clutching the metal railing at
the foot of Mildred’s bed so hard Ethel could barely feel
them anymore. Bowing her head in absolute humiliation,
Ethel Hallows tears splattered down upon the wooden
floorboards as Drusilla started pushing again.

This time the girl’s penetration was a long, slow, and
relentless assault. Though the strap-on’s movements
weren’t swift, it was persistent. The sound of Drusilla’s
breathing came out as a rhythmic hiss as the witch pushed
forward, every inch of dildo shoved mercilessly into
Ethel’s bottom being rewarded by a little more of Enid’s
finger pushed into her own bottom.

‘I- I’ll get you for this!’ Ethel promised silently,
closing her eyes as tightly as she could, trying not to
notice as the dildo stretched her wide open, ‘I’ll get
you all! Each- Each and every single one of you!’

“Amazing,” commented Enid in bemusement, shaking her head
in wonder as Drusilla pushed Ethel’s pale cheeks farther
apart, shoving nearly half the dildo inside of her, “I
wouldn’t have thought she could take that much!”

“I guess Ethel’s not as stuck up as she looks after all,”
giggled Drusilla, the fingers of both hands squeezing her
former lover’s bottom firmly, causing her to whimper

Enid chuckled softly at the comment, her finger easing
slowly in and out of Drusilla’s bottom as the girl’s body
relaxed and shuddered softly in response to the

“Looks like you’re not so stuck up either, Dru,” she
replied teasingly, giving the girl a kiss on the cheek
and grinning broadly at the expression upon the witch’s

“I think you’ll notice a lot things changing around here
after tonight,” the redhead assured, her pale green eyes
fluttering as she gave the dildo a final shove, smiling
as Ethel screamed piteously into the gag of Mildred’s

Enid glanced down, a self-satisfied smirk crossing her
lips as she saw that Ethel’s bottom had somehow swallowed
the entire dildo, leaving both girls with their hips
pressed firmly together. “Good,” said Ethel almost
politely, giving Ethel a somewhat analytical look, “now
do her ’til she passes out. It’ll make it easier to get
her back to her room tonight.”

“More like ‘this morning’,” Drusilla chuckled, giving a
small scowl as she noticed that both Maude and Mildred
had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, “It’s getting
rather late.”

“Well, tomorrow’s Saturday anyway,” Enid said with a
shrug, “we can all sleep late, and no one should come
looking for us.”

“Lucky us,” Drusilla agreed with a giggle, slowly moving
her hips back and forth, pushing back against Enid and
having the girl push back against her bottom to help
sodomize Ethel, “it’ll give us a little time to play.”

Enid gave her an inquisitive look, her smile a bit of a
smirk. “Oh, really?” the girl inquired, causing Drusilla
to give Enid a sudden pouty look.

“But I- I-,” the redhead stammered, causing Enid to grin
toothily at the expression upon Drusilla’s face.

“Just kidding,” Enid replied all too innocently, giving
Drusilla a deep kiss as the girl slid the dildo back and
forth, their tongues entwining as Ethel’s shuddering sobs
began to quiet.

“Hm. I think she may have had enough,” Enid said
disappointedly after an unfortunately short time, leaving
Drusilla panting as she pulled away, glancing down at
Ethel as the girl hung limply on her knees with her
wrists tied to the bedposts.

“A shame, really,” the redhead replied, frowning
thoughtfully, her hips pushing and pulling the strap-on
in and out of Ethel’s bottom, “This was just getting

Enid chuckled at a sudden thought, giving Drusilla a warm
hug. “Well, if you’d like, I could do the same to you,”
she offered slyly.

Drusilla’s eyes widened as she stared back at the girl.
“Really?!” she inquired breathlessly, the anticipation
evident in the young witch’s voice.

“If you’d like,” said Enid with a non-committal shrug,
her smile teasing.

“Will you tie me up as well?” the redhead asked

“Will I need to?” inquired Enid, raising an eyebrow.

Drusilla grinned broadly, nodding vigorously. “Oh yes,
I’ve been -very- naughty!” the girl assured, “I’m a very
bad girl, Enid. And I’ll need to be punished…”

Enid smiled, giving Drusilla a playful kiss upon the
nose. “Then we’ll just have to do something about that
then, now won’t we?” she chuckled, pulling Drusilla back,
releasing Ethel at last from the dildo.

“So we’re done here, then?” Drusilla inquired, causing
Enid to roll her eyes and nod.

“This is getting boring, anyway,” commented Enid with a
shrug, “It’s no fun if your victim passes out.”

Drusilla sighed heavily and nodded, muttering the
dispelling incantation to release the strap-on dildo. “We
should leave her in her bed with the dildo stuck up her
butt,” she commented with a smirk, “But in the mean time,
we should head out. Leave this two alone for a while.”

Enid sighed happily, nodding in agreement as she watched
the slumbering lovers a moment longer, glancing at
Drusilla curiously as she scooped up the pile of
incriminating pictures. “What are those?” she inquired
with renewed interest, peering around Drusilla as the
redhead turned away with them gigglingly.

“Oh, just a little incriminating evidence,” the witch
replied with a grin, “If you want to see them, though,
you’ll have to take them from me…”

Enid gave a wide grin of amusement. “My room then?”

“Oh, definitely! Too much of Ethel in mine…”

Enid gave her another kiss before the two young witches
untied Ethel and carried her out of the room…