Two women for my man

“Why not?, I owe Ahbar after that lot,” I smiled back. A week later we have arranged for Mary to join us.

“I want to pleasure both of you, we should have done this before now, I have been so horny ever since I watched you with two hung men, very horny. And the way they both kissed your arse was really something, I loved that.” she confided over coffee during the week.

“Have you been using your vibrator?”

“Yes, I have been Eni. Would you like to watch me?” Mary asks sheepishly.

“You took the words out of my mouth, I was going to ask if you would like me to watch you use it?”

“It’s a cliche, but let me change into something more comfortable for you.”

Mary reappears a short time later in killer heels and a just a skimpy blouse with all the buttons undone, “I learnt to dress like this after watching you, less is more.”

“My man would like to watch you doing that,” I smile very aroused as I watch Mary sliding her vibrator into her cunt lips.

“I haven’t seen a naked woman for more than a month, and I haven’t had a woman since then either,” I tell Mary.

“You are turning me on, really turning me on,” I whisper as I tongue kiss her.

“I was a little bit naughty this afternoon, I watched Mary pleasure herself with her vibrator, it was very exciting for me,” I smile sheepishly at Ahbar as we finish our dinner.

“You know she wants to pleasure both of us on Sunday. After today I can’t wait for her to have me while you watch.”

Without saying a word Ahbar undresses me (I wasn’t wearing much, as I expected this) and bends me over the dining table, parts my legs and thrusts his rock hard eight-inch cock into me.

“Tell me what happened, did you have sex with her?”

“No I just watched. It really was exciting watching a naked woman pleasuring herself. ”

“Was that all?” he asks thrusting his very hard erection into me with his hands holding my arse cheeks.

“Was that really all?” he asks again as he slides his full length into me as his body slaps against my arse.

“We tongue kissed when she was getting close to orgasm.

“And we kept on tongue kissing until her second orgasm, then her third.

“When she was close to her fourth she told me she wanted to kiss my arse just like you two men did on Sunday. That was very exciting for me.

“Then when she was about to cum for the fifth time she was begging me to let her lick my cunt.

“So I let her and baby it was good, so exciting, almost as good as you fucking me now.

“Remember I had never had a lesbian experience until you organised the first one.

“Right now baby, right now, cum with me.”

“What a fuck that was baby, can’t wait to watch you and Mary together,” he whispers in the afterglow.

“Another lady is visiting us tomorrow and she wants to do to you what I am doing you right now,” Ahbar tells me on the Saturday as he is licking my eager cunt lips and has me on the brink of orgasm. “Would you like me to watch her pleasuring you?”

“Yes, you know I would. You know I love you watching me be pleasured by another person. I have had men and women provide sexual pleasure for me while you watched, often at the same time,” I tell him as I shudder and cum.

“What would you like me to do while I watch,” he asks as he has me close to my second orgasm while he continues licking my very wet cunt.

“You usually masturbate for me, would you like me to suck your eight-inch erection while Mary is licking my cunt?” I tease just before I cum again.

The next day after we showered together and prepared for Mary we debated what to wear for her. “Why not just wrap a towel around ourselves? Then Mary can undress us, but you need heels,” Ahbar suggests.

“What about this instead Ahbar?,” I ask as slip on a tiny black g-string and heels and strut around the room for him.

“Your arse looks absolutely sensational baby, love it.”

“i want to have both of you today,” Mary tells us as soon as she arrives while tongue kissing me before she does the same to Ahbar.

She is dressed in a very short skirt with long slits up the sides and obviously nothing else, and heels which highlights her good legs.

“Who wants to undress me so I am naked for both of you?,” she teases. “Eni has seen me naked, so how about you Ahbar?”

I watch bemused as my man undoes the zip at the back of her dress and slides it off her as he ogles her very attractive size 10-12 body, very good legs and hips and modest tits with large nipples.

“I want to have you later after I have Eni,” Mary tells Ahbar as she pulls his towel off. “Your cock is magnificent,” she whispers as she licks his nipples with one hand on his semi-erection.

“Now let’s get serious Eni, love the heels, you are a very exciting woman,” she tells me as she licks my nipples.

“And your gorgeous arse really is special, very special in that tiny g-string,” she moans as she licks and kisses both sides of it then slides it off.

“It’s very exciting having you while your man is watching, his cock is magnificent, eight inches and very thick just like you told me, we are turning him on, and I love the way he shaves you,” Mary whispers as she has me flat on my back on the bed, legs apart with her arms wrapped around my thighs as she is expertly teasing my cunt lips with her tongue.

“You two are a voyeurs delight, Mary is very good,” I can hear Ahbar moaning as Mary has me close to orgasm while Ahbar is licking my very erect nipples.

I am aware of Ahbar moving so he is standing behind me, then tongue kissing me in that position as he teases my nipples with his fingertips.

“So good, so good, baby with Mary pleasuring my cunt lips,” I groan as I orgasm and Mary keeps licking me.

“You usually masturbate for me while another person is pleasuring me, would you like me to suck your eight-inch erection instead while Mary is licking my cunt?”

Without waiting for an answer he has the tip of his cock in my mouth. “So good baby, watching Mary licking your wet cunt in the all the mirrors, especially the ceiling mirror.”

After what must be five or six orgasms, just when I think what Mary is doing to me with her tongue could not get any more pleasurable I can feel her inserting a vibrator into me while she continues licking me. Then when she turns it on and slowly increases the speed I am in sexual heaven.

“Can I have him now Eni? Swap positions with him.”

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby, I love watching another person blowing your thick eight-inch cock. Last week it was a hung man, today a lady who has just had me. She was very good, very, very good,” I tell Ahbar sexually satiated as he lies on the bed and and I stand alongside him.

“Would you like me to tease your nipples?,” I ask as I lick them, then tongue kiss him while I watch Mary lick the sides of his roaring erection.

“How long can you last baby?” I ask as I watch Mary working on his throbbing erection with her mouth and hands as she scratches his balls.

“Is she better than me baby?,” I tease as I bite his nipples, lightly at first, then harder while I tongue kiss him

He is breathing very heavily as I ask again, “How long can you last baby? You haven’t told me.”

“Would you like to lick my cunt while Mary is sucking your cock?,” I tease as I sit on his face, facing Mary so I can watch.

He is breathing extremely heavily as I tease again, knowing he is right on the edge while he is licking my cunt, “How long can you last baby? You still haven’t told me,” I whisper as I watch Mary holding his cock with two hands while she sucks and licks the top of his throbbing erection like an ice cream.

“Now baby, now, right now,” he groans as his whole body shudders and he shoots a huge load.

“Eni told me you fucked her after she watched me use my vibrator the other day. I would love to watch you fuck her, she told me she likes an appreciative audience,” Mary tells us as we wind down in our sit down shower alcove.

“I would like that, very much, though I am not sure Ahbar can get it up again so soon,” I smile, aroused at the thought.

“Leave it to me Eni. I turned you on when you watched me use my vibrator. Would you like to watch me use it Ahbar? I would love you and Eni to watch me use it,” Mary smirks as she licks Ahbar’s nipples.

Ahbar loves to watch me using my vibrator (and I love him watching) and I can see he is eagerly watching Mary as she sits, opens her legs and runs her vibrator along the insides her thighs, teases her cunt lips with it, then slowly inserts two thirds of it into her as she holds our gaze.

“So good with a male and a female watching,” Mary moans as as she motions for Ahbar to stand close to her as he is teasing his flaccid cock with a fingertip.

“Do you like watching me use my vibrator? I want you to get a roaring erection for me so I can watch you fuck Eni with it,” she tells him as she teases his cock with her fingers.

“Do you like watching me using my vibrator while I tease your man’s cock Eni? I love performing for you.”

“Yes I do, very much, it turns me on,” I respond as Ahbar now has almost a full erection.

“Lick Eni’s cunt lips while I kiss her arse.

“Is that a turn on for you?”

“Yes it is, I love receiving sexual pleasure with another person watching,” I respond assuming the question was directed to me as I stand and place one foot on a stool as Ahbar licks me with his arm between my legs with his hand on one side of my arse as Mary kisses and licks the other side.

“Yes it is, I love licking Eni with another woman watching, my cock is throbbing,” Ahbar replies almost simultaneously as he teases his full-on erection before Mary leads us back to the bedroom and lays on the bed with her legs apart and hanging over the end of the bed.

“I want you Eni, now, right now, fuck me with your tongue,” she tells me as I lean down to pleasure her cunt lips and wrap my arms around her legs.

“I have been fantasising about doing this to you for days Mary, I want to pleasure you with my lesbian skills.”

As my lips make contact with her cunt I can feel Ahbar grasping my arse, then I feel him sliding his rock hard eight-inches into me.

“Wow, that is so good in all the mirrors, especially the one on the ceiling. I have been waiting for this for a full week. A lady pleasuring me with her tongue while her man is fucking her.

“So good, so good, so good,” Mary keeps repeating as I take great delight in pleasuring her with variations of my tongue.

At the same time as Ahbar is slowly thrusting into me I am fantasising about blowing another man while my man is fucking me in this same position in around a months time in accordance with our loose understanding.

“Lick my cunt, fuck my cunt, your tongue is magic, fuck my cunt,” Mary keeps repeating as I manage to slip a pillow under her arse.

“My turn to do this to another man, a really hung one soon baby,” I manage to mutter as Ahbar increases the tempo of his thrusting as he slides and uses his full eight-inches in and out of me.

“So good, so good, your tongue really is magic Eni, I must have cum five times, and I am cumming again,” Mary moans.

“I am getting close baby, very close,” Ahbar whispers as he is thrusting his full length into me

“I love watching you masturbate, what better time than now, do it for both of us. Put your cock ring on and show Mary how you do it,” I tell Ahbar.

He loves flaunting and masturbating his this eight-inch erection at any time and and I can see he is very keen to do for two women as he teases just the tip of it with four fingers and thumb before he puts his cock ring on and fastens it under his balls.

“Smear a good dose of oil over my cock for me Mary,” he asks as Mary obliges.

“That is a turn on, you really are hung and thick, do it for Eni and me,” Mary urges as he uses both hands along the full length of his erection and slowly increases the speed of his strokes.

I know my man so well and how he likes his arse scratched while he masturbates that I do it before he asks this time.

“Harder baby, harder, hurt me, nearly there, nearly there,” he is panting as Mary watches fascinated.

“That is so good, so fucking good,” he is almost screaming as I insert a large butt plug into him, release it then push it in as far as I can as he has a very noisy orgasm and blows a huge load.

“When can we do this again?,” Mary asks as we unwind together in our sit down shower recess.

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