This is a fantasy about a woman being dominated


I stretched my head to watch as this beautiful female face buried her
tongue into my slit and licked up the overflowing strong juices that our
furious fuck had created. Her eyes locked onto mine and I could see her
lust as she enjoyed the humiliation of cleaning me. Her tongue was so nice,
feminine and it knew just how to stroke my slit. She made quick light
stroking motions against my inner lips….teasing my clit and then quickly
licking lower into my pussy. Ron touched the back of her head and she
opened her mouth wide and placed her whole mouth over my mound….then she
sucked…hard….deep…pulling my whole sex area into her mouth. Whoa…I thought
I could never get aroused again so quickly…I was actually sore from all the
cumming but her expert mouth and tongue was starting me going again.

Crack…I heard a whip but did not feel a thing…The mouth against my pussy
sucked harder…crack … I saw a long rawhide cane like whip come down from
Ron’s arm and hit the slave on her buttocks….I could see the effect of her
punishment in her eyes as she was sucking me as hard as she could…a tear
escaped from her liquid green almond shape eyes. Wooo the look on her face
and the effort she was making was just turning me on so.

Ron undid here silver chastity belt and a smooth tight pussy was exposed.
I hadn’t had sex with another woman in probably 10 years and that was with
a very close friend – one time and we both really had gotten into it. I
was very attracted to this woman so when Ron turned her around so we were
at a sixty nine (her on top) I was ready to return the favor. Wish I had
control of my hands as I wanted to put a finger on her but my hands were
still being denied me. Instead she put her just freed pussy straight down
on my face. I turned a little sideways so I could breath but she would have
none of that. I guess it had been awhile since Ron had freed her from the
belt and she needed sex – plain and simple. She started fucking my
face….pushing her whole mound down on my lips and then riding backwards so
her whole slit ran over my face…fucking my nose into her. She wanted all
of me. I could do nothing but try and oblige… I ate and sucked and tasted
her. She was hot and tasted nice and clean. I wanted to turn her over and
just go down on her nicely but instead I just hung on and tried to catch a
breath while I could. Everytime she pulled forward I could see Ron pulling
on himself getting hard again. Then he came over and knelt on each side of
my head and stopped her from moving on my face. He pushed down on the
small of her back and her ass came up in the air. Here I was looking up
and had Ron’s balls hanging just over my face and the slave girls ass and
pussy just down from me. I had a perfect view as Ron put the head of his
cock against her ass. He was going to fuck her in the ass. Ron told me to
lick his balls. I reached my tongue up and started bathing that hairless
sack as he entered her ass. She tensed but let out a low gutteral moan
right into my pussy. She bit my clit as he moved himself deeper into her
ass. She was biting my pussy as a response but it was just making me
hotter. Ron reached behind himself and put his hands under my neck and
lifted my face up closer. I knew what he wanted and I reached for his cock
with my tongue. I licked the underside of his cock as he drove in and out
of the slave girls asshole. I could taste him and her ass as I licked,
even though my mouth had been so full of pussy. We kept up this action for
maybe 5 minutes but it felt like an hour….I came twice….Ron started getting
very hard and was really pounding her. I felt bad for her but she was
taking it well . I shouldn’t have felt too bad as I heard Ron’s next
command. “You will open your mouth and leave it open!” I wasn’t sure I
could do that! Ron planned on cumming in my mouth… Should I use the safe
word? If I do the weekend is over! I really was hoping to get to play
with the male slave, he really caught my eye. There wasn’t much time to
decide. My mouth opened. “Pop,” Ron pulled out of her ass, leaving it
wide open, and immediately pushed down on his cock and placed the head in
my mouth. I gagged a bit at the strong bitter taste but decided to stay
with it. I tried to keep my tongue out of the way but Ron would have none
of that and he pushed deep into my mouth and started cumming. I actually
looked forward to the cum, hoping it would ease the ass flavor making its
way into my mouth and down to my belly. His cum tasted good again and I
liked and sucked for it, trying to rinse my mouth with it. Ron laughed and
kept pumping his cock. Where does he get so much cum!. My mouth was full
and I swallowed. Ron pulled his cock out of my mouth as I finished gulping
down the cum. He gave me a quick kiss and said good job and then he ran
his finger among my chin, picking up some spilled cum and then he finger
fucked my mouth. I just licked and sucked his finger, my body was purring
and I was proud that I had stayed with all of his requests. I knew at
that moment that I could be Ron’s slave. That he could fulfill my