My first Bi experience with my Auntie

I was 17 when I enjoyed my first bi-sexual sex with a woman.

I had an auntie who stayed with us occasionally when she was in town on business.

She always treated me kindly and was quite affectionate. As I grew older and my body was developing, she would always hug me and hold me to her in a way I had not experienced before. At first I thought it was a bit unusual but it continued and one day while she was hugging me she kissed me on the neck which sent a sort of tingle through me which I liked – had it been a boy I would have locked my lips to his and kissed him in a way that said take me to bed.

I am sexually active having shared my virginity with a guy when I was 15 and it was good fun and I enjoyed it. After that I had sex with him a few more times. Since then I have had three lovers and have learned a lot about the joy of having sex. One was in his 20’s and sex with him was amazing and he taught me more about how to enjoy sex than I could ever have imagined. He was kind and gentle and led me into quality sexual activity I would never have imagined I would ever engage in. I always imagined oral sex was dirty and having a penis in my mouth disgusting. He showed me how beautiful the experience could be and I allowed him to use my body in any way he wished and for him to explain and demonstrate to me the wonderful sensation of nudity and of engaging in sex in a loving and gentle way. My previous experiences had been good but as he explained I was really providing my body for the satisfaction of my boyfriend and as he explained it he was right. With him it took two of us to enjoy the pleasure of sex and the pleasure we provided for each other. Sex to him was love without being in love. I could never get enough of him but I was too young for his crowd and relied on the occasional hour or two alone he would spend with me in the outdoors experiencing naked love on a natural grassland to gain my satisfaction. As hard as I have tried with a couple of boys my age since I cannot recapture the splendour of lovemaking like I do with him.

My auntie had been staying with us for a few days and I believed I had heard her masturbating or enjoying as I do the pleasure of it, as the sounds from her bedroom were quite familiar to me.

A little later she spoke to me and told me she had heard me in the hall and asked me quite matter of factually if I masturbated.

I was a little embarrassed or taken back and hesitated – she said don’t worry – we all do it and I think you realise that is what I was doing a while ago. Then she hugged me and whispered in my ear – one day we could do it together perhaps. Then she licked my ear and once more that tingle went through my body. She must have felt me wince a little and she put her hand on my breast and felt it through my clothing and said one day I would like to touch them against mine.

I said holy cow what are you suggesting.

That you and I have a little private time together and enjoy the pleasure two girls can have without any clothes to hinder them.

I said are you suggesting I am a lesbian.

No way – it is just that I enjoy the company of girls occasionally and men too sometimes.

Are you Bi?

Yes. I can enjoy being with a man as much as I can with a women. Have you ever enjoyed being with a man – like that.

Shit I said – that’s asking me to reveal my intimate private life and what I have written in my diary.

Well – I can take that as a yes and you are no longer a virgin. Good.

I am in the mood right now to enjoy a little bit of private pleasure and I was hoping you might join in with me in your own way and we could swap notes on our private lives.

She came to me again and this time put her hand on my breast and kissed me. I had never kissed another woman and at first I tried to pull away from her advance but she held me tightly to her and the scent of her body was intoxicating and whilst I didn’t want to kiss her I found I was not trying to push her away any more and not wanting to break the seal of our lips. I relaxed for a second and her tongue was between my lips and I could not move away – I just allowed her to do as she wished and within a few moments I was responding to her and we kissed as I would kiss a boy. She was making the moves and I was not rejecting or resisting them – she was doing something to me that only Tim – my older man could do – make me weak at the knees. Within a minute I was responding and enjoying the feel of her lips – kissing a girl with lipstick was different and I could not believe that I was enjoying it and my passions were rising inside me. I gather I would be wetting my pants in ways girls do when aroused.

She continued until she could feel I was in fact enjoying the passion between us. She bought one of her hands that were holding me firmly to her, back to fondle my breast as I was no longer pulling away from her.

Do your boyfriends do this for you.

I nodded.

Then let me do something they might do – only better. Then she began to unbutton my blouse and I stood there and let her. A minute later I was bare breasted as she slipped the catch on my bra and released my breasts. She looked at them and held each one in her hand as I stood there slightly bewildered.
They look and feel beautiful she said. Then she bent down and licked each nipple then sucked one then the other and my knees were not going to hold me for much longer. My vagina was certainly letting me know it was excited and my pants were beginning to be soaked in vaginal fluid.

As she sucked and fondled my nipples with her lips she was undressing herself and moments later she too was bare above the waist and then pulled me to her and our breasts crushed against each other as she kissed me passionately once more and she had had moved down below and was lifting my skirt.

I said not here – come up to my room and she kissed me harder and took my hand and led me away as we picked up our discarded clothing. I told her my parents wont be home till Monday – they are staying at the beach house, but I guess you already know that or we wouldn’t be doing this.

On the way she said – lets go to my room. I am so glad we can have time together alone. You don’t have any plans do you – like Tim or somebody.


As we walked upstairs – she said you are beautiful you know – your boyfriends are very lucky. I cant wait to see you naked.

We entered her room and shut the door and we kissed once more and her hand went straight under my skirt. I put my hand down and said no – undress me.

She removed my skirt for me and when she saw my pants with the wet crutch she said – that’s lovely – I cant wait to see where that came from. The slipped her fingers into my waistline and drew my pants down and as she did she pressed her lips to my mound. I had only ever been kissed by Tim down there and he had gone a little further as well so I had experienced the pleasure of oral sex and orgasm through being stimulated there by his mouth. I didnt flinch when she kissed me right on the lips and put her finger just into my slit and removed some juice and licked her finger. Beautiful she said – you taste wonderful – I cant wait to enjoy the full pleasure of it.

When she stood up she looked at me and said what a beautiful figure you have – your boy is lucky. That is one very cute ass. Its as beautiful as the rest of you.

I said nothing – I was enjoying it.

Then she removed her clothing and I looked at her beautiful body – 7 years older than mine and she had an absolutely divine figure. She had what I would describe as perfect breasts. Ones I would love to have. Her hair was manicured to a short patch of hair above her vagina. Mine was still natural. I had removed all of it when I was going with Tim and he said he preferred his women natural so I grew it again. I don’t have a great deal of hair around my labia so oral sex was not a problem to him.

She looked at me and said – we may have to do a bit of gardening there – women look better trimmed, and it is better for afters, its more tasty.

I knew then I was not going to be all natural for long, and I didn’t mind. I quite like the look of it short and trim, but I would do anything Tim asked of me. Now I was going to comply with Janes wishes.

We lay on the bed together and kissed lightly while her hands roamed and examined every inch of me and I began to emulate her and it didn’t take long for both of us to be almost to the stage of orgasm – just from hand alone fondling every part of our bodies.

She rolled me over face down and rubbed my back then as she ran her hands over my buttocks she opened my cheeks and examined my butt hole and rimmed me with her finger. As she did I couldn’t help it and contracted my sphincter to stop her putting her finger into my ass hole.

She saw it tighten and said has a man ever filled this for you with his manhood.

No – one wanted to and we tried but it wouldn’t go in – his cock was a bit soft after we had fucked and I didn’t know if I wanted to or not. Each time he tried I couldn’t help it and clamped my hole up tight and he never got it in even though he covered both of us in baby oil. I could not relax enough and it didn’t feel right. Tim actually got his finger in a little way on a couple of occasions and I liked that but if he went further I had to stop him – I just didn’t like it.

She rolled me onto my back and ran her hands up my legs and inside thighs, I opened my legs wider so she had full access to my vagina as secretly that is what I wanted her to do – finger me.
She spread my pussy lips and opened them wide and rubbed the pink wet flesh inside my labia. I nearly went through the ceiling as she touched my clit.

I think you enjoyed that she said.

I did and any time you want to do that again – I am at your mercy.

She then bent down and with her fingers still holding my love canal wide open licked me, oh god I said and squirmed as her lips aroused every nerve I have there.

Now that’s something else you like – how many women have done that for you.

None – you are the first woman – but Tim has licked me frequently there, I have amazing orgasms when he does it to me.

Good then you can show me how well you cum off. Then she bent down again and positioned herself and began to perform oral sex on me as well as Tim has ever done. I was in seventh heaven as she licked and sucked on my vagina and played with my clit, I was almost on the verge of cumming right then but made a conscious effort to try and suppress it because the feeling she was giving me was amazing and I wanted it to go on forever.

You taste wonderful she said – and that wonderful tight little pussy of yours would have made your man happy.

It did I told her – he loved it and said my vagina was the tightest he had ever fucked and it wrapped around his cock like a glove – even tighter than a condom he said – even though he never used one with me. I was on the pill by then.

When did you go on that.

Not long after I turned 15 – my mom said it would be a good idea – to regulate my periods – but I had the feeling she already knew I was taking risks. That’s when I learned how to wank a guy off – when we fucked. I would make him pull his cock out and then I would finish him by hand. Once I got the hang of that I began giving them oral and swallowing it. When we fucked and I finished them off in my mouth they loved it and not one had an accident and came inside me. I was always amazed that each guy came off differently and the difference in the way they spurted and the amount of cum they produced always fascinated me. It still does and I love to bring them off by hand and watch them cum. Quite often I let them spurt it over me. I have been covered in cum quite a few times and we rub it in or have a shower together and wash it off.

She started licking my slit and rubbing it with the palm of her hand, then she slipped two fingers right up my cunt and was finger fucking me as she licked me and she knew how – she would not go near my clit for a while then give it a good licking and bring me right up to almost cumming then leave it alone and my climax would subside and I would enjoy just being licked and finger fucked until she did it again. I think she could tell when I was getting close by the way I breathed and moved my legs.

I loved playing with my nipples when she was doing that to me.

After what seemed like half an hour, but was only 10 minutes, I couldn’t hold back any more and I came. She knew I must have been close because she put her arms around my legs and pulled my body hard onto her face and really worked on my vagina and made me cum off in a big way – sucking and licking my clit. I had cum off as big as this before with Tim – he was a master at oral sex so I had been up there before a few times – really high and this was one of those times.

I jerked as the spasms hit me one after another and half sat up each time one hit me and I grunted each time. My tits bounced with each spasm and I screwed up my face. I also went to open my legs and pull them back so she could get onto me as hard as she liked and I said let me open them wider and she relaxed her grip of my legs until she had 100% of me over her mouth. My entire body was shaking with the pleasure of my orgasm and I was bucking my hips up to her mouth to get maximum pressure over my cunt. My head was rolling from side to side with the exquisite pleasure I was enjoying and I was pulling my nipples and squeezing my breast until they hurt but it felt awesome. I was grunting regularly as each spasm ripped through my body from my toes to my brain. My whole body was involved in my orgasm and I was having as good a climax as I have ever had. My vagina must have looked like you could have driven a bus into it was that wide open. She kept going and I knew then what she was going to do for me – a multiple orgasm – so I prepared myself for the sensation which bordered on exquisite pleasure and a little discomfort but I knew it was worth it. A multiple orgasm was absolutely mind bending.

I managed to hold on until I had three orgasms one after another – which felt like one long one but with peaks and valleys – it was fantasic but my clit was red raw or felt like it. That minute had seemed like an hour and I had to tell her to stop – and she did. It was an amazing sensation and a little uncomfortable but also erotic. I can remember the first time Tim did it to me and I cried it hurt that much and he wouldn’t stop until I was screaming at him to stop. He had his arms around my legs holding me to him as Jane had been and was sucking my clit and licking it at the same time and I almost passed out with the sensation – it was frantic.
She sat up and rubbed her hand over my mound which felt nice – it sort of soothed the trauma it had just endured. You were magnificent she said – I gather that wasn’t your first multiple – I thought I was going to give you something special and unique.

She kissed me and I could smell and taste my vaginal and lust juices in her mouth as I do when I masturbate and lick my fingers but this was far more erotic.

You were marvellous I told her – that was the first time I had ever reached three – two has been as much as I could take before – they are soooo intense. You get first prize for that.

So Tim has done that for you too.

Yes and I told her about the couple of experiences I have had with him.

You are a hot little thing arnt you – how many girls have enjoyed what you have achieved so far – you are a real little hot pants. Do you talk about it with other girls.

Only one she does it too but we don’t talk about it in front of the others – some have very loose lips and talk about other girls and I know some of it is not true, so we dont give them anything to embellish. Jan and I have talked about doing this together but we just havnt had the right opportunity or been in that frame of mind to make the big decision – I knew I would have to be sexed up to do it and you turned me on and I knew it was right. I am glad you made the move for me. Now I can tell Jan I can do it and help her. It will be like making the decision to do it the first time. I didn’t realise how nice it is to be sexual with another woman and you are wonderful.

Now I am hot and ready to go again – let me show you how I can perform – not that I have done it on a woman before – only guys.

Jane had positioned herself ready for me to go down on her and when she was ready I climbed up over her and lay on top of her and we kissed like we had done before – passionately. It got me hot immediately. I kissed her neck and then down to her breasts and suckled on them for a minute with my hand rubbing her mound but not fingering her inside yet. I had followed what she had done and it was a good doing it, as it was having it done to you – I had never sucked a nipple before. She felt great and I took a mental note that I had to remove some of my hair. She has wonderful nipples and it was easy to rub them between my lips and licked the tip of each nipple at the same time and she moaned as I did it – she obviously liked it.

My hand could feel her moisture now so I moved slowly over her body and kissed around her belly button and then down over each thigh and as she spread them to give me full access to her beautiful vaginal lips. I did what she had done and put my arms around her legs and pulled them to my face and buried my face in her beautiful crutch, covering my face with her carnal juices. I licked as much as I could from her and she tasted great. She had that wonderful musky scent of a woman and I loved it. Her labia are tight and don’t protrude from her body so when I licked them they were covered in her juice and really tasty. Then I used my fingers to spread her lips wide and expose her wonderful pink tunnel of love and I could see her internally and there were tears of her juices running down inside her – and as they ran I licked them from her and she moaned again – I was doing ok for my first time – but I had been treated to some wonderful experiences by Tim and now Jane a few minutes ago.

I slipped two fingers into her and gently rubbed them around her opening and curled them up and rubbed her G spot. Tim had explained to me what it was and where it was and I had also examined myself with my own fingers privately to locate it and massage it when I masturbated.

Jane moaned and said – where did you learn to do that.


God you must let me loose with him – that guy is a god when it comes to women and sex. I can see how good you are and if I am your first woman he really knows what we like – you are very fortunate to have him. I don’t think I can show you much about making love to another woman – you seem to have it all.

I went back down on her and licked and flicked my tongue over her and I then slipped the tip of my finger into her ass as Tim had done to me and she moaned again – oh god she said you are amazing – not many of us know how to do it as well as you. You are amazing.

I said you would like Tim – he is more your age and I am sure the three of us would kill ourselves if we were all in the same bed together and he fucks as well as he does this. God I have never considered that before a threesome with you and him – that would be mind blowing. I will talk to him about it.

Oh sweet Sally she said – you would share your man with me – that is lovely – you and I will be friends for life.

Oh I don’t think I am his only one – probably his youngest but I think he could be keeping a couple of other women happy too. I actually believe he has a woman old enough to be his mother as he sometimes refers to her as the mature one. He does her lawn and he told me she wanders around naked all the time and I think he gets paid by her with her body rather than her purse. I am sure women of all ages would throw themselves at him. And his cock would keep any woman happy. It does me.

I had been talking and licking as well as fingering her and we had been at it for about 15 minutes when I began to see her stirring in ways women do when they are excited and approach their climax.
I stopped talking and concentrated on giving her a climax and orgasm equal or better than the one she gave me. I pulled her groin to me and buried my face in her mound and licked her clit hard and fast and pounded my four fingers into her vagina and rubbed them against the walls of her cunt to give her maximum sensation as if she had a big cock in her, as Tim has, and I wanted it to feel like him in her like it did to me.

I was going to attempt a multiple orgasm on her – this was my first time giving a woman oral and I wanted it to be as good as she had given me and I concentrated on what I had remembered when Tim and Jane had done it for me.

She was grunting and groaning and bucking and like me forcing her mound onto my mouth, as she was bucking about and I was having trouble keeping my mouth in contact with her clit but I wasn’t doing too badly and she began to really grunt and screw her face up I knew from my own experience her orgasm was still engaging her so I sucked harder and like her kept sucking. She was going great guns and really making the most of it and she was making so much juice – I was having trouble licking and drinking it from her – I have heard of girl spurting during an orgasm and seen it on porn but it was nothing like that. She also surprised me that she lasted as long as she did; she seemed to go on forever. Then she gasped out – no more…… no more …. STOP…. STOP…. Oh shit……… you are killing me. She may have even been crying. I removed my face from between her legs and sat up and looked down on her laying there exhausted. She was soaking wet and her juice was still leaking out of her. I had taken so much and she still had more.

She couldn’t talk – her whole body was heaving and gasping for breath – I could see the veins in her neck pulsing and I lay over her and cuddled her and I could feel her heart pumping and racing, she really was exhausted – I kissed her lips but she was so busy tying to breath she could not return my passion. I must have done for her what she had done for me. I was happy I had not failed to satisfy her totally.

We lay like this for some minutes until she had recovered and the first thing she said to me was – you are fucking amazing. I would never imagine a 17yo could almost kill me – THAT was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I had a feeling you would go for a multiple but you were so vigorous and I wanted it so badly – I actually lost control and I think I may have spurted for the first time. I have now had the most extreme experience of my life – no woman has done that to me – or a man either. I have sucked a guy off and kept it going and made him cum twice within a few minutes and I now know what he felt like – he could not stand up. He said it was like being kicked in the balls – he couldn’t breath either. He said it had never happened to him before getting sucked off. He said he had once cum twice very quickly when he was fucking a girl. He had just cum and she was so close and she told him to keep his cock in her. She then worked herself off on his cock and he came again – he said it was the most amazing thing he had ever done. He has tried to since but had never achieved it until I sucked him out.

I said she had made a lot of cunt juice and I had trouble drinking it all and even now she was still leaking. I put my fingers down and wiped them over her pussy and covered them with her syrup. Put them to her lips and as she sucked them dry. I did the same thing. It was great pussy juice and when I kissed her again a minute or two later I could taste her on our tongues and we both enjoyed the taste of her at the same time.

Our passion returned slowly and we kissed for ages and fondled each others breasts and pussies. We kissed as lovers do. There was no age difference now I had achieved one of the joys of life – successfully making love to another woman.

We spent the night together in her bed only leaving each other to visit the toilet.

In the morning Jane shaved my pussy hair and I now have a beautiful wide landing strip of short hair – it looks beautiful. Tim will just have to put up with it – Jane and I both like it and we are going to be lovers for some time.

What we had achieved was incest – cousins should not do what we had done or planned to do a lot more of. Being girls we could not conceive from each other so we considered what we were doing together was natural and we had no concerns about the consequences.

There was more – lots more…… and we never failed to satisfy each other – I will write more about that some time soon. Tim was invited into our love life and agreed to a threesome – my first threesome, and that is something else I will never forget. He actually didn’t mind my new pubic patch and it didn’t affect our love making. He and Jan were wonderful together and a joy to watch. They had a wonderful time with me and I know they have found time to enjoy their own private time together since. I have not been neglected and I still see Jane and enjoy our lovemaking and Tim keeps me happy as often as we can as well. I have the best of both worlds.

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