Samantha, My Wife

The hypocrisy of some men tempts me to laugh. They go down to the
strip joints and juice bars hiding their hard-on’s as they fork
over their money to the dancers. They talk about wanting to fuck
the dancers, but ask them if they’d like their wife or girlfriend
to be a dancer and they’ll start putting the dancers down.

That’s bullshit!

I’m proud to be married to a very successful stripper. My wife
dances topless in a rather upscale “Gentleman’s Club”, then dances
nude at stag parties. Quite often she has sex with the men at the
stags and sometimes, if she comes across a cute or well hung guy
at the topless bar she’ll ball him in a VIP room where they
perform the lap dances.

Away she’s pretty insatiable. Before we got married she estimated
that she’d fucked over 2400 men. She’s added a lot to that
lifetime total since. Her philosophy is to fuck a new guy every
day. We live near the beach on the west end of Galveston Island so
she’s down there on the “unofficial” nude beach every day the
weather permitting and she’s balled at least hundred of guys out

“Sam”, short for Samantha, her stage name, is the daughter of an
American Sailor and a Japanese prostitute. The mix has resulted in
an indescribably sexy woman. She’s 5’4″, 110 pounds, 36D-24-36
with long thick nipples that protrude beneath every outfit,
straight chestnut hair that reaches her ass, a tight, flat belly,
and a magnificent ass. She also has a “snapper” you know, one of
those pussies that can squeeze and milk the cum out of your cock.
She brags that the man hasn’t been born that she can’t deep throat
and so far, she hasn’t met one she couldn’t. Her mother had sent
her to a “school” to train to be a prostitute when she was sixteen
and she had been an avid student.

Sam thinks her legs are too short but I’ve never heard anyone
complain. If I had to name a flaw it would be her boyfriend, Mike.
Actually, I like having Mike in bed with us now that we’ve settled
one issue. You see, Sam’s been in love with him since before she
married her first husband. Mike is her best friend’s husband, and
he’s bisexual. Sam’s first husband Ray was one of Mike’s friends;
Sam married Ray as a means of keeping Mike in her sex life.
The fact that Ray was hung like a horse and enjoyed sharing Sam
with other men made it all the better.

Her first marriage didn’t work out for reasons that will be
revealed as our story unfolds.

Well the point of this story is to relate an abbreviated biography
of my slut wife. So I’ll begin.

Sam’s mother married her American father for one reason, he was
comparatively wealthy. He married her because like me, the idea of
being married to a slut who’s balling other guys appeals to us.

Growing up in Japan and educated in a convent school run by French
nuns, Sam was the subject of their scorn. She was a “bad girl”,
she smoked, she hung around with the wrong people and worst of
all, she hung around with boys with a reputation. She was first in
her class to get boobs, and by the time she was thirteen she had a
respectable set of knockers, for a thirteen year old. She “dated”
lots of boys and enjoyed letting them fondle her boobs. So it was
little wonder the sixteen-year-old drummer of a local band asked
her out.

She was really excited about having an older boyfriend, especially
a musician. On their first date, when he popped her cherry, he set
her on a path that would last well into her thirties.

He asked her not to wear a bra when she was with him he liked to
show her off to the other guys in the band who were all much older
than he was. She’d hang around when they’d rehearse, they’d smoke
some grass then she’d fuck his brains out. After a couple months
he asked her if she’d mind balling one of the other guys from the
band and she was happy to do it.

Before long she was screwing all of the guys in the band. The
older guys taught her all kinds of things. She learned the
rudiments of sucking cock, they ate her pussy, and they fucked her
in the ass. They’d show her porno magazines and they’d try the
things they’d see in them like gangbangs and double fucking.
Imagine, an insignificant local band with their very own groupie.
She was in love with her boyfriend so when he asked her to fuck a
couple of his buddies, she did it. She kept doing it because she
enjoyed it. Eventually, she was screwing promoters to get them

When she was sixteen a major event which would influence the rest
of her sex life took place. Her best friend, a cute but trashy
blonde, told her that a major American Rock and Roll band (who’s
identity I shan’t reveal as none of them are Kennedy’s and
therefore wouldn’t be able to get away with screwing underage
girls) was performing in Tokyo. She suggested they try to get into
their hotel rooms. Imagine being able to brag about fucking one of
these stars!

They arranged their cover with another friend who’d lie to their
parents for them, dressed up in their sexiest clothes, and caught
the train to Tokyo. Sam enjoyed the looks of the men on the train
as they openly stared at her. She now sported a perfectly formed
set of “C” cup tits with enormous nipples which unencumbered by a
bra jiggled and bounced under a tube top selected for both the
unrestrictive elasticity of it’s material as well as the scarcity
of that same material. Her bare midriff seemed almost concave
above a well-worn and skintight pair of hip hugger bell-bottom
jeans. Since she didn’t have any thong panties to prevent panty
lines she simply wore nothing under the jeans. Her friend, wore a
“peasant” top, which made her smaller boobs seem nearly as large
as Sam’s, her midriff also bare above a pair of tight Levi’s.

In the hotel, the Japanese staff assumed that these English-
speaking girls “must” be with the band. Actually, they figured the
girls were teenage call girls and led them right to the rooms.

>From this point, things didn’t go as planned. Of the dozen or so
men in the suite, only one was a member of the band. The rest were
all roadies who hung out in the suite having tired of the way the
Japanese treat “Gaijin” (foreigners). They’d been touring Asia for
three weeks so when Sam and Amy entered, all eyes locked on Amy’s
blonde hair.

The musician pulled rank, escorted Amy to his bedroom, and locked
the door. Sam was left standing in a room full of half drunk, half
stoned roadies, most of whom were big hulking roustabouts. Well,
she wasn’t blonde but damn, she spoke English! So the guys made
her feel welcome.

She had a drink and smoked some dope with them. The conversation
was openly sexual and soon the guys began complimenting her tits
and asking if they could see them. Sam, who enjoyed showing off
her tits quickly agreed, stood, and removed her tube top. She
displayed her big boobs proudly; turning so all could see them.
Then she took hold of the hands of the two men nearest her and
placing them on her tits asked them if they felt as good as they

She closed her eyes and savored the sensation as the men fondled
her tits and twisted her nipples, which hardened at the touch.

“Christ! Look at these nips!” one exclaimed.

“You want to see something?” she asked them loudly enough for all
to hear “Suck them,” she instructed.

The roadies began to suck her nipples. The areolas crinkled with
excitement and the nipples themselves swelled to almost twice
their resting size. Sam was really getting turned on seeing how
all these guys she mesmerized. She wanted more so she unbuttoned
her jeans and dropped them to the floor. Her pussy was already wet
as she asked aloud “Does anybody here want to fuck me?”

No intelligible words were heard but the response was undeniably a
unanimous yes. The men all began pulling off their clothes as they
approached. Sam was ecstatic as relished being nude and surrounded
by a crowd of nude men, all groping her and knowing that each an
every one of them was going to fuck her that night.

She pushed one down to the floor and mounted his erect cock. As
she rode it two others presented their cocks to her mouth and she
began sucking them in turn. A fourth began to fuck her ass while
the rest waited and cheered when she’d cum or one of the guys
would shoot a load onto her back or face.

Part Two

She couldn’t be sure but she thought she’d sucked and fucked every
one of them. Cum dribbled from her pussy and chin. Her ass and
tits were sticky with drying jism when the guys began to slow
down. She was tired too but so electrified with sex she didn’t
want them to stop.

A young one, probably only a couple years older than she, brought
her a warm face cloth and a cold Pepsi. She drank the soda while
he gently cleaned the spunk from her tits and cunt. She took the
cloth from him and wiped her own face clean while he went to get
another towel.

At that moment the door opened. Two black men entered followed a
second later by an ebony giant. A third black man who looked to
Sam as if he was seven feet tall. He had huge arms with biceps
that looked bigger around than her thighs. The scenario before him
was not one to which he was unaccustomed so he knew what had taken
place. His face flowed into a toothy smile and his eyes twinkled
as he peeled off his t-shirt and walked toward Sam.

His chest and abs were chiseled like a body builder. Sam was
entranced as he approached, when he reached her he unbuttoned his
jeans and extracted a cock that was beyond belief. Even soft it
was easily a foot long and as thick as many men’s arm. She hardly
noticed one of the other black men as he slid his cock into her
cum slick pussy; her eyes were locked on the cock before her.

“Come on baby, suck my black dick,” the man cooed. Sam eagerly
opened her mouth wide and took the head into her mouth but try as
she did she couldn’t get enough of his cock into her to give him a
proper blowjob. Her jaw began to ache so she grabbed his cock with
both hands and pulling it from her mouth she began to lick it.

The first black guy pumped a load onto her belly and was quickly
replaced by the other. In the back of her mind it occurred to her
that it was a shame she was so distracted from their fucks as they
had nice big cocks themselves though not half the size of the
monster to which she pressed her lips.

“I guess my big black cock jus’ too big fo’ yo’ little Jap mouth.”
he sighed, “Well, I guess yo’ be happy to stretch yo’ juicy little
snatch aroun’ my cock.”

Oh yeah, she thought, I gotta get that in my pussy!

While he waited for the second guy to finish fucking her, the
giant used his cock like a trowel to spread the pool of cum from
her belly up onto her tits. He straddled her and pressed his cock
between her tits. She pressed her tits in from the sides,
enveloping his meat in the luscious folds of her boobs as he
pumped slowly. Sam was astonished as the cock grew even larger and
began to harden.

Finally she felt the guy fucking her begin to shoot his load. He
shot an big load deep into her cunt spraying her cervix like a
fire hose. She was surprised by the orgasm it set off. The giant
laughed and complimented her for being such a hot little slut.

He took his place between her immediately pressing his cock deep
into her pussy until the head bumped into the cervix. Then he
began to fuck her slowly. The sensation was painful but oh what a
lovely pain it was. Her snatch was stretched do tight she felt
every vein as it passed into her eager quim. She closed her eyes
and smiled as she groaned with the overwhelming pleasure. He
dropped his weight onto her, sliding his massive pecs on her cum
slickened chest then his hand found her left tit and he bent to
lick and suck the nipple.

She began to cum, and cum, and cum again. Wave after wave of
ecstasy began to wash over her. Each wave seemed to be stronger,
more intense than the one before it. She fell into a trance, she
heard nothing, she felt nothing other than his immense cock
cleaving her like a diamond drill. It was incredible, and yet,
when he climaxed he pressed his cock head against her cervix and
pumped what seemed like liters of spunk into her. It was so
forceful it must be squiring past her cervix right into her
uterus. He pumped more and more into her, he’d back his cock
partway out of her then when he’d slam it back in sperm squirted
between their legs.

When at last her orgasm subsided, she fell asleep. She remembered
awaking later, the giant lying beside her still sucking her
nipples. She lay there enjoying it until she once more dozed.

The following morning Amy found Sam asleep on the floor. She was
still nude and covered with dried cum. Amy roused her and led her
to the bathroom. Sam used the toilet then looked at herself in the
mirror as Amy started the shower. A white crust covered most of
her neck, chest, and belly. It struck her as odd that her right
tit was covered with dried cum but her left tit was clean. Then
she remembered the giant was licking her left tit when she woke
during the night.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Amy asked.

“I fucked all of them.”

“What?…How many?…” Amy stammered.

“The roadies, I fucked them all. And let me tell you, there’s a
black guy with the world’s biggest dick here and he gave me an
orgasm like I…. Well, you gotta fuck him yourself.”

“Not me honey. If my daddy found out I balled a nigger he’d disown
me.” Amy replied “Your mom better not find out about you screwing
a darkie either!”

Sam’s mom, a full-blooded Japanese was as prejudiced as most
Japanese. Anglos were bad enough, but any other race was “too”

“What about you?” Sam remembered to ask, “Did you get laid?”

“Don’t ask. The son of a bitch was so stoned that he fucked me for
about two minutes, shot his load on my leg and fell asleep.” Amy
complained, “You should see his dick, little bitty thing like one
of the Japanese boys.”

Sam laughed at that then ducked into the shower. When she finished
they went out into the sitting room to find her clothes. They were
still looking when the door opened and two of the roadies entered.
They were clad only in cut-off’s and they stared openly at Sam as
they came in. They slid off their shorts and sandwiched Sam
between them, one erect cock pressed against her belly, the other
her back. Their hands stroked her and soon Sam felt herself
becoming aroused as they fondled her tits.

Her nipples were tender but she didn’t object as one began to suck
them then they dropped to the floor, Sam mounted a cock before she
was pressed forward, her tits resting upon the muscular chest of
the man she was fucking. The other slid in behind her, pressed his
cock against his friend’s and guided it into Sam’s cunt. She’d
never had two cocks in her pussy at the same time. Sore as she
was, she liked it and soon was moaning as her orgasm rose.

She pressed her face into the chest of the man beneath her. Her
mouth found his nipple and she began to suck it. As her orgasm
peaked she began biting his nipple. They both continued to pump
her cunt as her orgasm faded, the sensation of their cocks
slipping around one another added to her own pleasure. She was
disappointed when the one beneath her began to cum and pumped his
load into her. The other guy was soon adding his jism to her
snatch. She was really digging this, having two cocks in her
pussy. She’d had one in her ass and one in her pussy before, this
was better.

As the men climbed off of her some motion drew Sam’s attention on
the floor nearby. Amy was nude on her back, the black giant
burying his massive meat in her little blonde snatch while she
sucked another black dick into her mouth like an immense noodle.
Sam started to watch but one of the other black guys pressed her
back onto the floor and began to fuck her. This time she closed
her eyes and savored the sensation of his ebony boner gliding in
and out of her as her roughly fondled and sucked her tits. Once
again she began to cum and his pumping became more energetic,
faster and more forceful until the sound of his balls slapping
against her ass could be heard over her grunts of pleasure.

She came, her nails raking his back and ass, pulling him into her
as if to force him to drive his black piston out through her back.
He became even more forceful and his ground himself into her clit
as he buried his meat in her with every thrust. Sam came again as
he finally unleashed his load with a roar.

Sam lay on the floor with her eyes closed in a dreamy state for
several minutes until the sounds of passion brought her back. The
black giant was in the process of overflowing Amy’s pussy with his
spunk. Each time he drove his shaft deep into her semen squirted
out around his dick. Amy was thrashing around in the throes of and
orgasm as the third black guy, having retrieved his pecker from
her mouth to keep from being bitten, jacked of onto her tits.

Amy’s pussy gaped open when the giant pulled out his cock and
moved away from her. As she lay there Sam could see Amy’s pussy
slowly begin to close as jism drained down her ass. “Wouldn’t your
daddy be proud?” Sam asked of Amy.

“No…. But I sure am!” Amy replied with a laugh.

Part 3

Sam and Amy climbed into the shower together and began washing
each other. When they’d finished they went back out into the
sitting room of the hotel suite to find their clothes.

As they hunted around, both still naked, another roadie entered.
He stripped and asked if he was too late to get laid. It was, but
when Sam realized it was the young one who’d brought her the warm
wet towel last night she asked if maybe he’d like a blowjob. Even
though her lips were raw and a little swollen from all the
cocksucking she’d done the night before she guided him to a chair
and knelt between his legs when he’d taken his seat. She took his
cock into her mouth and it soon grew to fill it up. Using all the
skills she’d learned from sucking off her boyfriend’s friends she
had him shooting off down her throat in no time. She wanted to
avoid having to clean cum off her tits and face again so she held
his cock in her mouth and swallowed his cum.

Amy had found their clothes and they dressed quickly after Sam
finished her blowjob. They were at the elevator when the black
giant ran down the hallway toward them carrying a couple of t-
shirts. “Hey’s babes, yo’ gots to get somethin’ fo’ the great time
yo’ showed us lass night!”

He handed each of them one of the commemorative t-shirts for the
band’s Asian tour signed by the band. He also handed Sam an 8×10
picture of the band, also autographed by the musicians with the
inscription “To Sam; Thanks for the great gang bang and the best
blow jobs in Asia!”

Then he handed them each three back-stage passes for that
evening’s concert. “Bring some of yo’ friends that likes to fuck
as much as yo’ do.”

“We will!” both girls exclaimed as the elevator doors opened.

Unfortunately, the girls didn’t get to go back that night. Their
parents had discovered they’d been out all night and grounded
them. The couldn’t think of any of their friends who they could
count on to fuck the guys so they just kept the backstage passes
as souvenirs.

A few days later, after things settled down, Sam approached her
mom with questions about sex. She told her mom about the gangbang
then about not being able to suck off the black giant because his
cock was too big. Mom realized Sam was destined to follow in her
footsteps as a whore and it was time she learned the trade. The
following week Sam began receiving private tutoring three evenings
a week after school. Her tutor was a senior Geisha who over the
next few weeks had Sam turning tricks while teaching her the
skills she would need to be a top hooker like her mom.

Afternoons would be spent having sex with American sailors and
Marines chosen by the Mistress for their large cocks, their
staying power, and their understanding that if they ever breathed
a word of this their supply of prime teenage pussy would vanish.
Sam learned how to deep throat the biggest cocks long before Linda
Lovelace made the talent famous. She learned how to use the
muscles of her snatch to milk a cock, and how to give any man the
best fuck of his life.

Sam became a hot item. Japanese girls rarely have tits larger than
“B” cups, and Sam’s had grown into perfectly formed “D” cups.
Japanese businessmen paid top dollar for a night with the
beautiful Japanese-American girl with the big European hooters.

Things at home were changing. Her parents had divorced and Sam was
living with her mom who had her tricking almost every weekend.
Shortly after her eighteenth birthday things fell apart.

One of her mom’s regulars had hired Sam for one of his customers,
an American executive from Motorola who turned out to be a friend
of her dad’s. Who saw Sam’s picture on her dad’s desk. As soon as
she graduated High School, Sam was sent stateside to live with her
paternal grandparents in Kansas.

The prospect of living in the U.S. excited Sam. It was 1970 and
Sam had heard all about the bra burnings and the “Free Love”
movement. On the other hand, her grandfather was a tyrant. Her
father was sure to have warned him to keep Sam under control. She
decided the best defense was a strong offense.

Packing for the move to Kansas Sam didn’t pack a bra or most of
her other prudish clothes. Instead she packed only the stuff she
and her mom had bought for her to wear on “dates” and the slutty
or cool clothes she’d taken to wearing when out with friends. On
the day of the flight she wore sandals, hip-hugger jeans, a bra, a
thin white cotton tie top, and a pullover sweater.

Once she’d said her goodbyes to her parents and her little brother
she boarded the plane and went straight to the head where she took
off the sweater, the top, and the bra. She stuffed the unwanted
bra into the trash and shoved the sweater into her carry-on. She
donned the tie top and adjusted it to maximize both her cleavage
and the amount of tit it exposed. She admired herself in the
mirror; her dark areolas were easily visible under her shirt and
her long thick nipples protruded seductively. Then she went to her
seat enjoying the admiring stares and “accidental” feels as she
worked her way back up the crowded aisle.

Her grandfather was just as stern as she’d remembered. He’d begun
to fuss at her as soon as she got off the plane in Wichita about
her going around half naked. He demanded she cover up her tits.
She refused pointing out that she was eighteen and quite
comfortable with how she looked.

Kansas was a surprise. The lack of entertainment options led to
rampant teenage sex. By the third day she was fucking the next-
door neighbor’s fifteen-year-old son. His older brother asked her
out and on their date she met the people she wanted to socialize

He introduced her to his friends who were just as horny as she
was. They were a little older than her and much more worldly. A
couple of the guys were bikers and two of the girls were topless
dancers. The idea of topless dancing appealed to her and she asked
them all sorts of questions from “How do you pick music?” to “Are
you allowed to fuck the customers?”

The very next night she got her date to take her to see the girls
at the topless bar where they worked. She was fascinated and
wanted to give it a try but she was nervous. Her date suggested
she try dancing for him and his buddies. He promised to arrange a
little party with a few guys.

The party was a success! Sam enjoyed taking off her clothes for
the men; the way they stared at her and copped feels every chance
they got. When they began to chant, “Take it off!” she eagerly
complied and danced nude for them briefly before she was pulled
down and gang fucked on a pool table. (To this day she enjoys
pulling trains on bar pool tables!)

Her mind was made up; she was going to become a stripper!

Strip joints in 1970 Kansas left a great deal to be desired. Many
tended to be biker bars where the bikers had their girlfriends
dance topless as much for their own entertainment as for the money
it would bring in. A fair portion of the dancers turned tricks, a
few were actually pretty good looking. The “Gentlemen’s Club” of
today hadn’t even been dreamed of yet.

In spite of the shortcomings of the bar, Sam thoroughly enjoyed
dancing topless. She’d always enjoyed having men fondle her tits
and boy, did they ever fondle her here. The crowd was pretty tough
outwardly, but she soon came to find that they were pretty
protective of the dancers, especially one as good looking and with
such magnificent tits as Sam.

She also found a friend in one of the dancers. Tracy was a
stunning blonde, a little taller than Sam with slightly smaller
tits and nowhere near the nipples that Sam sported. She wasn’t as
much of an exhibitionist as Sam, nor was she as much of a slut.

Tracy had graduated college with a degree in dance. She’d been to
New York after college to try to get into show business. After
months of struggling without luck a choreographer finally
explained the facts of life to her. He’d told her she was a
marvelous dancer but her tits were too big. Choreographers want
girls built like boys he’d told her. Then he’d handed her a card
and told her that if she didn’t mind dancing topless, to try this

It had taken her only a few minutes to decide to check it out.
When she found out she could twice as much money stripping than
she’d been making as a receptionist she took the job. She enjoyed
dancing for an audience and even began to enjoy taking off her
clothes for the men. However her boyfriend was graduating from
college with an engineering degree and she wanted to move back to
Kansas to be with him.

Back in Kansas she and Mike resumed their relationship. A few days
after they’d moved into a small apartment, Mike revealed to Tracy
that he was bisexual and that he’d been living off the money he’d
made as a male stripper working the gay clubs, stags, and
bachelorette parties. Tracy told him of her new career as a
topless dancer and how she enjoyed it.

Sam and Tracy soon became inseparable, even to the point that Sam
was fucking Mike two or three times a week. When Mike landed a job
working for an oil field supplier in Houston there was no doubt
that Sam was going with them.

Sam’s boyfriend wasn’t as sure but he agreed to go as well. They
headed off to Houston like so many “Oakies” all their worldly
possessions loaded into their cars. They checked out the area and
decided that they just had to live in Galveston. The island’s
beaches called out to Sam and Mike but housing was a problem.

After some disappointments they settled of a studio apartment a
couple blocks from Stewart Beach in the part of town known as Fish
Village. They bought a king size waterbed and set up housekeeping.

Part 4

Since Sam’s homophobic boyfriend had moved back to Kansas, Mike
began bringing guys home pretty often. Tracy would participate in
the bisexual threesomes with Mike and the guys he picked up, but
she wasn’t enthusiastic about it. Sam was quite the opposite.

Sam loved getting it on with bi guys. Seeing men sucking cock,
butt fucking each other was a turn on. She was REALY turned on
when guys would lick cum off her tits or eat her cum filled pussy.
Her favorite was to fuck four or five guys having each of them
shoot their load in her pussy then Mike would eat her pussy,
sucking all the jism out as he did.

In the Autumn of 1971 Mike took her to a “party” hosted by Ray, a
bi friend of his who was into amateur photography. When they
arrived Sam and Mike undressed in the foyer and went to join the
others. Sam was the only woman in a room of fourteen naked hunks,
all young, late teens or very early twenties, all colors, white,
black, brown, even one Asian and all respectably hung, most of
them sporting hard-on’s already. Ray explained the plan. All
fourteen men were going to fuck Sam one after the other. Each had
refrained from ejaculating for at least 48 hours and each would
pump their accumulated spunk into Sam’s hot quim. After they had
done this they could stick their cocks in her face for a blowjob
or titty fuck her or whatever, but their first load had to go into
her cunt.

Ray would photograph the entire session then when every man had
finished pumping his jism into and onto Sam, one of the other men
would take photos as Ray licked all the cum from her body, inside
and out.

Just being made in a room with all these naked studs was making
Sam very wet. As Ray described the gangbang and how he was going
to eat all the cum off of her she was incredibly turned on. She
agreed with one suggestion. She’d fucked Ray before and knew that
as large as his semi erect cock was now, it was huge when erect so
she suggested he fuck her first so his big cock wouldn’t squeeze
all the jism out.

So Sam laid down on a padded mat on the floor and performed for
her very first pornographic photo shoot of the hundreds that were
to follow. Ray licked her pussy and finding it already wet, rose
up and pressed his long thick meat into her eager cunt. In one
thrust he buried his boner up to the balls and began to fuck her
with slow deliberate thrusts ending each one by grinding his hips
into hers to stimulate her clit.

Purposely Ray came quickly and was replaced by the next man. Sam
sighed as a new cock slid it length into her and in a few short
minutes he came and was replaced by the third, a black guy who was
replaced in turn by another white guy. Sam came for the first time
as the fourth guy fucked her. As she fucked the fifth guy the
first of the guys coming back for seconds straddled her face and
rubbed his cock on her tits. She pressed her tits around his cock
and he titty fucked her. Another guy replaced her hands holding
her tits and he began to suck her nipples as the fucking

Sam was loving this, as the sixth guy began his turn a circle
began to form around her and men began jacking themselves off.
They sprayed their cum onto her tits and face. Sam cam again as
the tenth man shot his load inside her.

Finally Mike, the last man fucked her and quickly shot his load
after standing playing with his cock as he watched her fuck the
others. A few more guys added their second and even some third
loads to her tits.

“Is that it? Does anybody else want to shoot off on her again?”
Ray asked.

When none volunteered Ray handed off the camera and knelt next to
Sam’s cum drenched body. He used his huge cock like a squeegee to
move more cum from her belly up the her tits. One of the guys
dropped to all fours over Sam and quickly licked the dripping cum
from Ray’s cock then deep throated him. He sucked Ray to
completion and Ray added a few more spatters of juice to her.

First he kissed her. She was salty; her breath hot with cum then
he licked her face and throat clean. He kissed her again as he
began lapping the cum from her chest, teasing the nipples with his
tongue before sucking it into his mouth. As he moved down he left
no trace of semen behind until he reached her pussy. He took the
camera and shot several close-ups of he pussy with spunk running
out of it and draining down the crack of her ass.

Sam squirmed with delight and anticipation as the shutter clicked
away and the film advance whined. Satisfied, Ray once more handed
off the camera and now began to lick the cum from between her
cheeks then up to caress her pussy lips with his tongue before
pressing his mouth to her mons and sucking the jism soup from her
sex tunnel.

Sam was surprised when she suddenly began to cum, and cum, and
cum! Then, when Ray had satisfied himself that no speck of
anyone’s spunk remain and Sam was in the throes of orgasm, he once
more rammed his big dick into her and fucked her until he came

Part 5

As Ray fucked her, the other men watched and played with their
cocks. When Ray finished they once more mounted Sam but this time
they fucked her as if they were lovers, not just participants in a
casual gang bang. The men pumped her slowly while fondling and
sucking her tits, kissing her hard on the mouth. Sam could hear
the camera as each of the men fucked her as they might fuck their
own wives or girlfriends. Each one fucked her until she came.

Sam lost all track of time. She had no idea how many times she was
fucked or how many times she came. She was surprised to open her
eyes as the last one rolled off her and she saw Ray fucking Tracy
on the couch, she hadn’t even realized Tracy was there. Sam and
Mike watched silently as Rays huge cock pumped Tracy who cooed
pleasingly until she too climaxed.

Sam began to see a lot of Ray. At first he’d just pick her up and
take her places to photograph her having sex with guys he’d lined
up. A couple of times they went out and she picked up surfers to
fuck in the dunes while Ray photographed them with a long lens.
Eventually they actually went out on a date without the camera
although Sam found she really enjoyed having the camera clicking
as she sucked off a stranger or fucked a teenager on the beach.

The arrangement ended when Ray got a low number in the draft
lottery so he enlisted in the Air Force. Before he left for Boot
Camp he asked Sam to marry him. She agreed and when he returned
from boot camp they were married.

After a very short honeymoon Ray shipped out for Germany. As an E2
he couldn’t have a command sponsored dependent so Sam remained in
Galveston stripping four nights a week at a club and working stags
on weekends as well as getting all the strange cock she wanted on
the beach during the day.

It didn’t take Ray long to discover how Sam could join him. He
showed some of the hundreds of pictures he’d taken of Sam fucking
other guys to the owners of a “Sex Club” where performers would
perform real sex acts on stage with each other and often with
customers willing to pay for the honor. When they’d seen the
pictures of Sam deep throating several huge cocks they agreed to
hire her on the condition that she be able to deep throat two
Algerian studs they had whose cocks belong in the Guinness Book of

For Sam there was no hesitation, being allowed to suck and fuck an
endless stream of immensely hung studs, in public, in front of an
appreciative audience, and to be paid for it to boot.

Europe in 1972 was paradise for Sam. She could wear see through
blouses with her bare tits plainly in view anyplace she liked. The
first summer her wardrobe consisted of jeans, cut-offs, hot pants,
tube tops and see through blouses.

The sex club in which Sam worked was much more than she’d hoped
for. It was internationally known and frequented by many of
Europe’s big names as well as the occasional Hollywood star.
Because the club had such a reputation, it attracted the cream of
Germany’s sex performers and Sam soon found herself on stage
having sex with men and women she’d seen in porno flicks.

The club was divided into several smaller, rather intimate
theaters. Each theater catered to differing tastes. One was for
straight m/f, another for gay and bi, another for s&m/b&d, one for
lesbian, and the largest for group sex and gang bangs. The
gangbang theatre was largest as they encouraged patrons to get on
stage and participate. The audience was seated closely enough that
members of the audience often fondled Sam as she was performing on
stage. Once, while eating pussy in the Lez theatre, a man in the
audience began to eat Sam’s pussy when she got too near the edge
of the stage.

In spite of often finding herself sucking off or fucking an
overweight German businessman, Sam liked the Gang Bang theatre
best. In fact it was in the Gang Bang theatre that Sam developed
the act that would give her a sort of fame around Europe.

The club had two Algerians. One, Kalid, was quite dark skinned,
the other Mo, was rather light skinned. Both had enormous cocks
easily 14 inches long and too thick for even some men to wrap
their hands around. Sam deep throated these guys on stage. I mean
DEEP throated, until their balls were on her chin. It took a lot
of practice because their cocks were so big that Sam couldn’t
breathe while she had them all the way down so the had to pump
their cocks in and out of her as if they were fucking her mouth
and Sam had to time her breathing to the rhythm of their fucking.

Audiences were amazed by the act and a porn producer included them
in a feature length porn movie that was distributed throughout
Europe. It was just the beginning of her porn career that
eventually saw her in over a dozen feature films and countless
“loops” that ended up in European and American peep show booths.

As enjoyable as the work at the club was, it was quite demanding.
Sam only worked three shifts a week but she had to get together
with other performers at least twice a week to dream up and
rehearse acts. Her husband still insisted that she continue with
his hobby of photographing her having sex with guys they’d pick up
in bars or from the base. She enjoyed the photo shoots, especially
the outdoor ones. Her life seemed idyllic.

In June of 1975 Sam and her husband Ray went with a group to a
French Ski area that offered clothing optional skiing. They loaded
up their skis and a supply of sunscreen and headed out. For four
days they would start out each morning skiing nude then Ray would
set his camera up under a triple ski lift and Sam would ski down
and wait in the “singles” line. When she saw a couple of cute nude
guys she’d ask if she could join them on the chair.

On the chair she’d quickly get the guys to start fondling her tits
and then she’d lean over and start sucking cock while her husband
with an array of borrowed long lenses shot pictures. One morning
they encountered a group of four English high school boys and Ray
shot six rolls of film while Sam sucked and fucked them in the
trees next to a ski trail.

Part 6

Every successful slut needs a reliable gynecologist and Sam was no
exception. Gene was a Captain in the Air Force Medical Corps and
was known to several of the strippers who husbands were U.S.
Servicemen. When Sam suspected she might have picked up a dose of
the clap she arranged to see him.

The appointment didn’t go exactly as planned. Gene was a fan, a
big fan. He and his wife had been to the club to see Sam perform
several times. In fact, he had bought an 16mm movie projector and
several of her porn movies. Although it violated ethics, Gene
began fucking Sam pretty regularly in exchange for “off the
record” medical care.

Their relationship didn’t remain professional and Sam began seeing
Gene socially. At first Ray didn’t mind but as she began spending
more and more time with Gene he began to feel jealous. He was a
control freak and realized he was loosing his hold on Sam whose
professional life was becoming as successful as her love life.

Sam had gone on tour throughout Germany and The Netherlands’s. She
was a feature act for a week in a sex club in the St. Pauli
district of Hamburg. She even landed a few speaking roles in porn
flicks so her name was in the credits.

Meanwhile, her husband was still working as an orderly in the base
hospital. He was becoming unbearably envious of Sam’s success and
frustrated at her frequent prolonged absences. His problems peaked
one afternoon when a nurse walked into a supply room and
discovered Ray on his knees sucking the cock of a civilian

Sam saw no reason to give up her career just because her husband
was being shipped stateside and given a general discharge. They
had a huge fight and Sam moved out of their apartment and in with
Gene and his wife.

Ray, back in Texas quickly filed for divorce and submitted dozens
of photographs of Sam fucking other guys playing himself as the
poor cuckolded G.I. The judge bought it and screwed Sam big time
on the divorce.

Living with Gene and his wife turned out to be a bad idea. Gene
began talking about getting a divorce and marrying Sam. Gene’s
wife was a snob who went to great pains to make sure Sam and Gene
both understood that Sam could never be a “Doctor’s Wife”, that a
lowly whore could never provide the social backdrop that a doctor
needed to succeeded in the machiavellian world of medical

Gene agreed, and Sam moved out. She moved in with some of the guys
from the club. Four bisexual men who shared a two-bedroom
apartment. It was supposed to be for just a few days but Sam
enjoyed alternating beds for bisexual threesomes each night with
guys who were great looking, well hung, and great lays. After all,
they were professionals. The few days turned into six months.

Part 7

Even as Sam’s porn career continued to rise and she enjoyed the
sex of her home life, her ex-husband took steps to hurt her. He
contacted the Air Force and notified them of his divorce and his
ex-wife’s military dependents visa, and her relationship with
Gene, now a Major on the fast track to Colonel.

The Air Force, investigated, and in their usual zeal to protect an
officer’s career no matter which enlisted man or dependent they
have to screw, had Sam’s visa revoked. Two weeks later she found
herself on a plane back to the U.S.

She spent a few months living in California but she found that
topless dancing held little appeal to her after working nude and
fucking on stage. When she sought to get into porn in the U.S. she
found that with the exceptions of a few stars, enough of the girls
were street whores that pay really sucked. Besides, in Europe porn
stars were treated with respect, in the U.S…. not so.

With her savings dwindling she moved back to Galveston. Tracy and
Mike were very pleased to have her back and she lived with them in
their new house on the West End for a few weeks until she got a
place of her own.

She took a day job as a secretary at the University and went back
to topless dancing a couple nights a week as a way to get stag
party gigs. She was feeling pretty depressed and as she had always
done when she felt depressed, she went out and got some strange

For about two months she was on a fucking frenzy. She’d head out
to clubs every night and fuck two or three guys before heading
home at midnight. Some nights she’d go with some of her slut
friends and they’d have contests to see who could fuck the most
guys by closing time. Sam usually won.

Dancing, she was still a top dollar earner and had a stag party
booked almost every weekend. She loved the attention men gave her
when she bared her tits and she loved the sex at the stag parties.
On the beach, guys still flocked to her so she had the pick of the
cocks to suck and fuck.

Sam was no fool though. She knew she’d eventually lose her sex
appeal and she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a
boring clerical job so she went back to college.

I was half way through my four-year enlistment in the Coast Guard
when I met Sam. It was mid August and I was sitting in a freezing
classroom waiting for the first session of an Art History class I
had to take to make my humanities requirements for a degree. The
instructor was some fat slob who kept the thermostat set at 60
degrees and I had dressed for August in Galveston, namely, an t-
shirt from a local surf shop, Op walking shorts, and slaps, or
what you may know as flip-flops.

When Sam entered every guy in the room was immediately thankful
for the frigid air. She came dressed in a skimpy Hawaiian print
tie top of the sheerest material that could possibly contain her
magnificent tits, running shorts, and the ubiquitous flip-flops.

Her nipples, already prominent under the thin material of her top
reacted to the cold they began to grow to almost twice their
already admirable size. I swear they were bigger than my index
finger from the tip of the nail to the last knuckle.

Every guy in the room locked eyes on those boobs as they bounced
and swayed with her walk. Our eyes bugged out when she leaned
forward to sit, all of us hoping the top wasn’t up to the task of
supporting the weight of her suspended knockers.

We were all seated at a long table and Sam selected a seat
directly across from me. By the time she was seated, I was
checking to make sure my cock wasn’t protruding from the leg of my
shorts. She made eye contact with me and smiled the most
incredible smile. My jaw snapped shut as I realized I’d been
staring at her agape when she said “Hi.” to me.

Halfway through the class I realized that not only was she aware
that I was staring at her tits but that she was positioning
herself so as not to obstruct the view. I have absolutely no idea
what anybody, including myself, said during that class. I was
totally enraptured by the most beautiful and sexual woman I had
ever met.

At break I struck up a conversation, she was friendly, but not too
much so. She was well accustomed to being hit upon and my meager
talents were pitiful.

Now I’m not exactly a hunk myself. I’m 5’10” and weigh 165, brown
hair sun bleached nearly blonde in the summer and hazel eyes that
many women find attractive. I’ve got a decent build and my cock
while considerably thicker than average is only about seven inches

Since my sex life was pretty much confined to the swinging world
and sluts I’d meet at parties who I’d eat after they’d been
fucking other guys I really never had a “pick-up line”. For the
next three classes I asked Sam out every class but she turned me
down. Kindly, but still, a refusal.

Each class Sam seemed to dress even more sexily as before. Some of
the tops were so thin you could see the outline of her aureolas
quite plainly. Her nipples tantalized us all.

The fourth class Sam suggested that several of us form a study
group. She offered to let us meet at her place. I was eager to
participate. Twice a week we met at her place, a “Carriage House”
apartment. That is, an apartment over an oversized garage in the
alley behind a large home.

Sam, like me, spent her days outside so she was perfectly
comfortable wearing as little clothing as possible and going
without air conditioning. Although she and I weren’t bothered by
the heat the others were and one particularly hot evening I was
the only one to show up.

Sam looked as fantastic as ever wearing a neon yellow string
bikini top and matching running shorts. I had to force myself to
pay attention to the task at hand, my eyes constantly drawn to her

We studied for a while, quizzing each other and exchanging
research notes when finally Sam got up and said “God I hate
wearing these things.” as she pulled on the bikini top. “I’m going
to go change.” She removed her top as she quickly strode down the
short hall to her bedroom. I noted that she didn’t close the door
behind her and I caught a glimpse of her right tit as she turned
the corner. No tan lines!

As usual, I had worn only shorts and a t-shirt that night and I
had taken my shirt off at her invitation before we’d hit the
books. My shorts were a pair of Levi’s 501 cut-offs that were cut
a little short to begin with and then I had to hem them to comply
with a command policy against leaving the base in cut-offs. Sam
had complimented them one evening so I made a point of wearing
them when I came to her place.

Once again my mouth hung open when I saw Sam. She had replaced the
bikini top with a cut-off t-shirt that made little pretense of
covering her tits. The hem rode above the lower quarter of her
sun-darkened aureolas. Her running shorts were replaced with a
pair of shorts cut from a pair of hip hugger jeans and trimmed so
aggressively that little more than the seam could have been left
between her legs. The out seam was split to the belt, the top snap
undone and the zipper three quarter of the way closed leaving a
gap that showed the edge of a tan line above her pussy. She called
to my mind childhood fantasies about Daisy Mae from the Lil’ Abner

“Would you like something?” she asked in an unexpectedly sultry
voice as she brushed past me to the kitchen. She opened the
cabinet where the drinking glasses were stored and standing upon
tiptoes, reached for the top shelf raising the hem of her shirt
above her nipples, which grew and stiffened as I stared.

When I didn’t speak she looked at me and smiled. She peeled the
top over her head and dropped it. Cupping her breasts with both
hands she twisted her nipples. “Do you like my tits?” she asked.

I stammered out an affirmative at which she laughed warmly.

“I guess you really do!” she exclaimed as she looked down to see
my cock forcing its way out of the leg of my shorts. “Suck my
nipples.” she purred and I rushed to comply. Her nipples were
stiff and rubbery as my tongued flicked over them before I sucked
them deeply into my mouth.

Her fingers began stroking my cock then she cupped her fingers
around the head and pulled firmly on it. “Oh look what I’ve gone
and made you do.” she cooed as she raised her hands to display a
sizeable drop of pre-cum. “I’ll have to fix that.”

With that she deftly unbuttoned my shorts to the bottom button and
extracted my engorged cock with a proficiency that I knew at once
comes only with lots and lots of experience. She dropped to her
knees and after a few teasing licks dipped the entire length of my
shaft down her throat.

In ten seconds I knew this was going to be the best blowjob of my
life. Sam didn’t just suck cock, she was a master of loving cocks.
She lavished her skill gained from sucking hundreds of cocks over
the years to bring me slowly to the edge of orgasm then stopping
me just short of shooting off in her mouth.

She brought me to the edge three or four times before I could
stand it no longer, me knees buckled and I slumped against the
kitchen counter. Grabbing her head a forced her to continue a
rhythm until at last I began to pump my spunk into her mouth. She
sucked my spurting meat deeply into her then popped my cock out
as the second wave of jism erupted onto her tits.

Part 8

Sam held my cock tenderly with her teeth as she smiled up at me.
“I’m a pretty good cocksucker. Don’t you think?”

“Oh baby, you are the best. I’ve never had a blow job like that!”

“Blow job. I never understood why people call it that. I didn’t
blow your cock, I sucked it. I’m a cocksucker, not a cockblower.”

Laughing I pulled her up and kissed her hard on the open lips. My
tongue explored her mouth, I tasted the remnants of my cum on her
lips. Moving downward I kissed her throat down to her tits where I
once again tongued her nipples before licking my cum from her

I knelt before her, slowly and carefully opening her shorts and
pulling them down to expose her pussy, the pubic hair neatly
trimmed, her pussy juice beginning to ooze from between the lips.
Placing my hands on her ass between her legs I supported her
weight as I forced her legs wide. Pressing my lips to her pussy I
sucked as my tongue slid into the recesses of her snatch
delighting in the knowledge that dozens of men had fucked this
pussy. (How I underestimated that number.)

Sam grabbed my hair and held on to keep her balance as the
pleasure of my tongue washed through her body. I realized this was
too precarious so I lifted her and carried her into the living
room where I laid her upon the carpet before resuming my

I was confident of my ability to please her orally, I had eaten
dozens of women each of whom taught me something more to add to
the pleasure of the next. Perhaps if I would have been intimidated
if I had know how many men Sam had fucked in her life, I most
certainly would have been if I had known about her porn career and
stage act. She had fucked some of the biggest porn stars in Europe
on stage, on the screen, and some even recreationally yet she
found my tongue more pleasing than any she’d known before.

Eating pussy had allowed me as a single male to remain active in
the Galveston Bay Area swinging world. Many couples had sought me
out to see if I was truly as good as they’d been told. They all
left happy, even the bi husbands who thought I was a pretty fair

Three times I eased Sam into ecstasy, her body writhed with wave
after wave of pleasure as I licked and sucked, exploring and
memorizing each and every spot in her cunt that triggered moans or
squirms. Finally, my cock hard again, I brought her to edge of
orgasm one more time, this time just as she tumbled over into the
abyss of pleasure I rose up and drove my cock whole into her
quivering slit. She literally screamed, the veins and sinews stood
out upon her neck, her back arched, and her fingernails dug deeply
into my ass before gouging bleeding furrows.

I rammed my cock into her as I pumped wildly, not bothering to
time my thrusts to her own motion as I usually do to maximize the
woman’s enjoyment. A guttural grunt emitted from her mouth as if
she was choking on something and as her orgasm peaked I released a
load of spunk into her as I pressed my cock as far into her pussy
as I could in hopes of hitting her cervix, a sensation many women
had told me they craved.

Success! Sam began to bounce and twist as if possessed. Her
unseeing eyes directed to the ceiling as I roughly squeezed her
tits and sucked hard on her nipples. I had read her right, she was
having a great fuck and I was going to get laid again by this
incredible babe.

Once I shot my load my cock softened but not completely so I laid
atop Sam slowly pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. She
surprised me by grabbing my cock with her cunt and she held me as
tightly as if I was grasped my her hand. We smiled as we looked
silently into one another’s eyes for several minutes. I felt my
cock begin to reharden but I wanted to give her more.

Pulling my semi-hard peter from her I crouched one again between
her legs and resumed sucking and licking her box. This time I
worked slowly lavishing each of her hot spots tenderly for several
minutes before moving to the next. I kept at it until my tongue
burned with fatigue then rose up to find Sam lying blissfully with
closed eyes. She looked at me, gasping quietly as I slid my cock
into her snatch. I fucked her slowly, driving each thrust deeply
until my pubic bone pressed against her clit and grinding into her
set her off on a long tender orgasm that flowed through her like a
warm stream.

We cuddled for a while, our bodies slick with sweat and cum. Then
I rose and brought two glasses of ice water from the kitchen. We
didn’t speak for some time. We sat looking at one another until
finally I broke the spell.

“That was, without a doubt, the best fuck I have ever had in my
life.” I told her.

“Thanks. I really enjoyed it. We’ll have to do it again. And often
too.” she replied.

My mind worked through that one I rejoiced that she wanted to fuck
me again, in fact wanted to make sex a regular activity with me. I
made note though that she had obviously had better. I was going to
have to improve.

It was then that Sam noticed my cock was still hard and she
recalled that I hadn’t cum inside her. “Come on.” she ordered
pulling me to my feet. She sat me on the sofa and knelt between my
legs. Once more my cock disappeared into her mouth and she began
to suck my cock again. I rested my head back and savored the
sensation of her tongue. I knew she must have sucked a lot of cock
to get this good at it. My eyes came to the bookshelf. All the
times I’d been here I’d never looked at it before.

The top shelf was full of knick-knacks from Europe, the shelf
below that held a few miniature statuary and books of sheet music,
the shelf below that nearly full with issue after issue of
National Geographic, and the bottom shelf was full of what
appeared to be every single issue of Penthouse’s “Forum” magazine,
several pictorial sex manuals, and some porn magazines.

It dawned on me that this woman takes sex very seriously, in fact
she studies sex. The realization added to my thrill from her
sucking me off and I quickly popped a tiny shot of jism into her

Sam slid in next to me and we kissed again before she returned the
glasses to the kitchen for a refill of ice water. I went to the
bookshelf to inspect the bottom shelf more closely. The porn
magazines were the hardcore variety, you know, the $20 magazines.
I selected one and opened it. I leafed through the pages until I
was stopped cold. There was a picture of Sam deepthroating the
immense cock of a black man while she rode the cock of another
black man. Without a doubt she had the biggest cock I’d ever seen
in her mouth and the one in her pussy wasn’t any smaller. I turned
the page and found a two-page picture of Sam with that same cock
buried in her mouth, her lips wrapped around the base.

The next six pages were more of her in various positions with the
two black guys. I set the magazine down, opened to the page of her
deepthroating the cock and took another magazine from the shelf.
The cover bore a picture of Sam in the center of a gangbang.
Inside was a fifty pages of Sam fucking a room of at least a dozen
guys. In every picture somebody had a cock in one or more holes.
The last pictures were of them all shooting off on Sam.

Behind the books there was a photo album. I opened it to what was
page after page of home porn still of Sam. I recognized some of
the places they’d been taken as from around Galveston but some
were obviously from someplace else like the one of her and two
guys nude on a ski lift all wearing skis while she leans over and
sucks one guys cock.

Motion from the side caught my attention and I turned to see Sam
watching me. She looked a little apprehensive.

“Wow, these are great! Do you have any more?”

“My ex-husband does. It was kind of a hobby for him, taking
pictures of me fucking other guys.”

“Any chance I could see them? I mean… well… I always dreamed
off marrying a porn star…. uh, not that I think you want to
marry me just because we had a good fuck.”

Terror washed over me, I was going to blow this over my love of
porn. She was going to dump me. What happened next blew me away.

Sam handed me a glass of ice water then she laid down on her side
pressing her ass against my cock as she took each of the magazines
and the photo album and filled me in on the back ground. She had
an amazing memory for detail about where they were, how they met
the guy, what all they did with him, except, she didn’t know many
of their names.

“I like fucking guys without knowing their names. What Erica Jong
calls ‘zipless fucks’. Feeling a guy’s cock inside me, feeling his
hot jism pumping into me, and then walking away without ever
knowing his name. What a turn on.”

My free hand had been fondling her tit as she spoke. Now I moved
my hand down and played with her pussy.

“Shit!” Sam cried out “It’s after eleven!”

“So?” I asked.

“I’ve got somebody coming over, he gets off at eleven. I have to
get ready.”

Sam scrambled off as I crouched to put away the magazines. She
came back in as I finished. “Christ! Look at your back!”

She stooped to examine the bloody welts she’d left on my ass and
back. “I did that? It must hurt.”

“I don’t mind them a bit. In fact, I look forward to getting more
of them.” I chided.

“Let me do something to make you feel better.” she asked noticing
that my cock had gotten hard again while looking at her porn. She
led me to a dining table chair and once I was seated she sucked me
off once more. This time it was quick and dirty, the kind of
blowjob I later learned she often gave at the strip joint.
Intended to make the john cum as quickly as possible so she can
move on.

Her mastery of cocksucking was overwhelming and in no time I lost
control and began pumping a surprisingly large load, which Sam
played onto her wondrous tits. Then she tossed me my shorts and
sandals and pushed me nude out the back door into the alley. I
stood on her stoop, pulled my shorts on and donned my sandals. I
got on my motorcycle and a few blocks away realized my shirt was
still in her apartment.

Wishing to avoid the possibility of an awkward situation, I parked
at the end of the alley and slipped off the sandals. I crept up
the alley to her building where a new Camero was parked where my
bike had been a few minutes prior. Climbing the stairs was a
University Police Officer in uniform. He knocked at the door.
Since I was in the dark I moved closer and was just a few feet
from the bottom of the steps when Sam opened the door. She was
still nude and I could see the glistening streams of my jism on
her tits and belly still.

“Ummmmm, freshly fucked! I’m a lucky boy!” I heard the man’s voice
before he kissed Sam and she pulled him inside.

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