Runaway Sex

She had been on her feet from noon till night, trying
to outrun the hounds and the catchers. She was sure
they were hot on her trail, so there was no time for
resting. She had run out of bread she had stolen from
the kitchen and now she so hungry and thirsty. Her
stomach had strong pains in it, and her slim body was
feeling so weak and tired. She pulled off the scarf
that held her hair up, and let it fall down heavy on
her small back.

The sun was beating down on her like the whips that she
had seen lay open the backs of the field hands. She
squinted her dark brown eyes to see there was a stream
up ahead. A feeling of relief came over her like a
refreshing cool sensation. She thought she’d get a nice
drink and wash herself from all the sweat and anxiety.
She tried to run to the stream as quick as she could.

She held the sharp bladed knife in her hand, the one
she’d taken from the house. She lay it down in the
grass, and began to strip off her dress. She also began
to partially strip down her undergarments so that she
could wash her body really good.

She took her hands and began to cup the cool, crystal
waters and put it to her little mouth. She drank and
drank, and let the water pour over the top of her soft
wavy hair. She closed her eyes and took in the savory
refreshing feeling. She was completely unaware of what
was in the thick of the trees.

There were three Indian men with their horses. They had
come along from the distance. They had spotted the
stream and was bringing their horses to drink…But saw
the pretty girl bathing in the stream. They stood
watching in the trees as she let the water pour over
her smooth, butterscotch breasts. She let her wet hair
hang over her shoulder and began to ring out the water
from it. Her body was more relaxed now, less tense.

She felt confident to continue her journey of escape
now. There was a rustling sound somewhere in between
the trees, she heard it. Her heart began to pound
wildly, and immediately she grabbed her knife and her
dress. Her fingers pulled her undergarments up to cover
her naked breasts and belly and she began to back out
of the water.

Her eyes were searching fast and desperately while she
backed up further and further. The Indian men came out
from the trees toward her. She backed away now with so
much fear. She had heard horrible things back on the
plantation about the Indians from the master and all
the others. She heard how they had killed so many white
folks. What would they do to her, a runaway slave?

“Git away from round me!” she said backing away,
holding the knife up to defend herself. One of the men
came completely forward, challenging her. His deep,
almond shaped eyes were calmly watching her as he moved

“I SAID GIT AWAY! I’ll Kill ya dead!” she shouted.

He lunged forward at her, and she tried to stab him
with the knife with all her might. He grabbed her wrist
quickly, and snatched the knife. She screamed as he
grabbed her body from behind as she tried to run. So
overwhelmed with terror she blacked out completely in
his arms.

She woke up inside a very strange place. There was a
small fire in the middle of the room, and she was lying
on top of what seemed to be animal furs. She felt
groggy, and sat up very slowly. Her hair was in her
face, and covering her small shoulders. She saw that
she was the only one in this place, there was no one
else there.

She kept trying to recollect how she got to this place,
and where she was. She saw that her dress was gone, but
she was wearing her undergarments still. She remembered
then that she had taken the dress off at the stream.
Panic began to overtake her, and she felt she needed to
leave that place. She stood up and tried to find an
opening in the rounded room, and she finally found one.

She looked out to see Indians everywhere. Some where
standing around talking, and there were some small
children running and playing. She saw the face of the
one who had challenged her when she had the knife to
him…he was talking with some men over by some of the
strange houses. He came towards her. She ran back
inside the strange room.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He began to
slowly put his lips upon hers. She felt as if her
breath was being stolen away, each time his lips were
against hers.

“No,” she breathed in panicky, trying to pull away from
his embrace. He aggressively pulled her even closer,
until her body was up against his while he kissed her
lips. She pushed him very hard with her hands, against
his strong chest.

He grabbed her arm very tightly and forced her onto the
furry blankets. She protested, with her hands trying
hard to keep him off. His sturdy arms held hers down as
his lips went upon hers again. A deep feeling of
hotness was upon her skin, when his finger rubbed in
between her legs while he kissed her.

Her mother always told her and her sisters to keep
their legs tightly closed until marriage. She tried so
hard to keep her legs closed, but his hands pried them
apart and his finger kept rubbing back and forth up
against her privates. She wanted to scream because it
felt so good, but she couldn’t help but to think she
was sinning.

Before she knew what was happening, he was ripping her
undergarments all the way off. Her smooth body squirmed
beneath him in protest as he rendered her naked and
helpless. Her body trembled when she realized he had
taken off the bottom part of his clothes. He straddled
over her now while removing his top.

“Wife!” he said to her.

“NO! No I ain’t yer wife!” she screamed at him “Git
away! Git away!”

He lay heavily on top of her, and pushed the head of
his hard dick against her tight, pink, virgin hole. She
yelped, still trying to get away from him. He began to
kiss her lips again, while his fingers went to her soft
breasts. She sucked in her breath… no man had ever
touched her there before…

Her nipples were getting hard now and she felt wetness
in between her legs. He forced the head of his dick
into the tiny wet hole. She cried out in great pain.
She had heard that opening up your legs would only
cause the worst pain ever, and she was now convinced
that it was true.

He pushed his hardness in and out of her at a steady
pace, causing her to sob very loudly now. Her sobs
became more prolonged and then became soft whimpering
sounds. In and out… in and out… he moved. Her legs
were against his sides and he fucked harder and deeper
in between her legs.

Finally his hardness began to swell inside her, ready
to explode. His creamy juices shot deep into her womb
as he came and his body went ridged.

Drowsiness began to overcome her, and she felt fast

When she awoke again, she heard nothing but silence.
She sat up and rubbed her blurred eyes. She planned to
escape again. She was completely naked and could not
find anything to cover herself with she peeked out the
door opening and attempted to run. He saw her again. He
grabbed her arm.

“I’m getting out of here! This is not my home!” she
said to him.

“Home,” he said pointing at the ground. She looked to
see that she was wearing some type of strange necklace.

A necklace of marriage ceremony…

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