Janitorial Services

Michelle worked as a secretary for a lawyer office
owned by elder 45-year-old lawyer Jill. For the first
few weeks she started she noticed nothing unusual
except for most of the customers were black. Still this
wasn’t that unusual.

Jill was always working after she left and Michelle
being lesbian in nature had a big crush on her. Several
times she had hinted with little result but she knew
deep inside that she was a lesbian also. She just
didn’t know how to approach the subject without making
it obvious and possibly losing her job.

That evening she closed up the office and said goodbye
to Jill before getting her things. The cleaning lady a
large black lady named Miriam had just came in as usual
when she was leaving. She said hello and then left the
building for her car. As soon as she got there, she
remembered she had left her key on the desk at work and
started back to get it. The door was not yet locked so
she walked in quietly to keep from disturbing Jill and
got to her desk when she heard a noise like a yell from
Jill’s office. She quietly opened the door and was
astonished at the sight before her.

Jill was totally naked and bent over in the corner of
the room with her large white ass jutting out in back.
A black tail of some sort was shoved in her asshole and
Miriam the Janitor lady was sitting naked in her chair
at her side with her feet on her back. She had a strap
of some kind in her hand and was striking her ass with
it. Jill was promising to do a better job of some sort
as the strap struck her ass and she yelled in pain. The
strap struck again and again as her ass wiggled in
response. Michelle was getting so excited watching she
dared not to interrupt the event.

“The next time I arrive you better be on your knees ass
up,” said Miriam striking her ass again. “I’m getting
tired of you not obeying me and tonight I’m going to
give you to Kim so she can get your big ass back in

She reached and grabbed the tail in Jill’s ass which
Michelle saw was a dildo with something attached and
started working it in and out of her asshole while Jill
was crying underneath.

“This is what my little slut needs, isn’t it? She’s
been a bad little slut and needs her ass fucked after
sitting on it all day.” Miriam kept teasing.

“Yes mistress, please fuck my slut ass.” Jill begged.

Miriam quit shoving the dildo and placed her feet on
the floor.

“Now get that slut mouth of your over here and licked
my feet properly.” She told her.

Michelle watched as Jill slowly turned around with
tears running down her face and got down in front of
Miriam and started lapping her tongue on the large
black lady feet like a dog would do for a master. The
sight was turning her on as she raised her dress and
tugged her pantyhose down to her knees.

She reached between her legs and started slowly rubbing
her cunt not wanting to cum too soon before she had
seen what was going to happen next. Her wait was not
too long as Miriam got up from the seat and bent over
the desk with her ass towards Jill who got on her knees
and started lapping her large ass.

Michelle was rubbing harder watching Jill’s face buried
in Miriam’s large ass and her ass wiggling beneath with
the tail wagging on the floor. Her cunt was on fire.
She loved to make love to women but had never tried
anything kinky and the sight was too much for her as
she was shoving two fingers in her cunt and rubbing her
clit with the other hand. She wished it were her face
buried in Miriam’s ass and was getting near to cumin
when she felt a hand grab her ass cheek and a voice
whisper in her ear.

“Quit rubbing your pussy slut. In a minute you’re going
to be joining them so you better watch closely.” A
voice said from behind her waking her up.

The voice sounded like a young black lady, as Michelle
never glanced back but only forward. She felt the hand
slip between her ass cheeks as her own hands grabbed
her knees. Then a finger was shoved in her asshole as
she almost bit her own tongue to keep from crying out.

In front, Miriam had grabbed Jill by the ears and was
shoving her face deeper in her ass. Michelle was
wondering how Jill was managing to breathe as she
herself was going wild with the finger pushing in and
out her butt. She then felt another finger inserted as
she loosen her ass muscles to accept it.

Miriam let go of Jill’s ears and turned around and
slapped her face hard. She told her to crawl under the
desk face first as Jill got on all fours and crawled
forward. The sight made Michelle cum as she watched her
boss crawl forward with her tail wiggling in back
beneath it. When she was underneath, Miriam leaned back
and kicked her ass telling her to lift it higher.

Miriam grabbed a rubber band from the desk and sat back
in the chair. Taking aim, she started popping her ass
with the rubber band while Jill was thanking her in

Michelle was about to cum again when her she felt her
hair being grabbed and jerked back. She was pushed
inside the room by the hand in her ass as Miriam looked
up in surprise at the young white secretary entering
with pantyhose at her knees and her cunt-dripping wet.

Miriam smiled and welcomed Kim. “I see we have a new
toy to play with,” she said.

Kim pulled her finger from Michelle ass and released
her hair. She kicked her ass with her knee and told her
to get on her hands and knees as Michelle dropped
immediately to the floor.

“Caught her watching outside playing with her cunt,”
said Kim. “Thought she might as well join in the fun
for a while. Tight ass for a white chick.”

“The more the merrier,” smiled Miriam as she turned
back around and started popping Jill’s ass repeated
with the rubber band as Jill started begging underneath
the desk for mercy.

“Kim why don’t you have some fun with slut puppy here
while I test the new cunt.” Miriam told her.

She grabbed a ruler from the desk and walked over to
Michelle on all fours. She then squatted down on the
top of Michelle head till her pussy pressed her face
deep on the carpet and her weight held her pin.
Michelle was too scared to move as she felt her dress
rise over her shoulder and knew her ass was exposed in
back. She couldn’t move her head under Miriam’s weight
and her arms were pinned by her legs.

She knew what was coming but never dreamed it would
hurt that bad as the ruler fell on her ass and she
screamed out in pain. The next was just as hard as she
started pleaded with Miriam for mercy but Miriam kept
swatting her ass with the ruler as she continued to try
to shift her ass to avoid the hits. It didn’t take
long before she was crying like a baby beneath her
pleading to do anything her mistress wanted.

Miriam finally quit swatting Michelle’s ass with the
ruler, as the young secretary was nothing but a sobbing
mess beneath her. She stood up and demanded Michelle
kiss her feet for whipping her ass. Michelle quickly
started kissing. The pain in her ass and her pussy on
fire had turned her on more than watching he action

Miriam was just looming overhead laughing at her and
calling her the new office whore. Michelle caught a
glimpse of Jill passing by crawling on the carpet with
Kim on her back holding her hair like a horses rein.
She dared not stop at this moment however; she wouldn’t
be able to sit for at least a day after that ruler got
her ass.

Miriam told her to get up and removed all her clothing.
When she had undressed fully, she demanded her to turn
around and bend over. She went to her purse and got a
white glove and returned to her back. Jill was still
crawling around passing by in a heavy sweat as Kim was
now swatting her ass with her hand to continue. She
watched as she felt the gloved finger enter her pussy
and then another. She placed her hands on her knees to
try to maintain her balance as the third finger entered
and she tried to relax her pussy to accept it. The
fourth finger however, was too much as she cried out
for mercy. The pain was more than the pleasure she was

Miriam laughed.

“Tight for a white cunt,” she said and withdrew her

Michelle started to relax when she felt a finger jabbed
up her asshole and almost knocked her off balance. She
had never been used like this but the finger felt good
at the present. The finger pushed in and out as she
started to get used to it but then she felt another
finger slowly starting to go in and her fears returned.
She desperately tried to relax her asshole as the
second finger went in without too much difficulty and
started working in and out with the first.

The fingers were driving her wild as her ass starting
rocking in response to the fingering on her bum. She
was beginning to enjoy an area, which had never been
used before when she felt a third try to enter. This
time the pain came back as she pleaded again for mercy.
Her asshole was now on fire from the onslaught and she
tried everything to relax it while she pleaded. Miriam
must have felt some kind of pity on her because she
finally stopped ant withdrew the fingers leaving her
gasping for air.

“Your ass is much too tight,” Miriam responded. “We’ll
have to work on that one. I have paying customers that
like the asshole better than the pussy. We’ll have to
try the smaller dildo first and then work our way to
the average one.”

Michelle hardly heard her words as she maintained her
position bent over at the knees with her ass jutting
back trying to recover from the attack her ass had just
suffered. She saw Kim sitting on the edge of the desk
with her legs spread wide with Jill squatting on the
floor lapping her cunt like a bitch in heat. Oh that
looked so good right now.

She felt something swat her ass hard in back as she
jumped from the pain.

“On your knees bitch,” demanded Miriam walking in front
with a small long paddle. “Hold your tits out for your
mistress. If you do as you told, I wont hit them with
this paddle. Otherwise, they are going to be two
squashed tits on you.”

Jill held her tits out for inspection with fear in her
eyes. She felt Miriam grab her nipple and pull and
pinch it as tears came in her eyes from the pain. She
quipped the other and started doing the same. The pain
was hard to take as she closed her eyes and tried to
focus on something else.

Swat. The paddle hit her right breast as she opened her
eyes and screamed in pain. Swat, another to the left.

“Don’t ever close your eyes slut when I am inspecting
you,” said Miriam. She turned around and bent over
showing Michelle her large ass.

Michelle knew what to do as she had seen Jill earlier
and crawled forth burying her face between the plump
cheeks and started working her tongue around her anus
and then working her way within. Her asshole was
already loosened and she had little difficulty. She was
starting to get excited again and felt the wetness in
her cunt returning. She started working her tongue in
as a dildo as she felt the pressure of the ass cheeks
on her face as if someone was sitting on her. Her
breathing was becoming differ cult as she focused on
catching her breathe as she would withdraw her tongue.

Miriam finally tired of her tongue and turned around
and put her foot on her shoulder pressing her head back
down to the floor.

“Not bad for a white slut like you.” She laughed down
at her. “Maybe you’ll be better with the women than the
man like that slut boss of yours.

She walked behind her and put her toe in her ass and
pushed. “Crawl for me bitch. Crawl around the room and
wiggle that white ass. She slapped her ass with the
paddle as Michelle started crawling around.”

“Wiggle harder bitch,” said Miriam catching up and
slapping her ass again.

She crawled behind Jill who now had her head beneath
Kim’s pussy as Kim was using her hair to massage her
cunt with. She was smiling down at her and stroking her
pussy harder with Jill’s hair. She tried swinging her
ass side to side as she crawled to avoid another swat
from the paddle as she continued her humiliation for
her mistress.

Miriam had taken her seat again and called her over.
She had a letter opener in her hand with a round handle
about 1/2 inch in width in her hands. She looked down
at her as she came and asked where did it belong which
Michelle responded in her ass. She was told to turn
around and then she pushed it deep in her asshole as
Michelle spread her ass for her.

“Eat my cunt, whore.” demanded Miriam.

Jill turned around and buried her face in Miriam’s
large hairy cunt and started lapping as Jill did
earlier. She was determined to please her new mistress
as her own pussy was dripping on the floor. She felt
her hair being twisted in a long roll up above and then
being pulled as she stopped lapping and started
shoveling her tongue deep within her cunt. Miriam was
soaking wet herself and rocking on her face while
pulling her hair to shove her face deeper and deeper
inside. She finally came rocking her cunt all over
Michelle’s face that was still buried cleaning her

“Look up at me slut,” she said to Michelle and start
working that letter opener in and out your ass. “Tell
me you’re my slut and begged to be fucked.”

Michelle reached behind looking up at her mistress.
“Please Mistress, fuck your whore.” She kept repeating
her request while pushing the letter opener in and out
her ass and watching Miriam smiling face above her. She
felt totally humiliated and embarrassed but at the same
time she needed to come.

“We have a married couple coming in about 15 minutes,”
Kim told Miriam. “Should we charge them extra for the
additional slut.”

“No way,” Miriam laughed. “We’ll just have this cunt
for our pleasure while they enjoy the old bitch there.

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