Kayla And The Dance Club Debacle


It was December 4, 2004, one of the coldest days of the
year, and I was already an hour and a half late. I
finally located the motel room where he said he would
be and knocked on the door. 10 seconds went by then 30
then a full minute and no one answered. “Where the fuck
is he?” I muttered to myself and blew into my hands
before I knocked again. I looked at the sign of the
motel and cursed myself silently. I told him the wrong
place. I meant to say Super 8 instead of Glenwood Inns
and now would have to walk about 15 minutes down the
street. I thought to myself, “You know, you could
always go home,” but by this point, I was too far gone.
Plus, he was waiting for me. And I hate to disappoint
what I was hoping would be a good lover.

Who was he? His name was Ben and I had met him on one
of those phone chat lines about 3 months previously.
When we got into a private chat, I thought he was a
nice enough guy and his free trail was almost over so I
gave him my home phone number and told him to call me
right back. Some guys say they will and never do, and
others you wish you never gave your number to.

He was different. He had a vibe about him that let me
know he was a pretty sincere guy and was just looking
to talk and have fun, nothing serious. Which was good
because I wasn’t looking for anything serious. The last
few relationships I had been in ended up with me
getting very hurt and I didn’t want to get burned
again. I hung up the phone and about 2 minutes later it
rang. I answered and it was him. That one phone call
changed my life forever.

We started getting to know each other for real, known
of that unimportant nonsense that people exchange on
the chat line. He called himself Al (half of his middle
name) and he didn’t want to tell me his real first name
until he knew I was honest and not some crazy bitch
that he’d invite over and won’t leave (another day,
another story).

He told me about where he was from, his family, what it
was like when he was growing up. I asked him his age
and he easily bypassed that question by asking me
things about myself. I told him my name was Alisha (not
my real name but I wanted to make sure he wasn’t crazy
either) and that I was 18 (which was another lie, I was
17 but I didn’t want to scare him off) and told him
about my siblings and family life as well.

It was a nice, normal conversation which is something I
hadn’t had in a while from the freaks that I thought I
could trust to give my number. They always wanted to
talk about sex, which was fine because most times I did
too. But after they had gotten their jollies, which was
usually after only about 10 minutes of talking, all of
a sudden they remembered something had come up and they
had to quickly get off the phone. If they did call me
again, which they usually did, I’ve give them some
bogus excuse to get off the phone and dismiss them. I
am not one to be dumped once someone has gotten their
fill and they needed to know that. But I digress.

This meet-and-greet session lasted about 2 hours and as
it wound down I finally asked him the question that I
had been dying to ask since the conversation began.
“Will you make me cum?” He chuckled softly and told me
I wasn’t shy and began to let the hot, dirty words roll
softly off his tongue and into my ear, down my chest
and through my fingers which were working overtime on
my clit.

I mumbled softly as he described how he’d eat my pussy
and lick me from head to toe, stop at all the
obligatory spots and just some hot spots like my neck
and belly button. He capped it off by telling me how
he’d thrust his big, white cock in and out of my tiny
pussy, making my cunt suck his cock so hard, and having
me splash thick creamy cum down his dick until it
coated his balls.

I came so hard I thought that I was going to pass out.
I had never met him or even seen his face and this man
had already taken me to heights I’d never thought
possible. It was incredible. I slowly floated back down
to Earth and asked him if he had cum himself. I had
become so wrapped up in my quest to achieve that
ultimate orgasm that I hadn’t even bothered to make
sure he achieved the same. He said he had and couldn’t
wait to do it again. We said our good-byes and hung up
and I fell into a deep but very pleasant sleep.

For the next two weeks we talked almost everyday, and
each conversation ended with me covering my hand and
bed with hot, sticky girl cum. He told me how much he
enjoyed our phone meeting but really wanted to meet me
in person. I had met a few other gentlemen before him
online so it wasn’t such an outrageous request.

After all, we had exchanged so much information about
ourselves to one another that it was only reasonable to
want to see the face that matches the voice that you’re
spending so much time with. I told him I wanted to do
the same and we agreed that we would do it soon. But
before that, he was going to take a trip to Ohio to
visit his mother and after that, he promised me we’d
get together. He told me he would be gone for about 4
days but the weekend after that, he wanted to meet me.

The next weekend rolled around and I called him. He
didn’t answer, so I left a message. Three days passed
by and I had called him a few more times, and still
didn’t get a response. I was disappointed and my
feelings were a little hurt. So many questions started
rattling off in my head. Did he find a new girlfriend?
Was he bored of me and didn’t want to talk anymore? Was
he dead? I didn’t have any of the answers and didn’t
know where to begin to answer them so I just let it go
and hoped that maybe, in time, he’d finally get the
balls to call me back and tell me what was going on
with him.

About another month passed and there was still no word
and I had all but completely forgotten about him. I was
hoping that I’d at least get one more courtesy call
telling me he had gone back to his wife or something
and that we couldn’t talk anymore. I would’ve
understood that a lot better then just not knowing what
was going on at all. I started stewing a little in the
anger that was building in his disregard for my
feelings when one Saturday mid-morning, the phone rang.
I picked up, a bit ticked because at that time of the
morning it was either my mother or telemarketers, and I
didn’t want to here from either.


“Hello. May I please speak to Alisha?”

“This is she. Who is this?”



“Ben. Oh, Al.”

My heart skipped a beat. I had been waiting for this
phone call for over a month, but I really didn’t expect
it to come. I was so excited I wanted to jump off the
bed. I calmed myself down enough to try to enjoy the
conversation but couldn’t stop the irritation I was
feeling from seeping into my voice. After we did the
pleasantries, I immediately began inquiring about where
he’d been the past month. I told him about how I’d been
calling him (I’m sure he knew from the messages I’d
left him) and how I was upset that he didn’t respond

He gave me some cock-and-bull story about how his phone
had gotten shut off and he lost my number for awhile
and he had just found it and blah, blah, blah. At that
point, it didn’t matter anymore. I was just happy that
I was finally able to talk to him again and didn’t want
to scare him off with a jealousy that was unfounded.

After all, we weren’t dating and he didn’t have any
ties to me, but I felt a sense of ownership over him
that was ridiculous. We started our usual dialogue once
again and this continued until the end of November.
Once again, the question of when we could finally see
each other face-to-face arose. This time, I was a
little cautious. What if I met him and he just
disappeared again? I’d be very hurt and would probably
never speak to him again. On the other hand, there was
the chance that we could see each other and get a good
relationship going or at least have a really good fuck

That possibility outweighed all my other rational
senses. I agreed to meet him but told him since I
didn’t have a car, he’d have to come to my side of
town. He told me that was fine and that I would just
have to tell him where we would meet or he could come
pick me up from my house. I was already cutting it thin
by agreeing to meet him and didn’t want to press my
luck by telling him where I lived just yet. I explained
to him how to get to my house, which motel I wanted
this rendezvous to commence at and what time to meet
me. All this would happen in one week’s time.

The Saturday of our agreed upon meeting date couldn’t
come soon enough. I talked to him earlier in the day
and he described all the things he wanted to do to me.
I was still feeling a little hesitant of going to see
him but figured if I was really afraid he was going to
do something, I could always take a weapon. Even if he
kills me, I was going to do my damndest to fuck him up.

I picked out my outfit, which was nothing but jeans and
a T-shirt, and picked out my sexiest pair of panties
that I just knew would turn him on. I decided against
wearing a bra because after all, I was trying to make
sure he wanted to cum in his pants before I even walked
through the door. He told me he liked a girl who was
shaved but a hairy pussy was just as good. Even though
I was young, I was by no means stupid and got the hint
that he wanted a clean working space.

I waited until later in the evening when I was sure
once and for all that I was going to go and got out my
three trustee sidekicks: Mr. Snip (the scissors), Mrs.
Gillette (the razor) and Mr. Colgate (the shaving

I took off my pants and panties and sat on the edge of
the bath tub, my legs spread wide waiting from the hair
removal procedure to begin. I turned on the water and
got it going until it was nice and warm and poured the
water over my soon- to-be-smooth pussy. It had been
about 3 months since my last good “date” and the jungle
had gotten out of control.

There wasn’t as much hair down there that it looked
gross, but it definitely looked like the bush of a 1972
porn star. I started off by cutting the hair as far
down as I could get to my skin without cutting myself
and then let the real work begin. For the next 45
minutes, I shaved until I was as smooth as the day I
was born.

I even went against the grain to make sure I had gotten
everything. If he was going to eat me (something I had
never had done to me very well), I wanted him to enjoy
his meal. After clearing out the forest, I shaved
anything else I didn’t want him to be disgusted by (my
armpits, which is something I do shave often) and took
a nice hot shower, making sure I smelled minty fresh
for my hopeful lover.

I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself,
knowing that I was going to have a nice hard fuck date.
And if he couldn’t do the job, which was something I
wasn’t worried about at all, then I could always come
home and finish the job myself. By the time I finished
putting on lotion to make sure my skin was nice,
smooth, and smelling magically delicious, it was almost
11 and I was just 2 hours away from ending my dry

He lived about an hour away from me, so he told me he’d
leave before 12 midnight and should be at the motel
exactly at 1 AM. When he got a room, he’d call me and
tell me where he was and at that point I would sneak
out and go meet him. When he called me to tell me he
was leaving, I got dressed, brushed my teeth, fixed my
hair and lay in bed, feeling my panties getting moist
in anticipation of meeting my new hopeful white lover.

Like I said before, I had met other guy’s offline but I
just knew in my bones that he was going to change all
of that and I just couldn’t wait to see how much. I
couldn’t wait to hear the phone ring again because I
knew that it would be him and I didn’t want to lose a
moment going to see him. I started drifting off into my
fantasy and almost thought I could feel him touching me
all over my little ebony teen body. I couldn’t wait.

Everything was going according to plan except for one
thing, my sister just wouldn’t go to sleep. It was easy
to bypass her room except for the fact that if I were
to open the door, since her room was right at the top
of the stairs, she’d be able to see it. I had two hours
and thought by the time 12:30 rolled around, she be
knocked out. This wasn’t the case at all.

At 12, the band featuring on SNL was about to do their
1st set and she turned up the volume. At 1:30, I could
here her humming along to the music coming from the T.
V. as she watched yet another pansy Disney movie. At 2,
the click-click of the button of her fan echoed in the
hallway as she tried to get it to focus on her just
right. I almost wanted to burst into her room and tell
her to take her ass to sleep but I knew that if I did
that, I definitely wouldn’t be able to go see Ben.

Finally, at 2:15, I heard her muting the T. V.
signaling that she was about to go to sleep. I waited
another 10 minutes in the room across the hall from
hers, fully dressed with my jacket on and my shoes
awaiting me, and slowly began my descent down the
stairs, careful to avoid the steps that I knew would
creak. I was so determined to not alarm her that I
hadn’t even put on my shoes yet.

I wanted to wait until I was outside, in case I got
caught going downstairs. That way I could just say I
was going into the kitchen and was cold in my room.
After all, it was December and very cold outside.
Besides, I had done much weirder things before without
being up to no good so it wasn’t that much of a

I slowly and meticulously opened both the main door and
our iron screen door, making sure that the squeak of
the doors emoted couldn’t be heard in her room. The
cold air rushed into the house and slapped my face,
almost causing me to yell out some curse word. I
stepped out on the front porch, taking every step
deliberately, and pulled the doors shut behind me.
Closing the doors, I stood still for about 2 minutes,
once again making sure that she didn’t hear anything. I
quickly put on my sneakers, tied them tight, started
down the steps, going through the woods towards my

I walked through the apartments behind my house
briskly, turning around every so often making sure that
no one was following me. This was the quickest way to
get to the main road and I knew that I had to hurry to
make up for the time that I had already lost waiting
for my sister to go to sleep. A couple of cars passed
by me, thankfully none of them slowing down so that the
greasy, perverted men inside could ask me where I was
going and if they could give me a ride. I made it to
the main road and started walking up the street towards
the gas station. Directly across from there was the
Super 8 motel that I thought I told him to meet me but
I was very wrong. This brings my back to the beginning
of my story.

After I realized my error, I walked back to the street
and started walking again. The walk wasn’t far at all
but as cold as it was, it seemed to take forever. I
didn’t live in a bad neighborhood, but like many pretty
good neighborhoods, crazy ass people usually came out
at night. In the case that one of them or Ben got out
of line, I was prepared to do something with the knife
that I had in my pocket. It was a tiny knife, with a
blade that was only about 2 inches long, but when it
cut you, it hurt like a son of a bitch. I knew. I had
cut myself once or twice with that thing and it was no

I crossed the bridge that went along the highway and
passed the gas station on the other side just fine
before I met my first crazy. Some guy asked me if I
wanted to stop and talk and told me he’d take me home
where I’d be warm. He seemed to have been drinking and
was with a friend so I really wasn’t trying to hear. I
pulled up my hood and walked right past them without
giving him a response, speeding up my walk.

I heard him calling me an ugly bitch as he and his
friend continued their walk in the opposite direction.
By now, it was after 2:30 AM and I hadn’t called Ben
before I left. I didn’t want to jinx anything by
staying in the house longer then I could have and
wanted to get out ASAP. I was about a minute away from
the motel when a white Escalade pulled up next to me.
The driver rolled down his window and the passenger
stuck his head out to talk to me. I just looked down at
the ground, making sure that he couldn’t get a good
look at me, and continued my journey to the motel. Oh,
God. Here was round two.

“Hey, baby. Where you going?”
“I’m just going to this motel right here.” That was the
wrong response. He must have thought I was a prostitute
or something when I said that. I pulled my hood up even
further now and walked even faster. I just wanted this
creep to go away.
“You sure you don’t need a ride? I can give you a
“I’m positive.”

Luckily, at that point, I was at the driveway of the
motel and the owner could see us clearly as I walked
in. They finally got the hint and did a U-turn and
drove off to wherever they were going. Finally, I was
here. I started on the side opposite from where the
front entrance was, looking for room 108. I ended up
walking around the whole building before I finally
found where I was going. I blew into my hands once
again and knocked on the door. I could hear the faint
sounds of T. V. coming from inside the room.

“Please, Lord, let me be at the right place,” I said
softly and waited for the door to open. My head was
still faced towards the ground as I tried to shield it
from the wind when the door opened. Black work boots
and jeans were the first thing I saw. I didn’t even
bother to look up at him, I was so cold.

“Are you Kenya?” (I eventually told him my real name)

“Yes. Ben?”

“Yeah. Come on in. It’s freezing out there.”

I walked in and took a seat in a chair next to the bed
across the room, removing my jacket and letting the
heat in the room warm me up. He sat in the chair next
to me looking at me suspiciously, like he didn’t
believe how old I was. I have always been told that I
looked like I was 14 and I think at that point, he
probably believed that I was. I could faintly see the
look he was giving me and offered to show him my I. D.
to prove to him that I was how old I said I was.

He declined, figuring if I was going to do that, then I
must have been telling the truth but didn’t let his
suspicion completely disappear from his face. We
exchanged a few greetings, all the while I was looking
at my feet.

I finally looked up to see his face and was very well
pleased with what I saw. He was obviously an older man,
looked at least in his 30’s, with dark, wavy hair that
feel down his shoulders. I later learned that he was
actually 46 at the time. He had beautiful, soulful
brown eyes and wore black-rimmed glasses that reminded
me of Buddy Holly. He had shaved off all his facial
hair and had just a little stubble, which was very sexy
and a turn-on for me.

His choice of clothing was a white shirt with a dark
blue long-sleeved over shirt, jeans, and steel-toed
boots (he later told me that he always wore the boots
when he was going out in case he got into a fight). I
looked him over twice and smiled and then looked at the
clock sitting on top the TV. The time read 2:43AM and I
knew we didn’t have much time before I would have to
slink back into my house before my sister would notice.

So I told him, “We don’t have much time, so, let’s do
this.” With that said, I pulled off my white T-shirt
and let him get a good look at my young looking 32A
sized tits before kicking off my shoes and socks and
hopping into bed. He took off his shoes and socks as
well as his shirts and laid down on top of me. He
wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me,
giving me a good whiff of the cologne he was wearing.

The incredible smell combined with the weight of him on
top of me felt so good, I could feel my panties
starting to get soaked again. He kissed me so deeply on
the lips that it felt like we had met before and then
proceeded to kiss me all over my face and down to my
neck. I reveled in the attention and didn’t want it to
end as I felt his fingers undoing my jeans. He moved
his mouth from my neck to my chocolate nipples, sucking
them deeply into his mouth as his hand made its way
inside of my panties and onto my hot black pussy.

By that point, I was so wet and so ready, that when he
just rubbed my slit, I exploded all over his hand. He
didn’t miss a beat and took that opportunity to slide
his middle finger inside of my tight teen cunt and
curved it under so that he could rub my G-spot. My
pussy was on fire and he moved his finger in and out of
me while simultaneously sucking, licking, biting, and
pulling my hard nipples. I was in heaven.

I was moaning and writhing on the bed, begging him not
to stop as he picked up the speed with his finger,
slamming it in and out of me. I was so drenched with
hot girl cum and juice that I could hear the wet sounds
of his finger assaulting my pussy. I had just cum for
the 2nd time when he slowed down and eventually stopped
fingering me and pulled his fingers out of my panties.
I was in such ecstasy that I had barely noticed and
could even feel myself drifting off.

He sat up on his knees next to me and did something I
had never witnessed anyone do. I looked over at him
through half-closed eyes and watched and he greedily
gobbled up the juices that coated his hand, making such
that he didn’t miss one drop. This woke me up instantly
as I had never been with a man who wanted so badly to
taste my juices and got off on knowing how badly I
wanted to give it to him.

He then looked back at me and I could see the need he
had in his eyes. The need for his cock to slip inside
of my velvety pussy and to fuck it until I begged him
to stop. I broke our gaze and looked down and could see
his steel dick straining heavily against his jeans.
Even through the heavy material I could still see how
big his cock was and how much it wanted to come and
play with me. I reached up to open his jeans and free
his dick but instead, he had me rub my hand up against

He wanted me to feel how excited I had gotten him and
told me that once it was out, there was no going back.
I didn’t want to go back, ever. I wanted to free that
beast and get it inside of me first. But he had other
things in mind. I stopped fondling his cock and reached
down to pull off my jeans and panties. My panties were
so wet that they were sticking to my pussy. I actually
had to peel off my panties rather then take them off
and I threw them onto the chair, on top of the rest of
my clothing.

He smiled happily at me, slid off the bed and got on
his knees then told me to come towards him. Once again,
I was no stranger to sex. But he had such a strong
desire to eat my pussy and to please me that I had
never experienced before. Yeah, I had had a couple of
guys go down for a few minutes, licking sporadically
like they didn’t really want to do it in the first
place, and come back up expecting me to suck their
dicks until they came down my throat. With Ben, this
wasn’t the case at all.

I moved down to the edge of the bed where he was and
spread my legs wide, letting him take a good hard look
at the work I had put into shaving my beautiful black
pussy just for him. And he showed me his appreciation.
He pulled me even closer to the edge and spread my legs
as far as they would go and dove in for the kill. He
pointed his tongue like a tiny cock and began moving it
in and out of my wet hole, coaxing the sweet juices
that were inside to come out. When he had gotten me
nice and wet, he laid his tongue out flat and licked me
from my asshole to the tip of my clit and back down
again. I lifted my ass of the bed and pulled his head
in and begged him not to stop.

He continued to lick from my asshole to my clit and
back down again, stopping every once in while to suck
my clit hard into his mouth. He moved it around with
his tongue and playfully slapped it with his hand,
enjoying my screams and cries of passion as I begged
for more. He drew his head back and spat on my clit and
then used his tongue to go on a fishing expedition,
with my orgasm as his ultimate prize.

For the next half hour, he ate my pussy like he was a
madman. He spat on, sucked, licked, bit, slobbered on,
and nibbled every single inch of my pussy. And in
appreciation, I screamed, yelled, whimpered, moaned,
and groaned, hoping he would never cease the love he
was showing my pussy. I came about 3 or 4 times and was
on the verge of collapse, when he finally decided to
give me a break. From his tongue.

During this tongue, unbeknownst to me, he had undone
his jeans and had pulled out his cock, stroking and
playing with it. He later told me that he had to stop
himself from cumming a couple of times, just from
eating my pussy. He stood up in front of me and let me
get a good look of his tool. It was about 8 inches long
and 3 inches thick, the biggest cock I had ever seen.
He told me to turn around and to get on my knees,
because doggy style was his favorite.

I quickly complied with his request and spread my legs
and my pussy lips open, letting him take a good long
look at the pink hole that was ready to swallow his
massive dick. He took his hard dick in one hand and put
his other hand on my ass and slowly began to fuck my
pussy with just the head. I literally almost started
crying, begging and pleading with him to put in the

He ignored my cries and continued to tease me with just
the head of his cock, forcing me to enjoy what he was
willing to give me. Finally, when he looked over and
saw tears in my eyes, he gave in and slammed his cock
deep inside of my tight, drooling, dripping wet,
willing hole. I actually breathed a sigh of relief.

His ivory colored dick felt so good inside of me I
didn’t want him to even move. But as he began moving in
and out of me, my sweet pussy began giving his cock the
best blow job, and I was screaming like a banshee. He
took my ass in both hands and proceeded to give me the
fucking of a lifetime, drawing sounds out of me that I
had never heard before in my life. I grunted as he
banged my pussy senseless from behind, slapping my ass
hard and pushing his dick so far inside of me, I could
feel it in my throat. He grew tired of that position
and told me to lay on my back. I don’t really like
missionary style and neither did he.

He pushed my legs back so far that they touched the
bed. He then pointed his dick down and used it as sort
of a dipstick then slammed up and down inside of my
pussy. I really liked him at that point. I almost think
I loved him. Not only did he eat my pussy out like it
was the last thing he was ever going to taste, but
then, he fucks me in ways I never thought were

He pushed his cock all the way and leaned over me so
his hands were on the bed and he could pound my cunt.
Then he had me lean over the bed so my hands were
touching the floor and my tits were right over the
edge. He smacked and pulled my nipples as he could me a
“dirty ass nigger” and told me the only thing I was
good for was sucking, fucking, and pleasing white cock.

I came so many times at that point that his words,
along with his cock filling my pussy to no end, just
kept pushing me over the edge. There was even a point
when I was laying on the edge of the bed and he was
turned backwards with his hands on the dresser, fucking
me like there was no tomorrow.

During intermission, he stood in the middle of the bed
and had me suck his huge dick while he rubbed and
smacked it all over my face and made me tell him how
much I was such a slutty black whore and how he was
going to pound his thick white pole in and out of my
twat whenever he pleases. He made me tell him that my
pussy, ass, and mouth belonged to him and only him and
he was the only person allowed to use them to deposit
his sperm.

I had never in my life felt like such a slut and a
whore and right then, it was the best feeling I ever
had. I couldn’t wait for him to use me like he said he
would and I was sure that he would never hear a peep
out of me about it. Except when I’m telling him, “Fuck
my nigger pussy and fill me up with his hot, white

It was about 2 hours after he first started fucking me
and he still hadn’t cum. I had cum so many times that I
wasn’t sure that I even had anymore left inside of me
and was completely drained of any energy I had. He, on
the other hand, couldn’t stop. He had me in so many
positions and hanging off so many pieces of furniture
and I was even sure if I’d be able to walk anymore. I
think he realized that he was about to kill me and was
now ready to cum.

I was laying on my stomach and he was fucking me into a
frenzy from behind. He pulled up my legs and was using
them as leverage, while I was still screaming for more
of his dick. He then told me the only way he was going
to cum is if the next time we fucked, I would give him
my ass. I promised him that I would and told him to
dump his thick cum deep inside of my tiny black teen
cervix and with about three more strokes, he did just

He came for about 5 minutes, driving his sperm as far
inside of me as it would go. When he was finished, he
collapsed beside me, kissing me hard again and tell me
how much he enjoyed our time together. The people in
the rooms all around us most have been enjoying the
show because not one of them called to complain about
the noise. And even if they had, I’m sure that no one
would have tried to interrupt us.

I nodded slowly and took a well deserved break, knowing
that this definitely wouldn’t be the last time that we
got together. I looked up at the clock and it was
almost 5:45AM and I knew that I would have to go home
soon. I had to get up in about 3 1/2 hours to go to
church and I knew that I had a lot to repent to the
Lord about. He knew it just as much and went to take
shower to wash off the sweat, spit, cum, and juices
that covered his entire body. I watched his cute ass as
he walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind

By the time he came out, I was sitting on the bed,
fully clothed with my jacket and hood on, missing only
my shoes. He stood at the doorway for a second and
asked me if anything was wrong.

I told him no, that I just wanted to get home before
anyone noticed I was gone. He got dressed and we talked
for a little while and then got into his car so he
could take me home. I had him take me into the
apartment complex as close to my house as possible so
my dog wouldn’t bark at him and alert people that there
was a stranger around. We kissed each other goodbye and
promised one another that that would be our first but
definitely not out last encounter. And it wasn’t.

One and a half years later, after being fed from both
ends on a regular basis, I got fat in the middle and
gave birth to our first daughter together, India, who
is now nearly 3 months old.