My Sister’s Wedding Day

I had always had a special attraction toward my sister.
I can’t remember a time that I didn’t think she was the
most beautiful female on the planet. Shelby has a
natural kindness and grace that takes my breath away,
she’s always been that way.

Many times, I peeked on her through the keyhole in the
bathroom, watching her dry herself after she had taken
a bath. Many times, I jacked off right there in the
hallway, hanging my cock out and beating my meat with
an intensity that left me sweating and my heart pound-
ing like a jackhammer.

Her perfect, round breasts and smooth behind turned me
on to no end. Her pussy, (covered by light brown pubic
hairs) would sometimes show signs of excitement while
she dried herself off, and twice I got to see her play
with herself, rubbing first her pussy lips, and then
running her fingers across her hard nipples. Then she
sat on the toilet stool and fingered her clit to
orgasm. I’ll never forget how she looked during those

Shelby was very seriously involved with her boyfriend,
Robby. Robby was a nice guy, but I hated his guts. I
hated him because I knew that he was fucking Shelby —
and that was exactly what I wanted to do. I couldn’t
admit this fact for a long time but one-day it became
clear that I was never going to be able to love my
sister like I’d dreamed of doing.

Shelby and Robby announced that they were going to be
married. I really hated that day, and the way it was
announced. We all knew that they were going to be
married, and yet, they had champagne at dinner, bought
by Robby. He filled everyone’s glass and offered a
toast — well, you know how it goes.

I continued fantasizing about Shelby, jacking off at
night, lying in bed in my room next to hers. Then, the
day of the wedding came. We were both up earlier than
anyone else. I found her downstairs, making coffee. I
was still in my underwear, I hadn’t thought that anyone
would be up.

She turned and looked at me. “If I’d known you were
gonna walk around like that, I would have been up early
making coffee years ago,” she said with a giggle,
staring at the semi-erection still in my underwear.

“Really now?” I said. I didn’t know whether to run back
upstairs out of embarrassment sit at the table and talk
to her. I felt very naked with just briefs on, compared
to her house robe.

“Really!” she said. There was no humor in her words
now, and she walked over to me, looking at the bulge
in my crotch. She reached out and touched the tip of
my growing cock, then fondled me through the sheer
cotton material of my briefs.

I stood there, afraid, amazed, hormones raging. I
didn’t have long to wait. Shelby slowly knelt in front
of me. She reached out with both hands and hooked them
in the elastic band of my briefs and pulled them down
with such force that the band grabbed my cock and
pulled it downwards, and then released it. It shot up
with such force that it slapped her in the chin.

She leaned into my balls and I felt her tongue dart
out and lick them. Her hand went to my hard cock and
she wrapped her fingers around it, pulling it down to
her tongue.

To my absolute amazement my sister began to lick the
head of my cock, kissing it, running her tongue around
and around it as I watched. She cupped my balls in her
other hand and brought them up to her lips. She kissed
them, licked them, and even sucked them into her mouth
and gently ran her tongue over them.

I wasn’t going to last very long. I could feel my legs
trembling. I could feel that old sensation in the pit
of my stomach that told me I was going to cum.

“I’m gonna plaster your face with cum, Shelby,” I said
groaning in ecstasy as my beautiful sister kept up her
oral magic.

She gripped my cock at the base and stroked it toward
her mouth, opening her lips wide. She sucked me deep
into her mouth, and I shot, my spasming cock shooting
loads of hot man-stuff into my sister’s sucking mouth.

Shelby sucked harder, swallowing. Her hand never left
my balls as she massaged and tugged at the skin. Then,
slowly, she pulled away from my still hard cock, look-
ing at it.

The she stood and backed away, sitting on the kitchen
table. She reached down and pulled her robe apart,
spreading her legs.

“Eat me, brother. East me for a wedding present.”

I dove between her beautiful smooth legs as she sat
there. Her pussy was moist and hot, her dark black
pussy hairs wet with her juices. The tart flavor of
her cunt juices covered my tongue as I licked upward.
I moved my hands to her pussy and parted her lips,
finding her inner lips wet, hot, and smooth. I flicked
my tongue out at her clit, wondering if her fianc� had
ever done this to her, wondering what he would say if
he saw us right now, my throbbing cock sticking high
against my belly.

Her legs began to shimmy and shake, and she grabbed
the back of my head and pushed my face even harder
into her lovely crotch. She came, low, guttural grunt
escaping her lips.

I stood, and she sat back on the table’s edge, holding
herself up with her hands. The as my heart jumped into
my throat, Shelby spread her legs wider and silently
beckoned me. I stepped forward, my cock pressing
against her cunt.

“Desert for brother,” she murmured.

I pressed my cock into her and thrust a few times. Her
robe fell open, revealing red blotches from sexual
excitement all over her round, firm tits. Her nipples
were bright red and hard as I reached up and pinched
them lightly.

I pressed my cock all the way into her. Shelby reached
behind me then, leaning into me and pressing her
wonderful breasts against my chest. She grabbed my ass
and pushed again, thrusting me in and out of her. As
she began another orgasm she uttered a low moan that
turned into a cry of ecstasy, wrapping her legs around
my ass and wildly humping away.

There was no way that I was going to hold back now, I
shot my hot load into my sister, feeling her shiver
with forbidden lust as I did. Her eyes were closed,
head back with a look of pained ecstasy of her lovely
face as I filled her with my seed.

I’ve always wondered who was really the father of her
little daughter Brittany. Shelby had sweet little
Brittany almost exactly 9 months after her wedding

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