Cheating wife is gone

Linda and I started dating shortly after Mar packed up and left taking her children with her. We vowed never to cheat on one another but could have sex with others as long as we both agreed.I really had no plans to go on the hunt because Linda was the one I was happy with.She also brought her girlfriend Misty by at times to play with us.

I moved out of my apartment and bought a home on the lake thanks to Joe,Linda’s father. He was a real estate agent and liked the way I cared for his daughter. “Well now I might become A grandfather” he said when Linda first introduced me to him. Little did he know that I was married once and Linda and I were trying to avoid that from happening.

Being Linda was 19, he also didn’t mind when she would come by on my days off and spend the night with me.He never has known Linda to have a boyfriend and was worried that she would remain a lesbian forever. So now you know that I have her parent’s approval to be with their daughter ,I will get on with my story.

I had just got home from my two day run and was glad to see Linda’s car in my driveway.Two days without making love to Linda was rough and I was ready . Apparently Linda was ready as well because she met me at the door with a very passionate kiss.After kissing me and pushing her body against I stepped back and commented on her desire for me.

“I am so glad you’re here” she said, “Misty spent the night with me. After I told her I was on the pill she was excited,she said she can’t wait to have me sit on her face. So let’s get to the bedroom”she said “and well you know give her what she wants.Misty said she was coming back later”then asked if it would be okay.

As she led me to the bedroom she seemed very eager to lay me down. Linda climbed up on me and began undoing my pants,smiling while fishing my cock out. “Misty also asked me if I would let you try to get this inside her” Linda said just before she lowered her head to take my cock in her mouth.

After I told her that I doubt I would get too far inside her ,Linda took her mouth off and looked up.”You might”she said slowly stroking my cock”we worked all day getting her ready for you. We even went and bought a dildo to practice with” then went back sucking my cock.

God Linda has gotten better in the last several weeks, I was thinking as she sucked my whole cock deep in her throat. How well she played with my balls as she hummed on my cock as she sucked up and down. I didn’t realize that she was going to fuck me that quick ,but under her long tee shirt she was prepared with no pantie’s on.

Finally she took her mouth away and moved up holding my cock in position to enter her . She had also shaved her pubes and rubbed my cock up and down between the sloppy lips.”You like” she said before placing my cock inside her and sat down firmly.

“I sure do, “ I said, moving my hands up under her shirt ,”what made you do that”.She then smiled and began moving her hips around on me keeping my cock deep inside her.

“Well” she said after pulling her shirt over her head ,”Misty wanted me too”. She then asked me if I knew the adult book store had video booths,”Misty found them when we went there to buy the dildo,” she said. “We watched a couple videos where there was a woman with shaved pubes. Seeing the cum and how wet it looked seeping out of her really turned us both on”.

I was playing with her nipples watching them grow as she fingered herself ,rubbing her juices up on to her bare mound.I could tell that Linda was getting closer to cumming by how wet she was getting.

When she laid down I rolled her over and started fucking slowly as she was smiling wide. “You are so beautiful “I said to her “there isn’t another woman that makes me as happy as you do”. I continued slowly sliding in and out of her looking up and down her firm body. “You are prettier than any women I have seen in a porn video, or magazine” then picked up the pace.

It didn’t take long when she said “shut up and cum in me,I have wanted you to cum in me for so long”. Her eyes closed when I pulled her legs up against my chest “yes,cum in me”she said. She reached up and pulled me down when we both started getting off. Her legs wrapped around me, holding on tight while sucking hard on my neck.

Even after we both came she held my cock tight inside her as to get all she could. When I was finally able to sit back I tried to keep the head of my cock inside her . She ran her hand down trying to hold back our juices that were slowly seeping out. “I need to save this for Misty” she said with a smile”she will be here any time”.

When my cock was finally pushed out of her she quickly covered her pussy and closed her legs.”I am so glad I am on the pill now” she said “even Misty went and got on it”. As I laid back on the bed she said “Misty plans on you to cum in her too”. She gave me a long kiss “we are going to do you all night long” she said “.Then you are going to watch us licking it out of one another”.

Linda did look pretty hot as she turned on her side and braced herself on one arm and smiled.”You know that you are the first guy that ever came inside me”she said “but then again you are the only one that ever screwed me”. She leaned in and gave me a kiss,”I think I love you” she said giving another longer kiss.

“So I guess you should go and visit the book store more often”,I said “what else did you see there”.I saw her smile diminish as she thought about what she was going to say. “Did you see any real cocks?” I asked her knowing that there are holes in the booth to give a blow job from.

That question made her take a deep breath before saying yes,”but I didn’t do anything with them”she said. She ran her hand down along my cock”this is the only one I want”she said and laid her head on my chest.She then looked back up “how do you know about those holes” she asked “have you been there before”?

I ran my hand through her hair and kissed her forehead “yes with Mar ,I watched her give a couple blow jobs there. That was my first mistake” I said “But I wouldn’t blame you if you did play with one”.

“Well I didn’t” she said “ I will never cheat on you”she then stroked my cock “but Misty did. She jerked off several of them before I was able to get her out of there. Even then they followed us to my car asking us if we wanted more. I said no then came home to play with her new toy until she had to go home for supper.Linda then asked what I meant when I said I wouldn’t blame her.

I was just about to tell her when Misty called and asked if we could come and get her. I was surprised when Linda told her that I would.” Don’t be surprised if she wants to suck your dick” she said to me ”she asked me if she could without me there”.Linda then chuckled and then said “I wouldn’t blame you if you let her”.

Linda was right, when I picked her up the first thing Misty said after checking out the back seat was “did she say it was okay”. I was surprised when she pulled her shirt up and took her bra off,then removed her shorts and panties and pulled her shirt back down.

She smiled then put her hand on my cock,”did she tell you I gave a few blow jobs today at the bookstore”? She then fished my cock out and gave it a few strokes” I had some practice would you like to stop somewhere and I will show you”?

When I told her I would rather go home where we could all play together she said “okay,just drive slow”. She then laid down and sucked my cock in her mouth,”I taste Linda “ she said with a giggle.

While I did drive slower and slid my hand down between her spread legs and cupped her pussy. I found some very wet lips and was surprised when my two fingers slipped easily inside her once tight hole.”Someone has been practicing down here too” I said “I can’t wait to slip my cock in you”.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stop somewhere” she said “I can’t wait to feel you inside me”.

“Nah” I said “I want to do it while Linda sits over you and feeds you my deposit I just left for you”.Even Misty’s sucking on my cock has improved since the first time “I am glad you didn’t shave” I said “I like your blonde pubes”.Misty didn’t reply she remained busy keeping me hard ,even after I pulled into the driveway and shut the car off.

Linda was waiting outside sitting with her legs up on the railing “did you fit” she said when we walked up to her.

“No “ Misty said “he said we had to wait for you to be with us”.

“Well I am here now” she said spreading her legs”and I have a treat for you. Get on your knees lady and start licking”she said then told me to see if it fits.

Since Misty had played with my cock all the way home I was sure I would fit inside her,just how long I would last was another question. I took a minute watching her long blonde hair and her head licking up and down on Linda’s pussy. Knowing what she was collecting and going into her belly made it even more erotic. I probably didn’t need to get Misty wetter but couldn’t resist spreading her shining lips and taking a few licks of my own.

Looking up I saw Linda look at me and then moved forward spreading Misty’s ass cheeks . “Go ahead, give it to her” she said then pushed my head away “she has been waiting for you all day”.

One thing I liked about this home was that the front porch sat back from the road and was shaded by bushes . Even cars that were passing us I knew we couldn’t be seen ,so I pulled my pants down and moved into Misty.

She was still tight but I was able to push the head of my cock a couple of inches inside her,where I stopped and let her adjust.She lifted her head and the two began kissing each other as I pushed a little farther into her tight hole.

When they stopped kissing Misty laid her head back down on Linda’s lap “deeper baby”Linda said”give her all you got”.She smiled blowing me a kiss while running her hands through Misty’s long blonde hair.

I still took it slow as she was pretty tight but her juices did help getting my cock deep into her young pussy. I wasn’t going to last long and knowing that Linda wanted me to cum in her as badly as Misty wanted to feel it .

I probably didn’t last more than five minutes when I told her to be ready .”Do it” Linda was saying ,then drew Misty’s head back to her pussy as she herself was going to cum with me. We all seemed to cum together with my cock filling Misty’s pussy ,Linda filling Misty’s mouth. Misty was getting two loads at once causing her body to tremble as she also came.

Misty liked it and kept her ass tight against me but moved her head to Linda’s breasts and started sucking like a baby. It took us all a few minutes to recuperate and it was awesome. It was also hot seeing Misty’s little hole dripping out my cum when she stood up. I sat back with my cock in hand while Misty moved forward and gave Linda her pussy to clean.

When all was done we walked naked around outside talking about how much fun it was.It was nice having this big lot and no neighbors near us. We eventually went back inside and got back into it but that will be in the next chapter “Misty morning adventures”

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