I owed that girl a couple of joints

The sun was low on the horizon when I woke. The girls were still sitting
near me and clapped when I struggled to a sitting position. Stacy said she
put her towel over my legs as she was afraid I would burn – no shit ! I owed
that girl a couple of joints if not a lid. We gathered up our stuff and
wandered back to the resort. The sisters left us; to head toward their wing
of the resort. Stacy stayed with me. I asked her if she had to go to her
room and she told me that her parents were going on some dinner cruise that
the resort arranged. I smiled from ear to ear and led the way to my room.

When we arrived, I threw my towel on the floor and turned to close and
chain the door. I didn’t want any interruptions. When I turned back to
Stacy; she was naked. Her bathing suit was on the floor at her feet. She
walked toward me and asked if I wanted to take a shower ? Oh boy ! Did I !
We shared half a joint in the shower, laughing and giggling as we tried to
protect it from the water flowing out of the shower head. We also lathered
each other’s bodies until we were both covered with soap, rubbing against
other at every possible angle. My cock was like a sleeping giant though and
hardly got rubbery while we “fooled around” in the shower.

I wasn’t worried though because this young lady was going to suck it
it was harder than rock after I ate her brains out and I could hardly wait.
We toweled each other off and moved into the other room. I again went to
check the door and also checked the connecting door to Sheila’s room although
I doubted she would be making an appearance.

Stacy, who was sitting on the edge of the bed as I approached, blurted
out, “Carolyn said she sucked your dick.” My cock twitched at just the
I just nodded my head. She smiled at me and continued, “You know, that was
the first time she’s ever done that ?” I nodded again. “I’ve never done it,

For the first time I spoke, “You’ll get plenty of practice tonight,
When do your parents get back ?”

She smiled and said, “Cool…Aah…Not ’til about ten or so.”

I smiled back at her and moved to stand in front of her. I dropped to my
knees and told her that first I wanted to eat her until she came. All she
said was, “Cool !”

I told her to lean back on her elbows and raised her feet to the
Her knees fell open and I was greeted by her very hairy young twat. I
on her thighs and worked my way down to the dark curls that covered her mons
and vagina. I ran my tongue through the thick growth that covered her crotch
and finally pried her cunt lips apart. Her pink vagina looked like it had
been fucked real good today and I slowly started licking her from clit to
cunt, pausing every once and a while to poke my tongue into her. She was
on the bed, egging me on and grabbing the back of my head with one of her
hands, forcing my face into her crotch. I spent a lot of time on her
which was twice the size of Carolyn’s – like a tiny hard pebble hidden in the
hood of her vagina.

She started getting very loud when I pushed her thighs back toward her
chest and licked down to her anus. I teased it for a bit and then plunged my
tongue into her asshole. She came and came again when I sucked her puckered
anus into my mouth as I tongue fucked it. Both of her hands were in my hair
and I was a wild man, running my tongue and lips all over her hairy crotch.
My cock was starting to stir just listening to her moaning and groaning but
was quite a distance from being of any use. She finally pulled me from her
crotch. She looked down at me, smiled and said, “Is it my turn, yet ?”

I laughed and said, “Sure is. You ready ?” She nodded her head and I
stood. My cock was limp, hanging down on my testicles. I stepped between
legs and she opened her mouth. I leaned down and dueled with her tongue
for a
bit and then said, “Just lick it like a popsicle for a while, Stacy.” She
took my flaccid penis in her hands so that just the head poked out of her
palms and started to lick it. I told her where my most sensitive spot was,
right under the crown of my cock, and she concentrated her attention there.
started to get hard – not hard enough to do anything but there was life in
I closed my eyes and just imagined her lips opening and capturing my shaft.
got harder, opened my eyes and looked down at her. She was staring back at

“I must be doing it right. You’re getting harder.” I just smiled back
her. She opened her mouth and took the head of my cock between her lips. I
told her to use her tongue while she had my dick in her mouth and she did.
were cooking with gas now. I wrapped my hands in her long dark hair and
to force more of my lengthening cock into her mouth. In no time at all I had
her head bobbing on my pole. She was a quick learner and soon I was as
hard a
stone, thrusting my hips at her face and filling her mouth with my meat.

The knock at the door made me jump. I don’t think Stacy heard it because
she kept sucking on my dick – real well, too. I was in Nirvana.

“Hey ! You guys. It’s Carolyn.” Followed by another knock. I pulled
away from Stacy and walked to the door with a hardon, a yard long. Well, not
really but you get the picture. I opened the door and let her into the
Her eyes got wide when she noticed I was naked with this “big” hardon
at her. She looked over at the bed and saw her friend sitting on it naked.
She was speechless. I guided her over to the bed.

Stacy reached out for my cock and was sucking on it in no time. Carolyn
just stared. She was wearing a “T” shirt and shorts and I quickly had my
down the back of her shorts, caressing her bare ass. I told her to take off
the “T” shirt and she slowly complied. She was wearing a white bra and I
slipped my hand out of her pants and unsnapped it. My hand slid back into
pants and my mouth captured the closest nipple. I had my other hand in
Stacy’s hair as she was sucking on my cock.

I quickly dragged Carolyn’s shorts and under panties to the floor and sat
her next to Stacy on the bed. All the while, Stacy kept licking and sucking
on my cock. I finally pulled out of Stacy’s mouth and gave Carolyn a little
cock to suck. I was in heaven watching these two young things sitting on the
bed, naked, as they shared my cock. I talked them into both using their
on me at the same time and damn near shot my load then. One of them was
licking my balls while the other licked my cock. I wished the other sister
was here and I’d try for three. Wishful thinking, Willy.

My urgency subsided a bit as neither one was sucking me – time to do some
fucking. I pushed Stacy down on her back and lifted her legs. I told
to get on top of her and she looked at me quizzically. I showed her what to
do and she did it. I arranged their behinds so that both of their tight
little cunts were but three or four inches apart. Carolyn was up on her
as she didn’t want to lie on top of Stacy. I dropped to my knees and started
on Stacy’s hairy twat, licking it a bit and them went up to Carolyn’s not so
hairy twat. Almost immediately the girls started giggling and trying to
suppress moans and groans. For a while they were successful and then lust
overcame them and they became horny young women, filling the room with the
sounds of sex.

When they were both nice and wet, I stood, guided the head of my cock to
Stacy’s cunt and pushed myself in. I immediately started fucking her and in
the process sandwiched Carolyn between us. Several strokes later I was out
Stacy and fucking the shit out of Carolyn. Both of them were beyond caring
anymore – all they wanted was my cock, fucking them. When I’d pull out of
and start fucking the other, the first one would moan and groan louder than
when she was getting fucked. I don’t think I’d ever had it so good.
Carolyn’s little skinny butt was really a turn on. I should have done her
doggie style at the beach instead of doing Stacy that way. I spread her butt
cheeks and watched her hairless asshole wrinkle as I pummeled her behind. I
was getting real close and then I was there. I don’t think I pumped much
her, after the workout I got this afternoon, but it still felt great. I
think I’ve ever been in such tight young ladies.

I collapsed on the bed and the girls rolled apart. They were both still
giggly. I was totally wiped out. I didn’t think I could get a hardon for a
year but was already looking forward to tomorrow and seeing these young

“Oh ! Shit !” Carolyn said. I looked up and she continued, “I forgot
tell you. Patti spilled the beans to my parents. She was real fucked up
we got home and instead of going to the bedroom; sat on the porch with my
He started asking her a lot of questions and she started fucking up the
answers. As I left she was talking about smoking ganja and nude swimming. I
don’t know how far she went. ”

I was up and into my shorts in a matter of seconds. “I think you ladies
better hit the road for a while. Carolyn, why don’t you call Stacy with the
bad news – if there is any and Stacy can call me. I’ll lay low for a while
and maybe we can get together later this week.” I tossed the cigarette pack,
with a couple of joints in it to Stacy. She was already into her bathing
suit. Carolyn took a few more seconds to dress and then came the knock at

The knock sounded again. I called out. “Who’s there ?” Tom answered,
saying that he had to talk to me. I breathed a sigh of relief and went to
open the door. I motioned the girls to the door and before Tom came in, the
girls scooted out into the hall. They were giggling as they scampered down
the hall way.

Tom watched them go and asked me, “Who the fuck are they ?”

“Girl scouts. Selling cookies. Now, what the fuck do you want ?” I
answered. I was already moving towards the closet to get my B4 bag. I
figured it was time to split – catch an early plane to the states. I had it
on the bed and was opening it when Tom continued.

“Aah…You sure about the girl scout thing ?”

“Tom, what the fuck do you want. I’ve been a good boy and haven’t fucked
up your vacation so don’t fuck up mine – ok !”

“Ah…Yea…Ok…You having a good time.”

“Tom, you didn’t come down here to ask if I’m having a good time but I
Having a great time. Getting laid three, four times a day. Now, what do you

“Well…Ah…I’m have a small problem I was hoping you might help me
with…” He went on to tell me that the pilot he usually works with couldn’t
make it and he’s got some “stuff” he wants to fly to the states; he was
wondering if I could help him out. I continued packing, noticing that my
porno tapes were still at the bottom of the bag. I swore I left them in the
bus station locker with the dope. I looked back at Tom, amazed that this
asshole would come begging for help after the way he treated me just a couple
of days ago. I made sure that the dope and seeds I bought were hidden in the
lining of my dob kit.

Then the light bulb flashed on in my head. This guy wanted me to fly
shit to the states – well, I’ll be – no customs – no passport check – and
quick transportation out of here – almost too good to be true. I had the bag
packed and sat on the bed next to it.

“You leaving ?” Tom asked.

“Those young things you saw here…Their mother is the horniest lady I’ve
met in years and is down here by herself. She asked if I would move in with
them for a couple of days. She doesn’t like being down here without a man.
So to answer your question…Yes. Now about your problem. Let me get this
straight. You want me to fly some shit to the states for you – is that
correct ?” Tom nodded his head.

“Ok, Tom. I’ve got a real sweet heart deal going here so first you
tell me what it is and then you better tell me how much and if the answers
aren’t what I want to hear, you can leave by the same way you came in.”

“Well, first, I’d like to see your pilot’s license….” I was off the
and heading toward the door. “Now give me a second, Willy. This is big
money, I’m talking about. Retirement type money and I don’t want to fuck it
up. I’ve got it all arranged. It’ll be a piece of cake.” Yea ! Sure,
All dope deals are a piece of cake. That’s why the government spends
of dollars every year trying to track airplanes attempting to enter the
illegally. I had the door open and was guiding Tom toward it.

“Five grand, Willy. For flying a couple of suitcases to an airfield in
the states.” I closed the door and just looked at Tom.

“Ten grand and I’m a player.” I said.

Tom said great and opened the door. He was too quick with the reply
and I
figured I’d never see a dime but what the fuck; I could use the flying time
and did need transportation to the states. As we were walking down the hall,
I remembered that I hadn’t found out what we were carrying – coke – probably.

We caught a cab and about thirty minutes later were at some small dirt
strip out in the middle of nowhere. There were several light singles and
twins parked on a crude tarmac. Tom lead me to one of the light twins.

“Where’s the stuff ?” I asked. Tom told me it was already loaded. I
said I’d need time to flight plan as I had no intention of flying off into
wild blue yonder without one – especially as ninety-nine point nine percent
the flight would be over water.

Tom pulled a small case out of his tote bag and said, “GPS.” I just
nodded and then asked if he had some maps. I’d seen too many magic boxes,
embarrass too many pilots to ever completely trust them. They always failed
at the most inappropriate time. Tom had a complete set of charts with him
flashed them at me. I grabbed them and spread a couple of them out on the
wing. No topographical maps; just airways and the low altitude structure and
out of date to boot. I was confident that this would be enough. After all
probably wouldn’t be high enough to warrant much of a view. Head north long
enough and you run into the states. What’s the problem ?

I inquired about gas and Tom said they’d have to refuel about half way.
asked how that was going to happen and Tom once again held up the GPS gizmo.
I was skeptical but Tom took out the maps again and showed me where. Ok, I
guess ?!

I wasn’t sure what kind of twin it was but it looked similar to the plane
I took my first Airline Transport Pilot check ride in. Even with my time
flying commercial before my family tragedy, I couldn’t tell one civilian
airplane from another. Now military planes, that was a different story; I
sure I could tell whether a F-16 or F-15 was about to gun our brains out. I
laughed and told Tom to get in. I did a slow walk around and found that the
plane was really a piece of shit but the engines didn’t appear too bad. At
least they weren’t hemorrhaging oil.

I climbed aboard and fiddled with the door to get it to closed and then
looked behind me. There were ten identical suitcases behind the front seats
and Tom had thrown our bags in the back with the shit. Whatever the shit
was ? I found a tattered pilot’s check list on the dash and was slowly going
through it, familiarizing myself with the knobs and switches. I turned on
battery and was surprised to find the lights worked – well, at least some of
them did. I asked Tom if he had a flash light and Tom produced one, saying
that he always came prepared. Yea ! Right, asshole. The right engine was
harder than hell to start but eventually settled into a comforting idle.

I slowly taxied on to the taxi-way and figured that the plane was real
heavy. I checked all four gas tanks on the way out to the end of the
They were all full. I did a very thorough check of the mags and the props
before lining up into the wind. I figured the field was about three, maybe
four thousand feet long so I pushed the throttles up and held the brakes
the engines developed full power. The small twin labored down the field and
finally staggered into the air. I milked down a little flap towards the end
but that didn’t seem to help at all. I started a shallow right turn and
headed out over the water.

The sun had set as we arrived at the field and now it was almost dark –
just a pink tinge to the sky in the west. I totally forget to ask about the
weather. This time of year usually brought lots of thunderstorms to the
Southeast. Oh ! Well, too late now. I leveled off at about two hundred
and checked the mag compass with the heading indicator.

“Hey ! Climb a little higher.” Tom yelled above the noise of the
engines. I just looked at him and shook my head from side to side. Tom
yelled something again but I didn’t even look at him. We were on our way.

The GPS gizmo worked pretty well. Tom plugged it into the cigarette
lighter and put the antennae on the dash. Fifty miles out of Jamaica, I
started a shallow climb and leveled off at eight thousand feet. I felt a
little more comfortable at this altitude and Tom was visibly more relaxed but
if something happened, eight thousand feet was nothing, out here in the
of the ocean or sea or what ever it was. I trimmed up the plane and took the
GPS from Tom. It took me about half an hour but I finally could make a
sense of it. Someone had programed in a lot of points and all I had to do
steer headings. The GPS took care of wind and just about everything.

Refueling was just like Tom said. We landed on a coral strip out in the
middle of nowhere. The atoll was just about the size of the field. There
no one around. I taxied where Tom told me and in the dark could see a couple
of oil drums. I shut down and Tom refueled while I pumped. It took about
half an hour to fill the main tanks and I insisted that we put the rest in
outboards. Tom argued that we had plenty of gas to make it but I was
insistent. We were airborne again and I immediately climbed to eight
thousand. The only thing we’d run into out here was boats.

I was beat. I looked at my watch and found it was almost two – well past
my bedtime. I snoozed a bit as we headed north and yelled to Tom to watch
what the fuck was going on. Tom yelled at me to stay awake and I thought,
“Yea ! Right, asshole.”

I was back on the beach this afternoon. God ! It seemed so long ago.
I had just got out of the water and was lying on my towel after fucking
Carolyn. I smiled at the thought. I’d been sleeping for quite a while, I
felt, when Patti shook my shoulder. She told me I was snoring. I laughed
looked over at the older girls. They were zoned. I got up and went back
the water. Patti followed.

When we were seated in the water, she said, “I saw what you did with my
sister.” I just nodded. I wasn’t paying any particular attention to her,
still somewhat getting my shit together. “Will you do it with me ?” She
asked. I just looked at her. She was kind of smiling. I got up and took
hand. As we walked toward the brush, she told me that she had never been
naked with a guy. I didn’t think I could get it up again but wanted to keep
the younger one happy, who knows what tomorrow would bring. Plus doing a
little necking and, like the young thing said earlier, maybe get “a little
finger stink” sounded ok to me. I laughed when, after we entered the bushes
she asked if she had to take off her suit.

I kissed her and soon had my tongue buried in her mouth. She was a
kisser than I thought she would be and it wasn’t long before I was massaging
her tight little butt. She wiggled around a lot and then we lay down on the
towel. I started at her neck and used my tongue to trace every ridge and
I could find. I pulled the top of her suit down and was surprised to find
that her nipples and areola were much more mature than her sister’s. I
on them for a long time and just rubbed her belly with the palm of my hand.
could hear her breathing increase. She was trying to breath through her nose
but couldn’t quite hack it.

When I slid my hand between her legs, she immediately started to grind
cunt up against it. Her nipples were erect, like baby pencil erasures, and
hard as stone. I kept licking them and rubbing her slit through her bathing
suit. She was very warm between her legs and had more prominent cunt lips
than Carolyn. I slipped a finger inside the leg band of her suit and traced
her vagina. She also had a lot more hair between her legs – quite a bush for
such a young thing. She was very…greasy, almost, between her legs and my
middle finger slipped into her easily. When it was in her she started to
a bit and her hips pushed her cunt back against my hand as I finger banged

She lifted her ass off the ground several times as I fingered her and
finally came to rest. I slipped my finger out of her and asked her if she
an orgasm. She was beet red and just nodded her head up and down. Time for
another one, little girl, I thought. I crawled down to the bottom of the
towel and spread her legs further apart. She was up on her elbows, looking
me. From the look on her face, she knew what I was going to do. She asked
if I wanted to take her suit off and I just shook his head back and forth. I
laid down in the sand and started licking her thighs, working my way towards
her crotch. I noticed that she hadn’t started shaving yet because there
was a
down of fine light hair on her lower legs.

When I reached her crotch, I gently pulled her suit aside and was treated
to a nice view of her hairy little snatch. I could easily see her plump cunt
lips but she had a lot more hair than Carolyn. My cock jumped in my trunks
I started licking her cunt. She almost screamed, “Ooooh !” when my tongue
wedged itself between the lips of her vagina. It wasn’t long and I was
licking her like a dog – long laps from her cunt to the top of her mound.
hips were coming off the ground regularly, grinding her crotch into my face.
She was very salty and gooey. I finally poked my tongue into her and began
tongue fuck her. She was wild at that point and making quite a racket. I
kept working between her legs until she pulled me out of her crotch by my

She rolled over on her side and I noticed that one half of her ass was
of her suit. I bent over and kissed her ass, working my way up to her
shoulder and then her ear. I whispered to her, “You going to tell sis about
this ?”

She laughed. “They think I’m such a baby but our cousin didn’t think so
last year.”

I laughed remembering the conversation I’d overheard earlier. “Why’s
that ?”

“I sucked his cock almost every day, last year and neither of those two
bimbos ever figured it out. Want me to suck yours ?”

While the thought sounded appealing to me; I didn’t think I could get it
up again. But Patti was insistent and soon I was on my feet with her on her
knees in front of me. She smiled up at me, looking at the bulge in my
Soon my trunks were around my ankles and this young girl was giving me a
tremendous blow job. Let me tell you, Cousin Bobby did a great job teaching
Patti to give head. She first got my dick all wet with her saliva and then
jacked me off a bit as she licked on my balls. Once I was hard enough, she
wrapped her lips around my cock and started to bob her head. I was in heaven
again and soon approaching orgasm. I tried to hold off but couldn’t and blew
a weak load in her mouth. She sucked on me until I was soft and then licked
her lips. Just watching her, I thought I might get it up again. Yea !
Right, Willy !

“Our secret – ok ?”

I nodded my head up and down and then bolted upright in the pilot seat of
the light twin I hadn’t been flying for who knows how long. I scanned the
instruments and found the aircraft in a slight descent, going through about
fifty-five hundred feet. I trimmed a little nose up and the airplane started
climbing. I looked over at Tom and found him leaning back in his seat –
totally out. I glanced at my watch and found it was a little after four. I
grabbed the GPS from Tom’s lap and pushed some buttons. I was a little
disoriented and finally decided to wake Tom.

“Ok, navigator, where the fuck are we ?” I yelled across to Tom, whose
chin bounced off his chest a couple of times. I threw the GPS in Tom’s lap
and he finally looked awake. Within a few minutes Tom had our exact position
and told me to fly heading 320. I started taking the airplane down and Tom
asked me what the fuck I was doing. I looked at him and said, “Navigate,
navigator.” Tom kept his mouth shut.

In another hour, Tom told me to tune in frequency 127.17. I tuned it and
asked Tom what to do now. Tom reached for the microphone and said some words
into it. I couldn’t hear a fucking thing except the sound of the engines.
were under two hundred feet when we first crossed land. Tom was now giving
precise instructions and yelled that we only had another thirty minutes or
Shit ! Tom knew exactly where we were and exactly when we would get to our
destination. I was also getting the feeling that maybe I was expendable
the landing was completed. I figured that we made land fall just West of
Panama City and another hundred miles or so would take us into Southern
Alabama. Jesus, I’d been to Alabama once in my life and that was to go to
Command and Staff College – shit – about fifteen years ago. I couldn’t even
remember the name of the town the fucking base was in.

I figured that my best bet was to casually walk away from the plane after
landing and head for the brush. Tom was talking into the microphone again
when I decided that it was time to get cute. I rolled the airplane up on one
wing, pulled about two “g’s” and turned about ninety degrees. Tom went
ballistic, yelling like crazy. I casually looked out the window, checking
“6” as we used to call it in the air force. I reversed the turn and got back
on the last heading Tom had given me. Now that I was over land, I had
up to about five to six hundred feet just to make sure that we didn’t run
any wires or poles. Good thinking, Willy.

The fuel needles were bouncing off the empty marks. Not much gas left.
Tom yelled at me to slow down. The field was at our ten o’clock. I couldn’t
make out anything in the murk of dawn below me. The sky had started to
lighten about fifteen minutes ago. Then I saw it. Four small lights in what
looked like a clearing. Tom was yelling for me to turn but I decided to
circle the field once to get better oriented. I approached from the North
after making out a truck at the South edge of the field in the trees.

I dropped the flaps, then the gear and slowed to just above a stall. The
horn coming on every once and a while as I jockeyed with the power. I was
right on top of the trees and then the clearing was below us. I chopped the
power and pulled the yoke back into my lap. To say the landing was firm was
an understatement but we were hardly moving half way down the clearing toward
the truck. I added some power and got up a bit of speed then pulled one
throttle to idle, hit the same brake and skidded the plane around in a tight
turn so we were facing the way we came. I immediately shut down the engines
and opened the door. I was on the ground first and had my dick in my hand,
urinating before Tom got out of the airplane. In the distance I could see a
couple of guys heading toward us. They were a couple of hundred feet away.
God, did it feel good to piss.

Tom immediately went to meet them and called back over his shoulder for
to unload the airplane. I took my bag out first, threw it out in front of
plane and then started tossing the suitcases out. They were heavier than
– – maybe fifty pounds a piece. I put the last two on the wing and climbed
down. I walked casually toward my B4 bag, picked it up and started heading
for the trees about fifty feet away. I heard my name called but keep on
walking. I’m about twenty feet from the tree line when I hear Tom beating
feet toward me.

“Willy ! Willy ! Hey ! They’re going to give us a ride into town.
up.” Yea, sure, Tom. I’m thinking. I looked over my shoulder at Tom. He’s
about fifty feet behind me running with a brief case in one hand and
else in the other. It’s still not light enough in the field to see much of
shit. But something flashed through my mind. Apcolapse Now ! Those guys
with the mud on their faces. I know I flinched for a split second and my
knees got weak. Maybe that’s why I dropped my B4 bag. I dropped to my
pretending to go through my bag. Sure enough, less that ten feet away, lying
at the base of a tree is a guy with a rifle. I took a deep breath and
around in my bag for a moment as Tom approaches me, now walking. He’s got a
gun in his other hand.

“Hey ! We going to split the money now ?” I say loudly when he’s about
five feet away. He stays at that distance and I pick up my bag and walk
toward him. I’m about two feet away when I whisper to him, “Listen
Tom. I’m only going to say this once. There’s at least three guys over in
that tree line with war paint on and rifles. I figure the place is
with feds or whatever so I’m going to fly out of here. You can either shoot
me here; in which case, you’ll probably spend the rest of your life in prison
getting butt fucked every night or you can put that gun back in your pocket
and tell me in a loud voice that we’re going to split the cash now and then
casually walk back to the aircraft.” In the distance, I could see the two
guys carrying the suitcases toward the truck.

Tom’s eyes were as big as flying saucers. “Don’t look at the trees,
Look in my face or I’ll take that gun away from you and cram it up your ass.
Now, are you with me or not.”

Tom stuttered at bit but the volume was great. “Le…Let’s split the
money, buddy and then these guys are going to take us to town.” He had put
the gun back in the waist band of his jeans and put his arm around my
as we walked toward the plane. I explained to him as we walked that I wanted
him on the wing as I pretended to look for something in the plane. When the
first engine cranked, he was to jump in and hopefully off we went. There was
no argument from Tom – not a peep.

He went to his side and even opened his briefcase – such an actor he
I asked him in a loud voice where the water bottle was. He yelled back that
it was in the plane and up I went. I grabbed my bag from the wing and tossed
it into the back, flipped on the battery switch, opened the throttles wide
gave the left one a little squirt of gas. As soon as I hit the starter Tom
was up on the wing and climbing in. The left one caught in about six or
blades and I kept feeding it gas until it was running wide open. I was
holding the brakes and cranking the right one when I heard – no, I felt a
round slam into the side of the aircraft. I’d had this feeling many times
before, in Viet Nam. It’s not, what you call, a good feeling. The right
engine started to catch and I released the brakes.

We careened off at a strange angle, which probably saved us from taking
more rounds as the right engine was being temperamental again and I was using
a lot of rudder to keep us from entering the trees. Maybe the military
fuckers in the trees panicked when they saw us coming toward them. I was
still fucking with the throttle and mixture when the lights came on – eight
ten – what looked like parking lot lights. I kept my head down and stared at
the engine instruments. I didn’t need to be blinded. With a roar, the right
engine came up to full speed and we were gaining speed rapidly. I felt a few
more rounds hit the rear of the plane and snuck a peek at the trees which
approaching rapidly. Airspeed was going through sixty knots when I selected
about fifteen flap and pulled back on the yoke.

We were airborne but really wallowing. I unloaded a bit in ground effect
and saw the airspeed jump up past seventy. I raised the flaps and held my
attitude. The trees were oh – so fucking close. I couldn’t stand it any
and pulled the nose up. I both heard and felt us scrape some trees but we
were over them and flying with the airspeed climbing through a ninety knots.
I raised the gear and made sure that the flaps were up.

I took a deep breath and then the right engine started to sputter. I
looked at the gas gages and both were showing empty. I reached down and
turned the cross feed on and then feathered the right engine. I pulled the
nose up and climbed until I reached blue line. Thank God we were empty or
we’d be in the trees for sure. I got to about two hundred feet before the
left engine started to sputter so I turned the boost pumps back on and prayed
for the best. Off to my right I saw a clearing and started a shallow bank
toward it. I milked some flap down and as I came over the trees, slapped the
gear down. The left prop was turning at about four hundred rpm. The gear
came down slowly and I don’t think they were both down when we met mother
earth. The right one came right off, followed by the left one and then the
nose hit the earth. I remember hitting my head and that’s that.

When my situation awareness returned, all I could hear was the sound an
engine makes after you shut it off. You know, that kind of tinkling sound.
looked over at Tom. He was leaning against the door on his side of the
cockpit. I shook his shoulder and he slumped forward. There was blood all
over his side of the plane. Further examination revealed that he had taken a
round through the neck and into his head. He was dead. I sat back and wound
my watch. Time to split, Willy. I picked up his briefcase, put it in my B4
bag, took my handkerchief out and wiped every knob and button I touched then
hopped over the side. I was in the trees in seconds and started to pace
myself for a long walk.

***** EPILOGUE *****

Wyane Montana, special agent-in-charge for the Drug Enforcement Agency,
was looking through the cockpit of the light twin that had miraculously
almost intact in a field almost two miles from the drug bust. He had counted
over fifty rounds in the skin of the plane and it was still able to get
airborne and fly for a couple of miles. He figured that it would still be
flying if it hadn’t run out of gas.

The FAA liaison was on the ground by the cockpit door telling him that
reason there wasn’t a fire was that the plane was out of gas. No shit,
Sherlock ! Wayne could figure that out and he didn’t know the square root of
fuck about airplanes. It had taken them three hours to find the plane. The
pilot was long gone. He could be anywhere, even in the trees watching them
now. Wayne had the locals canvassing the area though because you never
The pilots were rarely the brains behind these type of smuggling operations –
just the hired help. He figured that this guy was no different – a hell of a
pilot though.

And balls !? This guy had big ones. Wayne figured he had to be
ex-military to be so cool under fire or maybe he was so out of it that he
didn’t know they were shooting at him. Some of his people figured the guy
made them when he was walking toward the trees at the drop site but Wayne
the wrong call and told them to wait. Oh ! Well, win a few, lose a few.
dogs wouldn’t be here for an hour or so. They’d catch him. He was confident
of that.

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