Motel cumslut 2.


The next day I got home from school and ran back into the bedroom. The door of
the bathroom was open and mom was sitting on the closed toilet seat with her
legs spread. She had a razor on the sink and was spreading shaving cream on
her pussy. When she saw me, she almost reached up and closed the door, then
instead smiled, leaned back and called me to come into the bathroom.

As I walked into the bathroom my cock was growing rapidly in my jeans.

“I got a skimpy bikini like your dad said but my pussy hairs poked out of the
side. So I thought I’d shave it clean. Want to watch?”

I stammered out a grunt.

“Good,” mom said with the same wicked grin she gave me last night. “Take your
pants off and sit on the floor in front of me, you can jerk off while you

I couldn’t believe mom was being THIS nice. I could watch her? I could jerk off
in front of her? My cock was rock solid as I sat with my legs sprawled out on
the bathroom floor, stroking my dick and staring at mom as she ran the razor
over her pussy lips, exposing more and more pink pussy as the white shaving
cream was removed. When she was done, she wiped her pussy with a wet washcloth
and moved her fingers along the smooth beautiful surface.

“You haven’t cum yet Joey,” she said with disappointing look on her face.
“Would you like me to play with myself? Would that help.? Mom leaned back on
the toilet and slid two long bright red fingernails into her pussy and began
play with her clit with the other hand. She moaned and squirmed her ass as she
began fucking herself blatantly in front of her 15 year old son. God I was
turned on.

“Can I see your tits mom?” I begged.

Mom’s eyes opened and she sat up. “No, but how about this.” She then pulled the
thin white T-shirt she was wearing around the her back. Bunching it up under
her tits and pulling it so tight, the material almost disappeared. I could see
the outline of her breasts and nipples pushing through against the taught
fabric. She tied the back and then held her arms out.. “How’s that?”

(I get hot to this day when I visit the Hooter’s restaurant chain where all the
women wear their T-shirt like mom did that day so long ago.)

“That’s hot mom, that’s really hot. I going to cum.”

Mom flew off the toilet seat and onto her knees and got her face to my cock as
the first spurt of cum shot out. It landed on her eyelid and she grabbed my
cock in her mouth and began swallowing my entire load. Wow, I was cumming in my
mom’s mouth.

When I finished, she looked up and told me my cum was so sweet and innocent
tasting. She smiled and stood up grabbing the bikini bottom. It was actually
not a bikini at all, but a g-string she bought at a sex shop in Charlotte. It
was made of a tiny triangle out of shiny black nylon. It barely covered her
pussy. Attaching it to her ass were spaghetti straps for the waist and what
today we call a thong in the back. The thong immediately disappeared into her
ass looking as though from the back she’d nothing on at all.

She turned around and faced me. Those luscious tits of hers wrapped in the
stretched T-shirt, the black triangle struggling to conceal a freshly shaven
pussy, my mom was HOT looking. She started to get the top off the hanger and
put it on but I stopped her.

“Mom, the T-shirt is real sexy. Why don’t you hold off on the top for today?”

Mom turned and looked into the mirror. She pinched her nipples so they would
get harder and stretch the fabric even more. Then she began fondling them and
teasing them (and me). “You’re right darling. I’ll leave the T-shirt. Now go
get your swim trunks on, you have a pool to clean up.”

I picked up my discarded jeans and walked bare assed into the bedroom. It felt
great being naked in the same room with mom. I grabbed my trunks from the
dresser and then stared back at mom through the bathroom door. She was putting
on makeup in the mirror and her seemingly bare ass was wiggling in my
direction. My cock started to grow again. Mom, looked in the mirror at me,
turned around and said, “Go on now Joey, before that adolescent dick gets too
hard to put those trunks on.”

“I thought you were going to send me on an errand?”

“No, your father was. Don’t you want to watch me prick tease the boys?”

“Yeah!” was all I could say as I slung my trunks on and headed out for the


I had been cleaning the pool for an hour and was finishing up when three of the
construction crew came in the gate. I kept wondering where mom was. Had she
chickened out? Was she not going thru with her prick tease afternoon?

“Hey kid, going for a swim?” the first man asked as I gathered the last of the
cleaning equipment.

“Yeah, as soon as I put this stuff up. I’ll be right back.”

I headed out the gate and to the back of the motel to the storage shed. I was
really baffled why mom still wasn’t out by the pool yet. On my way back around
the front of the motel, I heard the guys laughing hard and having fun, although
I didn’t hear any splashing of water in the pool. When I got to the gate and
looked inside, I saw why.

Mom was in there all right. She was sitting on the foot of a low lounge chair
and her face was at the guys crotch level. Even from the gate, I could see the
bulges in their pants as they stared at mom’s tits and the triangle around her
pussy. She must have told a joke or something because they were all laughing
until I came into the fence area. They quickly looked up at me and started to
get embarrassed. Mom turned around and smiled at me then stood up in the crowd
of the 3 guys. She reached out and grabbed two of their butts with each hand
and led them to the pool.

“Let’s go swimming boys,” mom giggled as she pretended to throw them in by the
grip she had on their trunks. The guys jumped in, but mom did a graceful dive
and swam to the other side of the pool. When she got there, she put her arms up
on the side and tried to jump out of the pool. I knew she could so she must
have been faking it. Each time she would jump up, the guys would see her bare
ass flashing them. She hollered out, “Come help me boys.”

While the guys were swimming towards mom, she turned around and spread her arms
on the side of the pool. She raised herself just a little so that her tits were
above the water level. Her T-shirt had all but disappeared once it got wet. It
almost looked like she was naked. The breeze hitting her wet nipples cooled
them and made them so hard they seemed to be ripping through the thin white
material. When the guys pulled up next to mom, she took her arms off the side
of the pool and put them around the muscular men’s necks. She leaned over to
the one on her right and began kissing him with her hot tongue. The other man
started rubbing her tits while the one she was kissing put his finger under her
bikini patch, stroking her newly shaved pussy. I sat down next to the third
guy who took a seat and sat back watching the show. He constantly play with his
crotch as his cock keep wanting to escape the tight confines of his trunks. I
realized that my trunks were also getting very tight, so I just pulled my dick
out over the waistband and started to jerk off. I guess that made him a bit
bolder and he did the same thing.

Mom and her two new admirers were getting very hot. She would kiss one and then
swing around to the other. Then all of a sudden she started swimming to the
shallow end of the pool. The horny men swam right behind her. When she got into
the 3 foot section, she squatted with her feet firmly on the pool bottom and
her tits again above the water line. Both of the guys lifted the bottom of the
tied T-shirt up and over her boobs and began sucking and licking them. I could
see mom’s hand rubbing their crotches. She then laid her head back into the
water and closed her eyes. Her tits were pointing straight up as she created a
dinner table of the most delicious tits in the world for the horny men. Then
all of a sudden, Jack came bounding into the gate.

“What the fuck are you two doing!!!!” he yelled out.

The guys almost dropped mom into the water as she quickly stood up and stared
into Jack’s eyes. She began pulling the T-shirt back over her breasts and
mumbled that dad would be home soon and she needed to get dinner ready. As she
walked out of the pool, she grabbed Jack’s cock through his trunks and smiled
at him. Sure enough, dad was pulling into the motel drive as mom walked toward
the office. Imagine the sight he got of his hot looking wife, in a translucent
wet T-shirt and almost no bottoms at all. And there was no telling what she had
just done. What slutty show she had just put on for his employees. Mom smiled
at her husband and blew him a kiss as she walked into the office front door.

One of the guys getting out of the pool mumbled, “I know what I want for dinner
from her.”

Jack was furious at his crew. “Are you guys fucking nuts!!!?? That’s Mr.
George’s wife your were fucking with. If he had caught you, we’d all be out of
a job and probably not be able to find another anywhere close to home.”

He looked over at me. “My god son. That was your mother. You watched her do
that and didn’t say anything?”

“Mom is sexy Jack. I was enjoying the show. Don’t you think she’s sexy?”

“What would your dad say kid?” Jack hollered back at me.

“Never know Jack, Ya’ just never know,” was all I said as I passed him going
back into the motel office.

When I walked into the office, I heard dad and mom talking in the kitchen.

“Were their dicks as big as you hoped Judy?”

“Oh god yes Joe, and so fucking hard.”

I looked into the kitchen door. Dad was hugging mom from behind as she was
getting dinner ready. He had pulled the wet T-shirt up over her tits and was
pinching the nipples between his fingers. His pants were slammed hard against
her bare ass and he was kissing her on the neck. When he realized I had walked
into the kitchen, he tried to pull the T-shirt back over mom’s exposed tits.
She just laughed and pulled the whole bunched up shirt over her head. Then,
tits swinging in the breeze, she brought over my dinner plate and leaned over
me as she sat it down. Her nipples brushed the side of my face and came within
millimeters of my mouth. It was all I could do not to lick or suck them that
close. Dad just starred in disbelief.

“I forgot to tell you dear. Joey watched the show too.”

“I thought you were going to send him on an errand.”

“I was, but I decided he needed some excitement too. Didn’t you baby?” mom said
as she literally put the nipple into my mouth and pushed the back of my head
into her tit. I just started licking and sucking. I was in heaven. Mom pulled
away and told dad to sit down. She came over and leaned into his mouth too as
she served his plate, making him suck her tits as well. Then she got her plate
and sat down at the table between us-bare tits and all. “Eat up fellows,” mom
said picking up her fork.

Dad sat in disbelief with a dirty smile on his face I don’t think wore off for
years. Then I heard him mumble, “I know what I want to eat tonight and it’s not
on this table.”