Riderwood Village

Back in the 90’s I lived in a close nit place were all the neighbors new each other and we all would party together. It was a real mix of people and life styles, and being single was a major benifit. Often times someone would be heard making love, we lived in town houses that had paper thin walls and were built very close to each other. Several of my lady neighbors were on the prowel looking for so action.

I often worked weird hours then and would find my self at home during the day horny as hell and always tugging on my cock. There was Anngie the neghbor who did not work and was often roaming around to see what anyone was doing. And there was Brenda, she was a nurse and was home every morning in time to take her kid to school before she went to bed.

I had a small fenced in yard that was some what private and on my days off when it was warm I would lay out in the morning on my patio to sun. It felt good to have the suns rays heating my already hot cock, so when I oiled up I always had to rub one out. By now Anngie was very friendly and seemed to know when someone was home during the day.

Anngie would often lift her shirt and flash her tits and long nipples, and if she was drinking I could get a pussy flash. She would always say that it was ok to flash but not to fuck, so I never had a problem looking. Brenda and I talked to each other alot when we had the chance, she would come over sometimes after dropping the kid off and have a cup of coffee if I was home.

We would get caught up on the neighbors and what was going on, she was such a tease and would tell me that If she was not involved she would throw me on the floor and fuck me. I new that she would one day give in and fuck me. Brenda would give me a kiss on the lips when she left and I would tell her that I would have to get the lotion because she had gotten me horny.

One morning I got up showered and stayed nude, I had just made a cup of coffee and had a big stiff cock. Thinking I would get a towel and lay out on the patio I headed to the door and went outside to sun. As I stood with my rock hard dick pointing straight out, Anngie poked her head over the gate and said hello and then said damn, and tried to open the locked gate and come in.

I told her to go around and come in through the back door, I met her in the livingroom with my still rock hard cock, she said ummmmm, you have a very nice cock. I said to her if you are going to be enjoying the veiw, then she would have to do the same and get naked which took her about 2 seconds.
She asked if she could feel me and I did not deny her, my cock was freshly oiled and she started giving me a nice hand job.

It is so nice when someone else strokes your cock, I asked her if I could slide my fingers into her pussy and she said yes. Here we were mutually masterbating each other standing in my livivng room. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply and the squeezed her ass and pulled her to my bedroom. We got on the bed and I was thinking I was about live out a fantasy of fucking her in my bed.

Then reallity struck her and she pulled away, and said she could not go any further than this. I damn near deflated right there, I tried to convince her that I would take our secret to the grave and she was not buying. So I said the least she could do was to finish me off with the hand job she started. She picked up were she left off and upon me cumming she leaned down and caught the first few shots of cum in her mouth and moaned with pleasure.

It had been a few weeks since I last had seen Brenda and I was off all week. The weather was nice and I had opened up the doors in the house to bring in the fresh air. I was standing in the kitchen naked again having a cup of coffee when I heard something and turned aroud to find Brenda standing there looking at me and my cock and smiling. I asked her if she would like some coffee or me, she said both but you first and she nealed down and began sucking my cock.

I sure like my neighbors, I picked her up and lead her to my bed were I stripped her sweats off and burried my tongue deep inot her wet pussy.
I was sucking her clit and then driving my tongue deep inside of her and when she had her first orgasm. I think she pulled most of my hair out on that one, while still riding the wave of energy I plowed my hard cock deep into her pussy and fucked her hard to another orgasm and my headboard falling off the bed.

The next mornig after dropping the kid off she came running over and as soon as she was through the door she was naked. At the same time Anngie was walking down the sidewalk and caught Brenda running by and was qurious to see were she was going. She reached the end of the side walk and could not see were Brenda had gone.

Brenda and I are were already fucking when I hear a knock at the door, hoping it would go away, but no luck. So I stopped to answer the door slightly opening the door I see Anngie. Who is smiling and ask if I had seen Brenda, with a smile I said yes she is here. Anngie asked to come in and I told her that we were in bed fucking, Anngie said come on.

Stop kidding, so I opened the door revealing my hard on and told her if she wanted to come in and watch she would have to get naked. She agreed stripped and followed me to the bedroom. Brenda did not mind and we were all in bed now. I dove back in and started to lick Brenda’s clit Anngie was laying beside both of us stroking my cock, within a few minutes Brenda was cumming.

With so much sexual energy in the room Anngie had move up to Brenda’s right tit and began to suck it while rubbing her pussy. I was busy pumping in and out of Brenda, Brenda fired again and let out a very long moan. I rolled on to my back to change positions and Anngie jumped on my cock and started fucking me. Brenda placed her wet pussy on my face and we continued our fuck fest.

Once again my headboard fell off with the wave of fucking, and it was time to change positions again and I was now doing Anngie doggie style and Brenda was in front of Anngie who was eating her pussy and bringing her to another “O” I could not hold back and shoot a big load of cum into Anngie and then fell back to catch my breath.

Brenda and Anngie were not yet finished and Brenda began to lick my cum from Anngies pussy. We showered and I cooked breakfast and then went for round 2. What a week off it was, and everyone should have neighbors like I do.

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