Motel CumSlut 1.

In the early 70s when I was 18 years old, my dad was sent to South Carolina as
the construction superintendent of a new paper mill. The plan was to pack our
clothes and essentials and to rent a furnished apartment for the nine month
project. We drove out to the small town of Rock Hill and arrived late around
midnight. The car had a flat tire in front of a small motel a mile from where
dad had made reservations. The old couple who ran the motel were out front and
told dad just to stay there for the night.

We ended up staying there for nearly six weeks because mom never could find an
apartment in the small town she liked. During all that time, mom became good
friends with Mr. and Mrs. Akers. They owned and ran the motel for twenty years
without a break or a vacation. During that time, mom learned all there was
about running the Driftwood motel. One night as we were eating dinner in the
Akerss apartment behind the office, mom sprang their idea on dad.

“Joe, I always like to work and the Akers want to visit family this summer.
What if we move into this apartment and you, Joey and I can run the motel for

“Judy, that’s not a bad idea,” dad said as he knew the construction company
wasn’t going to pay for a motel room more than one more week.

“Great!” Mr. Akers said. “We can finally take off a few months and we feel very
confident you guys can run it. Joey, you’ll have chores to do now after school
and this summer.”

“I can work hard Mr. Akers. It’ll be fun.” I told him.

The Akers left a few days later and we moved into their office/apartment. The
place was not very small. The front room was the motel’s office and a family/TV
room, behind it was a kitchen and dinning area, then a very large bedroom with
a nice large bath at the end. Mom and Dad decided to bring in one of the motels
roll away beds for me to sleep on and put it on the wall opposite the foot of
their bed.

Being fifteen and not having your own room seemed like a real bummer, until one
night when my parents woke me up having sex. I laid in the bed listening to
their sexy talk, moans, slurping noises. For a 15 year old I got very horny.
After a while, I also got very bold and would jerk off watching them. The room
was lit by the parking lot lights and I could see mom’s beautiful sexy body
sucking dad’s hard cock, feeding him her big tits and watching dad eat her wet
pussy. But the best show was just watching them fuck. Mom was not a quiet lover
and she loved to talk dirty while they fucked.

“Oh God Joe, fuck your little slut, fill my slutty pussy with your hot creamy
cum. Fuck me lover, Fuck me hard. Twist my tits and tell me how much of a slut
your wife is.”

Dad loved to play along. “You are a slut Judy. Those luscious tits and that
find ass of your’s. You love being fucked don’t you. You need a hard cock in
your pussy everyday don’t you?”

They would fuck for what seemed like hours. And I would watch and jerk off in
my bed. Each morning to cover up the cum in the sheets, I would strip the bed
and leave the soiled sheets in the laundry room and re-make it every night.

The labor crews on the construction site were usually from out of town, so dad
got them to stay at the motel. Soon every week night the motels 60 rooms were
booked solid. When Mr. Akers ran the motel, he would go to bed at 9:00 every
night and turn on the ‘no vacancy’ sign regardless of whether any of the rooms
were rented.

The month of May had come and my chore after school every day was to clean the
pool. Mr. Akers had taught me before he left and I enjoyed the task because I
could swim when I was finished. The pool was in the front of the motel and had
a high wood fence around it so no one from the rooms or the highway could see
anyone swimming. Only a chain link gate offered a view inside and then only
from the motels office windows. The construction crews would get home about the
time I finished cleaning the pool and would usually join me in rough housing
and swimming in the pool. I was having a blast in our new home.

Then one night, mom and dad got into a different sexy conversation as they were
going to bed. Mom talked about the ‘hunks’ staying at the motel during the
week. I guess they were good looking, most in their late twenties, muscular and
tan from working without shirts all day. Mom mentioned how she loved to sit in
the office and watch their sexy bodies in the pool — How her pussy would get
wet thinking about fucking them. This seemed to turn dad on. He started kissing
her hard and playing with her tits.

“Damn that’s an exciting thought Judy. Just thinking of you fucking those

I didn’t think of them as boys, but to mom and dads 39 years. I guess they

“You would like that Joe?” mom questioned hoping for a positive reaction.

“Shit yes you little slut, I would love to see you take on the guys, let them
fuck you. I bet you really like Jack don’t you? You know Jack, the lead
carpenter. Blond hair…”

“…blue eyes and fat cock,” mom finished sticking dad’s hard cock in her mouth
and licking up and down.

I pulled my underwear down and began stroking my hardening cock watching my
parents about to fuck again. “Just think baby, Jack could have his cock up my
ass while you fuck me. I would love having two cocks in me at the same time.
Hell, we could even have another fuck my mouth and yet another fuck my tits.”

“Oh that sounds nice,” dad said looking up from the sweet pussy he was licking
on at the time. Dad slipped a finger into moms asshole and she moaned in both
pain and pleasure. “But you need to get that ass loosen for Jack’s big cock.
Would you like me to fuck your ass tonight and start getting it ready?”

Mom had an evil grin on her face and got off her back and nearly jumped around
facing her head to the foot of the bed and sticking her ass in dad’s face.
Looking back over her shoulder, she wiggled her ass and said, “Yes, but you
have to suck my asshole first darling.” Then mom looked front again waiting on
dad’s hot tongue and I suddenly remembered she could see me. There I was,
covers thrown back, cock in hand and staring at her hanging tits when I caught
the shocked look in her eyes seeing me. Her face then turned almost instantly
into a smile. She pulled herself up some more on her elbows and winked at me
while she swung her tits back and forth against the bed linen.

“Joe, your tongue feels wild in my hot ass. Lick it baby, lick your motel
slut’s asshole,” mom screamed back at dad as he licked from her pussy to her
ass and back again.

“Whats a motel slut honey?”

“You know, like the girls the boys bring back to their rooms at night from the
bar. I call them motel sluts. And know your wife can be called one since she
wants to fuck’em so bad. Now, get out my dildo and fuck my ass with it.”

Dad leaned over to the bedside drawer, he brought out a tube of KY-jelly but
couldnt find the dildo mom requested. “It’s not here honey. Where did you put
your toy?”

“Oh, I left it behind the desk in the office. I was using it watching the boys
swim today. Go and get darling. Please.”

Dad quickly hopped out of bed with his hard cock leading him the way to the
office. Mom whispered to me, “Watch, this is going to be hot. Then she turned
around and faced the headboard again. She grabbed the top of the headboard and
stuck her ass in the air. When dad came back into the bedroom, I had covered up
and pretend to be asleep. He jumped into the bed and hugged mom from the back.
He then took the KY-Jelly and stuck the end of the tube into her ass and
squeezed the lubricant all up her butt. After that, he took the huge dildo and
began probing moms rosebud.

“Stick it in me Joe, Think of it as Jack’s hard cock fucking your motel slut
wife’s ass. Think of him actually fucking me.”

Dad eased the dildo in slowly, he had moved over to the side so I had a perfect
view of her pussy and ass hole. He fingered her clit and slowly pushed in the
vibrator until it was totally in. Mom moaned and told him to push it in and
out, to fuck her, to let Jacks hard cock fuck her nasty slutty asshole.

Dad moved the hard cock in and out as mom threw her head back and started to
get a lot louder then usual.

“Be quiet Judy, you’ll wake Joey up.”

“Fuck Joe I dont care! I love Jack’s cock in my ass, fuck me Jack, fuck me
harder. Fuck your boss’ wife, fuck your new motel slut Jack.”

Dad leaned over and told mom another position. “What if Jack was fucking your
pussy while I was licking your clit. I could take his cock out and lick your
hot juices off.”

“Would you let him cum in your mouth lover?” mom asked.

“Sure honey, anything you want.”

Dad fucked mom harder and harder as if the idea of eating Jack’s cum from his
hard dick excited him. Then he stood up on his knees with his dick next to her
face and began stroking it. The harder he would stroke his cock, the faster he
would fuck mom’s ass with the dildo.

“I’m cumming Joe. Oh god Im cumming,” mom screamed out.

“Me too Judy, me too.”

Then I saw a remarkable sight, dad’s cum spurted out the end of his cock onto
mom’s face. Globs of cum hit her eyelids, cheeks, lips everywhere. She seemed
to love the cum shower and began crying out with her own orgasm. When they
finished, mom turned around and told dad to lick his cum from her face. “If you
are going to learn how to eat other men’s cum honey, learn to love your’s
first.” Dad began to eagerly lick is hot cream from mom’s face. When he was
finished, they both collapsed on the bed in each others arms.

“You really do get turned on with your little fantasy didn’t you Judy?”

“Yeah, but it’s just a fantasy so I can be hot and horny for you.” Mom moved
dad’s hand over her tits.

“It doesn’t have to be just a fantasy baby. I hear those guys everyday. They
are THE horniest bunch of men I’ve ever met. They’re away from their wives all
week long and think of nothing else but fucking. You’ve seen them bring motel
sluts into their rooms. Well, now YOU could be their motel slut too. In fact
I would love for you to become one.

Mom looked surprised. Why? Does it turn you on to know I’m fucking other men?

I think so. You’re so sexy baby. I mean at 39 you’ve got the body of a 20 year
old — big tits, flat stomach, great ass and wonderful legs. Why should I be
the only one to enjoy all that. Anyway, seeing you have a great time turns me
on more then anything. I love you that much darling. But with one stipulation.

Whats that?

That you let me watch. I can handle the jealousy if we do it together, dad said
kissing mom and playing with her pussy as she spread her legs wide for him.

But I wouldn’t even know how to begin Joe. Are you going to go up to your
workers and tell them to fuck your wife when they get home?

Well, that might be a bit drastic. But I do have an idea. Go get a skimpy
bikini tomorrow. Two sizes too small so your tits and ass hang out. Then while
they’re swimming, go out and prick tease them. Then we can see what their
reactions are and go from there. You can send Joey on an errand so he doesn’t

Mom looked over at me and saw me still staring and smiled. OK, I’ll think of
something for Joey to do.

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