Fucktoy training

Victoria had just turned 18 and was still in high school. She was popular at 5′ 1″ with nice C cups a tight little petite 100 pound body complete with a hot sexy ass. She was dating the football quarterback Mike at her high school when we met. She started working at one of my favorite bars and we both knew there was a instant connection.

After a few nights chatting after she got off work she started telling me about her sexual experiences. She had been fucked by her quarterback boyfriend and even a teammate of his being spit roasted with her boyfriends 7 inch cock in her sweet tight pussy as she sucked his best friends 6 inch cock. Victoria was never satisfied as the football team took steroids to build muscle and didn’t last more than a couple minutes before they were spent.

She needed a man and not a boy. Now I am old enough to be her father and I had trained sweet young fucktoys before.

Being a Dom I knew what she craved and how to start to bring to life her deepest submissive desires.

I pulled up in my red convertible and knew she couldn’t resist going for a ride. I walked in the bar and she greeted me with a big hug as usual. Her beautiful perky young tits pressed up hard against me and I wanted so bad to run my hands down her back and squeeze her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of her short cheerleader skirt but knew in time I would have control of every inch of that ass. I don’t think I’m attractive Victoria says as she pulls away. That’s crazy I tell her you are stunning. A tear forms in her eye as I nod to the bartender. I shot of tequila appears from under the bar and Victoria drinks it quickly as usual. She continues….. Today we had our pep rally for tonight’s game. I usually give Mike a blow job in my cheerleading outfit before the pep rally. Today I couldn’t even make him hard! The thought of her on her knees with her small pouty lips wrapped around my cock and her long dark hair swinging back and forth taking every inch of my 9 1/2″ cock made me hard just sitting there! I pulled her close again and consoled her you know its the steroids and not you. Another tequila shot was delivered and again she drank it quickly. Victoria I said you obviously need a man and not a boy. Skip the game tonight and come to my place and I will treat you like the sexy hot fucktoy you are craving to be. First she looked surprised at what I said then she thought a minute (the tequila helped) and said what is expected of me to be your fucktoy? I told her unlike Mike I know how to not only fuck better than the boys but will make her cum deep and hard something the boys know nothing about.

We walked to my car as she saw the convertible she said I think I am going to love being your toy! As I started the car I told her that I am a Sensual Dom and as my submissive fucktoy she will be required to do whatever I ask no questions. Victoria smiled and kissed me and said YES SIR!!

It was a 20 minute drive down the interstate to my home so I decided to find if she was as committed as expected. Driving next to a semi truck on my right I told her to unzip my pants and give me a blow job as we were on the way home. She looked at the truck driver smiled and reached over and unzipped my pants.

The truck driver had a great view with the convertible top down as she pulled my already hard cock out and giggled to know she already had me hard. Her mouth was like heaven as she sucked and ran her tongue around the shaft caressing my balls with her hand. The truck driver kept the same speed as we did so I decided to give him a better show. Fucktoy you need to remove your panties. Her ass was already in the air in the passenger seat while she was giving me the blow job but with her cheerleader outfit and no panties the truck driver got the first look at her dripping wet cunt. Still sucking my cock taking as much as she could in her mouth without choking I reached over her ass and buried my finger in her wet slit. Victoria started groaning on my cock as I finger fucked her in front of the truck driver. I sprayed her mouth full of cum as we got to my exit. She licks me clean and sits back on the passenger seat cum dripping off her chin.

I smiled and said you are going to be the perfect slutty little fuck toy when I am done with you. Tonight will be the first of three training sessions. You may ask questions during the training sessions and change your mind if you like. Once training is complete if you accept to be my devoted fuck toy you will do whatever I want whenever I want wherever I want no questions asked.

YES SIR! Is the reply as she cleans the last drips of cum from her chin enjoying each and every drop on her tongue.

Tonight will be your first training session and you will learn the first four commands.

Victorias first training session

As we arrive at my beach house and unlock the door Victoria walks in and I shut the door behind us and I pin her against the wall. I kiss her deep and hard then instruct her to strip her cloths off and get on her knees. I tell her she will do this immediately every time she walks through the door or be punished.

As I mentioned before I am a sensual dom but there is still punishment. A sensual dom is 50 shades of Grey without the paddles or whips. Ok a good smack on the ass is always good. Mix that with the eroticism of the kama sutra is what makes a good sensual dom. The kama sutra teaches a dom to understand every inch of their fuck toy. To know how to drive their fuck toy out of their mind cumming and squirting uncontrollably even bringing her on the edge of passing out over and over for hours at a time. Punishment however is denying your toy the release and the full pleasure keeping them begging for permission to cum or to be fucked.

Victoria is now naked kneeling in front of me. For the first time I see every inch of her beautiful body. Her dark eyes are looking up at me with the longing desire to please me her long dark hair falls all the way down her back to the crack of her tight young ass.

I hand her a custom made collar with her name on it. She is surprised to see the tag with her name on and I tell her I have been planning this since we met. She is instructed she must ALWAYS wear the collar when we are together and it is her responsibility to bring it to our dates and training sessions.

Still on her knees now only wearing the thick 2 inch leather collar I tell her as my fuck toy my personal cum slut she will always greet me this way. My cock will be her Master during our sessions and she needs to always greet my cock and promise to give it total devotion always sucking licking and caressing it unless my fuck toy has other instructions. She cups my balls with one hand and wraps her other hand around the shaft. I can’t help but notice my cock is so thick in her petite hand her fingers cannot completely encircle its girth. Hmmmmm I am gonna love stretching and fucking all her holes hard and deep.

I let her caress and suck for a minute or two as she express her delight and devotion to her new Master.

ONE! I say loudly. Stand up feet together arms by your side palms of your hands flat on your thighs facing me. She does as I say then I move her arms and hands to the correct positions. Victoria there are 10 positions you will learn. I will teach you four tonight. This is position ONE. YES SIR! is her reply. As she stands at attention I slowly walk behind her remove my clothes and come up behind her until my hard cock is wedged between her tight little ass cheeks. My hands on the top of her shoulders I pull her hair to the side and kiss the back of her neck. She moans slightly and I bite her left ear. Her body shudders as my hands glide off her shoulders down to her C cup firm young tits. I slide my hands under her beautiful breasts then squeeze and massage them still sucking her neck and biting her ear grinding my cock in her ass crack. I pull her nipples straight out pinching and twisting until completely hard. I slide my thumbs under her hard nipples and use my middle finger to repeatedly tap on the top of her nipple shooting waves of pleasure to her hungry wanting pussy. She is moaning hard and deep now grinding harder on my cock in her ass crack. My precum has lubed her ass crack and she is squeezing my cock hard. God this girl is hot!! I stop tapping on her nipples bite her right shoulder and slide my hands down her sides. My palms are flat on her sexy sides my finger tips touching gliding down the center of her chest to her pierced belly button. My hands seperate continuing down her waist my finger tips glide down from her hip bone in the crease between her legs and stomach leading me to her sweet swollen wet cunt. Her inner thighs are soaked with her hot juices. I pull her steamy cunt lips apart with my middle fingers on each side and pinch and rub her clit with my thumbs. Her whole body is quivering her breath is ragged and she says she is about to cum.

I slap her pussy pull my cock out of her ass crack and pull her head back by her hair. I tell her she has to ask permission to cum. Holding her head by her hair makes her cry. Not because it hurts but because she loves it so much. I squeeze and twist her nipples with my other hand and tell her she is NOT allowed to cum. YES SIR she says in a quivering voice as I loudly say TWO!

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