Erotic verse


Bow down on your knees before me,
Naked, your pale skin is creamy, silken,
Your long, blond hair a fallen curtain
Shielding your light blue lady’s eyes
>From your man, your towering taskmaker
Who commands you to remain quiet,
Your downcast face, submissive, meek;
I am your owner, your cruel master,
And you my willing, humble slave.

Woman, you are my weakness, my slayer,
Yet you tremble before me, denied touch,
Your low moans begging for sweet release
>From the cinched leather straps, restraints
I have bound tightly into your tender flesh
Cutting bruises on your milky, flawless skin —
I will damage you, mark you as mine
With the rigid collar on your delicate neck,
And the criss-crossed leather at your crotch
That rides up into your pink, perfect asscrack,
Binding across your slender back, over ribcage,
Up between your full, rounded breasts
Where your pierced nipples dangle weights —
You are crucified, a suffering saint,
My martyr to sacrifice, a sacred sinner.

Now I control you, deny your freedom
As you writhe in an agony of need,
Your tearful eyes lifted in silent plea —
But I savagely slap your face, a shriek
Of painful ecstasy when you cry out
And I thrust my long, thick cock
Into your open mouth, down your throat
Smothering your voice as you almost choke
On the heavy, pulsing meat riding down
Deeper and deeper, plunging relentlessly
With slow, deliberate strokes that send my
Body into shuddering pleasurable ripples,
Yet I am in near hysteria, angry, raging,
My furious assault a vicious attack unchecked,
When all of a sudden I hit the flashpoint —
Seeing you my slave, bound and tortured,
Submitting to my masterful, potent cock,
I explode, releasing my violence onto you,
Semen shooting out, bathing your face:
My weakened, vanquished female enemy,
I am, at last, victorious over your power.