Our first time

I was a teanager about 1,75 handsome and my cock is above 18 centimeter.
I mixed with a croup of other teanagers and older young men always listeneing with curiosity at everything they said about sex and their own experiences.
I wanted to make love to a girl and the one i choose to be my first was a neighbor girl who was interested in me.
Sandra was about 1,64 pretty with sexy body, more than a year younger than me.
Our parents worked and she was every day alone at her house about 100 meters from mine.
It was mid June before noon when i saw her sitting out under the veranda of her house.
I knew she was alone and i took the opportunity to make a pass at her.
“Hi Sandra”,i said.
“Hi Andy”.she answered smiling.
I was near her and without saying anythin else i took her hand pulling her up fron the chair she was sitting.
I embraced her kissing her on the lips.
She sighted and her arms went around my neck as i pulled her body tight to my own.
“I like you very much”,i told her looking her in the eyes.
“Oh i like you too Andy”,she sighted.
“Has anybody kissed you before?”i asked her.
“Oh no Andy”she sighted again.
She smelled of soap and she must have taken a bath a little earlier.
I took her hand guiding her in the house closing the outer door and we made our way to her bedroom.
We embraced again kissing.
We were both inexperienced but we were kissing with passion.
My hands were fondling her body and they went under her skirt cupping,fondling her shapely behind.
She was moaning,sighting as she felt my rock hard cock pressing on her body.
She was wearing a blouse that i unbuttoned and she helped me take it off her body.
Then she helped me take off her brassiere.
As soon as i saw her firm stiff nipled breasts my head went down and i started licking them sucking her nipples.
She grapped my head moaning breathing heavily.
I unzipped her skirt and i pushed it down and then my hands were pushing down her panties.
I moved a step back looking at her hairy pussy triangle with lust.
My cock jerked in my shorts hardening even more.
Quickly i took off my T shirt and my shorts.
My cock was up like a flag pole.
She was looking at it wide eyed plushing and she sighted loudly.
She trembled when i embraced her naked body to mine.
We kissed with more passion as i fondled her naked body.
I pushed her and she lay on her bed with her legs hunging down.
My lips moved down to her breasts licking ,sucking them and soon my head moved even lower kissing her belly and lower to her cunt as i oppened her legs.
“Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Andy,ohhh hhhhhhhhh” she cried out as i began to lick her cunt lips.
Her moans and sights filled the room as went on sucking her.
My tongue moved up finding her clit licking and sucking it the way i heard the other young men were doing it.
“You like it” I asked her posing for a moment.
“Ohhhhhhhhh yes don’t stop” she cried out.
I went on licking and sucking her and soon she was having an orgasm.
“Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh”she cried out as her legs were jerking and her hands grasped my head.
“Plese,please Andy,please” she cried out and soon i moved my head away from her cunt.
I moved up kissing her on the lips and she returned my kiss with more passion.
My cock was ashing to fuck her cunt but i wanted to make her hornier so i pulled her up from the bed standing turning her around so that she bend supporting her body with her hands on the bed.
I moved behind her oppening her legs wider and i starded rubbing her cunt with my fingers sliding one in her tunnel.
With every passing moment she moaned louder and she came again as i fingered her clit.
“Sandra you liked that”.i asked her leaning down on her body kissing her on her upper shoulders and neck.
“Ohhhhhh yes Andy,yesssssss”she cried out.
It was time to fuck her.
I moved close to her pressing my rock hard cock to her slick with her juices cunt.
I don’t remember if i moaned and sighed louter than her when our genitals made contact.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”she moaned as i rupped up and down my cock head on her slick cunt.
Then i centered it in her cunt and holdin my cock with one hand and with the other holding her body i pushed hard in.
“Aoughhhhhhhhhhhhh” She cried out with pain loudly trying to move away from me.
But i pushed harder going down with her and she cried out again as my cock teared her virgin membrane sliding in her tight hot cunt.
“You hurt me” she cried out as my cock went even deeper in her cunt.
I leaned down on her body kissing her cheek tellling her that she was not going to feel any pain again when we will made love.
Slowly i began to pump my rock hard cock in her hot tight cunt and soon her moans changed and i realised that she was feeling stimulation and pleasure from our first coupling.
“Sandra you liked it now or does it hurt you ?”i asked her in a low voice as i kissed her neck.
“No no i liked it now” she sighted.
When i heard her words that she liked it i speeded my thrusts in her tight hot cunt.
It was getting more excitting for me with every passing moment and i was certain that i will blast my sperm before she will have another orgasm this time as i fucked her sweet tight cunt.
Suddenly we both froze.
We both heard a noise on the veranda.
In a flash i pulled my cock from her cunt.
She grasped her clothes and she run to the bathroom as i tried to put on my shorts and T shirt.
I went to the door slowly oppening it.
I sighted with relief.
The noise came from a metal cup that fell down when one of the chicken they had in their yard tried to drink water.
I went back in the house in the bathroom where Sandra was taking a quick shower lookking scared.
She sighted with relief when i told her about the chicken.
I washed my cock in the sink and as soon as she tried her body with a towel i againg took her in my embrase kissing and fondling.
I lay her on her back on the bed and after fingering her cunt making it slick again i drove my cock again in her tight hot cunt.
She was looking at me wide eyed as i fucked her.
She was moaning and panting.
Her arms went arount my neck as she moved awkwardly her body under mine.
After a few minutes i was aproaching my orgasm but she beat me.
Her cunt erupted in an orgasm before i came.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,yes yes” she cried out as her cunt was spasming on my cock.
I fucked her fast and hard and moments latter i was comming too.
“Sandraaaaaaaaaaaa,aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” i cried out as i jabbed my cock with short hard strokes deep in her hot cunt shootting spurt after spurt of my hot sperm deep in her hungry sucking cunt.
It was fantastic.
I remained in her cunt for a few minutes until her tight cunt milked every drop of my hot sperm in her cunt.
When i pulled my cock from her cunt my sperm was slowly leaking from her cunt hole.
Wow what a sight it was for me to see my sperm leaking from her cunt.
She lay her body tight to mine and we kissed and fondled each other for a few more minutes agreeng to meet again in my house in the afternoon.
I went home knowing that my sexual life has changed for good from the moment i coupled with Sandra.

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