Shower Fantasies

The heat of the day had taken its toll. I was feeling tired and impatient to getaway. Hopefully, I would get home before the rain came again, so I could get my feet up and have some well-earned rest and relaxation, as I had been so busy at work.

If truth be told, I felt as though I had been meeting myself coming back. There seemed to be someone in the shop all day. I hadn’t even had the time to eat all my lunch before someone else came in looking for one book or another.

A young man came in asking for a particular book. He looked me straight in the eyes, as he spoke. ‘I am looking for a book called, My Secret Garden.’

‘Yes, sir, if you will excuse me for a minute, I shall get the books for you.’ I disappeared around the corner, getting some books with that title on them. When I returned, I placed them on the counter in front of me, saying as I did, ‘Which book was it you wanted?’

He looked at them, then at me, a smile appearing on his lips. ‘No, these aren’t the ones I am looking for. The one I am looking for is sexually explicit.’ He never took his eyes from mine, noticing my cheeks flushing.

‘Oh, that one,’ was all I managed to say.

‘Yes, that one,’ he replied grinning. ‘Do you have the book or not?’ he inquired.

Coughing nervously, I nodded my head, ‘Just a minute.’ Again, I went to get the book he asked for. When I returned, I placed it in front of him, ‘Is this the book you require?’ I asked, flushing from head to toe, feeling my nipples harden.

‘Yes, thank you.’

‘Let me wrap it for you.’ As I was wrapping the book, I noticed he never took his eyes from me. As I handed him the book, his thumb caressed the back of my hand. With that, he turned and left the shop.

I must have stood there watching the door for about ten minutes, wondering why a man as gorgeous looking as he was would want a book like that. Shaking myself, I continued, thinking, not long now, then I can get off home. Plus, I needed to get the smell of books off me.

As I was waiting for the bus to come; someone passed in a car, and with the earlier storm, drove right through some water, drenching me. I stood there, arms spread, not believing what had just happened.

Whoever it was in the car stopped, reversing. Jumping out of the car, he came to me asking if I was ok. I noticed the shiny shoes, the pants fit snugly to his hips, jacket to match the pants, and a crisp white shirt with a blue tie, and gold cufflinks that shone.

When I looked at his face, ‘You,’ I squeaked. My tummy flip-flopping, thinking, fuck

me, you are gorgeous.

‘We meet again,’ smiling. ‘Are you ok?’ came a deep commanding voice, as he held my shoulders. ‘I am so sorry for this mishap, but when I saw the puddle it was to


Here, let me take you home It’s the least I can do to try and rectify this.’

All the time he was talking, I was just staring at him with my mouth open, thinking I would love to jump your bones. I felt him shake my shoulders, ‘Um, um, sorry what did you say?’

Then I realized he was the person who wet me through. ‘Just look at me, I’m pissed wet through.’

‘Yes, so I can see. But are you ok?’ he asked again with a chuckle to his voice and a sparkle in his eye.

‘It’s not funny, I have to travel home like this now, thanks to you.’ Looking him in the eyes as I spoke. My legs going to jelly, thinking, good job he has got hold of my shoulders, otherwise, I would be joining the puddle of water.

‘Here,’ he said, ‘Let me take you home. It’s no problem, really it isn’t. It would be my pleasure. My name is Kane. Please let me take you home.’ Placing his arm around my waist he guided me to his car. As he opened the door for me to get in, this made me have second thoughts.

‘Umm, no thanks, I can manage.’ My hands were brushing down my top, the cold water had made my nipples harden again, giving them a quick rub, hoping to hide them. I carried on down to my skirt. ‘Oh my, just look at me, I am a total mess.’

‘Yes, so I can see, that’s why I want to make sure you get home ok. Please allow me to.’ He was looking directly into my eyes, waiting for my answer. I was about to refuse again when I heard and saw the bus pass by.

‘Damn, now I have missed my bus,’ I said stamping my foot, squelching water over the bottom of his pants and shoes. We both looked down at the same time, bumping heads. My hand shot up, rubbing the front of my forehead. ‘I think you’re too dangerous to be around,’ I muttered.

‘Mmm, I’ve heard that before. Come now, get in the car and let me take you home. Besides, you have just missed your bus,’ he said grinning.

Huffing, ‘Uh, smart ass, aren’t you?’ I had no choice but to slide into the passage seat. I could smell the expensive leather that permeated the car and his cologne. Getting in the driver’s side, he looked at me and waited. Watching me as I took my shoes off, rubbing my feet then stretching my legs and wriggling my toes, feeling the

warmth in the car.

‘Oh, I shall be so glad when I am home, I’ve had a really tough day today, and this is

the last thing I needed to happen, you, drenching me.’

‘I didn’t do it on purpose, and I have apologised.’

‘Yes, I know, and it’s good of you to offer to take me home.’

‘Well, I would, if you will tell me where you live,’ he said, his arm resting on the back of the seat, as his long slender well-manicured fingers brushed my shoulder. ‘Well.’

‘Oh sorry.’ Flushing, bright pink, I gave him my address, and off we set. I noticed his

legs move as he changed gear, and his long slender fingers wrap around the gear stick. ‘Oh, I thought, I wouldn’t mind having those fingers wrapped around me,’ giving a little shudder at the very thought of it. ‘I must really stink,’ I said, trying to hide my trembling.

‘No, you don’t stink at all, but I did notice you shiver. Are you cold?’ He pulled up in a lay-by shortly afterwards and got a thin blanket from the back seat. ‘Here, cover yourself with this and get those wet clothes off before you catch your death of cold. When you get in, you can have a shower to freshen yourself,’ he said to me, smiling, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

Wrapping myself in the blanket, I noticed the book laying on the back seat. Then wondered, why on earth would he want a book like that? He only has to look at a woman, to make her panties wet. I pulled my top and bra off, then my skirt, leaving my panties on, as I was beginning to feel my panties were starting to get moist, that’s if they could get any wetter than they already were. Those blue eyes penetrating right through me. What was I to think!

Pulling up at my apartment, he got out and came round to open the door for me, holding his hand out for me to take. As I got out of the car, I turned round to collect my sopping wet clothes and shoes. Clutching the blanket tightly around me so it wouldn’t slip.

‘Thank you for helping me, Kane, it was very thoughtful of you. A lot would have just carried on and not cared one way or the other. Would it be too presumptuous of me, if I asked if you would like a coffee or something?’ Hoping he would say yes.

‘That would be very nice, thank you.’ He stood looking deep into my blue-grey eyes, ‘Unfortunately, I must decline. I have never gone into a woman’s residence without knowing her name first,’ he said chuckling.

‘Oh, I’m sorry my name is Annabella. Some call me Anna, some call me Bella and some call me by my full name, Annabella depending on the situation. I live on the second floor.’

‘Hello Annabella, it’s really nice to meet you, and yes, I would love a coffee, thanks. If

you don’t mind, I shall put the kettle on while you get yourself into some dry clothes,

it’s the least I can do for the trouble I have caused you.’

With that, my knees nearly buckled. ‘Oh right, come on then,’ Giving him a big grin. I

began walking to the door, juggling my clothes and trying to get my keys out of my purse, as he followed, he took the clothes out of my arms, brushing my breasts as he

did, and he felt the tremor shoot right through my body.

I unlocked the door, allowing him to enter. I pressed level two as we entered the lift, telling him that I would launder this blanket and return it to him. He just nodded his head in reply. Opening the front door, I gave each room a quick glance over, making sure it wasn’t too untidy.

‘Where’s your kitchen?’ he asked in a deep sexy baritone voice.’

‘Through that door,’ Pointing to where I meant. He did no more than go and put the

kettle on, leaving me to sort myself out. ‘Ok, I am going to take a shower, won’t be

long, Kane,’ going straight through to my bathroom.

Dropping the blanket on the floor and turning the shower on, not even thinking of closing the door, I stepped under the flowing water. It didn’t take me long to wash the grime of the day off, but as I was rinsing, the sharp spray of the water caught my clit, sending a charge of excitement right to my cunt.

I let out a moan, ‘Oh god.’ I leant back against the wall, holding the hood of my clit back letting the water pound it. I initially forgot Kane was here as I was enjoying the feeling I was getting; it made my nipples stand out and my legs began to tremble.

Then I heard Kane say, ‘Coffee’s ready when you are, Annabella.’ His voice was nearer than I thought. He was standing in the open doorway watching me, his pants beginning to tent. ‘You want me to help you?’ He smiled as he rubbed the front of his pants. ‘You have a beautiful body, nice and trim.’ His eyes burning into mine. Standing there with his hard cock straining in his pants.

‘Oh fuck,’ I gasped. ‘I forgot you were here, Kane. I, I’m cumming now,’ my legs trembling.

‘No, no, carry on, Annabella. I would love to see you cum with the spray of the shower on your clit. To see your cunt pulsating, and by the looks of you, you really do need a fucking good fuck. Let me see you fucking your cunt with your fingers, then licking your juices off them.’ He was by now, taking his shirt off, his cock straining hard as he unzipped himself. Letting his pants fall, he stepped out of them, his cock sprang to attention as he stepped under the shower with me.

His eyes were hypnotizing me. I automatically pulled hard on my nipples, as I started

the fierce spray of the shower on my clit again. But I couldn’t finger fuck myself, as I

was still a virgin in every respect of the word. I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, closing my eyes I let it wash over me. when I heard Kane say, ‘Look at me, Annabella, spread your legs wide for me I want to see you cum.’

My eyes never left his, as I could feel myself building. When he put his mouth over my nipples, I felt a surge of pleasure shoot right through me, I felt my cunt pulse like I have never felt before. His hard cock throbbing between my thighs.

Turning off the shower, I tried to get out, but my legs wobbled so much that I could barely move. Kane saw this, wrapping his arms around me.

‘Come, Annabella, let me help you. Where’s your bedroom?’ lifting me in his arms.

Looking at him, ‘Pardon,’ I whispered my voice shaking.

‘Where’s your bedroom?’

Nodding my head in the direction where my bedroom was, he carried me in his arms, then stood me in front of him, the backs of my legs against the bed. Holding my arms out, he said to me, ‘Now don’t move, the quicker you’re dried the better. We can’t have you coming down with anything can we?’

Taking the towel off me, he dried me all over, noticing how my nipples were very receptive to his touch. Taking them in his mouth one at a time, sucking them and pulling on them. My hands automatically covered my pussy, even though he had not long since seen me masturbating. He knew I was getting excited, my nipples extended, my thighs were very moist, my eyes wide, my pupils dilating.

‘Do you want me to fuck you, Annabella?’

‘Ummm, yes I do, but…’ my voice failing me, I fell silent.

‘But what?’ he asked as he lifted my chin with his fingertips, forcing me to look at him.

‘I, I haven’t,’ struggling with what to say, I again fell silent.

‘You haven’t what?’ he asked still looking at me, his hand wrapped around his cock as he was slowly wanking himself. Then it dawned on him. ‘You haven’t been fucked before. You’re saying you are still a virgin.’

Nodding my head, a tear fell. ‘But looking at you and how your hands and mouth feel on me, it feels different. My nipples have never been so hard, but I have climaxed, as you saw not so long ago. Now I am babbling.’

Chuckling, telling me, ‘No, you’re not babbling, although I am glad you told me, cause if I am honest, I would love to fuck the living daylights out of you. Why do you think I have this erection? I need to get it sorted one way or another.’

‘Oh, I can sort that out for you, if you would like me to. I may not have had sex yet,

but I do give a good blow job, well, that’s what I’ve been told,’ Flushing a deep red

from head to toe. Tentatively, I held my hands out gripping his cock with my slender fingers. I slid to my knees in front of him, licking my lips, looking up at him smiling, I took him in my mouth right to the back of my throat.

Licking and sucking his helmet, swirling my tongue down his veiny shaft to his balls. My fingers playing with the skin between his balls and his ass. I could see him as he

closed his eyes, letting out a guttural moan, ‘My god Anna, that’s so good.’ I pumped my mouth up and down his shaft, poking the tip of my tongue as far down his slit as I could, his hands at the side of my head, guiding me as he set a rhythm.

I could feel myself getting very wet as I felt his cock swell in my mouth. ‘Oh fuck, I can’t hold back,’ he moaned to me. Two or three more thrusts and he spurted all his spunk deep in my throat. When he had finished, he saw me licking my lips.

‘My turn now.’

‘What do you mean, your turn now.’

‘I am going to make you cum, just like you made me cum and, believe me, you will enjoy every minute of it.’

‘But, but…’

‘No buts, Annabella, I am going to take your virginity, and fuck you, trust me.’ Lifting me off my knees, he laid me on the bed. Kissing my neck, shoulder, each breast, each nipple, sucking hard, flicking them as he did, then down to my clit, drawing it into his mouth and flicking it. Then my cunt, pushing his tongue deep into me, in and out, and on down to my ass.

Pushing my thighs wider, he could see my puckered star, kissing it and circling it with his tongue, my juices flowing. He could see I was wet through, as he gently probed his finger into my, warm, tight, virgin ass. Slowly in and out time and time again. As he gently fucked my ass with his finger, he sucked hard on my clit. When he looked at my pussy, he could see I was starting to pulsate, my breathing more intense, I was nearing my climax. Guiding himself to the entrance of my pussy, he whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

‘You ready for me, Annabella. I want you to tell me, you want me to fuck you; otherwise, it isn’t going to happen,’ As he said this, he was continuously caressing my clit and ass.

‘Yes, I want this, no I need this, fuck me, please,’ opening my thighs as wide as I possibly could. I need to know what being fucked is like. Please, Kane, take my virginity, make me feel like a woman should feel like.’

Bending over me, he sucked hard on each nipple in turn, his hard-burning cock

needed to be inside me. He needed to claim me as his, and he was going to claim me

as his. Fisting his length, he placed his helmet at the entrance of my pussy, gently circling just at the entrance, his finger still in my ass. Pressing, gently stretching me, as far as he dared go, then stilled till I got accustomed to him being inside me, and for the pain to ebb away.

When he felt me relaxing, he thrust in breaking my hymen, then stilled again, as he felt me gripping his arms. Whispering, gentle, soothing words to me, then once again

waited till I relaxed.

Letting out a strangled moan, I felt pussy gripping his cock as the pain started turning to pleasure, I began moving slightly and this gave him the go-ahead to fuck me. Gently thrusting, then withdrawing till he was barely inside me, then pushed himself

into me again right to the hilt as his balls slapped my ass. In and out time and time again, till he felt my cunt tighten around him, my body began to tremble, my nipples hard and burning, begging to be suckled on.

‘I can feel your cunt gripping and pulling me in, you’re ready to cum, aren’t you, Annabella? Look at me, and don’t take your eyes off mine. But you can only cum when I say you can, or I shall spank you. I want you to hold it in for as long as you can.’ Gripping my hips, he pulled me to him time and time again, thrusting into me over and over again. He saw his cock penetrating deep into my cunt.

‘I, I think I am going to cum. I don’t think I can stop it from happening.’ I felt my whole body begin to shudder.

Annabella, look into my eyes. You will wait till I tell you. Believe me, you are going to enjoy this as much as I am. ‘No, no buts, do as I say, or I shall spank you,’ as he continued fucking me so hard and deep.

Turning me over, he placed me on my hands and knees, my ass in the air. Firmly pressing down on the small of my back, he put some lube on my star, pushing it in with two of his fingers. Then slipped his cock back into my cunt. ‘Oh god, Anna, your virgin ass and cunt. Get ready to cum for me, I can’t hold on much longer.’

Hearing him say this, I spread my thighs as wide as I could for him, pulling him in as far as I could. ‘Please I need to cum.’

‘Yes Anna, cum for me, cum all over my burning cock. I need to fill you with my spunk. Cum now,’ slapping my ass several times as he spoke.

The feel and sound of him slapping my ass, his deep baritone voice, gave me a shuddering experience I had never felt before, then exploded my juices, gushing out of me, all over his cock and balls.

‘Good girl, yes let go, cum for me, Annabella, make me feel your cunt pulsate, pulling

me in with the pleasure you’re feeling.’

He was fucking me fast and furious. His fingers grasping my ass as he pounded my cunt, his thumbs spreading my ass, I knew he wanted more, much more.

‘Oh fuck,’ I sobbed. I hadn’t expected my first fuck would be as satisfying as it was, I didn’t want it to stop. As I was coming back down from my orgasm, my body still sparking, my nipples hard, wanting his mouth on them. Looking into his eyes, I saw something I didn’t recognize. ‘Please don’t stop, Kane, I want to feel those sensations again.

‘I can’t hold on much longer, Annabella, you’re making me want to shoot my spunk inside your virgin cunt again,’ with that, he felt me sucking him in, another thrust, and he emptied himself deep inside me.

Feeling the last of his spunk leave his body, he leaned over me, kissing all the way up

my spine, while he caressed and pulled on my nipples. ‘Fuck, Anna, that was so good, I want to fuck you again, show you the many different positions there are,’ then he slipped out of me and leant back so he could see my ass and cunt, his cock still semi-hard.

Putting two fingers on each side of my labia, he opened me up to him. He could see his cum leaking out of me with my juices and a trace of blood which was to be expected.

Laying on my back, watching him, my breathing beginning to even out a little. A smile crossed my lips, going from his cock to his eyes and back again. ‘I think you need to clean up, and I daresay I do too.’

‘We certainly do, Annabella,’ the tone of his voice, made my body vibrate. Lifting me in his arms, he carried me to the shower, turning the spray onto sharp, telling me, ‘This may sting a little, but it won’t last.’ He aimed it at my clit, moving it down to my pussy then my ass and back again. Then washed his cock, he could feel himself building again.

I could feel a slight tingling, my nipples still hard and tender. Rubbing them as I walked back to the bedroom, Kane followed me, watching the way my hips were moving, and when I bent over, my cunt and ass opened up to him again.

‘Do you want me to fuck you again, Anna?’ he asked fisting his cock again.

Turning around my eyes went straight to his hard cock, this made me start bubbling again. My fingers went to my pussy, which was beginning to get wet again. ‘Will you teach me what the different positions are like you said you would earlier?’

‘Oh yes, I most certainly will, Annabella, and more if you allow me to.’

Would I?

Did he?

Where would he take me?

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