Husband Is Not Enough

Joanne had been married for 10 years and had been
largely faithful during this time. He husband was kind
and gentle but useless between the sheets. He had
fathered two children with her and she adored them
both, but she hungered for something more in the

An opportunity arose for her to meet with some old
flames and the conversation got round to sex. They made
it clear they still fancied her and she liked the
attention. After ten years of marriage, this type of
attention was most welcome and she responded positively
to it. When they suggested they have a group sex
session, she was elated but fearful. She was married
after all. But shouldn’t she also have the opportunity
to express herself in bed? She invited Matt and Dave
over for the evening and her husband could be the host.
Things then started to get steamy.

Matthew cuddled up to Joanne and he put his arms around
her slender waist, she breathed deeply as she felt his
warm breath on her cheek. He whispered her name and she
turned to face him, their lips touched and they kissed
gently at first.

Their kisses became more hungry and she opened her
mouth to allow access to his tongue. His tongue
explored the inner crevices of her mouth and teeth and
she playfully ran her tongue over his, their saliva
entwining as they did. She could feel him hardening
against her back and she gently pushed her back and
buttocks into his hips, enjoying the sensation of his
hardening erection against her.

Dave had joined them and he knelt in front of Joanne,
massaging her ankles, kissing her toes and slowly
caressing her calf muscles. She withdrew from the kiss
to draw breath momentarily, noticing her other lover at
her feet, gently arousing her. She was vaguely aware
that her husband was sat in the corner watching as she
entertained both her previous lovers.

She raised her arms and engulfed Matthews neck and drew
him near her for she hungered for his lips against hers
as the action was causing him to stiffen even further.

“Kiss me” she whispered to her lover, “Let my husband
see you kiss me” she said. Matthew wasted no time in
obeying her instruction and his arms moved slowly up
her curvaceous waist until one hand cupped her left
breast. He withdrew from the kiss as he fondled her
breast through her blouse.

“You’re wife has lovely tits,” he said out loud to her

“Touch them, Matthew,” she said with some urgency.
“Touch my tits. I want you to touch my tits,” she said.

“I’m touching your wife’s tits,” Matthew said out loud
as he gently caressed not one but both of her ample
breasts through the material of her clothing. “Your
wife is really horny and I’m going to fuck your wife
shortly” he continued.

“So am I,” said Dave as his kisses worked their way up
Joanne’s legs, his position at her lower legs giving
him an excellent view of her knickers and her pussy
hair which sprouted out from around the side of the
material. “I’m going to fuck your wife like I fucked
her before,” he said.

“I want you both to fuck me,” Joanne whispered. “Fuck
me in front of my husband,” she said, her breathing
becoming more laboured as her excitement began to

“I’m unbuttoning your wife’s blouse,” Matthew said as
he continued to give her husband a running commentary.
He had not seen Joanne’s bust for many years, before
she married her waste of space husband and although she
had given birth to her husband’s children, he was lousy
in bed. That’s why she was on the hunt for some men who
were better endowed. That’s why she hungered for what
she once had before. That’s why she was fucking around.
But she was married and she did not want to screw
around behind her husband’s back, so she’d agreed to
give a display in front of her husband.

Matthew sighed deeply as he dropped the blouse on the
floor and cupped Joanne’s breasts through her skimpy
lacy bra. They had grown since he had last enjoyed her
tits, the pregnancy some years ago had made sure of
that, and although her children were now of school age,
her breast size had not diminished. Matt quickly
unclipped the clasp of her bra and revealed her
beautiful breasts to the world, Dave looked up from his
vantage point just above the knees and gasped.

“Wow, they’re as lovely as they ever were,” he said and
he reached up to cup one whilst Matthew continued to
caress the other. Her nipples began to firm up and she
could feel the smell of Dave’s arousal. Dave penis
always quickly lubricated itself, she remembered and
with it came the distinctive smell of sex. Joanne
breathed in deeply through her nose, enjoying the

Dave returned to her thighs, slowly unzipping her skirt
which had ended just above the knee but was now around
her ankles. Dave helped her step out of the skirt and
then he took off his top and unbuttoned his jeans
before removing them, remaining in his skin hugging
boxers. Joanne had closed her eyes for a while,
enjoying the scene but opened them briefly to notice
Dave’s enormous erection through the material of his

Matt had moved both hand on to Joanne’s tits and was
gently tweaking her nipples with both hands, Dave
taking his cue and returning to Joanne’s thighs,
kissing and stroking them gently. Her G string did it’s
best to protect her modesty but her pussy was now
soaking, as was the crutch of her string and as Dave
accidentally brushed the edge of her labia with his
knuckles, she twitched and squirmed in pleasure, almost
cumming on the spot.

“You’re so horny,” Matt whispered into her ear as he
nestled into her neck, placing gentle kisses on her
skin whilst Dave robbed her of any remaining modesty as
he slowly drew her briefs down to the floor.

She disengaged from Matthews clutches and she stepped
out of her panties. Now totally naked, Matt took the
opportunity to remove his clothing and he rapidly
stripped. Joanne noticed immediately the size of the
man, his erection certainly the biggest she had ever
experienced although Dave was by no means miniscule

She remembered how they had both previously impaled her
with their erections. She had dated Dave first and they
had spent wonderful times together in bed, entertaining
each other, making love to each other. Matt, on the
other hand, was more fun to be with but was less of a
gentleman. Sure, they had some good times together, but
there was little affection in their relationship. He
had fucked her and fucked her good and hard. Dave made
love to Joanne but Matthew had fucked Joanne.

Matthew, always being a little flamboyant, wanted to
gloat to Joanne’s husband and he called over to him.

“See your wife’s pussy? I’m going to fuck that in a
moment,” he said, a big cheesy grin all over his face.

To everyone’s surprise, Joanne said, “I want you to
fuck me. Fuck my pussy. I want you both to fuck my
pussy.” There was a brief moment of silence. Joanne
continued “I want you both to fuck me bareback” she
said. Fuck me and cum inside me” she taunted. “Cum
inside me and fill me with your sperm,” she squealed.

Matt approached her face on and took her in his arms,
he cupped a breast and kissed her lips before laying
her down gently on the bed.

“Happy to oblige,” he said, smirking to himself. She
lay on the bed and he positioned him self between her
legs. He never had much finesse, it was straight
forward fucking for him, but he was built large.

Dave had positioned himself beside Joanne on the bed
and he leaned forward, kissing her lips for the first
time, remembering how sweet they tasted. Even with some
one else’s saliva on them, they tasted as good as ever.

Matt had raised his buttocks and positioned the head of
his manhood at the opening of Joanne’s love tunnel. She
knew there was not going back now.

Surprisingly, he entered her slowly, probably because
Dave had lubricated her so well, his expert tongue and
fingers bring her close to ecstasy earlier. She drew in
her breath suddenly as the full size of Matthew sank
deeper. She had not had a cock that big for years.
Certainly not since she had been married.

“Oi mate!” Matthew called to her husband, “I’m fucking
your wife,” he said plainly.

Joanne breathed deeply as Matt neared full penetration.

“Tell your husband what I’m doing to you,” Matt

“You’re fucking me,” she whispered back.

“Louder!” he ordered.

“Fucking me, you’re fucking me!!” she said out loud.
There. She’d said it.

“Tell your husband who’s fucking you!” Matt ordered.

“Matthew’s fucking me!” she cried, her breathing
becoming more laboured as the act of saying the facts
aroused her further.

“Oh Christ, Matthew is fucking me with his huge dick!!”
she wailed, “His cock is inside me, deep inside my
pussy and he’s fucking me!”

Without a thought, she reached out for Dave and took
hold of his erection, pulling at the foreskin with a
ferocious might. How she was grateful Dave (in fact all
of her lovers) had not been circumcised. He leaned
forward for her to kiss his erection and she gratefully
accepted, taking his erection to her lips and rubbing
his cock against her mouth, her tongue darting out like
a lizard, licking and kissing his hard on.

“I’ve got my dick inside your wife” Matt continued with
the commentary for the benefit of her husband who sat
in the corner, almost motionless. “I’ve fucked her
before, I’m fucking her now and I’ll probably fuck her
again” he gloated.

“You’re so big” Joanne whispered, removing Dave’s penis
from her face momentarily, “Fuck me hard. Ride me, big
boy” she said, knowing that Matt would easily respond.

“Jeez, I’m going to come shortly” he said, his breath
becoming more difficult.

“Come inside me, don’t pull out,” Joanne ordered.

“I’ve not got a condom on,” he said, not really

“Good!” she said, “Fill me up with your spunk. Come
inside me pussy. Make me pregnant. Fuck me deep. Push
it in deep when you come.” Her words gaining urgency.
He reached up and cupped a tit in one hand and almost
instantaneously, he came, thrusting himself deep into
her pussy, filling her with his love cream. The
throbbing of his penis and his final deep thrust
toppled her over into her first orgasm and she writhed
on his wet dick as his trusts became less intense as
his own orgasm petered out.

“God, you’re such a good fuck,” he said, withdrawing
his wet, shiny cock.

Matt wandered over to where Joanne’s husband was sat
and watched as Dave began to lick his ex lovers pussy,
which was oozing with Matthews love juices, the
experience making Matt feel horny again.

Joanne pulled Dave by his ears closer into her love
channel and his tongue licked and slurped at her love
hole. She squirmed, feeling another climax building and
moaned gently. She removed Dave from between her legs
and he looked up at her.

“Lie down” she ordered, “I’m going to mount you,” and
Dave dutifully did as he was told. Joanne got on her
knees and straddled Dave’s hips, her hand holding his
manhood as she guided it into her.

“Ooh, God, that feels devine,” she said out loud. She
had screwed Dave many times before and she knew every
millimetre of his dick. She hadn’t been screwed by him
for more than a decade but it was just like yesterday.
She knew by heart every lump, bulge and vein in his
erection and it was every bit as good as it was all
those years ago.

Matt had been watching this as Dave lie on his back,
being fucked by Joanne, Dave’s large but gentle hands
caressing Joanne’s ample pert tits. He gently tweaked
her nipples between his thumb and his little finger, a
habit he had always had. He leaned up and kissed her
nipples, his tongue rolling gently over the pert little
buds which, if he’d have got much closer, might have
poked his eyes out.

As Joanne moaned in pleasure of having her nipples
sucked and her pussy pounded, Matt turned to her

“What did I just do to your wife?” he asked, smugly.
The husband sat, tight lipped.

“Tell me,” Matt ordered.

“You fucked her,” he mumbled.

“Joanne, tell your husband what I just did to you,” he
called. Joanne was in a state of total pleasure and all
she could do was murmur at first. Matt encouraged her

“He fucked me,” Joanne began. “Matthew fucked me with
his big large dick and then he climaxed inside me. I
was fucked by Matthew…” she paused briefly as Dave’s
movements caused her to gasp with pleasure, “And I
fucked Matthew.”

“What are you doing now, darling?” Matt asked.

“Fucking” she declared as she started to build up a

“Has Dave got a bigger cock than your husband?” Matt

“Ooh yes” Joanne replied, half in answer to the
question, half in delight as she and Dave made love.
Matt turned to Joanne’s husband.

“So you’ve only got a tiddler for a dick, have you,”
Matt beamed, his evil smile grinning like a Cheshire
cat. The husband nodded.

“But I have given her two lovely children,” he

“Women can get them from test tubes now,” Matt stated,
“What a woman needs is a man, a big man. Or two big
men, even!” His smile grew wider as an idea struck him.

“Show me your dick,” Matt ordered, suddenly. The
husband shied away. Matt ordered him again but the
husband declined.

“Get your dick out you wimp,” Joanne ordered from her
position on the bed. The husband immediately dropped
his trousers and pants and revealed himself. His penis
was erect but even at full arousal, it was no larger
than Matt’s dick when it was flaccid. And as for girth,
well there was no match. Matt laughed and the husband

“Call that a dick,” Matt bellowed and he chuckled some
more. The husband went to pull his pants back up but
Matt had removed the clothes and placed them out of

“Sit and watch your wife being fucked and truly
satisfied,” Matt ordered. The husband did as he was
told, his eyes never leaving the sight of his wife not
just being fucked by Dave, but her fucking him.
Joanne’s eyes were semi closed as she rode on Dave’s
love rod and she murmured for Matt to get the bottle of
lubricant on the dresser.

Matt told her to hold out her hand and he squirted some
on her fingers. Joanne immediately spread the lubricant
over her clit which Dave’s pubic hair was stimulating.
Again, she squirmed in delight at the sensation of her
clitoris being touched.

Meanwhile, Matt had spread some lubricant on his own
dick then squirted some onto his fingers. Joanne barely
noticed Matt’s weight as he climbed on to the bed
behind her as she continued to ride Dave. Matt applied
some lubricant underneath her, feeling Dave’s cock as
he lubricated the outside of her pussy, her plentiful
pubic hair against Matt’s wet fingers as he smeared the
lubricant around. She writhed in delight, not
registering the fact he was positioning himself against
her pussy lips.

Slowly and carefully, he placed the lubricated tip of
his dick against the opening of her pussy and
endeavoured to gain entry. Dave was aware of Matt’s
presence and he slowed his movements to allow him
entry. Joanne felt a little disturbed as the rhythm
stopped and she soon became aware of Matt’s intentions.
At first she felt terrified but the feeling disappeared
at the thought of not just one but two large cocks
servicing her simultaneously.

Could she hand two cocks, especially the size of these?
She knew she could, she had given birth twice and she
knew she was capable of this. She had had both guys
previously but never together. But she knew what she

Matt eased himself into her whilst Dave’s dick was
still there. It felt strange but Matt persevered.
Joanne winced with pain at first, but ecstasy soon
became the over riding sensation and she began to ride
the pair of them.

“Oh jeez, I’ve never felt so full,” she moaned. “Fuck
me, both of you,” she said and the lads were happy to
oblige. Matt was so engrossed, he forgot to gloat to
the husband who sat there in the corner of the bedroom,
his erection in his hand, watching his wife, his
betrothed, having sex with two of her previous lovers.
She was fucking two guys at the same time and she was
having the time of her life. The husband, whilst being
a half decent bloke, was lacking in the bedroom area
and he desperately wanted to see his wife satisfied.
Now his wish was coming true, albeit not quite the way
he had imagined.

Joanne was quite vociferous now and was giving lots of
verbal encouragement, her explicit talk turning her on
even more.

“Fuck me Dave, Fuck me Matthew, make me come,” she
ordered and almost immediately, she tumbled over the
edge into an orgasm of such intensity, she shook all
over, and this trembling motion sent both the boys over
the edge too and they came almost simultaneously inside
her vagina, her unprotected vagina.

Now, one thing you should know about Joanne, she is
most randy around the time of ovulation and because the
birth control pill has unpleasant side effects for her,
she uses barrier methods of contraception. Always.
Except for today that is.

The all disengaged and lay on the bed catching their
breath. Dave reached over to the bedside cabinet and
reached for the glasses of wine and handed one to
Joanne and Matt before taking one for himself.

“How was that?” Matt said, smugly. Joanne looked at
him, her short dark hair in need of a brush, her
lipstick almost disappeared and sweat covered her
beautiful naked body.

“Not bad,” she said in her teasing way. She winked at
Matt and he looked incredibly happy with himself. He
had always thought Joanne was a great lay but he was
frightened he was falling in love with her which is why
he pushed her away. He had always been a ladies man and
was scared of being tied down to just one woman. Never
the less, his feelings for her were more than just
lust. So long as she did not want commitment. Dave,
interestingly enough, felt just the same.

Matt put his wine glass down and padded over to the
husband. He reached out his hand and pulled him off the

“Now fuck your wife in front of us,” he ordered. The
husband looked uncomfortable.

“We’ve given you a show, now you show us what that
little tiddler of a dick can do,” Matt laughed.

The husband walked over, his erection as large as it
had ever been but nowhere near the size of the other
two guys. Dave moved over on the bed, still affording
himself a good view of the impending action. Joanne lay
on her back, semi conscious as he husband knelt on the
bed between her legs.

He could see the white fluid of her lover’s spunk
tricking out from her love lips and he gently touched
her there. She responded a little and he leaned forward
to kiss her. She received the kiss but gave little
response but, after all, she was tired by now. He
lowered himself on top of her and slowly fumbled around
with himself until he was able to enter his wife.

She barely stirred and, in all honesty, he found it
less than exhilarating as her hole had been so
stretched, and he was so small, he could barely feel
any sensation. He repositioned himself so that he was
at an angle and was able to get some friction, but with
copious amounts of lubricant and other men’s sperm, it
was a hard slog.

Then the thought struck him, stranger’s spunk inside
his wife, and the thought toppled him over the edge
into a swift climax. His sperm flowed into his wife’s
vagina and blended with the other semen that lined her

He climbed off and trotted back to the chair where he
sat like some naughty school boy.

“You’ve got some stamina, haven’t you,” Matt said
snidely. “You must have been going for at least, what?
30 seconds maybe” His jeering taunts were made worse
when he turned Joanne over onto her tummy and spread
her legs. Matt never had much style of finesse in bed
but he knew what he liked and he was going to get it.

He spread her legs and with his dick almost erect
again, he penetrated her. Joanne drew in breath sharply
but not with pain. She may well have been knackered but
she was going to enjoy this. It had been over a decade
since she had had such a good shagging and she was
going to milk this. Literally!

Dave watched from the bed and he slowly manoeuvred his
way to be in front of Joanne’s face as she lie face
down on the bed with her hips hanging over the edge,
the plump body of Matthew pumping his meat deep into
her. Dave was also getting aroused again and Joanne,
knowing exactly what Dave wanted, willingly obliged.
She took his semi hard dick in her hand and caressed it
gently, pulling at the foreskin and wanking Dave.

He leaned back in absolute delight as she masturbated
him, her other hand gently cupping his balls and
fondling them. He moved closer to her so she could use
her tongue and she instantly placed her lips on the tip
of his erection, tasting the pre-cum on her tongue,
licking it off in slow gentle movements. She would look
Dave in the eyes, then return her glance to his
erection, then back again. Dave had always told her how
erotic that made him feel and, together with her
intimate knowledge of his cock, every nobble, lump and
vein, it was like putting on an old pair of comfy

It felt so natural to her to be giving head to Dave,
even though her pussy was being pounded by her lover
after Dave. Dave was young, good looking, well
proportioned and well endowed. Matt was shorter and
plumper but had real personality and, in short, charmed
his way into her knickers. He was not good looking but,
boy, was he well built. Not bad for a white guy, Joanne
mused although in fairness, she had never really had a
black guy fuck her. Nor had she dated a black guy but
she had seen a couple of black guys and they appeared
to be fairly substantial.

Matt had noticed what Joanne was doing and so he began
the taunting of her husband again.

“I see your wife is hungry,” he began. “Hungry for our
cocks!” he laughed. Matt had hated her husband as she
had dated him after their own break up and he was
pissed off that he had not only lost his girl, but also
his drinking partner. Now totally estranged, it felt
good to Matt to be back in the driving seat. He loved
being in control. He loved being the big cheese. Now
here he was, giving a really lovely, attractive horny
woman a good fucking whilst the husband watched.
Revenge was oh so sweet, he thought to himself.

“Does she ever go down on you?” Matt taunted. The
husband shook his head. Matt laughed.

“I’m pushing my cock deep into your wife’s pussy and
she’s loving it,” he continued. “I’m fucking your wife,
did you hear me? I’m fucking your wife and all you can
do is watch.” The husband did not flinch.

“Joanne?” Matt asked, “Do you want me to stop?” Joanne
removed Dave’s erection from her mouth.

“No! Don’t stop!” she affirmed, “Fuck me more, fuck me
harder, fuck me till we both cum!” she ordered and she
returned to her gobbling Dave’s cock.

“You hear that?” Matt taunted more. “She wants me to
fuck her until I cum inside her again”. Joanne
disengaged from Dave’s cock again.

“Then I want Dave to fuck me and ejaculate inside my
pussy,” she said, a tiny bit of dribble escaping down
her chin. Dave, who was normally a perfect gentleman
and had some respect for Joanne’s husband, joined in
the taunting.

“Yeah! I’m going to fuck you Joanne,” he said, “Now
suck me,” he ordered. Joanne was already doing so as he
said it but she increased her intensity of the sucking
and Dave groaned.

“You gonna be long, Matt, I’m gonna explode in her
mouth shortly,” Dave asked. Matt sped up his pumping
into her pussy from behind and at the crucial moment,
he moved his hands away from Joanne’s hips and leaned
forward to squeeze her tits, his cock pushed in as far
is it would go.

“Bombs away,” he called as he released more semen into
her open and willing womb. As he withdrew himself, a
slurping farting sound came from her soggy pussy and
Dave removed himself from her mouth and mounted her
from behind.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he whispered to Joanne.

“I want your cum inside me,” she whispered. “I want
your dick and your cum inside me. Fuck me. Fuck me.
Fuck me.”

“I love fucking you Joanne,” Dave whispered back, the
dirty talk accentuating his pleasure. Almost
instinctively, he moved his hand down to her pussy lips
and found her slippery clit and applied pressure on the
little bud. Joanne took almost 10 seconds for her
climax to heighten and another 20 seconds of shuddering
and trembling as the climax held and slowly rescinded,
and as it died down, so she felt Dave release his
little tadpoles into her welcoming womb.

“Shit!” Dave exclaimed. “I’m cumming,” he confirmed.

The three of them lay on the bed and Dave reached for
the duvet cover which had been folded neatly on the
floor on the window side of the bed. He dutifully
placed it over Joanne and Matt before climbing under
the duvet and cuddling up to her, disappointed to find
one of Matthew’s hands already on one of her sweaty but
still pert tits.

Dave stroked her inner thigh whilst kissing her gently
on the forehead and noticing how slimy her thighs felt
with what felt like a bucket full of spunk flowing out
from her pussy.

They slept for a little while, Joanne being woken up by
the sensation of Matthew (who else) climbing between
her legs and entering her missionary position for the
third time that evening. Dave was also awakened by the
heavy weight of Matt resting his chest on Dave’s arm.
Dave moved himself to allow Matt easy access to this
lovely lady whilst he gave Joanne French kisses, his
tongue doing to her mouth what Matt’s dick was doing to
her pussy.

Throughout the night, Dave and Matt took turns to
plunder Joanne’s pussy, depositing quantities of cum
that she never thought imaginable. The husband had
fallen asleep on the chair just a few feet away from
where his wife was being fucked again and again by her
ex lovers.

Shortly before they stopped, Joanne asked Matt why he
had made her husband fuck her. After all, she couldn’t
enjoy it as her own pussy had been at full stretch not
90 seconds earlier.

“Ah!” said Matt, “If you get pregnant, it could be from
any of us. Your husband included, so he’d had to look
after it. And whilst he was baby sitting, maybe we
could spend some time together,” he mused. Joanne
smiled. She though maybe next time, it might just be
one on one, not a threesome although she had enjoyed
it. Never say never, as they say.

Joanne’s periods are always very regular but she is 6
days late. I wonder if she is pregnant? If so, I’ll bet
the husband is the dad. That’s what he would want
everyone to think.

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