Limits on kinkiness

I just wanted to share this latest lovemaking session with you while I
still have the cum drying on me.

My husband is always wondering when he will see my limit in kinkiness. As
a surprise for me he picked out various porn scenes four in all: the first
was set in a 60 ish theme female brunette, medium tits and male; the
second, a Peter North flick with a blond female; the third, a bondage scene
with 2 female one white and the other oriental woman; 1 female who
deep-throated with 2 males. None of these particularly turned me on but it
did give me an idea – an inspiration if you will.

He started touching me in a sensual possessive way. Stroking my hair where
I craved to be touched, caressing my back in a light delicate way, using
his hands to say “come to me you are mine.” The hint of control that only
he has over me I surrender to do his bidding. I yielded to his touch.

We lit a candle and took out some tarimsu (a creamy coffee flavored Italian
dessert) from the fridge and brought it to the bedroom. I then spread the
tarismu using a fork, and you have to be careful or else you might hurt the
poor guy, on his nipples. To eat the tarismu I found that a new technique
was required you first lick lightly to put the tarimsu in the place to be
licked and then you have to suck and suck hard again as the cream is quite
thick. I watched my husband grasped as the cold refrigerated dessert
touched his skin. He knew that everywhere the tarimsu went my tongue would
follow. It was the anticipation that created the excitement. It means
that every inch of his beautiful dick would be sucked. I slathered more
tarismu on his cock. He was loving it, in fact, begging for it. I would
have to lick, then suck and suck up and down. This was the best tasting
cock I ever had. He was twisting and moaning as the sensations created by
the cold dessert and hot tongue created. For me the flavor went on and on
I simply couldn’t get enough of it. It made me go absolutely wild when
blowing him trying to get at that last morsel down at the base of his cock
and ever time I would strive to go lower and faster to get to that last
creamy lick earlier. Suddenly I felt his stirrings of desire awaken. His
body started to convulse and he moaned in an animalistic growl and shot his
own creamy cum shot on me. I relished every sticky drop of it. I reveled
in the feel of his cum as I spread it all over my stomach, my breasts, my
nipples. And all the while I thought what a great video cum shot this
could have made and how I am going to enjoy sleeping with his cum on me all

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